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hyunsuks-beanie · 2 days ago
Stray Kids as Fathers
Tumblr media
Mellow speaks: SKZ being fathers is just such an adorable concept, that I really couldn't stop myself from writing this hehe. I hope you guys like reading this, and I'll see you in a few days! PS. I mostly stuck to the kids being around or under 7-8 years of age, because that was just more easier and relatable to write.
Tumblr media
Best. Dad. Ever. Seriously, he will always be there to help you with the kids, and will be the most doting father to them you could possible expect. He will always remember the important dates, will be there for the important occasions, and your kids will literally have the most loved childhood ever.
You know how he showers the boys with all the love he has? Well, you can very easily expect the same treatment for your children as well. He will always know how to cheer them up when they're upset, and how to stop their tears when they get hurt.
He would absolutely love to bring his children to work, showing them how he makes music and letting them have a go at the recording equipment. If you're okay with it, he might even want to bring them to his VLives, because he just wants to share how adorable his kids are, with Stays.
The kids will most definitely take after his sass, so you can expect them to always have the wittiest of replies to anything anyone ever says to them. He will definitely be the most protective dad ever, and will legit obliterate anyone that so much as raises a finger at them.
Other than that though, he will totally help you out with taking care of your children, showing them his love by teasing and fake threatening them, the way he does with Hyunjin. He will love to teach them choreographies and play board games with them, and even if you have some work to do, you can rest assured that he'll keep them entertained for hours on end.
Will love to show off how amazing his kids are, just like he loves showing off how great his cats are. You can expect him to rave on for hours about how much he loves them to anyone who'd care to listen.
He seems like the type to actually get jealous of his own kids if you give them too much attention. He's just too used to being babied by everyone, that he would really become whiny and clingy if you don't give him the attention he craves.
But other than that, he'll definitely be the most goofy dad around, your house being filled with the sounds of their weird but funny antics. He will absolutely love to entertain your kids with his rap skills, their eyes shining in wonder at how fast he can spit those words out.
He's the type to love scooping them up in his arms, bouncing them up and down softly as he elicits the cutest of giggles and laughs from them, the happy smile on his face mirroring their own.
No matter how much time passes by, he will never fail to be amazed whenever he catches sight of your kids, the fact that he's a father always making him feel mesmerized. He always has a childlike wonder about him when he's playing with your kids, a huge smile plastered on his face as he watches them grow up.
You can very well expect his drama queen instincts to brush off on them, and even the smallest of things will be turned into a huge affair until all of you are on the floor, laughing your asses off.
He's learning, and can still be clueless about a ton of things even years after your children are born. But just know that he loves them with all his heart, and is willing to do anything for them.
He would totally want to spend time with his kids, but since he's a teensy bit (read: totally) clueless, he'll be shy to hold them or interact with them at first, afraid that he'll just end up hurting them unintentionally. You will have to help him out there, being there to answer all his questions.
Once he gets the hang of it though, he just wouldn't want to stay away from them, his eyes following them around as they go about their daily routines, a soft smile playing at his lips at the mere sight.
He seems like the type to love telling them stories about funny incidents from his idol endeavors, the smiles on their faces as they listen raptly to tales about SKZ Code or MV shootings making him the happiest.
He'll be more like a friend than a dad, always trying to understand what your kids are feeling a giving them his honest opinion when he feels like they need it. That being said, he will also be one of the coolest dads around, always keeping up with trends just so he can have fun with them.
He will always urge them to trying and learning new things, using his own experiences of learning Korean and moving to South Korea to help them out when they're stuck. He will be the most supportive father your kids could ever ask for.
Baking dates with them would be a regular for him, and he will let them put on the icing and decorations onto the cookies and brownies as he pulls them out of the oven.
The minute they are born, you might as well expect him to start teaching them about Day6. Just joking, but he most definitely will be using their songs as lullabies whenever he's tasked with making them go to sleep, and before you know it, your kids will probably be belting out the same songs.
He will be just the right mix of goofy and serious with them, playing around with them every free moment he has but not being enough to get on your nerves. He will be reluctant to let them meet his members, because he doesn't want those clowns to be a bad influence on them. It's all good fun though.
At the same time though, he will be the type to really enjoy going out on random play dates with your kids, and he will absolutely love taking them out to the amusement park or to cafes and book stores.
Good luck to you handling kids with a kid. He will totally teach your kids his most annoying tactics as the youngest member of SKZ, and will legit not pass on a single chance to get on your nerves. But that's only because he knows you love him and your kids, and that you can't really stay mad at them.
His insolence might brush off on your kids, but if they do, he'll be quick to change sides, giving them a hearing (while promising to buy them food when you're not listening). At the same time, he won't let them get too out of hand, always being there to catch them if they do something wrong.
Overall though, he will be a really playful father, fun jokes and stupid pranks being the life of your house.
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cb97-skz-0t8 · a day ago
They are the first and only 4 Gen Male group to win a Deaseng. They won the <Performance of the Year> daesang. Congratulations!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hanaridulsetcheese · 2 days ago
stray kids : things they do as your boyfriend (maknae line)
hyung line
Tumblr media
pairing : stray kids x reader
genre : fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
> will always make you laugh or smile no matter what.
jisung's way of loving someone is by making them happy and he does this by making lame/cheesy jokes.
he's naturally funny so whenever you're with him, it's always a good time.
if you're ever sad, he'll make it his mission to get you to smile again even if it means making a fool out of himself.
jisung would also sing to you in order to cheer you up and to calm you down of you're ever nervous or just need a little reassurance.
he loves writing songs about you and making you listen to them because is makes you happy, and when you're hapoy he's happy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
> sends you tons of pictures and texts throughout the day.
felix as your boyfriend would constantly be thinking about you no matter what so whenever he sees something that reminds you of him even the tiniest bit, he'll send it to you.
he loves sending you memes especially because it becomes your little inside jokes that always make you both laugh.
when he's out at the stores he'll send a selfie of himself standing next to the snack aisle and ask which was your favourite snack to which you'd reply "you"
felix just loves keeping you updated on his day and will always message whenever something even remotely interesting happens to him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
> saves all his affection for you and only you.
seungmin's not much of a physical affection type of person with others but with you he's a giant teddy bear.
when he'd normally shy away from other's hugs, he'd happily throw himself into you arms and embrace you.
in public, he's still a little shy and would usually just stick to hand holding but in private he's gonna never let you go.
seungmin feels a sense of warmth and comfort in your hugs and will always gravitate towards you when he's sad because your hugs make him feel better.
it's not a one sided thing though, seungmin's first instinct when you're sad if to wrap his arm around you and caress your head.
he'd leave little kisses hear and there and make sure you're okay.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
> let's himself be comfortable around you.
jeongin has a special type of personality but he sometimes has to hide that to protect his idol image.
when he's with the people he lives though, he allows that side to show.
around you, jeongin never needs to hide anything or watch how he acts because he knows you'll never judge him.
he'll act goofy, sing his trot sings and just have the time of his life aroud you.
one thing jeongin loves is the fact that he's not only able to be his true self around you but you also feel that way too.
together, you two have the most fun and that's what really matters. age is nothing but a number when you both are together.
stray kids inspired playlist ↓
♡ jisung
♡ felix
♡ seungmin
♡ jeongin
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incorrectskzquotes · 9 hours ago
Felix: Do you know why koalas aren’t classified as bears?
Chan: Because they’re marsupials.
Felix: ...
Chan: [smiles]
Felix: [walking away mumbling under his breath] Because they’re marsupials-
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seraphinitegames · 2 days ago
You know, on playing through again, it makes sense that F fully froze with Kate Hayes. They're really empathetic and that amount of grief and disbelief slamming into you would be enough to bring a person to their knees.
Yeah, it was a definite real shock for them to be confronted with such intense emotions so suddenly!
It's like, F not only has to process their own emotions, but the ones they can feel from the people around them.
F takes on a lot...
Thank you so much for the ask! :)
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wonderarium · a day ago
Tumblr media
“go follow this guy his channels good for background noise”
from the “tweet like your oc is real” meme
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whyhellosims · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Felix has a new hobby of pestering people while they’re fishing! 🎣🐟🐠🐡🦈
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