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My nephew, Constantine, wrote this poem today. It made me smile and it reminded me of how grateful I am for life’s simple pleasures - the vitality and inspiration that come with spring.

“Spring Time”

I see pretty flowers in my dad’s garden

I hear loud rain as it is spilling down the windows

I taste a juicy watermelon in my mouth

I smell tasty BBQ as my dad is cooking

I touch my beautiful bike as I am riding it fast

I feel happy when spring comes

Words By Constantine Liotsakis

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Things we love to see😎

I really like my new job!! Its with my friend so it was more fun🤣its in a warehouse so I was doing a lot of moving and pushing trolleys etc so i burnt so much! I also didn’t eat all day and i just had some cereal when i get home (about 350 cals)… but I feel fine I dont feel like ive purposely restricted i know I wouldnt be able to keep this up, but i can keep the burning 800 cals up😍i feel good after today i hope everyone is good too!!!

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Day 16: fast day

Holy hell, somehow, after feasting for the holiday yesterday and drinking (a lot), I lost weight! Im down to 154.6, so I lost about half a pound. I definitly can feel that my stomach has shrunk, so maybe even though I felt like I ate waaaay too much, I managed to actually not as eat as much as I thought. Which is awesome!

My goal for this week is to hopefully drop down to 150…. but we will see. Last week I only lost 3 pounds, so I’m not going to get my hopes up

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I think we all get stuck in what’s going on in the world so often that we forget to put our minds on things above. Our brains get stuck in endless earthly loops that just stress us out, make us tired, and make us sad. We’re not meant to exist in loops like that. Those things are meant to be puddles we step through or step over, but never get stuck in. I have found when my brain wants to get stuck in anger, worry, fear, and other things that just keep me in an endless loop of pain, I need to get myself out of it by renewing my mind and doing a full reset. I accomplish this by fasting, meditating, praying, exercising, and talking with my mom. How do you renew your mind to higher places and focus on what is good and the will of what or who you serve?

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Food diary

Today has been extremely good!!! I finished my 49 hour long fast for dinner and I felt pretty good today! I also went back to school and my friends said I look slimmer so I’m actually feeling more confident 😊

Breakfast: an iced black coffee (0)

Lunch: a monster energy drink zero sugar (13)

Dinner: broccoli and carrots (30) I purged this however so it’s probably less

Total: 43 calories

This is super good! I hope I lose some more weight tonight!!

Send meanspo or nicespo I need encouragement

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