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Stasera fave con cipolle, ci si può aggiungere anche la pancetta a cubetti per dare un tocco di qualità 😋👏🔝
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Jean-Baptiste Lully was the first composer to establish the standard characteristics of the later folía, such as the melodic line and the chord progression.💃🌹

This genre usually features a chord progression of this kind: i-V-i-VII / III-VII-[i or VI]-V / i-V-i-VII / III-VII-[i or VI7]-V[4-3sus]-i, whereas we find a slow sarabande in triple meter at the beginning and the end of the musical composition. Indeed, this serves as a model to follow, whilst the rest of the folía is characterised by variations in rhythm and the melodic line.

⇖Salomé, Paul Antoine de la Boulaye
⇗The end of the ball, Rogelio de Egusquiza
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  • Characters: John Ambrose McClaren, Lara Jean Covey, Peter Kavinsky
  • Fandom: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
  • Tags: Reader Insert, Gender Neutral Reader
  • Warnings: None
  • Word Count: 1,2k words
  • Requested by @stellastyless: Maybe like a John Ambrose X reader?She’s sassy, sarcastic, stubborn.She’s great friends with Lara.John and her share this sort of confused relationship.They never agree with one another, but deep down inside they do care. So maybe like JeALouS scenes? Him casually mentioning his feelings for her,her defending John when Peter calls out him for his stutter.Her jealous when he talks abt Lara. And also scenes like him supporting her during matches, song writing toGeThEr? Just fluff and angst? Ty! ❤️
  • A/N: Yes, I copied the piano scene from the second movie a bit, I’m that original 😋😂 Still, I quite like how this turned out and I hope you enjoy it too! 😘

Originally posted by untamed-force

All day you had been thinking about him, and not in the loving and dreamy way you usually did. You had resolved to just talk to him and sort things out. The apology heavily weighted on your chest as you looked for him. You found John as you followed the beautiful sound of music, and you smiled to yourself at the thought that he was playing the piano. You loved that about him, like many other things.

Dragging your feet with a sigh, you advanced towards him. Even as he faced his back to you, John stopped playing and lightly turned his head to look over his shoulder. He didn’t say anything, didn’t continue playing either, but his demeanor told you he recognized and accepted your presence.

“Fine, I messed up” You admitted, walking to stand next to him. “I’m sorry, okay?”

“For what, exactly?” John absently pushed a finger over a random piano key. The sounf echoed around the room, claiming the silence.

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