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Security alert amid violence fears for Biden swearing-in

Security alert amid violence fears for Biden swearing-in

Global fitness label launches flagship gym in Adelaide

Fight to contain Riverland’s third fruit fly outbreak

‘Good evidence’ tuberculosis vaccine could protect against COVID

Your views: on political fundraising, free speech, Urrbrae gatehouse, W-League and big battery

Clean Seas buoyant despite Boston Bay kingfish deaths

Security in Washington D.C and state capitals across the United States…


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New York Fears Being ‘Starved’ for Vaccine Simply as Rollout Speeds Up

New York Fears Being ‘Starved’ for Vaccine Simply as Rollout Speeds Up

After a sluggish first month, the tempo of coronavirus vaccinations is accelerating to the purpose that New York Metropolis and different locations within the state count on to exhaust their provide of doses as early as subsequent week, officers mentioned on Friday, inflicting a number of well being amenities to change their rapid inoculation plans.
On Thursday, Mount Sinai Hospital, one among…

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Tens of millions Flock to Telegram and Sign as Fears Develop Over Massive Tech

Tens of millions Flock to Telegram and Sign as Fears Develop Over Massive Tech

“Don’t belief Massive tech,” learn a message on one Proud Boys group on Parler. “We might want to discover safer areas.”
On Sign, a Florida-based militia group mentioned on Monday that it was organizing its chats in small, city-by-city teams restricted to some dozen individuals every, in response to messages seen by The New York Instances. They warned each other to not let in anybody they didn’t…

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Fears Brazilian strain can reinfect Covid survivors

Fears Brazilian strain can reinfect Covid survivors

Fears are growing that Covid survivors may not be immune to the Brazilian variant, as scientists believe the mutation sparked an explosive second wave in the country’s vast state of Amazonas.
In the capital Manaus, situated in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, there have been reports of dead bodies having to be dumped in freezer trucks and patients being flown to different states due to a…


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Dr. Bonnie Henry condemns B.C. businesses for refusing entry to Indigenous people due to COVID-19 fears

Dr. Bonnie Henry condemns B.C. businesses for refusing entry to Indigenous people due to COVID-19 fears

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has added her voice to those condemning businesses for denying Indigenous people entry due to COVID-19 fears, calling it racism. 
But the businesses — which include a restaurant, dentist’s office and grocery store — claimed they were trying to stop COVID-19 from spreading from nearby Indigenous communities.

The CBC has learned that Save-On-Foods in…


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Growing up I dreamed of raising my own family one day.

Holding a little one in my arms, watching them grow up. To be proud of someone.

To love unconditionally.

To have that taken from you, to be told I will probably never carry children.

I never thought this would be a struggle I’d deal with one day. Now I hate every thought that crosses my mind.

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What scares me most is still unknown to me. I don’t think I’ll ever know.

It’s probably something abstract, or something that I don’t really think about, so I could never imagine it being my worst fear.

I can’t even consult my nightmares for insight, because I’ve never had those.

Recently I’ve been thinking that I’m afraid of being a bad person. I’m not sure if it’s my greatest fear, but it’s definitely a powerful anxiety.

I sometimes wish I would encounter a supernatural being that shows you the thing you are most afraid of, just so I could finally know.

The world is scary, but I’m not afraid. I’m anxious. There’s a difference.

Are you afraid?

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‘Are you familiar with trypophobia?’


Other than Micheal, Jane has a very special place in my heart i love her and the corruption so much!!!!

The quote used is from the song ‘Still Life (The Ensouling)’ by the band Chip The Black Boy. I thought it fit so well!!

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Millions Flock to Telegram and Signal as Fears Grow Over Big Tech

Millions Flock to Telegram and Signal as Fears Grow Over Big Tech

Neeraj Agrawal, a spokesman for a cryptocurrency think tank, has typically used the encrypted messaging app Signal to chat with privacy-minded colleagues and peers. So he was surprised on Monday when the app alerted him to two new users: Mom and Dad.
“Signal still had a subversive shine to it,” said Mr. Agrawal, 32. “Now my parents are on it.”

On Telegram, another encrypted messaging app, Gavin…

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Coronavirus Australia live news: NSW issues hotel alert amid fears UK virus strain may have crossed border | Australia news

Coronavirus Australia live news: NSW issues hotel alert amid fears UK virus strain may have crossed border | Australia news

Well, I don’t think that will really make difference.
It depends on the health advice, but we know that transmissibility or the contagiousness of a virus goes up in smaller vehicles, so when you’re actually transporting people, when you’re travelling those longer distances and spending a longer time in close confines, it actually increases the likelihood of the spread of the virus.
So whilst it…

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There is no weakness in admitting your fears or inability to do something properly. I do not view phobias as a statement on someone’s character. I sometimes wonder what phobias are legit and what aren’t, not that we should judge any of them. I am afraid of heights. A window pane fell out of this barn on my property and the basic staircase led up to over 12 feet off the floor to the window. The railing is wobbly and the gap below it wide, enough for someone to fall through. Looking out of the window made my stomach sink, as did the view below. My feet are stiff so I am not nimble on steps and there is nothing to grab onto if I stumbled, except the weak railing.

So I went up there and was shaky but managed to seal the missing pane with plastic, but is my phobia rational or not? I could fall and get hurt. But is it rational to be afraid of being high in the air? Probably not. But like I said, it’s moot, just food for thought.

On Monday I realized I was having a medical crisis and tried to get a doctor’s appointment. They tried to get me into an office 2 towns away, which I was too weak to drive to, on top of being unfamiliar with the area. Now, SOMETIMES I can use GPS for local areas but I still find it distracting and I almost make the wrong terms because I can’t estimate 500 feet (as an example) well. So when the robot woman barks “TURN IN 500 FEET” at me when there multiple turns very close together I really don’t know which one. As a result I ended up driving pretty recklessly in Salisbury the last time and almost got rear-ended from tapping my brakes too many times.

It would have been $80 for a taxi and I have no local friends or family. So I called my dad, who I knew was in town and NOT DOING ANYTHING. Now, who am I to dictate his life? But he wanted to just go out oystering for fun and I was having a crisis that didn’t require the emergency room. I just needed to get to my specialist. I call him and he comes over, yelling I ruined his day, and why couldn’t I drive myself? My mom asked me the same thing.

I was sick and dizzy and not fit to be behind the wheel. I could make it to a nearby office, which would still not be that safe, but did not want to drive long distance and be on a confusing route. So to me, that is not a phobia but me admitting that I have a weak area where I could endanger myself and others. When I was in Salisbury looking for my turn, I wasn’t even panicked or in any kind of crisis, I was just like “oh shit I am a horrible driver when I don’t know where I am and I am risking my car and getting hurt or hurting others.”

So, regardless if someone’s fear or inability is rational or not, it should be at least respected, if not worked with.

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Deeper Feelings

By Ducks_R_Us


An Errorink Fanfic

Key: (M)=Mind (W)=Whisper (S)=Shout (G)=Grumble/Growl (Softly)=Soft speech/Mumble

Ink waited for Error. He was waiting in their favorite hang-out spot; Outertale.

Error liked it because it was peaceful and empty. Ink didn’t like it as much, but he didn’t mind because he loved stargazing.

(M) Ink: It’s taking awhile for Glitchy to show… I wonder what’s keeping him…

Ink gazed out into the stars wondering what him and Error were gonna do that day.

Error clutched his legs tightly while they pushed up against his chest. He didn’t ‘t feel like seeing Ink today. He was too tired.

Error had a nightmare… again. This was the 5th time this week. He was tired of having them, they made him feel sad. They reminded him of all those years alone in the void. Instead of finding help, he used his anger to swallow his fears. That’s the main reason why he destroyed AUs.

Error was scared that Ink might find out about this and not want to be his friend anymore. Error was scared of a lot more than just that. He shoved his fears FEARcely in a bottle and hid it away. He decided to see Ink after all.

Ink heard a glitchy noise, it was Error!

Ink: Glitchy! What took you so long? Please don’t tell me you were destroying an AU.

Error sighed.

Error: I wasn’t destroying an AU… I was thinking…

Ink was confused.

Ink: You know, you can thINK here with me, right? What were you thinking about anyway?

Error moaned at the pun and looked at the ground. He definitely wasn’t telling Ink about… that. He had to come up with something quick.

Error: Uh… I was tryna figure out what to do today.


Ink: Oh, well what did you think of?

Error froze. He didn’t think that far.

Ink stared at Error.

Ink: You weren’t thinking about that, were you?

Error slouched and shook his head “no.”

Ink patted the ground next to him, beckoning him to sit. Error slowly walked over and sat down.

Ink looked out at the stars.

(Softly) Ink: Millions of them… That puts to perspective of how tiny we are… There are millions of AUs that have millions of stars… it’s crazy, right?

Error blushed a little. He’s never seen Ink be so sentimental before. It… was kinda cute…

(Softly) Error: Yeah…

They sat in silence for a moment.

Ink looked back at Error.

(Softly) Ink: Are you ready to tell me what’s really wrong?

Error looked back at him. He didn’t know, but… there was a way of knowing.

Error: Before I tell you, you have to promise me two things.

(Softly) Ink: What’s that?

Error: You can’t judge me… this is… very personal…

Ink’s face softened.

(Softly) Ink: I promise I won’t judge you.

Error: And… promise me we’ll still be friends.

Ink was a little surprised by that. He agreed nonetheless.

Error took a deep breath, and let it out.

Error: Okay… uh… well… I’ve been having nightmares… lots of them…

Error glanced at Ink, he was looking at Error with a concerned expression, he was listening very hard.

(Softly) Ink: What were they about?

Error: Well… I was alone… in a void… like I use to be… all the time… it… was scary…

Error glanced at Ink again. He had the same look, but it felt different.

Error: I… have a lot of fears… like… autophobia(fear of being alone)… haphephobia(fear of touch)… agoraphobia(fear of crowds)… atychiphobia(fear of failure/disappointment)… claustrophobia(fear of confined spaces)… and probably more… I-I get really scared… and… I crash or start to glitch a lot when… that happens…

Error stopped talking when he saw the look on Ink’s face.

(Softly) Ink: Well, I-I knew about the haphephobia, but the others… Error, why didn’t you tell me?

Error winced. He felt like crying, and he hated himself for that.

(Softly) Error: I didn’t want to lose you…

Tears filled Error’s eyes and he really started to hate himself.

Ink wanted to comfort Error, but he didn’t know how. All he could do was say kind words.

(Softly) Ink: Error, it’s okay if you want to cry- no, it’s good for you to cry. Please don’t bottle up all your feelings. Let them out, we’re alone and I promise I won’t laugh.

Error looked at Ink. He could tell Ink wasn’t lying. The tears already started flowing before he could even make a decision.

(Softly) Ink: …I’m going to touch you, okay?

Error nodded, still making glitchy sobs and rubbing his eyes. Ink slowly put his hand on Error’s back and scooted closer to him. He then wrapped his arms around him and started to caress his face, all the while gently passing on soft comfort words. Error was relieved that he got that off his chest but, he couldn’t stop the tears.

The two of them sat there for a long while. Error soon fell asleep on Ink. Ink could tell he was really tired and decided to stay to let him rest peacefully. He gently put Error’s head down on his lap and started petting his skull softly.


Error opened his eyes. He was in that terrifying dark place. He couldn’t see anything. He couldn’t hear anything. He couldn’t even feel his soul beating. Tears started sliding down his cheekbones.

Suddenly, a loud creaking noise rang in Error’s non-existent ears. Light began to fill the dark void.

Ink: Error..? Are you okay? What are you doing in the closet?

Error turned around quickly. He glanced at Ink then looked at his surroundings. There were boxes and clothes everywhere.

Ink’s eye lights shrank and he quickly pulled Error out of the closet.

Ink: Why are you crying, Ruru?

Error froze.

Error: What did you call me..?

Ink stared at him with worry.

Ink: Ruru. That’s your couple nickname, mine’s Kiky, …remember?

Dark blue blush spread across Error’s face like someone just spilt paint on it.

(S) Error: W-what?! Couple nickname?! That means we’re-

Ink looked very concerned.

Ink: Error, are you okay?

Ink put a hand on Error’s forehead.


Error jumped back.

Everything went black.


(S) Ink: Error! Wake up!

Error gasped awake. He started to blush when he saw Ink looking down at him.

Ink: Did you have that nightmare again?

Ink started caressing Error’s skull. That made Error blush harder.

Error was at a loss for words.

Error: U-uh… yeah? Kind of? I-I did but… i-it was different…

Ink had the same concerned face dream Ink had, that made Error blush even harder. He sat up.

(Softly) Ink: What happened?

Error was embarrassed to say, but something was begging him to say it.

(Softly) Error: Well, when I was floating in the void… a door opened… and light filled the void. You were standing at the doorway, and apparently I was sitting in a closet… You pulled me out and called me… “Ruru.”

Ink started to blush. He never told Error this but, he secretly called him “Ruru” in his head because he had a huge crush on him.

(M) Ink: How did his dream know that..?

Error continued.

Error: Then you said… uh…

He started to sweat, but something continued to yell at him.

Error: Uh… you said… that we were… a couple…

Ink froze and blushed harder. His skull felt like it was about to burst open.

Ink: W-what do you think of that?

Ink tried to sound casual.

Error blushed so hard he had to look away.

(Softly) Error: Erm… I dunno… w-what do you think about it..?

It was clear to everyone, but them, that they both liked each other. How unoriginal.

Ink was ready. He was ready to hear denial or acceptance. He scooted closer and whispered in Error’s ear.

(W) Ink: I would like that very much… because… I like you… a lot… like… a whole lot…

Error, shocked, beamed at Ink.

(W) Error: I… like you too… a lot…

They both smiled softly at each other. Ink looked down at Error’s hand and, if he read the room right, he reached for it. Error was hesitant. He didn’t like touch, but, with Ink, he didn’t mind. They intertwined their fingers and gazed at each other, sitting in comfortable silence. Ink put his head on Error’s shoulder and spoke softly.

(Softly) Ink: I know it’s a little early to tell you this, but… I love you… Ruru…

Error blushed at the words but replied.

(Softly) Error: I love you too… Kiky.

They both laughed softly and for the rest of the night, they sat there, hand in hand, gazing at the stars.


The End

Okay, I just wanted to apologize for this being so cheesy xD I wanted to tell you guys what I think Error would be afraid of and I think that it makes sense that he’s afraid of all the things that I don’t want to list again. Haphephobia is one of Error’s cannon fears, I don’t know if he has anymore cannon ones so-

For those of you who want to know why I chose certain fears, keep reading. If you couldn’t care less, then now’s a good time to leave. Ciao~

Autophobia(fear of being alone): The reason I chose this is, Error has been alone for hundreds of years and finally made a friend. I can see how he doesn’t want to let go of that friend. Since monsters need love and affection, I can also see how all monsters have autophobia.

Haphephobia(fear of touch): This one is obvious. It’s a cannon fear. He hasn’t been touched for hundreds of years, makes total sense.

Agoraphobia(fear of crowds): Error has, once again, been ALONE for hundreds of years. I can see how crowds scare him. He’s use to emptiness.

Atychiphobia(fear of failure/disappointment): In Error’s mind (probably), he’s already failed his AU. The consequence to that is being stuck in the anti-void… and becoming a glitch. (Why are all the glitches Sanses-) Also, destroying an AU probably isn’t that hard with Error’s powers, so if he fails, that’ll probably be pretty embarrassing. Unless you have a Squid in your way.

Claustrophobia(fear of confined spaces): Error has been trapped in a HUGE, ROOMLESS VOID for a long time. Confined spaces are probably new to him, and scare him a little because he’s not use to it.

If there’s another phobia you think Error probably would have, let me know.

I hope you enjoyed, Deeper Feelings.


P.S. Sorry for the terrible drawing xD

P.S.S. I hope you like the music! <3

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Australia live news: Queensland orders hundreds to restart quarantine over fears of UK Covid variant | Australia news

Australia live news: Queensland orders hundreds to restart quarantine over fears of UK Covid variant | Australia news

I think the safest thing to do is to move all of the guests out of that hotel to other hotels immediately. So that has now started and will happen today. So all of those 129 remaining people in that hotel will move, will get tested and will stay in quarantine for 14 days unless we find out what the link is.
So far, it’s floor 7, so we’re going to be very, very careful about floor 7, of course,…

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NYC fears proposal to pay parking snitches may cause fights

NYC fears proposal to pay parking snitches may cause fights

The city is objecting to a council proposal to give citizens cash for reporting illegal parking and placard abuse — claiming it could lead to street fights between neighbors and that the generous payouts could create a cottage industry.
“We are concerned that this could lead to many verbal and physical confrontations, pitting neighbor against neighbor,” Acting Transportation Commissioner Margaret…


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I thought it’d be important to mention my phobia, all though I have a infatuation with aquariums and marine life, I have a phobia of Eels. EXCEPT garden eels (the one pictured below) I think those are cute.

I have no idea why or how this phobia formed, I do not have herpetophobia or ophidiophobia snakes and reptiles are some of my favorite animals! At first I thought it was Thalassophobia because I’ve always been scared of the Titanic, and sometimes I’ll have nightmares of big creatures underwater. But that also seemed to be debunked because whales are some of my favorite animals. Then I thought it could be tied to trypophobia, but this was also debunked. As I mentioned earlier I love garden eels, eels that are known to pop out from holes in the ground.

I don’t know fears and phobias are weird. 


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Sarnia fears thousands of job losses if Michigan blocks Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline

Sarnia fears thousands of job losses if Michigan blocks Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline

Article content continued
“We will continue to engage with the State of Michigan and the Whitmer administration,” Ian Cameron, press secretary to federal Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan, said in an emailed statement.
Cameron, however, did not say whether or not Ottawa has engaged in direct conversations with U.S. federal government officials in Washington, D.C., on the file.


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