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#feelings into words
catrollsdice · 10 months ago
I went back and rewatched the part where Beau is talking about not feeling useful during the last few fights and wow that’s more relatable than I thought when I was originally watching. We all have those moments in our friend groups when we look around and they’re doing all those crazy cool things and you’re just sitting there wondering how you even fit in with them and what you could even do to seem useful based on your skillset. Honestly I’m proud of Beau for even saying what she felt out loud. It’s a feeling that’s so easy to hide and get wrapped up in but she put words to those feelings. Yes it got shot down quickly by the others trying to build her back up but that doesn’t invalidate those feelings at all.
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wrzninmyhead · 3 months ago
(n.) a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was, the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for lost places of your past.
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augusthead · 5 months ago
“it’s hard to be at a party when i feel like an open wound” is such a validating line like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exactly!!!!!!!?????
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itsanonymousm · 10 months ago
Beautiful thoughts drifting through my head, yet ration reminding me, they are nothing but the past.
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cafeelisthings · 11 months ago
Last night I had an emotional breakdown I thought I was okey but then tears run down to my face, memories begin to flashback, my feelings for you was still there. I tried to escape from it, I tired to be busy, I focus on myself to other things but in just one night; I was scattered into pieces again.
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simidaqxeen · 8 months ago
Why do I feel like I am a square in world of circles?
But when everyone is suddenly a square, I think,
Does anyone fit in at all?
Why does it feel like everyone knows what you are thinking?
But when no one works like me, I think,
Does anyone ever think at all?
Why do things never work the way they're supposed to?
But when they do work, I think,
Does the work mean anything at all?
Why do we use words to separate?
Because when our blood runs the same colour, I think,
Does a label really matter at all?
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Het is gewoon zo nutteloos om over jou te fantaseren. Wanneer we elkaar weer gaan zien, hoe het zal zijn. Me zorgen maken over zoveel dingen. Hoe het zal gaan, want ik ben niet meer hoe ik was. Ik eet anders, ik denk anders en ik wil anders. Ik zie jou niet de dingen doen, die ik het allerliefste wil doen. Er zijn zoveel meer vissen in de zee, waarom zou ik me dan alleen maar focussen op jou? Ergens op de wereldbol loopt die ene persoon rondt, waarmee ik die gedeelde passie wel zou kunnen hebben. Mijn droom is nou eenmaal om samen met een mooi persoon bergen te beklimmen, rond te reizen, een ecohuis bouwen en daarin wonen. Eigen groente te telen, van jezelf te kunnen leven. Geen deel meer uitmaken van deze gekke samenleving die de wereld verwoest. 
En ik ken jou niet meer, ik kende de persoon die je was. Dus ik weet niet hoe je bent veranderd, hoe je nu denkt en vooruit beweegt. Wat zijn je dromen, wat wil je bereiken? Hoe wil je wonen, wil je kinderen? 
Uit de persoon die je was, zie ik je niet in mijn droomleven leven.
Dat maakt het daarom ook zo nutteloos om over je te fantaseren hoe het zou zijn, jij en ik.
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gravity-rainbow · a year ago
Tumblr media
“I’m not very good at putting my feelings into words. That’s why people misunderstand me.” —  Haruki Murakami
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kage-no-shoujo · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
(Whisper of the Heart, Ghibli)
It floors me how these studios can sometimes put my feelings in words.
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I thought about you today. And I a wave of longing hit me hard,right in the solar plexus. In that moment, I wanted to cry. Because It's like I travelled back in time to that specific moment when I said something you mistook for me being rude, and gave me the chance to right myself before losing your shit.
It was funny because you kept repeating the words "what?" Until I caught on and explained myself. IDK why I remembered that one incident. I guess it was the look on your face. That I could catch you off guard. Or rather, you'd caught me lacking.
What I really want to say is I miss you. And I pray that one day we get to redo things, but better. One day we'll get the closure we need.
But for now it's going to take a long time. And even more time for me since I fell for you. I really and truly cared for you. I can't seem to explain why. But you made me feel special. Like I wasn't too much or too little. But just enough. It was nice being wanted.
Having someone go the extra mile for me. Initiate things. It felt nice to be wanted. And I guess that's more of what I miss. How you made me feel. I think that's what hurt the most, the fact that you'd do all that then disappear like it meant nothing.
Till this day, I've never known what I did wrong or even if it was me for that matter. Unfortunately closure is something I'll have to give myself in this situation. Sad but that's just how it is.
I can never quite seem to forget you. Maybe I should stop trying. I remember when I was fresh out of crying over a broken non existent relationship. All I ever thought about was you. But as time went on, the more I sat and processed the thoughts and feelings, the more you faded into oblivion.
It was great. Not having you at the back of my mind all the time. But now you're back.
I wonder why. I hope you think of me as much as I think about you. I hope not a day goes by without you thinking about what we were and what we could have been.
But most of all, I hope I finally get over you. You were special but you're no longer there. You're deep in the past and i need to come to terms with that fact.
I wish you love and healing. I hope you miss me as much as I miss you. I hope I cross your mind occasionally. I hope that anytime you think of me you smile. No bad memories or thoughts. Pure bliss instead.
I miss you.
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d-a-dreamscape · a year ago
I love these moments, they let me really put feelings into words. I can't always get it right, which is frustrating considering all the time I've put into writing and expanding my vocabulary, but I do have moments of clarity where meanings are crystal clear .
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neonmoon-writes-stuff · a year ago
You tore me away from the innocence I’d been drowning in. 
I was alone for the first time in two years and you jumped in to fill the gap. Late at night, with the moon as our only witness, you kissed me. We stayed there for hours, enraptured by the bond between us. 
From lifelong friends to something else, I realized it would never be the same. Never had I leapt so blindly into something as this. 
But all I needed to persuade me was you
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itsanonymousm · 10 months ago
Memories filled with sweet dispositions.
You wanted me, it was not simply my imagination.
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cafeelisthings · 11 months ago
Nais ko lang sabihin sa iyo kung gaano ako nangungulila sayo. Mga yakap mong kay higpit na nagpapanatag saaking magulong isipan. Mga labi mong gusto kong halikan hanggang sa tayo’y maubusan ng hangin sa katawan. Mga haplos mo saakin ay nagdadala ng init sa katawan.
Kamusta ka na? Naalala mo pa ba ako?
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thechosenpessimist05 · 2 years ago
Dark Room
I sit in this dark room
My thoughts imbued with you
The way your eyes consume me
That smile shines right through me
I soak up every glance
Every graze, every thought
I feel the way you breathe me in
The touch of skin so soft
I hide my fear of falling
Tempted by the calling
The song will find it's tune
While I sit in this dark room
B Howell
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rimsofinfinity · 3 years ago
I think about that day a lot.
That day where I stood in your kitchen in December in Michigan, watching you do the dishes because you didn’t want help.
When I told you I was dating a girl, and took so long to answer.
When I asked you if you’d come to my wedding if I married a girl, and you pursed your lips.
“We’ll see,” you sighed. And gave me a hug, and told me God would forgive me.
I think about the blizzard outside, the angry screaming winds that floated into snowflakes lazily drifting against that pitch black night.
I wonder a lot if you meant it, if you really wouldn’t be happy if I was.
I think about the pain in your eyes I saw at 15, when I myself just began to figure out that sting of disappointment.
The sting of loving someone, and a family’s disappointment.
When someone asks if I could take a pill, and take it away. To make it different. I have to think for a bit.
Would my family be happy?
Would they keep me in their lives?
I would lose this love, this community, lose so many things that bring my life joy.
And you always come to mind.
How close we were before I told you, and now how we’ve drifted.
I miss you.
I want to know you love me, I want to know that you’ll be there no matter who I have next to me.
I suppose I understand if you don’t.
Your Granddaughter
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