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lesssness · 3 months ago
my body is begging me to eat something but i won't bc i've been begging this bitch to be skinny for years and she has always been saying to fuck off
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progressivejudaism · 11 days ago
If you haven’t started hydrating in preparation for the Fast of Yom Kippur, please do!
The more water the better.
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poorly-drawn-axolotls · 2 months ago
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checkerdancee · 3 months ago
♥️Do not fast to the point of fainting! This will cause life-long problems, including brain damage & problems with losing weight in the future.
♠️Keep an eye on your blood sugar! Blood sugar is not just something that diabetic people need to worry about. Its something we all have to be a little bit careful with. If youre feeling faint, break your fast and eat something sugary. Even if its something small like 1 oreo, a spoonful of pure sugar, a brownie, whatever. You do not want to faint (see point #1)
♦️Dont get drunk on an empty stomach! Seriously, eat a small meal first. A sandwich, some nachos, ramen, something like that. Its horrible for your liver, and you will most definitely have a terrible hangover.
♣️NEVER skip out on hydration, fasting or not. Hydration is EXTREMELY important. You'll risk kidney stones, kidney failure, UTIs, and even seizures. Remember to stick to things like water(carbonated or not), tea, and Gatorade(the electrolytes are extremely helpful). Soda doesnt do as good of a job at those things.
♥️DO NOT abuse laxatives! You will dehydrate(see above), and risk having a chemical dependency on them, causing chronic constipation. Laxatives should only be used in small amounts & ONLY for constipation. Talk to your doctor.
♠️Dont workout too hard. Working out can be fun, and its good to do it in moderation. But dont hurt your muscles too much. They say "no pain, no gain," but there is a point where pain crosses the line. Take breaks from working out as well.
♦️Dont overwork yourself physically during a fast/low cal day! Calories are energy. If you dont have that energy, overworking can cause fainting(see point #1).
♣️If youre spacing off from hunger, dont do anything that takes too much concentration. As i talked about in the last point, overworking can be bad physically, but it's important to avoid MENTAL strain as well! Things like driving, filling out important paperwork, writing an important email, doing homework, etc. can be severely impacted by a lack of focus.
Stay safe. Because someone really cares about you.
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helium-stims · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Fossil Stimboard
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x l x l x
x l x l x
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noroalia · 11 months ago
i want to start a collection of violent gifs. gifs like this
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olyandr · 8 months ago
My mother: so what did you eat today?
Me: oh some spaghetti with chicken
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marsiseating · a month ago
Things to do to distract urself from eating or to maintain a fast:
- Read for at least 30 minutes
- Drink 1l of water
- Go on a walk for at least 30 minutes
- Fold ur laudry
- Chew some gum
- Study for at least 45 minutes
- Do a short workout
- Do ur makeup
- Paint or draw something for at least 20 minutes
- Look at thinspo for at least 25 minutes
- Tidy up your room for at least 30 minutes
- Stalk somebody's page on Tumblr/Twitter
- Read meanspo for at least 20 minutes
- Do 50 jumping jacks
- Look at yourself in the mirror
- Do the dishes
- Learn a song on the guitar or another instrument
- Listen to subliminals for at least 30 minutes
- Plan a date with an imaginary person, or a real one
- Post something on Twitter or Tumblr
- Call a friend on facetime
- Do 30 sit-ups
- Put on a cute outfit
- Talk to a family member
- Meditate for at least 15 minutes
That's all i came up with rn!
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