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Originally posted by wont-beg-wont-bleed

A/N : I wanna dedicate this to @slavet0thegrind​ for her birthday, I hope you will like it <3 I tried my best.

Pls go easy on me guys, it’s one of my first time writing headcanons for Rachel :). 

- Rachel would surprise you by showing up at your door on the morning of your birthday. Luckily you woke up 10 minutes earlier.

- “What weren’t you supposed to be on tour?”

-“ I took a day off for you, baby.”

- You jumped on him and he held you tightly kissing you on your lips.

-“ Happy birthday princess. I brought your favorite donuts” He smiled.

- You two had a happy breakfast and he told you every crazy thing happened during the tour.

- Once you finished eating you spent most of the morning just cuddling on the couch.

-You missed being held by him, his kisses and his hugs, so much. You could get lost in them forever.

-“It’s better if you get ready because we have a reservation to your favorite restaurant.”

- You were so happy about it and you could help but jumping on him.

- Making sure you put on a cute but also elegant short dress, you wanted to look the best.

- You almost died when you saw Rachel wearing his “Breaking down” music video outfit.

-“ Only for this time, then you’ll never see me in a suit. Again.”

- You two couldn’t keep your eyes off each other during lunch. He thought you were so hot in your dress and you kept staring at him and his suits.

- Another round of weird tour stories, because the stupid shit that happens on tour is never enough.

- He kept complimenting you and flirting like an idiot.

- You looked surprised to see the cake but he tells you that tonight you will be busy, so now is cake time.

- Your wish was to spend the rest of your life happily with him.

- When you get back home, you two decide to take a quick nap and the hit the record store. Rachel was still tired from jet lag.

-You hugged him tightly and you both drifted away by telling each other I love you.

-Rachel brought you to your favorite record store and you couldn’t help but to walking around all happy.

-“Rach, come here, I found your album!”

- He insisted on paying every record you bought, saying they were part of his gift too.

-You kept bothering him to tell you what was his last surprise but he didn’t give up.

-“My lips are sealed baby girl”

-“Not even if I kiss you?”

-Rachel didn’t give up until the end, never giving you a hint on your final surprise.

-Your heart almost stopped when you saw he took you at a concert.

-Well one of your favorite bands‘ concert.

-“Omg Rachel, you are crazy! Thank you so much!” You hugged him tightly.

-He kept his arms around you all the concert, leaving now and then kisses on you head.

-You two share a kiss right before the last song ended.

-“ I love you so much, thank you for this amazing day!”

-“Anything for you, baby.”

-As soon as you got home, you collapsed tired on the bed.

-Rachel took you in his arms and started to play with his hair, until you felt like drifting away.

-“ Thank you so much my love, this was one of my best birthday ever!”

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request- can you do a wlw for hermione?

a/n: i hope you guys enjoy this! it’s my first wlw and i’m a bit nervous tbh xx

word count- 1.3k

warnings- strong language


Originally posted by shurley

i saw hermione granger for the first time and my heart stopped. i remember it was in potions class on my second day at hogwarts- i had transferred in from ilvermorny when i was fourteen.

i almost fell into the dungeons after having lost my way about twelve times from dumbledore’s office where he had sorted me into slytherin- i figured that would be like horned serpent- the house i was in.

i stuttered an apology to the professor with greasy hair- snape his name was i learned later, and sat down next to blaise. our parents were friends and we always met whenever he and his mother visited massachusetts. 

“draco’s looking at you,” blaise muttered under his breathe to me as i pulled out my book, “the boy i told you about last summer when we met.”

“does he know i’m as gay as they come?” i asked laughingly.

“of course not,” blaise scoffed and handed me half his ingredients.

i looked at him with a smile, “you don’t plan on telling him do you?”

it took all of my effort to not laugh at his smirk which clearly said no.

“who’s that girl?” i asked, “in the red tie with those two boys?” i gasped, “is that harry potter?”

“that’s hermione granger,” blaise said with a sour look on his face, “with potter and weasley- they’re in gryffindor. slytherins and gryffindors are mortal enemies.”

“who cares? she’s gorgeous,” i breathed.

blaise looked at me sharply, “(y/n)- no. gryffindors are off limits for slytherins and vice versa. shag whoever the fuck you want, just not one of them. as far as gryffindors are concerned- consider yourself to be on an eternal no nut november.”


“no ‘but’s, (y/n),” blaise cut me off, “you can’t.”

so i spent two long years rejecting boys who didn’t understand the concept of ‘not attracted to penis’ and pansy who got very handsy when drunk. i settled for wistful glances at her from afar. 

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Originally posted by buckythepresident

T R I G G E R  W A R N I N G : Suicide & Depression.

If these are difficult topics for you, please tread lightly or avoid altogether.


You miss him.

The sound of his laugh.

The color of his eyes.

The sight of his smile.

Such little things.

Things that most people don’t even think twice about.

You want to forget him.

Push the very thought of him into the darkest recesses of your mind, in the hopes of waking up one day and forgetting him completely.

Doing that would just make his voice pound loud and heavy in your ears, cause his image to burn behind your eyelids, make your nerve endings tingle with anticipation as if his fingertips had skimmed across your skin.

You sleep around. Often. Too often. Pick up bait from local bars. A drink here, a flirt there and soon enough, you’d end up in a hotel, tangled in the sheets with a stranger whose name you didn’t care to ask for.

Everyone in the gang encouraged you to move on, to stop thinking about him, because death might not be contagious, but with each and every passing day that you deteriorate, it doesn’t have to be.  

You had tried to look for a real relationship at first. Honestly. But you’d end-up comparing every single one to him.

You didn’t even realize you were doing it.

Eyes aren’t the right color. Voice is too high. Clothes are too pretentious. Ego is too inflated. Laugh is forced. Smile is deceiving.

In the ecstasy of climax, you had to bite your tongue so you wouldn’t scream his name.

You clutch at your head, nails painfully digging into your scalp, a futile attempt to stop the voice that rips at the crumbling remains of your sanity.

End this miserable excuse of a life.

I’m not miserable… I’m alive.

You’ve got a pulse, you’re breathing, and you’re one of six billion souls that roam the Earth. But that isn’t living. That‘s simply existing.

They’re the same thing.

Sometimes repeating a lie thousands of times doesn’t make it true.

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anon asked:  um… maybe joots with a s/o who is very clumsy and when she does stuff she always does it wrong or not how it was supposed to be done? maybe joot was a little ‘mean’ to them about being clumsy/not doing something correctly and it made them a little sad? :/

a/n: Aww anon! This makes me feel bad for y/n ;-; Okay, angst mode then, you asked for it!

tl;dr 3taro x fem!reader; Jotaro comes off a little harsh to reader, who is clumsy and unsure.

tw: injury mention


y/n tended to do things, like standing in the line of fire during a stand fight and not moving out of the way in time for you or whoever was able to block the attack from hitting you to escape injury. this time, it was Jotaro who was close enough to act as your human shield, and he didn’t take your ‘negligence’ lightly. 

- well, in your defense, you didn’t have the heightened reflexes of Star Platinum at your fingertips like he did. you couldn’t hoist yourself away from danger like Kakyoin and Joseph, or act as swiftly as Polnareff with his Silver Chariot. even Avdol could disintegrate oncoming obstacles to prevent injury. your stand didn’t seem to help your case in any way. you still tripped over your shoes quite frequently and fumbled when people tossed you things. 

- it was definitely hard for Jotaro to accept that he had to compensate for you sometimes. he has managed by himself since he was very young, and he tends to reflect the expectations held for him onto others. 

he might give you a sharp retort through clenched teeth as he clutched the wounded area, “What the hell, y/n? Watch your back from now on.”

- of course, anything he says in that deep, thunderous voice of his is bound to bring anyone to attention. the fact that it was constructive criticism he was giving you made it that much harder for you to take lightly. you stiffened at his side and gave him a short nod. your face angled to the opposite side so you could pinch the bridge of your nose and hide the tears forming at the corners of your eyes. 

- after the fight, something led you to pull at Avdol’s cuff. well, maybe it was because he was wise, trustworthy, and if anyone would tell it to you straight, it was Avdol. the glint of recognition in his warm brown eyes when he caught sight of you only seemed to encourage the tears falling. 

“Y/n, are you alright? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” 

- after a series of questions (near constant waves of enemy stand attacks made each of the Crusaders wary of anything that happened on their trip), he was able to gather what was bothering you and encouraged you to go talk to Jotaro about how you felt.

- Avdol offered to come with you, and Jotaro was bit gentler with you from then on. (though, his “gentle” might differ from that of others.) he muffled any blunt comments and would ask if you needed him to help you hold your own in a fight if he noticed you were struggling. maybe he would stand at one of the peripheral areas that you often lost focus of during a fight. the other Crusaders would also arrange themselves around you when they could. it wasn’t that you and your stand were compromised; it was that you worked better with others. 

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sober. [arthur morgan x reader]


Originally posted by prairiemule

These moments are rare and far-between, for the most part, seeing as how Arthur doesn’t get outright wasted often, prefers to have a few drinks but keep his wits about him.

But when he does get plastered?

This gorgeous cowboy loves to sing and dance and flirt until the roosters start crowing.

“But that cowardly killer,

That shot Mr. Miller,

Has laid old Otis

In his grave!”

You’re there, two or three drinks warming your belly but you’re hardly tipsy, nowhere near a fraction as drunk as your counterpart.

You don’t mind.

1. He’s always there to take care of you when you get drunk off your ass.

2. These are nights you want to remember - where Arthur is smiling, laughing, happy - not lose to the hazy fog of alcohol.

Gets to the point where the barkeep has to shoo everyone out (Arthur had made an incredible amount of friends within a single night), because it’s closing time, dammit, I’ll have the sheriff here so fast that you won’t be able to tell up from down—

You apologize, batting your lashes, biting your bottom lip, giving him a smile and an incredibly persuasive conversation that the authorities wouldn’t have to be involved, though Arthur heatedly argues that he’s talking to a beautiful woman, for Christ’s sake, he can’t just leave.

“There’ll be plenty of beautiful women at the hotel, big guy,” you laugh, as you stumble with him down the stairs, able to navigate through the rest of the inebriated ensemble falling out of the establishment with ease, ambling Arthur’s drunken gait with your tipsy one, careful to make sure he doesn’t misstep and twist something.

“Don’t need ‘em… Got my beautiful woman right here.”

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Pairing:; Captain Syverson x Fem!Reader

Song prompt: Cover Me Up by Morgan Wallen

Rating: F for Fluffy, hints at Angst. SOFT!SY


Originally posted by andsowewalkalone

By the time that you and Sy got married, you’d lived what seemed like lifetimes together. Being together during numerous deployments, PTSD episodes and therapy sessions made your 6 years together feel like more. But despite the ups and downs, the two of you had come out on the other side stronger. You’d battled the demons, both yours and his as a team and conquered them.

You couldn’t have been more overjoyed to marry Sy, to become a Syverson officially after all these years. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was fun, but the part that you were most looking forward to was the time after. You and Sy were bone tired and slightly drunk from the festivities by the time you got to your hotel room. You’d be leaving for your honeymoon tomorrow at noon and you were looking forward to passing out in the massive, plush hotel bed with your husband and sleeping off the wine you’d had. Sy had been uncharacteristically quiet on the ride home and once you’d slipped out of your dress, into one of his t-shirts and taken your first full breath of the day, you approached him.

“Sy? Is everything okay?” you ask, softly, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and pressing a kiss to his neck.

              He grunts and then turns his head towards you. “Yeah, I’m just nervous, that’s all.”

You furrow your brow, “Why are you nervous? We’ve already gotten through the hardest part of today.”

              He kisses your head, “Cuz I’ve got one more present for you and I’m trying to work up the nerve to give it ya.”

You smile and kiss his jaw. “Baby, you know I’m gonna love anything you get me.”

              He smiles, “I know, alright, let me get it.”

You slip your arms from his shoulder and settle yourself on the bed, tucking your legs under you and pulling his shirt over your knees.

              He shakes his head when he sees and moves towards the closet in the corner. Sliding open the door, he pulls out his beat up guitar case.

You smile and chew at your lip. “Baby, when’d you learn to play?”

              He clears his throat and opens the case, tenderly running his fingers up the neck of the guitar before plucking the acoustic instrument from his case. “Highschool, but I stopped playing for a long time, only just recently picked it up again.”

You shake your head, “I’ve been with you for six years and married you before finding out that you play guitar?”

              He laughs and shrugs the strap over his shoulder before settling onto the thick coffee table. “Like I said, I haven’t played in years, but once I decided I wanted to do something special for ya today, I was racking my brain and I came up with this.” He strums the guitar tentatively taking a  moment to tune it before clearing his throat.

“Oh my god, are you about to sing for me?” You ask, your heart in your throat.

              He gives you a shy smile. “Yeah, bug, I am.”

“Oh, Sy, you know how much I love it when you sing,” you murmur, wetting your lips.

              “Bug, you can’t start crying before I even start to play.

You huff a little bit, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

              He clears his throat again and lets his fingers begin to float over the string, forming the chords with ease.

After the first few notes, you recognize the song and your throat seizes. He’s playing your song, the song that had gotten you through so much, the song that had come to stand as a pillar of everything that you’d been through and how your love for each other could get you through it. You felt a tear run down your cheek and he hadn’t even opened his damn mouth yet.

              Finally, he begins to sing, “A heart on the run keeps a hand on the gun, You can’t trust anyone, I was so sure what I needed was more, Tried to shoot out the sun, The days when we raged, we flew off the page, Such damage was done, But I made it through, ‘cause somebody knew, I was meant for someone.”

You try to swallow the lump in your throat as the tears start to stream down your cheeks, you close your eyes against the tears and let the timbre of your husband’s voice wash over as he goes into the chorus.

“So girl, leave your boots by the bed, We ain’t leaving this room, 'Til someone needs medical help, Or the magnolias bloom, It’s cold in this house and I ain’t going out to chop wood, So cover me up and know you’re enough, To use me for good”

              Sy looks up at you and stops, “Bug, are you alright?”

You open your eyes and nod at him, “Please keep going, I’m alright, baby.”

              “you sure?”

You nod, eagerly, sniffling. “I’m sure, Sy. Finish your song.”

              He nods, swallows before resuming the song at the second verse. “I put your faith to the test, when I tore off your dress, In Richmond on High, I sobered up, I swore off that stuff, Forever this time, And the old lover’s sing, “I thought it’d be me who helped him get home”, But home was a dream, One that I’d never seen 'til you came along. So girl, hang your dress out to dry, We ain’t leaving this room, 'Til Percy Priest breaks open wide, And the river runs through, And carries this house on the stones
Like a piece of driftwood, Cover me up and know you’re enough, To use me for good”

You watch him closely, never having seen the side of your husband, the musician, watching his face closely, you admired his long lashes and the smooth slope of his nose and the cut of his brow, until you noticed a stray tear as he hit the last chorus. So many memories, good and bad were tied to this song for the two of you and couldn’t help but move from your spot on the bed and slip onto the coffee table behind him to cling to Sy as he finished out the last chorus, his strong voice wavering slightly.

“So girl, leave your boots by the bed, We ain’t leaving this room, 'Til someone needs medical help, Or the magnolias bloom, It’s cold in this house and I ain’t going out to chop wood, So cover me up and know you’re enough, To use me for good, So cover me up and know you’re enough, To use me for good”

His thick fingers play out the last chords slowly and you tuck your head into his neck, brushing your lips there.

“Thank you, Sy, it was perfect,” you whisper, against his skin. He unhooks his guitar strap and leans forwards enough to free himself from it and then rest back against you.

              “You’re welcome, Bug. I couldn’t think of anything else to give you.”

You shake your head slightly. “This is the only thing that I could have ever needed besides you.”

              “Thank you for loving me even though I’m bull-head most of the time. You’ve treated me with such tenderness in times when I treated you with such anger.”

You pull your face from his neck and press a kiss against his cheek. “And I’d do it all over again if it meant that I’d get this moment, right here, right now with you. I love you.”

              He sighs and turns slightly to look at you. “How’d I get so lucky, Bug?”

You shake your head. “The God Lord and lots of luck,” you tease.

              He rolls his eyes, “Seriously, thought, (y/n/n), I owe you so much.”

“You owe me nothing but our future. The past is behind us, we’ve made it through it so we don’t have to look back. You went through it to get to this moment and we made it. Let’s not relive it. Sy, baby, you can let it go.”

              He sighs and leans back against you as his body relaxes. “I love you, Bug.”

You kiss his cheek again. “I love you too, now, let’s get into bed because I’m exhausted and we’re gonna have a long day tomorrow.”

              He nods, sleepily, but pushes himself to his feet and takes you with him, piggybacking you across the room to the bed. He sets you down gently and strips to his boxers before approaching the bed. “Bug?”

“Yeah?” You ask, already snuggled under the covers.

              “Can we spoon?”

You nod, “Of course, do you wanna be the little spoon or the big spoon.”

              “Can I be the little one tonight?”

You smile at him and lift the blankets, “Of course, come on.”    

              Your massive, bear of a husband, breaks into a sweet grin before sliding under the covers and letting you wrap yourself entirely around him. He heaves a huge Sy as he relaxes into your touch once more.

“Goodnight, Sy,” you whisper against his ear.

              “Goodnight, Mrs. Syverson.”

You smile into his neck and close your eyes. You splay your palm against your husbands chest and let his strong, steady heartbeat lull you to sleep.

 Tagging: @foodieforthoughts thank you for requesting mushy sy @persephone-is-here-omg @angryschnauzer @salimahbicharara-comun @summersong69@feralrunaway@henrythickcavill@hope-to-hell@hoeforhenry@inlovewithhisblueeyes@hell1129-blog@cavillryarchive@killjoy-assbutt-1112@soldatsaleannan@madbaddic7ed@connieisland@poledancingdinos@gearhead66@tapismyforte@maizyistrash@cavillsbestgal@geralt-of-baevia

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@chaoslightningthings​ asked: AY AY IM BACK WITH MORE ASKS IM SORRY Maybe can I please request some (3) Jotaro cuddles maybe he’s healing up from injuries and the reader just practically doesn’t leave his side and she cuddles up to him telling him “I don’t care what the hell you say I’m not leaving you dumbass” or something like that- I just think it’s cute and I REALLY NEED Jotaro cuddles right now

a/n: Hey Lightning!! ♥ Aaw don’t worry, you’re totally fine, sorry to get this out to you so late. This is kind of the opposite of your last ask, this time Jotaro is injured and reader is taking care of him. I like where this is going..

tl;dr 3taro x fem!reader, reader helps Jotaro after he’s gotten into a fight. 

tw: injury mention, blood tw


-️ you turned the corner on your way home from school and had to do a double take. whaaat the heck? 

there was blood smudged over a whole expanse of the sidewalk, down the fold of Jotaro’s shirt, against the pavement. there was a lot of blood. it was alarming. what was probably more alarming was the fact that Jotaro could walk away from a fight so intense without so much as a whimper.

-️ one of the offenders was passed out on the ground. Jotaro pulled away from the doorpost of the corner store, straight-backed, powerful. his smooth face slightly wrinkled with not pain, but anger. yeah. you could tell by the curl of his lip, he was pissed off at whoever had had the guts to take a jab at his rib. 

“Hey, you got a tissue or something?”

-️ your eyes went wide. you couldn’t believe it, you’d have to convince him that you need more than just a tissue to stop bleeding through your shirt, Mr. Kujo sir. 

“No, I meant. Sweat’s getting in my eyes, I can’t see straight.”

-️ damn. at least he agreed that his wounds needed medical attention. he doesn’t have much to say when you stop by to check on him a few days after.

-️ he doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. he’s only missed a few days of school, and it’s not like he hasn’t done something like this before. the concern in your expression kind of rubbed him the wrong way. 

-️ “Yare yare,” he muttered. it was even more frustrating that Holly fed into your concern by letting you do his chores around the house, citing the excuse that you were “such a sweet girl,” and that he should be happy to have someone that cares so much about him.

-️ he knew it was true; you didn’t have to keep coming by. the snuck a teal eyed stare over to the wooden floors in your direction. 

-️ “I swear it, y/n, I’m fine. Look,” when you were close enough, he slowly wrung his hands behind your shoulders and drew you into his arms. your face tucked into his chest. his breaths were calm. and it wasn’t like you were sparing his torso any pressure. “This doesn’t hurt a bit.” if this was his awkward way of thanking you or whatever, hey, it was more than adequate. although, you were eager to verify whether he was bluffing or not. (also, you didn’t want to hurt him)

[y/n: “Are you wincing??”]

“Go home, you have your own dishes to clean.”

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Fandom: Marvel (Baker AU)

Pairing: Chubby!Bucky x F!Reader

As requested by anonymous:  Idk if this is even a request or me wanting you to love this image as much as I do 😂 But imagine chubby Bucky shirtless making you breakfast or just baking cookies for fun and you wrap your arms around him. I bet he’d smell so nice and warm + requested from another anonymous:  I saw your chubby Bucky requests are open and I’ve been so sad :( today because my mum and I have been arguing a lot, so some good old fluff would honestly make my day! Just something small like baking together or having a Picknick you know? And Bucky kissing and hugging you a lot. Please?


Originally posted by sheisraging

Aaaahhh the weekend. You and Bucky didn’t have work this weekend so you, obviously, wanted to take advantage of it. You two slept in until noon, relishing in each other’s warmth and love until your stomachs growled with hunger. 

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Helloooo I almost posted this yesterday as a thank you gift and then I totally got caught up in schoolwork. Gotta love finals season am I right

Anywho, thank y’all so much for 1.7k followers <3 Here’s a long ass chapter that’s a good ol’ mix of fluff and angst xx.

Chapter Warnings: waking-up-together kinda fluff, no sexytimes but there are some ~suggestive~ comments of course, ANGST at the end (i’m so sorry), the end of this case is very near on the horizon


Originally posted by spencereid

Aaron wakes you when his first alarm goes off at 5a.m. It’s way too fucking early in your opinion, but you know he wants you to have time to go back to Emily and JJ’s room to get ready for the day.

Still, being woken by a kiss on your forehead is something you can see yourself getting used to. Not to mention using his chest as a pillow all night.

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Warning: unprotected sex (don’t do it)

You’re alseep when Peter comes home from his mission.

Lying on his bed, with those sexy shorts and cute pyjama top of yours.

Taking off his suit, Peter gently spreads your legs, lying down between them.

He lifts your shirt, kissing up and down, left to right, nuzzling his face against your belly as he leaves wet kisses all over you.

He wants nothing more than to fuck you right now, but he doesn’t want to touch you there when you’re still sleeping- he can’t.

Peter smiles as you awake, sleepy groan leaving your lips, a smile making its way to your face. “Pete,” you whisper, hand going to his hair as he lifts your shirt over your chest, waiting for a reaction.

Even in your sleep state, you manage to pull the shirt over your head, and you wake up a little more as Peter starts playing with your tits.

His mouth latching onto your nipples, as you moan quietly.

“Need you so bad,” he mumbles, finally kissing your lips, and you grip his hair to hold him closer to you.

“Then take me.”

“You want to, baby?” he asks.

“Please, I need you too. How was your mission?” you ask as you remember.

“Only got through it because I knew I was gonna see you at the end of the night.”

“‘Love you,” you say, propping your legs up, and pulling your shorts to the side so Peter has immediate access to your pussy.

He tugs his boxers off, lying down between your legs as he rubs his hard cock against your slick folds, “So wet for me, baby.”

“Was waiting for you to come back all evening. My pussy was waiting,” you smile and he does the same.

“I’m here now to make you feel good.”

He thrusts into you slowly, staying buried deep inside of you for a few seconds, before he starts pulling out again, just enough to gather more of your slick and want.

“Peter, baby,” you moan, needing more of him, needing him to go faster.

He knows you so well by now, that he understands every single one of your moans. He grips your hips hard, his own thrusting into you at a higher speed.

“Fuck baby, you’re so fucking tight,” he groans into your ear. After a night of thinking of you, you know he won’t last much longer so you start rubbing your clit to the rhythm of his thrusts.

“Let me do that, pretty girl,” he pulls away your wrist and moves his hand between your bodies, spreading the slick and stroking your clit.

You’re both a moaning mess, Peter just as tense as you, but he makes sure you cum before he does, at least a few seconds.

His breathing is heavy as he lies down next to you.

He still gets up to get a wet washcloth, cleaning up the stickiness between your legs, and himself, before he joins you to sleep.

“Love you, my sweet girl.”

“Love you more, Pete.”

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Hmmmm this is an idea. I like it! 18+ stuff ahead!

  • You know, with more Avengers than chairs, sometimes you have to share. Close firends share, like Ned and Peter. Close firends who are probably something more share, like Steve and Bucky. And the couples who usually share are Carol and Val, Thor and Jane, and the Lang-Van Dyne family share a couch.
  • Usually, Tony and you are hosting, so you have separate seats close to each other and close to the front.
  • However, one night, the seats were taken by Deadpool and his party crashers, so you and your boyfriend settled in the very back in one chair.
  • Tony and you managed though. You spun right into his lap with a giggle. “Well, this will be cozy.”
  • He nodded and playfully nibbled on your neck. “Comfiest seat in the house.” He intertwined his hands with yours, and both of you manaveured yourseves so you could properly sit on his lap without blocking his view of the large screen.
  • Twenty minutes into the movie, something started to poke your ass. With a gulp, you pushed yourself further into him and whispered, “Someone’s excited.”
  • “Can you blame me?” He hummed against your skin.
  • Your throat was dry. You pressed your thighs together. “I guess not.” You turned your hips, but Tony’s hands grabbed your waist to stop you. “Watch the movie.”
  • You scoffed but followed anyway. Good thing the blanket was coverin you as Tony’s fingers came to play with your waistband. He spread your wetness around, and was the sound of his fingers stroking you that loud?
  • “Keep quiet, ok?”
  • You made a sound of agreement.
  • As soon as you did, Tony started rubbing your clit, and it nearly made you jump. To ground yourself, you grabbed his wrists and leaned back into him.
  • You ground your hips into his hand, and your mouth opened to make a sound.
  • Tony stopped. With the hand that was stroking your cunt, he covered your mouth. “Need me to keep you quiet?”
  • You nodded.
  • “Ok.” He dipped his fingers in your mouth while his other hand was shoved down the front of your pants.
  • You eagerly sucked your arousal off his fingers as an alternative to moaning as he thrusted his fingers in and out of you. You couldn’t even look at him while he did it. You could faintly hear his groans and heavy breathing as he focused on getting you off.
  • But the only thing you saw was a crowd of superheroes huddles in front of a large screen. All of them clueless to what Tony was doing to you.
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sanctuary. [arthur morgan x reader]


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You and Arthur stumble into a hotel just as the worst of the snowstorm rages outside, asking for the warmest room, ignoring the fact that it’s a single bed, wanting nothing more than sweet, glorious heat to thaw your skin, bones, marrow.

Though you’d each taken a steaming hot bat, wearing fresh, clean, dry clothes - courtesy of the hotel for two dollars extra - and have been basking by the fireplace for at least a half hour, the cold has seeped so deeply through your pores that you’re sure that it’s freezing the blood in your veins because the ice doesn’t leave your body, if the chattering of your teeth and the trembling of your whole body is any indication.

Which is when you have a miraculous idea to warm both of you up.

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Ok this is just too cute and smutty saturday can always be fluffy! Need some sweetness with the citrus right?

  • Tony has trust issues, PTSD, anxiety, daddy issues, and survivor’s guilt, so dating him was already a challenge both of you had to agree upon.
  • There was a lot of push and pull. Of you needing to stay away at some points or to push closer. It took a lot of trial and error, but both of you never chose to give up. Never permanently.
  • You’ve been through panic attacks, flashbacks, and drives to and from therapy. He’s been through your struggles, invasive paps, and newly acquired fame.
  • But you care about each other. Challenges like that were difficult but worth it.
  • Tony himself wasn’t direct with his words at first. He mainly gave you gifts to show affection, which you were fine with. When it wasnt insanely extravagent.
  • After a year of dating, Tony still hadn’t said anything. You knew you felt it. But you owed it to him to let him say it first. You didn’t want to risk Tony feeling insecure because he wasn’t ready.
  • It wasn’t until he spotted you on your day off in the tower that he knew for sure.
  • You were at a lab table with Peter. Dum-E and U were hovering over the two of you.
  • “Can you get me schematics on Stark Industries File S3-2H7, Mr. Jarvis?”
  • “Peter, you already saw that one.” You rubbed his shoulder and tried, “You know, I’ve been trying to learn a new recipe. Wanna help?”
  • “Maybe later.”
  • So Peter continued his project.
  • You sighed. Dum-E nudged you and beeped. You smiled and tapped the bench in Morse Code. ‘Break kitchen.’
  • Dum-E chirped, recruited U, and headed to the kitchen. Minutes later, a crash was heard, and Peter gasped. “Oh my god, are you alright? What was that?”
  • U came back and chirped in Morse Code.
  • Peter was shocked. “Dum-E!” The boy ran out of the lab, goggles still on.
  • You giggled and turned to see Tony. “Hi, honey.” You kissed his cheek and happily fell into his arms. “How long have you been back?”
  • And tony just gazed at you. You handled the kid so well, and his other kids communicated with you so flawlessly. You really fit in his home, in his family, in his life.
  • “I love you.”
  • That gave you pause. You weren’t sure if you heard him correctly.
  • He smiled. “If you’re not ready-”
  • “I love you, too!” You laughed and before he could comprehend it, you were kissing him. The kiss was giggly and light and soft, and you cherished every moment.
  • “I am so sorry that Dum-E did- oh. Uh, hi, Mr. Stark.”
  • You pulled away, and you two laughed. “It’s ok, kid,” Tony said. “Don’t let Dum-E bait you into taking the blame. It’s their fault.”
  • Peter sighed and patted Dum-E. “Sorry.” He ran back to the kitchen, presumably to clean up Dum-E’s mess.
  • The poor robot hung their claw in shame.
  • “Dum-E,” you said, “you’re fine. I told you to break something in the kitchen. Thank you, sweetheart.”
  • The robot chirped, nuzzled their claw against your hand before leaving to help Peter.
  • When they were gone, you smiled up at Tony. “I love you.” Was it possible to be addicted to words?
  • His smile was brilliant. “I love you, too.”
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Yes! Some good fluffy sweetness!

  • While some parts of the holidays is done by Tony’s staff, like decorations of the tower and the shopping for galas and various holiday gatherings, for his house and for the Avengers’ shared space, Tony liked being involved with decorations and some specific holiday traditions.
  • At the Tower, Tony, Shuri, and you coordinated decorations. The main room will have everyone’s stockings. Everyone’s. And no matter how hard Tony tried to take away Eddie’s and/or Venom’s stockings, you always put them back.
  • “They’re never here! And they always raid the fridge!”
  • “They are Peter’s friends and a good hero when they mean to be!”
  • “I’m not telling you where I hid it.”
  • “Ok.” You crossed your arms. “Hey, Jay? Where’s the missing stocking?”
  • “Mr. Stark has stored it in the freezer, beneath the frozen peas.”
  • “Traitor!”
  • With the Avengers, several playlists have been made with different moods, artists, occassions. So, every baking session, wrapping session, charity auction had a musical ambience arranged by Tony himself.
  • There was a tradition started by Bruce for gingerbread houses. He thought it would be fun!
  • Bruce forgot that Avengers building gingerbread houses might be more complicated and, uh, competitive than usual
  • For example, Steve is an artist. He will create intricate gingerbread designs and find new ways to use frosting to elevated the edible structure.
  • Clint likes sabotaging other people’s structures.
  • Hope’s and Scott’s team always supersize their house so you could actually go inside it.
  • Shuri and her brother have Wakandan technology so when their team is resting, mini gingerbread robots are building their own damn gingerbread city.
  • Your boyfriend made mini fireworks for his house. He also may have made a mini iron family to live in said gingerbread house.
  • … safe to say, its not really a regular winning but rather whose house is still standing and the most exciting.
  • Tony loves the classic holiday moments. This includes lounging by a roaring fireplace with hot coco, stories, maybe a movie, and some presents.
  • He loves bringing the robots up to enjoy the fun. Dum-E and U even have their own mugs! Tony bought them in bulk. … they tend to break them.
  • If families were invited, Tony loved coordinating with old friends of his friends to get embarrassing holiday footage from past years.
  • Seeing Loki summon a projection of a baby Thor as he ran around in a blue blanket pretending to be a valkyrie was very amusing.
  • You may have dug through old files to find videos of tiny Tony building little robots and Mr. Jarvis.
  • “Where- Turn it off. Jarvis!”
  • “No!” You laughed.
  • Peter was giggling. “Mr. Stark, is that Dum-E’s first prototype?”
  • The said robot beeped and nodded.
  • While your personal home with Tony wasn’t the hotspot for holiday parties, the two of you still decorate it in a minimalist style. Big things, but only a few big things.
  • The tree was adorned with a variety of ornaments, half of them being Avengers themed. Some where your childhood ornaments or Tony’s. Then, there were Peggy Carter’s ornaments (She made them for Tony since he was a kid for as long as she could)
  • Stockings included: Tony, You, Dum-E, U, Vision, Peter, and May.
  • At one point, Tony wanted a giant snowglobe in the living room by the tree.
  • “It’ll be of a winter forest, so it’s like we have a forest in the living room.”
  • “It does sound beautiful.”
  • “See!”
  • “But, then we give Clint more hiding space when he comes over. With his mini hawks.”
  • “They wouldn’t hide in a snowglobe!” It took him a second. “I’ll cancel the order then.”
  • “Yeah, you should.”
  • Instead, Tony and you designed ladders and shelves on the wall to either display sentimental items and trinkets or to use for seating when superheroes are over.
  • Its always fun and games until Peter tries to sit on top of a closet or Thor decides that he wants to fly inside the house. So, seating attached to wall was actually a good idea
  • And of course, there will be nights with just you and Tony. Snuggled under a blanket to a shitty Hallmark movie, an indulgent dinner or two on the rooftop, a night to fly above the city lights and snack on junk food as you talked on top of the tallest building.
  • At the end of the day, holidays with Tony Stark are the best. You couldn’t ask for anything better.
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Disclaimer : hint of semi-NSFW(?) ,  Also maybe a slight spoiler, don’t really know since I got spoiled from a stream! Just beware. You can replace Jinx with your name, it is a female but I do plan to make more that are both genders don’t worry! I wrote these stories mostly based on one or more characters already. 

“You’ll be staying with me after this right?”

“I swear if he makes up another shitty excuse I’m not going on a commission with him ever.” Jinx cursed as she brushed her wet hair out her face. “Miss, we should head back before you fall ill.” Warwick advised as she laughed softly. “ Fine, thank you for your assistance today. Rest well.” Jinx said before dismissing him before she felt her chest tighten. She coughed harshly as she felt her forehead, “Fucking asshole, I swear he cancels 95% of the things last minute.” As Jinx teleported back to Liyue, she was looking around making her way to the place. The Fatui members looked at her, “ Look I’m not in the mood to argue today. If you don’t mind me coming in to drop these commissions, Childe was supposed to do it with me.” They loosen up before one opened the door for her. The girl at the desk looked over to her, “ Oh Childe is-“ “ Please I don’t care about his whereabouts now, I finished these for him since he abandoned me.” Jinx said as she coughed into her hands after giving the papers. “Miss, are you sure you are okay??” The girl went around as she held her shoulder. Another member came to check as he felt her forehead, “She’s burning, go get her into a room near Childe. I’ll go get a doctor.” 

They helped her up and into a room as the female help her get changed into warmer clothes . “ I’ll take care of your clothes and get the doctor.” Jinx nodded as she was breathing heavily from the heat. ‘Why were they helping me…’ She thought as she passed out. 

Childe was coming back as he shook the water out his hair, “ Ah, I swear I had to collect debt and deal with so much more. I wonder if she got back safely .” He talked to himself looking out the window. The doctor was coming downstairs as Childe raised an eyebrow, “ Excuse me sir is someone hurt ?” He asked as the doctor was getting his umbrella. “ Oh no, someone got sick from the rain so I just gave her some medicine and instructions to stay in bed.” The doctor said as Childe’s eyes widen realizing before thanking him rushing up the stairs. “She’s resting, keep it down okay?” The girl said getting up before she walked out the room. Childe looked at Jinx laying in bed as she was cuddled up into a pillow. His heart stung a bit knowing she was only sick because of him, he walked over quietly as he felt her forehead when he changed the towel. “I’m sorry.” Childe whispered as he sat down looking at her resting figure only hearing her breathing and occasionally coughing. He frowned looking at the time, “I’ll be back,” he said petting her head softly before leaving to shower and eat dinner. 

Jinx woke up to someone shaking her softly sitting up, “ Thank you…” she said in a weak voice. “ You can leave, I’ll take care of her.” Childe announced as the girl nodded before excusing herself. The door shut as Jinx kept eating her soup slowly, “ Look I’m sorry I left you again,” “Can we talk about this when my voice is actually working?” Jinx croaked out as she drank her warm tea after. Childe looked disappointed before nodding, “ Just .. Just listen okay?” He asked sitting down on the end of the bed. Jinx didn’t reply but he took it as a chance to explain himself. “I know it’s a shit excuse but I’ve been trying to handle everything going on. So that my brother doesn’t have to come here, we don’t want him to not see me when he’s here. To get a chance to spend time with him and pay attention to him. I am sorry letting you handle everything by yourself for the past week, now you’re sick.” Childe explained as he brushed her hair back. “I’m really sorry.” He whispered as Jinx placed her tray on the nightstand. “It’s … it’s fine , I guess I understand. At least tell me prior, I was going to cuss you out the second I saw you today.” Jinx said as he chuckled looking at her weak state. “Don’t tell me you’re about to cry seeing me like this, you big baby. What happened to the fighter I met when we had our battle?” Jinx giggled softly seeing him hold her hands kissing them softly and holding them there. “Come here you must be tired.” She whispered as her throat hurt pulling him into her arms laying down. Childe laid on her chest as he wrapped his arms around her tightly after getting under the sheets, “Not as much as you are, I’ll take care of you.” He whispered as she nodded playing with his hair. “Mm, I know. Let’s just sleep for now…” Jinx whispered as they fell asleep like that. 

-A week later-

Jinx was getting ready at Childe’s place, “I can’t believe that idiot lost my clothes..” she muttered as she took the outfit that the girl gave her. She took a look in the mirror as she fixed her hair tying it up before walking out. There were some glances that she noticed but kept walking towards the harbor to meet with Childe to help gather some things, ‘Wonder what he needed today…’ Childe was waiting for her as he told some of the members to start gathering already. His eyes caught the black-hair styled into a ponytail as he waved, “ Darling! I was wondering if you were going to bail one me to..” He paused in awe at what she was wearing. “Don’t ask and also I wouldn’t do that since I get my shit done.” Jinx said, walking past him as he caught her arm pulling her back into him. Childe leaned down into her ear, “What are you trying to pull, sweetheart? From what I can tell these used to be my old clothes before they shrank” he whispered as Jinx blushed turning her head away. “She lost my clothes so she gave me these, would you let go we have things to do…” she muttered. Childe laughed as he stood back up keeping his arm around her waist, “We sure do, but …” He leaned back down. 

“You’ll be staying with me after this right?”

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Come Away With Me

Pairing: Captain Syverson x Reader

Song Prompt: Come Away with Me by Norah Jones

Rating: F for Feels, mentions of adult content (sexxxxx)


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“Come away with me in the night, Come away with me”

It started on your honeymoon. The annual trips to Sy’s family cabin in the mountains. You had gotten married when he was still a private and basically broke. There’d been no money for a real honeymoon, but his grandparents had been kind enough to offer their beautiful cabin to you for 2 weeks for free. You had been skeptical but Sy had assured you that it’d be a good time so you’d agreed and you were so glad that you did.

Nestled at the base of the mountains, the cabin was peaceful and close to a lake that Sy told you he’d grown up swimming in during his childhood and well into his teens. Surrounded by nothing but the beautiful woods and wildlife, you’d smiled at him wickedly as you begin to strip off of your shorts and t-shirt, eager to jumpstart your honeymoon by skinny dipping. Sy’d eagerly followed you in the brisk water and so began your honeymoon.

It stormed the second night in, with the power knocked out and nothing lighting the cabin but the fire place and old lanterns that his grandparents had stored away for moments like these, Sy’d made love to you in front of the fire on the softest quilt you’d even felt. Wrapped up together, basking in the afterglow, head resting on Sy’s chest you were lulled to sleep by the sound of the rain on the tin roof. Sy pressed a kiss to your forehead and heaved a satisfied sigh.

              “I love you, Bug,” he drawled, sleepily, drawing circles with his calloused finger at the top of your spine.

You shivered and run a finger over the beaded chain of his dog tags. “I love you too, Sy.”

From then on, it began the tradition for the two of you, after every deployment to spend a few weeks reconnecting at his grandparents cabin. And when they passed, they’d left the cabin and what little patch of land they owned to you and Sy. Excited that your favorite getaway was now yours, the two of you had set to sprucing it up a bit, updating the furniture and giving it a fresh coat of paint to make it feel like it was really yours.

And eventually when life got to busy, between kids, work and Sy’s seemingly never ending deployments trips to the cabin fell to the wayside. So when Sy came home for good and he felt like he couldn’t breathe under the weight of civilian life. You arranged for your parents to watch your kids and packed Sy’s duffle and waited for him to come home from the gym.

When he walked through the door, he found you sitting on the stairs surrounded by a few weekend bags.

              “You leavin’ me, Bug?” he asked after a few moments of silence.

You shake your head. “No, never, I’m asking you to come away with me, just for the weekend.”

              He wets his lips, “What about the kids?”

“They’re with my parents and I’ve sorted everything. Please, just come away with me.”

              “Where too, Bug?”

A slow grin broke on your face. “Our oasis, baby.”

              A wave of joy passed over his face as his shoulder relaxed. “The cabin?”

You nod and stand, walking towards him slowly.

              He opens his arms to you and you slip into them, pressing yourself tightly to his chest as you hug him.

“Everything has gotten in the way of us lately and I don’t wanna neglect our marriage. I don’t look up one day at 65 and realize I don’t know the man sleeping next to me anymore. I want us to grow together not apart and I think that we need some alone time to get back us.”

              He rubs your back, “Think we can ever be those people again, Bug?”

You nod, “I do, Sy, I really do and if we can’t go back, we need to fall in love with the new versions of each other. Because I can’t life without you.”

              He pulls away and lifts your hand with a gently hand, “I’ll never stop loving you, Bug, that I know for sure. No matter what version or what ever color your hair ends up or you lose that banging bod. You’re always gonna be my beautiful, beautiful, too good for me wife.”

Your lip wobbles and you press up on your toes to kiss him softly. “I’ll love you forever, Jake Syverson.”

              He smiles, “Thank fuckin’ god for that baby.”

You smile and he slips from your arms to pick up the duffle bags

. “I’ll the load the car up and then take a shower. Have you already got groceries for the cabin? If not, you wanna run out while I’m in the shower?”

You give him a little salute. “Sir, yes, sir.”

              His eyes darken, “Save that for the bedroom, baby, I don’t wanna drive 4 hours with a hard on.”

You giggle, “Sorry, Captain.”

              He groans, “You’re killin’ me, Bug.”

You grab your keys and follow him out to the car.

“I want to walk with you, On a cloudy day, In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high, So won’t you try to come. Come away with me and we’ll kiss, On a mountaintop, Come away with me, And I’ll never stop loving you”

2 days later

You and Sy walk hand in hand through the meadow. The yellow green grass blowing around your knees, the sun trying to push through the cloudy sky. The breeze is balmy and the what sun that peaks through is warm. Sy looks lighter, younger than he has in almost a decade and for the first time in years you get a glimpse of the young man you married. The two of you still just kids playing house, you lift his hand and press a kiss to his knuckles.

“Love you,” you whisper against his scarred hands.

              “Love you more, Bug,” he replies, voice sticky and warm as it washes over you.

You smile and turn your face to the sun as it breaks through the clouds. Everything was going to be okay.

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1. Overture - Kageyama x male!Reader

It’s Kageyama’s second year at Karasuno High and when he looks at you for the first time, he can’t help but see a younger version of himself. It’s like looking at a distorted mirror. You’re another naturally gifted setter from a powerhouse school with a firmly set scowl and an all-consuming passion for volleyball. Kageyama thinks that maybe it’s wrong to have favorites but when he sees the blush bloom down your neck as maneuvers your hands into the proper form, he knows that it’s already far too late.

2. we fell in love in october - Kiyoko x fem!Reader

Shimizu Kiyoko has been your best friend since as long as you can remember. You weren’t quite opposites but it was a close second - your brash words and cigarette smoke on your breath a sharp contrast to her serious nature and effortless coolness. You were never jealous of one another, only ever supportive. She watched you fall in love again and again and never complained when you came back to her sobbing. It’s when your on-again-off-again boyfriend is once more an ex-boyfriend that you realize what’s going on. You’re face down in her bed, her long fingers are gently stroking your hair, and you think, oh my god, I’m in love.

3. safe & sound - Bokuto x gn!Reader

Your parents never approved of your dream of becoming a mangaka. They never hit you or raised their voices to you but what they gave you was a different kind of hurt, no less deep and just as impactful. In the end, you throw away all of your artwork, your half-baked comics and crushed dreams tossed into the trash. You pursue a career in graphic design just like they asked, miserable with every class you take. You don’t expect to see your crumpled art plastered across twitter, all stemming from the account of Bokuto Kōtarō, outside hitter for the MSBY Black Jackals.

“Please help me find this person,” the tweet reads, “I want to meet them and tell them that their art is beautiful!”

4. Teenage Dream - Tendou x fem!Reader

For Tendou Satori, February 14th is just another day. It doesn’t mean anything to him in particular. He’s not the kind of guy to get Valentine’s Day sweets - so when he does get homemade confession chocolates and a love letter to boot, everyone on the volleyball team has heard about it. What no one really knows is who exactly gave Tendou the sweets-

alternatively, it’s a lovely Valentine’s Day and you’ve just gathered up the courage to confess to your crush of three years.

5. paper rings - Asashi x male!Reader

The first time you meet Asahi Azumane, it feels like the world has bloomed anew, colors bursting at the seams, and everything is rose-tinted with love. Unfortunately for you, it’s not reciprocated. Asahi is nice and gentle and kind and he rejects you at every turn. Your his boss’s nephew, he says, he couldn’t possibly date you. That doesn’t deter you in the slightest.

“Azumane Asahi,” you declare, “I’m going to make you fall in love with me within 30 days or less!”

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