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#favorite asks answers

Haha I answered here what my favorite fanfics I wrote were, and I was trying to think if the favorite thing I ever wrote would have a different answer. In terms of, I’ve written a fair amount of original stuff that very few people have read. 

Ultimately, I think I decided that I’m always fond of the last major project I finished, so probably “This is Love” is still my favorite thing, but that will change the next time I finish something =) Although I am also fond of Shine the Brightest, just because it’s been fun exploring this new world.

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Hmmm good question, anon-friend. If we were just going for what kind of visual aesthetics I like to see, then I like any aesthetic in soft pastel colors, or anything that involves lots of books in the background. Sorry if I didn’t understand the question, though, but thank you for asking!!

Ssomething like this is what I had in mind:


Originally posted by leahberman

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Sorry for this very late response, anon-friend! Anxiety was high these past couple of weeks, so I was keeping a low profile. But, here I go:

Favorite insect - crickets!

Favorite star– I don’t think I have a single favorite star, but the Pleiades Constellation is my favorite constellation.

Favorite trope - mutual pining! Or any combination of pining/oblivious, but especially mutual pining and mutual obliviousness.

Thanks for asking!! =D

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Mwahaha I was hoping I’d get a book ask, thanks anon-friend! My top favorite of all time is The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison, I reread that book multiple times every year. Hmm if I was going to list 4 others for top five books:

The Blue Castle - L. M. Montgomery

Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons

Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen

Madness, Rack, Honey - Mary Ruefle

Those are all books I make a point of rereading at least once a year. Thanks again!

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Ooh good question, thanks friend! I think my favorite book when I was younger was probably Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. I loved that book so much that I still haven’t watched the movie, despite hearing relatively good things about the movie. (I took one look at the trailer and went, “nope, you got it wrong.”) I was also a big fan of the Tortall books by Tamara Pierce.

And my favorite book now is The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison =)

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Oh gosh… I have so many

I really like Dracaena trifasciata and really recommend it to anyone looking into getting plants but are scared about killing them. These guys are so hard to kill, and come in many varieties, so they’re one of my favorites.


When it comes to carnivorous plants I really like Drosera sp. Sundews look so dang bizarre and cool and I can’t wait to add one to my collection.


My current obsession is philodendron brasil. I love the dark and light green contrast so much


And for aquatic plants I love Pistia stratiotes “water lettuce” which can get amazing root systems and Ceratophyllum demersum “hornwort” that grows tall and looks fluffy!


Sorry I couldn’t pick just one! There’s just a whole world of plants out there 😂

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Alright so…

I’m very hyped for Rise of Titans, I saw a very cool post somewhere about how Krel will end up having to confront his responsibilities of being King in Waiting, which I find very intriguing

I think the cores are going to come back up and I’m REALLY hoping we get to see more of Douxie and Krel

Also the Arcane Order and more of their backstory

JIM NEEDS A BREAK that boy has been through 4 seasons worth of content and needs to rest

Although him with Strickler as a stepdad would be very interesting 👀

This is more of a “Hopes for Rise of Titans” than “Predictions for Rise of Titans” but yeah

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I’m not sure who my favorites are. I do love writing Chase mostly b/c at some levels I can relate with Chase.

I do love Jackieboy Man! That literally comes from my love of comics that I got from my Dad.  I used to sneak into my parents room when I was old enough to be by myself during the Summers when my brothers were at their friends house and read my Dad’s Comics.  All DC and Marvel. So, I read all kinds of Super Hero Comics growing up.  Maybe that’s why I love Jackieboy Man so much.  Just haven’t figured out my version of Jackieboy Man yet. But the best thing about being an Artist/Writer is you have all these ideas that you can experiment with until you find the ones that you like the most.

Marvin I do love! I do some ideas for his Background/Head Canons.

Anti is literally someone I love to write as a Villain! B/C you can write him as the “Suave Mastermind” or the evil Demon.

For the Markiplier Egos.  Dark and Wilford are my favorites! I think I might try to write some more fanfics of them!

I do have an idea for Bingiplier and Googleplier I’m just not sure how to exicute it yet.  It’s like a Detroit: Becoming Human like story only with the Egos.  

I am thinking of writing somethings with the Host/the Author.  Especially with my OC Nora Weird (the adopted daughter of the Author). With how the Author became the Host and how with the help of the Community the Author is able to come back. This whole feud with Darkiplier trying to have control of the Author or the Host b/c of how powerful they are.  And with the Author and the Host, two the most powerful but very dangerous and blood thirsty Egos are going out of their way to protect someone.  It still has a lot of WIP to do!

I’m also currently working two big projects. One’s the Asylum guesting staring @isa-ghost.  Isa a friend and CSI and she’s working against the clock to try to figure out what has happened to Jackieboy Man that land him into the Asylum with an expected help from the Author. 

The other is my Swap!AU. I’m currently working on the JSE Egos for that one, Untitled.exe.  The roles of the Egos are completely switched!  AntiSepticeye is Septic City’s Anti-Hero, Marvin is the Time Travel who can’t speak, JJ is the Magician, Chase the Doctor, Henrik is the YouTuber and Jackie is as you guest the Villain!  Jackie goes missing from trying to do a rescue mission on his own, it’s been nine months and not a trace of Jackie!  That is until a new Villain comes to town.  Able to glitch in and out, being able to control any and all electronics and can hypnotize anyone that watches him.  Under the leadership of the biggest and one of most powerful Dark Egos of all, DarkSetpiceye.

I still have a tone and half of things to do!  But hopefully I’ll get a new chapter up here soon!  Or maybe I’ll be able to draw something of this!


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send a number between 1-100 and i’ll give the corresponding song(s) on my spotify 2020 wrapped playlist

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