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#fat girls

Fat girls are so adorable I just love everything about them🥺😳

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Can we switch positions Daddy? Let me show you what this body can do.

Being with me is dangerous, I’m the nightmare you’d hate to lose.

I’m a Butterfly baby, I come and go when I choose.

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My belly looks and feels so much fatter, it’s making me so horny recently 😍

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Yesterday, I baked my first loaf of bread! I know this is not my usual content, but 1) I’m pretty proud of myself and 2) here’s some belly to go with the bread. Hurray for carbs!!!! (Not me about to eat the whole loaf😅)

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I look so big today.. I feel like I’ve been eating non-stop recently.. does it look like it?

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Funnel feeding doesn’t do it for me. I love food. The tastes and textures. I love feeling my stomach get more and more full as I eat more and more.

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