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#feel free to ask away for a request
serialreblogger · 8 days ago
hate having chronic illness. every day i have to be like “what is it boy? is it depression? anxiety? dehydration? are we hungry? did we take our meds? want your cane? need walkies? did timmy fall down the old well?” and the answer is always “mgleh. sleep now”
like NO no no no sleeping, we slept for fifteen hours every day this week, we’ve slept plenty please can we just talk about this for one second before you
and then u pass out for another 15 hours
#linden's originals#vent post#i say this with all love and respect for my tomfool useless corporeal form#it's trying its best#and is about as functional as an iphone 4#planned obsolescence but the plan is ''faulty wiring and a lot of childhood trauma'' and the obsolescence is due to systemic ableism#ANYway#i would like to know what it feels like to be awake! is that so much to ask!#i am not even requesting a day free of pain i recognize that that's laughably unlikely but how about a DAY#like more than two hours of actual wakefulness#p l e a s e#body i'm begging u work with me here i am doing my best in a dearth of medical care but cmon it's hard to eat when i'm sleeping#well. i was gonna ask for enough energy to manage my own care but i recognize that u have been giving me that so far#more energy than u can spare so i can think things through and survive#which is. why we're here now. you gotta get the energy from somewhere after all#i've stolen the energy from my muscles and bones to fuel my grades and my labour#i.. guess it makes sense that i'm sleeping a lot. even if i'd like to be mended by now#it's taken years to get here. it'll probably take more than a minute to heal#(i know i'll never ''heal.'' i have ibs! that's never going away! but i - i HOPE that i'll get better. that i'll heal enough to live#the way i want to. heal enough to stay awake during the day; to be active again; maybe even to not be in pain)#well; one day at a time#and my days of rest are long overdue#i'll let myself rest‚ then. i.. don't really have another choice; i can't help but sleep and i can't get a doctor to see me#(would be nice to get the POTS diagnosed tho. imagine having actual supplements for that during the summer heat that'd prob help)#well. we rest; eat lots of salt and drink lots of liquid; rest some more and hope to feel better soon#health#chronic illness#chronic fatigue#chronic pain#the trifecta babey!
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gojosattoru · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Hello guys!! How are you, hope life is treating you well, you are doing alright and resting lots!! *hugs* Never forget to take care of yourselves and stay safe and hydrated okie? 🥰🥰💖 So I decided to take mobile header requests!! :D I never done this kind of requests before but I’m super pumped and I have been feeling really inspired to do them!! Hope you guys enjoy it and feel free to ask your requests!!! *W* Hope I can be up to your expectations, gonna do my best!! hehe :D *chu*
So here are the rules:
The amount of requests I’ll take for now: 10 requests!! 
I’ll accept any kind of fandoms you like!
It can be in any editing style, like: manga coloring, official art and gifs!
I will do them whatever I like but if you have any particular official art, manga cap, or any gif scene in mind, no worries, shoot your ideas!
I will not accept any kind of adult content stuff!
Little animations, quotes, any colors you want, some kind of text, tell me and I’ll add.
Thank you very much, again I hope I will make them justice and anything you need don’t hesitate and ask me cuties! ^^ Wish you the best and I love you all!! ❤️❤️❤️~
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💓S̤̮e̤̮v̤̮e̤̮n̤̮t̤̮e̤̮e̤̮n̤̮ Q̤̮ṳ̮e̤̮s̤̮t̤̮i̤̮o̤̮n̤̮s̤̮ T̤̮a̤̮g̤̮💓
tagged by: @domjaehyun (❛ ◡ ❛)♡
*6,975,345 years ago😅 but I’ve been on sh
rules: answer the questions and tag people you wanna know better~
nicknames: my mom calls me Mini (◡‿◡✿)
zodiac: Aries
height: 5’2 & some change (159cm for foreign friends)
last thing i googled: fox gif (I needed to show my mom what I was referring to when I mentioned “that lady looks like something I know...” from a video clip of a politician on GMA recently) Sorry but,,, it’s true
song stuck in my head: The uh,,,,,the Big Chungus song....don’t judge me ok (/∇\*)。
number of followers: it’s an exo members birthday but I won’t say which one, just that it’s not KaiSoo :)
amount of sleep i got: well...I guess the last round, I got about 3 hours? I slept mostly from about 8:15 to 11:30 or so because although I faced the downside of my rabbit’s intelligence. To explain, unfortunately, me from the end of March thought it’d be a good idea to do what I had been saying I’d do, which is train Yago to use a bell to tell me what, and when, he wants to eat something outside of breakfast & dinner hours (which are about the same time everyday) pellets, a treat, a different kind of hay (he eats 3 “flavors” & sometimes he has eaten the portion of a certain one but wants more of that, instead of one that is already out...any of which are indicated by a bell ring/ rattle shake, depending on which rattle (in diff areas of the room)...sometimes these requests are when I’m soundly asleep🥲 Days like today.. I was summoned out of my sleep several times in the 5 & 6 o’clock hours. If he doesn’t get a response....he rings it again. And again. And again....
Tumblr media
lucky number: 3 and 7 are mine, which is funny because I NEED things to be orderly & symmetrical so Idky my favs are not Even Numbers but this is how it’s always been lol 🤔
favorite song: lately, NCT U’s M.A.W🧞‍♂️ & SuperM’s One has still been That Bitch for me lately...also. No one asked but I just felt like sharing that I like Infinity more than I like Monster but I listen to all 3 back to back anyway sksksksj
favorite instrument: LOL i don’t know how to play it, at all, but I have an acoustic guitar (get this...I have an array of picks, a capo, a stand and a carrying bag for it though, too😂 My mom set me up right but I can’t read music and for some reason the books & videos I have just never clicked for me..)
dream job: so many!! I wanna be a teacher now but I’ve always (like ALWAYS) wanted to work at Epcot so I can have all my language pins on my name tag. I live just close enough to Disney that it’s feasible but just far enough away that it’d be silly for me to get a job that far away since I’d be ubering or getting dropped off. Plus Covid. Sigh. But one
Tumblr media
aesthetic: i don’t have one on sns but...pastels are my most very favorite! (´ ▽`).。o♡ My bathroom is pastel pinks with rilakkuma accents and my bedroom is yellow and shades of white with pompompurin accents (& flamingos because we like those here 🦩☀️🌴🍊)
favorite author: i haven’t read much offline lately but as for on here, well I have several! All the ones mentioned in this post from the top to end ( ◠‿◠ )
favorite animal noise: I really like listening to budgies and parrots talk lol Eric🦜 is my second fav, but this one named Britches🐤 asking “reALLy?” is on my personal soundboard & I imitate his voice as an inside joke with my mom lol. I love birbs ^o^
random fact: I really really love sweets. Like a lot. Like...will-eat-a-cupcake-for-breakfast-and-no-one-in-my-life-will-question-it type of “a lot”.
favorite season: spring, I guess cus that’s when I was born but the weather doesn’t change much here for the most part anyway 🤷🏾‍♀️
favorite comfort food: Soul Food 😌 Especially macaroni!
Tumblr media
tagging I dunno how many people the “rule” is to tag but I pick: @sly-merlin @whosjunglejim4322 @whereisten @hyucksie @neo-cult-ure @starlightkun @loviejaehyun @strawberrymilkandcigarettes @mafia-nct
#yes with training my rabbit I created a spoiled monster I know _ノ乙(、ン、)_#(yeah it’s a problem I know tell me something I don’t know whatchu got I got mo’)...#it’s an automatic response whenever I say ‘I know’ ok just...don’t look at me like that#my mom says to just take them away but I’d feel bad because the whole reason I taught him was to make it easier for us to communicate#rabbits are smart as fuck#but unlike cats and dogs they don’t use their “voice” to make sounds unless you’re in trouble with them lol (I’m serious)#& they’re cursing you out or they’re crying bc they’re petrified#which is a depressing sound that thankfully in 6 years he’s never made...#go look up ‘rabbit crying’ on YouTube if u are’s heartbreaking & once you’ve heard it you will never forget it#anyway it makes it easier for us to communicate in that if I’m in a different room he doesn’t#have to come allllll the way across the house & nudge me to follow him to the room so he can paw at the closet (hay stash)#or go into “his house” which is a request for a treat or pellets (whatever he can get..this is a flexible request)#or our various other ways of identifying his desires...I spoil him bc he didn’t ASK me to bring him to my house when he was 6 weeks old so#I should make his life comfy & happy ^_^..he is free roam because he is litter box trained..he actually doesn’t even know what a cage is lol#it’d feel rude to take it away when the middle of the night would be a prime example of#when I want him to be able to let me know he ate all of his whatever & wants more or otherwise needs something#but hooo boy there are days when I suffer for it 😑😒😣
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leerongrong · 9 months ago
hello im here again !! what abt f2l? thank you for the blurb btw it's so cute 😭😭
hiii!!! omg thankyouu, i'm glad you liked it! also, your tags really made my night <3
park jisung.
"please cheer up," jisung pouts, his hands coming up to pinch the apple of your cheeks. "he was just a douchebag either way!"
grumbling and slouching in your seat, you furiously wipe your eyes the moment you feel them start to moist. the rest of the cafeteria is bustling and full of life, a complete 180 to how you're feeling.
jaemin's pink backpack is placed down in front of you, said boy carrying his newly bought lunch and two servings of curly fries. your table slowly fills up; mark coming in along with his algebra homework, renjun with his art project, haechan with a bunch of candy in his hands, jeno and chenle with basketball gear in theirs.
"so what's the newest gossip?" the popping noise haechan's bubblegum makes is annoying, with mark being the first to say so. "and why do you look like death?"
"her date didn't show up yesterday, bailed last minute." chenle hums, still preoccupied with the ball in his hands. "called in sick. ha! like i did last period math."
burying your face into the palm of your hands, you're shaking your head, trying to silence the oncoming headache and tears. sure the guy wasn't anything special, heck you didn't even like him! you feel like a loser for crying over something so small but you spent so much time on picking your outfit, doing your makeup...
jisung frowns the moment your head hits the table, his hands coming to snake around your shoulders.
"just forget him anyway, he doesn't know what he's missing on!" jisung doesn't notice his friends going silent, all with proud smiles on their faces nor does he notice your shy eyes on him. "if i was your boyfriend, i'd pepper you with kisses and take you on the best dates! i wouldn't ever forget about them!"
he's quiet the moment the speech leaves his lips, cheeks blazing a bright red as reality crashes over him. jisung has no time to react, his cheeks going impossibly red when your reach over to leave a kiss on them.
"you always know what to say, jisung.."
[send me a trope + i'll give you an nct member and a blurb/drabble to go with it <3]
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the-mighty-div · 10 months ago
send in some blurb requests
So you can requests for any of the people I write for :)
Obx fandom / actors
yungblud and crew
machine gun kelly and crew
Calum hood / 5sos
Everyone else. Don't be shy to request someone new as well, I'm always open to writing for new people
I’ll get to all of them at some point so here’s some prompt ideas to choose from or you can send in your own ideas and prompts as well and ill see if I can do them :)
“ You did this to yourself”
“Are you....blushing?”
“Pay attention to me”
“Its too cold!”
“Your hair is so soft”
“I think im in love with you and I'm terrified”
“No no, it's alright, come here”
“How about a kiss”
“I'll be here to protect you”
“I think I love you”
“Youre my new pillow”
“I could use a hug”
“Oh God, you're bleeding”
“Hey don't do that, you'll get hurt”
“I didn't mean to”
“Youre a monster”
“I thought we were family”
“This place gives me the creeps”
“I read your diary, sorry”
“Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night”
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ohmyasmodeus · a year ago
Do you have some rules for requests somewhere? I had a look around but I canna find them xx
hiya! i don't have any rules at the moment so any request goes, though i might put some up in the future. thank you for being mindful though ♡
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thedeevirus · a year ago
Friendly reminder that you are an amazing writer, and your stories, which you write for free, give so many people so much joy. Thank you for using your talents to entertain us, you are awesome.
Thank you so much ❤️ This really cheered me up 🙂 Not sure how many people still read my fics since I have posted anything in a while and the Gotham fandom’s quieted down but it’s lovely to hear that they’re still spreading positivity energy 👍
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aeris-blue · a year ago
City is Officially Under Quarantine
So the question remains:
Do you guys want me to work on the SwapGrillster AU
(Swap Universe Grillby has the best clientele, the finest establishment in Hotland, and more money than he knows what to do with— but it’s soooo boring!!! Where’s the excitement? The spontaneity? With curiosity as his guide he sets himself to unraveling the mystery of the mysterious RiverPerson)
or the Grillster Spa Au?
(Gaster is sent to investigate a spa resort operated by an astonishing amount of elementals in hopes of figuring out if there’s anything illegal going on behind the scenes.)
I still have to “work” but it is going to consist of staring at a wall for about five hours a day (after the second day at least) So, eh, something to entertain the mind :P I hope this means I’ll be able to start posting art again >.<
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the-arcana-randomness · a year ago
What do y'all wanna see first as my come back? Send an ask with a symbol! (Anon is on)
❄ Completed (you-promised-this-to-us-a-long-time-ago) Winter specials
🎶 Pending songspirations
🗒 Pending short stories (if I have any)
📍 Pending headcanons
👑 FINALLY next chapter of my Arcana fanfiction
Sending you all love!
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bridgyrose · a year ago
If you're still accepting checkmate/monochrome prompts, may I request one where Blake introduces Weiss to Ghira and Kali?
Blake: *hesitating* Mom. Dad. I have someone I want you to meet.
Ghira: It's not another boy like that Sun, is it?
Blake: No! But this person is special to me and I want you to make her feel welcome.
Kali: Dont worry, we will dear.
Blake: This is my girlfriend, Weiss.
Weiss: *waving nervously*
Ghira: *deadpan* You're dating a Schnee.
Blake: I am.
Ghira: *standing up*
Kali: *holding his arm* Now dear, dont make a scene.
Ghira: What is your intention with my daughter?
Weiss: *trying to stay composed* I want to make her happy.
Ghira: But you are a Schnee. And we know exactly what your family has done to faunus. 
Weiss: Im not like that. 
Ghira: *staring at her*
Kali: *smiling* Dont mind him. He's just protective of our daughter. Besides, a child shouldn't be held accountable for the crimes of their parents. 
Ghira: *sighing* Kali…
Kali: You've scared her enough dear. Weiss, it's a pleasure to meet you.
Weiss: *smiling and bowing* The pleasure is mine.
Blake: *sighing* Weiss, you dont have to-
Weiss: It's polite.
Kali: *standing up and hugging Weiss* Thank you for making our daughter happy.
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serede986 · 38 minutes ago
(HC) Self Harm - Jumin, 707 and Saeran(GE)
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for the request @qlassicc . Tho I'm so sorry I took 5 months to complete this, that was way too rude of me, I'm really sorry. I hope this completes what you asked for. Please feel free to demand a rewrite.
TW⚠️ Self Harm, mentioned abuse, assault.
It's finally time, huh? What did we even do to you bitch? Taking our Jumin away for your selfish needs.
What do you hate? Height? Why don't I try and push you down the building?
You tried, breathing heavy and tears. Clutching your chest you fell to your knees, sobbing, trying to get some amount of oxygen in your system.
This was not the first time someone's comment hurt you, but it was getting worse and worse.
Sometimes it's them, or sometimes those high class wives, trying to bring you down, excusing their behaviour by putting up any petty excuse.
Jumin could suspect your growing anxiousness. Knowing how closely he observes you, you are certain he already knows.
But, I'm hurting him..
Rattled by the small voice in your head, your fingers snacked through your hair, pulling it so roughly. Your sobs were now screams.
It's hard, isn't it?
Looking up, you could spot a pink string. Elizabeth's leash. It was blurry, but enough for you to walk up there and grab it. Wrapping it tight around your wrist, you could see your hand slowly turning purple.
"MC? Dar' where are you?" You heard your husband call out your name, walking towards the room you were in.
Quickly wiping your eyes you hid your hand behind your back, smiling, trying to look as normal as possible.
Washroom is emp-
"Hello love- what's wrong?" Voice laced with concern, Jumin narrowed his eyes at you. Standing in front of you.
"Elizabeth's leash, can I have it MC?"
Leash that partly hung down was visible after your skirt ended below your knees.
Breath hitched in your throat.
You nodded, not really having the courage to speak, afraid you would burst out crying.
Suddenly, he grabbed your hands from your back. You hissed, feeling his finger touch your wrist.
His eyes spoke of shock, welled with tears. A sob escaped you.
He gently unwrapped the leash, staring down at your hand, his tears falling on the purple.
"I... Won't ask why.. seven told me about those comments, and I was aware of those ladies and I still couldn't do-"
"Jumin.. p-please don't leave.."
"I won't MC, we'll go through this together. "
"Mhmm.. " resting your head on his chest, you feel his hand softly caressing your head, pecking.
I'm 50, is it okay with you sweetheart
-No, I have a husband.
You have a husband? Why don't we leave that douchebag and escape to the Maldives.
-No. I love my husband, there's no way I'd leave him for a creep like you.
Oh c'mon darling, don't be so sour now. How much do you want? 5000?
-It's not about money.
Oh! Perfect then! Why don't we start with some nudes then?
Oh my goodness- stop it.
This was the third time you blocked this guy but again he made a fake account to contact you.
Afraid as you were, you wanted to contact Seven, but didn't really know how or if he would even trust you. It's been going on for months now.
Flashbacks of when you were 16 started to creep into your mind. How you were so much into partying and how you somehow let so many creeps in your life, how it was so difficult to get out of the phase, how it was so difficult to be safe.
But.. Why is it happening again?
Your breath starts constructing in your throat it's so tight. Why would this happen again
Breathing out, you looked down at your legs. Tho light, but those scars were still visible.
Taking the blade out of the first aid box, you close your eyes,piercing your skin. You let out hiss immediately followed by a sigh of relief.
Placing the blade on other leg-
"NO! MC!"
His hand wrapped around your wrist, pulling your grip from the blade.
"Stop this please stop this! you know how important you are to me, right? t-then why are you doing this? MC please tell me what's going on?" He exclaimed, throwing the blade somewhere in the room.
He cradled you in his arms, rocking back and forth trying to calm you down. You told him in between cries of panic and pain.
"Shhh.. it's okay MC." He muttered out phrases that caressed love and worry. As your story completed, those creeps in your high school, how you unintentionally got older men's attention, how similar stuff started to appear on your insta handle, how you were threatened, you stopped hearing any voice from Saeyoung.
Looking up, you could see all the usual shine in his eyes, vanished.
"Sae.. hey.."
His eyes met yours, meeting you in a soft kiss. Breaking from the kiss, he muttered "I said this in our vows, and I'll say this again, I'll always protect you, and you'll never hear from any creep ever again."
You gasped lightly, then nuzzled your head on his shoulder. You could feel him move from giggles and laughter, as he slowly saw the creep suffer through his computer screen.
You are such a disgrace to our family! What a worthless daughter, huh?
You were sitting there on the floor, legs covered with fresh and old, cuts, and scars older than ten years, slapping you on your run from your home.
Memories of how your family set up random people to sleep with you, and marry you at the young age of 14, started to creep into your mind since the last few days.
Your eyes burned, dry, as you tried to close them.
How tough it is for you, huh? You just have to marry that man. Why don't you just accept your fate and live with it?
MC.. you're a lady, it is your destiny to live with a man and serve him. If you get beaten up, you deserve it.
But that man is 20 year older than me..
Do not talk back.
You let out a scream, grabbing your hair, pulling it with as much force as possible.
Your sister with whom you lost contact was on a call with you, informing you of her pregnancy with a girl. You started to get scared remembering how your childhood was ruined, how you, a girl, was treated in your household. Not only you but your sister too and how you escaped that home or hell to term it otherwise.
Your anxiety started to take over you, another victim of your family's beliefs. Another young life on the verge of being ruined.
Can this not happen anymore?
You ran away, and your fiance will leave you soon too. Let him realise what a worthless brat you are.
You wanted money, didn't you? Soon he'll realise you're a gold dig-
"NO I AM NOT!" You yelled into the phone, immediately throwing the phone at the nearest wall, shattering. Tiny glass pieces hit you back, piercing your skin.
Startled, you heard the rattle of the door knob, trying to push in.
"Saer-" your breath hitched in your throat, trying to call him. "I'm a bit busy Sae, I'll be out in a while.." you called out to him, nervous as you didn't hear any response from him.
The door turned open, he looked at you. You knew he was shocked, but he didn't really let it get to his face, knowing how much you needed him now, no matter how much you denied him.
Walking out, he soon came back with first aid box, sitting down in front of you, covering any bruises and scratches on your skin.
"I'm sorry Saeran.."
Your nervousness grew, receiving no response from him. Was he disappointed in you?
"... You're not worthless MC. You're everything to me, I.. cannot even try to imagine my life without you, you're that important to me. Please don't do this, not anymore MC, please?" You looked up into his eyes, tears damp on his cheeks.
You nodded looking down on your knees, ashamed.
"A-and don't be ashamed either. I have a surprise for you. Last week, Jaehee noona taught me how to make ice cream, and I made chocolate."
You looked up at him with a gasp, what a sweet surprise!
A few days later you started going to the counselling sessions with Saeran, seeking help together. Your sister was rescued by Saeyoung and Jumin, receiving help and support from different psychiatrist, and support for her child from the government.
Help is always available. Here is a post that mentions helplines that can be useful. My dms and asks are always open.
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drac0nia · 2 hours ago
I see the request are opening 👀👀
So...I'm an absolute mess for those "danger warning" guys. Would you mind doing headcanons for Jamil, Leona and Jade reacting to being verbally defended by the cute and extremely shy fem!reader in a discussion? Maybe all this time they thought that she feared or just hated them as the other students but it was just her being >shy<
Feel free to pass this ask tho, take care of yourself and I hope you have a really happy birthday!
Tumblr media
— 𝐉𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥, 𝐋𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐚 , 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐉𝐚𝐝𝐞
Tumblr media
Pairing ; Jamil Viper x Reader, Leona Kingscholar x Reader, and Jade Leech x Reader
Tagging ; @strwbryrainbows
Tw ; -
Thank you, anonie! 💕
Tumblr media
— 𝐉𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥 𝐕𝐢𝐩𝐞𝐫
➝ Azul had an arguement with him about a certain topic and of course they want to one up each other. Azul was obviously losing but he let out a personal insult to Jamil which made you turn his way and saw his surprised yet offended expression.
➝ You stood up from where you were sitting and spat out all the dirt you manage to collect on Azul after doing a little secretive digging around. Jamil was not expecting his friend be this.. aggressive, usually you're well behaved with him but he didn't know you act like this when his back is turned.
➝ He placed a hand on your shoulder so you could stop from futher making this situation worse like Azul calling the tweels over. You got pushed away from the scene and ushered to exit, while you were out the door, he shot a glare at Azul and left.
➝ Jamil sighs and placed a hand on your head, "You should know your limits sometimes, prefect, you'll never know when a shady businessman like him would do to you," you pouted, "I'm not weak." He smiles, "I know you aren't, just a reminder, prefect."
— 𝐋𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐚 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐫
➝ Leona had an earful of complaints from a new member of his dorm, a first year, he paid no mind to his mindless blabbering of how much of a useless leader he is; just lazing around the dorm, barking orders left and right to a second year he claims his "friend".
➝ It was fine until the fool of a student said a personal attack to him, one that made him remember bad memories. You stood up and stormed over to the student, you sent insult by insult from his head to his toes, from his strength to his intelligence.
➝ Meanwhile, Leona wasn't fazed at all, he knew you have some bite inside you and from the looks from it, he was proven right. He watched this like it was a tv series, he eventually stood up and tapped your shoulder to sort of politely ask to stop now, the rowdy student finally humbled himself.
➝ "I didn't know herbivores could bite", he teased, "Oh, please, I only did it because it was unnecessary, if anything, if he wants change in the dorm you are in charge of, he could at least talk to you with proper manners." He hums, "Thank you", you felt his tail wrapped around your leg.
— 𝐉𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐋𝐞𝐞𝐜𝐡
➝ Floyd was arguing with him about switching places at work since he didn't wanna come today due to his mood. At first glance, you would think it was just a regular squable between the brothers but as time passes, Floyd let out a unnecessary insult to Jade.
➝ You stepped in the arguement and defended Jade from his twin, you said all the things he shouldn't do and he didn't have the right to force him.
➝ As you continued on, Jade observes you from your side, how interesting, a enduring looking woman like you is defending Jade from an eel with a moody personality. He made sure to stay on guard so he can be ready fro Floyd launching an attack towards you.
➝ The arguement ends, and both of them were just staring at you, it was enough make anyone uncomfortable; Floyd laughs, "Aaw~ Shrimpy thinks she can bite a strong eel~" Floyd exhaled while Jade gives you his evil grin, "I believe she will be a fun person to play with, Floyd, do you want to fool around more to see if she wants to stay?", they both turned their heads to each other and nodded in agreement.
➝ Both eels towered over you with their sadistic grins as they think of other ways to play around with you, "Prefect, thank you for such a kind gesture", Floyd joins in, "Let us,
➝ repay you," they both said in unison.
Tumblr media
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whatshernameis · 5 hours ago
Congratulations on your milestone!
May i request a team 7 fluff scenario where kakashi trily enjoys his adorable students and ninkens together on picnic? Sasuke with his cats and kakashi's doggos? And when sakura opens her dango box he tells them about a friend who loved sweets* cough**itachi*?
I was thinking about it a lot, and main thought that I have about that is the fact that Kakashi would avoid saying Itachi's name at all cost because of young Uchiha under his guidance.
Also I'm not used to write canon characters only and don't write them as my usual thing, so I'm sorry if the characters are much off!
TW: I guess fluff only! WC: 1,3k
It's SFW work, but I care about your dashboards, and everything is under the cut ♥️
The day was warm, but nearby trees and bigger bushes were giving enough of salutary shadow, to not feel the unbearable heat on their necks. Thankfully, the blanket was big enough to fit the four of them, and all the food they brought to the picnic. And Pakkun who refused to play in the river with other Ninkens, and decided to just lay down with big eyes, hoping that one of the kids would give him some of that delicious sweet human food when Kakashi wasn't looking.
It was the first free day they had as a team for a long time. No assignments, no chores, even Sensei decided that they could use some good old lazy time.
So here they were, hidden in between the greenery, surrounded with sounds of singing birds, flowing water, and Ninkens splashing the water around, barking at each other in utter joy.
They already have eaten most of what they brought, or more likely Naruto late whatever Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi couldn't. But the young Kunoichi hid something behind her back, nervously reaching for it from time to time like she was ensuring herself that whatever she was hiding didn't disappear all of a sudden. But Naruto, looking around for something more that would fill his endless stomach noticed that and moved closer to the girl.
"Sakura-chan! What do you have there?" The blonde-haired boy asked, trying to peek behind her back. "Why didn't you pull it out right away?"
"It's only some dango, Naruto. I didn't want you to eat it all before we finish eating all the other things, it's supposed to be the dessert!" Sakura scoffed at him, but she opened the box, revealing neatly stacked sweets. "Would you like some, Sasuke-kun?".
The boy shook his head "I'm not hungry anymore."
"Hehe, there will be nothing left later I will eat them a- OUCH!" Naruto held his arm with a painful frown "What for?!"
"You will not eat them all. They're for all of us!" She turned, almost putting the box under the silver-haired man's nose "Kakashi-sensei, how about you?"
"That's very nice of you, Sakura, but I'm not a fan of sweets." The man smiled underneath his mask. But the distinctive smell of little sweet dumplings brought some memories that were buried deep down in his memory. The type of memories that overshadowed the fun he could have, looking at Sakura and Naruto arguing over such silly matter as how many dango Naruto was allowed to eat or his dogs all wet and chasing each other. Kakashi's gaze fixed on the black-haired boy, looking so bored with their picnic. But the eyes of the boy were scanning the surroundings, always vigilant and observing.
Yet it wasn't Sasuke who noticed the change in Sensei's behavior - but always perceptive Sakura. "Kakashi-sensei? Something's wrong?" Her voice colored with worry.
"Hm?" Kakashi looked at her, blinking few times with confusion "Ah... it's nothing. These are bringing some old memories about someone, that all." He smiled, but underneath the mask, he hid other emotions that couldn't even be seen.
"Memoues abouf fomeone?" Naruto asked with mouth stuffed with soft dumplings.
"Like someone close? A... Girl?" Pink-haired kunoichi asked with a silent voice, with a heavy blush on her face, ready to collect all the information, looking forward to telling other girls some stories, earning a loud sigh from both boys.
"No, no!" Kakashi waved his hand "He was my friend."
"A friend? What he was like?" Naruto kept digging.
The silver-haired man sighed, knowing that he let himself be dragged into a hole, that won't be so easy to escape. And if he is going to tell something about Itachi, he must make sure that his younger brother won't find out about who he is talking about.
"Well, he was an intelligent and skilled ninja. One of the best persons that I had a pleasure of knowing, both as a shinobi and as a human being."
"How did you met?" Sakura asked, looking with anticipation. The boys also looked at their Sensei, waiting for him to answer, to spill anything about his past.
"We've been ugh... Assigned into mission together when we were much, much younger. It's a rare thing, to see someone so young and skilled at the same time."
"How old was he then?"
"Hmmm... If I recall correctly, he was about your age and already was sent to a," shortly he looked at curious Sasuke stare. How much the boy knew? That his brother was in black ops? For sure. His little tradition of going to dango every time they came back? Hard to tell. "B-rank missions."
Naruto gasped "How is it possible?! We are still doing some stupid D and C-rank missions! Looking for lost cats and watching over babies are good for academy students, not for shinobi like us!"
"Naruto, calm down," Kakashi retorted "every mission is very important for the village, as every even smallest one brings resources that the village needs. And everything depends on the skills of the team and their work as a group. You can't be reckless and think only about yourself during the mission. So if you'll improve your skills and your teamwork, who knows maybe soon you'll become a chuunins, and you'll be able to do more dangerous missions."
The man sighed, hoping that the difficult topic would fade away, but the kids were adamant.
"So... He was talented?"
Another sigh "Very. Always on top of his class and always very responsible on missions."
"Then why dango reminded you of him?"
And here was the question Kakashi feared a bit, not knowing how much Sasuke knew. So he decided to stick to one solution that seemed to be fairly harmless. "He never liked sweets," he lied "until we were on one mission undercover, making an observation to our target, and the guy we've been following was stopping twice a day at the dango shop. So one day he had enough of waiting and decided that will go, order something and try to casually talk to the guy. And since then dango was the only sweets he liked."
That story was only partially a lie. It was true, that they had an undercover mission during their ANBU times. It was true that it was Itachi, who went to check out their target. And it was Itachi who offered that will go and get something since Kakashi never liked sweets and it would hard for him to be reliable. It was also Itachi who realized that the booth was only cover for sketchy business they tried to trace.
But since that day, that little dango booth was present almost every time they went to celebrate their return from the mission.
"They never are that good..." Itachi sighed, digging into his share. "Shame, that we had to get rid of the whole thing to cover up our tracks."
"...Sensei?" Sasuke's voice pulled him out of his thoughts.
"I'm sorry, I was lost in my thoughts, you were saying?"
"I asked what happened to that friend?"
"Hm," Kakashi grabbed his chin, pretending to be thinking deeply, carefully trying to prepare when he has to say "as far as I remember he had to leave the village due to... Family... Matters."
"So, why don't you look for him?" It was Naruto's turn for a question.
"After all these years, I doubt if we'd recognize each other, and more to it, I have no knowledge where he'd go after he... Had to leave." Team's Sensei looked up, the sun moved more to the west indicating that it could be late afternoon already "Would you look at that? We spent there almost all day. I think it's time to go home."
He stood up, throwing one last glare at young Uchiha, but the boy seemed to be equally bored as he was at the beginning of the day. Thank the Gods...
"Already? But Sakura-chan has still some d- OUCH!"
"I'm leaving it for later!"
"B-but, Sakura-chan I'm so hungry..." The boy's stomach grumbled likely to confirm his words.
Shouting and scoffing echoed through the area, as Team cleaned the remnants of their picnic and started to head home. Kakashi smiled just slightly upon other memories that came to his head.
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hq boys and your first time together pt.2
kenma kozume x gn!reader, hinata shoyo x gn!reader, tanaka ryunosuke x gn!reader, iwaizumi hajime x gn!reader pt.1 here
content warning: swearing, praise, brief awkward experience (kenma), dry humping (hinata), implied fat cock hinata😗, romantic sap tanaka, making (tanaka), tanaka uses darling, iwaizumi uses angel, implied big dick iwa
word count: ~1.2k
a/n: these are my opinions! you can perceive these characters differently, this is just how i see them in this scenario. like last time, these were made with the idea that the character and the reader have had previous sexual experience. feel free to request more characters! ty lera for suggesting ken and iwa <3
tagging: @peachycoreroo uhh i'll make a taglist if anyone wants that? you can always hop in the inbox/dms and ask to be tagged in works of mine. i had to tag lera bc she'd kill me if i didn't. ly tho bb 😚
Tumblr media
I know I said this was with the idea that they've had experience before, and while that still applies with Kenma, I feel like his first time with anyone is gonna have a rough start. That aside, he's really soft and gentle with you once things get going. Really soft touches and light kisses, sweet words whispered against your skin. Praise him!! It gets him off!
"Damn it, I'm sorry," Kenma mutters, grabbing a new condom and throwing aside the one he'd accidentally broken from attempting to open the packet with his teeth.
You stifle a laugh, not wanting him to turn redder and shy away from the experience. The lead up to this was calm and steady in the best way. The way he held your waist and pressed himself against you, his hand traveling over your ass and the other subtly pressing against the column of your throat--absolutely sexy. He wasn't being unnecessarily rough or taking things too fast, the buildup making the situation even sexier.
But as soon as clothes started coming off, the confidence slipped away. You could tell from the way he fumbled with his zipper with shaking hands and almost hit you in the face when he took your shirt off your body. They were small things, things that could be brushed off without any thought. Yet you could see the way Kenma was slowly starting to get irritated. You thought it was endearing, he thought it was lame and embarrassing.
"S'okay, Ken," you whisper, sitting up from your laid back position and placing your hands over his. You take the condom from him, kissing the corner of his mouth as you roll the condom over his length. "Don't worry, m'still here. Still want you to make me feel good."
And then he's back in that place, completely enamored by you and driven by the need to make you feel good.
"You feel s'good," he slurs in a voice so breathy you almost don't catch it. His lips are warm and soft against your cheek, one of his hands moving up and down your side and over your chest slowly. "Tell me how you're feeling."
"Feels good," you moan, tilting your face so you can kiss his lips. "Keep going, just like this."
You cannot tell me Hinata isn't jumping at the chance to bang. Hear me out! In no way, shape, or form is Hinata only thinking about getting his dick wet. But look at you! He can't deny that he's been wanting to see you on his cock since the first time you kissed. He is definitely a lot more eager, squeezing the skin on your waist and ass. Weirdly, it doesn't feel rushed. If anything it makes you feel sexy, amazed at the fact a person could want you so much.
It's insane how easily you're moaning from the way Hinata has you grinding on his lap, strong hands on your ass guiding your movements. You swear you can feel him throbbing through the layers of clothes between your crotch and his.
"Fuck, I don' think I can last much longer. Grab a condom, baby," he groans against your mouth, grip easing up so you can lean over to the nightstand beside his bed.
You shiver when his hands crawl up under your shirt to remove the fabric, lip between your teeth when his thumb grazes your nipple. He helps you out of your bottoms and sits you farther back on his lap, smirking when he notices you're staring at his hard cock.
As soon as the condom is on, he's holding you above him, ready to find out if you're going to be just like how he imagined or better.
The loud groan he lets out when you settle down tells you it's way better than he would have ever thought.
Hinata can't get enough of your gasps and whimpers of his name, wanting so badly to control your pace. He knows he should take his time, knows that his size isn't easy to get used to. But he's definitely excited for the future of your sex life.
For now he has to focus on getting you to come better and harder than you ever have before.
I love him, so my next statement is said with complete affection. This bitch plans it out!!!! Tanaka has set up a day full of your favorite things/activities and has cleaned his whole apartment, set up candles around his room. Was gonna add rose petals and shape them into a heart but decided that would be on your wedding night. Now about actual sex,, praise is the only thing leaving his mouth. He focuses on your neck and chest. Encourages you to keep your hands on him in hopes he'll end up with scratch marks everywhere.
You're still giggling about his set up against his lips, whining playfully when he gives your hip a firm squeeze.
"Stop that," he laughs, nipping at your neck.
"I'll give you an A for effort," you tease, pulling him in closer so you can peck at his lips. "It was cute," you tell him seriously, "and it means a lot."
"Don't give me those eyes, darling."
The two of you are lost in a tangle of lips and limbs, your body welcoming his wholeheartedly and eagerly.
It isn't surprising how easy it is for him to make you moan and arch your back so you're chest to chest. The pressure between your hips is blissful, unlike ever before. It's surprising sex can feel so good. With Tanaka, it's the best thing in the world.
Soon enough groans and moans are filling the room, mixed with hisses of pain and pleasure as you mark each other in bruises and scratches that will definitely be admired the next morning.
Safe. That's the first thing that comes to mind. Iwa has this thing about him that it's hard to feel nervous or be worried that you won't perform well. He's reassuring you in the subtlest of ways, making sure you know you won't disappoint him and that in his eyes, you're the most attractive person there ever was. Another one that wants you to ride him.
"That's it, angel." Iwaizumi speaks low and deep, voice barely reaching you. "So good for me, baby. Let me know if you want me to take over, yeah?"
You shake your head and press your hands further into his shoulders, a small cry escaping your pursed lips when you finally get all of him inside. It was a tough feat, one you're relieved you were able to accomplish.
A warm hand reaches up and cups your face, the touch coaxing your eyes to open up. You whimper at the look in Iwaizumi's eyes, squirming just a bit. Heat settles in your stomach so you push up on your knees, starting to bounce on his cock to ease that ache and get to where you want.
Iwaizumi doesn't shy away from letting his lips part and head fall back, breaths of moans slowly growing louder as your pace increases.
His hands smooth over the natural curves on your body, groaning when you tighten around him. He's so conscious of the way you slowly come undone in his arms, proud of himself and so proud of you.
"Fuck, just like that. Come on, angel. Come so I can come with you."
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BBY BBY HI!! I CAME AS SOON AS I SAW YOUR DM- IM SO HAPPY YOU HIT 100!! i know for a fact that you'll hit 200 soon. ANYWAYS CONGRATS!! and im obviously gonna request a student romantic match-up (doesn't matter whether it's male or female), so here- (i suck at describing myself- heads up)
im a naturally chaotic and reckless person, im really loyal to my friends and im always pushing myself out of my comfort zone to try new things. im an enfp-t and my love languages are physical touch and quality time. i love trying out new things by myself or with my friends. i like making new friends and im obsessed with arcades- because i love those basketball and dance off games there. i like roller-coasters too - not the emotional ones. i hate seeing people sad and humor (and music) is how i cope with anything. when i have to talk to someone about something serious; i'll be serious but i can't help adding a joke here and there. my friends tell me i'm bold and confident but i don't know if that's true because i wimp out when i need to ask someone for help. i get overly defensive when it comes to my friends or my little sister; i always go to the point where i'm almost throwing hands, even if it's with a five year old.
when it comes to negative traits; i get easily jealous, i can be dumb and stupid, i overthink although im kinda reckless, i tend to put everyone before me, i can be overdramatic. i'm mean when i want to be - i literally spit out insults when i'm mad. plus, i procrastinate and multi-task. my hobbies are listening to music, singing, reading, dancing, playing random games, taking quizzes, swimming and basketball. i do alot of new things and you never know when i'll do something new and super random.
i don't really mind what my s/o is like,, i can adapt to any personality- at least that's what i feel like because i have friends with different asf personalities!
thanks, and congrats again,, love you!! <3
Thank you!! <3 For you I chose:
Denki Kaminari!
Tumblr media
Denki is very kind, sociable, and super energetic! I feel like he would be a great match since he is also like you in a way! He would probably try to lighten a serious mood or be reckless, for good reason though!
Why They Love You
He loves you for different things, one of those things being how social you are! You aren't afraid to be yourself and he loves that. You are his gaming buddy, the person he automatically goes to for when doing anything! He also adores how you are so loyal towards your friends and family! It warms his heart.
Date Headcanons
One of the first dates you guys have is at an arcade! It was his idea and you got so excited! You guys saved up a lot of money and went! You guys bought snacks and tokens, then spent the night away playing. You both saw this awesome gaming system in there, and if you saved enough tickets you could get it. Let's just say you spent all night to get it, and you actually did! You both went home with a new gaming system.
Once again at the arcade, you found a dancing game! Denki automatically wanted to play it to impress you, so you joined in. Let's just say he fell after a few minutes! It was hilarious and it was clear you won that competition. He kept challenging you, but your score was always higher!
One of your most favorite dates you guys have had was at the amusement park! You both spent the day riding around on roller coasters, water rides, basically anything that was there! You guys ate so much junk food it wasn't even funny, once it hit dark you both were on your way back. He told everyone the next day about how much fun he had and how he almost threw up cotton candy! Who knows why he picked that one story, but it's Denki so don't really question him too much.
General Headcanons
He loves cuddles like 100% is glued to you! Anytime you both have free time, that means naps and cuddles. He loves wrapping his arms around your waist and falling asleep. He always tries to hold your hand, hug you, cuddle you, and you love it!
Once he found out you liked playing the basketball games at arcades, he personally invested in a home version of one! He surprised you with it and it was so much fun! While it wasn't as fancy as the ones at the arcade, you both still had a great time!
On your days off, he always comes back and surprises you with flowers, food, presents, anything really. He just wants to spend time with you and doesn't really care what you both do! He is just really glad that he gets to spend the day with you!
Songs That Remind Me of You Both
She by Dodie
The Drug In Me Is You by Falling In Reverse
Count on Me by Bruno Mars
I hope you have a great day!
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Summary: Bucky's girl needs some reassurance
Warnings: Basically just fluff, lil cheesy
AU: Biker!Bucky x reader
AN: Based off of this ask, a prompt from this list. Requests always open so feel free to request one or more
Tumblr media
The day had been going good, tagging along with Bucky to a nearby diner to meet Steve and Sam.
But, the lingering looks and giggles from a group of friends that were directed at Bucky were making you shrink into the booth seat.
Tugging at the hem of your dress and crossing one leg over the other, you tried to hide more, feeling exposed.
Bucky put his arm around your shoulders and wedged his other hand between your thighs, pressing a kiss to your temple. "You ok?"
You just nodded and gave him a tight lipped smile, letting him pull you closer into his side.
When you got home was when Bucky could really tell that something was wrong. You had disappeared into the bathroom with clothes in your hand instead of changing in front of him like every other day.
"No, wait, that's too many clothes. What's wrong?" He frowned when he saw you dressed in one of his shirts and a pair of sweatpants. "I'm fine, Buck."
Sitting on the edge of the shared bed, he pulled you to straddle his thighs, his hands holding your lower back as he narrowed his eyes at you.
"You're a terrible liar, Sugar." He said raising his eyebrows. "Not lying." You shrugged, locking your fingers together at the back of his neck.
He slipped his hands under the back of your shirt and a small gasp passed your lips when you felt the cold metal of his left hand against your skin.
"Tell me." He prodded, pecking a kiss to your chin.
You sighed heavily and rolled your eyes at him. "I've come to the conclusion that you are out of my league." You mumbled, watching his eyebrows crease together.
"For starters, thats impossible. Why would you think that, when it's obviously the other way around?"
Breathing a dry laugh, you shook your head and moved your fingers down to fiddle with the dog tags that laid against his sturdy chest. "You're just saying that."
He squished your cheeks together to make you look at him. "This isn't a fight you wanna pick, pretty girl. I'll always win."
"You're the one who asked, not me."
He gave you a look that would've had anyone else slithering away in fear and you cocked an eyebrow at him. "Stop being mean to yourself."
You sighed and pulled his hands away from your cheeks. "Guys like you don't date girls like me, Buck." You said softly, resting your hands on his shoulders.
"Am I too scary? Is that why you're out of my league?" He said with faux angry face. "I mean handsome, charming and definitely not scary, men done go for- me."
"Handsome and charming not going for stunning and amazing? Doesn't make sense." He said, shaking his head before nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck.
His facial hair tickled your skin, making you laugh lightly and try to pull away from him. "Stop." You laughed when he wrapped his arms around you to hold you to him.
Bucky chuckled and lifted his head to look at you with a wide smile. "There's my pretty girl. Love that laugh."
He placed a soft kiss to your lips before looking at you with sparkling blue eyes. "Love every curve and inch of you. If I have to kiss you a million times to prove it I will."
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