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too often are words not enough to say what someone means to you , i love you with so much of my heart that there is absolutely nothing else to think about, like a light covering the entire sky, so tender to the eyes, and i miss you with a ferocity that it is unbearble, and this sounds like a sad love poem tonight, but when i hear your voice, it makes me feel alright , i would just wait the entire day to hear my name in your voice , and i like me better when i am with you, come to me my very dearest, come inside all of these veils of love and just stay, pls stay.

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I never knew what my favourite colour was until my eyes met yours , I never knew eyes can be as intoxicating that you’d forget that you have ever learnt about cocaine, I never knew how another soul can make you feel so at peace like your neurons have been floating in oxytocin, like you never knew the taste of gamma amino butyric acid , I never knew how someone’s heart could mean so much that every cardiac cycle you feel could be a blessing , I never knew periventricular contractions are not harmful because I would go in a full hypertensive shock for you, i never knew, I never knew.

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I could write pages about how beautiful your laugh is and still wouldn’t be able to do justice to it, i breathe in your essence into my lungs, and you become a part of me seeping into my existence as life itself it’s an abyss I indulge in.

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