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#TodayInHistory - February 28

#TodayInHistory – February 28

February 28 – Some important events on this day
202 BC 👉🏼 Coronation ceremony of Liu Bang as Emperor Gaozu of Han takes place, initiating four centuries of the Han Dynasty’s rule over China
1710 👉🏼 In the Battle of Helsingborg, 14,000 Danish invaders under Jørgen Rantzau are decisively defeated by an equally sized Swedish force under Magnus Stenbock
1854 👉🏼 Republican Party formally organized in…


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late winter morning

skittering off icy roof

lone crow tumbles down

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Play this during your next shavasana

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R. Kelly - I Got That ❤️ #MySong

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I’ve just realized this, but before the month of February Black History Month, is over, I would like to point out that during the week of Valentines’ Day on Sunday was followed by President’s Day, then Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, and then the Southern Blizzard of Uri {and of course the Full Snow Moon is this weekend}. This, for as long as I have been alive on this planet, has never happened before. Did anyone notice these occurring holiday events flowing right into one another in a single straight week, or is it just me??  

On another note, I’ve seen places like grocery stores displaying a slim, and I do mean scraggly slim, section devoted to Black History Month. {Looking at you Target, no offense.} How many years did it take for Black people to die unnecessarily for there to be recognition, even marketing consumer-wise, to take some sort of action? Well….at least it’s a half a step in the right direction.

Also, my friend popped me on the hands when I tried to go look online for a Ouija board, can you believe that??

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March Is Almost Here (Again)

March Is Almost Here (Again)

Another month is ending, how strange is that?Lockdown is seemingly coming to an end soon, or so I hope, with the uncertainty that has been surrounding us all regarding this.I’m personally kind of stressed right now, got a lot of stuff to do and sort out on Monday so I’m hoping that all goes well. My mind tends to overthink certain times, which can happen. Just hoping that these feelings will be…


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Four Somethings* - February 2021

Four Somethings* – February 2021


Fat Tuesday was also my husbands birthday so we invited some friends over to feast on pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs & fresh fruit for dinner. It was a fun way to celebrate the beginning of Lent and my beloved spouse.


I absolutely loved being able to review NIV Beautiful Word Bible Journal, Gospel of Mark. I look forward to utilizing more books in this series.




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i need frank grillo stuff from boss level

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58/365 - Road To Nowhere

February 27, 2021

Tracks in the snow which will soon disappear giving way to mud and a different look entirely.


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🍏 … saudades daquele instante … 🍏
🌱 … saudades da natureza … 🌱

🍀 © Daniel Angello ™ 🍀
🌎 🌎

#Febrero #February #Fevereiro #Février #Naturaleza #Natureza #Nature #Farmacéutico #Farmacêutico #Pharmacist #Pharmacien #DanielAngello #Verde #Green #Vert #RegalaSalud #NoSeamosComplices #PrimeroMiSalud #FuerzaPerú #Love #Lima #Callao #Perú #CoronaVirus #Covid_19 #Instagram #InstaGood #InstaLike (em Parque de las leyendas)

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Diary entry



My identity is in shambles right now, not that it was ever solid to begin with. I came across some videos I made when I was little and you can really see the imposter syndrome kicking off. Whenever I made those videos on my own I was more of myself but when I made them with the friends I had I just forced on this entirely new persona. Once Shane came into my life and did the things he did to me I internalised that it happened because of my personality, it really didn’t help when my teachers agreed with me too. So I forced myself to be like any other normal 7 year old; no stimming or unusual behavior, an extrovert that likes company and pretty loud and brash. It worked in a way since he had to jump a couple of hurdles whenever I pushed myself into a social group and kept people around me at all times but I think it ruined who I could have been. I don’t have any sense of self, everything about me just seems wrong and I don’t know how to fix it. I’m going to end this with a positive note, that I’m planning to get a binder which might make me feel like less of a fake in my own skin.

Song of the day:

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trying to read through my CTD notes like why do i use so many words

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