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Look at her little face and curled paws! via /r/cats by olliefinn2

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my cat sits in her “boat” in the hottub every single day and refuses to get out even after an hour! her name is trixie via /r/cats by gracejulia38

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Cat around the corner is startled via /r/StartledCats by i_like_trains72

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Cheddar Biscuit is the king of the house via /r/cats by cheddarbiscuitcat

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How it started…how it’s going (1 week later) via /r/cats by Cheftyler1980

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Just recently got this little fuzzball, meet Loki! via /r/cats by KingstonEagle

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An Andrea I did in Photoshop a while back~

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Why Does My Cat Do That?

Why Does My Cat Do That?

A few years ago I wrote a post about a strange behavior my cat does and what it means. I covered why do cats head butt us. Technically this behavior is called head bunting and according to several cat behavior experts, it is specifically used to denote the bond your cat has with you, that they are being social, that they feel comfortable and/or are being friendly. So yes your cat is loving you…


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One of them can only lie and the other can only tell the truth via /r/cats by Neverknew_whattodo

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Took in a pregnant momma and ended up with this. It’s open window season. via /r/cats by debbiedark

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