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Pairings: Tony x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Anxiety attack

Request: Tony x daughter!reader, after getting into a fight the reader storms away from her dad only to have a pretty big panic attack - ♥️

“I HATE YOU!” Y/n screams at Tony, she huffs and turns on her heel stomping away to the elevator. 

Tony’s mouth slams shut and he pales as he watches his daughter storm in. She turns and stares him down as she slams her finger on the elevator button. Tony watches with his arms crossed as the door shuts before he exhales slowly and reaches to massage his temples. “F.R.I.D.A.Y?”


“Where’s she headed?”

“To her bedroom, sir.”

Tony sighs loudly, shaking his head, “She isn’t old enough to be out there with us.”

“… She only wants to be like you, sir.”

Tony glares at the closet camera and says angrily, “I understand that but she isn’t ready!”

“You let Peter-”

“ F.R.I.D.A.Y! It’s different! Peter has special abilities and Y/n… Y/n doesn’t.”

“That hasn’t stopped you.”

“That’s it!” Tony digs for his phone and with a few taps, he blocks F.R.I.D.A.Y  from talking to him. “You are in a time-out.”


I sniffle and stomp to my bedroom, ignoring the wide-eyed stares that I received when I passed by the others. Peter stands up to follow me but I stop him with a glare and a sharp, “Don’t!” Peter freezes in his step and I turn from him, jogging to my room. 

I lock my door and fall onto my bed, sobbing loud and ugly sobs into my blanket. “I can’t believe he did that!” I gasp. Dad found out I had been using his blueprints to make my own suit and destroyed it. All those hours, all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into making it. I thought he’d be proud!

I pant heavily as I push myself up and wipe my face. I don’t want to be stuck on the ground helplessly the next time something wrong happens. I almost died the last time I did. Dad almost died. I could help. My lungs seem restricted and my entire body feels like it’s lighting up in flames. I gasp as sharp pangs hit my chest. 

Groaning, I fall back onto the bed and put my hands on my face, sobbing. There’s a knock on the door and I hear Uncle Steve’s voice from the other side, “Y/n, can I come in.”

“No,” I say through pants. “Go away!” I know he hasn’t walked away and I growl, grabbing my pillow and throwing it at the door, “Go away, Steve!”

He sighs, “Alright, you just holler if you need me.”

I continue balling and panting. Crying until I started feeling dizzy. 

“Y/n, I understand that you wish to be left alone but you need to breathe,” F.R.I.D.A.Y speaks calmly. “Your father has silenced me in the workshop and I cannot inform him of your anxiety attack.”

“It’s not an attack,” I pant, rolling onto my stomach. I bury my face into the blankets and try slowing down my breathing.

“If you do not calm down in the next fifteen seconds, I will override your father and have him come up.”

Picking my head up, I yell at her through tears, “You’re not helping!”

“He only wants to keep you safe,” F.R.I.D.A.Y says softly.

“Unnhhhh,” I bury my face back into the blankets and continue to pant. Squeezing my eyes shut, I try ignoring the painful pangs that continue to hurt inside my chest. 



Tony picks his head up and holds a finger up, “Um, did you override my commands?”

“Y/n is having an anxiety attack, she needs help.”

“On it,” Tony runs for the elevator. The elevator moves up on its own and Tony’s foot taps anxiously. “How bad is it?”

“She’s going to fall unconscious at this rate.”

“Damn.” The elevator opens and Tony sprints out of it and towards Y/n’s door. F.R.I.D.A.Y unlocks her door for him and he walks in groaning when he sees Y/n’s state. 

“Baby,” he breathes, hurrying to her side and sitting on the bed.

“Go away,” Y/n cries, obviously weak. She tries pulling away when he reaches to pull her on his lap but she’s just not strong enough. 

Tony exhales and holds Y/n to his chest, “I’ve got you, baby.”

“I just… I just wanted to show you what I could do!”

“I know,” he murmurs, kissing the top of her head. “I just wanna keep you safe, honey. That’s all.”

They sit there with Tony whispering words of comfort while hugging Y/n tightly. Eventually, Y/n calms down and regains her breath. She sighs softly and lays her head on Tony’s shoulder. She’s silent for a moment before she breathes in deeply, “I’m sorry I said that I hate you. I didn’t mean it.”

“I know,” Tony murmurs, rubbing her back. “It happens.”

“I won’t say it again,” Y/n sits back to look at him. “I promise.”

Tony chuckles softly and uses his knuckles to wipe away the stray tears. “Okay.”

Y/n pauses, looking down at her hands. “… Dad?”


“Could you please give me a chance? 

Tony sighs and looks at his daughter, her eyes wide and begging. “Y/n…”

“Please! Just give me a shot! I’ll show you how strong I can be!”

“I don’t think you’re weak,” Tony cups Y/ns cheek, squishing them together. “I know you’re strong. I just…” he stops to sigh and lets his hands fall onto his lap, “I don’t think I’m strong enough to handle you being out there.”

“How do you think I feel,” Y/n mumbles.

Tony opens his mouth to argue but shuts it again when he can’t bring himself to. She’s not wrong. Sighing, Tony purses his lips as he thinks before nodding, “Alright.”

Y/n’s eyes widen, “Huh?”

“Listen, here’s the deal. I will… help… you build a suit.”

Gasping Y/n sits up and grins widely, “Seriously.”

Tony grimaces, “… yes.”

Squealing, Y/n jumps up and lunges for her desk, grabbing the notebook that was on top of it. “I’ve got some designs that I like! Like this one where the armor isn’t as bulky and more lightweight and this one wher-”

“Honey, I would love to look at your designs. In fact, I will.” Tony reaches for them and Y/n gives them to him with a confused expression.


“You need some rest.”

Y/n scoffs, “Dad I’m fine!”

“No,” Tony says, standing up. “You can’t pull that with me, I know what it’s like. The deal is, if you want to start working today, you take a nap.”

Y/n seems to contemplate it before asking unsurely, “But then after?”

“I promise,” Tony says, smiling softly. He tucks the notebook underneath his arm and reaches for Y/n, pulling her to her bed and pushing her down. “Now go to sleep, okay?”

“Okay,” Y/n sighs.

Tony smiles softly and kisses Y/n’s forehead before tucking her in and walking to the door. He turns off her light and shuts the door behind him. “F.R.I.D.A.Y, please give me updates on her every thirty minutes. I need to know that she’s okay.”

“I will.”

All Fics: @marvels-queen-bee@breezy1415@sergeantjbuckybarnes @gingergirl967-writer @metal-armed-dino@memyselfandmaddox @spideypooler03@beets1bears1battlestargalactica @thisismysecrethappyplace

Marvel Fics: @m4df4n @just-saying-26 @thoughtsofdarc @sergeantjbuckybarnes @teafocus @heartssick

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Request: Can u do something fluffy with a reader and tony as like a father figure?

Warnings: It’s not my best work because I’m still getting back into the swing of things. I apologize!

You grew up in what most people would call a normal family. After all, you had two parents who loved you. But loving and liking or two very different things. Your mother, ever the caring woman she was, both loved and liked you. She took an interest in the things you liked simply because you liked them. And if it turned out that she wasn’t a huge fan of it, she would still listen and talk to you about whatever it was. She died a couple of years ago and you were left to the custody of your dad.

Your dad… he loved you, truly, he did, he just didn’t seem to like you all that much. He always seemed to get annoyed with you when you asked him questions or requested that he drive you places. You tried your best to be in his good graces; to do what he asked and to be someone he could be proud of. You even worked your butt off, spent countless hours losing sleep so that you could land the Stark internship alongside your dear friend Peter. But it still didn’t seem like enough. So now you use the internship as an opportunity to be away from home.

The people in the tower were nice enough. They would greet you in the mornings and bid you goodbye when they left. They would check in on you everytime they needed to drop by to speak with Tony and make polite conversation with you. Overall, it was much more pleasant than staying at home with your dad. You didn’t really think anyone would notice that you had been avoiding spending time at home. You were hoping people would just assume you were a hard worker. And some people did believe that, but Tony had watched over you since you had come to work with him. He found various pieces of machinery fixed or finished without any knowledge of doing it himself and after he had watched you a little more closely, he had found that you were the one helping him with the seemingly uncrackable problems he had run into.

You had come to see Tony as somewhat of a father figure. He was always the one who made sure you didn’t forget to eat, was always willing to come to important events you had, ones your parents weren’t always able to go to. He asked you about your school and your grades and all around just wanted to make sure you were happy. You really did appreciate Tony being there for and making you feel loved and wanted, but you felt it was a little silly to look at him as a father because it never felt like he saw you as a daughter. So you never told him. You just assumed he was probably being so kind because you were still a kid.

Tony was working on another prototype for his suit when he finally glanced at the clock and saw it was 11:34pm. He thought it odd that you hadn’t come to say goodbye yet, as you usually let him know when you were leaving so he wouldn’t freak out about where you were. Deciding to check, he put down his tools and walked to the lab he had set you up in. When he came in, he saw you slowly nod off. He was about to wake you up when you straightened out and appeared to be trying to not fall asleep.

“What’re you still doing here kiddo?” Tony asked.

“Oh hey, Mr. Stark. I was just finishing up the project you gave me.” Tony knew that was a lie. He saw the finished product earlier in the afternoon.

“Y/N, is there a reason you don’t want to go home?” The question startled you. You knew the answer. Of course you did. When being at home made you feel so lonely that you had no choice but to feel it, there wasn’t much room for confusion.

“Uh, what do you mean? I mean, why do you ask?”

“You know exactly what I mean and I’m asking because you’ve been staying here really late recently. I know well enough that it isn’t because you want to get your projects. I see you finish them way before your day is even done. At first, I thought maybe you thought the work was boring but if the things I give you really are that boring then you would take off right when you’re off the clock. But you’re here hours after you’re supposed to go home. Why don’t you want to go home?”

You didn’t know what to say. What were you even supposed to say? You could tell him why you didn’t want to go home but to tell him that the reason you stayed was that you didn’t get enough fatherly affection at home and that you desperately wanted that kind of parental affection from him was, frankly, unprofessional.

“I just like being here. Is that bad?” You defended.

“Kid. I’m not accusing you of anything. I just want to make sure you’re alright. This lab is completely bare and freezing. Why is it you like staying here so much?”

“Well, I mean you.” You said it as quietly as you could but by the way his eyes widened a fraction you could tell he heard. You could have easily said you liked the atmosphere and maybe it was because of your sleepy brain that you didn’t, and right now you were yelling at yourself in your head for not lying. The next best thing, you figured, was to explain yourself before he got the wrong idea.

“It’s just… Mr. Stark my dad and I… we don’t really get along. He loves me and all that but he just… would rather I not be around him so often. I stay away because of that and honestly I stay away because when he looks at me he doesn’t look like he loves me. He doesn’t look like he’s proud. He just looks like I’m another object that clutters up the living room.” Something wet was dropping on your had. Tear, you realized. You were crying. 

“I’m sorry you didn’t ask for any of this. I’ll go home now. See you tomorrow.” You got up and, with your head hung low, you tried to pass Tony as quickly as possible. Before you could make it any farther than where you stood, Tony pulled you into a hug. He held you so tight it felt like he was squeezing all of the tears from your eyes and onto his shirt. You felt bad for ruining what was probably a really expensive shirt but getting a hug from someone you saw as a father figure felt so right that you couldn’t help it.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. You don’t deserve that,” Tony said once you had calmed down. He pulled away so that he could look at you. “How about instead of staying in the lab when your day is done you come to my house. Pepper loves you and keeps bugging me about having you over for dinner anyway. You can get a break from your dad without having to stay in this desolate lab.”

“Really? Are you sure that’s okay?”

“It’s more than okay Y/N. I mean you’re practically family to Pepper and me so we might as well treat you like it too.” You launched yourself into his arms again for another hug. You were ecstatic that Tony saw you as a daughter just as you had seen him as a father. That night you went to Tony’s house and had, granted a very late, dinner with him and Pepper. Pepper had offered to set you up in their guest bedroom for the night and said that you could just borrow some clothes. You quickly shot your dad a text letting him know you weren’t coming home before turning in for the night.

From that day forward you would spend almost every day at the Stark household before going home. Tony and Pepper treated you like a daughter and often invited you to their holiday gathering, showing you off to their guests. Things with your father still hadn’t changed but now you had a second family you could turn to when you needed.

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Well, I hope you all enjoy this like you seemed to enjoy the last one <3 -K

Peter had grown up without parents, so when he found Tony, it was like finding a lighthouse after being stuck in a storm at sea. He finally had someone that he could look up to, not only as a science mentor, but as someone who cared about him and wanted him to feel his absolute best all the time. 

Today was a day that he was not feeling his best, and Tony knew right away. Peter had walked into the Avengers tower right after school, and went straight to the room Tony had given him after the battle with Thanos. Tony always wanted to know the kid was safe and had a place where he felt wanted, so he made sure of it. His eyes followed him until the door shut, and then he walked into the kitchen. Peter generally felt better after he had something to eat, so Tony went to make himself and Peter a snack before he went to check on him. He made some smores and some hot chocolate, nothing was better in the cold New York winter than chocolate with toasted marshmallows. He walked over to Peter’s room and knocked on the door.

“Peter? Hey bud, can I come in? I brought snacks.” He heard a small yeah come through the door, and he saw Peter sitting on his bed, facing the windows. Tony set the tray down on his desk and sat down next to him on the bed. Peter turned away from him, so he couldn’t see his face. 

“What’s going on? I know something’s up, so don’t pull that teenager routine of saying you’re fine and hiding the real problem. Out with it.” He poked Peter on his side and in his neck, and Peter nearly fell off the bed from how hard he squirmed. 

“Ticklish are we?” Peter’s eyes widened and he pushed himself farther away from Tony. 

“Mr. Stark, please don’t. I- I…I’m doomed aren’t I?” Tony smirked and scooted closer to Peter. 

“Pretty much, but I promise I’ll stop when you need me to. I just figure you could use a good laugh. It seems like you’re having some problem and maybe you just need to relax.” Peter smiled slightly at that and resigned himself to being tickled for a little while by someone who cared about him. Tony smiled at him and started by pulling Peter back up onto the bed so that he could have better access to the rest of his body. He started to run his fingers all around Peter’s sides and stomach and he started to hear the kid’s light, breathy giggles. 

“How’re you doing so far kid?” Tony asked as he started to squeeze at Peter’s hips, which caused him to practically hiccup with laughter. Tony smiled as that happened, the kid wasn’t happy nearly enough of the time, and when he got to see him truly happy, it made Tony happy too. He started to hum “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” as he spidered his fingers up to Peter’s neck. 

“Ahahare you rehehehally humming the itsy-bitsy-spider?” Peter asked as Tony slowed his fingers. 

“Maybe I am. Problem with that Spidey?” Tony smirked, starting to trail his fingers down to under Peter’s arms. 

“You’re so lame.” 

“And….you’ve done it.” Tony spidered his fingers all over under Peter’s arms and Peter screamed out in laughter. Tony tickled everywhere, until finally, Peter gathered all of his air in his lungs and yelled, 

“Stop!” Tony immediately pulled back his fingers, and helped Peter into a sitting position. 

“Now, what was bothering you so much bud?” Tony asked, rubbing a hand over Peter’s back to try and help him breathe easier. 

“Well, there’s this girl at school, and I went to try and talk to her, but apparently one of the jocks on the football team likes her too, and pummeled me. I don’t have any bruises because I heal fast, but I couldn’t do anything to defend myself without showing my powers. And she saw me and I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m pathetic now, and I have no chance.” Peter sighed and leaned against Tony. 

“I’m sure she doesn’t think you’re pathetic. And if she does, I’m sorry, but she’s not worth it. Peter, you’re an amazing kid. You’re willing to put others before yourself, and you’re always trying to help people. You’re brilliant and kind and honestly, the only kid I can tolerate being around.” Peter smiled and hugged Tony. 

“Thanks dad—-I mean, Mr. Stark.”

“No, Peter it’s okay. You can call me dad.” Peter looked at Tony in surprise and then smiled. Tony ruffled his hair, and then stood up to grab the, now cold, smores and hot chocolate. They enjoyed their snack together and then spent the rest of the day hanging out in the lab and watching t.v.

And if Peter went to school the next day and found the entire football team cowering around him, well, that could stay their little secret. 

I hope you all enjoy this one! -K

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Originally posted by capntony


Originally posted by queen-shuri

- Because he’s so protective Tony is reluctant to let you go to Wakanda at first, but you manage to get T'Challa on your side, citing the security that came with being near a king.

- You fall in love with the country and stray away from T'Challa when you land, eager to see everything there is to see.

- T'Challa just about has a heart attack when he turns around and sees that you’re gone. Though Wakanda is relatively safe, there’s still plenty of trouble you could get yourself into (and if Tony found out, he would be wanted for the murder of a king)

- He finds you gazing up at the trains and just about has to carry you to the palace since you won’t move for anything. He even waved some Wakandan sweets in your face and you didn’t blink.

- You’re even more starstruck in the palace and you find a way to sneak away from T'Challa

- From then on Okoye is in charge of keeping an eye on you. You don’t mind, she reminds you of Aunt Nat to a certain degree

- Eventually you find your way to Shuri’s lab and you are in complete awe of her work.

- You might’ve passed out from how fantastic you thought her lab was

- Of course, Shuri recorded the whole thing and refuses to delete it to this day.

- From that moment on, you two are glued to the hip and she teaches you everything there is to know about vibranium and how it can be used.

- “I’m gonna make some weird shit”

- “Please be my guest, Y/n”

- There are competitions to see who can make the weirdest tech. Your greatest achievement is recreating the advanced toilet from Bob’s Burgers and installing it in T'Challa’s chambers.

- Tony is more than a little concerned when he calls to check up on you and you’re in the lab testing out the kinetic rebound of T’Challa’s suit 

- At some point you call him back and assure him that everything’s fine, even though Tony swore he heard yelling and mild destruction

- “Don’t pull a Parker with me, young lady.”

- “I’m not pulling a Parker, I’m fine.”

- Most nights you sleep in the lab, but occasionally you’ll fall asleep in some nook in the palace while playing hide and seek with Shuri.  Y’all might be teens, but with all the stress of the Avengers and royal duties it feels nice to act like kids every now and then.

- Shuri takes you on a tour of Wakanda when the Queen ushers you into daylight, claiming that you’ve been in hibernation for long enough.

- You find the Dora Milaje training and can’t help but want to fight like they do.  Okoye takes notice and teaches you a few things

- When it’s time to go back to New York you have to be dragged to the transports because you don’t want to leave.  Shuri is there trying to pry you out of her brother’s arms because she wants you to stay

- Tony is glad that you had a good time and stayed safe and tries to let you visit Wakanda as often as he can (and when T’Challa can make time for it)

- When you’re away, you and Shuri video chat and when she visits New York you show her your lab and start designing ways to improve almost everything (whether it will actually happen is up for debate, but it’s still fun)

- From the moment you met one another, you knew this would be a friendship that would last a lifetime

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Anonymous said:
u made the imagine for peter asking girl advice from tony,but could u do one with asking boy advice :~))

ok so for this particular request, i’m gonna make tony and steve a thing, because i figured peter would feel more comfortable going to tony about it cuz tony has experience with boys and being gay and all, ya feel me? also *ahem* stony is my otp so why the fucketh not amiright ok im rambling lemme get to the fic

also i didn’t want to make ned the love interest because i love them as best friends not as lovers so im just gonna conjure up a random character that exists in the spider man comic universe for our little gay son to swoon over


For the first time in what seemed like forever, Tony was going to spend Valentine’s day all alone. After the civil war predicament and Steve walking out, he was alone. Actually alone and lonely. So here he was, slouched on his sofa, lazily flipping through a Vanity Fair magazine that is disgustingly Valentine’s day themed. He reaches a page, holding his picture with the headline: “Tony Stark, most desired bachelor in all of New York! Here are things Tony has mentioned in previous interviews that he finds attractive in women”. 

He rolls his eyes at the ridiculous article. If only they knew he was into men. He tosses the magazine to the side, huffing out of boredom. As if on cue, his phone dings, indiciating he has received a text message. The contact name “Spider-Kid” flashing on his phone screen. He unlocks his phone to reveal the text which says: 

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Could you do a fic where instead of Peter getting out from underneath the rubble in Homecoming by himself Tony saves him? Thanks! Love your writing!

AWWW thank you im spazzing with excitement im so glad you enjoy my writing. and hell to the yeah papa stark to the rescue


Peter can’t breathe. He can’t think straight. He’s panicking, there isn’t enough room for him to breathe. His chest is pressed tightly against the ground and has the weight of an entire collapsed building on his back.  

“c’mon spider-man” He encourages himself. He puts his hands on the floor and attempts to lift himself up. “c’mon… spider-man” He says louder through gritted teeth. His legs shake and his biceps start to cramp. He manages to lift the rubble up but his arms give out and it drops back on him, his chest hitting the ground harshly. His inhales come out in short gasps, struggling to breathe. He starts to sob, barely any air entering his lungs, making it painful to even cry. He stares at the puddle of water that holds his reflection, the water rippling.

Pathetic. Some Spider-man you are. Mr. Stark was right. he is nothing without the suit.

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OC x Father!Tony Stark

A/n: This is my first story using an OC instead of reader insert because I included a lot of specific details about the character. (I forgot to give it a title… what is wrong with me!? I fixed it… but titles are tough!)

Thank you @sharknadoslut and @scentofpineandhazelnutlattes for the help! 

Summary: Tony meets his biological daughter who he put up for adoption.


Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

When Tony took his seat in the back of the theater and looked up at the stage he was overcome with shock. The woman standing there under the bright lights was eerily familiar.

The music started to play, and her slender fingers danced across the keys effortlessly. Her voice gently flowed along, singing a song she introduced as one of her favorites.

It wasn’t until the tears rolled down his cheeks and fell upon his closed hand, that he realized he had been crying. Until this point it all seemed like dream. As he watched the vision before him of a woman who he recognized as a ghost.

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Hey guys well this was my first Tony Stark oneshot that I had ever done and it was all came from after watching the Janet Jackson’s music video of “Rhythm Nation”. I feel like Tony even though loving that his child is a mini-genius like him, he would always support their dreams no matter if they wanted to go into the same line of work in math/science or do something completely far out from it like dancing or teaching or whatever. No matter what you do in life, never doubt that your parents aren’t gonna be there for you because they will no matter what it is. Be warned of swear words and mean comments.


Originally posted by iwantcupcakes


“And so if you take f(x) and divide it by the square root of two you get—” then the bell rang signaling that our instruction was over.  “Okay we’ll pick this lesson up first thing Thursday, and don’t forget to bring in a full advanced statistics equation of your choice for another fellow competitor to solve”. Our coach Professor Gooden said.

I packed up my stuff and put up the lab coats and just before I was about to leave, Professor Gooden stopped me and said,

“Hold on Miss. Stark, could I have a word with you?”

“Umm, now’s not a really good time, I’ve got somewhere else to be right now”.  The man spoke for so long way ahead of normal class time I only had about 10 minutes left.

“No, no this needs to be said now, it won’t take long”.

“Yeah right”. I muttered under my breath as I walked up to him and removed my bag from my shoulder and set it down beside me.

“Miss Stark, lately I haven’t been seeing you coming to our decathlon meetings, just recently last week you showed up and missed every single lesson and exercise we’re planning to do at the Regional’s a few weeks ago. Is there something going on at home? Or anything like that?”

“No sir, everything is fine bye!” I quickly raced out of the building and got into my motorcycle and drove off as fast as I could to the studio.

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Is This My Shirt?

Peter Parker (Marvel):

Summary: Tony Stark’s daughter Y/N and Peter became good friends after Peter got recruited by Tony and Y/N always clean Peter’s wounds after a rough fight.

A/N: This was neither requested nor planned but I wrote this a few days ago because I just love the combination of Peter Parker and Tony Stark. Maybe I’ll write a second part… so tell me if you like it.

Feel free to send in requests! :)


I woke up to a knock and snuggled my face into the pillow, groaning. I heard the knock again, quicker and louder this time. I groaned again, stretching my limps before looking to the glass door to the balcony.

I saw Spiderman leaning against it, waving slightly and taking off his mask to reveal his beautiful face. Standing up, I realised that I was only wearing my father’s shirt that covered most of me.

I hesitated but went over to the door, shoving it to the side to open it and Peter fell into my arms, groaning loadly before I could greet him. “Peter!”, I gasped quietly as I tried to hold his body with my small arms.

“I’m awfully sorry, Y/N. It’s just…”, he began rather loudly, as he pulled himself back, “I, uh, was… there was this guy again…” “Shhh. My parents are asleep.”, I explained quietly and while he rambled on, my eyes found his black eye and the cuts in his face which I hadn’t noticed before. My hand reached up to his face, my fingertips carefully drawing over the cuts. He shut up the second my fingers touched his skin.

“Oh, God, Peter… are you hurt somewhere else?”, I asked him and he nodded, his hand tracing over his chest down to his stomach.

Without hesitation I pressed the metal spider on his chest making the fabric go loose and sliding down his shoulders. “What the hell? How do you…?”, he exclaimed quietly, grabbing the suit and holding it, not wanting to stand in front of me with only his boxers on. My eyes instantly shot a brief glance on his abs before I looked him in the eyes.

“Come on, Peter, I helped dad while he worked on the suit. I know more about it than you do.”, I laughed softly, but got quiet when I took a closer look to his chest. There was a huge cut over his whole chest and several smaller ones over his stomach.

“Shit.”, I mumbled, pulling him towards my bed and pressing him down, “Let’s take this off and then I’m going to-” “No, wait.”, his hands firmly grabbing mine which were about to take off his suit completely.

“What are doing?”, Peter wanted to know,his voice shaking slightly. “Don’t be so shy, I’ve seen you shirtless before. And honestly, Peter, I’m not wearing a lot more clothes than you.”, I grinned at him but he only looked more shocked.

“That’s not helping…”, he muttered and sighed, “I… I can take it off myself.”

I only nodded, leaving him in my room and quietly wandering through the hallway to get to the bathroom and take a wet cloth.

Getting back to my room, Peter still sitting on my bed, I closed the door. His head turned to look at me, giving me a cute, little smile as I approached him.

Neither of us said a word as I pushed him down on my bed, laying on his back. Neither of us said a word as I cleaned his wounds. I was hovering above him, being really near his face while I examined his black eye.

He shut his eyes while I traced over the cuts on his face and he flinched everytime, suppressing a groan and probably thinking about how he got all the cuts.

I couldn’t help but let my fingers roam through his brown curls, feeling him tense up. “It’s fine, Peter. You’re safe here.”, I whispered before pressing a long kiss on his cheek. His brown eyes widened instantly, staring into mine but his expression softened as I smiled at him before taking care of the cuts on his chest.

The only sounds that filled my room were his soft groans while I cleaned the huge, deep cut on his chest. It took me a while to finish my work and Peter’s chest had lifted and sank about a thousand times due to his heavy breathing.

But when I finished cleaning his wounds I wasn’t able to look away from his muscular body. I felt the unbearable urge to touch him and my hands reached out before my fingertips danced over his stomach and traced over his abs.

He was so beautiful, I was wondering if this was the body of a god. But one thing I knew for sure: this body took my breath away.

“What are you doing?”, I suddenly heard Peter’s voice and I jumped, pulling back my hand. I looked at him, feeling the heat in my face and opened my mouth to say something but no word left my lips. I just hoped that he wasn’t able to see me blushing due to the dimmed light.

I cleared my throat when he sat up, looking at me with a flirty smile. “Is there something else I can help with?”, I wanted to know, my voice even higher than usual.

He wanted to shake his head but then stopped, looking into my eyes all the time. “Actually…”, he began, “I, uh, was- you know, wondering if I could… maybe stay here? I-I need… uh, I need cuddles. No, I’d like to… cuddle with you… if it’s fine.”

“Yeah, it’s fine. But you have to leave in the morning as soon as possible.” , I responded calmy, though I was a excited mess on the inside. I gave him a slight smile before standing up. “You want a shirt?”, I continued, making my way over to the wardrobe and turning on the light.

“Yeah, that would be nice.”, he said and came over to me into the wardrobe, where I had taken off my father’s shirt, not expecting him to follow me and now standing in front of him with only my underwear.

“Jesus Christ! I’m so sorry!”, he exclaimed, stumbling back against the wall. I randomly picked a shirt before pulling it over my head and took a comfy pair of shorts, putting it on as well.

Peter was still shocked but his gaze was glued to the ground, his face as red as his suit. “Here, put this on.”, I mumbled, ignoring the embarrassing scene and pressing my father’s shirt that I had worn before to his chest.

I turned off the light of the wardrobe, laying down in my bed and waiting for Peter to join me. I watched him, putting on the shirt which was a bit too big for him, as well. “This is weird. I’m wearing Mr. Stark’s shirt…”, he mumbled as he laid down next to me, staring at the ceiling. “Would you prefer sleeping naked?”, I chuckled and he smirked. “Maybe.”, he flirted and looked at me briefly but turned to look at the ceiling again.

I watched him from the side, admiring his facial features “What?”, he breathed, noticing my staring. “I thought you needed cuddles.”, I whispered back and a smile formed on his lips.

There wasn’t another word spoken. He just wrapped his arms around me, my head on his shoulder, my forehead against his head and my hand on my father’s shirt that hid his abs.

My heart beat quickly, while his fingertips traced over my upper arm and I tried to stay awake, wanting to live every second of this. But I was surrounded by his intoxicating scent, the warmth coming from him and our comfy position made me fall asleep almost instantly.

I woke up to the light getting turned on and Peter sitting up but I only groaned, not being awake enough to process what was happening. “Uh, Y/N?”, I heard Peter’s rough voice. “Peter, it’s too cold without your hot body.”, I mumbled, “Why did you turn on the light?”

I felt him shake my arm and I sat up now, as well, my arm brushing his. I wanted to snap at him but then I noticed my father standing in the door frame. My eyes widened and I quickly looked at Peter, his eyes filled with panic.

“I repeat: What the hell is going on?”, he wanted to know, his arms folded in front of his chest, a strict look on his face. “Mr. Stark, I swear, we didn’t-”, Peter started and my dad scoffed, “Don’t bullshit me. And hands off of my daughter!”

Peter scooted away from me, taking his warmth with him. “Dad, we were only-”, I began but he interrupted me.

“From this moment on, there’s a line.”, he said after a deep sigh, approaching us. “Dad.”, I moaned but he ignored me. “Talking, hanging out, hugging. All fine with me, but that’s it. Nothing more than hugging. Understood?”

Peter nodded quickly, “Of course, Mister Stark.” “Now, get out of this bed, kid.”, my dad sighed and Peter did as he was told, picked up his Spiderman suit and stood in front of him, ready to leave.

“Wait, is this my shirt?”, my dad wanted to know and Peter nodded slowly. “Do you want me to give it back?”, Peter’s hands grabbed the hem of the shirt, ready to take it off.

My dad shook his head, “God, no, just keep it.”

Part 2

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(Requested by @bakugaming)

“Hey…” You walked up to your very busy father, Tony Stark. “Hey dad!“
“Hm?” He responded, tinkering with his helmet off one of his many suits.
“I’m going on a bike ride with Steve, we’re going to get some more workout clothes.”
Your dad didn’t even look up at you as you talked to him, but you were used to it.
“Yeah, go have fun.” He muttered, engrossed in his work.
“Okay, you too, make sure you eat.”
You walked out of the lab, once again disappointed by the lack of conversation he had with you, his own daughter.

“Steve!” You shouted, “Stevie, where are you?”
“Right here! God, Y/N, you are so loud!” He chuckled. “Use your inside voice.”
“You know, if you hadn’t become an Avenger, you would’ve been a perfect kindergarten teacher!” You teased him, as you walked into the garage.
“Oh shush, darling.”
“Don’t call me that!” You slightly blushed, you’ve always had a small fangirl crush on Steve. But it was nothing big.
“Okay, okay.”
You both put on your jackets, helmets and gloves.
He got on the bike, revved the engine and you hopped on.

You both returned at five in the evening with three boxes of pizza for the rest of the team. Everyone was in the common room, except Tony. But you were used to it.
“You brought the wondrous pizza!” Thor said excitedly, voice booming as usual.
You smiled half heartedly, as the team gathered around you. You quickly gave the boxes to Steve before everyone bombarded you.
As they all helped themselves, you realized that they were family now, more of a family than your own father was to you right now. He didn’t even know you existed for 16 years, until your mother died of cancer. Your mother was the only person in the world who understood you, accepted your masculine ways and loved your short hair. She came to every one of your sporting events until she became to sick to do so, then you quit everything to become her personal coach. Your coaching ended early, all of the secrets you had confided with her, were gone.
You felt empty for a while too.
Now you had to step up as coach for another parent. Tony was taking the loss of Pepper quite hard, shutting himself up in the lab to work, more like working himself into a depression.

You took a plate, put two slices on it and went down to the lab.
As soon as you opened the doors, you saw your father with a glass of whiskey in his hand and face down on a work table.
You exhaled angrily through your nose. He’s always using the excuse of work to drink! It’s the third time this week.
“Let’s go, get up!” You yelled, yanking the glass out of his hand.
He stirred, raising his head to look at you, his eyes puffy.
“Dad! Stop!” You cried out, “All you do is drink! It’s not for fun anymore, all you’re doing is digging yourself a hole ten feet deep, and you won’t have your blasters to help you out of there.”
A tear rolled down your cheek, and your dad got up shakily to hug you.
You pushed him away, stiff arming him like you would playing football with the boys.
“I know you’re unhappy with me, that you didn’t even want me in the first place, but I won’t tolerate being treated like shit.” You poured the rest of the whiskey down the drain to prove a point.
You noticed his still outstretched arms, and he was crying.
You felt a pang in your heart.
“Okay, show me some love, dad. Bring it in.”
He hugged you with full force, and cried on your shoulder.
“Dad, it’s okay, I love you.”
He only cried harder.
“I don’t deserve that, kiddo.” He sniffled.
You grabbed his shoulders and had him face you.
“Tony Stark, you do deserve love, dammit. Just because Pepper didn’t give you her all doesn’t mean you aren’t deserving of love. Look at all you have accomplished!” You motioned to the lab. “Just stop with the alcoholism and you’ll be perfect.”
“Really?” He wiped his nose with his sleeve.
“Yes, dad!”
He pulled you in for another bone-crushing hug.
“I love you, kiddo!”
“Love you too, dad!” You handed him the plate of pizza, “Now eat!”

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Summary: Reader finds a news report on herself about joining her school’s track and field team. Father!Tony × Daughter!Reader, Mama Bear!Nat, Word Count: Lots, too long for me to even care. Warnings: Fluff, slight mental break down, terrible writing A/N: Please forgive me for not posting for 2 weeks. Requests are open. I might do a Bucky one later today, who knows. Gifs ain’t mine, y'all.


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Pressing the on button of the treadmill, you went to work. And by work, I meant you were running, like actually running running. It was 5.15 am in the city that never slept, meaning the traffic 18 stories below you was in full swing.

As your feet hit the treads, you immediately got bored. Music would never help, so you opted to turning on the TV. The first channel that played was the news. You were used to people talking around you when you ran that it just flew over your head.

That was until you heard the new report. “Y/N Stark, daughter of the billionaire, surprised us all last summer when she started at Midtown High School.” Your public school photo was shown next to a photo of you and Peter Parker.

Tripping on your own feet, you fell off the treadmill. “FRIDAY, record this and send it to dad when he wakes up.” You say to the AI system.

“Yes, Miss.” The feminine robot replied. “Your father is awake. Shall I alert him that you are awake?”

“Yeah, why not.” You mumble, getting back on the treadmill.

As you keep watching the report on you, you see a familiar photo. It was Peter Parker and you smiling to the camera. You were in your track uniform and his arm was slung around your shoulder. “- the young girl has been seen during track practice flirting with other athletes. It is unknown what events she is in, but according to footage from the school’s Twitter page suggests she is a sprinter and a long jumper.”

A video of you sprinting around the track showed, and in every frame there was a certain spider boy yelling for you to keep pace. Peter wasn’t on the team, he wasn’t a manager, he was just there because your control freak of a father is paying him. He’s there because Tony freaking Stark wants someone he trusts there if you get hurt.

The sound of the door opening behind you pulled you from your running. And as the world would have it, you tripped and flew off the end of the treadmill. “Geez, Y/N, you’re supposed to be a runner.” Your father joked.

“Hahaha, very funny.” You glare towards him and get up. Turning your attention to the TV, you see more of yourself in running shorts and tank tops. “What are we going to do about this?” You sigh.

“Sweetheart, you’re a Stark. Whatever you do, it’s going to be broadcast across the world.” Your father’s hand was placed on your shoulder. “The press got all worked up when you started at Midtown in August. They’re not going to let you feel normal. Just do your best and stay out of trouble.” Kissing your head, Tony started to leave the room.

“But why me? I have ‘Stark’ in my name and now I’m a celebrity.” Feeling of despair made themselves prominent in your mind. “Why can’t I be normal like Pete?” You cry.

“You’ve never been normal, Y/N M/N, deal with it.” And with that, your only parent left the room.

Your attempted work out was cut short by this sudden development. You went to your room to get ready for the school day.

When you emerged from your room, the team was having their team meeting over breakfast. Steve noticed your presence first. “Hey kiddo!” His cheery tone pushed you farther into your melancholy state.

“Good morning Steve.” You muttered.

Everyone noticed your mood and looked at your paternal unit. “What? It’s not my fault!” Tony threw his hands up in defense.

Nat got up, once again glaring at your dad. “I’ll deal with this.”

She followed you into the kitchen. “Hey, hun.”

“Hello.” You grumbled as you made yourself a bowl of cereal.

“What’s wrong?” Was all she had to say before you broke.

Tear flowed fast down your cheeks. “I just want to be normal. I don’t want to be a Stark. I want to be myself and not my father’s shadow.” Falling to the floor, you curled into a ball.

Nat sat next to you and held your shaking form in her arms. “What made you come to these thoughts?”

“The news report on me.” You whispered.

The team was gathered at the door frame as you looked up. Sad faces met your own, all speaking words of wisdom. “You what? You may be a Stark, but you’re never stuck in your father’s shadow. No one in this tower has lived a normal life.”

Thoughts of how dumb this tantrum was wandered through your head. “I’m sorry. I should have my feelings in check.” The apology falls out of your mouth.

“It’s normal, Y/N.” Nat kissed your cheek. “Now, you need to get to school.”

You ate on the floor, leaving your bowl and spoon relatively close to the sink. Steve and Bucky offered to drop you off because you had definitely missed the subway.

The ride there was filled with unique questions. When your school building was in sight, your need to get out of the black SUV rose. “When should we pick you up from track, doll?” Buck inquired as you jumped out on to school property.

“4.30, probably… What time is it?”

“8.15, why?” Confusion hit both of the super soldiers.

“I’m late and as a freshman, I need one of you to check me in.” The day was just getting better by the minute.

Steve parked the car where it was and they both escorted you in to your first period. You were embarrassed as whispers erupted around the lecture hall. “Miss Stark, you’re late.”

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” You squeak as you find your seat next to Peter. You were never living this down.

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Request: tony is reader’s father and some angst? Bucky and reader a little conection but not fallen in love just like ‘hey i kind of feel confortable around you’. bye - Anon

Pairing: FATHER!Tony Stark X Reader X Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 5,377(got carried away, sorry)

Warning: Cursing(why do I even warn), Angst(I’m bad at it), fluff(?), Self-doubting, Parents Issues, drunk driving(DON’T DO THAT, IT’S STUPID)

(A/N): I’ve noticed that all the requests I take are Anon, am I scary? Oh well, thank you for requesting this! Btw, no, I did not write a Valentine’s Day one-shot, SORRY I WILL



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You looked around the celebration party, searching for one of your parents or even Pepper, but you sighed in disappointment and drank more of your champagne alone in the table you were supposed to be with your family.

When you heard your name being called, you let down the glass and got up, putting a fake smile on your face and trying not to fall of your high heels.

“Thanks, everyone.” You laughed; all of them had chosen you to do the last speech. You hoped that one of your parents would have come to see you graduate on college, but that didn’t happened. “Wow, we survived! Look at that!” The laughs made you win a little bit more of confidence “I know I- We should be thanking to someone, but hey, we were the ones to lost nights of sleep to study, we were to gain back pains for sleeping crawled on the books, we were the ones to gain this.” You saw wide smiles and that gave you the courage to continue; “Because of that, I say ‘Thank to ourselves’! We gained! We deserved it”

The claps and cheers made you wave and get down of the platform and head straight to the exit, not without grabbing a bottle of some drink that your friend from the bar handed you with a pity look on his face.

“For you to feel better, Y/N.” You gave him a fake grin and entered your car, taking the stupid hat off and banging the wheel.

You sighed and rested your forehead on it, trying to think into an excuse for them.

Pepper… Ok, Pepper didn’t have any excuses for not showing up, she was the one to help you get dressed and to prepare your speech – the one you dismissed right when you saw it wouldn’t make any sense to thank your parents, since they weren’t there – and the one to help you send a flight ticket and an invitation to your mother.

Your mother… Well, what did you expected from a woman that threw you for the men she claimed to be your father, because you were giving her trouble, even though you were only 12 and just asked her for more books, so you could study.

And than, there was your father; Tony Stark. He didn’t need one, Tony just didn’t want to be seen with you.

You grabbed your phone and called to Pepper, hoping that she would just give you an “I’m so sorry, the earth is being attacked by aliens again and I’m helping you father to keep people safe”. When she answered the calling, you could feel how tense she was.

Hey, Y/N… Everything ok?”

“Hm, yeah. Why didn’t you come?” You didn’t want to sound so… heartbroken. So sad and vulnerable.

“I’m sorry, honey…” She sighed, Pepper really wanted to go and watch you graduate, especially because you were so excited with the thought of Tony finally being proud of you and with your mother showing up to one of your deeds. “I won’t lie to you… Your father ordered me not to go. I’m sorry, I really wanted to go…”

You felt your heart sink as you stood in silence; you hummed, knowing why he said that.

“I don’t know why I expected you to go, sorry, Mrs. Potts. You didn’t had the obligation to see me.” Pepper felt like someone punched her on her stomach, your apathetic voice broke her heart, because she knew that this was important to you and because of how you called her.

She loved you like a daughter, she was there to help you with your homework – even if you didn’t actually need any help -, she was there to hug you when you ran to her room because of a nightmare, she was there when you would be crying your lungs out because your father wouldn’t have appeared to your contests or birthdays.

She was always there.


“I have to go now.” That was the only thing you said before turning off your phone and opening the bottle of Vodka, you knew it was stupid to drink and drive, but you were broken, you felt alone and disappointed. There was this horrible feeling in your chest, it felt like invisible claws were ripping your heart and lungs out.

You were crying.

Crying and drinking.

The streets passed like blur as you drove by, occasionally taking big gulps of the drink, at least you weren’t running and the road was free. You stopped in front of the Avenger’s Tower and got out of the car, kicking your high heels on the street.

You looked up to the building, an almost empty bottle of Vodka on one hand and the phone with the other. That was how Bucky found you when he was returning from his jog, your makeup blurred and with darkened eyes.

“Can I help you?” He asked after watching you for a couple minutes, thinking you would walk out of something like that, but you just stood in there, watching the tower.

When you turned your gaze at him, he felt like he had lost all of the air from his lungs.

“Is my father in there? Tony Stark.” You asked, clearly drunk.

Bucky thought you were lying, well, how could he not think of that? You groaned and took your gown off, throwing it on the ground and staying in your black short dress.

“Where do you live? I’ll take you there, since you’re not in condition to drive.” You giggled without humor, grabbing your phone and walking towards the door, it needed a code to enter, but you just called out for FRIDAY.


Yes, Mrs. Stark?” The robotic voice answered, for Bucky’s surprise.

“Will my code work here?”

Yes, it will, Mrs. Stark.” You mumbled a ‘thank you’ and used your code to enter the tower, being followed by a confused Soldier.

Stark had never told anyone about you, you entered the lift and checked Bucky again, recognizing him from footage and Wikipedia.

“James Buchanan Barnes, could you please press the button to the floor that Stark, currently, is?” He wanted to laugh by how polite and sober you sounded, even though it was obvious to him that you were drunk.

“Sure, Doll.” You sighed and rested your back on the cold wall of the elevator, closing your eyes and leading the bottle to your mouth, drinking a few gulps of it.

Bucky watched as you dried all of the content of the bottle and looked at him, feeling too drunk to be ashamed.

“Did you want a gulp?” You asked and he chuckled, denying with his head and explaining

“I can’t get drunk.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Then, what do you do when you want to forget your problems?” There was only a couple of floors left before you could face the men that you had been living with for 9 years, by now.

“I run.”

“You run from your problems?” He laughed of your confused expression and you poker up your lower lip and frowned your brows in frustration because of his laugh. Was it too much for ask to be taken seriously?

“No, Princess. I mean I run, I jog.” You studied him again and he couldn’t help but to feel like the lift was taking too long.

He was aware of your eyes on his body and that you were on a small dress and he was trying really hard not to look at your legs.

“What was the problem?”

“Pardon?” Bucky frowned his brows in confusion

“You were going back from a jog when you found me. You’re wearing running clothes and you are already sweaty. What’s the problem bothering you?” He was surprised by how you could notice those things, especially when you were drunk. “And don’t worry about me telling someone, I’ll probably forget in the morning.”

Bucky thought about that, he would have said it, if the doors didn’t open and the laughs didn’t brought you back to your disappointed self.

“Well, maybe another time.” You took a deep breath and walked to the sound with Bucky behind you.

“Hey, Bucky. Who is this?” Steve asked, looking confused at you

“Hello, Mr. Rogers. I’m Y/N Stark, not that he would tell any of you.” Everyone looked at a tense Tony, as soon as he heard your voice, his eyes widened.

He got up and turned to you, frowning his brows by your figure.

“What are you doing here?” The team felt surprised when he didn’t deny.

“Not going to congratulate me, Mr. Stark?” You laughed, starting to walk around the living room in slow and – incredibly – precise steps “You know for what, right? Of course you do!” The chuckled escaped your mouth and you walked past Sam “You told Pepper not to go!”

“Tony, we’ll give you two priva-”

“There’s no need for that, she’s leaving already.” He cut Steve and you laughed, starting to sob again.

“You know, I was wondering why she didn’t appear. I didn’t expect you to come – ok, that’s a lie. I did, because I thought that for once, you would be proud of me for doing something. I graduated college with honor, you know, the one you didn’t had to pay, because I entered with a scholarship!” You laughed victoriously “But no, you didn’t show up. I didn’t expect mom to show up, because, I mean, what to expect from a cheap whore, right?”

Tony locked his jaw, still confused with you like that

“The only one I expected to go was Pepper. And she would have! If you didn’t ordered her not to.” Natasha was looking from you to him, seeing similarities and thinking of how he was able to hide you from everyone and from the media “And then, I thought: Why would he do that to me? Why would he make me pass that alone? Why did I had to be alone on a table with three more empty sits? Why? What have I done to deserve that?” You were back to silently crying, your voice cracking and vulnerable. Bucky felt this need to hold you when he saw that dead sparkle in your eyes again. “Do you want to know, Mrs. Romanoff, why I had to go through this?”

“Huh… Yes?” She wasn’t expecting you to ask something to her, even a rhetorical question.

“Because if she was there, they would have connected me to her, then, they would connect her to him and him to me.” You mumbled, that same suffocating feeling returning “And he don’t want people to know that he has a daughter with a prostitute. I get you, Mr. Stark, I really do. But wow, what you did, it was really low. Even for you.”

“How did you get here?” He asked, trying to stop you from talking those painful things

“With a car.”

You drove?!” He screamed, feeling his face become numb with the thought of you drunk and driving

“Is what you do with a car, right?” You laughed again before sighing “But I didn’t came here to talk about my pains. I came to warn you that I’m leaving. You won’t have to worry about the whore’s daughter, anymore. I’ll be finally like you want: gone.” His eyes widened and you turned on your heels

“Where are you going?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t get a ticket, if that’s what you’re worried about.” You walked back to the elevator, pressing the button with Tony behind you

“You’re not driving like this!” Everyone back in the living room were looking at each other with shocked gazes, still not understanding what was going on

“Why would you care?!” you finally screamed back, turning to him and crying desperately “You never did! All of this time I’ve been alone without you caring about what I was doing! But again, I get you.” You were sobbing so hard that it was hard for you to breathe, “I’m a mistake! You didn’t want me, neither did she! I get it! But why? What did I do?”

He pressed his lips together and pulled you for a hug, you tugged to his shirt and cried as hard as you could, accepting the affection he was giving.

Your sobs were slowing down until you slept in his arms, too psychologically tired to remain awake.

Tony sighed and lifted you, walking towards the living room so he could get into one of the rooms. Every head turned at you two, the team looking to Tony waiting to answers, but he ignored them and entered an empty room, lying you on the bed and covering your body, as he did many times when you were younger and used to sleep on the library’s floor.

When he was getting up to get out of the place, you grabbed his wrist

“Dad?” You whispered half-asleep, opening your eyes with tears falling to the sides of them “I’m sorry for being born.” He sighed, still surprised that you could call him that, after all that time. It was the first time in six years; you got used to call him ‘Mr. Stark’.

“I’m not.” But you didn’t hear his soft whisper, since you were already asleep.

Tony leaned forward and kissed your forehead, wiping the makeup off of your cheeks and brushing your hair as best as he could without waking you up.

He gave a last sigh before returning to the living room, everyone whispering and confused.

“Tony… What the fuck just happened?” Natasha hissed as he grabbed a drink from the coffee table.

“What do you think just happened? We met his daughter.” Steve crossed his arms, giving Iron Man a coldly disapproved glance. “Unfortunately, not at a good time.”

“Don’t you dare point a finger at me, Captain.” He groaned back

“Tony, her thoughts…” Wanda said for the first time, denying with her head and clutching into her own chest as if she was in deep pain “What she said… She was thinking way worst.” Tony huffed, ignoring all the glances and pulling his own phone

“What are you doing?” Sam asked as he watched Tony walk towards de corridor to the lift, again.

“I’m going to call Pepper to warn her that our daughter is drunk and will be sleeping here, this night.” No one missed that he referred the woman as your mother. And, well, she loved you like a daughter and so did you love her as a mother, since she was your only love resource.

Bucky, who had been in silence ever since he got out of the lift with you, sighed and itched the back of his neck, trying to sneak out without being noticed, but Natasha caught him and narrowed her eyes

“Soldier, what did you notice about her from the time it took to get here?” He controlled a groan and shrugged his shoulders

“She’s smart, has an agent eye, likes to scan and read people, is polite and worry about the others.”

“That doesn’t sound a lot like a Tony’s daughter.” Everyone chuckled at Sam’s commentary

“I was surprised too, believe me.” All of them stood in silence, waiting for Tony’s return

“I’ll go home for Pepper, she needs me and I got to finish one project.” He said as he stood next to the couch, eyes on his phone

“And your daughter? She also seems to be needing you.” Clint said almost in an outrageous voice.

“She’s sleeping, what will I do?” That was the last thing he hissed before rushing to the lift to get out.

“What a punk.” Bucky chuckled at Steve’s murmur, finally heading to his room so he could take a shower and try to forget your figure. He had already taken too much from Tony; he didn’t want to even think about being interested on you, even though your intense eyes never left his mind.

You moaned in pain as you felt like an elephant was sitting on your head and that someone had opened it to place cracked, sharp pieces of glass in your brain.

“Fucking hell” Your whisper triggered FRIDAY to greet you good morning

Hello, Mrs. Stark. It is six and a half of the morning, according to the body scan, you are feeling headaches and your eyes are light sensitive. I would suggest you to take a shower and take the pills from the top left shelf behind the bathroom’s mirror.”

“If you know I’m with a headache, why did you speak?” You groaned, siting and looking around, remembering the show you did in front of the Avengers last night.

Jesus Christ! Why didn’t I go somewhere else?

Your cheeks became hot with the thought of getting out and facing the super heroes that saw you drunk and crying.

You got up, heading to the bathroom after getting some clothes of the wardrobe: some jeans and a loose sweater, also not forgetting an underwear.

It wasn’t difficult to find the medicine after looking yourself on the mirror and seeing a complete mess, you took it before entering the shower and cleaning yourself; washing your hair and the makeup off your face.

Feeling like a new person, you got back to the room you slept, brushing your hair with your fingers and searching for the keys of your car, when you didn’t found them, you remembered that you had dropped them somewhere on the living room as you walked around it.

Letting a quiet huff get out, you make your way to the living room, steps so light that even the Avengers would have trouble in hearing it.

Crouching down next to the sofa, you began your search, cursing at yourself for not having just left the town without warning Tony.

“Need any help?” You froze when a deep voice drowned you out of your chase, getting back up only to face Bucky with two mugs of coffee on his hand

“Huh… Hi. I was searching for my keys.” The mumble got out as you felt your cheeks get red with the sight of The Winter Soldier in sweater pants that were dangerously hanging on his hips with a simple grey t-shirt.

He hummed in acknowledge as you continued your search, Buck was surprised with your normal soft voice and that you still looked amazingly beautiful without makeup and with basic clothes

“Coffee? I made an extra portion.” You peeked into his outstretched hand and thought about accepting it, but quick declined it as you remembered that you needed to get out of the town and away from Tony.

“Thank you, but I need to go. I just can’t find the damn keys.”

“Maybe one of them got it. You’ll have to wait for them to wake up.” Another groan slipped from you and you sighed, lifting your head again and smiling gently

“Then, I guess I’ll accept the coffee.”

Bucky couldn’t control the grin as he watched you sit awkwardly on the couch, waiting for him to sit too.

Handing you the mug, he took a sip, studying how you kept your eyes on the hot drink.

“So… You finished college.” He tried to start a conversation, your head snapped surprised at him and you gently smiled, nodding with your head and softly blowing before taking a sip

“Yes, last night was my… graduation.” Obviously you were ashamed of what you did “But you already knew that, since I cried right here about it. Jesus Christ” You couldn’t control the cringe, feeling that terrible sinking inside your stomach with the memory of you making a fool of yourself.

Bucky just giggled, shrugging his shoulders and flashing you with a comforting smile

“Don’t worry, until second thoughts the wrong one is your father.”

“He is not my father.” It didn’t take a wink for you to correct him, quickly clearing your throat and landing your eyes on your shoes as you took a sip, awkwardly looking around in silence.

“You didn’t seem to think that last night.” Natasha said as she walked through the living room, smiling at your embarrassment “I would introduce myself, but it seems that you already know me.”

“Who doesn’t know The Black Widow?” You mumbled, watching Sam and Wanda also enter the place.

“But, we don’t know you.” Steve smiled at you as Clint took a sit on the other couch.

Looking around, you saw that every Avenger waited for you to say something, taking a long gulp, you placed the mug on the coffee table

“Good morning… And if my drunk-memory is not wrong, I think I already introduced myself, Mr. Rogers.” He chuckled, nodding with his head as Natasha said without hesitating:

“I made some search and I got to admit, you are one hell of a smart thing.” The laughed escaped before you could lock it, Bucky loved that sound, smiling at you as you shrugged your shoulders

“What can I say? A weird, lonely and hyperactive kid got to entertain herself.” It didn’t take long for the conversation to start with all of them and without you even notice, you all were laughing and joking “I was wondering: did one of you grab my keys? I gotta’ run and pretend I didn’t act like a drunk spoiled prick in front of super heroes.” All of them laughed at your sentence.

“I did.” Your father’s voice made your face turn blank right away, something you always did when he was around, not showing any emotions. Getting up and turning on your heels, you faced Pepper and Tony; Your “mother-in-law” had red eyes and bags under them, making you notice she must have cried.

“Mr. Stark, could you please hand me my keys?” The Avengers looked surprised by your sudden change, a few seconds before that you were laughing and hitting Steve on his shoulder for something he said


“Excuse me?” The ends of his lips curled upwards with the sight of your face falling, he hated to see that cold, emotionless side of yours. The one you would only use with him.

“I said: no.” Taking a deep breath, you tried to put an educated smile on your face, mentally asking yourself what you’ve done to deserve that as you hissed through your teeth:

“May I ask the fuck why?” Tony looked at Pepper on a faked surprised way, both of his brows arched and with his usual ‘can you believe this’ face, before turning his gaze back to you

“You were drunk-driving. I’m taking your car.” That made you laugh without humor

“Who do you think you are to get a car that, first of all, you didn’t pay, second of all: It isn’t yours?”

“I’m your father.” He huffed, making everyone look from you to him, expecting you to scream. But you weren’t drunk, you could act as your true – controlled – self.

“No you’re not. You donated me twenty-three chromosomes. It takes a lot more to be a father.” He narrowed his eyes and as Tony was about to speak, Pepper’s broke voice made through the place

“You’re leaving us?” Your face soften at the sight of Pepper curled behind Tony, using him as a shield.

“I’m leaving him, I would never leave my mom of heart.” She sobbed and you opened your arms as she ran to you, embracing her trembling figure “I love you, Pepps.” Bucky and Steve were the only one to hear it because of their super soldier hearing.

“I love you too, Y/N. I wished I could have seen you.

“I know…”

“Well, I also know it. That’s why… I… I want to show you something.” Lifting your head to look at your father, you frowned your brows, giving one last squeeze on Pepper before letting her go

“I don’t want to see it. If you don’t hand me my keys, I’ll go on my foot.” Tony inhaled deeply, trying to calm himself down knowing that you wouldn’t let him scream and go unpunished.

Stay, please.” That took you by surprise, because it was the first time he told you to stay and not to leave, and because he said ‘please’. “If… If you just listen to what I have to say… Even for just five minutes… I’ll let you go without saying anything.” Sighing, you sat back down next to Bucky, grabbing slightly his metal forearm.

The cold metal under the palm of your hand made you relax, his scent moved you closer to him, almost snuggling into his side.

Obviously, James didn’t miss it and placed his normal hand on top of yours, knowing that you needed support to not run away.

“Five minutes.” Tony cleared his throat and looked around the living room, seeing curious eyes. When he looked at the telepath, she smiled widely at him, wanting him to put his thoughts out to you.

“You… You told me last night that I didn’t want to be seen with you…”

“And did you?” He gulped before answering:

“Well… No.”

Antony.” Pepper hissed as you shrugged closer to Bucky. You already knew that, but hearing him say that, made it more painful.

“But do you know why?”

“Because I’m the prostitute’s daughter.” It came so harsh that even Wanda got surprised, your eyes cold as steel, making your father deny quickly with his head

“Do you remember when… When I got caught on Afghanistan?” Of course you remember that, it was the worst time of your life. You were living with him for two years and than, he was taken away from you right when you both were starting to actually look like a family.

He would eat dinner with you, ask how was your day, what you learned, he would laugh at your bubbly talk on the table, he would invite you to his workshop so you could study and spend your time in there while he worked, it took him almost a whole year to be able to talk to you like that.

“How could I forget? When I went to see you with Pepper, you told me to stay away from you so nobody knew you had a daughter with a whore… With those exact words.”

Oh boy, it would be hard.

He cleared his throat once more and ignored everyone’s harsh cold glances

“I lied. I-… It wasn’t that I didn’t want that the whole world… Knew I had a daughter with a prostitute. I didn’t want the world to know because…” He couldn’t speak, not when you looked at him like that. With such confusion and skeptical look on your eyes, like it was impossible for him to love you.

“He was scared that you would get hurt because you are his daughter.” Wanda said for him, his five minutes were ending. “When he was held as a prisoner, he thought it could’ve been you. Stark thinks that because you’re his daughter, you could get hurt. Especially now that he’s an Avenger.” Everyone stood in silence, waiting for your response as you watched Tony sigh in relief and thank silently for Wanda being a Telepath and reading his thoughts.

“Bullshit.” Those were the only words that left your mouth, your father thought that your eyes would be softer and your face lighter, how it normally was when he wasn’t around. But it was cold and blank as it could ever be.


“You heard me. Bullshit.” Finally getting up and starting to walk around the place, you started to hiss: “So you want me to believe that I had to go through a sad, lonely childhood because you cared about my safety? You want me to believe, that I passed nine fucking birthdays watching you on casinos through the TV, because you loved me? That you missed every deed and contest I ever participated because you didn’t want a fucking target on my back? Are you fucking serious?

“Huh… Yes?” Laughing, you stared coldly at him, you were crying again, before you could say anything more, he gained courage from your tears “I loved you since the day you arrived with a book clutched to your chest. I loved you when you entered your first mechanics contest, the one you won the first place. I loved you when you stood to be the best of the class for your whole middle and high school. I loved you when you entered a college with scholarship, when you were called to work on an important project, when you graduated last night. I loved you when you appeared drunk in here saying those horrible things. I loved you when… When you told me I wasn’t your father and I will love you regardless you love me or not. I’ve been proud of you since day one and I’ll be since day last.” That was the first time they saw Tony in tears

“I’m sorry I made you go through this, but I can’t lose you. Not you.” Bucky was by your side when you almost collapsed to the floor, sobbing on the crock of his neck and hugging him so hard that if he wasn’t a super soldier, he would probably be choked. “I want to show you something.”

Sniffing, you nodded with your head, still hugging Bucky and sitting next to him and Steve on the couch.


Yes, Mr. Stark?”

“Please, transmit the CNN on the living room TV.” Everyone turned to the, now powered, television. Tony stood behind everyone with Pepper hugging him by his waist.

You didn’t know what you were expecting, but certainly it wasn’t a mini-toddler-you walking for the first time on the park. You saw yourself again, this time older – still a child, but not a toddler – with five years on your first spelling bee. Frowning your brows, you looked behind you only to see Tony smiling at the sight of you spelling ‘hippopotamus’, there was this admiration light that made you shiver and your heart pound. Blushing, you looked at Bucky, seeing a grin grow on his face with the image of you playing basketball and falling to the ground, only to quickly get up and start to run again.

You stood there, watching yourself grow up. The last scene was you on your last night table. It was painful to see you look around searching for someone and shifting between biting your fingernail and sipping to the champagne. Watching yourself get on the stage to do the speech, you saw a strong and independent woman saying that everything she gained, she did it without help. And you felt proud of her. Even though after that she cried in her car, you were still proud of her.

This beautiful lady is Y/N Stark. She graduated yesterday and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I’ve watched her every step since she was two, but we only got to know each-other when she was nine. I regret many thing, and one of them is privatizing the world to know this amazing, now a strong independent woman.” Watching your father say that on the TV made your eyes teary again, clutching into Bucky for support, he started to draw circles with his thumb on your shoulder “She is my daughter and I’m not ashamed of it.”

Your programed program is over, sir.” Watching the image fade, you stared at the screen, silent tears still running down your cheeks

“I’ve recorded this a week ago. I may have not been physically there, but I saw and cheered to everything. Every single conquer I watched through a screen, I don’t want to do that no more.” You still didn’t look at him, so he kneeled in front of you and grabbed your hand slowly, bringing it to his chest “I know that this doesn’t… Pay everything I said and made you feel, but… Can you forgive me?”

You couldn’t do anything less than jump into a hug, nodding with your head and hearing him sigh in pure relief. His shirt was soaked in tears and so was your hair, the team slowly backed away, letting you, Tony and Pepper alone.

“Still not going to give your keys back.”


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Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Summary: Reader is alive! Reader learns about the aftermath of the Civil War and has a serious discussions with Tony and Peter.

A/N: This wasss all one fic, but I split it up because it was getting really long and worked better in 2 parts. Hope you like it. This is the last part. Be prepared for a fluffy as shit ending! (I hate endings)


Beep… Beep… Beep…

I groaned. What the fuck is that annoying beeping? Am I in a hospital?

“Y/N? Babe?” Peter’s voice came from right next to me, “Are you awake?”

I cracked open my eyes, but the lights were too bright. “P-peter. Th-the lights.”

“Oh, sorry!” He chirped, “FRIDAY, can you turn down the lights a little?”

“Yes, Mister Parker.” The AI responded. “Shall I notify Mr. Stark that Miss Stark is awake?”

“Yes, please.” I called out, voice cracking, “Thank you, FRIDAY.” I looked around. I was at the compound. Not prison?

“You’re welcome, Miss Stark.”

Peter sat on the side of my bed and grabbed my hand, “How are you feeling?”

“How am I alive?” I asked, eyeing his water bottle on the side table. “I truly thought I was going to bleed out. I was bleeding out of my mouth.”

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- super annoying and embarrassing dad

- know by “his daughter” rather than your actual names

- attending parties since you were ten

- you’re never allowed to date, anyone, ever

- never going to real school, rather your dad teaches you and you take the exams and pass

- being just as smart as him

- shadowing Piper a lot because one day this will all be yours! (you are told this weekly by Piper)

- bffs with Nat and Furry

- you are always welcomed at shield especially by Agent Collision

- you were sent in before Nat to give Loki food cause they wanted to see what they were going to face, it wasn’t pleasant

- big brother Thor

- flirting with Steve just to mess with your dad

- all nighters with Bruce in the lab

- sleepovers with Wanda

- sparing with Bucky

- agreeing with captain America in CW, but being still signing the accords

- you end up dating one of the avengers

- making your dad promise to not steal the spotlight at your wedding

- he does anyway

- you can’t really blame him though

- you’re originally afraid to leave your kids with him, but he’s surprisingly a great babysitter and grandpa

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Father!tony x reader x Steve Rogers

“Dad you can’t be serious, you really think I am going to stay home?” You leaned against the counter, practically shouting at your dad as he ran around a bit, packing clothes.

“Look, (Y/N) if I was just going for some boring meetings, I would take you with me. Always good to have a prankster around when there are a bunch of stick necks around, but this isn’t one of those times. You know this” Tony finally tossed his suitcase on the ground, sighing when your scowl didn’t let up.

“Dad, I can help, Nat has been training me, and you just finished my suit. Come one, let me help take down this psycho with you” You stepped out from behind the counter, picking up your dad’s suitcase; “besides, we could use some father daughter bonding time” You made pouty lips and did your best to seem as innocent as possible.

“Uhm we actually just did that last week, remember, Paris” He grabbed his bag, heading towards the elevator.

“You were with Piper the entire time” You whined, following him, if he really wanted to pull out that week, you would backfire just as much.

“Not at the ice cream parlor” He turned sideways, shaking his finger at me like he had got me. Right, the ice cream parlor.

“Because she hates strawberries and they were known for their strawberry ice cream, come on dad” He paused, thinking for just a moment.

“And I know strawberry is your favorite flavor” Tony leaned over, kissing your forehead. “I got to go, Jarvis, don’t let her leave the apartment” He went straight to the elevator, pushing the button. You would think the elevator would just be waiting for him.

“Yes sir” The computer system locked the windows and doors, you could hear their click.

“Dad, you’re putting me on lockdown” I whined again, the doors slid open.

“Only for now, don’t hold any wild parties when I’m gone” He stepped into the elevator, pressing the button to go down.


“Love you!” The doors closed, locking me.

“Jarvis can you bring up my suit?” I walked back to the counter, grabbing an apple, I could out smart my dad I had done it once before.

“Sorry, (Y/N) your father updated the lockdown protocol since last time” The machine responded, of course he did. I was stupid to think that he really wouldn’t.

“Call Director Furry” If you couldn’t get out that way, maybe a little help would do you go.

“Calling Director Furry” You smiled, Uncle Nick would get you out of here. The ringing dial sounded throughout the apartment.

“This is Nick Furry, why are you calling me?” He was mad and it was only eight in the morning, it had to be bad.

“My dad put me on lockdown, any chance you can help me get to headquarters?” Taking a bite of your apple, you wait for Furry’s reply, even though you already knew what it would be.

“Jarvis, Director Furry override, allow (y/n) her suit and unlock all doors and windows.” You smiled as you heard all the doors and windows click again, and watched your suit rise up from a trap door in the corner.

“Thanks Nick” You practically ran to your suit, it opening up just for you.

“Yeah yeah, just be here in twenty” The line went dead as your suit wrapped around you. Man the metal felt good against your skin.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

You were standing on the hovercraft, still in your suit when your father finally made it on, along with the star spangled stud. Your father had told you about the capsicul but you had never actually met him. When he walked in, you stepped out of your suit.

“Miss” Captain Rogers sat down in a chair at the table behind you. You smiled, not miss his second glance at you when had thought you weren’t looking.

“Captain, what do you think of this ship?” You smile turned into a smirk as you sat down across from him.

“I had thought I knew everything about army ships, apparently not” He chuckled leaning back a bit. You again caught his eyes flickering over your body.

“You have a lot to learn still, (Y/N) by the way” You leaned forward extending your hand. He should know your first name at least, your last name could be left for later.

“Steve, but I am assuming you already knew that” He shook your hand firmly, blushing slightly as you nodded to the end part.

“If you want some help catching up on anything, just let me know. I’m a pretty sharp gal” You settled back into your chair winking at an already blushing Steve.

“I think I’ll take you up on that” He mumbled looking anywhere but your face.

“It’s a date Cap” Your smiled grew as you looked out the window, not too shabby.

“(Y/N)! How the fuck did you get out of the apartment!” Tony stormed into the main room of the ship just as you and Steve had settle back in your chairs.

“Hey dad, nice to see you too” Grumbling you stood up, always best to face him head on.

“Dad!?!?” Steve practically yelled. You cringed, you had hoped to tell him that later. Everyone on the ship turned to look at the three of us. No one else was shocked, the were probably use to stranger things.

“Yeah, buddy, that’s my daughter, so you should back off. Or else you have to go through me” Tony stood up to Steve, chest to chest. I groaned, face palming.

“Dad, I’m an adult. I’m in my twenties and you can’t lock me in  my room like you did when I was a teenager. Even then I was able to sneak” You pushed your dad a couple of feet away from the frightened solider.

“That was only-”

“It was only because you were always drunk. I know that. You can back off and let me live a life, I am already making better decisions than you did at my age” Your father looked at you dumbfounded. He already knew all this so you weren’t sure where this came from.

“Stark, Captain, younger Stark, lets go we’ve got eyes on him in Germany.” Steve practically ran to the helicopter. You began to walk to your suit when your father grabbed your arm.

“This discussion isn’t over young lady” 

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This is a short scene of the incident Carmen had with her powers, training with Fury.

Warnings: Violence, some curses


Training with my dad resulted in a lot of overuse of energy. When I was younger, he didn’t bother much and let me be a kid because he never got to be a stress free child with a loving father. Now that I was older it was necessary for me to learn to control it or else who knows what’ll burn down or who I’ll hurt with this fire in my hands; literally.
I was about 12, and my father had built a training room specifically that could withstand whatever amount of heat was thrown at it, which was great considering temperature control was the first thing I had to learn. At this time my emotions were the master of my powers. When I was angry my body temperature skyrocketed and my limbs ignited in a bright deep red Crimson of fire; the phrase “smoke coming out your ears”, that was a truth my father knew well dealing with a toddler child. When my heart was full of sadness, my body fell and all the energy was drained from me, being unable to make any fire at all because of my snow like hands. Happiness, well my palms heated and my hair ignited turning the tips a deep Amber color, very different shade of my natural jet black hair. Tony knew all these well and corresponded with each knowing emotion, but one day during training they thought to use the emotions as a first step if you will,into teaching me to control it. Little did I know Nick Fury had asked my dad a different request.

“We need to see how powerful it is, or else we don’t know what we’re up against Stark.” The powerful man stood in front of my father speaking softly, as I was behind the glass unable to hear and my tween self played with small flames as if they were fireflies. Not even aware of what horrible feelings were about to present themselves to me today in training. I remember laughing and smiling, running around the large room, falling over myself everyone and then. My father was watching me lovingly and with such pain at what he knew they were going to do.
Of course he knew they’d try to make me angry but he didn’t know what they were going to show me or make me do.
“She’s just a kid Fury, she’s a little girl you don’t even know if it’s that strong yet.” He argued, his heart broken.
“Exactly we don’t know how much fire is in that body, what if she goes crazy during a mission or gets her heartbroken during school, this is the first step”. He continued before my father could protest, “once we know what we need to avoid then we’ll know how to train her”. My fathers final words before sitting down were,
“Don’t hurt my little girl Fury, or I swear I’m never working for you again, and you know damn well none of your scientist are any as capable of doing what I can.” The older man scoffed at my father, but he knew that Tony was right and he needed him for upcoming projects in SHIELD.
“Okay sweetheart were just gonna try something okay, Daddy’s right here they just wanna see how strong you are okay?” I smiled hearing my dads voice and stood up from where I fell, preparing myself and my body. Taking in one deep breath after the other, I was scared, worried, excited, and anxious. “Okay” I just replied.
Next thing I knew the room went dark and then all I saw was my dad, of course I didn’t know it was a projection. Seeing my father always made me happy, so I began to heat up and my hair grew flames slowly. After that first view, I saw from a spectators view the day Tony adopted me from the place I loathed. My flames grew larger and my body temperature rose,
“It’s working her flames are growing more due to her positive emotions.” One of the men in lab coats had spoken of the observations and scales in front of them. My father was relieved and sighed knowing more positive emotions would make me calm down and the power would decrease. The men found this out soon enough, and spoke up
“Sir, she’s calming down its not working anymore”. Fury quickly ordered them to try the second plan; my father assumed that this man knew it might happen
“Y-yes Sir” the man stuttered worried, my father caught this his heart beat increasing; afraid.
“Fury what are you doing” my father was cut off, witnessing what the decision was.
Soon enough I saw my father, I felt secure, then next thing I knew my father was being taken away by some unknown men, I was very confused
“Daddy? Daddy what’s happening?” I yelled as much as my little lungs could hold.
“Carmen!” I heard my fathers voice but standing in this dark room only seeing my father being kicked, punched, and attacked with various objects I began to scream and ball.
“Stop it! No stop it! Daddy make them stop it please!” My voice was high and heartbreaking.
Why was this happening, I thought. Why was I witnessing my father, the only person I had to love and loved me back more then my own parents who left me; why was I seeing my dad being hurt and killed. My young brain couldn’t comprehend that this wasn’t my actual parent, and so my body temperature skyrocketed and my limbs fell numb due to the extreme amounts of vibrations the molecules in my body started. My blood boiled the tears would’ve burned my face if I wasn’t immune to the heat.
“Stop it Fury! Stop it right now” my father shoved the men away from the monitors only to find himself too late and that his daughter had already snapped.
I opened my eyes in the midst after wanting these images to stop, I opened my eyes to see my dad on the floor limp and covered in blood and eyes closed shut not breathing anymore. The two men stood by his lifeless body still and didn’t speak a word. I lost it in that moment seeing my fathers corpse on the floor in front of me, I screamed and cried as I fell to my small knees and my hands turned into fist and I broke on the inside.
Thus before everyone’s eyes the entire room lit up with a bright lighten fire, yet dark in color the edges of the room began to even tint black due to them being charred.
“Let me go! Bring my daddy back! Please! Stop it! Stop it! Daddy make them stop!” My once small shy voice transformed into this monstrous jagged scream that could be heard though out the tower. Then my eyes turned red and it was as though I fell asleep, but on the outside my body took over and I stopped crying only to become furious, I sprinted towards the two men and my small hands latched onto the first one in sight to and began to hold onto the faces until they were melted like wax and I simple kicked his faceless caucus hard so I heard it slam against the walls of the now illuminated room, the other digital man took a fighting stance as he was programmed. Like the speed of light my small legs leaped to the other side of the room where he stood and punched with all the force I built up my fist covered in flames. BAM, he slid onto the floor, next thing he knew I had kicked his heavy body into the air like a ball and jumping up my small hands gripped into fist and my leg swung up and slammed down like a hammer knocking the now dead man into the floor creating a crater where he lay, now limp. Blood was spread everywhere, my hands were covered my clothes stained and my face burned the stench reached the whole room, finally I calmed down. Waking up from my trance, my eyes blurred, seeing the blood on my hands and clothes and the bodies around me, the fire quickly vanished, revealing to the men on the other side of the glass what happened.
“Daddy!” I screamed it wasn’t a fear or anxious yell, no it was the fact that I realized I just brutally murdered two men and now my hands were stained crimson.
“Carmen! Carmen!” He yelled through the other room, pushing the men out of the way, “Shit! No Carmen I’m here” he barged through the door, entering the murder room. He slid to his knees and surrounded my body into his, he smelled like cologne, sweat and iron.
“Daddy I killed them, Daddy I just killed people! I’m sorry, I-I I I d-don’t know w-what I was doing. They killed you Daddy!” My young high pitched voice echoed throughout the room, his large hands held me tighter and close to him, engulfing me more into his protection. Shushing me and reassuring me that it was going to be okay, his hands stroked my long black hair, soothing me as I balled my eyes out and screamed into his expensive suit.
“Cmon little one, we’re going to get you a cleaned up then bed”. His voice shaking, “Daddy’s right here and I’m never going to leave you again” he promised me picking me up in his arms and leading me to the higher levels of the tower to my room.

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Originally posted by ni-beauvie

^Gif not mine

Pietro Maximoff X Reader

Characters: Pietro Maximoff, Tony Stark (reader X Father!Tony), Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner

Warnings: None, fluff

Word Count: Approx 1k

Request: Write an imagine were the reader is Tony’s daughter who is smart and helps him in the lab and that’s were she meets Pietro. At first Tony doesn’t know but one time he catches them making out or something.

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