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STAIRS, a documentary film

STAIRS, a documentary film

STAIRS, a documentary film
Category Comedy
I just need a few more days… Comment here: Apologies for the comments being disabled.
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एण्डटीवी के ‘येशु‘ में आर्या धर्मचंद और विवान शाह के बीच बना असली बाप-बेटे जैसा रिश्ता

एण्डटीवी के ‘येशु‘ में आर्या धर्मचंद और विवान शाह के बीच बना असली बाप-बेटे जैसा रिश्ता

एण्डटीवी के ‘येशु‘ में आर्या धर्मचंद और विवान शाह के बीच बना असली बाप-बेटे जैसा रिश्ता

एण्डटीवी पर शो ‘येशु’ ने हाल ही में लाॅन्च होने के बाद अपने अलग और अनोखे कंटेन्ट से दर्शकों का दिल जीता है। ‘येशु’ एक विशेष रूप से परोपकारी बच्चे की कहानी है, जो केवल अच्छे काम करना चाहता है और अपने आस-पास खुशियाँ फैलाना चाहता है। अभी के एपिसोड्स में दर्शक जोसेफ (आर्या धर्मचंद) और येशु (विवान शाह) के बीच…

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A genuine father-son bond between Aarya Dharmchand and Vivaan Shah’s in & TV’s Yeshu

A genuine father-son bond between Aarya Dharmchand and Vivaan Shah’s in & TV’s Yeshu

A genuine father-son bond between Aarya Dharmchand and Vivaan Shah’s in & TV’s Yeshu

Ever since its recent launch, the show ‘Yeshu’ on &TV has been capturing the audience’s hearts for its differentiated and disruptive content. ‘Yeshu’ is a story of an exceptionally benevolent child who only wants to do good and spread happiness all around him. In the current episodes, the viewers can see the…

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The First Delightfulization Chamber. Part 1.

“Benjamin Wigglestein” was the name he chose for his ‘etiquette tutor’ persona. He had to be sure no one connected him to ‘Old Lady Wilkerson’ and used her death as an excuse to be ‘the new neighbor’. Thankfully, most of the people his age had moved out of the area, whether it was for college, to start their own lives, or whathaveyou. Not many people would remember who he was as he kept to himself most of the time.

Benedict Uno thought, after doing research into his family tree, that his mother’s maiden name was a perfect cover, as well as tweaking his first name a bit, just in an off case someone called him ‘Ben’. This was more likely of his paranoia playing him than an actual threat. The legality what he was actually planning was a bit… unclear.

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Father of seven killed in boat tragedy

Father of seven killed in boat tragedy

A man has died after being flung from his boat during a birthday fishing trip.

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Meghan Markle Seeks Court Ruling in Privacy Case as Plea to Her Father for ‘Peace’ Is Revealed

Meghan Markle Seeks Court Ruling in Privacy Case as Plea to Her Father for ‘Peace’ Is Revealed

Meghan Markle’s lawyers returned to court on Tuesday to seek a summary judgment – a legal step which would see her case against Associated Newspapers resolved by a judge’s ruling as opposed to a full trial.
Meghan, 39, is suing the Mail on Sunday‘s publishers Associated Newspapers for invasion of privacy, infringement of data protection rights and copyright infringement for printing extracts of…


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“I’m tired.” You said as you sat on the sofa. “I like my space sometimes. There’s too many people that need my attention.”

I had never met you. You didn’t raise me. It was just me and my mom. You didn’t see my first steps, my first words, my first anything. 

I was starting college. I already had my first car and job. 

You came because you wanted to meet me. 

We welcomed you and our relationship was rough at first, but then our bond grew. We clashed because we were too similar and now we’re best of friends. 

I won’t lie, it does hurt when you ignore my calls in order to speak with my half sisters. I won’t lie, it hurts when you talk about my sisters firsts and their silly childhood adventures. It burns inside. It sometimes makes me feel like I’m not enough.

I’m a horrible person for thinking sometimes that I only want you to focus on me. I will never admit it though. 

I could tell you, “You’re my father, your supposed to stay and get to know me!” “Your supposed to take care of me!” 

But I will never want you to stay against your will. That’s not love. 

I understand why you would like your space. Two different families all needing different types of attention. 

As I sit back and think. Everyone tells me to tell you to stay with me, to provide for me. To make up for the years you weren’t there. But in my heart I know that you are human too. You hurt too. Your past haunts you too. You’re not superman. If one day you need to leave. Even though it hurts. I will let you go. 

I will let you go because, I don’t want to become the reason you lose your mind.

I’ll be fine. God has taken me this far and he will take me further. God has become my number one father. He has accepted me as I am and has taken the responsibility to take care of me 24/7.

I know that one day you might leave back to my half sisters. To your other family. I know that I am not the first family you think about. And that’s ok. 

I love my sisters. And I will also always love you.

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Leonardo Headcanon


Originally posted by anpan-chan


Originally posted by painajai

Mine: One of Leo’s greatest wishes is to be a father.

I had a hard time picking 2003 or 2012 Leo for this headcanon, but a friend helped me decide.

So, what made me pick 2012 Leo over the 2003 version was just the vibes or hints the show gave that Leo had this fatherly nature. Plus, did you see him holding baby Karai and having tea time with that little girl? That is true dad power.

2003 Leo was also an option since I read a lot of fics that added the wish to be a father to his character. It actually works well with him.

What do you guys think? 😊❤️TMNT

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Kuwaiti threatens father with gun

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 19: The securitymen have arrested an unidentified Kuwaiti, who is believed to be in his 20s, for pointing a gun at his father and threatening to shoot at him, reports Al-Seyassah . This happened following a quarrel between them inside their house in Jaber Al-Ali. When he learned that his father had called the police, he escaped from the house with the gun and hid inside a mosque in the area. The securitymen then combed the area and found the suspect hiding in a mosque. At the time of arrest he was abnormal. He has been handed over to the concerned authorities

The post Kuwaiti threatens father with gun appeared first on ARAB TIMES - KUWAIT NEWS.

#crime Read full article: #father #gun #kuwaiti #threatens
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Over the last month or two, I’ve realized my boyfriend’s father is not a very good person.

He also gave me a digital gift card where you can chose where the card goes to for Christmas.

I chose 1800flowers.

I’m going to send flowers to my boyfriend’s mother.

His dick head father is going to pay for flowers for his exwife he treated like shit.

I love her, and she deserves all the flowers 💐.

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~Rather Than The Son, I’ll Take The Father~

~Rather Than The Son, I’ll Take The Father~


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Let Go


Originally posted by myriadimagines

Steven Crain x Reader

(A/N: so, this was more of a test fic to see if I like writing for him, cause I just added “Haunting of Hill House” to my request list, so it’s pretty short, and, I do like writing for him! Enjoy!)


(Warnings: mentions of sleep paralysis, creepy shit, nightmares, pregnancy, very early stages though)


“Steve?” You asked, groggily, sitting up slightly in your bed. Your husband, Steven, however, was sitting straight up, very awake and alert. “Steven?”

“Nell,” you heard him whisper staring panicked at a spot on your comforter. His body heaved with heavy breaths and you sat up, scooting closer to him. “I think- I think I had a nightmare or something.” He breathed out.

You hummed sadly, leaning forward and kissing his neck gently and comfortingly. “Well, it’s okay, your fine.”

“I think I’ve gotta call Nell,” he said, reaching over, grabbing his phone. While it rang, her leaned over to you, where you were already lying again, kissing your lips lovingly. “I love you,” he whispered, before leaning down to your still not very swelled stomach, pecking it quickly too, like he did every night since you found out your were pregnant. “And I love you too, whatever gender or absense of gender you end up being.”

You laughed lightly, before tiredly pulling the blankets back up over you. He waited a while longer for Nell to answer, fresh fear inching closer with every ring, until it finally hit with the two ominous beeps and the voicemail announcement. He hung up, dropping the phone on the bed.

“She’s probably just busy, or sleeping.” You said, tiredly, adjusting the position of your head in the pillow. “Did something happened to her in your dream?”

“I’m not sure,” he said, sounding very disoriented as he slowly lied down back next to you, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you closer to him, burrying his face into the crook of your neck’as he usually did.

You still felt his steady breath against your neck, but yogg up still couldn’t sleep, worry for Nellie now plaguing you. You eventually fell into a restless sleep, awaking in the middle of the night one, feeling Steve’s grip around your waist tighter. You assumed he might’ve been having another nightmare, but then the grip started to hurt as it got tighter, and the breath on your neck seemed to much more ragged.

“Steven,” you whispered, patting behind you, trying to find him somewhere, but where him back usually was, your head seemed to fall through, and the grip on your waist and the breath on your neck disappeared.

You turned around suddenly, finding a his side of the bed empty. “What the hell?” You asked, quietly, sitting up in bed. The bedroom door suddenly cracked open, and your husband slipping back into the room, holding a glass of water.

“(Y/N), you okay?” He asked upon seeing you sat up and alert in the bed.

“You weren’t in bed a second ago?” You asked, looking up to him. He set down his glass, shaking his head. “But I felt your arm around my waist, it was so tight, it hurt! I thought you might’ve been having a nightmare.”

“Could something have happened with the baby?” He asked, sounding even more concerned. You shook your head definitively.

“I could feel your fingers gripping my side, it was from the outside, and I could feel your breath.” You explained, rubbing the spot on your neck where you swore you could still feel the breathing.

Steven nodded a little, looking like he was trying to figure out a plossible explanation. “I mean, sleep paralysis can sometimes involve feeling things?” He suggested, slowly sitting down next to you.

You shook your head again. “I could move. I went to touch you on the back and my hand just fell through, and the feeling went away. It felt like someone just, let go.”

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I sure don’t overlook that fact! Yes, one of the Triplets is Grandfather’s mom. I think they are underrated characters it might come from my biased obssession on the Uno family

A deligthfulised adult is an interesting concept, that’s for sure. But I don’t really have an answer to that. They would still be complient to their parents, obviously. They wouldn’t take risks for anything despite having technically the freedom to do so. I honestly always assumed that the delightfulization would wear off at some point. Because it would be necessary only for the kid to be obediant but once he grew up, there’s no need for that. 

It mostly depends on the delightfulization. People have tendency to use Sector Z’s delightfulization as a standard for the process. It’s really not. It is explained that the machine blew a fuse and it increased the effects on them.  In Op: D.A.T.E., the delightfulization ray wasn’t that powerful. Yes, the kids were transformed and brainwashed as zombies, but it was easy to cancel the delightfulization with a simple flash.

So, in conclusion, I don’t really know. People have theorised that Benedict was delightfulized too, and that would be why he was so obediant to Grandfather. I prefer to believe he was obediant because of the fear of his father. He also doesn’t seem delightfulized as an adult, so either he was and the effects wore off or he simply wasn’t delightfulized in the first place  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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There is nothing more special, than the moment I hold my daughter in my hands after being months away from her for so long. There is no greater feeling in the world to a father, then seeing his baby girl.

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Just read this section of Northern Lights and I am not ok.

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and yet why do i fucking always answer? i need to learn to stop picking up the phone when he calls cause it just makes me upset.

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