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Batkids as DND Races ;

Dick Grayson : Half-Elf, Half-Human (raised primarily human).

Jason Todd : Tiefling (red hue, horns that curve towards his ears but one is broken).

Tim Drake : Half-Dragonborn, Half-Human (Copper Dragonborn on his mother’s side).

Damian Wayne : Half-Goliath, Half-Human (Goliath on mother’s side).

Duke Thomas : Dwarf (Mountain Dwarf / “Shield Dwarf”).

Cassandra Cain : Gnome (Forest Gnome).

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Who's your favourite Disney prince/male character? Reblog&Add.
Ferdinand (Snow White):
Prince Charming (Cinderella):
Prince Phillip (Princess Aurora):
Prince Eric (Ariel):
Prince Adam (Belle):
Aladdin: |
Captain John Smith (Pocahontas):
Captain Li Shang (Mulan): |
Prince Naveen (Tiana):
Eugene Fitzherbert (Rapunzel):
Peter Pan:
Robin Hood:
Mickey Mouse:
Hamish, Hubert and Harris:
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Okay, but a character in omo getting more and more irritable the worse they have to go while still being apologetic about it, so they switch between snapping / yelling at people (or being dismissive to the point where it’s seen as rude) and being all “sorry, sorry!” while admitting their bad temper is 100 % related to their full bladder.

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Teddy Ellison belongs to @cursebreakerfarrier​, Adelia Selwyn belongs to @that-ravenpuff-witch​, Lu Morrison belongs to @rosievixen​, and Theo Abbott belongs to @smarti-at-smogwarts​ (Includes Psych AU, West Wing AU, and a little about the modern muggle boarding school au; the roles aren’t all perfect)

Modern, non-magic boarding school AU

  • Hogwarts is a really prestigious boarding school and the houses are dorms.
  • Teddy and Tadhg are roommates, so are Theo and Lu in the Gryffindor dorms. Adelia’s in the Slytherin dorm.
  • Teddy and Tadhg play on the football/soccer team, with Theo on the girls’ team, much to her displeasure.

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Captain Flint - Black Sails

Tony Armstrong Jones - The Queen’s Sister

Philip Blake - Five Little Pigs



Peter Tremaine - The Best Man

Orsino -  Twelfth Night or What You Will



William Gordon -  Mangal Pandey: The Rising

Vladimir Lensky - Onegin

Prince John - Robin Hood

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Tbh I really like the idea of a Tubbo and techno friendship going forward, like o think they both kind of have similar ideals? Like Wilbur accused Tubbo of just being a yes man and I feel like an interesting reason for Tubbo forgiving him so quickly and easily was because like, he understands where Techno is coming from.

And I feel like Tommy not forgiving Techno is very like , in character ig. Tommy’s head strong and assertive, and he knows when to yield but he keeps to his ideals. So he doesn’t really get why Tubbo is so forgiving, and refuses to see him that way.

Also I feel like part of Tommy defending Tubbo when Wilbur called him a yesman wasn’t just because Tubbos his friend but because he doesn’t see Tubbo that way, or Can’t see Tubbo that way. I think Wilbur said at one point that Tommy thinks too much with his heart/feelings, and I feel like that applies here, in him intentionally ignoring Tubbos grey morality because he’s his Friend and also since Tommy’s like, the opposite, I think it could also be difficult for him to acknowledge that Tubbo Doesn’t think like he does, doesn’t firmly stick to his ideals regardless of consequence?

Idk this turned into more of a “character study” but really all I care about is Techno and Tubbo being two sides of the same coin and what that could mean for character growth and relationship dynamics ;oo

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Something I love about the Jedi of the prequels is that even though they’re not very developed characters like Anakin or Obi-Wan (which is obvious because they are the main characters), The Clone Wars tv show was able to flesh out the Jedi’s unique personalities without having to give them extensive background.

Plo Koon is a wise, kind and fatherly figure. And we can see that even through his mask!

Kit Fisto is a humorous and talkative warrior with a great smile.

Luminara Unduli is a stern master, more detached than a lot of her peers, but deeply honorable and disciplined.

Shaak Ti is a caring professor and mentor, as well as a mother figure to the clones. She is tactful and wise.

Aayla Secura is gracious, compassionate and empathetic with others.

Mace Windu has strong values and ideals, thoughtful, kind and swift in his approach.

Ki-Adi Mundi considers all possibilities, he is insightful and skeptical, but also playful and a strong leader.

Eeth Koth is honorable and loyal, acting for the good of others.

Pong Krell is… well he’s just a bitch really.

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  • Skateboards like a champ, yet trips over his own feet & falls down a lot
  • LAYERS. So many layers. 
  • Possibly only owns one outfit
  • Keeps chocolate by his bed
  • Also, has a picture of him & his siblings in his wallet & on the wall by his bed
  • Has very nice manners
  • In touch with his emotions & is definitely a hugger
  • Half of his vocabulary consists of the phrase, “Wait a minute.”
  • Always sort of disoriented & flustered
  • Has no idea what is happening
  • Please, everyone, just slow it down a bit, Marty needs time to process. 
  • Despite confusion, is a Smart, Science-Nerd Boy
  • Loyal, supportive friend
  • Often just has to express himself through screaming
  • Probably has Pepsi running through his veins
  • Is honestly trying his best
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hi anon!!

i mainly get my updates from twitter/tumblr but i suggest watching the vods on tommy or wilbur’s twitch!! they’re some of the main stars (haha, like this is a show). they have videos about the smp up on their channels as well, if you want condensed updates!! :)

if anybody else wants to add on with tips, feel free!!

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I do indeed Sam, thank you for this!! I will admit that most of her information is based off of the “how to play Anime Campaign” document rather than what the actual show explicitly sticks to, but here’s all the information I have on her!

I put most of it under the readmore, but in summary, her Epithet is the rather uncreative “Shadow” but she has a corvid-type motif due to her rather unique weapons! also she has really overpowered stats because.. she can, okay

also before I cut everything off, shoutout to Val @lesbianpikachuu and Nana @cherripiez for being the reason I even ended up watching Epithet Erased in the first place ^-^

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Spoilers, read at your own risk dear friends.

I’ve had a few thoughts about the new episode, starting with the fact that Jon wasn’t really functioning well while in Salesa’s home. I feel like we can guess that the Eye is one of the driving forces keeping him alive at the moment, and being disconnected leads to, just after a few days, dissociation and inability to pay attention: who knows what else after a few weeks? We also know that, in these “pockets” where the Eye cannot reach, Jon cannot remember what’s happened there.

My really big concern, knowing all this, is what Martin said at the end:

“Besides, I’d rather be trapped in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with you than spend one more moment in paradise with her,”

If given the chance, would Martin ultimately choose being able to keep the world as-is in order to be with Jon or would he save everyone and leave Jon behind?

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What does your ToG ship say about you?

KuhnBam: you like just the right amount of angst and fluff

EndorsiBam: you like KuhnBam’s dynamic but you’re straight

KuhnEndorsi: you like proud overconfident people fighting for dominace

KuhnRakBam: you’re into ot3s

KuhnRak: you either like this platonically and love emotional support Rak™, or this is your crackship

RakBam: same as KuhnRak but with more fluff

RachelBam: you either just started the series and are into the childhood friend dynamic, or you’re into hatefucking

RachelKuhn: you’re really into hatefucking

RachelWanang: you’re so into hatefucking that you should seek help

RachelYura: be gay do crime

HwaryunBam: you kin Bam and think she’s hot

HwaryunKuhn: you like seeing the two hottest people getting together

KuhnIsu: disaster gay VS disaster bi

BamIsu: brotp with bonus emotional support

HatzIsu: brotp with more banter

EndorsiIsu: you just want a butler

EndorsiAnaak: you think girls fighting is hot

HatzAnaak: you have a sword fetish

YuriEvan: you also just want a butler

PrinceMiseng: you’re here for fluff, only fluff, and nothing but the fluff

BamEihwa: you got way into that one scene where they had to share a room

WanangEihwa: you like how they grow, improve, and fight together, honestly who doesn’t?

QuatroEihwa: you’re a pyromaniac

RanAnaak: you like the rivals to lovers trope

GosengHoryang: you like classic straightforward romances with happy endings

NovickXiaXia: you’re into bunny girls

ElaineAlphine: you think the servant master dynamic is hot

LilialShilial: you’re into twincest

Kuhn Eduan Arie Hon: you like playboy dilfs

ArkraptorJingsun: you like competent dilfs

YuriUrek: you like goofy badasses

GarhamUrek: you like goofy badass hitting on serious badass

YuriMachenny: you’re a masochist

AdoriMachenny: you’re a huge masochist

EvankhellHunsung: you want to be topped by a strong woman

CanhongXiaLlulu: be gay do good? (Also you want to be topped by a strong woman)…(doggo style)…

WhiteBam: …you’re kinda fucked up…

JahaadBam: …you’re really fucked up…

Data JahaadEduan: you’re into rival brotps (e.g. NarutoSasuke)

ArleneV: you like classic straightforward romance but with tragic endings

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Fantasy High Friendships That I Just Can’t Get Enough Of

In no particular order:

  • Raugh and Tracker: I imagine they spent a lot of time together while the Bad Kids were off doing their thing and I wish we had more interactions between the two of them (though as a DM I understand not wanting to roleplay with yourself too much) their Revolution Roadtrip is probably the most incredible adventure
  • Honestly Raugh and everyone. Raugh and Fabian and Gorgug especially, we love to see the himbo squad kicking ass and supporting each other.
  • Fig and Gorgug: I just,,,, these kids,,,, they’re dumbasses,,,, they’re rockstars,,,,, they’re in a band together. Fig hiding behind Gorgug in combat, Gorgug learning to play the drums for Fig, Fig going to Barbarian class with him. Phenomenonal. Incredible.
  • Ayda and Adaine: Wizard buddies!! Garty and Adaine the Fish!! They understand and care about each other so much!! They named spells after each other!! Ayda dropped everything to help rescue Adaine. Love my two wizard girls.
  • Riz and Kristen: two incredibly competent and talented people. Put them in a room together and they are the living embodiment of the one shared braincell meme (bonus: “I love Riz the most we all know this”)
  • Fabian, Gorgug, and Riz: toxic masculinity found dead in a gutter killed by three teenage boys. The scene where they fight the fire elementals might be my favourite combat scene in Fantasy High.
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