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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Also long haired Leo? That pic sold he’s sAsuke! Plus he’d look good in sasuke’s shippuden revenge thot outfit... and the purple eyes... the red eyes... the sexy squad of thots??? Come one Leo! But god I really wanna see Leo with a snake ala comrade Britney Spears I really do...

anon your mind…….ok time to make sasuke leo mbs

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Searching for God thru Hinduism & Buddhism, my husband STARTLED me with …

This is really good! The background music is annoying, but just tune it out.

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Why does Barry look so pissed unrecognised homophobic icon?


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I listen to this on repeat when I’m making resin paintings it’s like some trance shit it makes me so focused ??

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So back in middle school I was so in love with one of My friends and I never told him. Yesterday he added me on Facebook and told me that he likes me but idk what to do cuz I don't think I like him in that way anymore but I don't wanna be a dick cuz he was a really god friend and helped me through alot of shit.

aaah babe, don‘t do it; just tell him how you feel because even though he has been there for you, you can‘t force yourself into anything. Of course you can give it a try but if you‘re not feeling it, i‘d just keep thing clear and not put his hopes up 🥺 remember you dont owe him anything so

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