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#favorite gifmakers 馃挅
lesbianbuck27 days ago
hi! im fairly new to the 911 fandom and was wondering if you knew any good blogs to follow? thank you 馃檹
hi and welcome! oh man i follow a very small handful of people but let鈥檚 see what i can do.
@lesbiandiaz is hilarious and makes a lot of 911 + text post memes that are SO funny. once halloween is over her and i will be url twins and i love her with my whole heart 馃挅
@honestlydarkprincess makes a lot of really funny 911 memes and writes great fic, and she鈥檚 also super sweet! highly recommend giving her a follow.
@extasiswings does really amazing character analysis and writes the best eddie-centric fic i鈥檝e ever read. i鈥檓 always so excited to see what she has to say about new and upcoming episodes!
@hmslusitania @capseycartwright @prettyboybuckley @tylerhunklin and @bigfootsmom all write incredible fic as well.
@queerdiaz @monsterfuckerdiaz @bieddiediaz @edmundoevan @diazchristopher @tarlosbuddie @evanbuckleys and @cinematicnomad are some of my favorite gifmakers in the fandom! @ethicalconflictdiaz @oneawkwardcookie and @phantomqueenmorrigan do great photo and video edits as well.
some great source blogs are @911icons (run by the talented @evanbukley and @jddryder) @911charactersofcolor and @911verse. they post a whole bunch of consistent content that features 911 creators, so those are great places to go to look for blogs to follow as well.
@911bts is terrific for staying up to date on behind the scenes stuff as it comes out! nova is a beast at getting the information first. if nova doesn鈥檛 know it, nobody does.
some honorable mentions: @sainteddie @lovelessmotel @bloodybuck and @trashbaget 馃挍
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bisexualalienblasta month ago
It鈥檚 me, your favorite gifmaker who swoops in to make the same gifsets as everyone else except for 8 hours later! You know the drill with gif requests 馃挅馃挅 send 鈥榚m if you got 鈥榚m
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cetra2 months ago
was tagged in this cute little gtkm thingy by @taliaferros thank you ily 馃挌 i havent actually completed a tag game in a while so why not this one!
FAVORITE FOODS: pizza,聽tikka masala,聽red lentil dahl, scallion pancakes, nachos, carrot cake
LAST THING I GOOGLED: biryani (to see what u referred to teddy :D God that looks so good.. i wish it was vegetarian 馃槱)
DREAM TRIP: ireland so i can be somewhere ppl can pronounce my name (also to be more in touch w my heritage and visit relatives and blahblahblah)
TIME: 11:11pm make a wish
TEA OR COFFEE: tea but hot chocolate >>>
LAST SHOW I WATCHED: chicago med with my mom
CURRENTLY WATCHING: chicago med with my mom
SWEET, SAVORY, SPICY: spicy > sweet > savory
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: looking too closely by fink 馃挅
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: the old guard (2020) for the first time the other night. i honestly really liked it, way more than i thought i would. it was a thirst watch for some of the guys i wont even lie fgbhgbfkh but then i ended up rly enjoying it so.. a win!! if u havent watched it already i recommend it
CRAVINGS: pizza always
HOBBIES: video games, gifmaking, being a bitch
FEELING: pretty great tbh!! 馃
i tag anybody who wants to do this (this means YOU! 馃槨馃憞)
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soonwnua month ago
let's see if tumlbr doesn't hate me today: I FOLLOW YOU BECAUSE FIRST OF I LOVE ALL THE CONTENT YOU POST from your original content whether it's gfx (YOU'RE ONE OF THE BESY GFX MAKERS OUT THERE IF NOT *THE* BEST) and gifs or the stuff you reblog OHH OR YOUR TEXT POSTS love it when you shade the bitches 馃憖 ok next!! i follow you because you're so fun and cool and smart and i can't stress this enough please you just Know It All HOW LIKE HOW 馃槶馃槶馃槶 i admire you so much sjsgsjag lastly i follow you because you are so nice and kind and understanding and you just get me jsgaja i can be myself with you which i really appreciate <3 KEEP BEING AWESOME AL YOU'RE DOING THE MOST AS ALWAYS 馃挄馃挅馃挒馃挅馃挄馃挅馃挒馃挅馃挒馃挅馃挄馃挅馃挒馃挅馃挄馃挆馃挐馃挊
a spectecular *checks calendar* three days later (plus another day bc tumblr was being a bitch to us juhzgtzhuji) i am finally answering this after returning from my peasant mode as in the commoner's cold. anyways. ignore that. i love an introduction. and it helps me cope with my emotions this ask has given me ever since you put it in my inbox! as if i could cope to begin with! i can't! this little paragraph means the damn world to me and i mean that from the bottom of my little, cold, unhinged stone of a heart. 馃ズ i certainly don't know it all (which you will find out sooner than later, sorry about that </3) but i am always so happy to chat with you about stuff and just go from topic to topic bc our brains are very random ......... places ..... yeah, let's leave it at that. i can never repeat how much i admire YOU, how much you are one of my favorite gifmakers in this fandom but also on this bonkers site, and how thankful i am for every little nice thing you say about the crappy stuff i post. ONCE MORE. IT MEANS THE WORLD. ok you got enough of my gemini rambling paragraph i will stop here. let's shade more bitches in the future. i hope you know there is no chance i will unfollow you ever. even if this site terminates you are stuck with me. cheers. isn't this amazing. i love you. you and your cool iconic funny little brain and heart. 馃挄馃挊馃挒馃挅馃挀
Send me an聽鈥淚 follow you because鈥
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imikhailoa month ago
1, 14, 32 for the gifmaker ask 馃挅
1. What are your top 3 favorite sets you鈥檝e made
I got this question 3 times, and I can't choose just one so... 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
from shameless meme 7x10 and tami聽| and 7x10 script
also answered here
14. How long does it usually take you to make a set
depends on my laziness aksl莽kl or depends on the idea. like the bruises set,聽my idea was to use just scenes from 7x10 and I was so pumped to finish and see the final result that I think I did it in 2/3 days.
sometimes I already know what scenes I want to use (x), so I'm able to finish it faster. and sometimes I just take random scenes and hope for the best (x)
32. What is your favorite tool/adjustment layer in Photoshop
selective color is where I do my magic. and the brush tool is my bestie :)
questions for gif-makers
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billpotssa month ago
hi sas!! 1, 9, and 32 for the gif questions! hope you鈥檙e having a good day 馃挅馃挅
hi roryy tysm for the ask!! i did have a good day, hope you have one too 馃挒
1. what are your top 3 favorite sets you鈥檝e made?
ohh this is the hardest question out of all of them skdjsk i'm gonna cheat and do 4 of them shhhh, i don't even know for sure if these are my favourites but they're def up there!
alt er back to school week - this gifset was my first time doing overlays and honestly? it slaps god this is actually SO GOOD SKDJSJD i love looking back on this one
malina + book quotes - while i may not show it that often i am 100% a malina stan and reading tgt never fails to make me cry, so i thought i'd choose some of my fav moments to make this set and it turned out so well pls...
dodie's birthday - i really didn't expect much from this set, just wanted to do something for my fav musicians birthday but i actually really love how it turned out!! turns out i am actually able to colour nicely skfjkd who would've thought
druck s6 - ohhh this season. so so beautiful and honestly at first, i really hated this set bc the colouring is all over the place and the quality is really not that good, but now i think it looks really nice!!
9. what/who inspired you to start making gifs?
in may last year (2020) i joined a skamverse server which was full of amazing gifmakers, and after actually joining the fandom and seeing the beautiful things that were being made i really wanted to join in with that! special mentions to magda, eddi and valentina bc they really were the catalysts for this sjdksjd
32. what is your favorite tool/adjustment layer in Photoshop?
welllll i don't use photoshop so i wouldn't know lol but in the app that i work with, the most fun thing to do is play around with curves (which i think ps has too) but also i love the contrast tool? it can really change the feel of a gif very quickly which i think is really cool!!
send me gifmaker asks!
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jaemtensa month ago
hi! just wanted to drop by to tell you that i think your gifs are always super beautiful, you are my favorite gif maker of the nct, the boyz and ateez fandom 馃挅
thanks, that's really nice of you to write 馃挄
unfortunately, i don't think i will be giffing as much as i have been lately. real life is getting busier, and idk if i can hang around all morning from 6 pm to midnight kst waiting for content to drop. it's also been really demotivating to make sets that are much higher quality than ones i would make 2-3 years ago, only to see them get 5-10x fewer notes. gifmaking isn't as fun as it used to be for me, and i can't justify spending as much time and energy as i currently am for the response i'm getting.
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ireone5 months ago
this is a tumblr hug, pass it on to your ten favorite followers and mutuals 馃挅
one of my favorite gifmakers here, hyu!!! thank you so much for sending this to me bb 馃挅 looove your creations so much and i could say the same think about you as well 鉁
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poppywright6 months ago
hey! 23 and 41? 鉁
hi res!!! thank you for the ask!!!!聽馃挍馃専馃挅
23.聽What is the thing you gif when you don鈥檛 have anything else you want to gif?
usually taylor swift!!!! or teen wolf sometimes. or the hunger games!!! it really just depends on what i have downloaded at the moment jfdklfjsfds i鈥檓 too lazy to download something new if i don鈥檛 know specifically what i鈥檓 gonna do with it !!
41.聽What is your least favorite part about your gif making process?
screencapping. oh my god. logically i know that screen-recording is even worse but i swear, every time i open mplayer i lose years off my lifespan.聽
gifmaker asks!
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haknew3 months ago
Ok so i dont want you to spill all your secrets, that's part of the work so it wouldn't be right, but like how do you do coloring that way??馃槶馃槶 I mean the cyans and the reds, they go so well together I'm speechless every time I see your works;;;
oh nothing about my gifmaking process is really a secret djkffbdjjd no worries ! i鈥檓 always happy to help anyone who wants to make gifs ! 馃ズ鉁 hmm well ! my coloring style i鈥檝e been told is very uniquely my own ? but to be honest i drew inspo from my own personal fav gifmakers to see which color combinations i liked best for colorings ! since everyone has a coloring style they prefer, cyans + reds are my personal favorite ! smth to be said about color theory too since they鈥檙e complementary colors ! as for how i get cyans and reds 鈥 typically i adjust all the colors in my gifs over to those two tones in hue / sat and selective color ! i think gifs with too many colors look a bit busy (imo of course it鈥檚 just a preference) so i鈥檒l go through individual colors (magentas, blues, greens, yellows) and adjust cool colors over to cyan and warm colors over to reds ! (for blues it鈥檚 about -30 in hue / sat and yellows -20 !) but yea ! tbh i just eyeball it 馃槶 some colorings turn out better than others and i never feel like i鈥檓 consistent but it makes me reeeeally happy to hear you think they look nice 馃ズ馃挅鉁 means a lot to me ^^
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honsool4 months ago
you're one of my favorite gifmakers ever 馃ズ 馃挏
thankyou so much sweetheart馃挅馃挅
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jaennie5 months ago
hello to one of my favorite gifmaker here 鈾 this is kinda random ngl but since we haven't got any news regarding bp comeback yet, would you mind if i request a gifset of blonde rosie? thank you so much for this eve! 馃挅
hello, salsa! thank you so much, it means a lot since i was a fan of your works for ages!! <3 i just posted it and i hope you like it! >o<聽 馃挅
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