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keepingitneutral · 2 months ago
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Federal House, Byron Bay Hinterland, Australia,
Edition Office Architects,
Landscape Design: Florian Wild,
Images: Benjamin Hosking
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evamaia91548816 · 2 months ago
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abespokelife · 3 months ago
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worldinchaos · 2 months ago
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gobqro · 5 months ago
Iniciará Querétaro vacunación contra COVID19 a personal del Sector Educativo
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La Secretaría de Educación del Poder Ejecutivo del Estado de Querétaro y la Secretaría de Bienestar, anunciaron la estrategia de vacunación estatal, una vez que a nivel federal se informara que a partir del 20 de abril inicia la vacunación al personal del sector educativo en el país. El titular de la Secretaría de Educación detalló que Querétaro viene trabajando con cada una de las instituciones públicas y privadas de todos los niveles educativos para integrar un listado nominal de 34 mil 851 docentes en todo el estado, de un total de cuatro mil 149 instituciones públicas y privadas. Adicional a este listado se ha integrado uno más correspondiente a investigadores, directivos, administrativos y personal de apoyo,  con 20 mil 396 trabajadores del sector educativo, por lo que la entidad ha pedido el apoyo y colaboración de la Secretaría de Bienestar para vacunar a un total de 55 mil 247 profesores y personal del sector educativo estatal.
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Asimismo, expresó que con el anuncio del Gobierno federal se prevé iniciar la vacunación contra COVID-19 para maestros y maestras y personal educativo en general en los estados de Tamaulipas, Veracruz, Coahuila, Nayarit y Chiapas. “En Querétaro tenemos un sistema educativo fortalecido, hoy conocimos que el Presidente de la República hizo el anuncio para la vacunación del personal del sector educativo, estábamos esperando este anuncio con mucha esperanza y decirles que estamos preparados para hacer esta ruta rumbo al regreso a clases junto con nuestros queridos docentes, administrativos y personal de apoyo”. Anunció que se llevarán a cabo reuniones para revisar a profundidad los listados nominales para efecto de que nadie en el sector educativo quede sin vacunar, por lo que para Educación Superior se reunirán el próximo miércoles 21 de abril a las 10:00 horas, para Educación Media Superior el viernes 23 de abril a las 9:00 horas y para Educación Básica el viernes 23 de abril a las 11:00 horas.
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De esta forma Querétaro está en el horizonte del regreso a clases con el avance en un programa de “Escuela Segura” ya en fase final que contempla protocolos para las instituciones educativas de todos los niveles, lineamientos para el regreso y con periodos de prueba y de entrenamiento social para tener las mejores condiciones en un escenario de regresos a clases presenciales. Por su parte la Delegada de la Secretaría de Bienestar detalló que se trabaja en la vacunación de adultos mayores en el estado en cuanto a la aplicación de segundas dosis; sin embargo, hay la  mejor disposición de colaborar con el sector educativo estatal para cumplir con esta vacunación a partir del 19 de mayo, por lo que ofreció todo el apoyo y colaboración para que esto sea un éxito, dijo. Adelantó que se hará la propuesta para que la federación destine la aplicación de 55 mil 247 dosis de la vacuna contra COVID-19 CanSino, que corresponde una sola dosis. El sector educativo trabaja para definir a la brevedad los centros de vacunación en el estado.
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womenchapter · a year ago
Trump has manufactured chaos in Portland with an unaccountable mob of fed
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thafreedomwall · a year ago
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US Marshalls Special Operations Group deployed in Portland, Oregon. They are easy to identify among their partners of BORTAC and SRT by their equipment notably the STI Staccato P with Leupold deltapoints and Nordic components rifles.
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soulmusicsongs · 3 months ago
Two Telephones - Bobby King (Thanks Mr Postman / Two Telephones, 1962)
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opdownrange · a year ago
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FBI HRT seen out on the streets of Washington D.C.
They have to be walking around with around 100k worth of cool boi stuff.
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ericvick · 28 days ago
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Baker economic chief touts federal cash in Dot, Mattapan stops
Gov. Charlie Baker’s financial development main final week stopped in Dorchester and Mattapan as part of an effort and hard work to tout the administration’s $2.9 billion proposal aimed at supporting the point out recover from the coronavirus pandemic. Mike Kennealy, who oversees housing and economic development, is getting the tour to tiny firms and downtowns throughout the Bay State.
The funds are available to Massachusetts by the federal American Rescue Strategy Act (ARPA). Baker is trying to find to invest $350 million on downtown development and reinvestment. Approximately a billion bucks is earmarked for housing. 
“It doesn’t signify people are totally out of the woods,” he stated of the pandemic. “If you want to see financial damage, glance at our downtowns.”
In Dorchester, Kennealy swung by way of 50Kitchen area on Dorchester Ave. just before a roundtable discussion at the Blarney Stone in Fields Corner. Previously on Tuesday (Aug. 10), he stopped at America’s Food items Basket on Cummins Highway in Mattapan, as nicely as Frugal Furniture on Blue Hill Ave. “We’re in this article to hear and find out,” he reported.
The federal governing administration handed Massachusetts practically $5.3 billion in pandemic reduction, and condition lawmakers have fashioned committees to ascertain how to shell out it.
They are getting their have listening periods, such as some this tumble, and they’re pushing for a slower timeline than Baker. The federal government needs the funds invested by the stop of 2026.
Dorchester state Rep. Dan Hunt, chair of the House Committee on Federal Stimulus and Census Oversight, reported he was glad to see Baker administration officials in search of input from members of the public.
“The House is dedicated to a robust community approach,” he mentioned.
Kennealy claimed he’s heard from business enterprise proprietors about issues whether they can keep on to work. “These little companies make up the fabric of our communities,” he reported. “These are essential businesses, they use our citizens, they provide their clients.”
During the pandemic, the economical guidance from the governing administration centered on survival and preserving employee paychecks. A year later on, issues that earlier surfaced prior to the pandemic are coming up yet again, in accordance to Kennealy. “There’s normally been an concern all over entry to cash for small providers. So we’re considering about how we can fill some of all those gaps.”
Businesses also want to do much more online, with enterprises on key streets searching for to boost their functionality for world-wide-web buys, he additional.
That’s the type of new viewpoint that the tour is heading to give the administration, he mentioned. “We’re heading to get a refined perception of what the wants are,” he reported. “Halfway into this, some of these wants are urgent.” Substance from Condition House Information Assistance was utilized in this report.
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vintagehomecollection · 11 months ago
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During the 1940s a large Federal-style ballroom was added to the house. It now functions as a comfortable living room.
House & Garden’s Best in Decoration, 1987
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worldinchaos · a month ago
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4bworld · 2 months ago
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Is CA right to ban state-funded travel to states not supporting LGBTQ? 🏳️‍🌈 Yes or no? Read both sides and vote at 4b!
#lgbtq #ca #travel #robbanta #federal #statetravel #scotus #lgbt #gay #pridemonth #parenting #religion #marriage #love #pride #loveislove #lesbian #queer #bisexual #transgender #gaypride #gayboy #lgbtqia #lgbtpride #nonbinary #bi #pansexual #lovewins #gayman #genderfluid #gaylove #asexual #lgbtcommunity
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datarep · a year ago
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How women are represented in federal STEM occupations
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strikingfm · 18 days ago
The Unhealthy America
The Unhealthy America: What if America prioritized health over profits?
My grandparents on each of my parents side were born in the "Great Depression" in 1929-1930s,; and they made it, strong values while living a long life of happiness.
And the saddest part about this. Is the real Great Depression is about to hit America.
Why do I say this?
Mental Health issues are becoming more of an issue. And these issues for the youth are getting seen each year and rising in younger and younger adults as well as the youth.
Depression only used to hit the old aged. It is now becoming an epidemic amongst younger and younger people.
I was diagnosed with severe Depression and Anxiety. If you check my LinkedIn (, through out all of my accomplishments and what I pursued. I had a mental breakdown after college, recovered and it happened again when I was 30. My doctor said Matthew, you may not work again. This was disheartening, knowing I am a super hard worker and this is why I got into investing; knowing that my schedule was about to change around my Mental health; in one light it was a blessing being able to find a way to make money with less hours and less stress finding ability to Day Trade Stocks (not a lot, but it helps). In another light, it was a curse because I see all that I achieved in the past with depression, and literally don’t have the ability to handle that same stress anymore. 
I have battled depression for over 10 years. And throughout the years of counseling; each appointment, I see younger and younger folks coming in. And the statistics are proving that this is occurring in younger and younger people.
Just think, what if America prioritized health over profits. Kids going to school with less workload and shorter hours with more recreation, not acting as just a babysitter; but allowing the youth to really learn the value of team building and real friendships, not just virtual. The youth learning real aspects of managing life after Elementary school like financing for 3 years in middle school. And let them have the choice to work which leads to building credit and asset building, whether investing in Silver, Gold, ability to Day Trade Stocks at 18, investing in real estate, digital assets or purchasing land.
(I wish I was taught how to invest or what it meant to hold real value in Middle School or even High School; not just looking at money as the ability to buy the newest videogame.....and sadly, I didn’t learn this until my mid-late 20′s and grasp it in my early 30′s)
Or  how about give the youth the option to go farther on in high school in Math and Science or learn a trade at 16; like my grandparents or let the youth choose work at 16 if they want to work.
My Grandparents generation of all races were not unsuccessful with lesser time in education; in fact the health, life span, wages, ability to afford within your means was obtainable and the infrastructure of society in both business and architecture and as well as skilled-trades; was stable and strong, along with a dollar that at one point had the value of Gold, until 1971/1972.
Offer the youth a path and vision where there is a place for success for everyone and all races, rather than creating stressors that promote drug use, addiction, destruction and mental health issues.
My Grandparents generation, saw a successful working wage that offered a living, not rich. But, they were rich in family. They had a happy retirement with freedom to see their Children have children and much more.
One of the scariest things for me, is seeing my dad work at the age of 66.
Why? His co-worker was 65 and died the next day while he had to go to work.
My father, like his father worked at the same place; unlike his father, my dad is not seeing retirement and is working more with less pay now, than he was raising a family - this occurring all in the same lifetime!
What if corporate America prioritized health over profits. An industry where Corporate and business pays what it pays in a 5 day work week, with 3 days of work with a Thursday & Friday of optional overtime pay. And it is not like the technology for this to happen is unavailable; in fact your bank is on auto-pilot 7 days a week with ability to purchase. 
A statistic recently out says; out of 10 people working, only 3 do all the work...that’s 30% of your employees only doing the work. So, what if 3% of your employees show up on Thursday and statistically would be the same output. 
And with an optional overtime, it would not only give people a sense of living, a zest for life, but offer a balance for family, mental stability and as well, allow corporate America to see workers who will want to work for the right rate of pay.
There’s a statistic I came across in our County in New York State and out of a 7,000 - 8,000 population - 20%-30% can not afford their rent.
Since COVID, two things happened: 
#1. People recognized they made more by the government than getting paid by their employer who has the ability to pay more.
#2. People were woke to recognize that they are under valued.
What if your parents or you as a parent, had 4 extra days to not rush to have family time or take the weekend trip?
I'm sure someone reading this is thinking, you're just encouraging a Lazier America.
Am I encouraging a Lazy America?
In fact, it's the exact opposite; I'm encouraging a more efficient America that could work with Time, Value and health....both in the sense of life and family.
I personally believe, people were not designed to work a 5 day work week their entire life. And if people were allowed to be more efficient in 3 days over 5, you would see healthier and more lucrative spending in both the travel and entertainment industry; creating a new source for creatives to be creatives.
And the technology is available to make this happen.
And economically and business wise, a longer living time span equals more company profit and more product sold (not to be insensitive)
And the depression and psychology is linked to many factors in Children, Young Adults and Adults; many being raised and living in a fashion, that if you don't have follows, likes, shares, views, or a sense of celebrity're not important.
And this is so far from the truth. The world needs more people who care than validation. The world needs a healthier youth and healthier young adults who each individual offers something to society.
They and we are the future.
Just think, What if our US Government and America prioritized health over profits?
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