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#father’s day

(It’s ok, I like this name!)

I would most likely write this in @infini-tree’s Sticky Notes AU since I feel this would fit wonderfully there :3

Krupp and Captain have a conversation about Harold giving Krupp a Father’s Day gift. Krupp is just kinda “meh” about it and doesn’t really understand why anyone would give him a Father’s Day gift, let alone one of the two kids he “despised”.

He also doesn’t really understand why Captain didn’t get one. After all, the boys enjoyed being around the hero more than him.

But as their conversation goes on, Captain unknowingly helps Krupp begin to realize the message that Harold was trying to convey by giving him that gift; the message being that he was using Krupp to fill the dad-shaped hole in his little blonde heart.

And that makes him cherish that gift just a lot little bit more.

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For all of y’all who don’t have a dad on Father’s Day — whether he left, was never around or is not longer on this earth — I’m thinking of you. You are missing something you probably feel like you should have. But that doesn’t make you less. You are so much more than that. Take it easy on yourself today. Be with people who get it. Walk around a book store not knowing what you’re looking for. Sit in the sun. Water some plants. It will be okay. You will be okay.

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June 23, 2020: Thanks to Rachel and Emma, first batch of kombucha is starting to brew, ferment and otherwise do its magic.

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i know i’m like 24 hours late but i will never not have a deep love and respect for my father and even though i’m the daughter in the situation i am profoundly proud of him and how far he has come as both a person and a father

dads are amazing guys

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