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Here’s my revisited versions of the diamond outfits of Open Heart book one.


I tried to make them more fitting to what I picture my MC’s style is, while sticking to the original concept of the outfits. I also tried to be more coherent, without switching from the horny teenage girl style to the old aunt one, remembering that this is a young woman of 27 years old.

Disclaimer: I’m not the creator of the ccs, I’m someone who download the files without keeping the tracks of their names and who made them. I honestly don’t know who these talented artist are, and I apologize.

Book two coming soon!

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Dear fellow Supernatural fans!

Since I am a broke german fashion student, the only seasons I have access to are the free ones on Prime Video. So, I still a have the final season to watch… And I am pretty sure I will cry my eyes out… Supernatural is one of a few shows that had a great influence on my life… Shows that taught me more than my parents, more than school, taught me about life, taught me wisdom… I still can’t feel what many of you feel right now, but I know I will feel an empty space within.

So, one year ago in one of my fashion design courses I decided, like it was most normal thing to do, to plan a collection based on the clothing in Supernatural… I will dedicate the whole project go the series and even plan to send the finished project to the cast… The whole series helped me get through my stressful life and as funny as it may sound now, it kept me sane when I was about to lose my mind… I planned to post most of it after the final photo shoot –which is still the Plan– but now that Supernatural actually ended, I wanted to share my story and idea.

The whole process was a great challange and I can honestly say that it was because of Supernatural that I learned a lot and never gave up. Thanks to those very complex clothes I did for the show I am now more confident in my own skills. And TBH I couldn’t have learned more if I had chosen a different theme for my project. The details I planned, the design ideas I had never seen myself – but strangely came into existence a few months later – made me evolve without me even realizing. My understanding of fashion, design, and fabrics is now thanks to Supernatural!

It made me realize the path I wanted to take. A dream that was always way back in that dark dusty place in my head… And then BAM! Supernatural! And it became clear…

The collection is not perfect, hell, I even cringe at many parts now! But it’s exactly that what shows the own development!

Now, the following pics are a about the main – most challenging – piece of the super natural (lame name, I know) collection, the trench coat…


Left: how it will look like | right: the sewing process. And yes, that is my foot on the table. I had to use my leg as support, since the coat was constantly sliding down over the edge of the table. Oh, and fun fact: my sewing machine is called Bobby…!

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I like making designs for jackets and fashion wear. I also like Achievement Hunter… soooooooo. I’m gonna draw each member with designed jackets based off of their characters and stuff!! The first one is Gavin and a jacket based around his Minecraft skin! Not all of them are going to be minimalistic, but for Gavin I wanted it to be a bit class.

This is kinda like a fashion au of sorts? Or like a photo shoot project? I don’t really know yet 😅.

(Click image for better quality cause tumblr hates me)

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