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#feel free to add on
manifestations for animaniacs season 3:
- wakko gets his own song
- singing in the rainy as a variable line
- dune parody (likely called "sand")
- dark pinky???
- dot kills someone again
- slappy squirrel cameo
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forksareaweapon · 2 days ago
some iconic moments from mangoball
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(if you haven’t read mangoball you are missing out and can read it here)
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Megamind the musical would slap though: 
The transition between kid Megamind and adult Megamind being the kid Megamind blowing up the school and adult Megamind emerging from the blue smoke in full villain costume, complete with manic laughter 
Roxanne’s opening number being her trying to write a piece for the museum opening “An ocean inside a bigger ocean...” 
A reprise of the above song when she’s singing about Megamind and her confused feelings for him
Megamind and Roxanne’s sad duet in the rain “Love Someone Like You/Love Someone Like Me” 
Hal’s evil rampage song “Under New Management.” 
Megamind and Minion’s duet about their weird but special friendship 
Metroman’s “I have eyes that can see” starting off silly but slowly transitioning into a sad ballad about how, unlike Megamind, he’s never loved his assigned role and wants to be his own person, doing what he loves
“I’m Bad” being the closing number
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strugglingclassicist · 6 days ago
alternatives to writing an academic thesis and handing it in for a grade:
- just a really long stroll together with your professor where you talk about all the things you've read and the thoughts and conclusions you've made on this topic
- interpretive dance to illustrate the points you've made and the way you've gotten (t)here
- conceptual art project where you turn in a portfolio of artworks in different medias illustrating the theme of your thesis and the different angles one can look at the issue, could be shown as an exhibition as well
- musical piece where the combination of different tones and harmonies symbolizes different ideas and concepts
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b1rdza · a month ago
something something… there’s something wrong with the unconscious world in the dream smp universe. memories, dreams… something is just wrong
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avidcollectorofdust · a month ago
Rlly loving the recent trend in kids’ shows where some character never talks about their family and we assume they have some sort of tragic backstory, only for us to get an episode about how they having loving gay parents that embarrass them endlessly
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happyminecraftanimedream · 10 months ago
some of my favourite quotes from TFTSMP
"I would never murder a rich person"
"who in this room hates woman?"
"he did medbay scan"
"there's no milk only gold!"
"maybe if we weren't so rich we'd know cpr" (whispered) "I know cpr" "SHUT UP!"
"the property value!"
"butler what did i say about eye contact!
"it wasn't glug-glug lord sebastian"
"he raises a good point even for being poor"
"i hear he streams fortnite"
"h-he had a heartattack"
"quick throw gold, he has to stop for it!"
"the egg demands poor people"
"i lied the people i invited were only upper middle class, they were barely people!"
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Adhd moods:
1. *drinks coffee* now I ✨ s l e e p ✨
3. What the fuck were we talking about again?
4. *autopilot mode*
5. dootdootdootdootdootdootdootdoot
6. My keys have become invisible
7. *singing* Do I remember?… No!
8. I am watching the entirety of *insert show* tonight and nothing can stop me, not even time
9. *running on 4 hours of sleep*
10. Today I will be unproductive on purpose!
11. Today I will be unproductive against my will!
12. Today I will be productive! *does nothing*
13. Today I will be productive! *does anything and everything*
14. Today I will be productive against my will!
15. *inevitably zones out*
16. Fuck routines. Fuck it.
17. Shit did I forget to finish that again--
18. *furiously clicks pen*
19. Oh I also drew this and finished these novels, and I wrote this too, oh and here's the schedule I designed but will never follow and also I watched an entire TV show--
20. *holds out hyperfixation* This is all I am talking about for the next month.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
firestar appreciation post
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silverwitch42 · 5 months ago
Idea: Supervillain etsy.
You buy like a freeze ray or something and it comes in a neat little box with snowflake stickers on it and it's packed with sparkly blue paper.
You get some evil chemicals and they're all in pretty glass bottles with corks and handwritten labels. They're all packed up safely in a tiny drawstring bag.
Everything has a thank you note or card. A couple have contact information, and all the addresses lead to supposedly abandoned buildings full of death traps.
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sailforvalinor · 2 months ago
Whenever Netflix gets around to doing something with the rights to the Chronicles of Narnia, I want them to know one thing:
We don’t want remakes of the original films. What we want is a series about the Golden Age.
One that begins right after the Pevensies’ coronation, and ends when they accidentally stumble back through the wardrobe.
We want episodes about adjusting to the responsibility of being rulers.
We want episodes about Peter subconsciously using WWII tactics when fighting the Giants in Ettismoor to the north, and being horrified with himself when he realizes.
We want episodes about how the Pevensies earned their titles—the Magnificent, the Gentle, the Just, the Valiant.
We want episodes about Susan receiving her first offer of marriage from a suitor, and struggling with the idea of ever leaving her siblings—even for love.
We want episodes on how Archenland was rebuilt, and about the disappearance of Prince Cor.
We want episodes about Edmund having chronic nightmares for their first couple of years in Narnia and trying to hide it, struggling to learn to forgive himself as Aslan forgave him.
We want episodes about how the apple orchard came to be.
We want episodes about the wars with Calormen.
We want episodes about Lucy getting tired of being cooped up in Cair Paravel and deciding to go on an adventure of her own—only for Peter to comedically misread the situation and believe she’s been kidnapped.
We want special episodes about the Horse and His Boy from the Pevensies’ point of view, possibly even tying in with a Horse and His Boy movie.
We want episodes where, matched in a battle of wits with a neighboring princess, Edmund is too busy trying to verbally destroy her to realize that he’s fallen head-over-heels in love with her.
We want comedic episodes where Peter and Edmund test their sisters’ suitors.
We want episodes where it becomes painfully obvious that Lucy is Peter’s favorite sister.
We want episodes where, when a sudden sickness strikes the land, Susan abandons all caution to help nurse her people, and all learn why she is called the Gentle.
We want episodes where the Pevensies first come to the Lone Islands.
We want episodes where, when visiting a neighboring country, someone in court is abruptly murdered and Edmund plays detective for an entire arc.
We want episodes where Lucy saves Peter in just the nick of time with a force of archers during one of the battles with Calormen.
We want episodes about Narnia healing from its time under the White Witch.
We want episodes about how much their people loved them—and how distraught they were in the aftermath of their disappearance.
We want Golden Age Narnia.
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geoguessbur · 3 months ago
iconic moments of wilbur on philza streams
eating sand
wilbur getting drunk at vidcon (?) and calling philza "daddy" (3hr 21min)
wilbur canonizing that philza fucked a fridge in the dream smp
boiler explosion (44 min)
cumza (1 hr 32 min)
yeah fortnite we bout to get down (get down)
appel arpods
wilbur quizzing kristin and americans in the chat on uk vs american things for like 30 minutes (38:02)
wilbur giving a tour of his haunted house
wilbur forcing phil to recite the entire "steamed hams" bit from the simpsons with him
zoo tycoon
terra swoop force stream with tubbo
wilbur invading philza's stream to discuss ARGs and horror and then tommy joins (part 1 / part 2)
wilbur invading philza's stream to discuss terrariums
wilbur invading philza's stream to show off his doxxing skills
sbi 4/4 prank
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december-rains · 6 months ago
so what have we learned from the livestream?
Plot wise:
-Dema has Tyler (may or may not have Josh, if Josh is real at all. Choker would imply they have Josh, but if they had him they would probably want to show him off, not call him a “moron”)
-They try and show off their toy (presumably to make some money) but the Banditos crash the concert
-The Banditos are unsuccessful in their rescue attempt but they plant the seeds of yellow
-c!Tyler seems to have lost hope for himself- seems to be trying to help us?
Other details:
- The Bishops can look human but don't always (implied that it's more likely to fail if they're injured or upset). They do not always look like old men.
- Sally = Sacarver? Can’t remember if the man was referred to by a name but he’s probably Lisden
- bishops eat people
- Red alarm
- The bishops aren't just blind to yellow it incapacitates them
- c!Tyler isn't totally brainwashed and he still remembers - It's probably mostly physical control they have over him
- At least some of the songs are genuine. Never Take It for sure, possibly Saturday and Bounce Man.
Cool things:
- Trees played just before the Banditos broke in- signalling the end of the ‘concert’?
- Tyler was really sad and depressed until the Banditos showed up, when the songs turned joyous and powerful. The scene cut to the Bishops looking feral and beat-up, and cut back to normal, but there was yellow left, including tape on the drums and dragons on Tyler’s shirt. The songs were more resigned and sorrowful after that, but has more passion in them.
- The closest to an explicitly rebel song played (outside of the Bandito segment) was Chlorine.
- Most songs were not played in full
- Lisden stated his favorite song was Mulberry Street, which also happens to be the most explicitly Dema propaganda song on the album.
- Heavydirtysoul played with Tyler looking very pleading
- Concert closed on the lines from Choker “I know it's over/I was born a choker/Nobody's coming for me, coming for me” uttered by Tyler as he sits down with the Bishops again, looking utterly depressed.
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dimwitdecember · 4 months ago
c!tubbo be like im the treasurer. i am big law. i am big crime. i am an archivist. i am a theropiest. i am secretary of state. i sell bath water. i am a necromancer. i am a spy. i am a president. i make nuclear weapons. i flip burgers.
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decadantstudent · 2 months ago
Characters that wouldve killed it at the met gala
Dean, community
Moira rose, schitts creek
Effie, hunger games
Boyle, Brooklyn 99
Klaus, umbrella academy
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carfuckerlynch · 2 months ago
seasonings that start with c do so much for us….. cloves cinnamon cumin cilantro coriander chives……
EDIT how could i forget the true mvps carroway and cardamom……
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wait, let's make a list. what did we learn from supernatural? i'll start us off.
get vaccinated.
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