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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Avalon’s sumptuous soundscapes wouldn’t have been possible without a number of great session musicians on the record, including Alan Spenner, a highly underappreciated bassist, who had quite a career. I am not surprised he ended up working with Roxy Music, he did move within a scene that served as one of the influences on Ferry’s band. I am talking about the British funk, where Mr. Spenner participated in many groups with one of them being Kokomo. The latter could be seen as an interesting case, because the collective consisted of the members from the disparate collectives, yet you couldn’t tell that, when you listen to them, they complemented each other to groove like crazy. Sadly, they remained more of a cult item in terms of success, but they should really be more known.

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Depression comes in may shapes and forms. We all fight it in many different ways and cope the way we think is best. This is how I feel with it. I may feel like this now but I know if I try everyday, tomorrow will come. I just wanted to share how I felt. Thank you.

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My family and I brought back memories and laughed about the day I thought I’m actually dying and had a big panic attack that made me think I’m going to die more and anyways it was funny when we talked but remembering the real panic I had that day wasn’t really funny and I’m feeling really unwell now and like my head hurts and everything kinda feels uneasy but I feel stupid to actually talk about it because it’s been 2 hours from our conversations and it was all laugh. But im feeling really really bad

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Today I woke up and decided 

I’d like to go to the cinema

Where I can watch other characters 

Through a worm hole between us

So I can see a glimpse of another world.

I love that we are able to do this 

To see through someone else’s eyes 

Not even just reality but being open 

To another world.

This teaches us so many lessons 

About our own world.

When I fall in love with characters 

And watch their processes

They inspire me so deeply 

To be motivated in my own process

To fall in love with my own process

To understand my own process.

It is a form of loving myself 

To watch cinema I’m drawn to 

To enjoy it and celebrate it 

To be a part of the technological culture 

And to rejoice in this culture for the gifts of self loving perspective 

That it brings. 

I am so drawn to cinema film tv shows art music culture 

Self expressions of life through another lense

Another world that exists for people outside of my own 

It excites me to see perspective 

Because it means I am able to understand my own 

From the eyes of a hawk above and outside of myself 

It takes the pressure off, it makes the process of knowing light and fun 

For me 

Most of all 

It shows me through how I feel 

To use how I feel 

As my guide.

“Why I love modern media”

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