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the-blind-geisha · a month ago
Lady Dems seems so cute to me because if her and mc are both women, I’d imagine she’d use that as an excuse to have lots of “girls nights” and to maybe justify some inappropriate behavior towards mc since they’re both females
Seeing you heading her way, she did her best to still her tail wagging but... it was a challenge. Demiurge crossed her hand upon her chest, bowing as she curled her obvious delight about her leg just a bit to still herself. “My Lady, I was curious if you would humor me for a moment?”
You paused, wondering what she could so want at this hour. It was a bit late and you were just trying to head off to eat dinner. “What is it, Demiurge?”
“I was wondering... I read up on something called a 'lady's night' in one of the books in the library.” Again, Demiurge tried to still her tail from wagging, merely wrapping it a bit tighter about her leg. “To my understanding, it is a time where ladies get together and enjoy in one another's company, am I correct?”
Yes, that was the gist of it. It wasn't something you did often when you were in the real world as you were a bit antisocial but it was something you liked to imagine doing with friends. “Well, yes, it's kind of like a sleepover too,” you explained.
“Sleepovers?” Demiurge's ears perked a bit.
“Oh, umm.. you basically spend the time talking about things, watching movies, eating snacks, and then you both go to bed in the same room.”
“Really?” The devil did her best to hide her smirk of showing this was coming together all too well. “Well, seems you've had a 'lady's nights' before, correct?”
You looked away, rubbing your upper arm in a fit of embarrassment. “N-Not really.”
That made the demon even more delighted. How wonderful. She could be the first. “Oh, well why don't we have such a time together?” She tried to hide the plotting grin a bit better, motioning down the hall where your room was. “How about it, Lady y/n? I will grab some food and get in my nightwear while you just go back to your bedroom, and we'll enjoy in this time there...” She paused, opening her jeweled eyes slowly. “...together.”
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the-blind-geisha · a month ago
Does Fem Dem also want lots of demonic spawn?
You know she would.
And I've made this no secret of mine, but given how Demiurge runs experiments, she would be able to take what she needs from the MC and herself to create their own babies with their conjoined DNA.
A lot of test tube babies. She'd be happy.
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the-blind-geisha · a month ago
What do you think of human fem Demi and mc in the modern world? Is that too far fetched? 😂
Not at all farfetched. ♥ It's easy to imagine a female Demi who either still works at a farm or she could own her very own bookstore and café. Fem!Demi thinks the MC is charming and she loves to talk to her about any and everything.
She's also the girl that won't take anybody hurting the MC and is the tough girl you don't mess with.
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the-blind-geisha · 19 days ago
Do you watch anime dubs? I ask cause I love your fem Demi stuff and it makes me think about what her voice would be like and for some reason I always toggle through all the fem anime voice actors I know to kinda imagine which one would best fit lol I was wondering if you had any comparisons for what you think her voice might sound like? (i hope this does not come off like a request or anything, i just wanted to ask your opinion)
You're absolutely fine, my dear. ♥ If anybody asks me a question, I'll gladly just answer it~. I do not mind.
Oh goodness, as time has gone on, my dear, I have to confess I watch more sub than dub. I used to love dubs over subs when I was younger because I didn't want to have to 'read my anime', but the more I started to compare the two, the more I just felt like the American voice actors didn't put a lot into their roles in some animes I watched. I probably just watched bad dubbed anime in the early 2000s, but I always felt the Japanese voice actors really go out of their way for it. But no matter what, I will watch either or depending how I am feeling or toggle the American voice cast on and off depending the game I'm playing. I never want to overlook what hard work the American dub teams do nowadays. ♥
But speaking of—I was having a hard time trying to find the right person to even link, but then I remembered my queen from FFXV. If I had to choose anybody for Fem! Demiurge for Japanese and American voice? Oof, yeah, Aranea Highwind would be my go to for sure. You can listen to a comparison of her voice cast in the link below. I do think though this would be that one time I would highly suggest the English one really feels more the vocal type. ♥
Aranea Highwind Japanese/ English comparison
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the-blind-geisha · 21 days ago
Trying to take my mind off of things. Plotting a lot. I hate my energy to do art has like...died. lol I had a few nice Demiurge pieces planned but the moment I open CSP, I draw a line and say 'yeah, that's good'. LOL
And trust me, this was before all of the family stuff. I've just been emotionally stressed for other reasons. I'll be OK though.
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