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#fashion illustration

Part 1 of a big project I’m working on to go along with my friend’s dnd campaign.

Left to right is a common example of a dress, a day dress, and an evening dress.

It is set in a recently-industrializing world loosely based on 17th- or 18th-century Europe. These fashions are for the country based on pre-revolutionary France, which enjoys a warmer climate and the finer luxuries in life. This leads to the use of lighter fabrics, like cotton and silk, and brighter colors, and they also like to use fresh flowers in their hairdos.

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Music 🎻

Drawing this brought back memories of my closest schoolmates. Music brought us together in elementary and kept us together all the way through high school.

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I’m so excited to share this piece! I decided to a more serious plague lady this time, especially since it felt kind of topical.

I based her clothing on 14th-century European dress, when the first wave of Black Plaque hit Europe.

I also based a lot for this piece off plague art, which commonly depict saints or the Virgin Mary pierced by three arrows, often in parts of the body where buboes from the plague were common. King David was also a popular subject, shown with his crown on the ground to show humility.

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