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jununy · 2 days ago
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beliched · a day ago
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Attention everyone!
I just think that she.
Thank you for your time.
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ace-alot · a day ago
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Time is a weird soup~
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pawthorn · 18 hours ago
Sharing a room...
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[Image: A digital painting of the Critical Role Campaign 3 party and Gurge sleeping. In the top left corner, Orym, Fearne and Dorian share a bed. Fearne is in the middle on her back with one arm around each of her companions, who are on their sides facing away from her. Laudna and Imogen share a bed in the top right corner. Laudna is flat on her back with arms straight at her sides. Imogen is on her side facing Laudna, curled up under a blanket. Ashton is on a bedroll on the floor in the bottom right corner, flat on their back with hands behind their head. FCG is next to him on a blanket, and has folded up somewhat in sleep-mode. Chetney is on a bed in the bottom right corner. He is in his underwear only with his clothes strewn about on the bed. He is starfished out in the middle of the bed. Gurge is tucked in the bottom right corner of the room, curled on the flour. Everyone's armor, belongings, and shoes are strewn about on the floor, although Ashton is still wearing their boots. Warm ight from a fireplace shines from the left side of the painting while cool light pours in through two windows on the right. The artist's signature, @ Pawthorn, is in the bottom left.]
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[Image: Close-ups of the painting above.]
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czpeterp · a day ago
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The Queen of chaos herself 🥰
I may or may not have gone a little extra with the details but that's alright, she deserves it.
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“We already committed murder. we might as well rob him.”
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amarylii-art · a day ago
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i love them your honor
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valevxlentina · a day ago
can i just say i’m still thinking about how it is so fucking insane that the nightmare king could’ve easily killed the whole party but changed his mind once he looked at fearne?? what the fuck is up with that??????
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feywildfunnelcake · a day ago
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- C3E11, "Chasing Nightmares"
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felagund-fell · a day ago
C3 Body Swap Headcanons
Body Swap shenanigans. We all love them. Take a cast of characters, apply a healthy dose of funky magic bullshit, and suddenly everyone has to adjust to having a totally different body than what they had before. Cue the antics, angst, hijinks, and a quest to return to their original bodies.
Here's my take on applying that to the C3 squad (name TBA):
- Chetney ends up in Dorian's body. No particular reason why, I just want this short king to get to be tall for a while, and given how different they are in personality and how Chetney was antagonizing Dorian at first, I think it wold be really interesting, not to mention the inherent humor in everything Chetney says coming out of Dorian's mouth. Openly remarking, "Gee, would you get a load of the view from up here!" and "What the fuck do you even do with all these limbs? they just keep going on forever, and what you need so much hair for blue boy?!"
- Ashton winds up in Laudna's body. Dee immediately picks up that something is different, and when she makes inquiries as to who is now occupying Laudna's brain and when she'll be back, Ashton just about jumps out of his skin. I can see a lot of, "Pardon me, but who exactly are you?"/"what the fuck, lady, who the fuck are you and what are you doing in Laudna's head?" Delilah will never know peace. Not to mention someone as athletic as Ashton in Laudna's weak-ass body, it would be interesting for them to adjust to. Discovering they actually fucking love wearing skirts.
- Orym ends up in Fearne's body. First of all, see Chetney's entry where the short king deserves to know what it's like to be tall. Second, Orym was raised in a society of druids and druid-adjacent casters, and while he has a few tricks, never really took to magic himself. So I think it would be interesting for him to experience being able to fully connect to nature magic, not to mention how much mileage he would get out of wildshaping into big fuckoff animals to be able to physically bully enemies away from his friends the way he wants to.
- Imogen gets Ashton's. I think it's very interesting to think of Imogen, who's usually very shy and (as Laura said) tries to hide herself, occupying Ashton's body. They're tall and strong and colorful and loud, and at first it feels uncomfortable to take up so much space, draw so many eyes. But then she gets used to it, and begins to really lean into the powerful build and the swagger and fucking owns it. I want to see Imogen suddenly have the ability to get up close and pummel her enemies into submission. I can imagine "Ashton" getting recognized by someone he has History with, or having to utilize one of his criminal contacts, so Imogen has to give her most convincing performance as him. I know she could pull it off but it would probably be pretty dicey to have an entire conversation without arousing suspicion. As for the constant pain/discomfort/symptoms of having a shattered head and arm, Imogen copes with it well. It's not like she's not used to having voices in her mind she constantly has to block out, the pain is easy by comparison, though the lack of depth perception is the hardest to get used too. Once she gets back in her own body, buys herself a pair of big, heavy boots cause they really did wonders for her confidence. Ashton is very proud. Tells her it suits her.
- FCG can taste things now that he's in Orym's body. The gang takes him on a tour of Jrusar's best eateries (according to Ashton). At first, FCG defers to things Orym likes (pies included), but find that those just don't do it for them, so he gradually begins to request what they think would taste good themself and develops quite the discerning palate in the span of an evening. Licks a copper piece just for funsies and the face he makes is hilarious. Experiences dreams for the first time too, doesn't understand the fuss everyone was making earlier. Has a little too much fun parkouring all over the place, delighted by his newfound mobility. They also find Orym's skillset is pretty well-suited to their ever-present need to Feel Of Use, and go on being just as self-sacrificial as ever, and yeah that made me sad too. There's also a thought here about FCG who is constantly trying to help their friends with their mental/emotional issues having his mind/soul inhabiting a body with memories of loss they don't seem to experience the same way and actually getting to have first-hand experience at that. Has an existential crisis once he reverts to his own body. Misses taste, but as time goes on he begins to forget what it was like.
- Laudna gets Chetney's body. She absolutely vibes with Chetney's skill for crafting and sculpting wood, not that she's not proficient with that sort of thing before, but her mind is opened to so many more possibilities with Chetney's muscle memory on her side. Oh, and she fucking digs turning into a werewolf. I really don't have much else to say about that, she just thinks its the absolute tits. Rips a door off its hinges just for fun, she gets to be creepy and feral while not being made of tissue paper for a while, as a treat.
- Fearne winds up in FCG, because she's Fearne. Everyone else I can only see ending in angst being in a non-living body, but since Fearne is a fey I think she'd be more amused than anything. She tries really hard to make drinking out of herself work, but it never really comes together. Gets a little too much into the spinning saw blade. Casually offers Orym, "you can explore my body if you want," which Orym immediately politely refuses. Mister immediately senses the switch, and now rides around on top of FCG's head.
- And that leaves us with Dorian in Imogen's. I don't have as much to say with this one either, only I think Dorian with high charisma would suit well to Imogen who also has high charisma. I've pretty much ignored how mental ability scores would translate in this scenario, but we can make something out of it now I guess. Takes a bath and tries to just chill under the water like he usually does, and is startled and dismayed to remember he actually needs to breathe and almost drowns as a result. Tries to play his lute and laments Imogen's lack of calluses. Tries to grab something off a high shelf and misses being 6 feet tall. He probably has the hardest time adjusting to his new flesh prison with the voices and all. Imogen apologizes (in Ashton's voice), and Dorian says, "It's not your fault. I don't mind shouldering the burden for a while." Comes out of it a bit subdued and depressed, because as Imogen said, people can really be horrible. But I think hearing the thoughts of those around him and being able to reach out into theirs for a while gives him a different perspective on how his own magic works as a bard, and subtly changes his casting style/method for the better. Guess I did have something to say with this one, okay.
And that's not even touching on the Gender Fuckery that could occur here. I don't want to make any assumptions about everyone's assigned gender at birth, but I have my own trans thoughts about this party but I'll leave that open to reader interpretation in this scenario.
And yeah, that's about it. You got thoughts? I'd love to hear them in the replies.
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diskm0 · 2 days ago
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thecotton-candy-queen · a day ago
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I like them so fucking much
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adustbaginturmoil · a day ago
Aight, so I don't know sh-t about pokemon, but I have a friend that does, and I asked him which Pokemon he though the cr3 crew (minus Chetney) would be.
First off:
Ashton as:
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He gave two options for Dorian:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chatot (I can only assume it's because it's a song bird)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fresh Cut Grass:
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And finally (I decided on this one actually!) Laudna as:
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willow-the-spoon · 2 days ago
Today I gives you a Fearne Calloway watercolour!
Tomorrow? Who knows!
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balleater · a day ago
i wish i could explain why i've convinced myself fearne's grandmother is a baba yaga-esque hag or something along those lines but i really have just been holding onto that idea since exu
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notjustdrwhoboards · 2 days ago
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Critical Role moodboard: Fearne Calloway (requested by: @feralphilosphy)
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verdantstorms · a day ago
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I did a thing with my phone. :)
The fanart credit obviously goes to the rightful artists
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thegayisveryreal · 2 days ago
fearne doesn’t seem like the type of character to have a love interest so i think she’s either going to be the or one of the characters to just be vibing and chilling by herself this campaign
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softboiorym · 2 days ago
someone, anyone who can draw: I cannot get the image of like. Dorian curled around Orym who’s curled around Fearne who’s Wild Shaped into a Maine Coon out of my head and I NEED to see this drawn please
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revenge-is-dead · 2 days ago
Current Cr3 ships I have:
Aqua trio (dorian/Fearne/Orym)
Mind Fuck duo (laudna and Imogen)
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