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#fe3h linhardt

Good ship, very very good, I like them :)

Also ignore my bad art eek

{my own personal opinions, pls don’t come at me if you disagree}//{click for better resolution}


Explaination for a few:

- neither really uses pet names except caspar calls him “Linny” but neither think that counts

- Caspar is “waits for confession” bc he is literally oblivious and Lin just makes a matter-of-fact statement that he loves Caspar and he’s like “:0!! Love!! Yeah I love you too!!”

- Both are valiant enough to save their bf from bugs, but Linhardt has less mercy

- please don’t make either of them drive… (Caspar is one of those mario kart drifters but irl ok)

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and for my next trick, one of the silliest-favoritest supports for #linhardtweek2020 on twitter. 

i realize i’m one of the few who care about the parallel of ferdinand/seteth fussing at linhardt/flayn but on my blog, i get to ramble about inanities here. my thoughts are mostly summed up by it’s funny, and i also like the idea that these two unlikely friends being drawn to caring about each other. romantic, platonic, whatever you’re feeling. i would just like ferdinand loudly worrying about linhardt who would really rather he didn’t (at least not so loudly).

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i didnt know about Goddess Tower thing in fe3h and i didnt talk to a gatekeeper, so when i accidentally red about it while searching for the dance competition info and was like “well i guess my male byleth is gonna be bi now” since i tried to have a B support with all my students and tbh all the girls are very cute so i was fine with that 

but then fcuking Linhardt showed up????????????????????? i was so surprised :D i kinda didnt care about him but his dialogue was so adorable he is such a cutie <3 im happy

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//I deadass wrote this for my historical narrative in English class since it had to be set in 2020. Deadass. 1.5k modern au beagles fanfic for English. I have no regrets though kfghdrg//

//Fic is sfw, just below the cut cuz it might clog up dashes if I don’t//

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