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authenticcadence18 · a minute ago
Ok since I threw shade at “Gi-ants” a bit ago it’s time to talk about a part I love to balance things out:
When Phineas and Ferb enter the episode, they’re dressed up for playing baseball and clearly in the middle of an activity.
But as SOON as they see the ants they drop everything and are just like “ants? aNTS??? WOAH!!!! looK at the ANTS!!!!!! Candace can we use your ants????” and just COMPLETELY change their focus/activity for the day on a whim and if that isn’t the BIGGEST MOOD IDK WHAT IS🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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eddiebun22 · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Little redraw of the first thing I posted here!
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enjolrases · 27 minutes ago
Really would love to know why I’m so sick again
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theminecraftgay · 37 minutes ago
I was friends with someone for 9 years, and every few months we’d get into the same argument about how I can’t understand sarcasm and some jokes and how hard that was
I just told someone new that I have this issue and was worried they’d not want to talk anymore ( I was telling them as a way out if they didn’t want to deal with that) and they said it was a non issue and asked if tone tags would help
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thornyroses · 39 minutes ago
i hate when like,,, i’m talking abt something and i can Sense the person is uninterested/not listening and so i’ll kinda trail off to see if they’ll prompt me to go on and they just distractedly give an affirmative answer and i realize they weren’t listening the entire time.... like ha!......... ugh.
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baodurs · 48 minutes ago
months ago i marked the mb characters' heights on my wall to have a physical reference for fic. and i've just kept them there bc it's fun, and also i'm 5'2 and every day i have to look up at where gray's mark is to keep me humble. streamer i'm watching just said his height (6'4) which is a couple inches taller than gray's 😭 this man would barely fit through my door
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bloodbiitch · 53 minutes ago
wondering at which point i’m gonna need to actually call the sewer slide hotline or if i’m gonna slip and someone’s gonna see all my horrible evidence and admit me before i get around to it lol
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folded-feathers · an hour ago
I'm so fed up with my doctor for years of him ignoring and mistreating my problems and constantly pressuring me to lose weight despite my fairly obvious eating disorder history. After my last visit I was finally like, y'know what, I'm not dealing with this anymore, I'm finding a new doctor.
So anyway I have my first appointment with a new doctor in two weeks and I'm really excited! Instead of going to a crusty old conservative who gives terrible advice and clearly hasn't read up on anything mental health related since the 80s, I'm gonna be going to a medical company that is explicitly LGBT affirming and seeing somebody who specializes in emotional health and trans issues!! 🙌🙌
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marviesss · an hour ago
Some soft Levi headcanons for you
Levi is not one for dirt, but to surprise you he’ll make your favorite foods along with you and bring out a basket for a picnic. He’d take you to a park or hill overlooking the water where the two of you could watch the sunset together as well as talk or laugh about anything.
He adores watching you in your element and will praise/encourage you with a soft smile on his face. He’s very proud of you and makes sure to tell you that whenever he can.
Because he’s never really been affectionate physically, he’d be a little stiff cuddling at first but once he gets more comfortable he would hold onto you softly, like he’s protecting you from the world because you’re his world
He adores the little things you do and he’ll go out of his way to send you letters (he actually has it sent through the mail) talking about how much he loves you and appreciates you.
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stardewvalleygf · an hour ago
i got my second vaccine today and oh boy oh boy is it kicking my ass right now
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michaejones · an hour ago
After a long 3 years of retail hell I’m going back to school starting Monday and i am oh so scared haha
Was hoping it was gonna be all online to ease me back into it but it’s all in person fuck i am already so tired
BUT VERY EXCITED! I’m going into interior design. I’ve been thinking of this for like the last 6 years but every time i just felt like i wouldn’t belong - in all honesty i was just not confident in myself. but i figured even if it doesn’t work out, at least I’ll be a step closer to get out of retail (:
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