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crazyw3irdo · 7 months ago
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[Image ID: A Minecraft frog. /End ID]
this is the best day of my life
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an0nymousghost · 10 months ago
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it was always you...
sorry this is so cute cause like!! ivy’s been dating tons of people trying to find the one™ but her soulmate’s always been there the whole time
i like to think after she broke up with her last s/o she went to a fortune teller and the fortune teller was like, “your true love is closer than you think”
also im not a ts4 tumblr storyteller so this may seem impromptu, i’m sorry
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sanstropfremir · 2 months ago
Hello! I was wondering if you had any favorite cheap kpop mvs? Ones like gr8u where they used an intresting trick or idea to make the mv stand out despite the lack of budget.
okay okay okay. so there's a bit of a scale i'm gonna operate on here, because there's some pretty large gaps in between what i would consider 'cheap' for specific groups vs like, actual monetary cost and access to resources and stuff like that. i've separated these out into a couple of categories, because i could and to make some more distinctions. i'm judging a lot of this based on expense in terms of set, because that's generally where you're going to sink the most cost. if you want custom sets of any kind you have to have 1) the space to put the sets (a studio/warehouse), 2) the people to design the sets, 3) the materials to make the sets, and 4) the people to build the sets, which all is going to cost you. i'm also likely forgetting ones here but there's a lot of kpop mvs in the world and my memory sucks.
ok to start off, some flops (complimentary):
hair short - wings : unironically this is one of my fave songs+mvs from this era, it has such a creative premise and it's so smart and i'm sad we never got anything else from them.
annie - toppdogg : toppdogg mvs were never particularly expensive, but this one is really restricted, literally. also they get bonus points for being the only group to ever find a way to integrate the members' names into the mv without it being obnoxious.
baby i'm sorry - myname : one of the best story mvs of all time. i don't think this one was actually that cheap because there's a lot of actors but it likely had very little physical production costs because it's all shot on location and it's probably only shot with a handheld camera. there is actually choreography and styling for this and it's very inexplicably 2013.
she - vromance : i'm pretty sure they shot this mv with 12 dollars and a piece of lint and technically i think star is a more interesting mv with better thought and planning but idk. there's something about she that i think is very charming and i forgive the low budget-ness of it just for the fact that it's so wholesomely cute.
"it's just a guy hanging out":
2 kids - taemin : i know taemin would rather forget that 2 kids exists but genuinely it's one of my favourite mvs of his and hot take it's one of his best. it is the epitome of low budget stealth filming with maximum impact; he filmed this and the think of me mv in the off time he was in paris while he was on tour with superm, and the exhaustion and bitterness and sadness and remorse in this really shine. it perfectly captures that watery feeling of being awake for the dawn during a bender. taemin actually does so well with these smaller scale atmospheric mvs but they tend to be underappreciated; see day and night.
after we ride - brave girls : 99% of this is shot on location in mostly public + outdoor areas but the mv really rides on the performances of the girls and the skills of the editor and cinematographer, who really knocked it out of the park in terms of establishing the atmosphere. this has some really really phenomenal colour grading that gives everything that high sheen 'neon lights reflecting on a wet street' look that really amps up the feeling.
-> sub-genre: pandemic bottle mvs
mayday - crush : maybe the most iconic pandemic mv, which also purposefully looks inexpensive due to the camera equipment and editing techniques.
lazy - woosung : really clean colour palette and i love the integration of the feature, as well as the styling change at the last chorus. i can't remember if this made it onto my best of 2021 list in the end but it was in my runners up for a while.
down - a.c.e : one of the best things about a.c.e is their creative directors and designers, who are frankly incredible at their jobs, because they can stretch a shoestring budget and make it look so good. it was kinda tough to pick just one mv from their catalogue but i settled on down because it's all shot in a single location in one day and really utilizes the vertical format in a way that i've seen few mvs do. runner up is changer, which was shot somehow somewhere during the promos for higher, which holy shit they were so busy last summer.
unusually small budget for a big 3:
view - shinee : view changed the kpop mv game. this isn't case of low budget because no budget, this is a case of concept that doesn't play out to be very expensive to produce. by shooting everything on location (including the dance sequences) min hee jin took the money that would have gone to set building and used to pay more for location (it's shot in malaysia) and for better and more unusual editing than kpop had really seen at the time.
1of1 - shinee : again, this was all about style, and the main feature of this is absolutely the clothing. otherwise it's quite literally just filmed in a white box.
i want you - shinee : there were FOUR mvs shot for tsol and they all are absolutely fantastic. i wouldn't say any of them are cheap but i want you is shot primarly in a single studio space and on a greenscreen, so it's not the most expensive of the bunch. countless is also filmed on a single set, but i think i want you shows a much more effective use of style (even though i do love countless). i've talked about tsol before and as a full work it's one of the best kpop comebacks of all time.
blooming day - exo cbx : she's an icon. every minimalist colour pop kpop mv thinks it's blooming day and guess what? there's only one blooming day. in this case similarly to view, it isn't about a lack of budget and instead it's that the concept itself does not require a huge amount of expensive spectacle.
breath + last piece - got7 : i'm putting these together as a double feature because they were filmed back to back on the same sets and although they are not cheap by any means, since these are custom sets, but comparatively (to other jype mvs) both of these have very low production value and a high economy of shots. i remember watching these at release and actually going 'oh these are cheap....???'. however, despite being limited to these twoish locations these are very well filmed and there's a lot of very good editing here that makes them interesting.
call me baby - exo : maybe the least expensive exo mv but also one of the best. i know there's supercars but those are definitely rented and there's a grand total of three locations (and two of them are empty warehouse/studio spaces). i really like this mv because of that absolutely ripping intro with kai/baekhyun/xiumin/suho/sehun in the car, and it shows a really strong consistent creative direction that makes it look more expensive than it is.
not necessarily cheap but very good use of a gimmick:
goosebumps - onf : ENTIRELY greenscreened!!!!!!! we moved on TOO fast from this and we need to talk about it more!!! beautiful beautiful was predominently vfx but goosebumps took it to a new level. other than a few shots in a white box this mv is built entirely by a vfx team and that is neither that cheap or fast but it is a FEAT.
skinz - onlyoneof : i wrote a post about skinz here and i'm sticking to my guns about this being one of the most interesting mvs released this year so far.
gr8u - vixx : great gimmick, 10/10. honestly most vixx mvs are pretty low budget and i think this is in the middling bit but it still counts.
take over - do hanse : this is all shot in the same black box studio with a single projector screen. i'm not joking. the director of this mv is insanely smart and very good at getting bang for their buck, so i bet you that the most money went towards hiring the horse and neonmilk, probably.
rain to be - onewe : they sacrificed a whole bunch of equipment in order to film this and that's why it's not a particularly cheap mv, but it was quite literally shot all in a single session in a single location, which is more restricted than 90% of most kpop mvs. and yes i know onewe is a kband but i literally think about this mv like once a week.
fantasy - fei : another vfx heavy mv that is supremely effective. it's obviously got funding behind it but it's got quite a restricted scope that makes it feel as close quartered as it is.
face id - epik high : epik high are very good at high impact mvs with limited scales and their two from last year are both soooooo good. they were both on my best of 2021 list so i'm not gonna go into a lot of detail but face id in particular really works that gimmick good.
i'm tempted to put a couple of jackson's solo mvs here, because his mvs are very very good for being limited in funds (as he's paying for them himself) and he's really good at capturing specific styles and feels (lmly and pretty please with that 80s/90s hong kong cinema feel) but they're not technically kpop so i'll settle for just mentioning them here at the end.
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gurglesgasgrunts · a year ago
Thinking about someone being forced to give a stool sample at the doctor’s office while being observed by the doctor/nurses. They give the doctor a look of surprise when the doctor sets out a bedpan and asks them to squat. They immediately turn red and being protesting, but the thought of pooping and the sudden nervousness causes their stomach to begin churning. “I felt something nice and big in there when I felt your abdominal region earlier,” the doctor shakes his head and grins at the patient. “I’m sure you can push something out.”
Just then, the patient lets out a fart. They begin spluttering. “I don’t- I don’t need to poop, I’m just nervous,” they say. The doctor just smiles more, and sits down on his chair, legs crossed, waiting with his eyes focused on the patient.
They squirm now, mortified. Are they really about to poop in front of the doctor? The more they think about it, the more air seems to chug through their intestines, urging them to force out dry farts.
“There’s no need to be scared,” the doctor says. The patient avoids his eyes and weighs their options while sweat begins to bead on their forehead.
Suddenly their stomach cramps, slightly, but enough that it forces a small grunt from their lips. They look at the doctor, horrified at their moment of weakness. The doctor chuckles. “Come on, just let it out and it will all be over with,” he says. “Sounds like it’s coming soon wether you like it or not.”
They want to burst into frustrated tears as an ache begins to grow in their stomach. Whimpering, they pull off their pants and underwear, feeling cool air brush their skin. Just the act of undressing prepares his bowels for evacuation, and the urge grows immensely stronger within seconds. His breathing quickens as he gets gingerly into a squatting position.
“There we go. Alright, begin whenever you’re ready,” the doctor comes closer in his chair, so he’s eye-level with the patient’s bottom. The patient is practically dripping sweat with the effort to not blast hot farts into the doctor’s face.
“Please can I just be alone?” They squeak out, one more futile attempt to gain privacy. The doctor looks up at their face, smiles gently, and shakes his head.
“Nope, this is how we make sure we’re getting a fresh untampered sample,” he says. “Now come on, let it out.”
The patient’s legs are quaking ever so slightly as a cramp seizes their gut. A long dry fart whistles from their anus as it begins to stretch. They squeeze their eyes shut in shame, muttering incomprehensibly under their breath. “Please, no, please, no, not here,” they whine. Then they’re cut off by their own furious grunt as the urge to bear down becomes overwhelming. “Hhnnnnnnnng!”
They are horrified at their own primal noises. Their eyes open to see the doctor smiling pleasantly at them, then looking down at their doming anus. “Wow, are your movements usually this solid and difficult to get out?” He asks pleasantly.
“Y-yes,” the patient says shamefully. They stare at the doctor with glazed eyes as they begin another push. A loud fart pops out around the brick of poop widening their hole. They grunt loudly again, and it feels so good they almost don’t care that the nurses and other patients outside might hear them. Their stomach pulses with the urge to push as hard as possible to get the poop out. Its fat dry head is beginning to crown now, forcing their anus taut and wider than they’d ever seen it before.
“Good job,” the doctor says as he watches the patient’s bottom open wide for accommodate the load. He looks up into the patient’s glassy eyes, their face contorted in effort, strain, and humiliation. “This is hard work for you, huh?” He asks. The patient gets even redder, deepening their squat by leaning back on their hands and thrusting their pelvis forward. They are launched into another involuntary instinctive push, one that forces an animalistic grunt from their throat. They shake and shudder as the poop reaches its maximum width, bulging forth like a tree trunk from the earth.
“Here it comes,” they grunt out, taking in a massive breath. Their belly muscles tighten and constrict once more, and an almighty groan comes from their lungs. “It’s coming, it’s coming,” they say as the poop inches further out of their bum, rocky and glinting in the light. Finally it thuds into the bedpan, and the patient lets out an unencumbered sigh of relief.
Submitted by ewhot
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acedarkwing · 2 months ago
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:3 fiquei ocupado depois de imprimir então vo pendura na parede amanhã de tarde
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princes-jasmine · 2 years ago
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#when men talk
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ava1enzue1a · 7 months ago
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scorpion-grasses-deltoids · 2 months ago
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crossovereddie · a year ago
I just need to say that I love your blog and everything this blog stands for (Mickey’s neck and choking obsession included) and I don’t think I’ve ever written in an ask or taken the time to express my love for your commentary of our boys because it’s hilarious but I just had to say something now because these anons and the negativity you are receiving over this whole Ian signing the lease thing... is something else. I mean at the end of the day this is a fictional character on a fictional show.. what are we getting all bent out of shape about? Why not focus on the things that actually matter? Like RED... and BABY... and hit MY HUSBAND again, I’ll fucking kill you. I mean THESE are the things we should ALL be focusing on. I just want you to know that although you don’t know me... I stand with you and all you do here 😉
I- 😭😭😭
I’m speechless you’re so fucking sweet thank you so much for this!!
Yes I agree we should focus on all the good we got because it doesn’t happen very often unfortunately
thank you for reaching out to me! I really don’t know what to say because this is so nice 😭😭😭😭
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gardeningfrogs · 10 months ago
Bah odeio ter. Que refazer coisa mas fazer o que,a gente não tem.culpa. eu tinha primeiro falado 3, Ichigo (aikatsi mesmo),Serizawa e Towa (Precure). Ai depois falei um monte: Crona, Cure marine Cure sunshine e Cure coral, Soleil todinho, hmmm... tinha mais...Ah Jessie e Min-Gi de infini- OMG YEAH "THE BENNY FUNNY (E THE UNFUNY TOO/J)",foi o first que botei. Mas also todos os meia vida aware. E de meia vida serio Gordon e Alyx. Também o "AH HIMBO DE YAKUZA", TAILS!!! Dewey de DT. Ah Whipped Cream Cookie!!! Hmmm ... Rock Lee eu não tinha falado mas associo too, Bugsnax com o chapeuzinho de morango e also o depressivo azul lembrei só agora. Quem mais...ah é também não yinha falado Shiki mas associo a ti ainda hehe. Ah eu tinha falado por ultimo Metatton. AH NA LISTA TEVE ALSO VAPOREON YES.
AJDJDNDMDDS O "MEIA VIDA SÉRIO E O AWARE" ME QUEBROU, OH my tem tantos mas tantos que eu sinto mó carinho e amor 🥺🥺💖💖 AHHWAHWHAH DAYY, Eu amo como muito destes tem uma mesclagem de personagens q amo e sinto conforto de anos atrás e uns atuais que marcaram mó minha vida já, MANO DJDNDJDJD AHAHA
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the-thief-called-fox · 10 months ago
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Aesthetic Collage Prompts
Day 3: Eyes
Prompt: Find images of what your character’s eyes looks like, and an image of something that your character’s eyes remind you of.
Fox has golden hazel eyes that shift color slightly depending upon the lighting. For the most part they appear goldish brown in color, though certain lighting can bring out warmer honey-like tones or muted green tones. The colors make me think of an antique bronze piece with oxidized green tones nestled into the crevices of the relief. 
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sanstropfremir · 2 months ago
hi!! i've been reading up on your blog for a while now, and i'm sorry if you've answered this before, but i've been wondering who in your opinion would be the top tier idol dancers nowadays? and maybe performers as well, since personally i think a skilled performer doesn't really have to be all that great of a dancer. thank u for sharing ur insights with us!! they're very interesting :]
hello!! i have sort of answered this before (don't worry it was almost a year ago) with my top dancers post, and there's also this post where i discuss which idol dancers could keep up with professionals, of which there is some obvious crossover. as far as active idols who are skilled performers not exclusive of dance ability (all of these people are good dancers though):
junsu, whom now has both years of idol performance AND musical theatre performance and it shows. i wish he hadn't dropped pit a pat at basically the same time as taemin dropped idea because it slipped my radar at the time but i genuinely do not want to shut up about the choreography because holy SHIT. key, because we all saw bad love. changmin, because if chocolate and being the other half of tvxq for ten years hasn't convinced anyone the horrible disarming preacher act of devil surely did. kahi and sunye, thank god for mamadol + wooah hip (kahi white sunye red) and giving them a second chance because i missed them and we need more active second gen idols. dawn, because money is one of my all time favourite performances from an idol and frankly all these new boys could stand for a little more weird victorian waif in their vibes (here's a live version). utterly predictably: hongjoong and san, and yes this is the point where i plug the only fancam ever. and also: donghun. i don't always expect much of a main vocal, especially in a performance heavy group but donghun always delivers no matter what he's doing, whether it's a dance cover (nirvana shirt) or just a vocal stage.
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gurglesgasgrunts · a year ago
a character that’s trying to take a small and controlled shit because they need relief but theyre too embarrassed to let out any more than is absolutely necessary because someone’s watching or helping them....but their caretaker knows better and encourages them saying “come on, push, i know you have more in there” and pressing/rubbing their tummy and maybe even poking or slightly fingering the characters hole....i feel so gross for finding this so hot lmao especially if afterwards the caretaker says “wow thats a lot, you were so full. you really had to go, didn’t you?” and the character gets all flustered
No offense to all the other incredible anons, but this is the hottest scenario that I’ve been sent so far. Ohhhh my, I’m so glad I made a tumblr lol. A whumper doing the same thing but taunting and being rough with the poor character would be hot, too 🥴 🥴 . Thanks for the message!
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princes-jasmine · 2 years ago
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I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.
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ava1enzue1a · 8 months ago
#BackTheBlue #ThinBlueLine #HotCop #MaleBeauty #HusbandMaterial
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crossovereddie · a year ago
inspired by your last anon re: ooc mickey...
the post that inspired me to follow you way back when was one where you pointed out that whatever response or emotions mickey has when terry dies, it’s going to be in character because their relationship is so multilayered. i loved that you called out the ooc cries and it’s when i knew you and i were destined to be besties.
Bestie 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
I’m very passionate about this ooc topic
Love you 🖤
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raspb3rries · a year ago
Hi! We don't really know each other, but I see you're struggling right now and I just wanted to tell you that that is okay and that I understand your thoughts and feelings. Half a year ago I never would've thought I'd be where I am right now, but I'm glad I pulled through and I firmly believe you can, too. By now I've found new people to love and let go of others and I'm not fine but I'm healing. I remember feeling so utterly alone and unloved I thought I was going to be swallowed by the void in me. But as there was not really anyone I wanted or could have around at that time, I decided to spend time with the woman that is myself. I started caring for her more, groomed her, took her on walks, played and listened to music with her and let her cry freely. I always think of this Ottessa Moshfegh quote:
“Here is how I spend my days now. I live in a beautiful place. I sleep in a beautiful bed. I eat beautiful food. I go for walks through beautiful places. I care for people deeply. At night my bed is full of love, because I alone am in it. I cry easily, from pain and pleasure, and I don’t apologize for that. In the mornings I step outside and I’m thankful for another day. It took me many years to arrive at such a life.”
Did I still cry from loneliness and desperation sometimes? Hell yes. There were days when I didn't think I'd make it, when the positive and uplifting words of others seemed bland and empty. But looking back I can say I'm happy I didn't give up. The way is goddamn stony and sometimes you need to lay down next to the road and rest, but healing may not be linear but for me I decided it's inevitable. Please pull through; you can make it. Really. Don't sit around waiting - I know! Sometimes you can't move! - and do small things. Spend time with yourself.
What do you want to do?
Love, it really gets better. Trust me. Trust me! Yes! Even for you! I'm sending you a virtual hug, and if you ever feel super lost and need to get out of your head and someone to talk to, just say something and I'll slide into your dms and send you pics of animals or new music you can listen to. Hope u have a good day and that the sun and also the stars wink at u today. You can do it!
thank you thank you thank you for ur time and being so kind 💖💕💞💘💖💖💖💘💞💖💖💖💖 pls dm me 😁😁
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the-thief-called-fox · a year ago
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It seems Fox causing trouble only makes Magpie like her more. Made with this fun Liechtenstein piccrew:  https://picrew.me/image_maker/376622
Both of Magpie were made by @theghostedmagpie
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book-and-music-lover · a year ago
I have @superchocovian​ to thank for tagging me in this, I’m excited to do this honestly! 
Rules: Attach 10 gifs of your favorite movies without tagging them. Then tag 10 people.
This is gonna be so difficult, but here goes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I don’t have 10 people to tag but I’ll tag a few! @just-a-random2314567980​ @beautiful-swan​ @beautifulthingsfromdust​ @agentofmarvel084​ @chirriko​ @chidi-anagonye​ @biswan​ 
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briennesjaime · 3 years ago
this video makes me so happy  
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