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#feb 19 2020
for the jojo ask, *heart emoji*?

Favorite ship? Gah, hard to pick a favorite buut Dinopants is good

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03:37 and I’m laying on the kitchen floor

what is any of this worth? why am I here? what am I doing? (except wasting my time)

time time time time time time

look at it long enough and it loses meaning

it’s more than just words now

why does that make so much sense?

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It’s Emmerdale time!

  • Can we be done with this Al trying to pretend he doesn’t want to be caught out?
  • Stores also tend to raise prices as well, David 😂
  • Kind of have to agree with Charity there… Graham was not worth it
  • Harriet does raise a good point. We haven’t seen anything or anyone that could have been linked to Will’s past. So why the gun? There is no reason behind it?
  • CARA IS BACK!!!!! 😍😍😍😍
  • But that same argument can be used against Al for not donating…
  • I really do like Mandy behind the bar 😂
  • Listen to your mom, Nate! And then you just keep on walking out of the village.


I really have to agree with the other live blogs that I read, this episode was very plotty. It really felt like a throw away type ep that dragged on. Hence the reason my live blog is so short, lol.

I hope tomorrow’s double is better! And that y'all have a great day!


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