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lovelybluepanda · a day ago
I think we live in a society where it's promoted to repress feelings.
Last year i was reading fanfiction and there was this post where someone described how they think a character from Hero Academia would actually take pride in their emotions and don't play around once they grew up.
I took what they said literally because I like Bakugo and that same day i started telling people how i feel about them, what i like about them and i don't even bother to hide if i have a crush on someone.
The result to this was that my friends were speechless because these are out of the blue. If it's 2am and i want to tell you how i enjoy your presence because you're always going with the flow or i like your nurturing nature and i think you're just badass, i will.
However, they are also speechless because people expect others to just know how they feel about others. Vocalizing or showing your attachment should be more common.
In this (almost) 1 year of doing this regularly, i got to the conclusion that my friends squirm in a very adorable way because "what do i do now?" and nothing bad happened. My crush is speechless on a monthly basis but that isn't a tragedy.
Long story short: let your emotions live! Share them with others. Feelings are for you to feel first and if they're good emotions, why not share them? If they're not that nice, you can receive support for the moment.
I was taught as a kid to never show my feelings because it's a sign of weakness and guess what, it's tiring. It's a sign of weakness only when the opinion of others is affecting you but the more you enjoy your feelings, the less you care. The mountain isn't moved by the wind.
P.s. thank you to the blogger who wrote that headcanon/opinion about Bakugo ❤️
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excen-tricos · 7 hours ago
La vida es realmente jodida, como para jodernos entre nosotrxs
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f0mo · 7 months ago
okay but waking up in the middle of the night to soft rain and knowing you've got hours to sleep, when you're toasty warm and comfortable and sleep has made you forget all your worries and you go back to sleep feeling as content as ever.
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pmseymourva · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ungalove · 3 months ago
How the fuck do I get better
For Beginners
You are not your feelings. Feelings are something you have, and something you can learn to cope with. Here are some tips how you can reduce negative, annoying or persistent feelings in your life, and how you can cope with them when they occur.
Making positive experiences
Do something enjoyable that’s possible every day (ex. read a few pages, doodle something, listen to your favorite song, sing in the shower...)
Change your life up a bit in a way that will help you experience positive feelings more often (ex. say hi to an old friend, join a club, try a new hobby, discover a new artist...)
Allow yourself to feel the positive things (ex. reminisce about the nice experiences you had before bed, focus on how good you feel in the moment, ask yourself how you’d name this positive feeling, what caused it...)
Reducing emotional and physical vulnerability
A house can’t stand without the base - Work on getting enough water, food, sleep, exercise and self care. Baby steps are completely fine. 5 hours of sleep are better than 4, two meals are better than one, etc.
Watch your health and take your medication
Avoid mood changing substances (drugs, alcohol...)
Take responsibility (ex. make small plans that you can and will do every day -> gives you a sense of control over your life and helps you believe in your own abilities)
Letting go of emotional baggage
Accept your feelings as a part of yourself as a person. We all have them!
Acknowledge that your feelings (all of them!) are allowed to be here, because they all have a job to fulfill!
Try not to judge your feelings, even if it’s hard! There’s a reason why they’re here.
Be open for your feelings. Embrace them. They will come anyway.
I have a feeling I don’t want - what now?
What am I feeling? (ex. angry, sad, guilty...)
What impulse does this feeling give me, what do I want to do? (ex. lash out, isolate myself, self harm...)
What made me feel this way? (ex. a fight, a bad grade, a mistake...)
What would be pros and cons of acting on my impulse? (ex. pro - lashing out would give me relief, con - it would have consequences...)
What decision do I make?
What skills or coping mechanisms do I need, if I need them?
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memoryslandscape · a month ago
To feel. To trust the feeling. I long for that
Ingmar Bergman, from Face to Face: A Film (Pantheon, 1976)
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wayti-blog · a month ago
Beyond the beauty of the external forms, there is more here: something that cannot be named, something ineffable, some deep, inner, holy essence. Whenever and wherever there is beauty, this inner essence shines through somehow. It only reveals itself to you when you are present.
Eckhart Tolle
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everythinkaloud · 2 months ago
Be aware of the difference between hearing, knowing, understanding and feeling
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kazuhasbunny · 2 months ago
tw : dubcon (i think)
mm gorou teasing his little bunnygirl in heat .. rubbing his tip on her aching clit .. whispering dirty stuffs into her droopy ears .. licking your tears up while you clung onto him , whining and begging for him to breed you !
but hmm .. noo.. gorou decided to be an a hole and tease you the whole day until he loses control and fills you up till the brim . your poor abused cunt , leaking with his thick , warm cum ..
didn’t he told you to keep it all inside , right ? you’re being so uncooperative right now . oh gosh , that means more fucking for you ! whether you’re overstimulated or not , he’d keep fucking you till you’re left unconscious
you’re the one who asked for it , right ?
be a good bunny and take him all up in you , okay ? things don’t come out good for the general’s pet to disobey him . punishments are always ready for sluts like you .
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