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if you look up Found Family in the dictionary, this is what you’ll see 
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Seungmin: So I found a fool proof method of determining if someone is truly evil.
Chan: And that is?
Seungmin: If they dislike Felix, they’re evil.
Chan: Yeah okay, that’s pretty solid logic.
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Chan sent this photo on bbl
💬 "Hmm… It’s not much tbh hahahahha"
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(playing hide and seek)
changbin: …29…30 come out, come out wherever you are
hyunjin: *stands up from behind couch*
changbin: you’re not actually supposed to come out
hyunjin: *crouches back behind couch*
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#benchbettermade x STRAY KIDS
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I’m Ready | Felix Lee One-Shot (S) +18
Tumblr media
Pairing: Felix x (F) reader - She/her pronouns
Synopsis: You and Felix have been together for a month, falling in love more and more as the days past. After a bad first experience it took Felix a while to become intimate with you, but tonight he finally wants to take that step.
Genre: Established relationship, Smut, fluff.
Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, oral (f) and (m). Masturbation, sub!Felix, inexperienced!Felix, praise kink (Felix), Mentions of ‘Good boy’ and ‘Bad boy’, Felix calls himself a pervert, Pantie sniffing, Felix wears a collar with your name on it, dirty talk, riding, sex from behind, Felix had a bad sexual experience (Undetailed), reader is trying to reassure Felix, one small mention of subspace, very soft!dom reader, Kiss, very sweet and fluffy but also filthy, multiple (f) and (m) orgasms, begging.
Word counter: 9k - (Only about 500 words of plot I’M SORRY!)
A huge huge thank you to @jiminiesfavouritecolourisblue​ because without her this story would sill be sat in my wips. She's helped me so much over the past few weeks with finding my motivation to write again and keep me on track. The time you’ve taken to sit and read and give me feedback has not gone unappreciated Blue, thank you so much <3
Tumblr media
You couldn’t help it. Felix had always made you weak. He was the sweetest and most caring boyfriend you’d ever known, and you were more than lucky to have him. He was kind, romantic and such a giver. That’s what made you like him so much in the first place.
You’d been together for about a month. A month of cute dates, romantic nights and some of the sweetest memories that help you through the day when he’s not around. Honestly he was the perfect man and it was almost as if he lived to make you happy.
The two of you were closer than most people after such a small amount of time, and there was only one thing that you could think of that could make you both closer, and that was sex. The two of you had never had sex with each other before, in fact, you’d never touched him sexually at all. He’d had a really bad experience the first time he had sex and it had made him nervous about being touched again.
You didn’t care, you would wait a lifetime if it meant he would be comfortable but that didn’t mean you weren’t human. You had sexual urges and you wanted to share them with him. You wanted to share the intimacy of having him close to you and share himself with you.
He wasn’t completely closed off, he had talked about sexual things with you. He mentioned  his preference for being submissive and being dominated from what he gathered from his porn preferences, and how he loved being praised and called a good boy. He talked about how he loved going down on you and getting off at the idea of providing pleasure. In-fact this was something he was so sure and content about that he’d done it a few times. He’d taken your pleasure into his hands, or mouth, a few times, the both of you loving every second of it.
The both of you had such healthy communication that it kinda made your heart melt. You were lucky, you had somebody who was able to have a healthy conversation with you about something he wasn’t even one hundred percent sure about himself.
The two of you had never had sex, but through the conversations you’d both had he managed to feel so comfortable that he bought himself a collar with your name on it to wear when he went down on you, allowing himself to dip his toe into a submissive role his own way. He was amazing, and the clenching you felt in your centre when he took it out to show you for the first time was hard to ignore.
The day had been considerably normal when it came to work, but when it came to Felix and the texts he was sending you through-out, things seemed a little off. Not off in a bad way, but in a different kinda way. He was usually very caring and loving in his messages, asking how your day was going and if you needed anything but this time they seemed a little bit blunt.
‘Can I come round tonight?’
‘What time will you be home?’
‘Do you want food?’
‘Will you be going to sleep straight away when you’re home?’
‘Will you be home soon’
There was nothing wrong with these questions, all completely valid for him to ask, it was just the way he was asking that through you off. Usually they’d be embellished with loved hearts and kisses and maybe a few little add-ons with him telling you he missed you but in these there was none of that. It’s only when you came home that you understood he wasn’t being blunt, he was acting more on nerves and over-thinking.
When you got back he was standing in your bedroom wearing nothing but the collar around his neck and a pair of briefs, you were equal parts foaming at the mouth and struck with love and adoration. When he looked up at you and whispered a shy ‘I’m ready’ you felt a huge rush of emotions. He wanted you, he was finally ready to take that step and allow you to take over his body and his pleasure. More importantly, he was ready to trust and give himself to you.
He was looking at the floor, arm wrapped around his chest so his hand was grabbing onto his other arm. His bottom lip was stuck inside his mouth and you could tell he was nervously gnawing on it. You wanted to make him feel calm, let him know that if he was too nervous he didn’t have to do anything but he was eager to get started. He stuttered and rushed towards you, hoping he could rip the Band-Aid off quickly and finally enjoy you without thinking too hard about it. You couldn’t have that though. Before anything happened you slowly had to push him away from you without making him feel bad and talk it through with him. You knew it was important to him and you had to make sure he wasn’t rushing anything. After about fifteen minutes, and a sweet heart to heart you knew he was ready. Nervous, no doubt, but so ready.
It’s not long after that, that you’re on your knees for him in nothing but your underwear as he stands in front of you, towering above you. For somebody who had a clear position of power, he was so visibly nervous. His eyes are on you but they’re barely open. Your hands are grazing over his thighs, nails slowly dragging down them as his legs shake slightly. You’re trying to keep him calm with every touch, letting him know that you’re right there. As you slowly lean forward you can’t help but start a very soft and slow trail of kisses that start from his knee to his inner thigh, faintly sticking your tongue out to lick the smooth skin that graces your lips. With each centimetre your mouth moves, Felix’s body starts to hunch slightly, his hand coming out to roughly dig into your hair as he holds himself up. The little whimpers leaving his mouth could convince anybody you were doing more than just kissing him.
“Ah Ah, baby boy who said you could touch” He said he wanted things to be normal, keeping the dynamic the both of you had, and that included him staying more submissive and you taking a dominant role, if he wanted to change that and things got to much for him, all he had to do was say so. You were still going to be careful though, he had a tendency to push himself and you had to make sure that he wasn’t doing that now. You’d take everything slow, start with teasing to get his blood pumping and keep his mind in the moment.
You bite down on the fabric of his briefs pulling on them as they snap back onto his skin and he gasps. “Let me touch you please, please” The second plea was a lot louder than the first as his fingers grip tighter into your hair. If this was any other man you’d hate it, pulling your hair and ragging you around but with Felix you know that’s not why he’s doing it, he’s not doing it to have power over you, he’s doing it out of desperation and need, and that turns you on so much more. “Don’t make me let go baby, never wanna let go”
He was already so lost in the moment, he was a man starved of affection and attention sexually and you could tell in this moment. His voice was desperate and needy and the two of you hadn’t done anything yet. He was grabbing onto you and whining out so lost for breath.
He pulled your face closer towards his body accidently pushing your cheek against his restrained cock, but as soon as he felt you against him he cried out. Slowly, he started humping, feeling the friction of your face against him. You could see he was struggling to control himself when his eyes closed and got lost in the feeling.
You’d never ever had anybody do this to you before, you’re sure that if it was something you had never experienced and you were talking about to a friend, but Felix was desperate and it was one of the sexiest things he’d ever done. His head was thrown back in pleasure, and he was humping his clothed cock against your face, you even let out a moan when you felt how hard he was against you.
A loud gasp of pleasure from his lips caught your attention and it was only when you pulled back that he realized what he had been doing. Looking at you with eyes wide.
“I’m sorry baby, fuck I’m so sorry baby” His fingers started to slowly touch the collar around his neck that adorned your name “I’m so sorry, i’m supposed to be good, but I just -fuck-” he pulls you back to him this time your lips placed against the extremely hard bulge as he started thrusting again with much less control than he had the first time “But you just feel so fucking good”
You couldn’t help but giggle at his desperation as you quickly suck his shaft, leaving a nice wet spot on his underwear as you push him off you. He only whines as you smile up at him, hands not leaving the solid length in front of you. You’d seen his length before when he played with himself after touching you, but you’d never touched it, and you never realized just how perfectly big he was.
“Calm down baby, I’m not going anywhere, don’t worry and I’m not mad at you, tonight is all about you.” If you had to remind him all night then you would. He might care about his sexual role but you didn’t, when more time past and your experience together grew, then you’d start punishing him. For now though, all you wanted to do was make sure he was comfortable in letting go with you.
You shuffle your knees closer to him so you’re centimetres away from his member making sure to look him straight in the eyes as you stick your tongue out ready for him. The look on his face is that of a dream state. His black hair fell forward as he looked down at you, framing his face so well that just looking at him like this was making you wet and needy. You wanted to pleasure him, you were so turned on at the idea of him finally feeling the pleasure you can give him.
“Promise?” The word from his lips soft, cascading off his tongue like a heartfelt song with the most meaningful lyrics. You knew he was referring to you saying you weren’t going anywhere. It was something he’d always been worried about, always thinking you were going to up and leave him whenever you had the chance. He was insane to think you’d leave, look at him, pretty little face with freckles that glow, sweet, caring and attentive personality and a huge cock that made you clench your thighs while you kneeled in front of him.
For a second everything is silent. Just Felix looking down at you, collar shining from his neck as his body was on display for you, and you, kneeling for him nearly naked at his feet. You keep your tongue out and nod your head for him, hands gently caressing his thigh in comfort. “I promise, Felix'” You reassured him as you wrapped your lips around the tip of his covered cock and sucked as he screamed out for you.
“Oh God baby, yes” Felix’s next actions were quick as his desperation overtook him. Both of his hands dropped from your head as he clumsily pushed his briefs down just below his ass pulling his cock free, touching it as it twitched for you. He quickly starts pumping it as he whimpers looking down at your face that is glued to the show he’s putting “Own me please baby, please I’ve thought about this so much but i never though.” he stops for a second to move the hair out of your face and moaned out loud “I never thought i’d earn it”
Fuck his cock was so pretty, sitting here on your knees watching him pumping it Infront of you was mouth wateringly hot. The skin on his shaft looked so soft that all you wanted to do was feel it against your tongue. “Oh you’ve earned it baby, you’ve been such a good boy for me lately” You take one hand off his cock as you replace it with your own but changing the pace so it’s much slower. “You look after me so well Felix, you’ve earned so much”
You couldn’t help yourself, the way he was panting and moaning above you made you want nothing more than to bring him the pleasure he always strives to bring you. You lean in and place the flat of your tongue against his balls making sure to lick and suck them making him grunt out in pleasure. You ran your tongue up the bottom of his shaft making him tense up and grip onto your shoulders tightly. His moans were guttural and heavy and fuck it made you even wetter, the sound of his voice, so deep but so lost in need, it was so perfect. You look up as you drag your tongue along him and you can see the veins in his neck as he tenses, nearly bursting out of the pretty accessory around his neck.
You’d heard Felix being vocal before, but this was something you’d never witnessed. Purely his own pleasure taking over him. He would let out the softest -Ahs- mixed in with the deepest grunts as your tongue played with him.
“Your tongue feels so good, feels so fucking  good” Were the only grunts and groans that leave his mouth as he pants through his words “i’m really yours now"
You heard him mention this before, the idea of you both owning each other sexually, but he’d only ever mentioned it once. He clearly liked the idea of it more than he let on at the time.
As you heard him moan your desire only grew, wanting him to fall apart, so as your tongue once again reaches the head of his cock you decide to take the tip into his mouth. You could taste the pre-cum in your tongue and the neediness of him got you just as lost as him. You were so quick to push your lips down his shaft that the word ‘yes’ was rushing from his mouth, prolonged and stuttered.
“Fuck, ___, fuck, yes use me. This feels so fucking good. Oh shit” His words were nearly unintelligible at this point, a mix of cries, squeaks and moans and all you had to do was swallow around his cock for him to start shaking. Once again he holds your head close to his body as he starts a staggered rhythm thrusting into your mouth.
“No, stop baby, you’re gonna make me cum, don’t wanna cum yet” despite his words he continued using your mouth. You made sure to use your tongue and make this as wet as possible for him, you wanted the wetness on his cock to resemble what was between your legs. It was his first ever blow job from you and you were going to give him everything he could want. You were going to take away his fear of intimacy and see sex as pleasure.
“Oh my god, no please, please baby I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum" You could have stopped him at any time. His movement was so shallow and staggered that it wouldn’t take much, but the grip around your head told you he didn’t want to stop. The fact he was still using your mouth as his head fell back and moans were leaving his lips told you he never wanted this to end.
“I dont wanna cum so fast fuck i’m sorry, fuck i’m so sorry” His words were all but a squeak as he trust into your mouth, hitting deep this time releasing down your throat. You barely got a chance to taste it, it shot far down your throat all you could do was smile and swallow while he moaned above you.
“Dont fucking stop *oh, ugh* yes ___, yes ____, yes. Fuck!”  despite the fact he’d just lost himself to you completely he didn’t stop. Once his cock stopped twitching in the back of your throat he only started to move his hips again.
Despite it being one of the sexiest things you’d ever experienced, you try to pull away, sure that he was going to be struck by oversensitivity once his brain started working again but he didn’t, he only hugged you tighter to stop you leaving
“No please, don’t stop please keep going *fuck*” he’d become insatiable with his need for you, keeping his thrusts slow so you could look up at him. Sweat had formed all over his body and he looked completely exhausted, but there was a fire in his eyes that was impossible to miss. Oh, what one glance in his eyes could do to you.
“But Felix, you just” You pull him out of your mouth and try to reason with him. The last thing you wanted was him over-exerting himself, he’d looked after you so well that you wanted to do that for him.
“No shh, baby, please please don’t wanna stop there” He slowly grabbed his length and rubbed it against your lips and you could feel that he’d managed to stop himself going completely soft after his orgasm “Please keep sucking it, keep me hard for you. I wanted to be with you, let me please”
Now you were the one rolling your eyes and grunting. His words were so sexy that it made your pussy clench around nothing. The whole point in this was that he wanted to be with you, finally share his body with you and if he was okay with continuing then you weren’t going to take that away from him. You’d never been with anybody who managed to go again straight after he’d cum but of course, Felix could, he was just so perfect in every other way that you’re not surprised it didn’t stop when it came to his stamina.
You looked him in the eyes, opened your mouth and stuck your tongue out ready for him. Ready to give him anything. Your jaw was aching and there was drool slipping from your lips but you didn’t care. This was all about him.
His excitement takes over as he strokes your cheek, putting his cock back into your mouth and sighing loudly. This time he takes your head and moves it back and forth rather than thrusting, you can see he’s trying it out looking at you quizzically while he thinks about what he prefers. The pace that he controls your movements at is excruciatingly slow. He watches your lips around him as he smiles in relief slightly as he managed to stay hard so soon after cumming.
“Yes, fuck” his head is thrown back in satisfaction as he moans out “I’m so hard again for you baby, you feel so good”
He pulls you off him completely as he kneels down at your level, pushing his lips against yours and his body pressed up against you. He moved so quickly it took you by shock, one second his cock was inside your mouth and now his lips are against yours. He slowly runs his fingers over your skin, gently gripping your left hand, using your palm to caress his chest as he slides it up towards the collar on his neck, wanting you to feel it. His other hand slowly pulled your right hand down to press against his cock.
“Look what you do to me ____, you’ve always done this to me” voice soft but kiss slightly rushed, the contrast was dizzying. His lips moved and started to kiss your skin, starting at the back of your jaw then down towards your neck. He occasionally nips at your skin and you can’t help but whimper, your nipples are so hard and you wish you weren’t wearing a bra so you could feel them pressing against his chest “You own me, you make me so hard and needy. You own my heart, my soul, my cock. Take it, please baby take what you own”
His words were like a drug to you, you couldn’t help but want to do everything he asked. When his words were so sweet, but filthy in your ear as he touched you, you could feel your heartbeat in your pussy. His hands skirted around your skin feeling your hips, thighs, arms and anything he could get his hands on “Fucking use me, please baby.” This is the most demanding he’d ever sounded, his want to be owned and used making your eyes roll to the back of your head as his lips were still against your neck.
It’s with that, that you let out a growl and pushed him back slightly so he was leaning on his hands watching you stand up and take the rest of your clothes off. You threw your bra and underwear to the ground towards him and watched as he crawled over to you discarded panties, bringing them to his nose and smelling them right there at your feet.
“You really do like my underwear, don’t you baby boy” This isn’t the first time he’d sniffed your panties, but usually they were still on your body. He looked so pathetic when he whined over you, crying needily for you. The contrast in the body and abs that tensed every time his sweet doe eyes cried was unbelievable.
“Can I taste you again? Please I miss it so much” You never thought words could affect you this way. He made your head spin, made you feel powerful and soft all at the same time and you loved every second of it. Nobody was able to make you feel this confidence, and it was that confidence that currently ran through your body allowing you to freely play around and have fun with him.
You sat on the edge of the bed, slowly opening your legs and his eyes were stuck in pure bliss, wide open as you bite your lip wanting nothing more than to feel his tongue once again “You wanna eat my pussy, Lixie?”
His head nods up and down, no words coming from his lips. It’s amazing how speechless you made him when he made you so loud and proud. He had so much to say when he stood above you but now, but now that he was where he wanted to be, under your control, with your body in front of him, he turned into a mess.
He shuffled on his knees towards you and started kissing up your legs, finger tips ghosting all over your thighs and calves as if you were made of glass, as if one touch could break you. You could feel each kiss get slightly heavier with each passing suck, to a point where his head was between your thighs and he was sucking on the skin, licking it with each release of his lips.
His hair was so beautifully framing his face as he looked up towards you, his eyes were so shiny and bright and his freckles making him look adorable even after everything the two of you had just done. He took turns looking towards your pussy and then back towards you again. He couldn’t get enough of you, he wanted to drive you mad and taste what you had to give him. You just wanted him to devour you. As his face looked at you, stuck in frustration you realized what he was waiting for. Permission.
“You can eat my pussy, baby come here” You quickly laced your hand into his hair and pulled his head towards your centre and he let out the loudest groan as he connected to your pussy making you arch your back instantly.
He was quick with his mouth, making sure to explore every part of you once again. He was never one to take things slow when it came to this, It was something he loved doing. He got to pleasure you and feel submissive doing it. He would make sure to touch and devour every part of your centre. You couldn’t help the gasp that came out of your mouth with every messy lick and suck he delivered to you. It’s been less than two minutes and your eyes are already rolling back in pleasure, his soft tongue really flicking around your clit and your folds in reckless abandon. You could feel the pleasure shooting to your toes.
He was loud and unapologetically enthusiastic, slurping on your folds as he sucked them into his mouth tightly, releasing them only to quickly reconnect them with a groan. It was so soon for your body to be shaking but you couldn’t control it, you were even letting out small laughs in between moans at the sheer surprise that your eyes were rolling back and your body was twitching.
When you looked down you could see his mouth wide open as the tip of his tongue started working on your clit and you just lost it. You tugged on his hair harder accidentally but he loved it. He couldn’t help but groan out loud and place his open mouth on you, stick his tongue inside you and wiggle it around.
You were struggling to breath and as your eyes continued to roam down you saw how painfully hard his dick was between his legs causing you to let “Fuck, Felix you’re so good, you love pussy so much don’t you”. The immediate nod of his head at your words sent your head spinning, you needed him, and you needed him now.
You reluctantly start to pull away from him, your own body angry at your for denying him, but You needed to get fucked so badly your were getting restless. “Fuck baby, shit, come here and fuck me please” and as much as it pained you to pull away from him, you could tell it pained him more.
“No, no no come back please, just a little more” his hands grip around your hips and he moves forward so that he can keep himself attached to you “just a little more I promise”
Rather than licking you this time his tongue plunges straight into your hole again and you can’t help but let the whimpers fall from your mouth. Your back finally hit the bed as you allowed yourself to get lost in the pleasure “Just wanna taste you some more.”
He was a man obsessed, drunk on pussy as his whimpers left him “Love pussy” - “Love tasting your pussy” - “Wanna eat your pussy forever” His words were nothing but muffled breathless whimpers that vibrated against you and caused the tightness of your orgasm to appear
“Fuck, Felix I’m gonna cum” Your words were barely there, maybe even just pants at this point as you stopped thinking about anything but his mouth. How was he so fucking good at this? You could hear him moaning your name between licks and he groaned against your clit every time he sucked it making the pleasure even more intense.
“UGH, please cum, come all over my face please” This was the clearest thing he’d said at his begging. You started to hump up against his mouth, your hips taking over and doing anything to chase your high.
“Shit Felix, you’re so fucking sexy. So needy for me, shit” You were practically screaming now, screaming for him and everything he was doing to you. His head was between your legs, mouth and chin and even the tips of his hair completely soaked as his eyes were closed focusing on his favourite taste. His hands stayed gripped on your thighs tightly holding you in place as he drowned in your pleasure..
“Umhum, so needy, need you, please cum” His words were frantic as he pulled you closer to his face, not wanting to part with you for even a second as he got you close to your high “Please cum all over me”
At his words your pleasure started bubbling in your stomach and you knew it wouldn’t take you long now. With each flick of his tongue against your clit your body shivered a little bit more “Good boy Felix, fuck yes I’m gonna cum”
His moans matched to when you were sucking his cock, and you knew he got just as much please eating you out as he did when you went down on him. You kept moaning out loud warnings of your high approaching and that only made his tongue fuck you even faster. When one of his hands finally reached around and started to rub your clit you couldn’t help but finally let it all go.
“Fuck! Felix! Fuck, yes!” Your entire body started shaking and your legs closed tightly around his head as you rode his face through your orgasm, his whimpers only letting you know that he didn’t mind one bit. Your toes curled and you completely lost control of your body and voice, back arching and straining yourself, but the pleasure that was running through you was more than you could take as you screamed out for him.
You were slow to come down for your high. It lasted a lot longer than it usually would and all you could hear was Felix between your legs moaning out in a painstakingly needy voice “More, fuck, more don’t ever wanna stop please”
You had to pull yourself away from him or he’d suck all the juices out of your body at this point. If you weren’t so out of breath you’d be giggling at the desperation. This time when you moved he didn’t follow. He only fell back onto his calves and basked in the moment. His bottom lip was in his mouth as his head hung back, collar round his neck looking so beautiful and shiny. His jaw was clenching as his deep breaths left his nose.
His cock looked hard as stone as you stared at his body and you were surprised at how quickly you wanted more. Was this how he felt all the time? Needy and ready to fuck you at any point? That’s how he said he always felt, even when he wasn’t ready to be with you physically he didn’t shy away from telling you how much he wanted you. God, it made you feel bad for him. It made you wanna give him everything if he felt like this all the time, but most of all it made you want to give yourself to him “Tell me what you want Lixie?”
His eyes darted open to look at you, who had started to rise back up onto your elbows while you checked him out. “You, I just want you” while nodding his head, agreeing with his own words.
You didn’t want to take your time with him anymore. You didn’t want to tease or play you just wanted the pleasure that would finally come with his cock, you’ve just cum, but your pussy feels so fucking empty you just needed to be filled “come up here and fuck me like you’ve always wanted to”
He was careful about his movements, standing up and crawling over your body scared that you’d change your mind at any second. As he moved over you while you moved further up the bed, head now on the pillows, he was hovering above you cautiously.
“Do you want this?” You knew he did, the hardness of his cock let you know that before anything else but the careful demeanor he was showing made you want to make sure. He didn’t say anything, only nodded his head quickly forgetting that he could speak.
“No no baby, don’t nod your head. Tell me.” You needed to hear it, mainly to make sure he truly did want this, but also to selfishly allow you to indulge in his need.
“God, yes, I wanna fuck you” You weren’t expecting the strong voice that came with his words, the confidence that came out of the timid man. He lowered his body slightly and started grinding against your pussy, his hard firm cock pressed against your body so nicely as he looked deep into your eyes “wanna fuck you so bad. Wanna fuck you non-stop and hear you cum over and over again. Wanna be good for you baby”
You knew it was mean, but the feeling of him grinding against you had your pussy gushing all over again making you want to play with him, wanted to tease him one more time before you were to fucked out to do so “Tsk tsk, you sound awfully like a bad boy to me Felix, a very bad boy"
The panic that set into his eyes as he placed his forehead on top of you shaking his head in defiance "No! No I’m good for you, so fucking good, only ever good”
You’re not sure what compels you to do it, but you kiss his lips as he cries out for you. A simple but deep kiss and as you pull away, you can feel him trying to keep his lips on yours but you wanna tease him just a little more.
“Good boys don’t say such naughty things Lixie” you reach your hand down to grab his ass and push him against you harder and you both moan out, Felix slightly stuttering his hips as he tries so hard to control himself.
“I know, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I’m such a fucking pervert. So perverted for you. You make me wanna cum so hard all the time” His eyes were tightly closed now as he continued to fuck against the slick lips of your pussy. You could tell he felt guilty and you knew it was time to stop, time to give him everything he wanted.
“Shhh, baby it’s okay” you were soft for him as you raised your hands to his cheek pressing a quick, deep kiss to his lips. He kept going back for more kisses when you pulled away and it made it even more sweet and intimate, you’d never stop kissing him if that’s what he wanted.
His eyes opened “It is? Its it okay, I mean, for me to be naughty and perverted for you?” He was really asking, he needed you to tell him that it was okay. He was really playing into his role, possibly even losing himself into a submissive state completely. You really tried to make this no kinks attached and all romance but clearly Felix couldn’t help himself, this is what he wanted and what he needed, and you could only oblige.
His cock was thrusting against your pussy and he still managed to make you soft, he made your heart beat faster and slower all at the same time and it would never fail to amaze you. You wanted to make him feel so good, you started to raise your hips slowly against him helping him with the friction.
“Maybe I even kinda like it when you’re all perverted and pussy drunk Lixie.” You could feel the wetness between your thighs getting out of control and you pushed your head back into the pillow slightly moving your face away from him. You bite your lip and spank his ass a little, making him gasp. You grab a handful of his asscheak and squeeze it in your hand,feeling how tense it is when he grinds on you
“Fuck please tell me you like it, need you to say it baby please” His desperation was adorable and so fucking hot that you couldn’t keep teasing him, as much as you both loved it you needed to give him everything, all of you.
“Only if you fuck me good. Like the naughty boy you seemingly want to be” His grinding halted as his head threw back, eyes rolling to the back of his skull, desperation seeping through his groans.
He never thought he’d like to be called bad or naughty, his submissive side leaning more towards being good but the way you said it made it feel so scandalous that it only served to make his cock harder. He was whimpering and whining now “Yes, yes fuck” he was looking up to the ceiling as you were sure you could see tears starting to spill from his eyes. God, he was so cute like this.
You had to put him out of his misery “How do you want me, Felix?”
“I..” Your question caught him off guard, obviously unsure of how to answer, his inexperience and need to please shining through “how do you..”
“Ah Ah,” You were quick to interject, you knew he was going to ask you how you wanted to do it, but you needed this to be about him. If he really wasn’t sure then you’d help, but you knew Felix too well. He clearly had preferences and he wasn’t scared to submit to them, you knew that he was asking due to doubt more than anything else, and you were here to eliminate all doubt from his mind “I asked how you wanted it. How does my bad boy wanna fuck me tonight?”
He was slow to crawl back onto his calves, bottom lip sucked into his mouth as he chewed on it slightly. You give him time, allow him to collect his thoughts as you could tell he was trying to ask you something, just planning on how to say it in his mind. “Can you?,erm, can you lie on your front and…”
The words got stuck in his throat a little bit, stumbling and blushing at what he was asking, first time nerves getting the better of him. “You wanna fuck me from behind?” you slowly flipped yourself around and pushed out your ass, face comfortably in the pillows as you danced your hips softly from side to side letting him enjoy the view.
“But keep looking at me, still wanna see your face” He was quick to interject when your face hit the pillow and it made your heart beat fast. Even in times like this, he managed to make it romantic. You loved him so much.
You pulled your face from the comfort of the pillow and looked over your shoulder admiring the absolute sight in front of you “Like this baby?” If you weren’t so busy trying to keep your wits about you, making sure this was all perfect for him, then you know you’d have lost your mind just at the sight of him there, on his knees drooling over you.
“I’m ready Lixie, are you ready?” Ready was an understatement for the both of you. Your pussy was so wet, a mix of your cum and his saliva covering it, ready to be fucked. It’d been so long for you now, and as much as you didn’t care how long he needed, you were desperate now he was ready.
“Can you…” his hands reach down to play with your ass cheeks, squeezing and kneading them softly his hands “will you tell me you want me?”
His voice was so soft and cute you could have pouted at him. He flip flops your emotions like nobody else “I want you Felix” You matched his soft tone as you looked him in the eyes. His big, doe ones were flicking back and forth between you and your pussy.
“I want you so bad, I’m so wet for you” you’re egging him on with your words, doing everything you can to make him feel special and wanted, and it worked.
Felix wasn’t a virgin, but he was still a little clumsy and excited. He shuffled over you, trapping your legs between his and started lining his cock up with your cunt.
He was teasing himself and in the process. He’d dip the head of his cock in and pull it out quickly, moaning and groaning while watching for you face contort with the feeling of being filled with just his tip for the first time.
“F” every time he dipped it in you could help but whimpering out fuck, but never managing to finish the word because he’d pull straight back out. “F” the tip of his cock was so fat it was enough to make you crazy “F -ah-” You didn’t want to rush him, letting him do what he needed to, to enjoy this as much as he could but you were about to lose your mind. Luckily for you, so was he “Fuck” the word was elongated as he did it “yes, oh my god!"
He finally pushed himself in all the way, making your face fall back into the pillow. How nice it felt to be stretched out on his cock finally, it sent you straight to heaven as your pussy started pulsing around him. You were being stretched out for the first time in what felt like years and Felix’s cock stretched you wide, you were finally fully and it was phenomenal.
"Keep watching me please” his voice was breathless as he was quick to set up a steady rhythm.  As you looked back you couldn’t help the loud moan you let out. His eyes were glued to where the two of you were joined, sweat beading from his forehead as he gnawed on his bottom lip every few seconds speeding up his thrusts “watch how hard I work for you"
Every sentence from his mouth made you pussy flutter and your eyes roll back. You loved every little perverted thing that came from his lips. His cock was deep inside you and his grip on your hips was hard as he continued pumping himself I’m and out.
"You” as you tried to praise him his thrusts would knock the breath out of you making you mind go slightly dumber every time “work.so.hard.for.me” you must have resembled a porn star at this point. There was something about his need to have you watch him while he fucked you that was playing with your head, only making your pussy clench harder around him.
As your moans got louder and the pleasure got more intense you were starting to lose control of yourself and your body. Declarations of love leaving your mouth constantly “fuck, love you so much, love this so much” and your body shaking the harder he went.
Felix’s head fell back the second he heard you declarations. He was consumed with you, he was annoyed he waited so long and yet so glad he did, because this is perfect “I’m your baby boy, fuck im yours, fuck”
He starts leaning forwards, one hand running through your hair and his face was now closer to your ear, not once ruining his pace that was driving you insane “Want you to cum all over me baby please, ____ please cum for me”
“There! Yes” with the slight shift in angle he started hitting so deep, nudging your G-spot perfectly that you had to cover your mouth with your hand to the embarrassing screams you were letting out get too loud. With one hand now grasping the sheets and one over your mouth your moans started becoming cries of pleasure “ah fuck”
Despite your attempts though your hand made for a weak silencer. “Felix you’re so fucking good at this” Your words were still clear much to Felix’s glee and it was obvious your orgasm was finally starting to build up again  
“Just for you ___, just for you, wanna fuck you all night and day. Wanna feel your cream all over me all the time, fuck yes, pussy.” His filthy mouth was unmatched but his constant, random moans for pussy is what was sending the constant tingles to your centre.
His face was now finally next to yours, hand still gripped in your hair, pulling your head up slightly so you were no longer covering your mouth. The smirk on his face as he heard your moans clearer showed you that’s exactly what he wanted.
“Fuck you’re are a dirty little pervert aren’t you?” You knew that would turn him on beyond belief judging by your prior conversation. It only spurred him to fuck you harder and faster, desperate please and cries leaving his mouth “Fuck, yes, yours”
The clench in your core when he said ‘yours’ fuck, you were just as into this as he was. Your orgasm maybe have been building slow due to you just having one but this started to feel more intense “Yeah, mine, my dirty little pervert”
“Cum for me, please ___ cum for me again” he was begging so hard, and if he didn’t just bury his head in your neck you once again would have seen the tears pricking out of his eyes. His thrusts were becoming sloppy but hard, so hard you body was pushing itself up the bed
“Come back, come back shit, yes” Felix’s hands snaked around your body, squeezing you tight and keeping you still so he could keep hitting that spot that made you scream
“Felix I’m cumming, I’m gonna cum so hard” Finally your orgasm hit you like a fucking brick. Your entire body shaking on his hold, pussy and legs quivering as you ride out your orgasm wave after wave after wave.
“Cream on me, yes, Fuck, cream all over me” He seemed equally as blissed out as you did. You were held so tightly in his arms that you could barely move when your senses came back to you
You went slightly limp as he shifted himself upwards looking down at you like you were an angel. His eyes were glassy and one of his hands started to delicately trace around your cheeks. He was enthralled by you, so in love and so turned on just from you. He struggled to understand the emotions he was feeling, never having love and lust play in tandem together like this.
You didn’t know the thoughts that were swimming round in his head at that second but you could tell he was caught up in the moment, a swell of happiness filling both of your hearts as you kissed and held each other. Silence filling the room as you both basked in the moment
“Shit that felt so fucking good"  You couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle, breaking the silence, but as you shuffled you saw Felix knot his eyebrows together looking distressed. At first you thought you did something wrong, worrying that you ruined a moment that Felix was still basking in but it didn’t take you more than five seconds to realise that wasn’t the case.
He was still hard, your mind clouded as you came and you just assumed he did at the same time as you but no, this whole time he’s been stiff inside of you probably just waiting to keep going after letting you have your moment.
You slowly started wiggling your hips just to create a small amount of friction between the two of you, testing the waters of him and you. "You didn’t cum? you still need to cum don’t you baby?"
He was starting to look a little helpless and needy as you moved your hips against him, the once delicate and adoring features turning back into needy whines and a blissed out expression. "Need to cum so bad” it was almost a growl, the deep groan in his voice a complete contrast of the soft features of his face.
You can’t help but pull your bottom lip into your mouth, biting on it while watching his expression. You’ve just come, you have a little more clarity in your mind and all you can think of now is his enjoyment “Awh Lix, let me help you”
You reposition the both of you, you’re now sat on his thighs, his body facing yours as he lays underneath you. You used your hands to stroke his legs, body, arms, anywhere you could to reassure him that you were still here with him.
As your fingers reached up to his neck you gently tugged on the collar, your fingers slowly outlining the metal letters that spell put your name “Play with yourself, think of me and play with yourself”
His reaction was immediate “Ah, ah” his hands flew down to his cock as he started pumping it. You sat up, giving him all the access he needed to his own body. You’ve watched him play with himself before, it was one of your favourite things, but you’ve never been this close, always giving him a comfortable amount of space.
“That’s it baby, tell me what you’re thinking” you could tell he was enjoying this. His head is thrown back into the pillows but his eyes aren’t leaving yours. He didn’t care about how he looked or what he was doing, he just enjoyed every second of the feeling.
Once again you worried you were taking it too far, but the excited and sloppy way he pumped his cock showed you this was exactly what he wanted.
You stroked his thighs as you encouraged him to find his voice “Come on Lixi, tell me what you’re thinking of”
“Thinking of filling you up” one of his free hands reached out to squeeze your thigh as his words came out in breathy pants  “thinking of you riding me and kissing me. Thinking of you claiming me. Shit I’m so close”
You couldn’t stop yourself, you needed to give him everything “Is it anything like this baby?” Sliding your body up legs you position yourself so the tip of his cock touched your entrance and you slowly slid down on it, rolling your eyes back and quickly starting to bounce up and down on him.
You don’t take time with him, you want him to cum and you want him to cum quickly. You’re so full of him that it’s hard to keep your composure. The temptation to just sit on it and grind your hips, feeling him touch everything inside you, but no, this was about him. “God! Yes! It’s better fuck you’re so much better”.
His words knock you back into reality, reminding you that this is all about him “Felix, my sweet, good, baby boy” Words of praise kept slipping from your mouth, a babbling mess of love and need all for him. He isn’t faring any better, he’s just as lost for words. High pitched moans coming from his mouth as his eyes don’t leave your tits, breath lost and little whimpers of the word ‘Pussy’ leaving his lips.
“Fuck, Lixie, are you pussy drunk?” at your words he throws his head back into the pillows and starts nodding wildly. His hands start running through his pretty locks and his back starts to arch as the moans and whimpers only get louder and louder. He’s close, and the arching of his back makes his hips move and push deeply inside of you making you lose composure
“Cum inside me” At this point it was more of a demand. You weren’t sure how much more you could take while keeping it all about him. He was hitting his peak and you wanted to feel it. You’d found a much more dominant side to you as you watched him writhing around in pleasure on the sheets as you did everything to bring him pleasure.
“Shit cum inside me right now” and he did. He did exactly as you asked, noticeably enjoying the demands that were coming out of your mouth. His arms engulfed your body pulling your chest against his as his hips buck inside you harshly. His body shakes as he starts whining loudly in your ear as his cum fills you up.
You could feel his cock inflating inside of you and it made your eyes roll back. It was perfect, and as his body stopped shaking as hard and his arms around you started to loosen up and you slowly rolled off his body making sure to keep contact with him though, letting him know you weren’t going anywhere
He was breathless, body completely spent as he kept his body close against yours tucking his head into your shoulder where he could.
“Felix, that was amazing” You could see his blush on his face but no words left his mouth. He felt shy, you knew him well enough to know that. All you did was kiss his head and allow him time to bask in the bliss of the moment. Staying with him for as long as he need and making sure that he was never reluctant to be intimate again.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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bizzareskz · a day ago
unforgivable sins of a brat
Tumblr media
pairing: sub!brat!felix x soft!dom reader
word count: 3k
genre: smut, some fluff
summary: the most infuriating boy you’ve ever met won’t leave you alone. at first, you have no inkling as to why, until it clicks. only a brat would want this much attention; you’ll put him in his place.
warnings: dirty talk, dry humping, cums in pants, nipple play, mentions of being territorial, marking (i think that’s all.)
Tumblr media
You don’t even get one foot onto campus territory before Felix is right besides you. It’s like he senses you…You give him a quick glance, seeing the most irritating smirk on his face. “I can’t even get two steps in before you show up.” Your eyes rolled in annoyance, not hiding it one bit. He pretended to be hurt before saying, “Oh baby, don’t act like you didn’t miss me.” He said in a patronizing tone, even adding a pout.
You gave him a confused look before your legs carried you faster, not wanting to deal with him first thing in the morning. “Don’t run away yet! Our conversation just started!” Felix shouted as you got further and further away. You almost laughed at the thought of Felix thinking you barely talking to him was a conversation. Safely making it inside and to your first class, there was no sign of Felix. Setting everything down, getting ready and comfortable for the next hour, your mind couldn’t help wonder why Felix followed you around everyday. You don’t actually know his intent. He could be doing it for a bet, to sleep with you, mess with you because you’re more of a reserved person.
Thankfully he’s only just bothering you and he hasn't done anything malicious, yet. You’re always on the lookout thinking Felix and his friends will do something to you sooner or later. Trying to forget about Felix, you focus on the lecture that just started.
An hour later you make way to your second class, the one you dread the most. Felix and two of his buddies happen to be in this class. They also happen to always sit right behind you. It’s funny because you don’t have assigned seats, but, wherever you sit, Felix is following suit, his friends just going along with it.
They never say anything when Felix teases you, sometimes finding it funny. You just wished Felix was never in this class or else he would’ve, hopefully, never noticed you. You honestly think that Felix and his friends wrote down everyones names in this class and picked randomly. You being the lucky winner. You’ve probably sat in every seat in this class, yet, Felix is always near you. It’s giving kind’ve obsessive.
Today you decided to sit all the way in the back; the seats being against the wall and at the end of the row. Leaving Felix sitting on your left as not an option. Hurriedly putting your book bag in the seat on your right, you’ve come up with one seating plan. Felix will have to sit in front of you. Hopefully that’ll keep him from bothering you for today.
Class was about to start and in comes Felix and his goons. You don’t miss the way he casually looked around the class, most likely looking for you. Not wasting time, you’re already slouching in your seat and covering your face, praying he wouldn’t see you. He obviously found you this morning but maybe he’ll think you didn’t make it to class.
Still hiding, you hear footsteps coming closer to you but you don’t dare take a peak. If you look now, Felix would definitely see you. The footsteps become louder and louder causing you to slouch even more in your seat.
They come to a halt, right next to you. There was no doubt in your mind it was Felix but you kept hanging on to your sliver of hope. Evidently, you felt stupid hiding and sat up straight, seeing it was indeed Felix. He looked at your book bag, that you purposely put there, then back to you. He seemed like he wanted to smile but didn’t. Instead, he picked up your book bag and placed it next to your feet. You sighed, knowing in the back of your mind that it wouldn’t stop him but wishing it would’ve. “Nice to see you again.” Felix whispered so only you could hear him.
He plopped onto the chair, making himself comfortable, as well as his friends. “You ready to learn!” Felix exclaimed excitedly towards you, rubbing his hands together like a fly. You just ignored him, getting out your notes.
Only minutes into class you went to place your arm on the chairs armrest, but collided with Felixs arm instead. He peeked from just above where your arms met, smiling. “I knew you liked me, look at you touching my arm.” He teased. “Can’t get enough hmm?” Teasing you even further. “I think it’s you who can’t get enough. You sat next to me.” You said in an uninterested tone.
He just grinned, having nothing to say back because you were right. He couldn’t get enough of you, always wanting to be near you. He wouldn’t admit it, but, he misses you when school is over. all he can think about is seeing you the next day.
He loved how mean you were to him, knowing he was getting under your skin. Knowing that he annoys you. If you weren’t bothered, you wouldn’t waste your breath. But you do, every–time. You entertain his lame attempts to get your attention, without even realizing it. He absolutely loves your bickering back and forth, so much that’ll do anything to get it out of you.
With Felix taking over the armrest, he leaned even further towards you, watching you take notes. You simply ignored him but Felix didn’t miss the way you sighed when he came closer. It excites him. He nudged your leg with his foot, wanting you to look at him so he can have your full attention for more than a second. Ignoring him again, he huffed. Deciding to take a riskier move, he moves his arm that was on the armrest, placing his hand on your thigh.
You stopped moving your pencil and looked at his hand on your thigh, then to him. His face showed an amused smile while yours showed so much irritation. “I can’t even take notes without you pestering me.” You mumbled under your breath. “I love pestering you.” Felix sighed happily, giving your thigh a squeeze.
Needing to pay attention to what you’re writing, as an exam is coming up soon. You did the only thing you could think of in the moment to have Felix leave you alone. If he wants to be risky by squeezing your thigh, you can take it further.
Giving Felix a gesture to come closer, which he obediently did. You let out a soft breath against his ear, causing goosebumps to rise on his arms unknowingly. “Behave or I will make you cum in your pants.” You whispered in such a dark and demanding tone. It took a second for Felix to understand what you said, his brain seemingly short circuited.
You bathed in his reaction, seeing his ears turn red and his eyes widen. He was speechless. You saw him move uncomfortably in his seat, which prompted you to look down, seeing his growing bulge.
Laughter almost escaped you. Seeing how easily Felix is affected by your teasing words. The big bad wolf is so easy to rile up, who would’ve guessed. It feels nice to know that you’re not the one getting annoyed this time, it’s Felix. Annoyed by how much he liked hearing you say that.
Snapping out of it, Felix thought of something to say so quickly, that it didn't come off as confident as he imagined. “No you can’t.” He said, mocking you. For the first time, you smiled while talking to him, knowing that, in fact, you definitely could.
Coming close to him yet again, you whispered even more quietly this time. “Do you wanna bet?” He scoffed at your words as curiosity overtook him, wanting to see if you were being for real. He couldn’t stop himself from asking, “What’s in it for me?” You rolled your eyes, not actually really meaning any of this but going along. “If I make you cum in your pants, you leave me alone from now on.” He nodded hesitantly, agreeing. “If I don’t make you cum in your pants, you can…copy my notes.” He slouched, disappointed. “What? You haven’t been paying attention this whole time.” You said as a matter of fact.
“How about, if you lose, I get to make you cum?” Felix suggested, making your eyebrows furrow in a thinking manner. You don’t know if either of you are being honest in this bet, you thinking it was just a joke.
Deciding to call him on his bluff, you agree, seeing if he’ll back out, but he doesn’t. He takes your hand and shakes it with a competitive look on his face. “Your place, after school.” He squeaked in eagerness.
As he let go of your hand, you’re now realizing he’s not joking. Even though you started this, you just wanted to shut him up. But, if you win, he’ll have to leave you alone…Which sounds the most appealing to you. You know he’ll lose, thinking back to how he reacted to your words. He’ll be a mess with you touching him.
“Meet me in front of the school, we’ll walk there.” You’re now determined. You winning this bet will make life so much easier for you. “I can drive us there.” Felix demanded, not leaving any room for disagreement. You just nodded, not knowing what else to say.
You forgot Felix had a car, a nice one at that. A car you wouldn’t mind having for yourself. A 1970 Challenger, all black. Was a sexy car but you always felt like it didn’t fit Felix. Yes he was a your typical ‘loud popular guy’ but you could see yourself driving it better than him. You chuckled quietly to yourself, seeing tiny Felix driving such a badass car. He looked at you puzzled, but surprisingly didn’t say anything.
As classes went on, you felt yourself become a little nervous. You weren’t sure why, you’ve hooked up with guys before. Maybe the whole premise of it was making you nervous. If you lose, then Felix will try to pleasure you…something you didn’t let most guys do.
Watching a guy melt under your stare and moan from your touch was pleasing to you. You’d take care of yourself later as the guys pleasure comes first for you. You enjoy that more than you’d like it admit.
The ring of the last bell takes you out of your anxious thoughts, realizing school is now over. Everyone rushed out of class except you, taking your time. You really couldn’t comprehend why you were so reluctant when you knew almost one hundred percent you were winning this bet.
Maybe because you haven’t done anything with a guy in awhile? What if your techniques need some practice again? “Fuck it.” You said to yourself, throwing the rest of your stuff into your bag, making your way out as quickly as you could. You’ll just get it over with and then it’ll be worth it.
Felix was a mess waiting for you outside. He couldn’t stop fidgeting. He kept picking at his nails and paced around, looking at the doors every second. It’s not that he was scared, he was excited.
This is literally all Felix has ever wanted from you. Your attention. He was excited for you to be in his car and seeing what your place looks like, more than you, supposedly, making him cum in his pants. That’s just a bonus. Even better, if you lose, he gets to make you feel good. The thought going straight to his cock. He could already imagine it now.
But before he could, his dirty thoughts were put on pause when you came walking towards him, the same look you always have when you see him, nothing but a blank stare.
His heart picked up a bit but he played it cool. “Hey babygirl. Can’t wait to go to your place.” Felix confessed, not keeping his eagerness to himself. “Shut up. Where’s your car?” You murmured, wanting to get this over with. Felix took your hand, lacing your fingers together and pulled you to the way of his car. You tried taking your hand out of his grip but he tightened his hold even more, liking the feeling of your hand in his.
Arriving to his car, before getting in you admired the outside quickly, wanting to see the inside even more. Felix may be annoying but his taste in cars was right up your alley.
Seeing the inside, you were more than impressed. You were amazed with how nice it was. You weren’t much of a car girl but this one has you wanting one for yourself. Felix saw you admiring his car, feeling proud as ever.
Turning the ignition, the car roared. It literally sounded sexy. A small smile crept up your lips, making Felix feel even more proud, happy, enough so that he revved the engine just for you before taking off. He looked at you with fondness before saying, “Maybe i’ll let you drive her one day.” To which you gazed at him bewildered. You have your license but driving a car like this was something you don’t think you could do, scared you’d crash it.
You didn’t know what to say so prompted in saying nothing at all. The ride was nice and you actually enjoyed it. Telling Felix where to go until you’ve arrived.
Unlocking the door and making way inside your shared apartment, Felix looked around, giddy as ever. “My roommate won’t be here until later tonight so…” You said, trying to make conversation.
You didn’t know what to do or how to start with Felix just staring at everything, not saying anything. He felt honored to be in your space as he let you in his, his car being one of them. He took it upon himself to sit on your couch, feeling right at home, his boldness not being new to you.
Thinking about what would be the best way to get into this whole bet, you decided on watching a movie. You would’ve felt weird just going straight at it, since there was no foreplay or anything to ease into it.
“How about a movie?” You asked, Felix nodded his head, still not saying much. He wanted to see how you’d go about this, seeing as you’re the one that started it.
Getting everything ready, the movie started to play when you sat far from Felix. He noticed and scooted closer to you, close enough to where your thighs were touching. It sparked something in you, you not understanding why but liking it. You’ve never been this nervous around a guy before, what is he doing to you?
As the movie went on, Felix ever so subtly, placed his hand on your thigh. He thought you would’ve made a move by now but you didn’t, taking matters into his own hands. Inching close to your ear, so you can hear him over the movie, back to his teasing manners. “I thought you were gonna make me cum in my pants?” He declared, hoping you’ll do something.
“We’re only twenty minutes into that movie, you’re that impatient?” You mentioned. He nodded, once again, not hiding his eagerness. “I want you to lose already so I can make you feel good.” He licked his lips, making you clench your thighs together. You didn’t like how his words affected you, wanting the attention back on him. “Oh come on pretty, don’t act like you didn’t get hard from what I said to you in class.” He stiffened, not aware that you saw it.
His ears turn red, feeling embarrassed. “You really think I didn’t notice? I could’ve made you cum right then and there.” He swallowed harshly at your words. His reactions making your previous nervousness fade away so quickly. You turned to face him so you could softly rub your hand on his cheek. “Do you like being told what to do?” You paused, waiting for an answer but he didn’t move.
He gave you all the answers you needed when you saw his growing bulge. “Look at you. So easy to rile up. How cute.” As he still wasn’t saying anything, you decided to get on his lap, hoping he’ll be more vocal now that you’re in his line of view.
Felix felt so desperate already. You’ve hardly done anything yet he can feel himself get harder and harder. Pre-cum starts to drip from his tip when you sit on his lap. He couldn’t help himself but hum at the feeling. You looked satisfied with that. “There you go babyboy. Let me hear you.” At this point, any nervousness you felt has flown out the window. You now don’t even remember why you were so nervous when Felix is falling apart for you so easily.
You came in closer to his face, hovering above his lips, waiting for him to give you some kind of consent to which he didn’t waste any time giving. He surged forward, latching onto your lips, moaning quietly when you start kissing him back.
He then wrapped his arms around you, his hands going down to your hips, urging you to move, which you did without seconds thought. It felt good, his hard cock against your heat. He groaned into the kiss when you gave a harder thrust against him. The sounds coming from him making you wetter.
The kiss deepened, as your swiped your tongue along his lips to encourage him to open his mouth, you tongues wrapped around each other. He whimpered when you stopped moving your hips and pulled away from the kiss; wanting to pay attention to other things. You pulled at the hem of his shirt, silently telling him to take it off.
He didn’t waste time, being so obedient for you. You raised your hand and hovered over his nipple, seeing if he protests. You didn’t think he even would, seeing how desperate he is because of you. His cheeks are flared, lips swollen and pink, panting slightly, awaiting your next move.
Since he didn’t protest, you give his nipple a small flick, testing the waters. He leaned his head back and moaned from the touch, feeling his cock twitch underneath you. The sight and sound has never made you so wet so fast.
You began rubbing yourself against him again, bringing your mouth down to his nipple this time, while your hand played with the other. Nipple play is something Felix never thought would turn him on so much, it felt so good. When you sucked harshly on his nipple he let out an open-mouthed whine, eyes rolling back. The sensation of his nipples being played with all while your grinding against him is becoming too much, he feels himself getting closer and closer by the second.
Taking your mouth off his nipple but continuing to play with the other one in your fingers, you latch onto his neck, causing him to let out a drawn out moan. He loved his neck being sucked on. “Mark me please.” He pleaded breathlessly to you. He knew he wasn’t yours but if he had marks from you, he could think he was yours for a little while until they’d fade away.
You didn’t hesitate to give him what he wanted, sucking harshly on his skin, making him grind up into you fiercely. “Babyboy likes being marked hmm? Want everyone to know that you belong to someone?” You said, letting go of his neck to look at your handy work. Felix nodded eagerly to your words, gripping your hips harder, giving him more friction.
“I wanna be owned. Wanna only be yours.” He confessed without realizing. You didn’t think Felix thought that way. He could just be saying it in the heat of the moment so you went along with it.
“You’re mine, only mine. You belong to me now pretty.” Your words made him moan louder than before. He picked up speed, whining as he did so. He couldn’t get enough. He wanted to cum so badly. He doesn’t even care about losing the bet anymore. Having you say those things and do these things to him is worth it.
“I belong to you.” He panted. “I belong only to you.” His whines were drawn out into breathless grunts. He’s never felt so out of control before. He couldn’t stop his moans from coming out, couldn’t stop what he was saying either. In the back of his mind, he knew he meant it all.
You could tell Felix was close, his eyebrows furrowed so deeply as he focused on the way you felt against him. “Cum for me.” You said, breathless. “Make a mess for me.” Felix stopped you before you could say anything else, pulling your face towards his to capture your lips again.
He loves how they feel against his own, so soft. You take his nipple into your fingers again, making him bite down on your bottom lip. As he gives one last hard thrust, he feels himself let go. He moans uncontrollably, his hips moving in an uneven pattern as his cums. You attach your lips back together, his moans being caught in his throat.
The kiss becomes sloppy when he starts coming down from his high. Felix breaks the kiss because he’s breathing so heavily, licking his lips after he does.
You stare at him, with a smirk crawling up to your lips. You scoot back towards his knees, wanting to see what a mess he’s made of himself. A grin overtakes your smirk when you see him look down then back up to you, not even shy about it. “I told you I could make you cum in your pants.”
Tumblr media
this is my first fic! i hope you like it! lmk <3
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felixethereal · a day ago
Stray kids x Mini magazine
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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emeraldelysian · 16 hours ago
Stray Kids ✧ Their S/O Gives Them Flowers
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: How Stray Kids would react to Their S/O Bringing Them Flowers After Their Concert
Warnings: None that I know of!
Note: I had surgery a few days ago so I'm sorry if there's a lack of longer content in the upcoming week or two but I'll try to get back to the longer posts soon!
♡︎ follow, like, or reblog if you enjoyed but please don't repost!♡︎
.·:*¨༺ Bang Chan ༻¨*:·.
Tumblr media
Pink Roses ➵ Gratitude, Admiration, Grace, Comfort, Joy Pink Gerbera Daises ➵ Purity, Innocence, Loyal Love Pink Oriental Lillies ➵ Healing, Romance White Snapdragons ➵ Purity, Innocence, Grace, Good Magic Lavender Stock ➵ Devotion, Serenity, Calmness
He'd be so surprised if you got him flowers.
Oftentimes, he's so busy taking care of the other members that he forgets to appreciate himself.
So you congratulating him on the performance and getting him flowers would make him overjoyed.
He'd take the bouquet before hugging you tightly, swaying with you while thanking you repeatedly for coming to support him.
Would then freak out that the flowers may die and begin frantically looking for some vase to put them in
Has kept everything you’ve ever given him, so you better believe he’s keeping a jar of the dried flowers.
.·:*¨༺ Lee Know ༻¨*:·.
Tumblr media
White Roses ➵ Purity, Young Love, Loyalty White Carnations ➵ Purity, Sweetness Lavender Alstroemeria ➵ Beauty, Elegance, Gracefulness Lavender Stock ➵ Devotion, Serenity, Calmness Baby’s Breath ➵ Everlasting Love
He'd be so flustered over the flowers.
Don't get him wrong, he's absolutely grateful for them but he's never received flowers before and doesn't know what to do with them exactly.
He'd also be a little bit suspicious of them, honestly.
"Why did you give him the flowers?"
"Was his performance not that great and you were trying to soften the blow?"
"Did you do something wrong and want to apologize beforehand so that he wouldn't be mad?"
After some reassurance from you though, he'd go from questioning the bouquet to trying to hide a smile at the thought of your loving gesture.
.·:*¨༺ Seo Changbin ༻¨*:·.
Tumblr media
Hot Pink Roses ➵ Appreciation, Gratitude, Recognition Purple Carnations ➵ Calmness, Introspection, Impulsive Hot Pink Mini Carnations ➵ Fondness, Gratitude, Admiration Yellow Daisy Poms ➵ Happiness, Hope, Luck Purple Alstroemeria ➵ Beauty, Elegance, Gracefulness
Would be speechless as he glances back and forth between you and the bouquet in your hand.
It was such a colorful bouquet as well, so he was mesmerized by the variety in the bouquet.
Forgets to even respond to you for them, too touched to form actual words and instead resorting to a softly smiling at the bouquet.
It's only when he feels the brush of your hand against his cheek as you congratulate him that he's able to whisper out a small "thank you."
One of the few people to ask if there's a deeper meaning for each of the flowers in the bouquet after he composes himself - which won't be for a while.
.·:*¨༺ Hwang Hyunjin ༻¨*:·.
Tumblr media
Peach Roses ➵ Sincerity, Genuineness, Gratitude Blue Delphinium ➵ Dignity, Gracefulness, Divinity Lime Green Carnations ➵ Health, Resilience, Good Fortune White Daisy Poms ➵ Innocence, Purity, New Beginnings Monte Casino ➵ Patience, Elegance, Remembrance
He would waste no time, leaning in to kiss you as soon as he sees you.
And to think he couldn't fall more in love with you than he already did.
It's only after that when he'd realize the flower bouquet in your hand.
They were a much softer color palette than he's gotten you before, with him usually sticking to deep reds.
He’d be totally smitten over your gesture, almost on the verge of crying.
He adores all sorts of romantic gestures, but it never crossed his mind that you’d bring flowers for him.
Considering it's after a performance, he may just collapse onto you after being given the flowers because you're his comfort zone.
.·:*¨༺ Han Jisung ༻¨*:·.
Tumblr media
White Roses ➵ Purity, Young Love, Loyalty White Carnations ➵ Purity, Sweetness White Alstroemeria ➵ Love, Strength, Support Blue Delphinium ➵ Dignity, Gracefulness, Divinity Baby’s Breath ➵ Everlasting Love
You thought you could get away with getting him this pretty bouquet? Think again.
Tries to cover up his shyness over the flowers by noting how accurate the blue is to his hair.
Cutely shows whoever passes you two what you had gotten him.
In his head though, he'd turn your loving gesture into a competition after the performance.
This man is about to pull every romantic gesture in the book, getting you an even bigger bouquet the next day.
You then try to compete by dropping off lunch at their next practice? He is on his way over that night with a three-course meal.
.·:*¨༺ Lee Felix ༻¨*:·.
Tumblr media
Orange Roses ➵ Passion, Desire, Admiration, Strength, Hope Orange Alstroemeria ➵ Positivity, Passion White Carnations ➵ Purity, Sweetness White Stock ➵ Honesty, Purity, Perfection Baby’s Breath ➵ Everlasting Love
Will not stop talking about how beautiful the bouquet is
He's another member that would be one of the few to ask the meaning of each flower, wanting to know why you'd picked the ones you did.
Do you know the core memories from Inside Out? Well, you just made another one for him.
He looks at you with such love and adoration, wanting to hear everything you thought about the performance, both good and bad, even though it's never the latter.
Would probably then bring you over to the rest of the members so you could congratulate them as well because he couldn't have done it without them.
.·:*¨༺ Kim Seungmin ༻¨*:·.
Tumblr media
Red Roses ➵ Romance, Love, Beauty, Courage Pink Roses ➵ Gratitude, Admiration, Grace, Comfort, Joy Stargazer Lillies ➵ Romance, Wealth, Prosperity, Ambition, Gratitude Purple Limonium ➵ Success, Beauty, Remembrance, Fond Memories
Would be unsure how to express his feelings even though his heart is soaring at the thought of you getting him a gift.
He has always wanted to receive flowers, actually, but it's never happened.
He also really loves that you put a twist on the traditional red roses, thinking it was a perfect example of how your relationship wasn't really normal with his job, but you both loved each other just the same.
Would love to hear about what you thought about his performance and if it had moved you; your opinion on how he performs matters a lot to him.
Will proceed to never let go of the bouquet as if it's now a part of the outfit.
.·:*¨༺ Yang Jeongin ༻¨*:·.
Tumblr media
Yellow Roses ➵ Joy, Peace, Friendship, Warmth Yellow Alstroemeria ➵ Joy, Happiness, Optimism White Carnations ➵ Purity, Sweetness White Stock ➵ Honesty, Purity, Perfection
He would've never expected to like a yellow bouquet as much as he did, radiating the warmth and joy that he really needed after the performance.
He would half-jokingly ask if you'd gotten him flowers because they were on sale today.
Some part of him believes he doesn't deserve them, because he's harsh on himself for his performances.
Would probably also panic because he thinks he missed an anniversary or something important that day
It takes him a while to register that you'd gotten the flowers for him for his performance.
"They're so pretty, I don't know if I can accept them."
Please get him flowers more often though, he really loves them.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
part 1
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incorrectskzquotes · 9 hours ago
Chan: When you see Felix, give him this message
Chan: :|
Chan: He’ll know what it means
Jeongin: Oh, and Chan said to give you a message
Jeongin: :|
Felix: Oh no. The neutral face of displeasure
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Wolfchan sent this photo in chan's bbl👀
Tumblr media
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petiteneart · a day ago
Tumblr media
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jjsungie · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm smiling like a fool cause cute
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
world tour in japan pre-sale pcs ©️ 8_Lee_H
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straykidsgallery · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
2 Kids Room Ep. 18 - Lee Know x Seungmin 🐰🐶
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Stray kids [MANIAC World tour in japan pre-sale postcards]
© _franandrea
Group pictures
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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blu-joons · 5 hours ago
When You Get Flirty When Drunk ~ Stray Kids Reaction
Bang Chan:
Your smile was suspiciously wide as you managed to find Chan standing to the side of the party, stumbling across to him, luckily for you with him catching you.
His head shook as you struggled to get your balance. “Are you alright? Do you want to go home?” Chan asked you, sensing that you’d had a little too much.
“Your face is so nice,” you replied, not realising what was going on.
Chan stood still in confusion as your hands ran along his jaw, tapped the tip of his nose, smoothed over his eyebrows and then the front of his hair too. “Thank you?” He queried, figuring out what you were doing.
Your smile was wide as you studied Chan closely. “The girl that gets to date you must be so lucky,” you told him, “you’ve got to have the most handsome face.”
“When she’s sober, the girl that I’m dating knows exactly who I am.”
“Is she handsome too?” You enquired.
Chan’s head nodded straight away, “she’s incredible, even when she’s drunk you know she manages to make me laugh like no one else can.”
“Is she as funny as me?” You asked, surprised when Chan nodded his head in reply to you, “she sure must be funny then.”
“Oh Y/N, you have no idea, do you?”
Lee Know:
The sound of keys being taken out caught your attention, noticing Minho pulling his car keys out of his back pocket, his other hand holding onto you tightly.
As you were so concentrated on him, your steps got slower, which Minho quickly noticed. “Y/N, come on, we need to get you home,” Minho told you.
“Are you taking me home? What a gent,” you laughed back across to him.
He could only snigger as you spoke, realising for the first time just how tipsy you were. “Who else is going to take you home? I’m your boyfriend,” he reminded you, but you had no idea where you were.
Several drunk giggles came from you as Minho pulled you along, “I can’t believe I’ve pulled such a guy to take me home tonight, aren’t I just so lucky?”
“You do remember that you come home with me every night, right?”
“So lucky,” you murmured, not listening to Minho.
His head shook as he managed to get you to his car, “I can’t wait to remind you of how much of a gent you think I am right now in the morning Y/N.”
“You are such a gent,” you agreed, zoning in and out of the conversation, poking your hand against Minho’s chest too.
“I really need to record you right now.”
The feeling of your hands pinching against Changbin’s cheeks made him jump, looking across to you with a shake of his head as you smiled innocently.
He didn’t know what you were thinking as your tipsy eyes looked across at him. “What have I done now?” He asked, fearing the worst from you.
“You are just so cute,” you spoke, taking Changbin by surprise.
He couldn’t believe what he was hearing as you continued to prod and poke against his cheeks. “So many of our friends say that I’m not cute, can you help me prove them wrong?” Changbin asked of you.
Your head nodded back at him straight away, “I will prove to everyone that you’re the cutest person in the world, all you have to do is say.”
“Will you be as willing to do that when you’re not completely smashed?”
“Of course,” you laughed, although Changbin thought otherwise.
He couldn’t help but chuckle at the smile on your face, “I know for a fact when you sober up, you’ll agree with everyone else all over again.”
“I’m sober now,” you tried to tell him, “I’ve only had one or two drinks tonight, that’s not enough to make me drunk.
“You’ve definitely had more than two tonight.”
Your hand tugged Hyunjin again as he stayed sat at the bar stool, unable to stop himself from laughing at the look of desperation that was in your expression.
His head shook as you pleaded with him once again. “I’m not dancing with you,” Hyunjin tried to tell you, but you weren’t giving up on him without a fight.
“Just one dance, the dancefloor looks fun,” you smiled widely to him.
Hyunjin looked past your shoulder to where several people were dancing around the floor. “Will we be dancing? Or will I be holding you up because you’re too drunk to even manage to do a sidestep?” He challenged.
Your head shook as you pulled at his hand once again, “stop being such a misery and dance, don’t you want to dance with me? I want to dance with you.”
“When you look at me with those eyes, it’s hard to say no to you.”
“Then say yes,” you teased in reply to Hyunjin.
As you smiled even wider across to Hyunjin, he slowly slid off of his bar stool. “I just knew that you wouldn’t be able to say no to me for too long.”
“I hate those flirty drunk eyes that you have,” Hyunjin sighed, “they could probably get you out of trouble too.”
“I got what I wanted with you at least.”
All eyes were on you as you found yourself laughing at Jisung, hitting against his arm as the drunken charm took over, finding you laughing hysterically at what he had to say.
Jisung’s wide eyes looked across at you in confusion. “What has gotten into you?” He asked, smelling the alcohol that was on the tip of your tongue.
“Has anyone ever told you how funny you are?” You enquired with Jisung.
His head shook, hearing the other boys laugh at how tipsy you were. “Has anyone told you tonight that you’ve perhaps had too much to drink?” Jisung quizzed, shaking his head as your head shook in reply to him.
Your hand rested against his chest, tapping it gently. “Say something else, make me laugh again,” you told him, giggling to yourself without hearing a thing.
“I just have to say hello and you’ll probably laugh at me right now.”
“You’re so funny,” he laughed, “and cute too.”
Jisung’s eyes lit up as you continued to compliment you, “I could see you drunk more often if these are the things that you say to me when you are.”
“I’m just being honest,” you told him, unaware of how you were sounding as you were so drunk, “you’re the funniest person ever.”
“Could I just record you saying that?”
Your hands cupped either side of Felix’s face as you approached him, shaking your head as the bright colour in your eyes had him slightly confused as to what was going on.
You didn’t speak for some time as Felix held onto your waist. “Y/N?” Felix asked, confused as to where the sudden smile on your face had come from.
“Has anyone ever told you how handsome you are?” You suddenly asked Felix.
He couldn’t help but chuckle as he began to realise how drunk you were as a result of how slurred your words were. “Do you think it’s time that we get you home?” He quizzed, but your head shook in reply.
You pressed your hands even tighter against Felix’s cheeks, “I’m being serious, you’re so handsome,” you repeated, making sure that Felix was listening to you.
“You’re never this nice to me when you’re sober, are you alright Y/N?”
“I’m always nice,” you very quickly protested to him.
Felix’s head shook with a wide smile still on his face, “when you wake up hungover tomorrow, you definitely won’t remember calling me handsome Y/N.”
“I will,” you called out, “you’re so handsome,” you repeated, losing count of how many times you had said it.
“You’re so sweet when you’re drunk.”
Another shy giggle came from you as Seungmin spoke, too tipsy to really understand what it was that he was saying but enjoying the sound of his voice all the same.
Seungmin was confused too as he looked across at you. “What are you laughing at?” He asked you, only for your shoulders to shrug.
“You, you’re so cute,” you complimented, “the sound of your voice gives me butterflies.”
He didn’t quite know what to say as you continued to chuckle to yourself. “You are so drunk,” Seungmin established, although he was already pretty certain that you were gone by how wobbly you were.
Your hand poked against Seungmin’s chest, “can’t you say something else? I want to hear your voice again,” you asked Seungmin, smiling widely at him.
“What about if I told you that I think it’s a good idea to take you home?”
“You sound so nice,” you chuckled once again.
Seungmin’s head shook, realising that you had no idea what he was saying. “Come on,” he spoke, wrapping his arm tightly around your waist.
“Where are we going?” You quizzed, deciding to follow Seungmin anyway as you trusted the sound of his voice.
“We are getting you home and tucked into bed.”
A chuckle came from Jeongin as you waved your empty glance in front of his face, tapping against it too to make sure that he was able to see that there was no more drink inside of it.
Jeongin took the glass from you in confusion. “What do you want me to do?” He questioned, placing it down on the bar for collection.
“You’re a gentleman,” you reminded him, “doesn’t that mean that you buy me another one?”
His eyes widened at how confident you suddenly were, pointing Jeongin in the direction of the bar. “Is this how you flirt when you’re drunk?” He asked you, a little unsure as to what was going on with you.
Your head shook as you suddenly rested against his frame, “I’m not drunk enough yet, I want another drink,” you told Jeongin, poking his waist.
“I think as a gent, I should tell you that you’ve probably had enough to drink.”
“Stop being a spoil sport,” you told him in reply.
Jeongin’s head shook back at you, “why don’t I take you home and you can flirt with me over a coffee so that we can try and sober you up a little bit?”
“Will you buy me the coffee?” You asked, allowing Jeongin to wrap his arm around you and start leading you to the door.”
“I can boil the kettle if that counts as buying it.”
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Tumblr media
get felix’d
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