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Mutal Feelings.

 Gold jewelry dripping on brown skin

You feel good like Sunday mornings

Good for my soul & can’t let you go

Riding around town

Red candy paint with the top down

Just me & my man now

Nobody like him, he putting it down

Love him to the tippy top then back down

Ain’t this what you came for ?

Tell me how you like me now

Doing sweet things to you 

While they watching & wishing 

Can’t take this position

We blunt & I’m stunting em’ 

You got me in a daze & it’s hazy 

New bliss got me trippin’

We borderline simpin 

Can’t say I don’t love them mutual feelings.


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1. AG ft kizz daniel - Jore

2. BlackMagic ft Tems - Soon

3. Omah Lay - You

4. Wande Coal - Again

5. Olamide ft Milly - Billion talk

6. 2baba ft wizkid - opó

7. Ckay ft Joeboy & Eugene - ❤ nwatiti

8. Burna boy - Money Play

9. Del B - Penetrate

10. Dice ft Olamide - Pim Pim

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it’s such a common poetry trope, to be the last thing someone thinks about as they are drifting off to sleep and first thing in the morning when their brain is groggy and it’s a poetry troupe that i whole heartedly support and participate in but the idea of you falling asleep, however you fall asleep with your head on your pillow thinking about me has me jumping out of my skin in excitement

-the idea of you feeling this too has me going crazy

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it’s witching hour and the only thing haunting me is the ever so present need for your arms around my waist, your hands fully spread holding my body so close to yours i thought i could never be so comfortable feeling my body pressed against somebody else’s.

you got a smile that could pull anybody in and my best friend keeps saying you could propose to anyone and they’d say yes, and he’s not wrong but it always gives me this pang of jealousy, of course anyone would be BLESSED to be considered to be someone to spend the rest of their lives with you but sometimes i feel like i’m drowned but the fact that i want to be the person who spends the rest of their life with you.

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A Stitch in Time Saves Nine * Please Don’t Eat The Daisies 1 of 3 by Anna L Livinal Belanger
Via Flickr:
They say a stitch in time saves nine, in other words, deal with the problem right now before it gets out of hand.I love Spring, I love flowers and, I love cats and dogs but cats destroy the flowers so before they could ( although some leaves already have little tooth marks) kill the daisies I covered them under a glass dome. 😂 Now, Bat is wondering what to do with his extra special day.

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i don’t know if you’re this touchy for no reason with everyone but you push our knees together when we’re sitting in booths at denny’s and you place your hand on the back of my neck and pull on the loose part of my jacket to pull me closer to you. and sometimes it makes it where i can’t even think.

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you look at me and you say “are your eyes green” and i feel like an idiot, you haven’t seen me before and i’ve just been lugging myself around getting attached when you’re not even seeing me when when you’re looking.

but an hour later you look me in my eyes and excitement fills your voice when you ask me if i can teach you a few ukelele chords just to jog your memory. and that’s motivation enough for me to keep doing it when when i keep being bombarded by the fact that you do not feel the same way. which is okay. REALLY but i’m obsessed with the idea of you feeling the same way and what that could look like i think.

you can’t look at me with your big smile and kind eyes and tell me about this show you like and how excited you are because if you do, i’m screwed

but you do

and i’m already screwed

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Just have to say, Happy Birthday to all Febuary birthdays. It’s the shortest month but I know the most people born then, including myself. So Happy Birthday!

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