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of-foolish-and-wise · a year ago
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IN THIS HOUSE WE celebrate black women sculptors because Dark Academia has a slight Michelangelo fetish and sometimes it’s good to mix things up. 
Left to Right: Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller & Elizabeth Catlett, Selma Burke & Simone Leigh, Edmonia Lewis & Augusta Savage
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fairytale-lights · a month ago
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Here's how my sister decorated a gingerbread house 😂
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artsywaterlily · a year ago
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Guys pls help I am super obsessed with making these picrews.
Here are the links!!
1st pic: https://picrew.me/image_maker/259399
2nd pic: https://picrew.me/image_maker/415524
3rd pic: https://picrew.me/image_maker/230257
4th pic: https://picrew.me/image_maker/94097
5th pic: https://picrew.me/image_maker/283552
For all those The Hobbit/Lotr fans, reblog and show me what you would look like as an elf, or what you would look like in middle earth!! Idk if i want to make this a tag game but okay lol
No pressure tags: @elles-writing @moony-artnstuff @kumqu4t @trxblemaker @claraofthepen @fizzyxcustard @aredhel-of-gondolin @wzrd-wheezes @lonikje @guardianofrivendell @fandomgalcentral @bluebellhairpin @incorrect-lotr-trash @tolkienblackgirl @wellfuckmyexistence @luna-xial @rowandor @legolaslovely @legolasoftherings @lily-ivu and so many others that I forgot 😅
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localswampcrow · 2 months ago
the only reason it's called "the dean cave" is because at first when he brought cas in there dean said "do you like my man cave?" waggled his eyebrows. cas stared at him. then dean said, very suggestively "you know... my man cave?" To which cas makes his little annoyed scronch face and said "yes, dean, you know that I do". when sam finds out he forces dean to change the name but obviously "the dean cave" is almost even worse and so now there's a room in the bunker dedicated to all trans masc dudes out there
*inspired by this post*
pt. 4 of my supernatural transgenderism thoughts // pt. 1 // pt. 2 // pt. 3
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anlian-aishang · 9 months ago
“Hey, you okay?”
Levi looked at you from the other side of the couch, concern lacing his features. He knew something was up with how quiet you had been for the past couple of hours. Your usual bubbly and sweet behavior was almost completely gone and your eyes had lost some of their spark. He knew you were trying your best to hide it. Had it been anyone else, they might have just bought your brave facade.
You didn't want to bother him with your problems. He knew that. He knew you.
“Yeah, it's nothing. I'm just tired.” You gave him a tired smile and returned your attention to the tv, subtly trying to play off your anxiety and nausea on your hectic schedule.
Only Levi knew better. He could read you like an open book. Reading people was his specialty, and he could read you better than anyone else.
“Aha, if you say so.”
He got off the couch and headed towards the kitchen. A pang of disappointment hit you the moment he left. Did he really buy your lie this time? As much as you didn't want to bother him, you wanted his reassurance and comfort more. Tears started welling in your eyes. You wiped them quickly and told yourself to suck it up and shake it off. You gave him clear indication that nothing was wrong, so you couldn't exactly blame him for his actions.
He returned to the living room about fifteen minutes later with a Tupperware box in his hand.
He put the box on the table in front of you and simply said, “I'll go get Muffin.”
A smile spread across your lips when you looked at the contents inside the box. A couple slices of lettuce and small cut pieces of strawberry, banana, carrot and bell peppers.
You sat together on the couch, feeding Muffin the tiny bits of fruits and vegetables, laughing and giggling at the bunny's cute behavior.
This was nice, you were feeling a whole lot better already.
Levi watched you intently the whole time, gaging your mood and your reactions. His gaze softened when he saw how you started returning to your normal self.
“Hey brat,” he called out to you, nothing but tenderness in his eyes when you raised your head to meet them, “You know I'm here for you right? You don't have to hide whatever is bothering you from me. I can always tell.”
You turned your gaze to the side, slightly embarrassed, but also incredibly grateful for his efforts.
“Yeah I know. Thank you so much for this.” You flashed him one of your best and most genuine smiles before continuing to pet Muffin.
“Well, good.”
He stayed silent for a solid minute, most likely finding the courage to say what he was about to tell you.
“I love you, you know? I don't like seeing you upset.”
He didn't say it often. He was more the type to show how much he cared as opposed to saying it out loud. The surprise was evident on your face and he felt embarrassment coat his cheeks.
He quickly got up from the couch and mumbled something about putting Muffin back and brushing your hair afterwards.
As you watched his back retreating from the living room, Muffin gently but firmly secured in his arms, you just couldn't help yourself.
“I love you too, Levi.”
He stopped in his tracks, but just barely for a second, before he continued walking.
fjlkdsjfldsajfsajlfdjdsalfjlsafjs u - u wrote a fic for me 🥺🥺🥺 oh my god i am cryingggg. i am LEGIT crying right now. Tears are streaming down the face ;_; This is like, one of the top 10 NICEST things anyone has ever done for me 💝 This is just - so touching, beautiful, meaningful, I can’t say enough about it. All I can say is thank you and this made my life complete. I LOVE YOU AND AND AND. HOW CAN I RETURN THE FAVOR???
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kumqu4t · 6 months ago
creachur y/n: mom! bilbo
Bilbo: you had us worried half to death, and you must never do that again!
Y/n: I’m sorry-
Bilbo: And you raced your little tail off and kicked so much human butt! And I am so proud of you and I am so mad at you!
mom!bilbo is everything i’ve ever wanted or needed
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brocolli-boi · 8 days ago
My headcannon for you is you’d definitely have a flower shop in an alternate universe, then you’d meet your current partner there and find out they own a coffee shop nearby and every morning you go over there to get some coffee before opening your flower shop.
Then when you guys go on a date, you’d have special picked flowers with sweet meanings and you’d explain what every flower means to them
oh my goshes honestly i feel this in my bones. i have always loved flower/coffee shop aus... marcy could tell you... well, really, a scan of my ao3 page or the first fic i ever read could tell you :')) <333
i love this so much owhohohohoho and explaining all of it to my dearest would be such a win...
the name i picked out is a flower,, so its rather fitting,, thank you so much wahh this is so sweet,, @blushyaxolotl !!! look!!!!!!!!
thank you arii illysm *cries and sobs and hugs you*
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banditthewriter · a year ago
Chaotic Neutral and I just realized that we had met before that day in the waiting room.
I was flipping through some photos of old concerts I’d been to. We were talking about the Linkin Park concert I went to with my brother and now sister-in-law. He was telling me about how he’d gone to one too. He said the girl in front of him had dropped her phone at one point and he got it from under the seats. Which was so funny because I dropped my phone at the concert and the guy behind me helped me find it. 
So I flipped through the photos that I had but none were of us in the seats. I sent my sister-in-law a text to see if she still had the pictures and she found them and sent them to me. There’s one of her, my brother, and I in our seats between bands. 
My fucking husband!
This was 2007 so I would’ve been 16. He would’ve been 22. 
I mean, we had a split 5 minute interaction, BUT WE BOTH REMEMBERED IT! HOLY SHIT.
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tangymagnolia · a year ago
Tumblr media
dawn graduated with her lit degree!
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mint-66 · a year ago
hey if your about to peruse this blog for some reason, a couple disclaimers.
1. 99% of the talking I do is in tags of things i have rebloged
2. I swear, kinda a lot, not every other word but often enough
3. If you don’t understand any slang/words I use please shoot me a message, I’m happy to explain
4. caps trigger warning
5. I have one recurring tag, #favorite post. thats it, that’s all
6. That said, if you want me to tag for anything; such as a trigger warning. Please, please shoot me an ask, or a dm. It takes me a couple minutes to scroll through my recent reblogs and tag for anything specific
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of-foolish-and-wise · a year ago
mega-list of book recommendations
saw a mega-list of literary recommendations going around recently and was struck by the dearth of titles by poc, so i made a list of just poc titles to course-correct. keep in mind that i can only in good faith recommend what i’ve read, so i’m sure i’ve absolutely missed some integral titles. drop me an inbox message if you have more recs, i’m always open
the narrative of frederick douglass - frederick douglass
incidents in the life of a slave girl - harriet jacobs
the souls of black folk - w.e.b. dubois
montage of a dream deferred - langston hughes
cane - jean toomer
their eyes were watching god - zora neale hurston
the bean eaters - gwendolyn brooks
a raisin in the sun - lorraine hansberry
invisible man - ralph ellison
native son - richard wright
the autobiography of malcolm x - malcolm x
the fire next time - james baldwin
sister outsider: essays and speeches - audre lorde
things fall apart - chinua achebe
the garden of forking paths - jorge luis borges
one hundred years of solitude - gabriel garcia marquez
the color purple - alice walker
the woman warrior - maxine hong kingston
satanic verses - salman rushdie
beloved - toni morrison
sula - toni morrison
the house on mango street - sandra cisneros
the joy luck club - amy tan
DAMN. - kendrick lamar
a tempest - aime cesaire
for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf - ntozake shange
fences - august wilson
dutchman - amiri baraka
the american play - suzan-lori parks
the light of the world - elizabeth alexander
how we fight for our lives - saeed jones
between the world and me - ta-nehisi coates
persepolis - marjane satrapi
men we reaped - jesmyn ward
heavy - kiese laymon
black boy - richard wright
the yellow house - sarah m broom
brothers and keepers - john edgar wideman
zami: a new spelling of my name - audre lorde
american sonnet for my past and future assassin - terrance hayes
the tradition - jericho brown
night sky with exit wounds - ocean vuong
citizen: an american lyric - claudia rankine
twenty love poems and a song of despair - pablo neruda
don’t call us dead - danez smith
eye level - jenny xie
life on mars - tracy k smith
a fortune for your disaster - hanif abdurraqib
postcolonial love poem - natalie diaz
i can’t talk about the trees without the blood - tiana clark
i wore my blackest hair - carlina duan
an american sunrise - joy harjo
oculus - sally wen mao
short stories
her body & other stories - carmen maria machado
interpreter of maladies - jhumpa lahiri
exhalation - ted chiang
ficciones - jorge louis borges
what is not yours is not yours - helen oyeyemi
sour heart - jenny zhang
how to write an autobiographical novel: essays - alexander chee
trick mirror - jia tolentino
bad feminist - roxane gay
they can’t kill us until they kill us - hanif abdurraqib
we were eight years in power: an american tragedy - ta-nehisi coates
borderlands/la frontera: the new mestiza - gloria anzaldua
this bridge called my back: writings by radical women of color - ed. cherrie moraga and gloria anzaldua
white girls - hilton als
the new jim crow: mass incarceration in the era of colorblindness - michelle alexander
stamped from the beginning: the definitive history of racist ideas in america - ibram x kendi
bunk: the rise of hoaxes, humbug, plagiarists, phonies, post-facts, and fake news - kevin young
an alchemy of race and rights - patricia j williams
looking for lorraine: the radiant and radical life of lorraine hansberry - imani perry
the next billion users: digital life beyond the west - payal arora
passing - nella larson
caucasia - danzy senna
trust exercise - susan choi
on earth we’re briefly gorgeous - ocean vuong
corregidora - gayl jones
the fifth season - nk jemisin
the brief wondrous life of oscar wao - junot diaz
the round house - louise erdrich
there, there - tommy orange
little fires everywhere - celeste ng
the supervisor - viet than nguyen
kindred - octavia butler
the known world - edward p jones
the underground railroad - colson whitehead
the god of small things - arundhati roy
the vegetarian - han king
playing in the dark: whiteness and the literary imagination - toni morrison
black skin, white masks - frantz fanon
mama’s baby, papa’s maybe: an american grammar book - hortense spillers
discourse on colonialism - aime cesaire
scenes of subjection - saidiya hartman
the signifyin(g) monkey - henry louis gates jr
pedagogy of the oppressed - paulo freire
feminist theory: from margin to center - bell hooks
black noise: rap music and black culture in contemporary america - tricia rose
decolonizing the mind: the politics of language in african literature - ngũgĩ wa thiong’o
black marxism: the making of the black radical tradition - cedric robinson
black feminist thought: knowledge, consciousness, and the politics of empowerment - patricia hill collins
black and blur (consent not to be a single thing) - fred moten
young adult
diary of a part-time indian - sherman alexei
the hate u give - angie thomas
emergency contact - mary hk choi
i am not your perfect mexican daughter - erika sanchez
poet x - elizabeth avecedo
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fairytale-lights · 5 months ago
I don't think it's unreasonable for me not to think divorce is ever funny, is it?
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artsywaterlily · a year ago
Happy New Year!!
Hey guys! I just want to make this speech while I can.
Tumblr media
Happy New Year everyone! 
We made it! We survived 2020, now moving on to 2021. 
To my friends and followers:
I just want to say, thank you guys for supporting me, making amazing content, introducing me to new fandoms and people, making my laugh and feel happy, and just being my friend. I really appreciate it when you interact with me and my blog, it really makes me happy. I had my ups and downs too this year, and I’m glad I got to spend it with you guys. Thank you for making 2020 better for me ❤
@elles-writing @claraofthepen @trxblemaker @moony-artnstuff @kumqu4t @lonikje @guardianofrivendell @luna-xial @sokkasdarling @legolaslovely @legolasoftherings @wzrd-wheezes @tolkienblackgirl @lathalea @fizzyxcustard @incorrect-lotr-trash @hufflepuffinblr @eznova @misha-ivu @fandomgalcentral @dreaming-about-fanfictions @wreckofawriter @bluebellhairpin @theballadofbilbobaggins @pistachiozombie @estethell @allinwonderlands @fuckingdraco @dracosathenaeum @xxbyimm @matching-with-my-demons @aredhel-of-gondolin @rowandor @aduialel @the-fandoms-georgie @cassiabaggins @jazzistolkienfanfics @bagginshieldoferebor @musicalmuffindog1410 @ceinelee @stories-by-shanna-p @tolkien-fantasy @dumbassunderthemountain @lindirs-gaze @eluriel-undomiel @ailynstark51 @do-you-wanna-sugarcube​ and so many other people that my stupid brain can’t remember. Tagging all my followers too!❤
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ladyvesuvia · 6 months ago
wait are you ten? just curious
yes i am in fact just the same age as the movie mars needs moms
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You are an incredible blessing to this fandom. A bright ray of sunshine and joy. Please don’t change and please keep sharing your amazing mind with us. As a gift for all you do for us, I thought I would give you a gift. I am a fan of your UB as coffee drink ideas so I have something for you. Maybe I need to write the other drinks. But I wonder what painful concoction the LT would be?
(Pt1) She wrapped her lips delicately around the edge of the mug. Tipping it to bring the liquid, warm and inviting, to her mouth. Her face flushed at the thoughts that passed across her mind. This was a drink she had started making only recently. A recipe that was created wholly with him in mind. His body warm on her’s like the warmth of the milk within her cup. The right temperature to make her mind slip to other touches. Subtle hints of cinnamon finding that perfect balance.
(Pt2) Too much and you are in danger, too little and you miss the pleasure of that spice. His kisses sweet as the honey. Sweet words whispered in her ear and washing over her body and relaxing her in ways only he can. And a tiny dash of cayenne. That hotness blending with the sweetness, and the rest of the drink, to provide an all too delicious reminder of him.
(La Fin) She closed her eyes and thought back to last night with him in her room. “Looks like I should maybe give you and that drink some time alone,” Mason's voice teased low and a bit husky from the door of her office. She sputtered into her drink, splashing some of the liquid down the front of her shirt. Of all the people to catch her in this daydream. She blushed as his eyes lingered on the spot staining the curves of her chest. “Or better yet, I can help you out of those clothes.”
I wish I could tell you how in love with this I am, but I wouldn’t be able to express it. This is so beautifully written from a silly little random thing I posted and it’s with my favorite character. I could cry omg and the end of it was so so perfect. 
Thank you, whoever you are that sent this to me. It has totally turned my day around and I love and appreciate you for it :’)
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anlian-aishang · 9 months ago
Two soft knocks were followed by the creak of hinges as you lifted your head from your folded arms, creases from the fabric joining your features.
“You submitted it then?” He asked, stepping into the room slightly, leaning against the door frame.
“Mhm” you yawned, the solid 8 hours you got the night before rendered useless the moment you cursor hovered over the “Submit Application” button, all the strength you had suddenly drained.
“Good work.”
A soft pat on your head had you smiling before you felt your body moving, twirled around in your computer chair to face decidedly away from your setup.
“Let’s get you back to bed. I’ll order us some chicken for lunch, but try to nap until then. Then you’re taking the rest of the week, and the weekend off to relax. With me.”
CHAPTER 2??? CHAPTER 2 :0!!! OF THE STRESSED READER ((anlian)) X LEVI SAGA 😍 Y’all are too nice. too damn nice. I like can’t even believe this... the heart is boink boink and the tears are flowing. You lovely humans are too pure for this earth and I have big crushes on all of you :’) Also, can I just say, if Levi said, “Let’s get you back to bed.” I would EVAPORATE. THOSE WORDS WOULD DISINTEGRATE ME. BYE BYE. RIP ANLIAN. But then. But thennnn, if he said, “I’ll order us some chicken for lunch.” OH MAN. THAT WOULD BRING ME RIGHT TF BACK TO LIFE 😇😇😇  I love this so much and I love you so much and this is a big big IOU 💌
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cis-tender · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some screenshot that I take from a MARIKIN online 4 gameplay(ending) on yt bcs why not
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mythigal1966 · a year ago
The Human Fantasy -Hogfather, Discworld
Happy Hogswatch!
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banditthewriter · a year ago
Y'all I got married today! And it was perfect and wonderful and amazing and have I said perfect because it was perfect?
I wont be posting That Which Fate Creates tonight because, well, I'm spending the rest of the evening with my husband.
(Holy shit I have a husband.)
Also he gave me the new ring so that I don't have to wear the huge engagement ring anymore except for when I want to. This new ring is so beautiful too that I cried when he gave it to me.
Here's the ring and the wedding band which looks cute by itself.
Tumblr media
Okay gonna go curl back up with my husband!
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tangymagnolia · a year ago
Tumblr media
after ally aged into a toddler, parker & dawn agreed it would be an appropriate time to have their wedding!
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