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Harry Potter characters x Sexualities

This is my opinion, because I’ve seen many other people do this thing on Tumblr

  • Sirius Black - Gay
  • Remus Lupin - Gay or bi
  • James and Lily Potter - Allys
  • Peter Pettigrew - Straight
  • Harry Potter - Bi ofc
  • Hermione - Ally
  • Ron - Straight
  • Fred and George - Allys
  • Charlie - Asexual
  • Ginny - Bi
  • Luna Lovegood - A lesbian, 100%
  • Draco - Gay
  • Pansy - A lesbian
  • Dumbledore - Gay but homophobic at the same time, you feel me?
  • McGonagall - A lesbian, is that too much to ask for?
  • Cho - Straight
  • Narcissa Black - Bi but she’d rather die than tell to someone
  • Lucius Malfoy - Straight
  • Voldemort - It’s basically canon that he is ace, right?
  • Tonks - Nonbinary and a lesbian, I will not change my opinion
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Eu sei que tem sido complicado
mas me promete uma coisa?

sempre que você estiver cansado
pensando seriamente em desistir
de tudo o que você tem lutado
há tanto tempo para conseguir
vai olhar para trás, ver como
a sua trajetória tem sido linda
e voltar com mais força ainda

Dara: eu quis dizer, mas escrevi

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I think ignorance is even more of a reason to treat someone with kindness and respect and gently show them the right way. Ignorance happens when we jump to conclusions too quickly because something being an answer is better than not knowing or in some cases better than accepting the fateful truth. That turns to fear and fear turns to hatred and then hatred turns to violence. Be okay with the unknown, embrace it. And work together, not apart. The end result will be how it is supposed to be and it will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it is not the end.

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Hug all your friends. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Care for them. They are your chosen family. Most importantly - love them from the deepest of your heart. Be by their side, help each other. Life is always easier when you have someone to walk with. Even if you don`t have friends - don`t lose hope. One day you will find your people. You will feel with your whole heart that these are the people. Then you`ll undertand everythng that i just said. 

Love each other people. Life is too long to be comfortable with the lonliness, it will really get boring after a while. 

- iveta^

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Pain is part of the experience.

(inspired by Freeze You Out, Sia)

Pain is part of the experience. But we as trauma survivors, are drained. We have zero tolerance for pain. And we don’t have to tolerate it by the way. But we don’t have to run away either. It’s part of the experience. It is okay to be disappointed again. It is okay to lose friends. It is okay to feel triggered. It is okay to feel down sometimes. Life after trauma won’t be perfect yet we can accept it.
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Can somebody give an advice because I have problem with my family. I never tell my rants to them but if I did little mistake or wrong in house, their hatred for me will last too long. Specially my mom? What she only see to me is my mistakes. I’ve been doing so good in my class and in my study just to make her proud, but nothing is still happening she just notices my mistakes. Actually previous day she just said to me “your useless” of course I didn’t get mad to her because I have no right to mad at her. Somehow, I felt sad because what she said to me, is Unacceptable. Damn alligators how could a mother say that to her daughter??

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