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We Open At 8am
Mechanic! Bucky x Receptionist! Black reader
Description: The attraction you had to your boss was indescribable. If there was ever a doubt in your mind the sexual tension you felt was one sided…well. Maybe not so much anyway.
Warning: Smut. Minors don’t interact
A/n: I got lazy with a description lmao . Bit of plot but other than that…nasty. Lmao because I would let this man rail me in anywhere.
Unedited af.
Tumblr media
Working here in the shop with all these men had her on edge, everywhere she looked there was at least a decent looking man, if not fine or just plain sex symbol walking by. Bucky was her first mission until she saw Steve, but then she heard of Natasha and a home wrecker was no where on her agenda, so Bucky was back at the number one slot. The first time she got to hang with him outside of the job was just a quick ride to Chipotle while on lunch break and if it wasn't for her fear of rejection, she would've climbed over the middle console to serve him her own version of lunch.
He had even invited her to have drinks with him and some of their friends one night after while. It was super chill and everybody made her feel welcome with Nat going the extra mile by sitting on the opposite side Bucky wasn’t occupying to make sure she felt comfortable. That evening was filled with good combo, lots of laughs, and undeniable attraction between her and Bucky. Since then, they spent the majority of their lunches together and he's been more open with his feelings toward her and did more than verbally flirt with her.
Sitting in her car, Y/n smiled at the thought of the first time he touched her.  The electric shock they both felt causing their eyes to zone in on one another's, she couldn't help but wonder what else he could do to her.
"Let me stop thinking about him," she mentioned aloud while flipping down her visor, unnecessarily looking at herself in the small mirror for the third time in the past 7 minutes she'd been waiting in her car outside of the shop. They didn't open for another 45 minutes but she was one who believed in the saying; if you're early, you're on time, if you're on time, you're late and if you're late, well....
Her thoughts were interrupted by the headlights that shined brightly in her rear view mirror. Quickly she flipped the visor close and gathered her phone and purse before opening the door to get out.
She smiled at Bucky as he closed her door for her, "morning"
Y/n used to sit and wait out in her vehicle until about ten minutes til but their time spent together outside the job, even though not alone, had proved to be time she grew to love. But since that night at the bar she'd made herself more noticeable by parking near the front of the business.
"How you doing?" Bucky asked following behind her to the front door.
"Yeah. Yeah, you definitely look good.” She glanced over her shoulder to see him shamelessly eyeing her. “But how are you though?”
“really, I know you can do better than that baby." Y/n spoke with a light laugh flowing thick from her lips.
Bucky smiled and shook his head, unlocking and opening the door and held it open for her to walk in ahead of him. "Talking back like that’s gonna get you in alot of trouble one of these days.”
She kissed her teeth, hitting the light switch to her right before making her way behind the familiar counter where she placed her purse in the safe that only Bucky, Steve, and herself had the code to. She stood, ready to stretch but jumped at the feel of her back bumping into the strong chest behind her. Slowly she turned and saw Bucky standing there with his right hand holding a toothpick between his teeth. Her eyes zeroed in on the small brown object and soon his moistened lips.
"What was that?"
She felt he could hear her swallow as her chest moved up then down as her breathing all of a sudden seemed harder to do.  "Wh-what was what?"
He smirked.
Cocky bastard, she thought as he removed the toothpick from his mouth and his body leaned forward into hers. His light breath could be felt against her neck, she closed her eyes in anticipation of his lips against her own or anywhere on her body
But nothing came next.
She opened her eyes to see him with that same cocky smirk planted on his face. Fuck, she thought, knowing she was caught with the wanting look noticeable on her pretty cocoa brown face.
"Waiting for something?"
Y/n gulped, wanting to provide a verbal answer but nothing would come out.
"Hmm?" He hummed.
"No," she barely whispered the response.
"I got a question.”
Once again, she attempted to let her voice be heard, but her mouth simply opened and closed - twice- with not a sound coming out.
Bucky’s arm wrapped loosely around Y/n’s waist, his index finger slipping through the belt loop of her jeans, pulling her against his frame as his smooth baritone flowed into her ear, "if I acted on our thoughts, would you be mad?"
She gasped as his cool lips pressed against the fiery skin along her neck, soft and sensual kisses placed in various places, yet they all did the job in igniting her fire. Her arms draped over his shoulders, his arms held tight onto her waist and hips as their lips danced hungrily amongst each other's. Tempation no longer able to resist, the physical attraction had won the battle among the two.
"Wait, wait," Y/n spoke, moving her head back to dodge the kiss he attempted to place against her lips. 
Sighing he took two steps back, resting on the counter behind him.  "Shit, I’m sorry. That was a lot, I ain't mean to step on ya toes-"
"Well, I'm going to yo office-" she let her hand rub against his bicep as she walked around him, "you can come or you can sit out here until everybody else get here."
She did her best containing her smile until she was sure she was out of his sight. She was only about two feet from his office door when she felt his arms find their way around her waist again. His lips pecked along her neck as they slowly walked into his office, him closing and locking the door behind them.
"Mm," she moaned at the feel of his hand pressing against her cove outside of her jeans.
"Take them off," he panted while working to take off his own.
Their clothes were removed in no time, both knowing they were on a tight schedule seeing as though they now only had about 25 minutes to feed their sexual craving. "You got a condom, right?"
Bucky turned with a shiny gold wrapper held between his straight, white teeth. His eyebrow raised in amusement as she smiled, "that ass is mine today."
"Then get yo ass over here and claim it."
They seemed to move at the same time, like metal to a magnet as they moved towards each other.
Hands roamed freely as their mouths fought for control.
"Don't--don't tease me Ja-mmmm," her statement cut off by a moan when she felt his fingers push inside her awaiting box.
"Just how I like it," he mumbled before removing his fingers and picking her up. "It's just us"
She grew confused at his statement but before anything slightly understandable to the human ear could be formed, her mouth dropped ajar at the feel of his member filling her to the hilt as he brought her body down on top of his. "Ooooooo"
"That's right, let me hear you.”
That's what he meant, the thought ran through her mind but was quickly a part of the past as he allowed his rubber covered penis to constantly hit her spot. "Mm, fuck," he groaned while continuing to slam her down.
"Yes, I'm bout to cum...ah-ahhh-ahhhh"
"Damn, already?"
Y/n panted, nodding feverishly on a pleasure induced high. She couldn't believe he made her cum so quick; rather it was due to the fact that she knew she shouldn't be fucking her boss...
Or the fact that her coworkers could be coming into the building any moment  and hearing her screaming his name along with obscenities she was sure not right coming out of a ladies mouth...
Or the fact that it had been awhile since she had been pleasured so well...
Whatever the case may be, the fact was,  he had successfully put his claim on her.
"This dick good ain't it"
"Yesssss," she hissed.
He grunted, turning to place her back against the wall. "Yes what?"
Her back slid up and down the wall as he pummeled her clenching walls. "Oh, mmmm"
At the sound of her name dripping from his rugged voice her body, once again, came apart at the seams.
"Damn again? I gotta get it again-" His hand creeped up along the back of her neck, gripping her hair to pull her head back. "Yeah, there you go, ride that shit out baby," Now-" he started once he noticed her trembling subside, "I asked you a question."
"H-huh, oh God," she whimpered.
"Yes what darlin’? Let me hear you scream my name.”
Their moans and grunts, panting and whimpers filled the room as he continued his assault on her. His left hand still tangled in her hair, his back now against the wall-
His right hand attached to her waist, bringing her down to meet her thrust. Her hips seemed to have a mind of their own as they rocked slowly down his pole.
"And you fucking me back?! Say it," his hand smacked her ass then followed up with a tight grip to her ass cheek.
"Damn it James! Yes," she shouted.
She felt his pace slow after his last outburst and soon it stopped as he let her down. Her knees weakened just as her feet touched the floor, luckily, he reached out and caught her as her leg dipped.
"You alright?"
Y/n could hear the amusement in his tone, but brushed off the embarrassment--hell, his d game was good; she'd take the fucked up walk knowing what she went through to earn it.
"Turn around, doll.” He nodded toward the desk, while holding his member. Stroking himself, lip captured between his teeth, eyes filled with lust.
The sight was hot.
Though eager to have him inside her once more, she turned around slowly placed in her hands on his desk. Another slap to her back side and she couldn’t contain the moan that slipped out.
“”Bend over." She smirked as she leaned over the top of the desk, wincing after the sting of his hand slapping against her ass registered in her head. "Shiiiiit," she hissed.
They both sighed as he slid back inside, this time from behind with an arch in her back. His hips thrust forward as she threw hers back, the conjoining of the two proved to be exactly what they wanted as they met in a steady rhythm.
Gripping a hand full of her coils he pulled her head back lips attacking to her neck, the pace of his thrust steady.
"You gone let me get it again?"
"Mmhm" Y/n nodded fervently.
"Ahhh," she groaned as his hand lightly grabbed her neck. "Fuck yes"
"You sure'?"
"Mm-" she allowed her teeth to slowly release the grip they held on her bottom lip, "Yes James! Shit."
"Good girl!" Bucky groaned in her ear his thrusts grew harder, knowing he was about to cum. He kept one hand at the back of her neck, bending her back over and the other snakes down her back gripping her waist to pull her back against him. His moans mixed with hers as they both released, and soon their breathing halted at the sound of a knock at the door.
Looking at the clock hanging on the wall above his door, Y/n cringed at the time displayed.
8:03 a.m
"Damn it..."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So Phase 4 is basically just traumatized characters getting the therapy they desperately deserve.
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melwilson · a month ago
bucky barnes being in love with you
Tumblr media
at this stage in his life, you’re bucky’s best friend. his number one. ofc there’s steve (and will always be steve) but he needs you.
he’s so incredibly soft w/ you. you’ve helped him adjust to physical touch and have guided him through many culture shocks.
he’s definitely a more hands on type of guy. steve and sam have noticed.
whenever your around, he’s got his hands on you. on your thigh, around your waist, over your shoulder, or (his personal favorite) in the back pocket of your jeans. you ground him.
but bucky is really protective ofc. (another reason he can’t keep his hands off you)
he wants everyone to know a woman as beautiful as you is his girl.
he loves introducing you to other people. “hey, this is my girl, y/n.”
you love it when he calls you my girl, bc you’re most definitely his.
buck loves pet names.
doll, doll face, angel, darling, lover, but his favorite to call you is baby. he notices it makes you all flustered and he loves your shy smile.
his favorite that you call him is a tie btw lover and sweet boy. my sweet boy to be specific. the first time you ever said that to him, it made him weak in the knees and next thing he knew he was having to control his racing heart.
buck was definitely nervous to show you his metal arm, but you loved it. despite its flaws and track record, it was apart of the man you loved. you reminded bucky of that every day.
you opted to hold his metal hand on most days and that took him some adjusting. the last thing he wanted to do was hurt you.
buck loves kisses. your kisses.
he prefers them slow and meaningful where he can take as much time as he wants w/ you.
he’s not big on pda, but i mean, stealing a kiss from you when he’s walking through a room ain’t ever hurt anybody.
he loves giving you forehead kisses, especially bc of the height difference.
and when he’s trying to annoy you, he definitely goes for the obnoxious kiss on the cheek.
neck kisses, collarbone kisses (both giving and receiving) are *chefs kiss*
he’s definitely a words of affirmation type.
he expresses his love to you all day, everyday.
“have i told you how much i love you.”
“you are so damn beautiful, baby.”
“i adore you, you know that?”
you get along with his friends and that’s like the icing on top of the cake.
even natasha likes you.
you’re always inviting them over (although sam practically lives at your place already)
you absolutely love them and you love the way bucky loves them.
bucky is lowkey a simp.
he loves cuddling.
oml he’s a giant baby when he wants to have his arms around you.
head nuzzled into your neck, arms wrapped around your waist, with your hands running the length of his back.
buck could die peacefully.
you guys also have the best conversations when you’re cuddling. sometimes they’re abt hydra. other times they’re about how tiktok works. it just depends.
but bucky loves talking to you.
and reading with you.
you read books together all the time. you’ll both read a chapter to each other every night. it’s his favorite part of the day. it’s so soft and intimate.
mornings together are just as beautiful. a cup of coffee, a walk down the streets of brooklyn, laying in bed together. bucky soaks in every moment.
he is just so damn in love with you.
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like a fool.
Tumblr media
pairings || neighbour!bucky barnes x f!reader
summary || be careful who you stand up, their neighbour could be a world famous assassin.
warnings || 18+ minors dni, threats, pet names (sweetheart), displays of depression, oral (m rec), unprotected sex, mentions of beating guys up, reader gets stood up, angst.
note || @strwbrrybucky, i hope you enjoy this, and i’m so so so sorry it took this long to get out, i hope it’s up to your expectations baby <3 WHAT is going on with my title.
wc || 2k
living beside james “bucky” barnes was almost like living beside no one. he was so caught up in his past, he forgot he could leave his house without people trying to kill him around every corner.
you would see him in the mornings, you two had made a habit of you giving him breakfast before you leave just to make sure he was alive. then you’d hear him at night.
the noises you heard at night weren’t at all innocent, somedays you suspected he was a pornstar, but the paper thin walls of the cheap apartment made everything sound a million times worse.
you understood that seventy years in ice would’ve given him a lot of built up.. tension, but some nights he gets so loud you think he’s having a heart attack.
bucky was always a sweet guy, you always understood that men have their needs so you never brought it up to him. it didn’t help that your bed was next to the wall, with no way of moving it.
bucky had been at the apartment for a year and a half before you moved in. you didn’t think any of the neighbours knew he was living there. every friday night, you ordered food.
both you and bucky enjoyed food while watching a movie. some nights, you two would just share stories. it was hard to get bucky to laugh, but when he did he sounded like an angel.
you and bucky had grown close over the while you lived in the apartment. you would’ve considered him a close friend.
cooking breakfast for bucky was probably one of the easiest tasks of your day. bucky had a weird taste, so he would eat whatever you cooked up for him. whatever you had, he had.
sometimes you went basic with some fried eggs, bacon and some toast. bucky appreciated everything you did for him. you’d even go shopping for him on occasion, wether it was for food or for clothes.
somedays you felt like his care giver. you didn’t mind, because he was a great person to be around when he was happy. he looked out for you.
he was a sweetheart, when he opened up and was comfortable around you. he would always protect you, even if he knew you were in the wrong.
leaving your apartment, with a bag of food and your bag for work, you walked into bucky’s. you knew he was already awake, and you knew his door would be unlocked, which is surprising, considering how he tells you there’s people after him.
you hummed to yourself as you placed the bag on his table, setting up the food. “breakfast is ready!” you yelled, waiting to hear the rustling noise.
when you didn’t hear them, you walked into his room confused. you saw bucky, lying in bed with all the curtains closed. you pouted and took off your jacket.
“buck? you okay?” you asked in a small whisper, sitting beside his mountain he formed under the blanket. bucky grumbled and stayed in the same spot, not turning over to see you.
you sighed, knowing bucky was having one of those days. you pulled off your jacket, throwing it over a chair. you put your phone on silent and got into bed behind bucky.
“i’m right here if you need me.” you whispered, kissing his cheek before turning over, you could do with a longer lie in anyways.
after about an hour, you woke up to bucky wrapped around your arm and twelve missed calls from your boss. “just wanted a sleep in.. sorry.” bucky mumbled, turning onto his back before sitting up.
“it’s fine buck, i could’ve done with one too.” you smiled, looking over at him. “do you have any plans?” bucky asked, getting out of the bed and throwing a shirt and sweatpants on.
you felt bad in saying this, but you didn’t want to lie and ignore it. “i have a date, in a few hours.” you said, sitting up. bucky looked back at you, slightly shocked. “a date? with who? it’s movie night.” bucky whispered the last part.
you sighed and stood in front of him. “i should be back before twelve, okay?” you tried to assure him, but he wasn’t having it. “you shouldn’t be going at all, you made a promise that fridays were for our movie night, y/n.” his voice got louder and louder with every word.
a shudder went down your spine as you flinched, bucky realised what he said and his face softened immediately. “maybe you should stop hanging onto promises given to you long ago and start being grateful for what someone continues to do.”
it was rough, you knew that, but all the built up anger couldn’t stop falling out. “stop being such a burden and maybe then i’ll keep a stupid fucking promise.” you spat, picking up your jacket and bag, rushing out of his apartment, not forgetting to slam the door shut.
you felt like your throat was swelling up, you couldn’t breathe, then you realised. you were fucking crying. you let out a loud sob, your hand instantly connecting with your mouth to cover the others threatening to slip out.
you ran a hand through your hair, sighing slightly before wiping your tears and going to the bathroom. you might as well get ready for your date if you just opened up your entire day.
once you were ready, you waited by your door for a message. nothing. maybe he would just text you when he’s outside. you hummed to yourself as you walked out of your apartment. you were stood in shock as you were greeted with bucky standing at the stairs.
you wanted to talk, you really really did but you just couldn’t. you turned back to your door, locking it quickly. “you look beautiful.” bucky said as he walked past, opening his door and going into his apartment.
your eyes widened as you bit your lip, turning around and rushing downstairs. you sat on the step and waited on the cold concrete for any sign of the man that promised to pick you up ten minutes ago.
a half hour ago.
an hour ago.
an hour and a half ago.
you sighed and shook your head, standing up and turning around. bucky was stood there with a small smile. “i saw you.. from my window.” bucky pointed up to his window, as if he were a toddler explaining what their babbles meant.
“why did you come down?” your question came out more aggressive than you thought it would. bucky let out a breathy laugh, shaking his head. “you know, if anyone should be mad, its me, so don’t pull an attitude with me, honey.” he spoke, his tone mixed with both anger and humour.
you couldn’t talk, it was like your mouth was glued shut. “i’m sorry.” was all you could say as your head dropped. “come on, i made dinner.” bucky smiled, shaking his head.
bucky’s metal arm wrapped around yours as you both walked upstairs. bucky acted like you didn’t just flip your shit at him, and brought you up to his apartment and fed you dinner.
“you know, you should leave the cooking to me, buck.” you shook your head, putting the plate on the coffee table. bucky laughed and nudged you slightly. “you were right, i am a burden especially on you and i’m sorry.” bucky whispered, playing with his fingers.
you sighed and sat on his lap, something that regularly happened between you two so you both thought nothing of it. “i didn’t mean that, i’m sorry, i was angry and i just said anything.” you sighed.
bucky nodded and his lips pursed. you two sat in a comfortable silence, your head slowly moving onto his shoulder. bucky’s mind ran wild.
he hated thinking of you in such disgusting ways, but he couldn’t help it when you were the only woman in his life, and you happened to be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
he hated this position you sat in, he liked you being on top of him, but jesus christ the thoughts that ran through his head made him want to hate it.
he thought about taking you there, slowly but definitely ruining you for any other man. maybe he’d go fast, show you who owns you. maybe even pull you up, have you sit on his face while he enjoys your taste.
the possibilities were endless, and bucky wanted to do you in every position imaginable. every night, he got off to the thought of your hand wrapped around him, taking care of him in ways he wanted you to instead of ways he needed.
he didn’t even realise his hips grinding against your inner thigh, the tent in his jeans massaging you slightly. you bit your lip, pulling into him closer. “bucky.. you’re kinda—“ you started.
“oh shit, fuck i’m sorry.” he raised his head, lifting you off. he fixed his pants and looked away from you. trying to look at him was a dead end, he kept moving or finding anything to do.
“bucky, look at me.” you grabbed his face, looking into his blue eyes. bucky bit his lip, pulling away from you almost instantly. “it’s fine, these things happen, don’t worry.”
bucky nodded, leaning his head back and squeezing his eyes shut. you looked down at his lap, seeing the tent more obvious than ever. you hesitated for a second, before going to unbuckle his belt.
“what are you doing?” bucky asked, bucking his hips slightly. you finally got his belt loose, pulling his pants down slightly. “i’m taking care of you, like i promised i would.” you whispered.
your hand connected with his clothed cock, hard as ever. from just the small amount you could feel, you knew he was massive. “fuck.. don’t tease sweetheart.” bucky huffed.
you nodded and took your hand away from him, pulling his briefs down. bucky’s cock was bigger than you could ever imagine. the super soldier serum worked wonders.
a small gasp left your lips as his cock shot up and slapped off the bottom of his hoodie. “jesus bucky, you’re fucking massive.” you gushed, chewing on your lip slightly.
bucky tried to smile, instantly being caught off by a small moan from you gripping the base of his cock. you smirked and licked his tip, moaning at his taste.
“you taste as good as you look.” you whispered, slowly moving your hand up and down his base. bucky groaned, lifting you up and ripping off your pants with his metal hand.
the sight left you dripping, your panties absolutely ruined. no doubt you would be too. bucky wasted no time in pulling off the pathetic amount of fabric, it was like you were asking bucky to fuck you by wearing them.
bucky’s hands gripped your waist, pulling you down onto him quickly. you cried out, your hands pulling on his hair roughly. “oh fuck!” you yelled out, throwing your head back.
“if i knew you were that tight.. i would’ve gone slower.” bucky chuckled lightly, rolling your hips slowly. you put your head on his shoulder, letting the tears fall down your face.
bucky grabbed your face, making you look at him. “did i do too much? will i stop?” bucky asked, letting go of your hips. you shook your head and wiped your tears, slowly bouncing against him.
“just go slow.. please.” you whispered, kissing his jaw. bucky nodded and slowly thrusted into you, meeting your bounces.
the both of you were like starved dogs running at a piece of meat. hands all over each other, kisses and hickeys falling everywhere. “i love you so fucking much.”
those words made you clench around his cock, crying out as you felt your release inch closer and closer. “god bucky.. fuck!” you threw your head back, releasing against him.
bucky moaned quietly, his hands gripping your ass tightly before releasing into you. you moaned at the feeling of him releasing inside of you, gripping his shoulders.
bucky was quick to take you off his lap and get himself dressed. “you in a rush?” you giggled, pulling up your panties. “yeah, actually, i have to go beat up your tinder date.” bucky said as he walking through the door.
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illegallyyblind · 9 months ago
bucky barnes is either bi/gay and here are my reasons:
1.) a straight simply cannot harness the energy that is this stance
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
no other reasons needed. i rest my case.
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thesuperheroesnetwork · 10 months ago
Wanda when she hears you can get a pardon for your crimes by going to therapy
Tumblr media
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joyfulinternettraitor · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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jellycolors · 11 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝘫𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘴 𝘣𝘶𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘢𝘯 𝘣𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘦𝘴 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘱𝘴𝘥
𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞/𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞
𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥
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noobsquasher · 4 months ago
Bucky being mean, degrading, rough, and overall just using you like his toy, BUT he takes care of you in the end :)
His Personal Stress Toy
Tumblr media
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: unprotected sex, degrading, sex toy being used, swearing, dom Bucky, etc
Summary: After you piss Bucky off, he decides to use you as his personal stress toy.
Note: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
You really did it. You set him off.
Bucky was a man who held much patience. It took a lot for him to lose it, for him to explode and punish you.
Now, you were regretting what you did earlier. Regretting how you continued to stick pins into him until he popped.
Vibrator on maximum as Bucky penetrated you, harshly playing with your aching walls.
High pitched screams rolled down your tongue, vocal cords scraping.
“What did I tell you? Huh? Didn’t I tell you to shut the fuck up? Keep quiet!” He seethed, vibrator digging deeper.
“I-I’m sorry! I'm-"
His hand firmly grabbed your chin, forcing you to face him.
“GOSH?! You can’t hear? That dumb brain of yours not working today? Not one fucking sound from you!”
Your head jerked back, jaw clenched strictly as you closed your eyes, wishing that you could travel back in time before you disobeyed Bucky.
“You wanna act like a stupid slut? Disobey me and piss me off?” Venom dripped down his tongue.
You wined, heavy breathing and the sound of buzzing filling the room.
“You really… really got me good. Your so fucking needy, that you had to piss me off just so I would fuck you?”
“I don’t wanna hear it!”
You were coming to your end, pussy clenched around the pink vibrator as your entire body shook vigorously.
“My needy pussy gonna cum?”
You nodded your head, about to shatter.
“Hm… too bad.”
He quickly removed the vibrator, your cunt nearly about to sob with the loss.
You cried, tears trailing down the sides of your face as your hands gripped the sheets harshly.
“Naughty sluts like you don’t deserve to cum.” Bucky hissed, turning off the vibrator.
“I- 'm- I’m so… sorry. I’m sorry. Buck baby I’m- sorry.”
You hoped he’d accept your apology for how you were stuttering trying to talk with your choked tears.
He glared at you, not an ounce of empathy marking his ocean orbs.
“I’m sorry! Just- just make me cum, please! Please baby… that’s all I want.” You begged.
“Do you deserve it? Tell me. Do you?”
You stared at him, your body still shaking as you knew your answer.
“It’s pathetic how you think I’d reward a whore like you.” Poison stained his words.
“I already apologized… please Bucky…”
He huffed, his glossy baby blues gazing into you.
“How bad do you wanna cum?” He asked, tone deepening.
“B-bad… real bad Bucky…”
“You sure plum? Because then I’m gonna make sure you do.”
You nodded your head, sniffling.
“Use me. Do whatever. Just make me cum.”
A devilish grin appeared on his lips, eyes filling with lust as they grew dark.
“I’m going to fucking ruin you.”
Nobody, not even the angels above could prepare you for what he did next.
Back arched and eyes rolled as Bucky’s thick cock forcefully fucked your leaking pussy, the harsh movements of his thrusts threatened to break your thighs with each minute.
“Fuck plum… you're so tight… fit so nice round’ my cock…”
Salty tears stained your face, toes curled, and whines escaping your strained throat as Bucky continued to use you like his personal stress toy, fucking out all his pent up anger that you caused.
The headboard was slamming onto the wall with full fury. You wondered if he broke a hole into the drywall, or if the neighbor had called the cops to make yet another noise complaint.
He wasn’t joking when he said he’d make you cum, ruin you. Because in only twenty minutes, he’s managed to get three mind-fucking orgasms out from that pretty sore cunt of yours.
Now, you felt the fourth one on the way.
“Come on, gimmie the fourth…”
He was balls deep inside, his cold metal fingers gripping onto your hip as he penetrated you.
“B-buck- BUCKY! Baby! Baby, please… I can’t… I can’t…” you whimpered, teeth chattering and body shaking.
“You can’t? Awe… should’ve rethought asking me to make you cum then plum. Your fault. Now take it like the slut you are, and cum again.”
You cried, frustrated that he wouldn’t give you a break. By the time you cum again, you were sure that your body would disintegrate.
“Next time you wanna piss me off, remember this. Just remember.”
His voice was hoarse, the tone grinding his vocal cords as it slipped into your ears, bringing a cold shiver down your spine and a warm hug into your pussy.
Oh, you definitely would remember this. There was no doubt in hell that you would forget it.
Bucky started to feel your velvety walls clench around his throbbing length, your entire body shaking as mumbles and babbles ran around the room.
“That’s it, my baby. You can do it for me, you’ve done it before. One more.” He soothed, his hand caressing your cheek, wiping away the tear reaching his thumb.
You were close, so close. The finish line awaited. But, you needed to tell Bucky this first.
“Bucky. Bucky, I love you. I love you and I’m sorry… I’m sorry.”
Your eyes twinkled at him, the sentence coming out in a whisper.
His eyes softened, thrusts beginning to get sloppy as he leaned forward, placing a sweet kiss onto your desperate lips.
“I love you too. I forgive you, plum.”
Soon, you and Bucky made it to the finish line.
You thought your soul left your body for a moment as your earth-shattering orgasm hit you harder than a punch. It was pure ecstasy, the way Bucky could make you feel with just his cock and a couple of words.
And you wouldn’t ask for anything else.
His head jerked back as he released his warm load inside you, coating and soothing your aching walls.
He gazed down at you, your limp body sinking into the bed.
“Plum? You alright?”
You mumbled, giving Bucky a concerned yes.
He chuckled, placing a soft kiss on your sweaty forehead.
“Let’s go take a bath baby. Don’t want your legs stayin' sore forever, do we?”
Knob squeaking as Bucky turned on the faucet, warm water filling the tub as the sweet-smelling bubbles danced around.
You were immobilized on the bed, resting as you tried to catch your breath.
Once the bath was ready, Bucky came to retrieve you, holding you tightly as his arms wrapped around your naked body, moving you steadily towards the bathroom.
He helped you dip into the tub, sitting you down as he grabbed the soap and scrubby, pouring a generous amount onto it.
Slow, circular motions he made into your skin, bubbles staining you. He made sure you were relaxed, massaging, and caressing your entire body, taking delicate care of you.
Soft groans left your mouth when he made way to your thighs, that spot most definitely needed extra love.
“Sorry if I was being a bit mean to you plum. I didn’t mean it. I was angry.” His fingers were now intertwined with your hair, kneading into your scalp.
“Mm… it’s alright baby.” You mumbled, basking in how good his aftercare was to you.
“I’m proud of you. Took four rounds like my good girl.”
You grinned.
“After this, I won’t be able to take another round for 2-3 business days.”
He chuckled, his laugh making your heart melt. You couldn’t help but giggle with him, getting lost in his dreamy eyes.
“I love you Bucky…” you spoke softly.
He smiled.
“I love you Plum.”
He caught a kiss, tongues dancing as he left a tender mark on your lips.
Suddenly, the sounds of sirens pricked both your ears, the kiss breaking as you turned your heads.
“Shit… the cops are back.”
Copyright © of noobsquasher 2021
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bisexual-cowboye · 9 months ago
Sam to Bucky after he flirts with his sister for the third time today
Tumblr media
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duerice · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Twitter doing the lords work rn
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anyonymousfannonsense · 9 months ago
Sam: tells off several world governments
Bucky, along with all of us:
Tumblr media
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lethalprotectors · 9 months ago
Okay so we only have two episodes left and Sam and Bucky gotta
-find Zemo
-team up with the Dora Milaje
-help Karli cause she's a little misguided
-destroy US Agent
-deal with the power broker
-have Bucky confront his privilege
-get Sam the shield
-deal with that jerk who gave away the shield
-make sure the GRC actually helps people
-help Isaiah Bradley in all ways possible
-get Sam's family boat secured
Feel free to add more, because I can't remember everything
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melwilson · 27 days ago
keep ‘em safe
Tumblr media
bucky was never loud or boisterous…not anymore. but he hadn’t said a word since he stepped into the apartment. his eyes were distant, lips tugged into unsettling frown.
he didn’t reach for you like usual when you sat next to him on the couch. his gaze stayed on what dangled from his right hand.
his dog tags.
why didn’t he have them on?
he hadn’t woken up with a nightmare.
war flashbacks? maybe.
“buck, babe. what’s bothering you?”
the tension in his shoulders released in waves as your fingers danced along his upper back.
“m’just thinking, doll.” bucky finally meets your eyes and sends you a weak smile. one that he knows you can see through.
you send him a reassuring smile back. it allows him to breathe a little deeper, temporarily relieving his anxiety. “about?”
bucky sighs, finally allowing himself to sit back into worn brown leather couch. it used to be steve’s. “these.” he hands you his dog tags. they’re worn, a little rusty too, but they’re all bucky has left from his life before hydra.
“i want you to have them.”
you look at him in surprise. “bucky-“
“baby, listen. before steve went back he gave me his tags and i’ve been wearing ‘em everyday since to…you know, it keeps him close to my heart, but i don’t want mine to just sit on the dresser anymore. i want you to wear them…if you want.”
“bucky, these are apart of your story. i can’t.”
he shakes his head, tugging you closer. “you’re a a part of my story too. steve trusted me with his and i trust you with mine.”
you lean up and place a soft kiss to bucky’s lips. he hums softly, body molding into yours.
“thank you for trusting me with these, buck.”
he captures your lips again before saying, “keep ‘em safe for me, yeah?”
you unravel the chain and tug it over your head, adjusting it until the tags sit on your chest. “with my life, baby.”
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avengerslevelart · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Found this on Instagram and thought it was worth a share ._.
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mutifandomkid · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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majestyeverlasting · 3 months ago
We're Gonna Be Okay
Pairing: fatws!Bucky x Reader
Flufftober Prompt: Pillow Talk (Day 13)
Summary: It's Bucky's first night back from a two-month-long mission. Undoubtedly, the two of you spend it enjoying each other. And one thing both of you know is that you never want to be apart for that long again. There are hints at suggestive activities in this. Only hints. It's very soft overall.
Word Count: ~790
A/N: I saw this prompt and I really wanted to write something... so I did. And the story just so happened to steer itself in this direction. I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
For the first time since he arrived home earlier that night, the room had grown quiet. As the two of you laid in bed, you watched the rise and fall of his chest in the dim lamplight. Each exhale was no more than a soft sound past his parted lips, but you held onto them as they rose into the air. They might as well have been music; undoubtedly void of a melody, but nonetheless a more subtle continuation of what had arisen between you as you lost yourselves in the depths of each other.
It had been two months since you’d seen him in person, touched him, been consumed by his entirety. One night wasn’t enough to make up for the desire and longing that had been cultivated in that time but, with God as your witness, the two of you had tried.
Bucky had yet to open his eyes as he continued to descend from the high that the two of you had reached.
They remained closed even as you tucked yourself more into his warmth, draping a leg over his and brushing your fingertips over the dusting of dark hair on his chest. If it was possible, it seemed as though he’d gotten stronger in the time he was overseas. There was a new solidness to his muscularity. You’d realized whenever you squeezed his biceps or dragged your nails down his back. And there was even more swiftness and ease to the way he’d guided and maneuvered your body as the two of you made love.
When your palm came to rest over Bucky’s heart, he spoke up.
“Never gonna be gone that long again.”
You studied his features for a few seconds. “We can only hope not.”
“No.” He opened his eyes and turned his head towards you. “M’gonna make sure. Already don’t like leaving you as it is,” he said.
“You don’t?” You were only teasing. Not for the fun of it, but because welcoming that sliver of lightheartedness soothed the dread that came along with the thought of being without him for that long again.
Bucky didn’t say anything, but his hand moved to rub your bare thigh beneath the sheets. His touch wasn’t featherlight as if seeking to provoke goosebumps. It was firm, consoling. You nuzzled your nose into his shoulder and breathed him in as if you’d never get enough. He smelled faintly of a warm musk. Like a forest somewhere where the sun was shining that you wanted to lose yourself within.
After a few moments feeling the gentle beats of his heart against your palm, you trailed your hand further down his torso, stopping just beneath his belly button. Your fingertips followed an invisible path as they graced the sensitive space between his hip bones. He shifted after a while.
“Tickles, babydoll,”' he murmured.
You stilled your hand and offered him a small smile as you looked up into his eyes. “Sorry.”
Perhaps you shouldn’t have looked up. It had become more evident that he was tired, but there was an intensity to his gaze that hadn’t been there before. Not the type that instilled fear, but the type that dared you to acknowledge it, that wanted you to. And because of it, you became all the more aware of the things you weren’t saying that existed within the silence between you. Namely, the fact that he’d been gone on a mission for a long time—a painfully long time—and there had yet to be boundaries set in place to ensure that didn’t happen again.
Everything weighed down all at once.
Tears pricked in your eyes. But they didn’t fall right away because you were thinking too hard. When they did, everything in your mind spilled out with them. And when you hid your face in Bucky’s chest in search of refuge, he let you; he was the one thing that you could see, touch, and smell to stay grounded within the bittersweet reality you had found yourself within. You loved him with everything that you had.
“I don’t like when you leave either,” you said, remembering his statement from earlier. Your voice came out smaller than you would’ve liked.
“Well, you don’t have to worry about losing me like that again,” he said. “We’re gonna be okay.”
You nodded as best you could, and met his gaze again. He used the pad of his thumb to wipe the fresh tears rolling down your cheeks. And when he finished, you took his hand in yours and stared at his fingers, the lines of his palm. Then you brought it to your lips and kissed it right in the center.
We’re gonna be okay.
Thanks for reading! <3
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For more fluffy Bucky fics, click here.
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turbolisedcomet · 3 months ago
Summary: Guess even forever has an expiry date.
Pairings: Bucky x reader(any race)
Word Count:3.5k+
Warnings: Angst, cheating, swearing. Let me know if I missed anything.
Author’s Note: Yup angst again. But in my defense, the fic before had fluff. Reblogs and comments are very well appreciated.
Tumblr media
“You wanna keep mommy some company, lovebug?” You ask scooping the literal mini-Bucky into your arms and blowing a raspberry on her cheek as she breaks into a fit of adorable giggles. You could feel your chest expand as the innocent and joyful sound reached your ears.
As you stare oh so fondly at one of the most valuable gifts you have gotten from the love you and Bucky share, you couldn't help but think about how happy you were with the man you knew for years, now married to for 2 years and of course the beautiful blessing in disguise, your daughter, Amber. Not many couples have the privilege of living the fantasy you and Bucky were, all while carrying out the promises made of devotion and sweet love forevermore.
You did not meet Bucky in the most conventional way possible. It was while you were on the run along with Sam and Steve that you had met Bucky and the two of you had hit it off instantly. As the years drifted and faded away, your relationship with Bucky had gotten only stronger and somewhere along the line, the two of you fell in love with each other. It was the kind of love that had you and Bucky engulfed by only the thoughts of each other and nothing else in the world seemed to matter as long as you had each other in your arms and in your life.
You were now cooking pasta for dinner, hoping to finish before it’s time for your daily video calls with Bucky since he has been away on a mission for a week now while Amber went on incoherently babbling as you nodded your head to everything she said, pretending to understand. It reminded you of Bucky and how he would go on rambling about random things that were so unnecessarily important to him like complaining about how Sam would annoy him or how the plums from the local market were not as good as they used to be but he was lucky you were in love with him. No matter how unimportant the topics he talked about were, there was nothing you would want to do than watch your husband talk so passionately with his arms gesturing everywhere and his expression dancing from one emotion to another. This man was lucky he was cute.
Blowing on the sauce you had scooped up into the wooden spoon, you bring it to Amber’s mouth to taste it.
“ Aaah, open up, Amb.” She opens her little mouth wide open before slurping in the sauce, giving an appreciative hum at the taste that has you feeling all soft and mushy inside. As you start to retrieve the spoon to give the simmering sauce a few more stirs, her chubby little hands reach forward grabbing the spoon and bringing it to her mouth for more.
“ Woah, slow down there, killer. At least let me finish making it ,lovebug and then we’ll call Daddy” You say pulling away the wooden spoon as you watch her face lighten up at the mention of her father. She was the literal embodiment of Daddy’s girl. There wasn't a single time where she wouldn't take advantage of a chance to cling to her father and spend every second she gets with him. This little angel had him and you wrapped around her fingers and she knew it and there was nothing either you or Bucky would not do for her. 
Bucky was an absolute goner for both you and his little girl. There was nothing under the sun and beyond he would not do to give you both the best life ever. Absolutely nothing compared to the overflowing love he bore for the two miracles in his life. Then why was he standing in front of the hotel room he booked for him and the other girl he has been sleeping with for a month now? Why did he lie and tell you that the mission would end a day after it actually ended so that he can get some time with Lindsay? Why was the guilt and self-hatred not stopping him as he walks into the room and gets on with peeling every piece of clothing?
He knew his wife and daughter were waiting at home for him to come back. The two of you would be all smiles and hugs and kisses the second he enters the house not knowing about his backstabbing actions. You would have his favourite dinner prepared and end the day by cuddling on the couch while his heart ached at the fact of how oblivious you two were to his betrayal.
The trust you had in him further compounded the shame and hurt.You understood his need to go on missions and save lives because of his past and you always encouraged him to do what helps him cope in a healthy way and having Sam by his side was always a relief. You were so understanding and compassionate with him and this kind of pain that he was going to hit you with was what he was giving back. The most confusing part was that he was still in love with (Y/N) just as much as when their relationship was shiny and new, if not more and with Lindsay it was always only physical even though (Y/N) satisfied his physical needs better than anyone. Then why the fuck was he lying next to some woman? Why couldn’t he stop?
"Just a few more minutes darling. We can call daddy in a few more minutes but only if you finish drinking your water." You coo at Amber while you bring the glass of water to her lips as she tries to wrap her tiny hands around it, taking in small gulps.
" Dada." Wait did she just-
Tears of joy sprung to your eyes at the sound of your daughter saying her first word while clapping her hands.
" Oh my god, lovebug. Say that again for me ,love." You say picking her up, your voice filled with excitement and joy. 
“ Dada.” Amber said again, giving a giggle and clapping her hands as you hugged her closer laughing and twirling around, every single fibre of your body rejoicing at your baby’s first milestone. You had to tell Bucky right now. You were too excited to keep it in until he came back tomorrow and anyways it was only minutes before it was time for him to call you so, he probably should be in some motel with Sam. Considering that possibility, you pick up your phone quickly, finding his number and calling him. It rang but he did not pick up but you decided to call him once more, you just needed to tell him right now. Again, the same happened while Amber did not keep quiet. The kid finally got to say what she called her favorite person and there was no sign of her stopping any time soon. You were over the goddamn moon at this point watching your daughter saying her first word with so much childish excitement and enthusiasm. 
“ Oh, lovebug mommy’s so proud of you.” You squeal not being able to contain your excitement and not a second later your phone starts ringing, bringing a flutter of butterflies in your tummy at the possibility of it being Bucky. Taking the phone in your hand, you see that it's your sister. Confused frown took over your face since she never called at this time, she would usually be very busy at work but you were not going to pass up on a chance to talk to her.
“ Hey, darling.” You greet her.
“ Uh-hey (Y/N).” Now the frown on your face was that of worry at your sister’s tone. Her voice never sounded so off, especially when she was talking with you and she didn’t even greet you with her usual, “Hey, bitch.”
“Oh my god , (Y/S/N). Amber just said her first word. She said dada.” You say before placing a kiss on her chubby cheek as she continued practising saying her first word.
“ Oh god. I mean, that's-uh-great (Y/N)” You could tell that she was genuinely happy but there was a certain hollowness in her voice that made a heavy feeling settle in the pit of your stomach. You were not having a great feeling about this.
“ Darling, what happened? You don't sound so good.”
“ Is James still on a mission?” You did not expect her to ask that.
“ Yeah, he's coming back tomorrow. Why?”
“(Y/N) I called Sam and the mission ended today, he told Sam he was coming home to you and Amber this morning and I-'' Her voice was thick, like she was having trouble getting out the next words and you weren't sure if you wanted to hear the words that were about to be spilled from her mouth, “-I am at this motel right now and James was here so, I wanted to greet him but he Sam wasn't there with him and he seemed off and I kinda followed him and….” She trailed off before taking a deep breath.
“And what, (Y/S/N)?” You asked with a shaky voice, you did not like how you were feeling right now.
“ He went into this room. A girl was there and she didn't look like just a friend, (Y/N).” Suddenly, it was as if you couldn’t breathe. The room stopped spinning. Needles pricked your heart, slowly but painfully piercing through. This couldn't be what you were thinking. It cannot. There was no chance.
“ Are you still there?” Your voice came out small and you were on the verge of tears as you held onto Amber who wa completely oblivious to the pain and torture you were going through while she jabbred happily, reaching for you to catch your attention.
“ Yeah.” 
“ Send me the address. I’ll be there.”
“ Oh, (Y/N).” Your sister said as she threw her arms around you, giving a comforting hug which helped you to stop breaking apart.
“Where is he?” You asked, the heart ache only amplifying with each second. The whole ride you prayed it wasn't what you were thinking. Maybe he had some reason, maybe he was planning some kind of surprise but, your heart wasn't having any kind of justifications. He would not throw away years and years of love and promises You knew him. Your heart challenged you by asking, “ do you ,though?” You weren't sure of the answer and your hesitation scared you even more.
“ Yeah. Don't ask me how I got the room number.” She said hurriedly before taking Amber in her arm and holding your hand with her other unoccupied hand as she guided you upstairs.
The sound of each footstep resonated with that of your heavily beating heart. You couldn't tell which was louder and more intense. Tears were at the waterline of your eyes as if waiting and saving themselves to spill when the moment arrived and it was arriving soon whether you liked it or not.
“This is the one.” (Y/S/N) whispered as you stood in front of the polished wooden door. You took a deep breathe, your stupid heart hoping for some kind of justification , before delivering quick knocks on the door. Shuffling and whispers of panic were heard before the footsteps. The door opened and there was your husband standing in front of you in all his shirtless glory. As his lips parted at the sight in front of him, eyes widening and lips quivering, you knew there was no justification.
“Dollface…” Bucky was in absolute shock and mortification as a chilly feeling of fear took over him. He knew he was doomed from the moment the first tear left your eye. You knew what he was doing behind your back. You were right here catching him red handed and oh, god Amber, his sweet baby girl was witnessing all this.
“ Who is she?” You ask through your teeth, swatting his hand as he reaches out to you.
“(Y/N) we can fix this. I can explain-”
“ Who is she, James?” The threatening tone in your voice made it very clear to him that he had to give you an answer. His heart was aching and head reeling at what the future would hold after such a traumatic experience.
 “ I met her during a mission a month ago.” He said bowing his head down as tears of guilt and regret fell drop by drop onto the ground while you tried to maintain your composure. You had to. For your Amber.
 “ This has been going on for a month?” He hated the way your voice cracked and the way you tried to fight your tears while the pain was oozing out of every letter the way it did like the time you saw an abandoned kitten on the sidewalk with a terrible infection and told him how anyone could no one deserved to be just abandoned and ignored like that after taking the kitten to the vet or like when you would tell him to not let anything happen to himself while on missions because you couldn't bare anything happening to him as you cleaned his wounds mission after mission. Right now he is the cause of all the pain you were experiencing and fuck did he hate it.
“ It just happened honey. It doesn't mean-” A sudden sound of something dropping and a squeal caught everyone’s attention. Bucky was shaking right now with all the panic and fear coursing through his veins.
“ Tell her to come out, James.” 
“ Doll-” You didn't wait for him to reply knowing very well he wouldn't let you see her so you barged in. The sound seemed to come from the washroom so you went that way and the door wasn't even locked. There she was. The brunette girl clutching the sheet to her chest, her clothes in the other hand as if she didn't even bother dressing up thinking Bucky would get rid of whoever it was interrupting their time and come back to her. The smug smirk on her face had you so angry but you wouldn't lose control.
“ Get the fuck outta there.” You ordered her and you did not like the way she rolled her eyes before obeying. Was she really worthy enough for Bucky to chuck away years of relationship ? Were you really that undesirable to him?
“ Baby, let's go home and talk about this by ourselves. Please.” Bucky sobbed and what followed was the sound of your palm meeting his cheek in a harsh slap. One that was well deserved. 
“ You listen to me. We are staying here with this absolutely amazing lady that you want to throw your family away for and I'm going to make you listen to a few things.” You seethed, the pain in your chest turning into venom that was laced with your voice as he continued to sob and the worthless whore let out a huff of frustration. Oh you were going to have a hard time not getting violent.
“ We are done. I don't care what kind of explanation you have. I dont fucking care. You're out of my and Amber’s life. I deserve a better husband and she deserves a much better father than a worthless unfaithful piece of shit like you. So, you better fucking keep your distance from us. You’re fucking dead to me.” Tears were streaming down your face even though you spoke the strongest way possible and the bravest face while Bucky was violently shaking as sobs racked his body, his hand glued onto his forehead and Amber’s voice cut through the painful sound.
“Dada.” She called out to him with grabby hands and another knife was pierced through his heart. His little girl just called out to him for the first time. 
“ Oh, baby, Amber-”
“ Yes. While you were out fucking some random woman, she said her first word. Her first word , James and you could have been there at least for our baby. My baby.” Bucky could feel his whole world slipping away and crashing down at the same time. He wasn't even there to hear his baby say her first way and it was what she called him. Not only did he let you down, he also ruined Amber’s life and every realisation was like a brick being thrown in his face. The thought of not getting to hold you, not having his little girl’s giggles and blabbers fill his ears, not having you slow dance with him at night when Amber’s asleep. He was mortified, his arms wrapped around legs as he fell on his knees and he continued to beg, “ Doll, please we can fix this. Please doll, I need you. I need our baby.”
You were fuming at his audacity to act like you and Amber meant the world as if he wasn't  inside another woman only seconds ago. As if he didnt make time just for her. As if he didn't just throw you and Amber under the bus and laughed in the face of your relationship.
Grabbing him by the shoulder, you push him onto the ground as Amber’s cries along with her father’s fills the room. Your breaking point was nearing. You could feel the cracks of the walls of the damn beginning to give up.
“ Do not fucking follow me. Do not even fucking try. It's the least you could do for us.” You spit out a stears continued to cascade down your face. You wanted to sob for the rest of your life. You just wanted to curl up in a corner and cry and cry until you were nothing but a rock. You had to get out of here.
Turning back and grabbing a crying and confused Amber into your arms who was reaching out for Bucky, you walk as quickly you can out of the room with your sister behind you and Bucky calling out for you. You knew he wouldn’t just leave. He would keep trying and you had to get to the car and go somewhere he could not find you. 
“ Gimme the keys.” Your sister said and you obliged before getting into the passenger seat. As she started the car, you could see Bucky running towards you with his bloodshot eyes widened and body still shaking with sobs as he screamed your name, telling you to please stop.He ran along even as the car started moving, his hands banging on your window. You give in as you bury your face into Amber’s shoulder, hugging her tightly, and cry your heart out while he stopped running as the car picked up speed but his shouts and cries were just as loud.
When you felt Amber’s small hands stroke your hair and hear her blabber as if to comfort you in her own language, you cried even more thinking about how he could think that this angel was not enough for him. What did little Amber ever do other than pour out all of her love for him to do this to her?
All you could do the whole ride was rack your brain and find where it all went wrong. But everything was perfect. Flawless. You couldn't grab onto a single reason. It was  like falling into an endless hole of doubt not having anything to grab onto. The helplessness putting a weight on you that makes you fall faster but the fall just never ends.
Bucky was drained. After looking like a maniac while searching for you and Amber, he was not able to find a single trace. You had blocked him and your tracking device was gone along with Amber’s. What had he done?
He was back home. But it wasn't home anymore. Not without your laugh bouncing off the walls or his baby girl crawling around and handing him toys. All he could do was sit down on the floor, hold a teddy bear, he won for Amber at the fair and sob. Again. He knew there was no going back from this. You even told him that he was dead to you and recalling what you had said and the hurt on your face made him curl up on the ground crying while telling pleas into the void. That's when the doorbell rang and just as fast the hope filled him he was at the door.
It was Lindsay. He was pissed seeing the face of the one he broke your heart with. Bucky was already closing the door with all of his strength and she was pushing. It’s funny how you can be the weakest person just from a few words is what he realised when those two words left her mouth and his knees buckled, all of his strength suddenly vanishing.
“ I’m pregnant.” 
A/n(2): sooooo?
Part 2
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jellycolors · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝘴𝘦𝘣𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘢𝘯 𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘯 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘱𝘴𝘥
𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 / 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞
𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥
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becca-e-barnes · 7 months ago
Can you pls do a fic with Bucky and reader when she gives birth ❤️
This was so wholesome omg I loved writing it 🥺 Disclaimer though, I’ve never had a kid myself so this is just best guess I suppose 🤷🏻‍♀️
(No one tell my boyfriend I’m using our future baby names for fanfics)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count: 3.5k
Summary: You and Bucky have your first baby together
Warnings: Fluff, breast feeding mention, descriptions of pain, teeny tiny illusion to smut, lil angst from Bucky, childbirth, hospital mention, scissors mention, pain medication mention
It sounds really stupid but while you knew labour was going to be hard, you didn’t think it would be this hard. You didn’t really want to admit it but that initial excitement you felt when your water had first broke had worn off by this point, nerves starting to take over. You had just been pottering around your kitchen, making a grocery list while rubbing your aching bump, the skin pulled so taught you worried you might burst. ‘Bump’ was maybe the wrong word. This was more like a beachball tucked under your dress at this point, your due date was three days ago and honestly, you were ready to get the little one out of you. You hadn’t had a full nights sleep in over a month, your tummy becoming too heavy and uncomfortable for you to be able to fully relax. You woke every few hours, tossing and turning, just hoping to get some relief from your child that was going to be a kick-boxer when they were older by the way they were battering your organs from the inside.
But when your water had broke onto the tiles of the kitchen floor, you weren’t quite sure what to do, pulling up one of dining chairs and taking a seat, taking a deep breath to combat the discomfort of the pressure in your abdomen. When the dull ache subsided, that’s when it really hit you. You could remember the way Bucky came running when you had called and the look on his face when he saw you wincing, gripping the kitchen table so hard your knuckles were turning white, the telltale puddle on the floor made him gasp excitedly, figuring out what was going on before you had a chance to tell him.
“You okay? You need anything? Does it hurt yet? Do we need to go to the hospital?” The questions were just tumbling from his mouth, the concern so evident on his face. He’d been to every appointment, every scan, every parenting class and read every book. He knew the answers to all those questions but clearly the excitement was taking over now.
“No, can’t go to the hospital yet, they won’t take me if I’m not dilated enough.” You winced, the discomfort starting to subside. “Where’s the yoga ball honey?” You asked, rubbing your tight tummy, trying to soothe yourself as much as the child inside you. Bucky ran off to get it then helped you up and guided you over on top of it. You bounced and rolled your hips for what felt like hours, Bucky on his knees behind you, hands on your tummy, trying to get the baby down into a better position. The contractions gradually got more frequent and the pain more intense, Bucky doing his absolute best to soothe you through them.
“We should go toots, they should be able to take you now.” Bucky reasoned, just keen to get you in the hands of someone medically trained.
“I might not be far enough along yet but we can try.” You agreed, pulling yourself up off the ball.
“They’ll take you, believe me. Your husband is the Winter Solider after all. That’s the Winter Soldier’s baby.” You couldn’t help but laugh, you hadn’t really thought of it like that. Bucky was absolutely certain that as soon as he flashed the nurses one of those famous brooding glares, his wife wouldn’t be turned away.
So with that, Bucky grabbed the hospital bag, secured the car seat for the baby and the pair of you left your home.
“Next time we go back in through that door, there will be three of us.” He mused happily, taking a second to stare at the door before starting the car. You couldn’t help but pull him into a loving kiss, one that made his heart flutter in his chest, thinking about how he could never have expected a life this perfect.
“C’mon, let’s go have this baby.” You smiled happily, hand resting on your tummy, knowing that soon enough, it would be vacant.
That wholesome morning felt so long ago now though, pain shooting through your tummy to somewhere deep inside you. The hospital had taken you right away, all the paperwork hastily filled out so you could get to a room that smelled so strongly of disinfectant. You had only been three centimetres dilated when you had come in but now you were up to eight, approaching nine and you were very much aware it was almost go-time. Bucky had been by your side the whole time, coaching you through every painful contraction, holding your hand, kissing your shoulders, reminding you how proud of you he was.
“We are never having another baby.” You hissed through gritted teeth as a particularly painful contraction took hold, convinced even his metal fingers might bend with the way you were gripping them.
“This was your idea! You’re the one who suggested that trip to Italy.” He reminded you, brushing your hair away from your sweaty forehead, letting you pant your way through the pain. He was right in all fairness but carrying the blame didn’t make you feel any better so you decided to continue blaming him instead. Thankfully though, your doctor came in at that moment and cut short all chat about what had went on in Italy around nine months ago.
The pain was all consuming. You had decided against an epidural so you puffed on as much gas and air as you could, letting the woozy feeling go to your head and distract you from the pain as much as possible. For the most part, you were very proud that you had managed to keep relatively quiet compared to some of the other ladies, managing to only groan your way through the contractions, rather than scream.
“Okay Mrs Barnes, we’re going to check on baby again, alright?” Your doctor smiled warmly, noticing how your contractions seemed to have strengthened more than you had even thought possible. You could only nod, the plastic end of the gas tube between your teeth. You didn’t focus on where the doctor’s hand went or what she did, just on the excited look on your husband’s sleepy face, the realisation hitting him that your child was almost here.
“Oh wow Mrs Barnes, you’re there, full ten centimetres. I’ll get the nurses and we should have this little one out soon.” You nodded to your doctor, groaning lowly through gritted teeth as she left the room.
“Holy shit, we’re gonna be parents. We’re gonna meet baby Barnes soon. Shit doll.” Bucky whispered excitedly, a hand running through his hair. You could see his face display everything he was feeling, he was nervous and tired but so damn ready to be a father.
“Our last hour as a family of two.” You whispered, letting him pull you into a tender kiss, his flesh hand wrapping around the back of your neck to pull you close now that your contraction had subsided.
“I love you so much, you know that? Never thought I’d be married nevermind sittin’ in a hospital, waitin’ on my baby.” His voice was so hushed and sincere, tears prickling his eyes and that’s when you knew he’d cry meeting his baby for the first time, despite how much he had argued in the past nine months that he wouldn’t.
“I love you too honey, you’re gonna be the best dad, I just know it.” You offered warmly, trying not to let the pain distract you from such a sweet moment with your husband.
“Just can’t wait to see you as a mom.” He admitted softly, blue eyes shining with joy at the thought of you both teaching your little one how to talk and read and ride a bike.
“We have so much happiness ahead of us sweetheart.” You smiled quietly, squeezing his hand as another wave of pain washed over your body, the gas and air tube finding its way back up to your lips. Before you knew it, your room was full of a couple of nurses, a med student and your doctor, all trying to coach you through your labour, your feet suspended in the cold metal stirrups.
“Okay Mrs Barnes, baby is ready when you are. You’re gonna feel some pressure and you’ll get an urge to push so just do whatever feels right.” Your doctor who was usually so softly spoken was now almost having to shout over your cries, sobs wracking your body as the pain became unbearable.
“Doin’ amazing honey, ‘m so proud of you, baby’s nearly here.” Bucky encouraged quietly, gripping your hand for dear life. You squealed and yelled, your body telling you that you needed to get this baby out, the pressure building so quickly in your pelvis. You did your best to control your breathing while still pushing as hard as you could. Bucky couldn’t tear his eyes away from your sweaty face, wondering how on earth he could ever fall more in love with you after this moment. You were bringing his baby into the world, his heart was absolutely wrenching in his chest at the memory of everything you had done for him and all the sacrifices you had made to get to this point.
“Here’s baby’s head! Doing great Mrs Barnes, keep going.” Your doctor smiled warmly. Your whole lower body felt like it was on fire, feet digging into the stirrups, tears staining your cheeks as your child began to make an appearance.
“Perfect, head is out nicely. Take a minute to breathe Mrs Barnes, you’re nearly there.” One of the nurses cooed. You sucked in deep, steadying gulps of air, thankful for the second to catch your breath and compose yourself a little.
“Just one push left baby, then it’s all over. You’re absolutely amazing, you know that? Love you so much.” Bucky whispered against your hair, pressing kisses to your cheeks. He was already a bit of a shaky mess, unable to think of anything but meeting his child for the first time. The nurse closest to you couldn’t help but smile to herself at how sweet he was, getting to witness such an intimate moment between new parents truly was one of the best parts of such a difficult job. Your body told you to push again and you squealed out, gripping Bucky’s hand, nails digging in as you wailed in pain. Before you knew it, baby’s shoulders were out and then the rest followed very quickly. It didn’t take long for a cry to erupt from your little one, Bucky letting out a relieved gasp at the sound. Your head flopped back onto the pillow while the nurses worked away, trying to get the little one dried and clamped to get the cord cut.
“You did it sweetheart.” Bucky whispered, stroking your hair with all the tenderness he could muster.
“Congratulations mom and dad! You’ve got a little boy!” Your doctor’s words had Bucky crumbling, tears welling up in his eyes.
“A boy, oh my god, I have a son.” He whispered, mostly to himself, trying desperately to blink back the tears before they spilled over his cheeks. The little bundle of blankets screamed and yelled as he was placed onto your chest, your arms surrounding him instinctively. You were exhausted but you didn’t even want to blink if it meant tearing your eyes from that little baby’s face.
“Hi honey! Hi! I’m your mom!” You cooed quietly, trying to take in every feature of his face all at once. Ten little fingers and ten little toes, a head covered in dark hair and an angry face at being removed from the comfort of your body so suddenly. After a while, his cries subsided, a content silence falling over the room as the nurses filled out their paperwork.
“Dad, would you like to cut the cord?” The nurse asked, knowing Bucky had been very keen to avoid ‘the business end’, preferring instead to hover by your head. He nodded nonetheless, the nurse taking your son from your chest so they had better access to the umbilical cord. Bucky took the sterile scissors in his flesh hand, trying to stop it from trembling as he reached over and snipped the cord before letting the nurses tend what was left, taking the baby off to weigh him quickly and clean him up.
“We ready for some skin on skin mom?” Your doctor asked, the nurses and med student congratulating you both before filtering out. You pulled your gown to the side, letting her slot the baby in on top of your bare chest. His little hands were balled up into fists, eyes closed, breathing regular and content within a minute of being placed on you. Your hand rested on his bottom, supporting him, your lips pressed to the top of his head.
“He has your hair, look how dark it is.” You beamed proudly, kissing the fluffy head gently. “He got your eyes too, he’s like a mini copy of you.” You teased, noting Bucky’s heartbreakingly genuine proud smile.
“I think Ollie suits him well, he looks like a little Oliver.” Bucky mused. You had a list of names that you had both been working on but you knew Ollie was your favourite if you had a boy, depending on whether or not the baby looked like an Ollie when he came out.
“You’re right, he’s absolutely an Ollie.” You agreed, rubbing a hand up and down his little back.
“He’s so small. Tiny little Ollie Barnes.” Bucky was obsessed with this child already, knowing you had just given Bucky a new best friend was melting your heart.
“He’s a big baby hun, he was nearly 8 pounds. But you haven’t even had a cuddle yet.” You laughed, realising you had absolutely hogged the baby since he had been born. Bucky pulled his shirt off, lifting the little boy so carefully off you with his flesh hand and placing him flat against his own chest.
“Hey buddy!” He whispered as the baby began to stir, clearly not happy at being pulled from his comfy spot with his mom. Bucky shifted uncomfortably, hating that the baby was almost touching where the metal melded with his flesh, positioning him more in the centre of his chest. He only let his flesh hand hold the little one, metal hand never coming close to him.
“Happy birthday kiddo! Big day, huh? Bet you weren’t expecting all this fuss were you? But hey, didn’t your mom do great? She’s superwoman you know. She does everythin’ for us. I’d be lost without her. You’ve no idea how loved you are, kid. You’re gonna do so many amazin’ things in your life, I just know it. Gonna make your old man so proud, hell, I’m proud of you already.” You had to pretend to scowl at Bucky for swearing around your baby but your chest ached at the sight of them together.
“You’re so loved, you know that? Your grandma and grampa Barnes would’ve doted on you. I’ll tell you bout them some day. God you’re so small, stay this way forever would you? Some day you’ll be bigger than me, just know it. No matter what, your dad’s gonna be there for you. You’re gonna break so many hearts, can just tell.” Words we’re just spilling from his lips, his flesh hand stroking his son’s back gently.
“Never in my life did I think I’d have this.” Bucky whispered, looking over at you now. You took his metal hand in one of yours, giving it a tight reassuring squeeze. The tears in his eyes were back with a vengeance, spilling before he even had a chance to stop them. Little quiet happy sobs wrecked his body, clutching tightly to the sweet little sleeping baby in his arms.
“You deserve this Bucky. Gonna, be such an amazing father, I know you are.” You mumbled, knowing he was struggling a little.
“He’s just perfect. I’d do anything for you two, you know that right? God, I have a family, like an actual family I have my own wife and a son. This kid is half you, half me. Couldn’t even have dreamt of a life like this when I was in Wakanda.” It was almost like it still hadn’t sank in that this baby was his up until now. Little Ollie looked even tinier in Bucky’s huge hand than he had in yours and you couldn’t help but hope that somehow that little boy understood how true his dad’s words were.
Two quick taps on the door dragged your attention away from the crib and your son asleep inside it. The doctor had left you to get some rest but neither you nor Bucky could tear yourselves away from your little baby sleeping soundly in his hand knitted hat. The door opened and Sam tiptoed inside with the most excited look on his face and the biggest bunch of flowers you’d ever seen.
“Hey Uncle Sam!” You whispered, careful not to wake Ollie, a huge grin taking over his face upon hearing his new title.
“Niece or nephew?” He beamed, making his way over to your bedside.
“Nephew. You wanna meet little Oliver Grant Barnes?” Bucky’s proud smile was infectious as you scooped the baby out of the crib, rocking him gently before turning so Sam could see him.
“Oh kid, I’m so sorry, you look exactly like your dad. Let’s hope you’ve got your mom’s brains.” Sam joked softly, giving Bucky a tight hug, both of them laughing happily. Sam handed the flowers over to Bucky before leaning over to kiss your cheek.
“How are you feeling mom?” Sam asked
“Tired. Sore.” You admitted with a little laugh. Both you and Ollie were healthy and well so you couldn’t really have asked for a better delivery but that didn’t stop you from hurting all the same.
“I don’t doubt it, couldn’t have been easy.” Sam agreed, reaching forward and scooping the baby from your arms so he could get a cuddle. Bucky offered Sam his seat, joining you on the bed, kissing your shoulder lovingly as he watched Sam nurse your son for the first time.
“Actually, there was something we wanted to ask you.” You smiled softly, giving Bucky’s flesh hand a squeeze.
“Oh yeah?” Sam smiled, not even looking up from the bundle in his arms.
“Would you be Ollie’s Godfather?” Bucky quizzed, laughing at how that got Sam’s attention.
“Um, yes? Are you serious? Of course!” You couldn’t ever remember seeing Sam this excited before. “Oh kid, I’m gonna tell you so many stories about your mom and dad when you’re older. You won’t believe what your dad and I did this one time in Prague –“ Sam began but was cut short by a loud warning cough from Bucky.
“We’ll maybe keep that one a secret for a few more years.” Sam laughed, bouncing your baby gently in his arms.
Sam didn’t stay too long, heading off soon after his cuddle to let you have some time as a family.
“Just can’t believe he’s all ours.” You had sighed, watching as your son had his first feed, his eyes bright and excited, looking straight at you.
“I know what you mean, he feels too perfect to be real.” Bucky hadn’t left your side after Sam had left, choosing instead to wrap his arms around you, both of you cuddling and watching Ollie who had since woken up in a terribly bad mood from hunger. He was contented now though, thankfully.
“God I’ve never been more in love with you, you know that?” Bucky’s heart ached as the words left his lips, stroking up and down both of your arms as you supported your baby.
“I love you too Buck.” You smiled, your head resting comfortably on his shoulder.
“No, I mean it. You’ve given me the best life I ever could’ve wished for and you’ve made me feel like I deserve it, even after everything. You’re an angel.” Bucky whispered sincerely, his words punching you in the chest.
“Of course you deserve it, you’re a good man Bucky.” You smiled, leaning into his touch just a little more. The quiet sounds of your baby suckling broke the content silence that fell over the two of you. While Bucky didn’t always feel like he had earned this life, he couldn’t deny the fact he was endlessly grateful for it and he would do anything to protect his little family.
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