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Felix: oh no I’m covered in blood but in a sexy way
Marinette: *deep sigh*
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which of ur ocs.... is most likely to spontaneously bring home a pet

felix! cause he actually did
one day he was like “fuck it” and got a dog

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Okay we’re going with Felix for this one cause I’m so soft for that video where he says snow 🥺 Anywho so Felix decides a family vacation is just what you and your twins needed he didn’t tell you where you were going and made sure he packed appropriate clothes for everyone all you had to do was get your trouble maker twins into the car and buckled while he loaded up the luggage. Easier said then done with one rambunctious boy and one little girl who will follow anything her twin does but you managed to get the two seven year olds seated and settled for whenever your husband had decided to take you. Let’s just say you were happy about a vacation but you were not happy about the very long drive one can only listen to children’s songs on repeat for so long before they go crazy especially with your lovely husband encouraging their scream singing. Either way you were relieved when the two kids fell asleep. You asked Felix where you were going not expecting an answer but he smiled and said look out your window looking outside you’re amazed that you hadn’t noticed you had driven up to one of the snow covered mountains. Of course you and the kids were excited and so was Felix especially seeing his family so happy. He had rented out a small Lodge for the week and it was lovely. Felix and you each carried one of the sleeping kiddos inside and their reactions when they woke up and realized where they were was so precious you wish you had taken a picture of their expressions. The rest of that day you all played in the snow and explored a bit around the area around the lodge. Bed time which is usually a nightmare was much easier since the kids had tired themselves out completely. The next morning you made Felix and the kids breakfast before letting the kids go play while you and Felix sat on the porch snuggled together under a blanket with hot chocolate. Everything seemed perfect until you realized it was much to quiet and it seemed Felix had the same realization because you both called for the kids at the same time. You rushed around looking for your troublesome twins feeling relived when you saw your son who called out to you and Felix giggling happily. “Sissy got stuck in the snow her boot came off.” Sure enough behind him was his pouting sisters covered in snow and missing a boot. You were about to scold your kids when your husband burst into laughter and picked your daughter up. “Brother is mean he yanked me out of the snow and my boot came off” your daughter pouted in her dad’s arms but you just shook your head smiling relieved that they were both okay. You both took the kids inside for lunch promising to look for the lost boot later. You ended up not being able to find the boot but the rest of your vacation was still amazing.

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Originally posted by hwang-hyunjinnies

Dowoon eyes widened and quickly snatched up the canister in his hand. Minho looked down to notice the older boys hand shaking as he traced the length of the container, a far off look in his eyes.

“Dowoon…do you know what this is?”

Time seemed to move suddenly slower as the young researcher raised his head from the canister eyes wide with dismay.

“I do…and it’s nothing good.”

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Just seen the TC Candler 100 most handsome faces of 2019 and I’ve been laughing my ass off for about 10 minutes about how Felix is ranked 69. Like as if that number wasn’t funny enough, he’s really up there competing with people like Jason Momoa and Chris Evans who are like twice his age and in the biggest films of all time, like this kid is such a meme and beating out hollywood stars. Like yeah his face is 100000% beautiful but also:


Originally posted by incorrectfelix

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“Did you really just get your foot stuck in the toilet?” “Maybe.”

“Come on Y/N, we’re going to be late to Hyunjin’s birthday party!” Felix called from my living room.

“Lix chill out, it’s only 5:45…the party doesn’t start until 6:30.” I stated, continuing to work on my makeup. I was in the middle applying my eyeliner when the light in the bathroom began to flicker, promptly burning out at the most inconvenient of time.

“Liiiiiiiix.” I whined in the dark.

“What?” he sharply asked.

“Can you go into the kitchen and get in the cabinet above the fridge and grab a light bulb?” I pleaded as I searched for the light switch, making sure the light was off. I began searching for my phone as well, so I could use my flashlight.

Before too long, Felix’s figure appeared in the door frame. I shined my flashlight toward him, making his face skew in discomfort.

“The light bulb decided right now was a good time to burn out.” I explained, motioning toward the light fixture above the sink. Felix made his way around me and proceeded to step on to the toilet to get a better reach to the light. “Be careful.” I said softly.

“Don’t worry mom.” he responded. I smacked his leg making him yelp slightly. He then wrapped a towel around the burned out bulb, twisting it until it came out of the socket and then dropped it into the trashcan. He then screwed in the new bulb.

“Thank you, Felix.” I said as I turned to flick on the light.

“No probl-UHM.” was the sound that emitted from my light bulb rescuer. I turned quickly to find Felix stood with one foot on the ground and the other foot…in the toilet. We exchanged looks for a few seconds before either one of us spoke.

Did you really just get your foot stuck in the toilet?” I asked. Felix moved his eyes to his foot that seemed to be in fact stuck.

Maybe.” he mumbled. “Are you going to help me get it out?” he then asked.



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pairing(s): Hybrid!Bang Chan x Reader, Hybrid!Stray Kids x Reader

genre: Hybrid!AU, Dystopian!AU, heavy Angst, Fluff, Smut

warning(s): Mature language, violence and destruction, blood and gore, mentions of death and suicide, drug use, instances of abuse, dark and sexual themes, possible triggering topics

  • synopsis: It was your responsibility to find them first, but this time, Stray Kids are coming to find you instead… and they’ll stop at nothing to get you back

chapter directory

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ok not to be Weird but theres a song that i fucking Die Over and literally every time i listen to it i think abt dmitry bc to me its just got his kinda vibe??? the songs jet ammo by dasu (its vocaloid and i wouldve been way more nervous abt sending this if you hadnt mentioned vocaloid in the tag game :>>) anyways i just wanted u to know yr writing is infecting everything i do and its both a blessing and a curse

Okay first of all,,, you’re out here listening to vocaloid songs thinking about him? Because in that case, I hear you, and raise you trick and treat by rin and len. It really reminds me of the kind of comfort he offers

Also oh my god thank you so much!! That’s actually the very best compliment I’ve ever received on my writing, thank you

And uh well, not to be Weird, but here’s a drabble inspired entirely by that hella amazing song that’s now on loop and i absolutely can’t stop listening to it thanks


It was quiet in the apartment aside from Felix’s short, panicked little breaths. He was looking up at Dmitry with tears in his eyes, trying his best not to move or make any extra sound.

“Changing you is hard work, you know. But I’m not gonna lie, achieving results like this is much sweeter.” Dmitry had that signature smug grin on his face. He was infinitely satisfied with the situation, and made no attempt to hide it. “When I say shut up, I mean this. Complete fucking silence. And you just don’t seem to grasp that. Yet.”

Felix tried to swallow, but it was hard with his mouth full. His jaw hurt from keeping his mouth open for a long time, and his knees hurt from kneeling on the floor for too long, but he tried to stay very still.

“And while I love to put you in your place just by telling you how useless you are, I don’t want you to get too comfortable. I will shoot you if you disobey. Don’t test me.”

The last thing Felix wanted was to test him. The second to last thing was for Dmitry to think that he was comfortable. He wasn’t, not even a little bit. He was always on edge.

“But it’s fine, you know. Someday you’ll give up for good. Someday you’ll realize that there will be no miracles, and you won’t ever get out of this. I’ll make sure of that.” He pushed the barrel of the gun a little further into the boy’s mouth.

Felix let him, of course he did. That gun was cocked, and Dmitry convinced him that his best chance of getting out of this without getting shot in the head was to not move. At all. So he obediently took it.

“This is where worthless little toys belong, isn’t it? On the floor, kneeling before me. You honestly look so good like this, Felix.”

The boy’s cheeks were flushed with embarrassment, and he knew Dmitry enjoyed every second of his humiliation. He tried to tell himself that that was good, since keeping Dmitry happy meant keeping himself alive, but as more time passed, it became harder and harder to convince himself.

“So pretty and quiet for me… I wonder how long you can keep it up.” He seemed a little lost in thought. “Oh well, only one way to find out.”

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Hey guys! My anxiety has gotten worse due to.. well staying home and I’ve come to accept that I can’t use this Tumblr for a while. I’ve made a new one and if you want to you can ask for it in the chat but for now I won’t be using this one. I used it for a really long time and it brings back memories that I can’t deal with at the moment. My Tumblr will still be mostly stray kids’ related I just made a new url.

so yeah if you wanna follow me there hit me up in the chat and I’ll follow you with my new Tumblr.

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man i havent played soccer spirits in a while but like... leah and felix general dating hcs? 👉👈 they are my favorites

Yeah ofc! Kinda just wanted to finish this one since I was having a writing block on Enstars material (been working my ass off on a Keichi request that is months overdue but now I’m stuck again) //sweat This was fun to play around with tho especially since I’ve never written for the series before! Hope you enjoy!


  • When she is first asked on a date, Leah says yes right away without thinking about it for more than a second. She always wants to give things a try at least once. Maybe this relationship would be even better than soccer!
  • Leah is extremely happy to be in a relationship with her S/O. She’s absolutely willing to do whatever they please, which can be interpreted as a good or bad thing. Her airheadedness and tendency to wander in her thoughts also cause her to do some reckless things so both of them have to be careful.
  • When Leah is committed, she IS committed though. She’ll be a bit clingy only because she’ll want to do everything with her S/O.
  • She would most likely try to convince her S/O to play soccer with never-ending persistence. In the event that the S/O cannot play the sport or doesn’t enjoy the sport, however, she’ll try to find some alternatives, like futsol or the simple tabletop soccer games.
  • Leah is 100% supportive and encouraging. If her S/O wants to try something new, she’s all for it! She loves seeing them seeking out a new passion or enjoying a hobby. It makes her want to join in on the fun.
  • While she is supportive, she also has her limits. Leah is still an angel, a former executive of Heaven’s Gate, after all, so she does have her own morals. When she catches something deceitful or manipulative from her S/O, she’ll be the first to try to put a stop to it.
  • She can get easily frustrated, however. When something doesn’t go correctly, Leah has the tendency to pout and might whine a little bit. Usually, this only lasts for a day at most, but her S/O should expect to be her comfort for at least a few hours. 
  • Leah always tries to find the best in people, and that’s no different for her S/O. If she believes someone can change their habits and such, she attempts to nudge them in the right direction.
  • “I really like you, no, love you! I just want to do everything with you, okay~?”

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