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omg-they-killed-kenny · 9 days ago
**DISCLAMIER**: I've never done anything like this before and like I state throughout this essay, a lot of the evidence presented is a stretch, but I still really like Carteek and wanted to talk about them!! If anyone has any opinions on this whether they agree or disagree, I would love to hear it! I'm respectful of people's opinions on here and respect if people don't like this ship but I think it's dismissed to freely without being thought about.
When you think about it Carteek makes way more sense than popular Cartman ships like Kyman or Cutters because out of all the kids in South Park, it can most likely be said that Cartman is the nicest to Tweek.
Tweek is probably the kid in South Park that Cartman treats the best when it comes to the main 5 and then Craig's gang plus the girls.
We already know how he treats Kyle.
It can be said that he's pretty nice to Stan and Kenny but even then, he's done shit to them.
He's stated that he hates Craig before and then took his birthday money from him. (there's probably better evidence than that but I can't think of it)
He's pretty racist towards Token but I can't really tell if he's being mean or if he's just dumb.
He's pretty nice to Clyde to but then there was that pirate episode where he made him cry.
He stole Jimmy's fish sticks joke and manipulated him into thinking that he came up with the joke. He also beat Jimmy up when he was trying to be nicer to Kyle in Casa Bonita.
He was manipulative towards Heidi and we all know how he feels about the rest girls...
But the worst thing he's ever done to Tweek is probably when he got Craig to wear a Buddha Box and even then, it wasn't necessarily towards Tweek. He talked to Craig about getting away from his parents and relationships (I mean it could be said that this is directed at Tweek but then again, Craig has other friends, so it doesn't necessarily have to be his romantic relationship) but then when Craig started complaining about Tweek, Cartman went back to ignoring him.
Tumblr media
(Like literally Craig, I love you and I get it but...shut up!)
But anyway, Cartman was not going to listen to Craig talk about his crush like that but that's literally the worst thing I can think of. And there's plenty of evidence that supports Cartman having a crush on Tweek.
When Tweek is first introduced we see both Kyle and Stan complain about Tweek but Cartman doesn't say anything mean about him which is odd because... come on, it's CARTMAN.
Stan: Oh no, not Tweek.
Kyle: We don't want to be in a group with Tweek.
Mr. Garrison: There's nothing wrong with Tweek, I'm sure he'll do a great job in your group. (period Mr. Garrison)
Stan also says: Dude, we can't work with this kid.
Yet Cartman stays slight for once.
Then when they're working in their groups Cartman's the only one who believes Tweek about the underpants gnomes by saying:
Tumblr media
He's so cute about it too. And the whole time during this scene he was just sitting there with a cute smile on his face.
Then when they're all at Tweek's house when Tweek's worried about his parents going out of business, Cartman out of all people is the one who attempts to comfort him when Kyle quote on quote, tells him not to worry about it.
Tweek shaking to death in the corner of his room: What if my parents go out of business? What'll I do?
Kyle's dumbass (affectionate): Don't worry about it.
Tweek: But we'll die and starve like dogs.
Tumblr media
Kenny: Fuck you.
Cartman laughing: You suck Kenny.
See, Cartman made an attempt, as lazy and rude as it was, to make Tweek feel better and I actual feel like it was a genuine attempt, and that Cartman was just being stupid so it didn't really seem helpful. Plus, the attempt was made while ripping on Kenny, someone who it can be is one of Cartman's closer friends. So, it could be said that Cartman was showing off in front of Tweek.
My last piece of evidence from this scene is when they finally see the underpants gnomes and Cartman hits the one who's been stealing Tweek's underpants on the head with a stick.
I may be stretching this a little too far, but I like to view it as Cartman protecting his boyfriend from those thieves. And then when Kyle asks him why he had to hit the gnome on a head with a stick, Cartman stutters over his words, like he's trying to find an explanation that won't get him outed.
Tumblr media
And that was just in Gnomes which was Tweek's first interaction with the main 4 plus his first actual episode. There's plenty of more examples of Cartman having an obvious crush on Tweek.
The next episode I can think of is Professor Chaos where they ultimately end of picking Tweek to be there new friend. Even more specifically near the end where they're down to the last five contestants. This may also be a stretch but...
Cartman thinks Towelie is awesome, but Kyle eliminates him since he's always high
Cartman calls Timmy self-absorbed
Cartman calls Token a smart ass
I think it was pretty safe to say that Pip wasn't going to be their new friend since they got mad at him at whatever game they were at and plus, the hate that child.
So, it may have just been foreshadowing since Tweek was the only one who no one said anything about, but I would just like to point out that once again, Cartman said nothing about Tweek.
I just find this very interesting because Cartman's very opinionated and doesn't spare people his opinions. I love Tweek but it's obvious that he has obvious flaws, and I wouldn't be surprised if something was said about Tweek. Stan and Kyle have said some pretty rude things about Tweek before (which hurts my Steek heart) but Cartman hasn't which I just can't get over.
So, in the end, they pick Tweek as their new friend.
The next piece of evidence is once again, a bit of a stretch but sometimes you just gotta pull that evidence in your favor. In the next episode, The Simpsons Already Did It, Cartman gets upset when his fish people things don't work.
Tumblr media
You may see this as plain rude, but I see it as Cartman of all people being the only fucking person in that entire town that cares about the fact that Tweek walks around with his shirt buttons mismatched so his bare stomach is exposed when it's fucking snowing outside. He's only angry because he cares about Tweek and doesn't want him to freeze to death.
The next example I can think of is in Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society which is a pretty obvious example. When the boys meet at the restaurant, Cartman decides to kick Kyle out of the group first, over Tweek who's been there the least amount of time. You could say this is due to the fact that Cartman does not like Kyle but when I first watched this episode, I was pretty sure Cartman was going to kick Tweek out. But he didn't. Because he loves him.
This example is yet again, another stretch but also in Bebe's Bobbs Destroy Society, after Cartman gets kicked out of the group, he goes to the bus stop where the boys are with Bebe and gets upset again, stating:
Cartman: That's fine, that's fine! Fuck you Kyle and fuck you Stan!
Cartman walks away before walking back up to the group
Cartman: Fuck you, Tweek!
Tumblr media
You have to look deeper here. Cartman is obviously hurt that Tweek didn't fight for him to stay in the group and was debating on whether he should call Tweek out on it or not. That's why he didn't flip Tweek off at first but then he changed his mind because Tweek upset him.
The next example is also pretty obvious and comes from the episode Child Abduction Is Not Funny where the boys go to the movies and Tweek freaks out over a new ticket booth man. Cartman expresses his concern for Tweek with the following comment:
Cartman: God, what the hell did his parents do to him?
Whether this was meant as a joke or was sincere, it's unclear but I like to think of it as the latter.
After that it is assumed that Tweek was kicked out of the group or just stopped hanging out with Stan, Kyle and Cartman since Kenny was reintroduced and he wasn't seen with them anymore.
Another example I can think of is another stretch and supports the fact that Cartman and Tweek are friends more than it supports Cartman's crush but it's from Tweek x Craig when Cartman is questioning Tweek and Craig's relationship. Afterall, it can be said that Cartman is the reason that Tweek and Craig ended up together since he had Cupid-Me shoot them with his arrows. Like I said, it doesn't really support Carteek romantically as much as it does support Carteek as friends but it's still nice since Cartman wasn't just thinking of himself in this episode. He even stated that he cared about the town when he went to Cupid-Me at the bar and told him that the whole town was depressed that Tweek, and Craig broke up.
The last example I can think of is, you guessed it, a stretch but comes from Put It Down, where Cartman expresses concern for Tweek (I don't know if this is what he was actually doing or if he was just annoyed with Tweek but let's go with the first one) and tells Craig that he needs to get Tweek to get a hold of himself.
So in conclusion:
Carteek needs more love.
I've literally seen people who ship Kyman out of all the Cartman ships they could ship, say that Carteek sucks. You guys can't be talking, and this is coming from someone who's favorite ship for both Cartman and Kyle is Kyman.
I also don't want to see anymore fanfics where Cartman and Tweek hate each other and where Cartman bullies the hell out of Tweek because it's very overused with very little canon back up besides the fact that Cartman's a bully. Sure, he is a bully but it doesn't seem to be that way when it comes to Tweek.
Although there's not really any canon facts that support Tweek liking Cartman (especially that one scene), I still think it's very cute when you think about one-sided Carteek on Cartman's side.
Tumblr media
(Which I really don't understand Tweek because he's never really done anything to you... well maybe except for when he forced you to spend your night making paper hats, but you never sleep anyway so...)
Tumblr media
I think when it comes to a lot of Cartman ships, people automatically dismiss them because of Cartman himself and yes, when there's ships like Kyman and Cutters (once again, not hating because Kyman is my OTP and I ship Cutters too) which are obviously not that great when it comes to how Cartman treats Kyle and Butters, but Carteek seems to be different.
And yes, it's fun to ship Kyman, it really is since they have such a weird dynamic with each other so maybe a ship like Carteek may not be as interesting to some people seeing that Cartman is actually pretty nice to Tweek, but I think that's what actually makes it interesting. Cartman isn't nice to anyone, not really even his mom and even though Tweek and Cartman have minimal interaction with each other, there's plenty of evidence that shows Cartman's attraction to Tweek whether it's just as friends or romantically. I mean, come one Cartman wasn't even as nice to his own girlfriend as he was to Tweek.
But it's very hard to tell when Cartman is generally concerned and when he actually cares about someone, so you really have to put some pieces together when it comes to this evidence. Sure, Cartman might come off as rude when he says stuff like "God, what the hell did his parents do to him?" but I like to see it as him being genuine.
Obviously Tweek is my favorite character and Cartman is in the top ten and I have a habit of shipping my favorite characters together because... well that's kind of how it is the most time but unlike my OTP, Steek (even though I could probably find some evidence if I put my mind to it) and Twenny, Tweek ships that don't really interact with each other, I find Carteek to make a lot of sense.
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aparanoidelectrictoothbrush · 6 months ago
So, we all know my mother was Mrs Pigeon (aka Margaret Eilander) and I am the brother of Nicholas and Gerard, but I raise to you all...who is my father? In Rusty Lake Paradise, we only ever see Margaret so we can assume Nick and Gerard's father is gone at that point, and due to my age in Rusty Lake Hotel, it could not have been the same father for me and my brothers.
...so who is it?
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guillemelgat · a year ago
Language Platforms and Resources for Lesser-Studied Languages
I see a lot of posts going around on here about great new resources that people have found for their target languages, but most of the time when I look at them, they don't have any of the languages that I'm learning. For people learning lesser-studied languages (which includes languages that have lots of speakers, like Hausa or Telugu for example, but aren't commonly taught in places where they aren't spoken by most of the population) finding resources can be a headache. While the best route is definitely to try to find classes or native speakers to help, that can be expensive, inaccessible, and sometimes anxiety-inducing. Language platforms are a great resource for building a base or learning grammar, and they should be available for a lot more languages than they are. Still, some are better about including a variety of languages than others, and so I decided to do the work and present you all with a (not-at-all-comprehensive) guide to what resources are pulling their weight in language diversity. Here are the areas that I scored them on:
Asian Languages (not including the Big Three of Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, because these are already pretty well represented)
African Languages
Oceanian Languages
American Languages (indigenous to the Americas)
Minoritized & Endangered Languages
** DISCLAIMER: I didn't check all the course for every single language on these websites, so some languages may have better content than others. However, I did check for all the languages that I'm learning, which should cover most of these areas to some degree.**
Asian Languages: ☆☆
African Languages: ☆
Oceanian Languages: ☆
American Languages: ☆☆
Minoritized & Endangered Languages: ☆☆
Usability: ☆☆☆☆
Grammar: ☆☆☆
Vocabulary: ☆☆☆
Interactivity: ☆☆☆☆☆
Depth: ☆☆☆☆
Overall: ☆☆
Duolingo is honestly not one of my favorite language learning platforms, but I know there are people who swear by it so I thought I’d include it here just to give a full review.
The pros of Duolingo are that it’s a very sleek, well-established website/app and that it’s fun. I think some people find it easier than trudging through grammar books, and I can’t blame them. However, as far as lesser-studied languages go, it’s not great. Because of the time it takes to develop a course, there’s a vetting process and also personal volition in the way, and that makes it really hard for lots of languages to get put on it. So while there are some minoritized languages represented, and some diversity, it’s not super great, and there are better places to look.
Asian Languages: ☆☆☆☆
African Languages: ☆☆☆
Oceanian Languages: ☆☆☆
American Languages: ☆☆☆
Minoritized & Endangered Languages: ☆☆☆☆
Usability: ☆☆☆☆
Grammar: ☆
Vocabulary: ☆☆☆☆☆
Interactivity: ☆☆☆☆
Depth: ☆☆☆
Overall: ☆☆☆☆
I am personally a very big fan of Memrise, but it’s definitely not an all-in-one tool for language learning and has its pros and cons. Because the community can create courses, it has a pretty wide range of offerings – but you also have to take things with a grain of salt because you don’t know whether or not they’re correct. I generally try to pick courses that go along with books or were released by a specific organization promoting the language – something which does limit the number of languages which actually are on the platform. Memrise also has the drawback of only really being a vocabulary resource, and not teaching grammar. In conjunction with other resources, though, I think that it’s one of the strongest language-learning platforms for lesser-studied languages.
Asian Languages: ☆☆☆☆☆
African Languages: ☆☆☆☆
Oceanian Languages: ☆☆☆
American Languages: ☆☆☆☆
Minoritized & Endangered Languages: ☆☆☆☆☆
Usability: ☆☆
Grammar: ☆
Vocabulary: ☆☆☆☆
Interactivity: ☆
Depth: ☆☆
Overall: ☆☆☆
I just looked into this website for the first time a couple weeks ago after having had it bookmarked for years, and it’s somewhat of a goldmine for lesser-studied languages. It has a massive amount of languages available (100-200 probably), and a lot of them have really good phrases that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to find – it’s great for Tamasheq, for example. It’s also good practice for testing reading comprehension in your target language. It does have quite a few cons though: it’s not interactive at all, so it’s basically only a source of information, not a site like Duolingo or Memrise. It’s also very hit or miss with languages, some having 100+ phrases while others have only 10. Unfortunately, a lot of these are lesser-studied, but I would check it out to see if it has what you need.
Asian Languages: ☆☆☆
African Languages: ☆
Oceanian Languages: ☆
American Languages: (none available)
Minoritized & Endangered Languages: ☆☆☆
Usability: ☆☆☆☆
Grammar: ☆
Vocabulary: ☆☆☆☆
Interactivity: ☆☆☆
Depth: ☆☆
Overall: ☆☆☆
While this is somewhat of a sad-looking review, Clozemaster is actually not terrible. It’s basically a putting-vocabulary-in-context game, and it has a fairly good selection of languages, especially widely-spoken but underrepresented Asian languages and European endangered and minoritized languages. It’s not perfect, but if you want something more interactive that’s not just rote-memorization like Memrise, this might be fun. It does run out of sentences really quickly though, which means that it’s not a long-term resource. Sentences and words are also of varying usefulness.
Asian Languages: ☆☆☆
African Languages: ☆
Oceanian Languages: ☆
American Languages: (none available)
Minoritized & Endangered Languages: ☆☆☆
Usability: ☆☆☆☆
Grammar: ☆
Vocabulary: ☆☆☆
Interactivity: ☆☆☆
Depth: ☆☆
Overall: ☆☆☆
I think that Readlang is an alright resource, although I’ve had mixed results with it. For a lot of the languages, it’s still in beta, and the translations can be wonky sometimes – it seems a little like it’s using Google Translate, which is sometimes not the best. It is a pretty okay resource if you’re just learning to read in your target language, and good to have in your back pocket. The language selection, however, is like Clozemaster in that it skews towards big but underrepresented Asian languages, and basically all of the minoritized languages are European.
Asian Languages: ☆☆☆☆
African Languages: ☆☆☆
Oceanian Languages: ☆☆
American Languages: ☆☆
Minoritized & Endangered Languages: ☆☆☆
Usability: ☆☆☆
Grammar: ☆
Vocabulary: ☆☆☆
Interactivity: ☆☆
Depth: ☆☆
Overall: ☆☆
This website has lots of resource compilations, and while it is somewhat superficial, it does have a decent amount of stuff, especially for African languages (not a lot represented but what it does have has a decent amount of content). It’s more of a jumping-off point than a full language course, but it does have a fairly decent amount of stuff. I don’t want to oversell it, it’s not great for a lot of languages, but it is something.
Asian Languages: ☆☆☆
African Languages: ☆☆☆☆
Oceanian Languages: ☆☆
American Languages: ☆
Minoritized & Endangered Languages: ☆
Usability: ☆☆
Grammar: ☆☆☆☆
Vocabulary: ☆☆☆☆
Interactivity: ☆
Depth: ☆☆☆☆
Overall: ☆☆☆
If you’re learning an African or Asian language that has lots of speakers but isn’t commonly taught, this is the website for you. Basically it’s just a hoard of old FSI, DLI, and Peace Corps courses, and so any language which might be of interest to US foreign policy or aid is here (okay maybe not every one, but a whole lot of them). That being said, the courses are old (outdated, often) and very dry, so take them with a grain of salt. Either way, it’s a good stash of language materials to have, and is the only website here to actually have solid African representation.
Asian Languages: ☆☆☆
African Languages: ☆☆☆☆
Oceanian Languages: ☆☆
American Languages: ☆
Minoritized & Endangered Languages: ☆
Usability: ☆☆☆
Grammar: ☆☆☆☆
Vocabulary: ☆☆☆☆
Interactivity: ☆
Depth: ☆☆☆☆
Overall: ☆☆☆☆
The Livelingua project is basically the same thing as Yojik, just often the materials are more modern and a little more user-friendly. It does also use FSI/DLI/Peace Corps courses, just as a heads up. This is absolutely the place I would go for African languages, but the selection is more slim for languages from other parts of the world.
As learners of lesser-studied languages, getting resources is always going to be difficult. Unfortunately, even some of the best websites are not going to have what you need. My number one recommendation for learners is to get a good course book or grammar, and find someone to practice with. As far as websites go, general websites are honestly never going to be your best bet – look for things made specifically for learners of your language instead. Still, it’s not all terrible, and hopefully some of these websites are at least somewhat helpful for people on here who are struggling. If you know any more, I’d love to hear them, since I’m always on the lookout myself!
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crepuscular-gloom · 2 years ago
Poptropica Island Ratings
okay I saw a post on here a while ago and someone rated the Poptropica islands. I remember agreeing with a lot of them, but they only went so far so a lot of the newer islands were missed out. I came across it again recently and got hit by a wave of nostalgia so I’m gonna do my own now. Unoriginal content very good. i’ll put a keep reading link to stop it from taking up too much space
Early Poptropica - mega nostalgia but kinda boring. I like the original Poptropicans being pixely and there is a goth gf in the sewers however the giant green spider scared the shit out of me as a kid and the idea of an aircraft graveyard made me sad so 6/10
Shark Tooth Island - also nostalgic but I didn’t complete it for a long time for some reason.. very short. it has a story but its there is nasty shark and people stuck on an island so make a calming potion. the medicine man looks like he is from viva pinata so 6/10
Time Tangled Island - VERY GOOD AND FUN AND HISTORICAL FUCK THAT AZTEC THO DICKHEAD. quite lengthy for an island but this is good because that means more time periods to explore. it’s also educational but i just care about restoring time. very legendary the iconic just jumped out - 10/10
24 Carrot Island - stupid pun point taken off. introduces Dr Hare and people are THIRSTY. you can dye your hair with milkshakes. i thought it was creepy as a kid honestly. i think its mind control or something. but i like it, it still has nostalgia value 8/10
Super Power Island - very legend like. i loooove the antagonists, especially copy cat but i think i had to look up a guide to beat her because i was dumb af. you need a licence to be a superhero but you are a superhero!!! very fun i like this one a lot 10/10
Spy Island - i remember sucking at this one as well as a kid.  i think it fucks with peoples hair and i only remember because my character looks fresh 100% of the time and this island fucked it up i think. i don't really remember it tho. 5/10
Nabooti Island - it’s based on a Choose Your Own Adventure book so good premise. go around the world is also good. you have to get jewels i think. ngl i didn’t finish this one because i sucked at it so i’m just going off the wiki and how far i got into it. fuck the animal puzzle 7/10
Big Nate Island - who the fuck is Big Nate. i only remember the school climbing frame and a stink bomb. fuck you big nate we don’t have your comics in England 1/10
Astro-Knights Island - medieval knights.... IN SPACE?!?! COUNT ME IN. crazy jester bard guy antagonist. people are thirsty for him too. i’m pretty sure you end up in another dimension or something. cyborgs and shit 9/10
Counterfeit Island - bruh i loved this island. pretty sure antagonist is also making people thirsty. you have to go back to Early Poptropica Island to complete it, very cool. investigating crime is cool idea it’s l.a. noire in poptropica. the wiki says there is a glitch called anti-social clown and i have to say relatable 9/10
Reality TV Island - i think i completed this like twice and i remember jackshit. you get to see past characters tho so very good. it’s just doing challenges. 4/10
Mythology Island - VERY GOOD. LEARN ABOUT MYTHOLOGY. you can fight hydra and other creatures, you meet Zeus you meet Hades, Aphrodite is a bitch. 9/10
Skullduggery Island - pirates are always good no matter what. apparently it is one of the hardest islands which explains why i never completed it but you fight other pirates and sea monsters for doubloons or some shit sounds cool to me 8/10
Steamworks Island - steampunk is good. i remember completing this and thinking it was interesting and weird to look at. i think the atmosphere is was lonely tho. there’s a boss battle against a plant i think. otherwise i don’t fuckin remember 7/10
Great Pumpkin Island - it’s Peanuts so it’s nice. very nice and simple. it’s just about the great pumpkin except you’re there. 6/10
Cryptids Island - GOD TIER. CRYPTIDS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA. some of it is scary tho. the jersey devil just fucking staring at you from the window was a shit the bed moment for a kids game. also before the islands got rebooted, it was one of the only islands to have sound effects, i.e. when the chupacabra bursts out the box. honestly because of the balls on this kids game to scare children and also being good island 10/10
Wild West Island - the only thing better than pirates is cowboys. i don’t really remember it but you do go against an outlaw gang. i like cowboys 10/10
Wimpy Wonderland Island - Jeff I know you made doawk and poptropica but did you have to show it. ngl i liked it because i like doawk. but it’s kinda... creatively bankrupt i guess. 3/10 2 points because Rodrick is there
Red Dragon Island - i think more time travel but just to old Japan. you have to save a girl. that’s all i remember. also i think there is a nasty samurai guy. but also evil dragon. i can’t remember because for the longest time this was a premium account only island so i never got to finish it for the longest time. that was a dick move 7/10 for that alone.
Shrink Ray Island - cool premise but this island expects me to learn morse code 3/10
Mystery Train Island - detectives? on a train? very nice. basically murder on the orient express except no murder and thomas edison is there and also various other 1700/1800 nerds
Game Show Island - basically Reality TV except it’s to save the world from robots. 5/10
Ghost Story Island - wow iconic. this is the only island with voice acting and it’s to fucking jumpscare you i shat myself.  ghost hunting, very cool 10/10
S.O.S Island - it’s basically Titanic mixed with Moby Dick. it’s ok 6/10
Vampire’s Curse Island - i reaaaally like this one. i like vampires. it has a vampire daddy in it so. he kidnaps a teenage girl tho because he thinks its the love of his life who is dead. kinda weird. he does stop being insane at the end tho and says sorry and dies. the girls bf is a dickhead tho. 9/10
Twisted Thicket Island - i think you’re saving a forest from becoming housing. i really like it because it introduces various folkloric creatures like the nokken. i only remember the nokken because i went on akinator to see if he knew what it was and i don’t think he did so i added it and it’s photo to his database. or maybe it was just his photo but i remember uploading something to akinator. 8/10
Poptropolis Games Island - i don’t think i liked this one 3/10
Wimpy Boardwalk Island - Jeff. 2/10 1 point added because Rodrick is also there
Lunar Colony Island - space is good. do i remember this island tho? no. i think theres aliens tho. 5/10 because i like space and aliens.
Super Villain Island - it brings back the most memorable villains like binary bard and black widow. you find out why they are evil. pretty chill 8/10
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Island - what do you expect 5/10
Zomberry Island - the last of us except i think people are just eating nasty berries really. i like it it’s spooky 7/10
Night Watch Island - Paul Blart Mall Cop 6/10
Back Lot Island - you make a film. i can’t remeber it like at all. 6/10 because it sounds ok
Poptropolis Games Island Part 2 - fuck off 2/10
Virus Hunter Island - i don’t think i completed this one either. however it is one of those inside the human body things which is always cool if cliche. 8/10
Mocktropica Island - very satirical what if about if poptropica was run by assholes. ironic since a bunch of islands were made premium only for a while. pretty sure the bonus missions still are too which is why i’m not mentioning them. funny tho 7/10
Monster Carnival Island - spooky yes. people thirst over the ringmaster raven guy too. theres a spooky clown on the ferris wheel. i don’t remember much other than i liked it because it was about monsters in a theme park. 9/10 i remember it was surprisingly short tho
Survival Island - castaway except it’s you. i don’t remember it either lmao. i got out of touch with old poptropica real bad by this time so my next ratings might be unfair sorry. pretty sure it also becomes the most dangerous game tho and some guy wants to actually fucking kill you. ballsy. 7/10 because it sounds ok i should maybe play it.
Mission Atlantis Island - i like atlantis but i didn’t play this one either. you see deepsea creatures which are spooky so extra points 8/10
PoptropiCon Island - poptropica’s answer to comicon. now i did play this one for some reason but i don’t remember it too well either. i was 14 when it came out so. sounds like yu-gi-oh so good. 7/10
Arabian Nights Island - didn’t play it i think it’s just telling the story. it’s a cool story so 7/10
Galactic Hotdogs Island - what the fuck 1/10
Mystery of The Map Island - vikings are cool. island seems very short tho. 5/10
Timmy Failure Island - who the fuck. this would be more impactful if i read these fucking things but i don’t. who the fuck are you timmy. i guess it’s called failure for a reason. (that was mean sorry) 1/10
Escape from Pelican Rock Island - prison break, nice idea. you have like a twin in this one. seems a bit repetitive sometimes tho. theres like 7 days of doing similar things. 6/10
Monkey Wrench Island - it was created to be the new tutorial, i.e. an actual tutorial rather than Early Poptropica. very fast and boring, especially if you already know everything. 2/10
Crisis Caverns Island - i know nothing about this. even the wiki is incomplete. maybe that means its shit then. 1/10 the wiki doesn’t even care too much about this one.
Greek Sea Odyssey - more ancient greece is always good. you get to beat the shit out of zeus this time 8/10
Snagglemast Island - all you do is collect coins. another tutorial one. 1/10.
bonus: home island. legit just a hub. points added because you can do a lot of customisation here and pick up a pet that doesn’t cost credits. 4/10
DOUBLE BONUS: the little haunted house mini thing. very good because spooky costumes, spooky house fun little monster party. 10/10
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beemoviefan420-blog · 3 years ago
furry- stan and cartman
monster fucker- kenny and clyde
robot fucker- jimmy
alien fucker- craig
“what is wrong with you people”- kyle, tweek and token
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rotten-games · 3 years ago
Dev Log #1
I... wanted to do some work on it today, however, alas, it seems I have reached that point in the week-despite that point being a Tuesday-where my executive dysfunction has become impossible to get past. The only reason I can do this is because I’m a procrastinator at heart and and I’ve just woken up from a series of naps.
On the up side, I have quite a bit of writing done and the update may come sooner than anticipated. We’ll finally be able to meet the first few characters of the game! Honestly, I can’t wait to see the reception to these characters, as they are all very close to my heart and I kind of love them. Past that, there might also be a new prologue to add to the mix as well. As I am not happy with the way the current one reads, I decided to completely overhaul it. I am about halfway through it, and already it is much preferred over the current. It, erm, may or may not now hold some foreshadowing.
Now, for an actual schedule? I don’t think I can give one. I’m wondering what would be preferable; dev logs/fun little updates on a regular basis, or more in-depth dev logs/other such items but at the cost of irregular updates? Because, I can see the benefit of both; though that isn’t accounting for any asks I might receive. It will require some thought, to be sure.
But also, I wish to say thank you to the first twenty followers here. This project has only just begun, but I hope to have interactions with you all the way through. While the plot is basically outlines, everything is changeable, and it isn’t set in stone! That being said, thank you again for actually reading up till this point, I know it’s mostly just rambling at this point.
EDIT: I managed to get something done, so that’s something at least.
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dabidevito · 4 years ago
wow sifting all through all the response to #BackEgg is truly Wild. like y’all are really upset about this??? i’m not normally one for discourse but y’all have caught me in a Mood:
phil is not stupid. the marketing team running pr for a billion dollar company is not stupid. if they do come to a sponsorship agreement, it won’t be done on a whim.
phil’s twitter following is not only composed of people in their teens and 20s who have < $100 in the bank accounts, but also of many, many millionaires, celebrities, and big social media influencers.
fabregé does not have to sell thousands and thousands of back eggs or whatever other jewelry to phil’s subscribers to turn a profit off this deal. just a few will more than cover it.
capita£ester is funny as a meme, but making brand deals and doing sponsorships is also a big and real part of having an online career.
the vitriol surrounding your fave creators “selling out” or whatever is idiotic. i will scream this into the void until the day i die: scientists don’t give away their science for free, so why (w h y) do we think that creators shouldn’t be paid for their creations? 
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menace-sonic-fan · 2 months ago
Sonic characters and their insecurities because I said so
Sonic: his hyperactivity. I mainly say this because of the 5th Twitter Takeover where they were discussing whether or not Sonic can sit still long enough to even watch a movie. I wouldn’t say he’s really insecure about his hyperactivity, but still enough that he had a bit of a moment after being told Tikal shows up at the end of Chao In Space.
Tails: I don’t remember if Tails is still really insecure about his tails (I mean like severely insecure) but I will say that, canonically, under the right circumstances he can end up insecure about his intelligence and mechanical abilities. This is why I think people are too hard on him in Forces, he was under circumstances that made him insecure about his mechanical abilities and intelligence.
Knuckles: Probably how gullible he is. He hates admitting when he’s been tricked, so he has to be insecure about it.
Shadow: The first thing that comes to mind for me is things he’s done in the past. I don’t think he’s likely to be opening up about it, except maybe to Rouge. He probably also gets insecure from time to time about whether or not he’s living up to his promise to Maria. I also imagine that he’s insecure about how fluffy his chest fur is. While it’s nowhere near as fluffy as Silver’s, he probably still thinks it takes away from how intimidating he can be.
Rouge: idk tbh. Do you think she might be insecure about her impulse to steal shiny things?
Espio: I’ve mentioned this before but his horn. It makes a lot of things hard because it’s in the middle of his face. I also think he’s probably insecure about his tongue because fun fact, chameleons catch bugs on reflex as a survival technique. Give that reflex to Espio and it’s gonna cause a lot of insecurity when it comes to something like a fly crawling on the wall.
Vector: Financial instability. I … don’t think I need to explain this lol. Going along with @authorleaandres’s Chaotix origin headcanons, I don’t doubt that he gets insecure about how well he’s doing as a dad because he’s been told Espio and Charmy need a mom more than once.
Charmy: He probably on occasion gets insecure about how hyperactive he is. I honestly genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if he sometimes thinks he’s a burden on missions, especially in relation to my most recent post, and possibly also in relation to Lea’s Chaotix origin headcanons (speaking of those, Espio probably worries he’s a burden quite a bit too).
Silver: Social ineptitude. I’m obviously projecting here but I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be insecure about not getting a joke or taking things way too seriously. I know I’m hella insecure about my ability to interact with other human beings, both IRL and online.
Blaze: Probably her status as a princess. She hates being referred to as royalty, so she must have some insecurities about it. She’s also canonically insecure about her acrophobia, and probably about her temper too.
Jewel: Her anxiety. She’s a pretty anxious person and I don’t know one person with anxiety who isn’t insecure about it.
Tangle: Probably her hyperactivity, like Sonic and Charmy. I mean, Tangle’s made a mess of Spiral Hill because of how energetic she is, that has to cause some insecurity.
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aenaxes-moved · a year ago
gives goodnight kisses: cody, rex, hunter
cannot sleep without getting goodnight kisses: fox, echo
refuses to sleep without goodnight kisses: wrecker
wants goodnight kisses but doesnt know how to ask (shy): wolffe, tech
wants goodnight kisses but doesnt know how to ask (bastard): crosshair
goodnight kisses to making out until 2am pipeline: jesse, fives
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howdydowdy · 2 months ago
Totally Valid And Understandable Reasons Shen Wei Could Have For Not Admitting To Zhao Yunlan That He's Hei Pao Shi
because here's the thing, right. if shen wei knows from episode 1 that zhao yunlan is going to travel back in time and see hei pao shi without his mask on, that means he knows that he can't hide his secret identity forever. at some point, zhao yunlan is going to know. so what was the game plan here? why not just be upfront about it? a non-exhaustive list.
when they first meet at the university, they're in public. what if somebody (xiao guo) says "HEI PAO SHI?!??!" really loudly or something? it could be this whole thing. shen wei works here! he likes this cover identity! what if he has to move? what if he has to change his name? what if he has to get a makeover to keep people from recognizing him? what if he has to stop wearing sleeve garters???? the risk is just too great.
he wants zyl to be his friend and he thinks zyl would be more willing to befriend a suspicious yet intriguing university professor than a terrifyingly superpowered foreign government liaison, so he doesn't want to tell him that he's hps until they're already friends. he wants zyl to get to know him as him, not his office. too bad that in order to hide his hps identity, he's gonna have to lie about a whole bunch of stuff, which means zyl can't fully get to know him until he comes clean. also too bad that he sucks at lying.
zyl would probably be less likely to share information about cases with him if he knew shen wei was hps. (i'm basing this on the fact that zyl has been chief for a while and has never gone to hps before now.) and recently shen wei has discovered that having conversations about cases with the chief of the SID is - get this - actually helpful in solving those cases! therefore, for the good of all creatures everywhere, it is his solemn duty to lie to zyl about his alter ego. QED.
being hps is lonely! people are intimidated by you. they don't try to take care of you. i think he likes having zyl treat him like he's delicate, sometimes. nobody fusses over a guy with healing powers getting tetanus or colds, you know what i'm saying? nobody tries to rescue a superhero from muggers. nobody is gonna put a boyfriend jacket on the black-cloaked envoy! that dude is already good to go on outerwear. he might as well be called the No-Need-To-Give-Me-Your-North-Face-Because-I-Am-Already-Very-Warm-And-Stylish Envoy.
he keeps meaning to tell zyl but then forgets. one time he was going to make a note to remind himself to do it in the morning, but then he used up all his ink ghostwriting zyl's report to minister gao. another time he did make a note, but it happened to be the closest scrap of paper to hand when he needed to come up with non-supernatural explanations for a weird mauling, and after he drew a bear on it he forgot that there was something else on the back. hate it when that happens.
he feels like it would be rude not to tell chu shuzhi first, but then they had that weird interrogation when shen wei was caught at the face-stealer crime scene, and now it would just be like. soooooo awkward. chu shuzhi would be all, "i can't believe i tried to creep you out with a puppet and then told you you couldn't compare to one of your own toes, oh god, please let the earth swallow me," etc., etc. kinder not to tell him, really.
as soon as he comes out as zyl's diplomatic counterpart, is that going to color all of their interactions? he likes being able to talk to zyl about stuff without bringing Envoy this and Lord that into everything. he likes them spending time together as shen wei and zhao yunlan, not as the representatives of their respective species. even if zyl suspects his identity, not actually telling him gives them plausible deniability to keep doing that. once shen wei tells him, are they gonna have to officially register their relationship with haixing inspectorate HR? will this be considered a COI? how many NDAs would this necessitate?? the acronymic red tape could be nigh on infinite.
zyl is spending so much time on shen wei right now, devoting all his admirable tenacity and powers of observation to figuring out what his whole deal is, and shen wei likes being the center of his attention! once zyl has proof, is he gonna quit following shen wei around and pretending they just ran into each other? is he gonna stop waltzing into shen wei's office and eating all his cake? WHAT IF SHEN WEI HAS TO EAT HIS OWN CAKE. unacceptable. worst-case scenario. must be avoided at all costs.
actually he is doing zhao yunlan, noted mystery lover, a huge favor. like giving a cat a puzzle box. it's enrichment for detectives! shen wei is just trying to ensure an adequately stimulating environment for the domestic shorthair living across the hall (and also da qing). what would zyl do without this to entertain him? probably wither away to nothing. you are welcome, zhao yunlan.
maybe he's hoping that if he waits long enough and keeps showing off in front of zyl with his sexy sexy glaive, eventually zyl will express some kind of hubba hubba sentiment about hps to shen wei, at which point shen wei can be like "about that" and go right into the magical girl transformation. talk about a perfect beginning to their hornily ever after, plus it's efficient as all hell. unlikely? maybe. but hey, a guy can dream.
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makkachinplisetsky · a year ago
what your fav romance trope says about the way you want to experience love
best friends to lovers - you want to be loved by someone who knows you inside and out. and not just you but every other aspect of your life as well. no one in the world understands either of you like you understand each other.
enemies to lovers - you want someone who wont just accept your flaws but who will completely love the darkest and worst side of you as much as the ‘good’ side. someone who is never afraid to love you.
rivals to lovers - you want your lover to push you to be the absolute best you can be, even if the pushing isnt always pretty. someone who believes in your potential and knows just how far you can go before even you do.
false relationship - oh dear you want someone who is an accomplice to your crimess and who you’re not scared to overshare with. you want to marry your best friend and go to 7/11 for slushies at 2am and laugh at their dumbest jokes.
soulmates - you dream of finding someone who suddently changes the way you see the world and who makes love so easy you cant help but fall. someone who will click with you so perfectly it seems you were puzzle pieces all along.
forbidden love - the contrary. a love you have to work and fight so hard for. a love that can be put throught the toughest of tests and comes out alive and stronger the other end. a love that you would die for but that you end up living for, instead.
love triangle turned poly relationship - you wish to experience all the possible sides of love (even through a monogamous relationship) and you never wanna be stuck in a routine or the same dynamic. you just want someone who you can pour all the love that you already had, into.
second chance - one of my personal favourites for last. you’re a believer that loves conquers all, but youre also sort of a realist. you know shit happens. you long for that someone that, after the storm, will stand up, look around, and chose you again.
edit: for the love of god i cant believe i forgot this one!!!
friends with benefits to lovers - you enjoy being physical, a lot, but to you it should never and could never be the end goal of love. you want a hopeless romantic who can provide just enough drama to keep you on your toes, still knowing you wouldnt wanna love anyone else.
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dsmpkinfessions · 2 months ago
What's a kin? I've heard a lot of conflicting definitions over the years, from people neutral on the topic, hostile towards it and kinnies themselves. I know somehow people relate to a character so much they, according to the stuff here, get memories and feelings from them? I just. Have been kind of confused as to what kinning is for ages and I want to actually know, so I figured I'd ask.
Hi there! I get that, and I'm sorry if you've had any bad encounters with the community! As intimidating as some people can be, most of the community is fairly friendly. This got kind of long so bear with me haha - Mod Grian
‘Kin is short for Otherkin (or in this case, Fictionkin) and is defined as "Someone who identifies as partially or entirely nonhuman, typically non-physically, typically involuntary or integral to one’s being". In the case of Fictionkin, it’s “Someone who identifies as partially or entirely a fictional creature or character”. This can be spiritual (which is what you probably see a lot) or psychological! Spiritual kin do often have memories of these lives, whether it be a past life, a parallel life, etc. Psychological kin can have these memories, or  "noemata" as well! Noemata are “Knowledge or information gleamed about one’s kintype, or the life of one’s kintype”, coined by Poppy. Their blog has some great resources along with @who-is-page. Poppy has a side of their desktop theme for recommended blogs as well, @a-dragons-journal is one that I see a lot of that sparks some good discussion in the community.
In the Glossary made by Page, a fairly old member of the community, it goes into more depth on all of the other words you may have seen thrown around over the years. What you describe however is a form of alterhumanity! I’m not quite sure which it would fall under, but I’d certainly say it does. Same with KFF (Kin for fun), it's still got a place in the community it's just a different experience. “Kin for fun” is instead of identifying as you identify heavily with your kintype. There's been some push lately to focus more on the "what" of your experience instead of the "why" as well which you may have seen. I'll link some good sources at the bottom of this post as well as my own blog I've set aside specifically for conversations like this!
You might have also seen the -kind or recently -folk suffix going around, these were mainly made to try distancing from KFF. As much as I have some wonderful friends who are KFF the community has had some heavy impacts on the community. This is mainly seen from my experience on the Tiktok side. Here's a good post from Strawberrybabydog discussing some of the rhetoric found on there though! there's also this post from a KFFer discussing the issue of the conflating language. Most KFF you’ll find don’t mean any harm!
My blog
otherkin 101 carrd
 Otherkin Criteria 
Types of Alterhumanity chart (personally a favorite!)
Kin origin theories
Otherkin timeline (this is a lengthy read, if you decide to go through this it will likely take awhile!)
Paper done on Otherkin
FAQ from Fromfiction
Transcript for Poppy's Othercon panel about Choice vs. Involuntary
Can I call myself alterhuman?
I hope this helped at least a bit! Feel free to send another ask here if you have any more questions my friend! - Mod Grian
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what your favourite of Rory's boyfriends/love interests says about you (to me):
Logan: He's cute, he's smart, he's rich, he's charming, he's supportive and he brings out a different side in Rory. He's exactly the kind of boyfriend Rory needed in college. In theory, I get it and i respect your decison. However, there are things about him that i just can't get behind but overall he's not the worst boyfriend (when he's not cheating). I also believe that the only reason Logan gets away with what he does is because he is so damn charming. If he wasn't i think more people would see that he's actually just manipulative. Also, he is arrogant and lazy with no real ambition despite the fact that he actually has the smarts and capability to do whatever he wanted. If you are team Logan you probably like the playboy who ends up falling in love trope. Also you probably always fall for men who you know are never going to be able to commit and therefore have no real future with. I also get mafia au fic reader vibe from y'all. I can't explain it.
Tristan: bitch, no. You're just simping for Chad Michael Murray.
Dean: Honestly there are only three reasons you could be a Dean fan: 1. You've just started watching the show for the first time and you're still on season 1. 2. You just love avoiding red flags because this man is a walking red flag. And with that i say get some therapy, please. This man ain't worth shit. If a man treats you like this and you think it's okay. It's not. He exhibits extremely abusive and toxic behaviour. I could write an essay on this man but I don't actually think I could get through it. I am so appalled by the show constantly trying to tell us that he's the "perfect boyfriend". It's 2022 guys, let's stop pretending like Dean is even an option. 3. you're a supernatural fan and you just love Jared Padalecki.
Jess: You're that person that when you search for fanfics you put the filter on for "angst". You probably love the bad boy with a heart of gold who hates everyone but her trope and you are definitely an introvert. You also appreciate a partner with similar interests and passions as you and someone who you match with intellectually. Also, i hate to break it to ya but you probably need therapy too. Either you got daddy issues or you're one of those people who always think they can "fix" people or you spend a lot of energy projecting yourself onto fictional characters to avoid real life problems. Teenage Jess is not someone you should want to be your boyfriend because there's no way that's going to end well. However, s6 onwards Jess, yes. We love mature adult Jess who is happy and has a stable life and career and has moved on from his issues in a healthy way. He's the only person in Rory's life who genuinely believes in and actively supports her by being honest with her and never sugar-coating things. He is never afraid to put her in her place (which quite frankly both of the gilmore girls need someone to do this). Whether you ship them or not, these two are meant to be in each other's lives if not just to inspire each other to be the best versions of themselves.
Also, you're definitely in love with Milo Venitmiglia.
Marty: You're a pretty neutral person. You probably just love a good friends-lovers trope. In every series with a love triangle, you probably always prefer the one they don't end up with in the end. Like the Gale or Jacob or John Ambrose, etc. He genuinely really cared for Rory and was a great match for her and they probably would have been a good couple and its unfortunate the show never explored this.
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skeletal-butterflyy · a month ago
Ok so we all know rachel is artsy and she has red hair. I propose to you: Rachel wears blue mascara. Like it’s an all the time thing she loves it it makes her eyes P O P
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incorrectmerlinquotes · a month ago
#10 on the fmk alternatives with Gwaine, Arthur, and Merlin
Thank you for asking!
10: Netflix & chill with, go ice-skating with, play dodgeball against
Go ice-skating with Arthur because, let's be honest, I don't trust that man as far as I can throw him to not be a dick (said with love) when it comes to dodgeball. Seriously, have y'all seen the way he knocks Merlin around in their training spars?? Not for me. Plus, he’s probably never been ice-skating before, and it would be fun to introduce him to something new.
I'd play dodgeball against Gwaine because I know for a fact that he would 100% be a dick (again, said with love) when it comes to dodgeball, but I think he would make it a lot of fun.
Which leaves Netflix & chill with Merlin, but you know what?? Colin Morgan is pretty so no fucking way I’m saying no to that.
Thanks again for asking!! This one was a lot of fun to think about LMAO
put three names and a number in my ask
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r1nzler · 5 months ago
i love tron and this whole franchise is very special to me and i’m sure most of you relate but i really want the evil mouse corporation to leave it alone. no more series for d plus and empty promises about tr3n. i don’t trust them since everything they make is about making profit. i’m tired of tron not having enough screen time even though the franchise kinda carries his name. i want content made with love and care and not whatever d//sney has been doing lately. just.. leave it alone please :,)
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calumsash · 4 months ago
here's a question for your brain to consider: if 5sos were to rock skirts, what type of skirt do you think each of them would go for?🌸
ok let's go one by one cause i have a vision:
first ashton, boy's a hippie. he would rocks those flowy type of skirts (also my personal favourite cause i started wearing them this year <3) and also skirts that will flatter his hips you know? for example:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
now we got luke, boy's an angel and i feel like a pretty white skirt would be stunning for him. also had to throw a purple one for alison ( @bandsanitizer ). for a mental image:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
for michael, obviously gonna keep with the grunge theme so short ones with plaid patterns combined with black sheer tights would look fantastic. to the imagination:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
lastly calum, the man can wear everything. but i just want to see him in a pink skirt for personal reasons. like that:
Tumblr media
in conclusion, skirtsos 2022 let's do this lads!
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emos-at-ihop · 2 months ago
I’m sorry, but the people who have been calling Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land by Marina white feminism or “girl bossing” need to take a step back and self reflect to realize that they are simply uncomfortable with hearing women discuss the fact that they are oppressed for being women. Ofc intersectional identities are further oppressed, but Marina literally addresses a number of other oppressions through the entire album.
Man’s World: discusses an lgbt issue
Purge the Poison: discusses racism, discusses the damage of capitalism, discusses US exceptionalism as an issue, discusses fat oppression/the damaging obsession with thinness, discusses mental health issues
Highly Emotional People: literally discusses a male issue of the negative “men don’t cry” idea
New America: discusses US exceptionalism as an issue, discusses issues that the indigenous people of the US have faced, discusses racism and racist police brutality, discusses the privilege of being financially stable, discusses cultural appropriation/the issue with not acknowledging that many popular music styles originated from black culture
And I’m sure I’m missing other topics that are within the songs on the album. So if after listening to this album, you thought it was white feminism or “girl bossing” because Marina, a woman, discusses the oppression of women, along with all of these other issues of different identities, then you should ask yourself why you are so uncomfortable with acknowledging that women are an oppressed identity as well.
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expelliarmus · 2 months ago
Hi! Kinda weird question but how do you feel about Rose Tyler? Because I see that a lot of people love her but I just never got that feeling. And I guess I want to know what made her so loved. Anyways if you have an opinion I would love to know it!
(Don’t mind how horribly worded this is)
It's okay if you don't like a character that the rest of the fandom seems to love. 😊 I don't have any super strong opinions about Rose, but I do love her (but I mean I honestly love all the companions lol). She's brave and resourceful and kind, she cares deeply about the people close to her and she shows so much compassion and empathy to the people/aliens she meets.
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lemonzestywrites · 11 months ago
i don’t like engaging in discourse (especially in this fandom) at all, quite frankly but i saw a post and i had to rant about it somewhere so here i go
one of the main reasons i adore buck is his relation to both evan and buck and their points as his namesake. as someone who (similar to buck has a irl nickname that people only ever refer to me as. like very rarely to people refer to be by my full legal name) i have many thoughts
i think especially the difference is very important to make because i don’t think evan and buck are separated by people and who uses those names so much as i think they’re separated by points in his life and the ideas and things they represent. (idk if that makes sense but to me it does)
like “buck” is a selfless never-gives-up person who will go above and beyond to save and help everyone he comes across. 
“evan”, on the other hand, refers more so to a younger version of himself (obviously) but not just in the literal sense but like that point in his life where he’s figuring out who he is. that young kid who’s uncertain and insecure and really just so desperately wants to be loved. 
the most important thing is that evan and buck at the end of the day still make up the whole identity of the same person! like they are two points of his life that can coexist (maybe once buck starts working through this in therapy more, but they can!!)
and that’s why the hospital scene in 4x14 is so important!! the reason (i think) eddie uses ‘evan’ instead of ‘buck’ is because that the point of he’s trying to reach. eddie isn’t talking to a the reckless hero firefighter, he’s pinpointing on the insecurity, that fear that ‘evan’ has for himself. that he isn’t good enough, that his vaule is directly tied to his body. that desire and need to be loved. all that. 
eddie (lovingly so) goes after this dark corner in buck’s heart that buck believes is unlovable and complicated and eddie quite literal tells him “this part of you i still love. the part hasn’t fully been healed yet, i know has value. i want you to see it too”
i also dont think its not that the others dont feel the same or dont care for buck like this, but eddie sees and understand that kind of insecurity within buck (ie the boxing scene in s4) because throughout the season the others try and offer their sympathy and understanding to buck that he has so much worth and value because they love him deeply!! but in that scene one of the main reasons (again i think) eddie gets through to him is that use of “evan”. because it shows buck/evan that all of him is loveable, even the parts he doesn't think so.
i hope this made sense or shed so light and least on my thoughts on the whole ordeal cause i got a lot of things running in my brain and i kinda speed wrote this in 30 minutes
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