niuniente · 2 days ago
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Hiroko (85yo) and her takoyaki shop in Tenma, Osaka.
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chrisevansbf · 2 days ago
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antiqueanimals · 2 days ago
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Mammals of the Arabian Gulf. Written by David L. Harrison. Published in 1981. Illustrations by Maurice Wilson.
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dreamyygeorgenap · a day ago
Dream wants to take a break to sleep next to George
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chupachai · a day ago
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i love how darius and eber are clearly unironically friends
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the-mighty-het-speaks · 22 hours ago
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some photos of this moment
from Edgar Barradas
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vergina-spva · a day ago
So just like everyone was learning the Iceland dance last year, can we all learn Norway’s dance this year?
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jilyarchive · 23 hours ago
Best muggle au one shots?
Our search feature will let you filter posts by multiple tags. This link brings you to a filtered search for muggle AU one shots that we have tagged as favorites.
Plus here are some newer one shots that are great:
Title: Seeing Red Author: AnnaBtG Rating: G Genre(s): Muggle AU, Modern AU, College Chapters: 1 Word Count: 799 Summary:"I mistake you for someone else from behind and jump on your back so we both fall down and you’re reasonably pissed." James Potter mistakes a beautiful redhead for his friend Mary.
Title: In it For Me Author: mppmaraudergirl  Rating: T Genre(s): Muggle AU, Modern AU, Celebrity AU Chapters: 1 Word Count: 3,260 Summary: Going through a break-up is never pleasant, and even less so for famous actress Lily Evans who, along with the rest of the world, has to watch her ex move on at lightning speed.  James Potter is also no stranger to being under the microscope, finding his good name under fire in every medium possible. That is until they give the world something else to talk about [Jilytoberfest Masquerade fic - Begrudging wedding dates]
Title: A Slip of the Thumb Author: oyprongs Rating: T Genre(s): Muggle AU, Modern AU, Texting AU Chapters: 1 Word Count: 2,073 Summary: "Lily Evans has followed him on Instagram." for jilytober masquerade with the prompt: You accidentally like a photo from wayyyy back in their Instagram history after they follow you
Title: Summer Slipped Us Underneath Her Tongue Author: sirenicc Rating: T Genre(s): Muggle AU, Modern AU Chapters: 1 Word Count: 3,306 Summary: “Mary Macdonald, if you don’t stop laughing I am going to strangle you with my sun cream-coated hands.” Mary cackled louder. Lily sighed, closing her eyes and praying for a sinkhole to open up beneath her. Or a large wave to sweep her out to sea. Really, anything would be preferable to —  “You know, I’ve heard redheads burn easily but this seems excessive, Evans.” Written for the August 2021 Jily Challenge for the prompts "I saw you staring and so decided to try to put on my sun cream ~sensually~ but omg the lid just popped off and the whole bottle came out stOP grinning oMG" and "topless!lily August"
Title: throwing chances Author: theroomofreq Rating: T Genre(s): Muggle AU, Modern AU, Coffee Shop AU Chapters: 1 Word Count: 4,522 Summary: written for tumblr's jilychallenge august 2021 prompt: “I’ve spent the summer climbing through your bedroom window so no one sees, please won’t you give me a chance?”
Title: Group Project Author: SaffronSnitch Rating: T Genre(s): Muggle AU, Modern AU Chapters: 1 Word Count: 4,345 Summary: James didn’t need his friends’ judgment to tell him pretending to date Lily Evans for a school project was a bad idea — he knew it was bad from the moment she asked. That didn’t stop him from agreeing, and if he fell even more in love with her by the day, it was entirely his own bloody fault.
Title: you cake my dreams come true  Author: abby10 Rating: T Genre(s): Muggle AU, Modern AU, Texting AU Chapters: 1 Word Count: 3,031 Summary: Texting/Social Media AU: Lily has a surprise party planned for James's birthday. James also has a surprise planned for Lily. Sirius and Remus think it's like a sitcom. And they're not wrong! Featuring emergency therapist appointments, cake, and quite a few surprises.
Title: about time Author: jilyss Rating: T Genre(s): Muggle AU, Modern AU, Celebrity AU Chapters: 1 Word Count: 6,268 Summary: 'sure, yeah, I can accompany you to that black tie event for your work tonight. wait. why are we on a red carpet?'
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galaxdoesstuff · 2 days ago
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My life is perfect actually
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yonghaz · 22 hours ago
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fluffydancer618 · 2 days ago
hey fluffy
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Pokemon styled fluffy
I'd throw pokeballs at people instead of pokemon
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chrisevansbf · 15 hours ago
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antiqueanimals · 2 hours ago
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Book of Wild Beasts; Animals of East Africa. Written / illustrated by Walter J. Wilwerding. 1963.
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shepherds-of-haven · 2 days ago
in the most complimentary way possible i feel like ive been cursed by a wizard that lives in your game’s code or something. i used to write creatively all the time as a kid but i stopped completely when i was like ~9. i had not written anything but academic essays since until stupid Chase grabbed me by the throat for some reason?? I dont even like men???? i’m just so compelled by him for whatever reason. Just sitting here astounded. Only a little mad. thanks for apparently somehow singlehandedly reviving my motivation to write for fun after nearly 20 years LMAO
😭 I was so overwhelmed by the loveliness of this message that I almost didn't even know how to respond! I'm speechless! I am so, so happy that something in my writing and story could inspire you to write again, I completely understand how that feels and I am so unspeakably honored that Shepherds was something that could spark that inspiration and fun for you! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this, it means everything and makes me so happy to be a writer! 🥺 I am going to keep envision my story as a little tower with a wizard living inside of it, invisibly cursing random passerby when they come to visit! 😂 Thank you so much again!!! 💖💖💖
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gaycism · 8 months ago
i've been dying at this for the past 30 minutes
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hitsuzenhusbands · 27 days ago
thank you hbomax for the ed room pics i promise i will be normal about it
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uglygirlstatus · a month ago
I can’t stop watching this
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good-pokemon-center-reviews · 2 months ago
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