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lariskapargitay · 2 days ago
He was really so sick and tired of Alma’s shit regarding his wife and I love him. Like especially bc he’s the one who knows how to get rid of her clouds, he knew what he was doing, Alma harping on her wasn’t helping
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extrasour2 · 8 hours ago
Encanto cursed pics pt. 2
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my-random-shit-blog · a month ago
Encanto gifsets that give me serotonin Pt 2
Spinny Madrigals..
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Miracbel's skirt go brrrrrr
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Pepa, you're perfect
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*Julieta watching her daughter get stampeded by donkeys*
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DILFS- *cough* sorry, I mean- PAPIS- sorry-
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monrageo · 29 days ago
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decided to redraw my favourite scene of these two 
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neo--queen--serenity · 29 days ago
I belatedly realized that Agustín & Félix took their wives’ last names when they married into the Madrigal family. These kings never stop impressing me.
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veryberryghoul · 29 days ago
Felix: Pepa sometimes sleep talks. I think it’s quite adorable
*In the night*
Pepa, asleep: fight me… you ass… square up… i think the fuck not
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aveula · 20 days ago
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Inspired by this post by @incorrectmadrigalfamilyquotes
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kidneyyy · a month ago
Here's some more for you lovely people
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sonicsflowers · a month ago
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incorrectmadrigals · 15 days ago
Pepa: Félix, can you turn on the lights?
Félix: You're the only light I need in my life..
Pepa: Félix I can’t fucking see
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erosarrows22 · a month ago
Every man in the Madrigals is a himbo and no I don’t take criticism.
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lariskapargitay · a day ago
I think one of my favorite things about Pepa and Félix is that okay how often do we have hot for wife hubby and she’s like beating him back bc lolz, men love sex and physical touch and women don’t and lolz isn’t it funny how he purses that even though she doesn’t like it?
But with them she is always touching him just as much as he’s touching her. His hand isn’t just always on her waist or hips, her hand is constantly on his chest (and even did the thing where a girl slips his hand inside a guys shirt ) or his shoulder, she’s always grabbing his hand. Idk, I just think they’re super neat and amazing fans I love them.
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occasional-yn-simp · 24 days ago
𝔼𝕝 𝕄𝕦𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕔𝕙𝕠 𝕕𝕖 𝕝𝕠𝕤 𝕆𝕛𝕠𝕤 𝕋𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕤 ⁂ 𝐜𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐨 𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐥
ᵖᵃʳᵗ ᵒⁿᵉ
alma madrigal doesn’t approve of her eldest grandson’s lover
pre-encanto storyline
ooc abuela? angst maybe? it’s just my shitty writing
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“AH CAMILO STOP,” you managed to get out through your fit of laughter.
“HAHA NO THIS IS PAY BACK!” he replied.
Camilo was peppering your face with kisses, claiming that you were replacing him with his younger brother.
“I promise I was just reading a book to him,” you said as you grabbed his face. “I love you and only you Camilo.”
His face turned red and he buried his face into your shoulder. “You’re not supposed to make the flusterer flustered, amor”
Before you could reply you heard an ‘ahem’ from outside Camilo’s door.
“Oh um, good afternoon Señora Madrigal,”
Camilo quickly removed himself from your shoulder and looked at his grandmother.
“Dinner is ready,”
“Ok Abuela, ya llegamos.” he replied. She sent you a cold look before heading downstairs to the dining table.
“Well mi estrella, time to get some food,” Camilo grabbed your hand and headed out of his bedroom.
“Eh, I’m not sure if that’s a good idea…”
“Trust me it’ll be fineee. My family loves you! Now come ooon,”
He pulled you down the stairs as anxiety came creeping in. You two had been friends for a very long time, you’ve had many meals over at the Madrigal’s. But, this one was your first dinner since you and Camilo had exchanged promise rings.
Once you got to the table you sat in between Antonio and Camilo. Maribel smiled at you from across the table. Alma arrived once everyone was seated. Her attention shifted to you when she saw you and Camilo cracking jokes and laughing.
“Camilo,” He immediately stopped laughing and turned to his grandmother.
“Si Abuela?”
“What are they doing here?” Alma sent you a harsh glare. Everyone at the table went silent.
“What do you mean? Are you talking about Y/n?” he wasn’t sure what his grandmother had meant. This wasn’t much different than any other dinners Y/n had attended.
“Who else would I be talking about, Camilo?” she answered.
“Um, well they’re my lover and best friend so I thought it would be ok if I brought them over for dinner.” Camilo shuffled uncomfortably in his seat. You stared down at your plate, trying to avoid eye contact. You could feel her staring at the ring.
“Ma it’s ok, Y/n eats with us often. This is no different from then.” Pepa tried to reason with her mother. Camilo reached for your hand and held it tight.
“Of course it’s different! My grandson is throwing his life away by being with a person that can provide nothing for the family!”
You didn’t think it’s was possible but the table got even quieter. Pepa had a storm brewing over her head. Felix tried calming her down and handed her a cup of water.
“I-I need to go.” You stood up, trying to leave casita before you started crying.
Camilo grabbed your hand tighter as he stood up with you. “I’m not ‘throwing my life away’. I love Y/n and I know everyone else does too.”
“Everyone out, Camilo and Y/n stay.”
Maribel stood up, ready to defend you. “Abuela they-“
Everyone filed out, Dolores gave her brother a pat on the shoulder. Antonio gave you a hug before Felix picked him up and took him to his room.
“Camilo, you know Y/n can’t help this family any more than a caterpillar can.” You bit your cheek as you felt the lump in your throat swell.
“Camilo calm down.”
“No right, hm? Are you the one who has been looking over this village since the beginning?” Camilo closed his mouth and glared at his grandmother. “Camilo, I love you and I only want what is best for you. You must understand that Y/n isn’t going to amount to much. There are other people in the village who can give back to Encanto. Y/n, you come from a family of travelers. I sincerely doubt that you will ever be able to settle down in one place for a long time.” Alma had a tone of wisdom. It made you want to curl up and die.
You took a deep breath before trying to reason with her. “Señora Alma I know I don’t come from much but I truly do love your grandson. I’ve gained loads of knowledge from the places I have lived in and visited. Granted, it’s solutions to problems which could be solved with your family’s gifts but-“
“See Camilo. They can’t see that we already have the knowledge they do.” Her attention directed back to you. “We don’t need you. We have two generations of gifted people who could solve problems much quicker than a measly family of travelers.” she gave Camilo a knowing look as he glared right back at her.
It was too much. Your family was proud of being travelers but it wasn’t enough. Would you ever be enough?
“Camilo, please go to your room. I would to speak to Y/n. Alone,” she said sternly and waited for him to leave.
He turned to you with tears in his eyes. He cupped your face and wiped the tears off your face. When had you started crying? You couldn’t recall. “Mi vida, I want you to know that I will love you forever, ok. Even though we may be separated, I will always be with you. Te amo hasta la luna y de vuelta, mi estrella.” his whispers were broken with a few deep breaths. Tears we’re falling as he gave you a kiss. He kissed the ring on your finger. “I promised you we would get married someday. I intend to keep that promise mi estrella. We’ll wait for each other.” He gave you one last kiss then tore himself away. Camilo covered his face and hoped casita would keep him from bumping into something on the way to his room.
The tense atmosphere was suffocating you. Without Camilo the pressure focused on the only other person in the room, you. “I want you to visit somewhere out of Encanto for a while.” You could only nod. You had known it would happen eventually. Alma was never fond of the youngest L/n. “Your family will be able to stay in Encanto if you would like.”
“That would be good, thank you.” you replied. Your voice sounded so empty.
“The arrangements will be made shortly. You shall depart first thing in the morning. Please head to your home to prepare.” Alma gave you one last look before walking off.
You made your way out of the grand doors of casita. “Goodbye casita.” It gave a sad creak as you turned to face the village. “Bye Dolores… Please don’t tell Camilo.”
i hope you guys enjoyed the first part. i’ll update part 2 as soon as i can!
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octoberloved · 17 days ago
The Madrigals as random pics in my phone pt.2
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meetthefatess · 8 days ago
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All the mutuals are drawing Encanto so now it’s my turn ✨🌈
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akindlylittlesoul · 21 days ago
Apparently Encanto have taken over my whole life :)
I have watch it over 10 times (I mean gotta milk that Disney plus subscription, it ain't cheap hahahaha) so here's some little details that I love:
Pepa picking Bruno up when she hugged him.
Tumblr media
How insanely in love Felix's is. We all deserve a Felix in our life.
Tumblr media
Agustín's "miércoles" which is usually how in Spanish we deflect the word "mierda" that means "shit".
Tumblr media
During "the family Madrigal", outside of it being part of the choreography, Mirabel instead of knocking super hard Dolores's door, she just lightly knocks her door with her hip. I like to belive that it's with the intention of not bothering Dolores.
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I don't know, haha I just really like how Isabela uses her powers. And besides I love the animation in her flowers (those bugambilias are gorgeoussss)
Tumblr media
Camilo's little moments of worrying and taking care of the family. Like when casita is destroyed one of the first things we hear is him worried about his baby brother.
Tumblr media
Little personal thing, but the orquids that Isabela has on her bed are exact same flowers that my dad grows for me, every year on my birthday they bloom.
Tumblr media
This is a post that I guess that I will be editing and adding more things with time hahaha.
Edit #1:
Is that... Did y all see it??? Isabela and Mariano together during Antonio's ceremony.
Tumblr media
This whole picture is so great.
Felix pulling up his pants hahaha
Abuela dancing
The marimba, if you haven't heard marimba music for parties, you are really missing out. It is such a huge part for the Latino culture, I think is one of those things that are almost in every Latin American country and I personally really love it, for me it means weddings, festivities and celebration. It can be super active, it can be romantic, it can be background music, it can be the main instrument, I love whenever media includes it, because now that I think about it is not really that feature in movies/series.
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Luisa, always the protector, taking care of abuela when casita was breaking down.
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veryberryghoul · 17 days ago
Bruno: As a wedding gift, I got Pepa and Félix matching umbrellas
Bruno: It didn’t go over as expected
Bruno: The next week Pepa gave me a Magic 8 Ball and told me that it was a better fortune teller
Bruno: Little does she know, that thing has gotten me out of so many visions
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encantobrainrotten · 11 days ago
Felix: my father once said “you should never let a woman see you being too eager to please her, it gives her too much power”
Pepa: do you agree with it?
Felix: I’m completely under your power, mi vida, and couldn’t be happier about it
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kemafili · a month ago
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to tjhe tumblr ask 
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bwall-7204 · 9 days ago
Encanto memes I made :))
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Free to use :))
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