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Tagged by the sweet @lyricfulloflight , thank you so much 💕😘


June, 8Th

-Astrological sign


-Last song I listened to

My Heart Will Go On - Céline Dion ( my sister, after a month that I listen only this song, has definitely decided that I am unbearable and also the song )


reading, take pictures, make gifs

-Fave Color

Emerald Blue

-Last Movie I saw

“We Have Always Lived in the Castle” on my pc. I liked, I’m thinking about it a lot.

-Fave Books
there are many books I love, I think I should read Dostoevsky’s “The Idiot” again to understand it better, I love “It” by Stephen King and many of his novels “The Green Mile”, “The Stand”, “Misery”. ..

-Dream Job

billionaire, philanthropist

-Meaning behind url

I love Fassy and when I created my old blog, I wanted a name that said it, but the names with Fassy, Fassbender, Michael Fassbender and “love” were all already taken and I thought about how good “Mio Amor” sounds to me. Now, after so many things that it is better to forget, the name of my blog has an “e” at the end: Fassymioamore.

I tag those who want to play 💕

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in past days there has been talk of the following conversation between Erik and Charles:

C: Hello, old friend

E: Save the “old friend” shit, Charles. And stay out of my way

C: I’m sorry for what she did. But I can’t let you go in there.

E: You’re always sorry, Charles. And there’s always a speech. But nobody cares anymore.

I don’t know who (if you recognize yourself, tell me and I’ll tag you) was the first to notice how strange this conversation is, if you think about the way Charles and Erik greeted each other in X Men: Apocalypse . Yesterday I thought that Erik still had some resentment towards Charles for the “divorce in Cuba”, but I thought about it and, among other things, I believe that after X Men: Apocalypse Charles helped Erik to create Genosha, so this “greeting” from Erik is even stranger for me. But … at some point my only brain cell turned blue and I developed the

Hank theory

1. Erik does not communicate much with the  world outside Genosha. Erik doesn’t even know that Raven is dead.


2. Erik is likely to receive visits (and news) from Charles, but after Raven’s death he receives Hank’s unexpected visit. Hank is grief-stricken and full of anger and tells Erik about Charles’s selfish behavior, Hank sees Charles with Raven’s eyes and she was very critical of him lately ( I don’t mean in any way that Hank is right, I want to explain my idea of the facts). Hank and Erik talk for a long time in front of the fire 


3. Hank tells how he opposed to the space travel,  but Charles convinced him, as always


4. Hank tells of the quarrels between Raven and Charles and Raven’s desire to leave


5. of Charles’s speeches to the whole nation 


6. how Charles created barriers in Jean’s mind 


7. of how Charles refuses to admit to being selfish


Erik gets angry, as usual, and decides to kill Jean and when he meets Charles he speaks with words that should be of Hank. Obviously the speeches Erik refers to are those that Charles does on TV or with the president or conferences or anything else that we don’t see, things that Erik hates, except when he does that with a stadium behind him 🤷

I apologize for my bad English.

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