gorgynei · a day ago
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the thrilling sequel to marisha being stuck between travis and another player’s intense handshake
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ben-lyintous · a day ago
imagine you're in the process of getting mugged when a group of strangers rushes in, a weird little robot yells "we're going to save you!" and then one of their friends immediately goes bald
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sparring-spirals · a day ago
"I'm not scared of the hawk, I just don't know what it wants from me." "It's got a name. It's called Shithead. Because it shits on my head every time it sees me." F.C.G, WHAT-
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flowersforvax · a day ago
Matt: ...flesh-tongued FCG can't hurt me...
Flesh-tongued FCG:
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kookyrxoxo · a day ago
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Once again, this needs updating.
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organasoloskywalker · 4 hours ago
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Endless Bells Hells 4/???
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fresh-cut-stan · 7 hours ago
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Flesh tongue FCG can and will hurt you.
Sleep tight. :)
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mell0bee · 2 days ago
bell’s hells as the oh hellos songs
i made this like 2 weeks ago and never posted it. so here it is. this is mostly about the Vibe rather than like the actual lyrics. and happy thursday!!!
chetney: eat you alive
these things that you're after, they can't be controlled this beast that you're after will eat you alive and spit out your bones!
it was difficult picking one out, but seeking new power and defying fear is pretty good.
laudna: grow
and the way the shadows on the wall are cast look like a twisted apparition from the past and all the memories come flooding fast a wilderness you kinda miss but you were taught you ought to cut it back
the nature theme doesn’t fit her exactly, but undoing death and shoving down your past does i think
bonus instrumental: danse macabre
orym: cold is the night
cold is the night without you here just your absence ringing in my ears hard is the heart that feels no fear without the bad, the good disappears
grief, moving on, traveling, home!
imogen: pale white horse
it was a pale white horse with a crooked smile and i knew it was my time it was the raging storm of a foreign war and a face i'd seen before
oh a song about the apocalypse? horses and storms? hmmm who do i know is associated with those things…
ashton: theseus
we keep fixing what we know is only bound to break what's worth saving is never worth letting go to waste i wanna mend what i've got, instead of throwing away
i think this is more what i hope ashton grows into, though there’s a bit of how they are now, fixing and rebuilding
fearne: there beneath
there beneath the willow tree i learned a lot about the way of things i learned that everything (the wind, the leaves) has breath inside
the feywild’s great yknow?
bonus instrumental: a convocation of fauns (a faunvocation, if you will)
fcg: boreas
in the end all i hope for is to be a bit of warmth for you when there's not a lot of warmth left to go around
this one was also really hard lol but being a caretaker with pent-up anger works
dorian: lay me down
see, i was born a restless, wayward child i could hear the whole world calling me outside of the masses i routinely sat behind and lord, i had to see with my own eyes
also i ran out of links but bertand is 'i have made mistakes' ALSO DUH
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gobliiine · a day ago
“I check to see if she smudged or scratched anything” this is setting off my Sam Riegel senses, is that going to mean something devastating later?
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marvelousbelladonna · a day ago
FCG’s origin for bird hatred
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piratespencil · a day ago
I feel like there are always so many Layers to everything with Sam’s characters that I refuse to believe that there’s not some deeper meaning to the whole Shithead thing.
On the other hand, it would be a hilarious, like, double bluff for it to truly be Just A Regular Bird with absolutely no deeper meaning lmao…
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acebender · a day ago
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FCG’s tongue, per canon
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ben-lyintous · a day ago
sam: i'm going to play a curious little robot called fresh cut grass :)
sam: they have a sibling named pu*sy, they are a flat-earther, they have an actual flesh tongue in their mouth and a nemesis called shithead, who shits on their head :)
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sparring-spirals · a day ago
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ratinayellowbandana · a day ago
flesh tongue fcg can’t hurt me flesh tongue fcg can’t hurt me flesh tongue fcg ca
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themonstersmistresss · a day ago
No but thats a seriously sad response I can't tell if the bird-phobia is actually fucking lore accurate or Sam doing the ultimate shit post
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orymsbich · 20 hours ago
Critical role campaign 3 episode 24 spoilers without context
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kalandras-ashenleaf · 2 days ago
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F.C.G. Chibi 💜
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mell0bee · a day ago
look i know this scene is really comedic and all but i’m pretty sure this bird was pecking at fcg while they were just lying there unable to do anything surrounded by their dead companions
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stardustedknuckles · a day ago
I'm not convinced the stripes on fcg are bloody finger streaks but I do think something scratched him in a way that happened to coincide with a symbol they possibly never had. Like the general assumption was that it's a few blades of grass but I've been skeptical for a while. Those are claw marks, I think.
Maybe they're from that bird that definitely isn't professor thaddeus.
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