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softyin · a year ago
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tiffletontwo · 4 months ago
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border-meme · 3 months ago
Them: Awwwe
Me: Not awwwwwe, if you’re my fp you literally control my entire being; you should be fucking scared... I am.
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beehasbpd · 9 months ago
hey google how do i tell people im rapidly declining and make them actually care without being manipulative, by people i mean specifically my favourite person
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r4ym3i · 4 months ago
let me explain how i would describe having a fp / bpd episode
- i literally had a panic attack over eye contact and micro details that no one could notice, and because they (my fp) talked to someone else more than me. They also left me persuaded they despite me more than absolutely everything
- had a whole breakdown but by breakdown I mean emptying my entire soul on the floor crying n balling my eyes out without any possibility to breath or calm myself down for a whole hour (it’s long when stuff like this is happening) because they asked a question to someone they didn’t ask me
- got absolutely the drunkest of my life because of that breakdown or something else but close to that
- am absolutely delusional like it is absolute delusion
- impossible for me not to think of them for more than like 10 minutes (2 minutes MAX. at my worse like I’m not exaggerating) and by them I mean their whole person, presence, voice, personality, mimics, colors I assigned them with, their expressions, their shadow, silhouette etc
- I feel like it’s EATING me alive it hurts my head so much
- I have delusional thoughts and attached over them
Anyways there’s WAY much more believe me but I’m tired good night
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hotlesbianmess · 14 days ago
I hate summer
I hate being alone all the time
I hate my friends texting me once every two weeks
I hate being home
I hate not having anyone to talk to
I hate binge watching stupid series all day
I hate being bored
I hate my girlfriend having great time without me God knows where
I hate my depressive episodes
I hate me not being social
I hate me not being able to get up in the morning
I hate me overthinking everything
I hate sleeping for 14 hours
I hate not sleeping for weeks
I hate mornings
I hate middays
I hate evenings
I hate nights
I hate not having anything I can focus on
I hate summer
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beautifuldarkmind · 3 months ago
BPD culture is obsessively checking if your favourite person has blocked you/cut you off after an argument because you expect them to leave like everyone else does.
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expressionist-hira · 3 months ago
Getting hurt by your favorite person is worst kind of experience.
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psychopathicnarc · 6 months ago
I’m with my partner rn, and can hear him breathing softly as he sleeps. I could probably count the amount of times I’ve felt genuine happiness on my hands, and this is one of those moments.
I’m not sure why, as all I’m doing is sitting here with my boyfriend sleeping, but I’m beyond happy just listening to him at peace rn knowing he’s mine. I love him so much. Growing up & never forming attachments to people has lead me to believe I’m incapable of being in a relationship long term or incapable of experiencing “love” as seen in the media; I’m very proudly able to say I am in a long term [ healthy ] relationship & in love with my partner as he is with me. Younger me wouldn’t believe this would be possible, and would probably look down upon me for being ‘vulnerable’ or ‘weak’ but I currently don’t care. Nothing can take away how happy I am, and how proud I am to say I’m finally attached to someone enough to safely say I love them, and will probably spend the rest of my life with them.
Those with AsPD & NPD are able to be in happy and healthy long term relationships despite what others & our brains occasionally tell us. -I am proof of this happening & so are countless others-
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bpd-posi · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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that-cluster-b-moment · 7 months ago
that cluster b moment when you're traumatised from being attached so hard to someone and then seeing non-cluster-bs romanticise the favourite person thing and acting as if it's "aww they're so attached to me uwu"
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chronicallylav3nd3r · 2 months ago
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• this user misses their fp •
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rotten-innocence · 8 months ago
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OC Ok To RB do not Repost
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softyin · 6 months ago
oh wow bpd, are we FPing?? again??? really
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beehasbpd · 7 months ago
bpd is not knowing what emotions you can tell people you’re feeling because you don’t know what’s normal and what’s toxic to say
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clockworkbee · 6 months ago
when they tell each other “you're my favourite person” I absolutely love it!
Tumblr media
—it ends with us, by Colleen Hoover
Tumblr media
—heartstopper volume 2, by Alice Oseman
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hotlesbianmess · a month ago
I thought I was recovering, but I’m actually hypomanic. BUT I FEEL GOOD SOOO LET’S KEEP THAT UP 💅
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