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*Patiently waits for fatws to come out so y'all talented asses can bless us with some fresh content*

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Extremely excited about TFATWS whenever it ends up coming out (For Sam and Bucky’s character development plus Sharon and even Zemo because I’m curious how things will go. don’t @ me

200% not looking forward to the drama wave that will probably come with it. 

I just want new scenes of my favorite characters, man. Is that too much to ask? 

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Genuinely concerned about Sebastian at this point. The last few months he’s looked so exhausted and has rlly looked like he’s trying to put a brave face on for the sake of the pressure CAA are probably putting him under. I’m 100% convinced he is being blackmailed to do these things by CAA and they’re holding his career against him if he doesn’t do them. I just don’t understand how someone can snap like he has into a completely different person. I genuinely have a gut feeling he doesn’t want to be doing this stuff but CAA are pressuring him and manipulating him into thinking it will benefit his career by getting negative press when it won’t it’s just tearing his fandom apart. I really hope there’s a way through this for us aswell as him and I hope if my gut instinct is right he knows where and how to get help or reconsiders all of this because he’s worked so so hard to get where he is and CAA are literally stomping all over it🥴🥴 hope whatever this is gets sorted soon

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okay but just listen. the falcon and the winter soldier. THE FALCON (SAM WILSON) AND THE WINTER SOLDIER (BUCKY BARNES). not Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. Sam Wilson (Falcon) and Bucky Barnes (Winer Soldier)

dear fucking st*cky stans, stop trying to erase Sam Wilson from his own show. TFATWS about SAM and Bucky. stop doing your shit in our ship. that’s not cool.

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me, internally: sam wilson is an independent character, and he should be treated as such. to consume sam content only when bucky is a part of it reduces sam’s individuality and dismisses him as a filler character. he is not just a support system. i need to separate sam from bucky because it is not only degrading his importance, it gives the impression that poc are only relevant when they have a white counterpart. refer: rhodey/tony, maria/carol, ned/peter, luis/scott.

me, externally: …… sa- sambucky 🥺

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  1. it has comedic moments
  2. Sam and bucky are actually friends and there’s no petty unnecessary drama like the av*ngers movies loved to do
  3. at least ONE scene where it’s shown how much they clearly care about each other even if they like pretending they don’t (like if one of them got hurt🥺)
  4. sharon getting her catws characterization back
  5. sam cap suit with the WINGSSSSS
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