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#felix lenz
mugunet · 6 months ago
welcome to 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
Tumblr media
im max :-] and ill write hcs, drabbles, oneshots, matchups, and etc for ur favorite killers/survivors. requests are open, so heres what i will and wont write for. recs with more than one character will take a lil longer to write.
jason voorhees
freddy krueger
michael myers [RZ and OG]
billy loomis
stu matcher
billy lenz
asa emory
leslie vernon
the sawyer brothers [bubba, nubbins, choptop, drayton]
thomas hewitt
otis driftwood
baby firefly
the sinclair brothers [vincent, lester, bo]
brahms heelshire
amanda young
harry warden
herbert west
legion [frank, susie, joey, julie]
pyramid head
dwight farfield
claudette morel
david king
jake park
ace visconti
william "bill" overbeck
meg thomas
nea karlsson
laurie strode
quentin smith
kate denson
adam francis
jeffery "jeff" johansen
jane romero
ash j. williams
felix richter
steve harrington
cheryl mason
yun-jin lee
èlodie rakoto
The Walten Files
jack walten
felix kranken
rosemary walten
ashley parks
brian stells
susan woodings
alcina dimitrescu
karl heisenberg
salvator moreau
ethan winters
tanner grayton
i will not be writing:
anything to do with pregnant readers. period fics. pedophilia of any kind.
i will write:
headcanons. drabbles. one shots. matchups. very light nsfw.
[i will also make character playlists by request!]
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deathmassk · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
when your boyfriends finally stop hating each other so now you can all make out
[ original post! ]
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celler-presse · 11 months ago
Neue Richterinnen und Richter am Oberlandesgericht ernannt - Personelle Verstärkung für drei Zivilsenate
Neue Richterinnen und Richter am Oberlandesgericht ernannt – Personelle Verstärkung für drei Zivilsenate
CELLE. Die Präsidentin des Oberlandesgerichts Stefanie Otte hat Dr. Simone Lenz, Katrin Röhr und Dr. Felix Schmidt am 28. Dezember 2020 die Ernennungsurkunden als Richterinnen und Richter am Oberlandesgericht überreicht. „Die großen Herausforderungen des Jahres 2020, werden sich der Rechtsprechung im neuen Jahr weiterhin stellen“, sagte Otte. „Ich freue mich darauf, diese Aufgabe mit Ihrer…
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mosssweaters · 2 months ago
🪴Writing Requests n Rules🪴
💚current icon by: BeastSoulArt on twt
💚Yautja OCs
Comments are always appreciated! Visit my ask box for any reason, to drop a request, to ask me questions, or just general commentary!
I only write for gender neutral or trans readers!! I only write for fem readers if MTF!
My DMS are also always open if you want to talk about anything/need to vent!!
💚Current Status:
🌿characters I write for under the cut: (as well as request rules at bottom)
Michael Myers (RZ/Classic)
Brahms Heelshire
Jason Voorhees
Jennifer Check
Billy Lenz
Billy loomis / stu macher
Bubba Sawyer
Thomas Hewitt
Vincent Sinclair/Bo Sinclair/Lester Sinclair
The collector
Pyramid head
Leslie Vernon
Harry Warden
Hannibal Lector (Series)
Herbert West
Amanda Young
Venom/Eddie Brock
🌿Dead By Daylight
Survivors -
Jake Park
Dwight Fairfield
Meg Thomas
Claudette Morel
Nea Karlsson
Laurie Strode
Ace Visconti
William “Bill” Overbeck
Feng Min
David King
Quentin Smith
David Tapp
Kate Denson
Adam Francis
Jeff Johansen
Jane Romero
Ash J Williams
Nancy Wheeler
Steve Harrington
Yui Kimura
Zarina Kassir
Cheryl Mason
Felix Ritcher
Élodie Rakoto
Yun-Jin Lee
Jill Valentine
Leon Kennedy
The Huntress
The Doctor
The Spirit
The Legion
The Ghost Face
Michael Myers
The Trapper
The Wraith
The Hillbilly
The Nurse
Bubba Sawyer
Amanda Young/The Pig
The Plague
The Oni
The Deathslinger
The Executioner
The Trickster
The Nemesis
The Cenobite
🌿Alien Vs Predator
Any Yautja (even custom/generalized)
generally all, just DM and ask if ur unsure otherwise 💚
I dont write bathroom kinks
I dont write for rape or non-con
No pedophilia
No incest
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zombiezbugz · 2 months ago
(Updated!) Request Open!
Hello, call me Milk! I was absent for some months but I'm back yall. ;) I also updated some things so check it out and send in some stuff! What I write and Rules: -one-shots -scenarios -head cannons -others i probably forgot! (feel free to ask!) Rules: -I don't write inc3st or any sort of p3doph1l1a. -I won't write NSFW scenarios with underage characters. -I will write gore, NSFW/smut, non-con, basically anything except what I don't write lol (I'll put content warnings on each story don't worry!) -Be sure to write what you want and who you want! Most stories will have gender neutral pronouns (they/them) unless specifically requested for different pronouns! Who I write for
Slashers and DBD killers: -Michael Myers -Bubba Sawyer -Jason Voorhees -Brahms Heelshire -Billy Lenz -Billy Loomis -Stu Macher -Evan MacMillian (Trapper) -Philip Ojomo (Wraith) -Max Thompson Jr. (Hillbilly) -Sally Smithson (Nurse) -Herman Carter (Doctor) -Anna (Huntress) -Freddy Krueger (Nightmare) -Amanda Young (Pig) -Rin Yamaoka (Spirit) -Frank, Joey, Julie, Susie (Legion) -Adiris (Plague) -Kazan Yamaoka (Oni) -Caleb Quinn (Deathslinger) -Pyramid Head (Executioner) -Ji-Woon Hak (Trickster) Final girls and DBD survivors!: -Sidney Prescott -Laurie Strode -Stretch Brock -Dwight Farfield -Meg Thomas -Claudette Morel -Jake Park -Nea Karlsson -Ace Visconti -Feng Min -David King -Quentin Smith -Detective Tapp -Kate Denson -Adam Francis -Jeff Johansen -Jane Romero -Ash Williams -Nancy Wheeler -Steve Harrington -Yui Kimura -Zarina Kassir -Cheryl Mason -Felix Richter -Elodie Rakoto -Yun-Jin -Leon S. Kennedy The Thing: -RJ MacReady -Childs -Clark -Fuchs -Nauls -Palmer -Windows Spree: -Kurt Kunkle Star Wars: -Anakin / Darth Vader Twin Peaks: -Dale Cooper -Harry Truman DOOM: -Doomguy Stardew Valley: -Shane -Alex -Sebastian -Elliot -Sam -Harvey -Abigail -Emily -Hailey -Leah -Maru -Penny -(you may ask for non bachelors/ettes and ill possible write them!!) Danganronpa: -Makoto Naegi -Kyoko Kirigiri -Byakuya Togami -Toko Fukawa -Aoi Asahina -Yasuhiro Hagakure -Sayaka Maizono -Leon Kuwata -Chihiro Fujisaki -Mondo Owada -Kiyotaka Ishimaru -Hifumi Yamada -Celestia Ludenberg -Sakura Ogami -Hajime Hinata/Izuru Kamukura -Chiaki Nanami -Nagito Komaeda -Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu -Akane Owari -Sonia Nevermind -Kazuichi Soda -Twogami -Teruteru Hanamura -Mahiru Koizumi -Peko Pekoyama -Ibuki Mioda -Hiyoko Saionji -Mikan Tsumiki -Nekomaru Nidai -Gundham Tanaka -Kaede Akamatsu -Shuichi Saihara -Himiko Yumeno -Maki Harukawa -Rantaro Amami -Ryoma Hoshi -Kirumi Tojo -Tenko Chabashira -Angie Yonaga -Korekiyo Shinguji -Miu Iruma -Gonta Gokuhara -Kokichi Oma -Kaito Momenta -Tsumugi Shirogane Succession: -Kendall Roy -Greg Hirsch The Suicide Squad: -Abner Krill (Polka-Dot Man) Undertale (and AU's): -Sans (Classic/Undertale) -Red (Underfell) -Blue (Underswap) -Horror (Horrortale) -Error -Fresh -Ink Invincible: -Mark Grayson
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rezevil · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
trans bi felix richter icons! (requested by @gay-billy-lenz)
☆(#××) like or reblog if you save! .*
Tumblr media
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k1ng-for-a-day · a year ago
Dead By Daylight headcannons!
Hello everyone. I’m kinda new to tumblr, and well I’m unsure we’re to start. So I decided I’d do headcannons to get a good start. I know this is subtle, but yeah. I plan to do more, (like implement AUs, other fandoms, etc), but I don’t want to do that right now. I guess enjoy this for right now.
Characters (That I will mainly do)
(NOTE: I will do the others, however they won’t be as common as the ones in the list. Thank you.)
Claudette Morel
Jake Park
Meg Thomas
Dwight Fairfield
Feng Min
Laurie Strode
New Karlson
Quentin Smith
Detective Tapp
Kate Denson
Adam Francis
Nancy Wheeler
Steve Harrington
Yui Kimura
Zarina Kassir
Cheryl Manson
Felix Richter
Élode Rakoto
Anna (The Huntress)
Michael Myers (The Shape)
Sally Smithson (The Nurse)
Lisa Sherwood (The Hag)
Bubba Sawyer (The Cannibal)
Freddy Krueger (The Nightmare)
Amanda Young (The Pig)
Jeffrey Hawk (The Clown)
Rin Yamaoka (The Spirit)
Frank, Julie, Susie, and Joey (The Legion)
Adiris (The Plague)
Danny Johnson (Ghostface)
Pyramidhead (The Executioner)
Other people (not in game)
Rob Zombie Michael Myers
Brahms Heelshire
Billy Lenz
Jason Voorhees
Thomas Hewitt
Chucky...? Maybe...
Other characters too. Depends on who you’re asking for.
What I will do:
Certain kinks
Certain fetishes
Practically anything
What I won’t do:
Weird fetishes (You should know the ones)
And other things that make me uncomfortable
Thank you for reading this!
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theglamorouslist · 9 months ago
Happy Friday!  We’ve had quite a few asks about who our members most wanted celebrities are. I’ve gone through their replies and compiled this list for you all. We’d love it if you graced our dash with any of these beautiful humans!
MWF: Janel Parrish, Danneel Harris, Bethany Joy Lenz, Hilarie Burton, Joey King, Candice Accola, Kat Graham, Phoebe Tonkin, Brenda Song, Kat Dennings,  Penelope Mitchell, Maika Monroe, Abbey Cowen, Gemma Chan, anyone from Blackpink, Freya Mavor, Aimee Lou Wood, Sara Waisglass, Brianne Howey, Kaya Scodelario, and Yara Shahidi
MWM: Jordan Fisher, Colin Woodell, Kris Bryant, Felix Mallard, Asa Butterfield, Charlie Heaton, Alexander Skarsgård, Landon Liboiron, Kit Harington, John Boyega, Oscar Isaacs, Theo James, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Thomas Doherty, RDJ, Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo, Ian Harding, Tyler Blackburn, Keegan Allen, Taron Egerton, Chad Michael Murray, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Austin Abrams, Casey Cott, Rafael Silva, Toby Regbo and Torrance Coombs.
Tumblr media
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gojiban · 3 months ago
You think billy lenz is problematic but youre comfort character is felix TWF? What
i didnt know what to say to this ask other than to call you fucking stupid so i just didn’t answer it but now i have a sense of how to reply
if you really a think a guy who accidentally drunkenly crashed a car that resulted in the death of two children is comparable to a guy who sexually harassed women over the phone, lived in their attic and stalked them and killed them then. i don’t know if therapy is even an option for you
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massensterben · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
dossier   —   Bertholdt Huber.
FULL  NAME.     Bertholdt Felix Huber  MEANING.     Bertholdt (from Old High German: Berhtwald ‘bright ruler’) Felix (from Latin: Felix ‘fortunate, happy’) Huber (from German: Huber ‘free farmer’)  NICKNAME.     Bertl (childhood nickname), Bert, ‘tall guy’ GENDER.     cis male ETHNICITY.     eldian HEIGHT.     192cm (850) / 197cm (854) AGE.     16 (850) / 20 (854) ZODIAC.     capricorn    (diligent, ambitious, responsible, pessimistic, devoted) SPOKEN  LANGUAGES.     eldian, marleyan, paradisian dialect
physical  characteristics !
HAIR  COLOR.     black EYE  COLOR.     grey-green SKIN  TONE.     tan. BODY  TYPE.     athletic, lean, long limbs ACCENT.     faint marleyan accent when speaking eldian  VOICE.     low, often speaks softly DOMINANT  HAND.     left handed, but trained to use his right hand, became quasi-ambidextrous in the process (he can only write quickly with his right hand) POSTURE.     keeps his head low, straight back, prefers to not take up much space SCARS.   none / (God of Destruction verse: several long but faint scars across his torso and limbs) TATTOOS.   none MOST  NOTICEABLE  FEATURE(S).  his height and his nose
childhood !
PLACE  OF  BIRTH.     the internment zone in Liberio HOMETOWN.     Liberio, Marley MANNER  OF  BIRTH.     natural (at home) FIRST  WORDS.     “up” SIBLINGS.     none  PARENTS.     mother : Hannelore Katznick,  a young eldian woman who only had a brief romantic relationship with Bertholdt’s father. she attempted to make the relationship work for the sake of the child when she became pregnant, but ultimately decided to leave the family soon after the baby was born. she had no further contact with Bertholdt. she eventually got married to a younger man. father : Wolfram Huber, a war veteran who was famous among eldians in his day as an outstanding soldier. he was wounded and discharged with honors, and worked as a factory worker thereafter. the chemicals he worked with permanently damaged his lungs and he became bedridden by the time Bertholdt was three. he died in 854.  PARENT  INVOLVEMENT.  Bertholdt’s mother was only involved during the first three months of Bertholdt’s life and then never again. Bertholdt’s father was already up in years when his child was born but did his best to provide for him. their relationship was warm but quiet; they did not have many heart to hearts. Bertholdt very early had to take on a caretaker role for him. this rankled his father immensely and changed his more sensitive approach to one of growing dissatisfaction. he fully intended for his son to join the military and the warrior program seemed a promising venture, not to mention the benefits. Bertholdt’s relationship with his father afterwards became more strained and more based on expectations and ceaseless health concerns. they parted on good terms but Bertholdt felt emotionally neglected by the time he left for Paradis. Bertholdt remembers him fondly, even so, and believes himself to have an irrevocable duty to him. 
adult  life !
OCCUPATION.   warrior with the Warrior Unit of Marley, briefly employed as a soldier with the Paradisian Survey Corps CURRENT RESIDENCE.  survey corps barracks / warrior HQ living quarters  CLOSE  FRIENDS.   Reiner Braun, Marcel Galliard, Armin Arlert, Christa Lenz, Ymir  RELATIONSHIP  STATUS.  verse dependent!  FINANCIAL  STATUS.  fully dependent on his employers  DRIVER’S  LICENSE.     no; (acquires a license in 854) CRIMINAL  RECORD.   terrorism, kidnapping, mass murder, other crimes VICES.   jealousy, insecurity
sex  &  romance !
SEXUAL  ORIENTATION.  bisexual ROMANTIC  ORIENTATION.  biromantic  PREFERRED  EMOTIONAL  ROLE.  submissive, supporting  PREFERRED  SEXUAL  ROLE. dominant, servicing   LOVE  LANGUAGE.   quality time, acts of service  LIBIDO.   average, increases when affected by strong emotions RELATIONSHIP  TENDENCIES.   he prefers something subtle and casual over bold gestures and declarations of love, as long a he knows he can rely on his partner and find in them a constant to ground him, he will move mountains for them. 
miscellaneous !
THEME  SONG.     officially: apple seed & alternative drive; Achilles Come Down - Gang of Youths HOBBIES  TO  PASS  TIME.     reading, drawing, spending time with friends MENTAL  ILLNESSES.   post traumatic stress disorder (survivor’s guilt, depression, anxiety) PHYSICAL  ILLNESSES.     none LEFT  OR  RIGHT  BRAINED.     left PHOBIAS.  syringes, restraints  SELF  CONFIDENCE  LEVEL.  confident in his physical abilities, appears to lack confidence when it comes to mental capabilities VULNERABILITIES.    deeply devoted to his comrades, explosive temper when stressed, lacks communication skills
TAGGED BY: @seggr​ (not really but still)
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hex-touchstarved · a year ago
Material List
Please if you are request anything please note who I write for as well as what I write, thank you.
Important update: Please, for longer requests keep it to a maxium of 3 or less slashers. Short HC you can ask for more than 3. Thank you!
Billy Lenz
Billy Loomis/Stu Matcher (Poly & Mon)
Brahms Heelshire
Carrie White
Harry Warden
Jason Vorhees
Leslie Vernon
Martin (1978)
Micheal Myers (RZ)
Resident Evil 8
Alcina Dimitrescu
Donna Beneviento
Ethan Winters
Karl Heisenberg
Salvatore Moreau
Stranger Things
Nancy Wheeler
Steve Harrington
Johnathan Byers
Robin Buckley
DBD Killers:
Adiris (plague)
Anna (huntress)
Evan MacMillan (Trapper)
Herman Carter (Doctor)
Jed Olsen (Danny a.k.a Ghostface)
Legion (Susie, Julie, Joey, Frank {Poly & Mon})
Michael Myers (Shape)
Max Jr (Hillbilly)
Sally Smithson (Nurse)
Nemesis T-Type
Philip Ojomo (Wraith)
Pyramid head (Executioner)
DBD Survivors:
Ace Visconti
Claudette Morel
Dwight Fairfield 
David King
Feng Ming
Felix Ritcher
Jake Park
Jane Romero
Jill Valentine
Kate Danson
Laurie Strode
Leon Kennedy
Meg Thomson
Nancy Wheeler
Nea Karlsson
Steve Harrington
Quentin Smith
What I write:
Yandere AU!
What I do not write for
Slave/owner (roleplay or not)
Ageplay (makes me feels like a pedo)
Pregnancy (at all, sorry)
Female/Women readers, if you ask for xfem!reader I will assume you mean xfeminine!reader
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deathmassk · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
congrats to local gay idiot, Felix/Jack Heelshire-Lenz, for successfully keeping a tumblr blog for a whole year without remaking out of boredom
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thevillagerp · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
PLEASE HAVE YOUR ACCOUNT READY AND SUBMITTED TO US WITHIN 24 HOURS. If you need an extension, just let us know!
I saw [ROWAN FOLEY] at a coffee shop in [MANHATTAN] today. I forgot how much [SHE/HER] looks like [BETHANY JOY LENZ]. They are a [THIRTY-SIX] year old [MARKETING MANAGER] who’s been in NYC for [THIRTY-SIX YEARS] now. Every time we run into each other, they are always [AMBITIOUS AND ORGANIZED] but I’ve heard people say they can also be [CLOSED-OFF AND STUBBORN]. [SHAKY HANDS (PIANO VERSION) by VACAY] reminds me of them every time it comes on the radio. — [aj, she/her, 25+, est]
I saw [JULIA PRESTON] at a coffee shop in [BROOKLYN] today. I forgot how much [SHE] looks like [SOPHIA BUSH]. They are a [THIRTY-EIGHT] year old [ARCHITECT] who’s been in NYC for [TEN YEARS] now. Every time we run into each other, they are always [DISCIPLINED AND INTUITIVE] but I’ve heard people say they can also be [CLOSED OFF AND PREOCCUPIED]. [SABOTAGE BY BEBE REXHA] reminds me of them every time it comes on the radio. — [rosa, she/her, 29, gmt-3]
I saw [ESTELLA GARCIA] at a coffee shop in [QUEENS] today. I forgot how much [SHE/THEY] looks like [ADRIA ARJONA]. They are a [TWENTY-NINE] year old [STUNT WOMAN] who’s been in NYC for [TWENTY YEARS] now. Every time we run into each other, they are always [CHARMING AND ADVENTUROUS] but I’ve heard people say they can also be [DETACHED AND FLIGHTY]. [LIKE A BIRD BY NELLY FURTADO] reminds me of them every time it comes on the radio. — [rosa, she/her, 29, gmt-3]
I saw [CAMERON JI SOON] at a coffee shop in [MANHATTAN] today. I forgot how much [HE/HIM] looks like [JUSTIN H. MIN]. They are a [THIRTY] year old [PAINTER/ARTIST] who’s been in NYC for [HIS WHOLE LIFE] now. Every time we run into each other, they are always [COMPASSIONATE AND KIND] but I’ve heard people say they can also be [DRAMATIC AND WEAK]. [OUTLAWS BY ALESSIA CARA] reminds me of them every time it comes on the radio. — [Sheep, they/them, 27, cst]
I saw [SEONG-HYUK “ALEC” KIM] at a coffee shop in [MANHATTAN] today. I forgot how much [HE/HIM] looks like [ALEX LANDI]. They are a [TWENTY-EIGHT] year old [STRIPPER/ESCORT] who’s been in NYC for [EIGHT YEARS] now. Every time we run into each other, they are always [FRIENDLY AND CHARISMATIC] but I’ve heard people say they can also be [DISTRUSTING AND GUARDED]. [E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE BY CORPSE] reminds me of them every time it comes on the radio. — [eef, they/them, 24, EST]
I saw [FELIX BYUN] at a coffee shop in [BROOKLYN] today. I forgot how much [HE/HIM] looks like [KIM KIBUM “KEY”]. They are a [TWENTY-NINE] year old [VIDEO GAME CONCEPT ARTIST] who’s been in NYC for [SEVEN YEARS] now. Every time we run into each other, they are always [ASSIDUOUS & CLEVER] but I’ve heard people say they can also be [BRUSQUE & DETACHED]. [MONY MONY BY BILLY IDOL] reminds me of them every time it comes on the radio. — [krissy, she/her, 23, est]
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bookbaran · 11 months ago
All 173 books I’ve read this year:
The Wild Robot by Peter Brown
Join the Resistance by Ben Acker
Beyond the Black Door by A.M. Strickland
The Best at It by Maulik Pancholy
The Brothers Synn by Victoria Light
Promposal by Rhonda Helms
Missing Pieces by Carly Ann West
The Otto Digmore Difference by Brent Hartinger
The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths & Magic by F.T. Lukens
Dog to the Rescue: Seventeen True Tales of Dog Heroism by Jeannette Sanderson
The Pearl by Geoffrey Knight
The Billionaire’s Boyfriend by Geoffrey Knight
Monster of the Week by F.T. Lukens
Let Me Show You by Becca Seymour
Maximillian Fly by Angie Sage
Night of Dangers by Zack Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos
Ice Wolves by Amie Kaufman
Waking Nightmare by Carly Anne West
Daybreak Bond by Megan Frazer Blakemore
The Importance of Being Wilde at Heart by R. Zamora Linmark
Mistakes Were Made by Stephan Pastis
The Seven Tales of Trinket by Shelley Moore Thomas
The Adventurers Guild by Zack Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos
The Accidental Hero by Matt Myklusch
The Disaster Days by Rebecca Behrens
Race to the Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse
The Stars and the Blackness Between Them by Junauda Petrus
The Rise of Kyoshi by F.C Yee
Scorch Dragons by Amie Kaufman
Martin McLean, Middle School Queen by Alyssa Zaczek
The Boyfriend Game by Stella Starling
The  Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen
The Gravity of Us by Phil Stamper
The Magnolia Sword: A Ballad of Mulan by Sherry Thomas
Arcana by Jessica Leake
Well That Was Awkward by Rachel Vail
Drum Roll, Please by Lisa Jenn Bigelow
Spellbound by Allie Therin
Greenglass House by Kate Milford
Game Changer by Rachel Reid
The Playbook: 52 Rules to Aim, Shoot, and Score in This Game Called Life by Kwame Alexander
The Crossover by Kwame Alexander
Booked by Kwame Alexander
Rebound by Kwame Alexander
Swing by Kwame Alexander
Camp Shady Crook by Lee Gjertsen Malone
19 Love Songs by David Levithan
A Gentleman Never Keeps Score by Cat Sebastian
Rick by Alex Gino
Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan
Solo by Kwame Alexander
Lock In by John Scalzi
Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot
How They Met, and Other Stories by David Levithan
A High Five for Glenn Burke by Phil Bildner
Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales
King and the Dragonflies by Kacen Callender
In the Role of Brie Hutchens... by Nicole Melleby
Middle School’s a Drag, You Better Werk by Greg Howard
Wayside School Beneath the Cloud of Doom by Louis Sachar
The Extremely High Tide! by Kir Fox
Spellhacker by M.K. England
Head On by John Scalzi
This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story by Kheryn Callender
The Haunting of Tram Car 015 by P. Djèlí Clark
The Black God’s Drum by P. Djèlí Clark
Date Me, Bryson Keller by Kevin van Whye
We Were Promised Spotlights by Lindsay Sproul
The Ordinary Princess by M.M. Kaye
The First Rule of Punk by Celia C. Perez
Frat Boy and Toppy by Anne Tenino
The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern
With the Fire on High by Elisabeth Acevedo
Future Fake Husband by Kate Hawthorne
The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa
The Tail of Emily Windsnap by Liz Kessley
The Only Black Girls in Town by Brandy Colbert
Lintang and the Pirate Queen by Tamara Moss
The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune
My Fair Brady by K.C. Wells
Stay Gold by Tobly McSmith
Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman
The Disaster by M.K. England
Two Rogues Make a Right by Cat Sebastian
The One and Only Bob by Katherine Applegate
Pretty by Justin Sayre
The Henna Wars by Adiba Jaigirdar
The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris
If We Were Us by K.L. Walther
Kenzie Kickstarts a Team by Kit Rosewater
So You Want to Be a Wizard by Diane Duane
The List of Things That Will Not Change by Rebecca Stead
The Wolf at the Door by Charlie Adhara
The Ice House by Minette Walters
The Falling in Love Montage by Ciara Smyth
The State of Us by Shaun David Hutchinson
Girl Crushed by Katie Heaney
The Winter Duke by Claire Eliza Bartlett
Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley
Rescued by Felice Stevens
The Masterpiece by Bonnie Dee
The Extraordinaries by T.J. Klune
The Matchmaker by Megan Derr
The Rapier Brothers by Megan Derr
The Unstoppable Wasp: Built on Hope by Sam Maggs
Love, Creekwood by Becky Albertalli
Black Magic by Megan Derr
You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson
A Model Escort by Amanda Meuwissen
Coming up for Air by Amanda Meuwissen
Fake Dating the Prince by Ashlyn Kane
Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho
Rattlesnake by Kim Fielding
Battle Born by Amie Kaufman
The Stories Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin
Facing West by Lucy Lennox
Late to the Party by Kelly Quindlen
Felix and the Prince by Lucy Lennox
Slippery Creatures by K.J. Charles
Summer Secret by Raleigh Ruebins
The Second Story by Neil Patrick Harris
Dress Coded by Carrie Firestone
Hither, Page by Cat Sebastian
Austenland by Shannon Hale
Conventionally Yours by Annabeth Albert
The Train to Impossible Places by P.G. Bell
The Summer of Everything by Julian Winters
Something to Talk About by Meryl Wilsner
Eva Evergreen, Semi-Magical Witch by Julie Abe
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein
The Circus Rose by Betsy Cornwell
Ghost Wood Song by Erica Waters
Cemetary Boys by Aiden Thomas
The Left-Handed Booksellers of London by Garth Nix
Closed for the Season by Mary Downing Hahn
The Puppet’s Payback and Other Chilling Tales by Mary Downing Hahn
The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez by Adrianna Cuevas
Small Spaces by Katherine Arden
The Girl in the Locked Room by Mary Downing Hahn
The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier
Gustav Gloom and the People Taker by Adam-Troy Castro
The Old Willis Place by Mary Downing Hahn
The Doll in the Garden by Mary Downing Hahn
The Empress of Salt and Fortune by Nghi Vo
Nightbooks by J.A. White
Out to Get you: 13 Tales of Weirdness and Woe by Josh Allen
Miss Meteor by Tehlor Kay Mejia and Anna-Maria McLemore
Wild Trail by A.M. Arthur
Ana on the Edge by A.J. Sass
The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald
Mechanic by Betsy Cornwell
The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s: An Oral History by Andy Greene
The Other Side of the Sky by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
Deceived by Megan Derr
The Candymakers by Wendy Mass
Burning Roses by S.L. Huang
Bernice Buttman, Model Citizen by Niki Lenz
Fable by Adrienne Young
Kenny & the Dragon by Tony DiTerlizzi
Glass Tidings by Amy Jo Cousins
The Remaking of Corbin Wale by Roan Parrish
This is All Your Fault by Aminah Mae Safi
Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur
Here the Whole Time by Vitor Martins
To Touch the Light by E.M. Lindsey
Redwood and Ponytail by K.A. Holt
The Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan
The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden
Hard Truths by Alex Whitehall
A Little Light Mischief by Cat Sebastian
Would it be Okay to Love You? by Amy Tasukada
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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spookysnicket · 2 years ago
Blog Rules 👻
Hello loves, it’s spooky! Thanks for stopping to read the rules! I try to keep this updated for mobile readers, however some sections may not be the exact same as how it is from the link on my blog. Rules and character lists below the cut. If asks are open, request away ❤
Hey! Thanks for stopping by to the read the rules, ilysm,,
Remember to check my description to see if requests/matchups are open! *If you send something in while they’re closed, I still might do it, but it’ll get put at the bottom of the to write pile. However, please know this is not a guarantee.
PLEASE do not follow this blog or interact with my content unless you are 16+, and do NOT send ANY NS!FW requests unless you are 18+. If you are under 18, I ask you to please blacklist/block my tag #NS!FW before interacting. I don't mean to judge anyone, however minors interacting with any of my ns!fw content makes me extremely uncomfortable. Thank you for respecting that in advance (:
*Spooky’s matchups include a pairing with ONE of the characters from my lists based on information you give me, followed by AT LEAST 5 (likely more) personalized HCs for you and your match. Feel free to add NS!FW bits and send a matchup request in for an OC. My matchups are based on the character I think would be most compatible with the information sent, however if you would like a specific character, or like to avoid a specific character, please go ahead and mention that in the request. Please use these suggested points when submitting a matchup request to help me better choose your match:
The preferred gender(s) for matches
Your personality/personal traits/attributes
Your hobbies or skills
OPTIONAL: 3 words to describe yourself with
OPTIONAL: What you’d like in/from a match
OPTIONAL: A brief description of your appearance
OPTIONAL: Your preferred pronouns
OPTIONAL: Preferred a slasher, non-slasher, dbd killer, or survivor match
Do any format for requests- (if you don’t give me a format, your request will most likely be written as hcs) This covers headcannons, fics, drabbles, shorts, and reactions (GIFs & HCs)
Cover angst and a majority of sensitive topics, only excluding any super out-there kinks and things like excessive non con or vivid abuse (everything will be tagged accordingly)
Do multiple characters for one request
Take NS!FW requests, however these might take longer
Write for a reader with any gender identity, sexual and/or romantic orientation, disability/disorder, etc- HOWEVER I will not write for a reader of any certain ethnicity (outside of matchups), as something I write could be offensive and I don’t want to take that risk
Write anything NS!FW for characters who are canonically minors, nor will I age them up just to write NS!FW requests for them; however I will write for childhood prompts
Write for AU prompts, unless they’re really interesting, I’m just fairly terrible when it comes to writing anything outside of realistic fanon/canon
Write anything I deem too OOC for characters requested, aside from crack for fun
Write character x character WITH THE EXCEPTION of certain poly! x readers
*If you’re still unsure if you can send in your request after reading these, send me a message or ask about it on anon! I’ll get back to you ASAP!
Jason Voorhees🏒 *NO NS!FW
Thomas Hewitt 🍴
Bubba Sawyer 🐓
Billy Lenz 👁
Billy Loomis  🌂(polyface 💕)
Stu Macher 📞 (polyface 💕)
Charles Lee Ray/Chucky (1988) (x Tiffany) 🧸
Tiffany Valentine (1998- human only) (x Charles/Chucky) 💄
Leslie Vernon 🍎
Bo Sinclair 🔧
Vincent Sinclair 🕯
Lester Sinclair 💀
Patrick Bateman  💳
Michael Myers 🔪
Norman Bates  🐦
Amanda Young ⚙️
*NO NS!FW FOR CHUCKY (I can’t figure out how getting it on with a doll would work)
Carrie White (Novel & 1976 adaptation)✨ *NO NS!FW
Jennifer Check 💋
Brahms Heelshire 🔥
Hannibal Lecter 🧠 [x]
Eric Draven 🌧
Jack Torrance 🥶
Randy Meeks (1996) 💿
Anita ‘Needy’ Lesnicky 💔
Dwight Fairfield 🍕
Meg Thomas 🏃🏼‍♀️
Claudette Morel 🌷
Jake Park 🌲
Nea Karlsson 🛹
Laurie Strode 🎃
Ace Visconti 💵
Feng Min 🎮
David King 🍻
Quentin Smith 😴
Kate Denson 🎸
Adam Francis 📖
Jeff Johansen 🤘🏻
Jane Romero 📺
Yui Kimura 🚦
Zarina Kassir 🔍
Felix Richter 📐
Evan MacMillan ⛏
Philip Ojomo 🚗
Max Thompson Jr. 🐑
Sally Smithson 💔
Anna (Huntress) 🧸
Rin Yamaoka 👻 *NO NS!FW
FJSJ (All Legion members) 🎭 *NO NS!FW FOR JULIE & SUSIE
Adiris (Plague) ☣️
Danny Johnson 📸
Kazan Yamaoka 👹
Caleb Quinn ⛓
Herman Carter ⚡️
*Characters with an [x] by their name are characters I’m not as familiar with or are ones who I don’t have a 100% solid interpretation for
*Feel free to suggest characters you want to see, I’ll add them to my list! If I can’t find the movie a certain character is from, I’ll end up doing research on them until I think I can write them well enough (:
*FOR CHARACTERS WITH MULTIPLE VERSIONS: Please specify which version you’d like- otherwise I’ll write for a combination of their timelines
*Thank you again for reading the rules, I owe you my soul ❤️❤️ And happy requesting!
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skzluv · a year ago
Stray Kids as Attack on Titan characters *maknae line*
Hwang Hyunjin as Armin Arlert
scared of his own shadow.
probably gay.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Han Jisung as Christa Lenz
panicked gay.
in love with Ymir/Minho, but didn’t realize it yet.
secretly a princess.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lee Felix as Connie Springer
everyone loves them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kim Seungmin as Mikasa Ackerman
annoys Eren/Jeongin.
cold towards everyone who’s not Eren/Jeongin, or sometimes Armin/Hyunjin.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yang Jeongin as Eren Yeager
the center of attention.
a baby.
everyone loves them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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flix-r135 · a year ago
Keine Sorgen, mir geht's gut
Es tut mir äußerst leid, liebe Familie und Freunde, dass am letzten Sonntag kein Blogeintrag erschienen ist, allerdings hab auch manchmal ich ein Motivationstief was das Blogschreiben anbelangt, daher lag ich am Sonntag einfach im Bett und hab mir einen Lenz gemacht. Das kommt auch bei mir vor, excusez-moi!
Aber man muss alles positiv sehen, da habe ich heute mehr zu berichten und ihr könnt euch mehr an dem heutigen Bericht erfreuen. Die vorletzte Woche war nämlich ganz schön anstrengend, dazu kommen wir aber jetzt.
Am 02.12., dem Montag, ging es mit großer Angst vor der neuen Woche und natürlich auch mit viel Motivation zur Arbeit. Den Kindern musste man ja noch irgendwie das Krippenspiel beibringen, das benötigt natürlich seine Zeit und ich hoffte, dass ich mich durch die zwei Proben in dieser Woche nicht zu sehr am Mittwoch, dem Tag der Aufführung, blamieren würde. Alles kam leider anders als erwartet… am Montagmittag waren leider auf der Straße der New World Foundation eine kleine Schießerei und es wurden zwei junge Männer erschossen, deshalb konnten wir leider nicht Proben an diesem Tag, da die Kinder aus Sicherheitsgründen nicht kommen konnten. Ich hatte so viel zu tun in dieser Woche und dann vermiesen mir die Gangster mal wieder die Tour… na toll. Für die Generalprobe am Dienstag konnten dann allerdings die meisten kommen, allerdings lief diese wirklich grottenschlecht. Kinder hatten vieles vergessen, was ihnen beigebracht wurde und konnten sich so wie auch sonst immer nicht beruhigen lassen. Nach vier Stunden Probe brachen wir somit die Generalprobe ab, da ich der einzige Freiwillige war, der noch die Kraft hatte, konstruktive Kritik an den Kindern abzugeben und diese zum Teil beruhigen konnte. Wir hatten es nicht geschafft jede Szene noch einmal zu spielen, sodass ich am Ende der Probe zu Chad, einem der Seniors, sagte: „We’ll need a miracle. Else it won’t work.“ Die Aufführung war zumindest in der Kirche, das sollte die Wahrscheinlichkeit eines Wunders doch etwas erhöhen, oder nicht?
Der Mittwoch trat ein. Etwas nervös ging es morgens los, die Aufführung des Krippenspiels sollte um 12:30 Uhr beginnen. Für 11:00 Uhr war das Treffen der Kinder angelegt. Naja, wie soll ich es sagen, wir mussten die zweite Maria um 12:20 Uhr von zu Hause abholen, da sie sich über Zeugnis gefreut hatte und im Affekt das Krippenspiel vergas. Um 12:45 Uhr ging es dann letztendlich los und es lief bei weitem besser als gedacht. Zumindest so gut, dass ich im Endeffekt sagen konnte, dass ich mit meiner Arbeit zufrieden war. Hier eine kurze TOP 3-Liste der Sachen, die am meisten schiefgelaufen sind.
3. Maria und Joseph, beide 13 Jahre alt hatten mir hoch und heilig in der Kirche versprochen gehabt, den Arm umeinander zu legen, wenn es zum Beginn der zweiten Szene kommt. Ich hätte es wahrscheinlich erahnen können, aber sie haben bei der Aufführung dieselbe Lieblichkeit gezeigt, die zuvor schon in den Proben zu sehen war.
2. Ich halte meine Ansprache und begrüße das leider eher geringausfallende Publikum. Ich schließe den Vorhang und es passiert nichts. Wo bleibt das Lied „Hallelujah“? Ich schaue Ema fragend durch eine Lücke im Vorhang an, sie sitzt seelenruhig im Publikum. 21, 22, 23, ahh, eine kleines „verdammt“ wird geflüstert und sie stellt ihren Chor auf. Da dachte ich mir schon, das kann was werden.
1. „Feeeliz Navidad“. Ohne Ahnung, dafür allerdings mit einer großen Schippe Selbstbewusstsein fängt die kleine 8-jährige Hope an zu singen. Eigentlich war geplant, dass alle zusammen auf die Bühne kommen, aber das hat das kleine Mädchen kurzerhand umentschieden. Ich nehme ihre Einleitung auf, fange lautstark an mitzusingen und schicke die Darsteller nach draußen. Improvisieren kann ich glücklicherweise immer noch.
Ein kleines Wunder ist tatsächlich passiert. Das Publikum war begeistert und alle hatten ihren Spaß. Mein bisheriges Erfolgserlebnis hier in Südafrika. Yessa!
An dem Mittwoch passierte allerdings noch viel mehr, da ich am Morgen noch die Weihnachtsparty der Kindergartenkinder mitorganisierte. In meinem lustigen Weihnachtsmannkostüm ging es dann von Klasse zu Klasse, in denen ich dann allen erzählte, wie anstrengend doch meine Reise wäre und was sie sich doch zu Weihnachten wünschen würden. Super süß auf jeden Fall. Und am folgenden Nachmittag hatten wir dann die Weihnachtsparty mit den 6-10-lährigen Kindern aus der Aftercare. Ein glücklicher aber auch sehr anstrengender Mittwoch, auf welchen leider nicht der entspannteste Donnerstag folgte. Ich fasse es kurz zusammen: Weihnachtsparty der 11-18-jährigen Aftercarekinder. Organisieren, Essen vorbereiten, Boxen aufbauen, Essen verteilen, Tanzen, Zertifikate verteilen, Abbauen… anstrengend, allerdings war es dann auch irgendwann geschafft. Die Horrorwoche sollte ihr Ende nehmen und dafür war ich äußerst glücklich. Am Freitag folgte nur noch ein vierstündiges Staffmeeting, welches im Aufräumen des Offices endete. Uuuund Wochenende, verdient 😊.
Ich habe durchaus nüchtern über den Tod der zwei Jugendlichen erzählt, das kann durchaus verwirrend sein, da der Tod immer noch der Tod ist, allerdings passiert das hier in Südafrika, in Lavender Hill, fast täglich. Da man daher permanent Schüssen und Tod ausgesetzt ist, verliert man etwas die Sensibilität was das Thema angeht. Es ist immer wieder auf’s Neue traurig, allerdings kann man diese Erfahrungen immer schneller verarbeiten. Bisher waren es auch nur Schießereien zwischen Gangster und deren Verwandten.
Was habe ich denn noch so gemacht die letzte Woche…hmm… „Knives Out“ ist ein absolut genialer Kinofilm. Strandpartys die von der Kirche organisiert werden kann man sich anschauen. Calendar Girls ist ein äußerst amüsantes Theaterstück. Man schwitzt, wenn man im Weihnachtskostüm tanzen muss. Ein Mathe Adventskalender macht super viel Spaß und fördert das logische Denken.
Na, wenn ihr da zum Teil noch Fragen zu habt, so könnt ihr die gerne stellen. Auf mich kommt jetzt meine letzte Arbeitswoche zu, und dann gehen endlich die wohlverdienten Ferien auf mich zu. Fabian kommt vorbei und wir machen uns eine geniale Zeit.
Liebe Grüße aus Kapstadt
P.S.: Der Blog kommt erst heute, das gestern hier in Südafrika Herrritage Day und somit ein nationaler Feiertag war :)
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leagueofwags · 2 years ago
Bundesliga-Aufsteiger 2018/2019
1.FC Union Berlin
Rafal Gikiewicz und seine Frau Boszennka
Tumblr media
Jakob Busk und seine Freundin Celina 
Tumblr media
Lennart Moser Marvin Friedrich und seine Freundin Leonie 
Tumblr media
Ken Reichel und seine Frau Sina 
Tumblr media
Marc Torrejón und seine Frau Azahara
Tumblr media
Nicolai Rapp und seine Freundin Sophia
Tumblr media
Florian Hübner und seine Freundin Reshma 
Tumblr media
Christopher Lenz Christopher Trimmel und seine Frau Arnela 
Tumblr media
Lennard Maloney Fabian Schönheim  Julian Ryerson Marcel Hartel und seine Freundin Maike
Tumblr media
Joshua Mees und seine Freundin Sarah
Tumblr media
Akaki Gogia und seine Freundin Andrea
Tumblr media
Grischa Prömel und seine Freundin Majlena (ohne Bild) Felix Kroos und seine Freundin Lisa
Tumblr media
Manuel Schmiedebach und seine Freundin Vanessa 
Tumblr media
Eroll Zejnullahu Michael Parensen und seine Frau Antonia
Tumblr media
Berkan Taz Robert Zulj und seine Freundin Josipa (ohne Bild) Sebastian Polter und seine Freundin Ilena
Tumblr media
Sebastian Andersson Carlos Mané und seine Frau Dandara
Tumblr media
Suleiman Abdullahi
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