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Goes Unpunished
Pairing: Fem!Reader x Dark!Ransom, Fem!Reader x Dark!Andy Barber
Word Count: 1.8k
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, Noncon/Dubcon smut (anal play, bondage and restraints, squirting, nonconsensual recording), implied Stockholm syndrome and Lima syndrome, angst with a sad ending (or maybe bittersweet if you look at it through fucked up glasses)
Summary: He deserved to be punished more.
Note: This is a sequel to No Good Deed and it's fucking dark.
You were splayed on a large bed, still passed out from the chloroform.
Ransom crawled over you and palmed a breast before dipping down and taking a nipple in his mouth. He let go with a pop and smirked.
A length of rope was tied around your left ankle, which he then attached to your left wrist. He did the same for your right leg and hand. The result was a lurid display of your vulnerability. Your cunt and ass were fully exposed, and Ransom groaned when he sat back to look at his work.
Ransom shifted out of frame before the camera moved so it was directly in front of you. It zoomed in on your holes.
“Maybe it was a good thing you broke in that sweet pussy. I’m definitely not gonna go easy on her.”
The small whimper you let out signaled your consciousness.
“Oh, you’re awake,” he sneered.
You were groggy and confused but when you noticed the camera pointed at you, you attempted to get up only to realize you were bound. Ransom only snickered at your pathetic sobs.
“No, no please,” you begged, which only made Ransom harder.
“I promised Andy some home movies, didn’t I?”
“Please don’t record this,” you cried but it fell on careless ears.
You struggled to move but to no avail. When you felt the bed dip, your panic only rose higher.
A startled yelp escaped as two large hands caressed your inner thighs before they moved up to spread your pussy lips apart. You let out a small cry when you felt two fingers dip inside your already sore channel.
“Look at this sweet little cunt. Even after Andy fucked you, you’re still so tight,” Ransom hummed, his cruelty bleeding out from every word he uttered. He removed his fingers, savoring the slow drag across your velvety walls, and grabbed something at your side. He held it up so both you and the camera could see.
Pinched between his finger and thumb was a shiny glass plug.
“I should probably start with a smaller size, but where’s the fun in that?”
Ransom flicked open the cap on a plastic bottle and squeezed the contents out. You visibly jolted when you felt the cool liquid hit your folds and drip down.
You were nearly hyperventilating when a finger prodded your back entrance and you squealed when it pushed inside. Ransom didn’t hesitate to add another, lazily thrusting them in and out.
Suddenly, he removed both and you sighed in relief.
“Don’t get too comfortable,” Ransom taunted as he got up. He took the camera off the tripod and returned.
Heat rose to your cheeks when he held the camera with one hand and pointed the lens downward.
When you felt the cool tip of the plug press against your hole, you cried.
“I wonder if she can take it…” Ransom chuckled into the camera as he pushed the toy inside.
You stretched around it and groaned as it went further and further inside.
“I can’t… it's too much,” you sobbed.
He pushed on the plug harder and you screamed.
“This plug is nothing compared to my dick, and that’s going in you after, so you better relax for me, sweetheart.”
When it felt like you couldn’t stretch further, the toy finally slipped inside and your hole closed around the stem. It was still uncomfortable, but the worst of the pain was gone.
“Fuck…” Ransom moaned as he watched the plug disappear into your body.
Before he could give you time to adjust, he was pressing his cock against your other entrance and spearing into you without warning. The shrill cry you let out nearly distorted the audio.
Andy had at least attempted to be gentle, to make things good for you. Ransom didn’t care. He pounded into you like a man starved.
“Fuck! I knew this cunt would feel like a vice,” he groaned as he pointed the camera back to your horrified face, brows furrowed and mouth agape as you groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He snickered and moved it back down. Your swollen lips swallowed every bit of cock he forced into you. Your hole was stretched to its limit as it tried to accommodate him.
Still, despite the discomfort, the pain, and the humiliation, your cries started to take on a different sound, something breathy and sensual.
“I think she’s gonna come,” Ransom grunted.
To seal your fate, he used his free hand to thumb at your clit in rough circles, stimulating the already oversensitive bud. It took no time for you to scream in release.
It wasn’t like when Andy took you. No, the way your body bent spoke of something much deeper and carnal happening within you. Soon, it boiled over as liquid gushed out of you, splashing around Ransom’s cock and dripping down your folds to soak the sheets beneath you.
“Fuck, she’s a squirter…” Ransom nearly laughed.
You were so caught up in what had just happened to your body that you didn’t notice Ransom had moved until you felt him slowly pull the plug from your asshole.
Any pleasure you had just felt instantly vanished when you felt your tender hole stretch around the widest part of the plug. You whimpered pathetically, your voice rising to a strangled scream as the toy was removed.
The relief that washed over your face as the plug slipped from your body was immediate, but Ransom wasn’t so merciful to let you enjoy it and immediately replaced the plug with his cock.
He was so much larger than the glass toy, and you cried out with every inch he forced into your sore body.
“Look at that…” he nearly purred as the camera lens captured each second of your torture.
He hardly bottomed out before he began to thrust cruelly into you.
“Think I can make her come like this?” Ransom chuckled into the camera. “I wonder if I can make her squirt again…”
His thumb returned to your clit and rubbed as roughly as he did before, and you squirmed under him trying to get away.
Still, the stimulation was too much and your back began to bow as your muscles tensed. You were suspended there for a moment, almost still in how tautly you held your body. Ransom nearly dragged his nail across your clit in a desperate attempt to throw you over the edge you were barely hanging from.
Then you fell, almost screaming as pleasure coursed through your body.
Feral eyes gleamed at your fluttering hole, waiting for the rush of fluid that would escape but it never came.
“Fuck, couldn’t get her to do it again…” Ransom hissed. “Good thing I’ll have all the time in the world to try… I’m never letting her go.”
Ransom’s thrusts became erratic, and seconds later, he stilled his hips with a guttural shout. He pumped a couple more times into your body, coaxing the last of his cum to spill inside you.
Slowly, too slowly, as if to savor your agony, Ransom removed his softening cock from your overwrought body.
“Fuck… look at that…” He mumbled as he zoomed in on your holes.
Your folds were puffy– swollen from overuse. Then, Ransom’s cum started to dribble out of your wrecked puckered hole.
“I almost feel bad… almost.”
The camera moved up, capturing your dazed expression as you stared at the ceiling, eyes open but vacant, your sweat-slicked and exhausted body, your gentle panting.
“Didn’t think I’d break her so fast,” Ransom chuckled. “Oh Andy, you fucking bastard. I hope your fucked up son's freedom was worth it for you. I definitely got the better end of this deal.” He turned to you and gently stroked your face and you finally closed your eyes. “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll take care of you.”
The video cut out.
Andy laid back on his bed and set his phone down. He found himself watching that video every now and then, on days where he felt he needed to remind himself of what he did, of the life he sold you into.
It wasn’t the only video Ransom had sent, but it was the first one, sent mere hours after the altercation at his office. That had been nearly a year ago, and in that time, Andy had accumulated quite a collection of your suffering– the screams you let out as you were bound face down when Ransom flogged you, dangling from the ceiling with a spreader bar attached to your ankles as he took you from behind, your dazed face as he shoved his cock down your throat. With each new video, he saw more and more of you disappear until you were a shell of your former self.
But the hardest part was watching Ransom use less and less restraints as you succumbed to his domination over you. It was watching him become less aggressive the less you cried. It was watching you respond with less shame, and watching him take an almost sweet joy in it.
In the most recent video, sent only days earlier, you were under Ransom as he fucked you. His hands roamed your body while your legs wrapped around his hips pulling him closer. You let a small laugh escape when he nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, and he sighed in content relief when your fingers stroked through his hair. He looked at you almost tenderly before he bent down to brush his lips against yours. You eagerly returned his kiss and keened as his thrusts became faster, and only broke away to beg him to fuck you harder.
To anyone else, it would have looked like an intimate moment between two lovers.
Andy turned off the video as he heard you orgasm, a fully erotic moan filling the room as Ransom encouraged you with gentle praise.
He grabbed the scotch on his nightstand and downed it before pouring himself another glass.
Jacob was back in prison after a college student went missing and was found dead a week later. His fingerprints were at the scene, and as hard as Andy tried to argue he was framed, no jury would have been convinced.
So he sat there, half drunk in his quiet house, your broken cries and blissful moans echoing in his mind.
He didn’t know why he gravitated towards watching those early videos Ransom sent.
Perhaps it was to remember you as you used to be: a sweet woman who was still capable of being horrified by the circumstances she was in and not the dazed and smiling shell you had become.
Perhaps it was to remind himself of what he’d sacrificed for ultimately nothing.
Or perhaps he just wanted to feel something, even if it was regret.
It didn’t matter.
He turned off the lamp and slept, knowing he wouldn’t feel rested when he woke and likely never would again.
Note: So this was kinda fucked. Oops.
If it helps, the Reader is “happy” with Ransom. Like, yeah her mind is kinda broken, and yeah Ransom is fucking awful, but he got soft for her at some point so they get to be blissfully happy in a fucked up way. I kinda see it as… the Reader knows Andy will never forgive himself for what he did to her, and she’ll never be the same as a result. The most she can do is enjoy the life she has and take solace in knowing her broken happiness with Ransom will haunt Andy for the rest of his life.
Anyway, reblogs and comments are always welcomed and encouraged!
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Tumblr media
daisies and cinnamon | otto octavius x fem!osborn!reader
warnings: cursing; mutual pining; age gap; boss & employee relationship; reader is adopted
pairings: otto octavius x fem!osborn!reader 
word count: 2,768
summary: he tried so hard not to fall for you. but the moment he held you in his arms, he knew one thing for certain. norman was going to kill him.
a/n: just so u know, i made the reader adopted so the r can be more ambiguous! this idea has been in my head for centuries. there will be a second part as well, and maybe a third if people want it! i’ll be closing requests tonight, so feel free to get one in soon. thank you for reading, and i hope you like it!
edit: also i’m issuing a public apology to my beloved rosie for having her not exist in this fic. to repent i shall prepare several fluffy poly rosie otto and reader fics <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
  “Thank you again for arranging this, Hare. I owe you one.” Your grateful statement was made between speedy huffs of breath. You and Harry were a tad late, your older brother graciously scoring you an interview with a personal idol of yours, Otto Octavius. Grad school was no easy feat, especially as a physics major. Although if you submitted a thesis that had cited Dr. Otto Octavius, chances were you’d blow it out of the park during your presentation.
  “It’s no problem, besides, someone’s got to be the smart one in this family. It keeps dad happy and off my back.”
  “I wish he weren’t so hard on you,” you frowned.
  “I know. Ah, here we are!” Harry stretched his arms out in greeting, maintaining the showman persona he had so lovingly constructed over the years. “Otto! My man!” 
  “Harry Osborn. I see you’re as charming as ever. And I assume this is Y/N?” What Otto had forgotten to add was that you and Harry had been 10 minutes late. It’s not that he disliked Harry, although the boy carried an air of immaturity and arrogance that annoyed him to no end. He couldn’t even retaliate considering Harry was technically his higher-up. Otto couldn’t help but brace himself for another trust-fund recipient spawn of Norman Osborn.
  “Hi, I’m Y/N Osborn. It’s an honor to meet you, Dr.Octavius,” you greeted with a small smile, your soft voice contrasting heavily with Harry’s boisterous one. Octavius silently appreciated that trait.
  “So, I’ll leave you both to it. Have fun changing the world!” Harry gave you a quick peck on the cheek before swiftly heading off, likely to attend one of many meetings for the day. Ever since he started working with your father, and with you starting grad school, the two of you hadn’t been able to spend time as much time together as you did in the past. This had actually been one of the few times you’d seen him in person for weeks now. The distance made you incredibly uneasy, and aware of something you prayed wouldn’t happen: he was becoming like your father. Although they loved you dearly, they were incredibly busy at times, leaving you lonely more times than you’d prefer. But if they could dive into their work, so could you.
  “Thank you so much for this, doctor. Before I show you my thesis, I’d love to learn more about this project of yours. I’ve read up on it for years now, and it still blows me away! I mean, this source of energy would be life-changing. I understand that the mechanical arms are impervious to magnetism, correct? I was thinking that- Oh god. I’m rambling.” Before you could shrink away in embarrassment, he surprised you with a hearty chuckle.
  “Please, don’t worry. I’m always delighted to meet people so invested in my work. It’s impressive, actually, I’m sure your father must be proud.”
  “Thank you, sir,”
  “Otto, please call me Otto.”
   You smiled widely at the kind gesture, “Of course, Otto. Now,” you started with a bounce to your feet, “I’d be happy to show you my thesis so far. But please don’t hold back any constructive criticism you have to offer because of my family name. I’d appreciate it if you could approach this as you would with any student.”
    “Of course. I can tell that you’re genuinely passionate about this. That’s a rare and important trait to have in this line of work. Let’s get started.”
    He didn’t expect you to get any bubblier. Although you seemed to adore his research, you put an entirely new brand of love into your own. You continued to effortlessly explain your work with vigor; making it clear just how much time you had dedicated to it. Otto couldn’t help but admire that. Many students he’s worked with approached their own research with vainglorious pride, seeing intelligence as a mere asset. You, on the other hand, had utilized your intelligence along with your passion. Watching you pour out every nuance and idea you had left him thrilled and more curious as your presentation continued. Although eventually, he found himself more interested in you, rather than the work you had presented to him.
    “Y/N. This is incredible. If I’m being completely honest with you, I’d like to work with you more on this. How would you like to fetch a cup of coffee and you could tell me more?”
  “That would be amazing, thank you, Otto!” You beamed at him, obviously eager to get to know him more. It was as if the more he spoke to you the more adorably excited you’d get. The second your eyes looked up at his like he was the sun; he knew he was done for.
Tumblr media
    “I salute you for enduring such a barbaric professor, for me it was Professor Edwards, who taught biology. Despite me being one of his top students, he despised me. To this day I haven’t a clue what I did to piss him off,” he chortled.
    “It’s as if having a terrifyingly strict professor is a rite of passage when pursuing science. Younger generations should prepare themselves while they can,” you giggled.
    “By then, you could probably be a professor.”
    “You really think so?”
    “Yes. You’ve got talent, Y/N. You’re going places, and not just because you’re an Osborn.”
    His wonderful compliments were going to be the end of you. For the entirety of your coffee shop excursion, Otto had been the epitome of a gentleman. He was an absolute sweetheart outside of work,  and the two of you seemed to mutually relish the other's presence. You truly didn’t mean to develop a crush, but it was impossible with how he’d look at you. Although you presumed it was wishful thinking, it was as if he were interested too. You couldn’t care less that he was older, or that he worked for your father. He was one of the first people in a long while to treat you like a person, rather than a pile of cash.
    “You know, Y/N, you came into my life at the perfect time. Back at my lab, we’ve been searching far and wide for new talent. If you can, I’d love it if you’d come work with me.”
    “You’re joking.”
    “Why would I joke about this-” suddenly, the man had been ambushed with a warm hug.
    “Thank you so much, Dr. Octavius! I won’t let you down. When do I start?”
    He flushed at the sudden contact. You smelled divine, like cinnamon. Your hair was just as soft as he thought it would be. And most of all, he was fucked.
Tumblr media
    “Y/N! What are you doing up there?”
    “I needed to get this book from the top shelf but I couldn’t reach it! I really need it for this question I have!”
    “Well, it certainly won’t do you any good in a position like that.” Your grin dropped. Otto was right, this was not a wise decision. There you stood upon two chairs from the lab, on your wobbly tippy toes in an attempt to get the prized book. Finally, in the midst of the precarious battle, you managed to reach for it.
    “See, it’s fine Otto! I got it.”
    “So I’m assuming you’re just going to read it up there, then?” For a second time, the man you had grown close to had bought you back to reality. Maybe if you took a peek down that would help? The moment your eyes glanced downward you nearly lost your footing, growing more and more unsteady. You would’ve fallen if he hadn’t grabbed your ankle.
    “Be steady. Do you trust me?”
    The most you could do was nod hastily. Whatever it took to get you off of the wobbly tower you’d do.
    “Lean forward a bit. Slowly. Now, give me your hand,” he gently instructed. 
    Chances were you would’ve fallen from embarrassment after that statement if you weren’t so adamant to get down. With a gulp you complied, letting his larger, calloused hand envelope yours.
    “Just keep steady, okay?” You were already feeling better once you were holding his hand, your own welcoming the warmth it radiated immediately. And then he picked you up by the waist. You couldn’t hold in a surprised squeal as he carefully bought you down to the floor. But he didn’t let go. Your body automatically leaned into his touch, despite the panic that rose in your mind. He’s your boss! No matter how nice his fingers felt, clutching your waist with care, you would definitely not fall for him. Unbeknownst to you, the same battle raged in his head.
    Once again, you smelled like cinnamon. Your body felt perfect in his hands. Despite fully intending to let go of you, he didn’t want to. With the distance between you, he could kiss you within seconds. He could finally get to know what your lips felt like. Before he could continue spiraling, he forced himself to let go immediately.
    Otto released an awkward cough, “Please don’t do that again, as much as I love your work ethic, I’d hate for you to get hurt.”
    “Yes! Of course! Thank you!” Before he could say another word, you sped away.
Tumblr media
    “Y/N Osborn. You can’t tell me that the man who literally carried you, who brings you your favorite coffee every day, who somehow remembers that color you like which you only mentioned once, doesn’t like you back!” Mary-Jane grinned, with a playfully stern tone.
    “Yeah, but I’m his boss's daughter. He’s probably doing it to be polite,” you frowned, before promptly shoving your head into the nearest pillow in hopes of hiding.
    “Buuuuuut,” she giggled, poking your stomach. “You remember the story of how Harry and I got together, right?”
    You released a long groan, “MJ, you’ve told me about it for months now. What’s your point?”
    “What I’m trying to say is that Harry and I thought we were just friends. Neither of us thought the other would reciprocate. But once I made a move, it was full proof. If he doesn’t make a move, you’ll have to!”
    “I hate this,” you hissed, “And please, please, PLEASE don’t tell Harry.”
    “I know, and I won’t. That’s why we’re going to need a plan. At that holiday party next week, you’re gonna take his breath away,” she smirked.
Tumblr media
    Shifting nervously, you adjusted the strap of the dress MJ had so lovingly chosen for you. It was a silky, cardinal dress, fit for the celebratory occasion. You had to admit, your friend had impeccable taste. Along with a pair of black heels and a simple gold heart pendant, you looked lovely.
    Your eyes scanned the room for Otto. Once you noticed a coworker of yours, he pointed you towards his office. After a knock or two on the door, you received a muffled “come in.”
     Octavius wasn’t one to cease his work merely because of the holidays. His work was life-changing, it was his everything. And he’d be damned if- oh. His brown eyes widened at your presence. You looked gorgeous to him every day, but this look was on another level. You looked ravishing, your figure seemingly glowing as you stood in the doorway, brightening up his darkened office. He tried his best not to stare for too long, but his efforts were futile once he saw you smile.
    “Where have you been, Otto? I was wondering where you were.”
    “I’m sorry, dear. I’ve been itching to finish these papers for a while now. And to be honest, I’ve never been one for parties.”
    “Me neither. It’s a bit too loud out there for my taste. I wanted to give you something, actually!”
    He frowned. You had gotten him a present, you looked for him at the party, and here he was huddled in his office. Otto silently cursed himself for not getting you a present sooner. 
     “Y/N, you didn’t need to do this.”
     “No, I want you to have it! Working with you has been incredible, Otto. And so has your friendship. You’ve helped me come so far, so it’s only natural that I should thank you! Now come on, open it!”
     Otto gazed into your eyes for a second, sensing your excitement. He could never say no to your face. With a playful grin, he swiftly ripped open the wrapped gift, before opening the rectangular box on his table. In front of him was a brand new copy of a book he had lost a while ago, the bold title reading: “ASTROPHYSICS FOR PEOPLE IN A HURRY, BY NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON”
     “You remembered that I lost this,” he whispered as his hand flipped through the large book.
     “Mmhm! I was so surprised that you didn’t have it on your bookshelf! I hope you enjoy it.”
     “You’re so sweet, you know that right? And I haven’t even gotten you a gift,” he sighed dejectedly.
     You glanced around shyly, “Please, don’t worry about it, Otto. I’m just glad you like it.”
     “No. Tell me something you’d like. Anything.”
     If only he knew how flustered he was making you. Not confessing soon may very well destroy you from the inside.
     “It depends if you’re willing to give it to me…”
     “Alright. Just as long as it’s not a Tesla or house. I may have exaggerated a bit when I said everything,” he chuckled.
      “It doesn’t cost anything.”
     Hesitantly, you began to move closer towards him, eventually plopping down on the desk in front of him. You hoped that fluttering your lashes and gazing at him would make it obvious. At the moment you felt a bit too shy to say the words.
     “Oh. I think I see what you want,” he blushed. Just like that day in the lab, you were incredibly close to him. Although he didn’t smell cinnamon this time. It was daisies.
     “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want this too,” he paused, “But only if you’re comfortable. You know I’m quite a bit older than you, right?”
     “I actually don’t mind about that. I was more concerned about my father scaring you away!”
     “Well, I could care less what he thinks. I’m not going to let him keep us apart.” His hand reached for yours with nothing but the utmost affection.
     Your noses were nearly touching, and both of you felt like bursting into flame. “May I kiss you?”
     “Please,” you murmured quietly, inching closer towards him. Once you spoke, he had stood up, his arms pulling you close. His hand rubbed the small of your back fondly, as his other hand cradled your cheek. Finally, after months of anticipation, it had happened. He softly leaned in to kiss you, with a sense of tenderness and love that gave you butterflies. You pulled each other in closer, eager to seal the gap between you both as much as physically possible, to hell with oxygen. Accept this time, he didn’t let you go.
Tumblr media
    “Someone’s distracted during family dinner,” Norman mumbled, stabbing his fork into the ostentatiously decorated plate of food. It was probably extremely expensive, but Norman wouldn’t want anything less for his dinner. 
    “Sorry, dad!” You quickly put your phone down.
    “Jeez, Y/N, you’ve been distracted all night. Who are you texting so urgently?” Harry smirked, playfully elbowing you. He’d always get cocky when he had a little too much to drink. With a family name as affluent as yours, he could down as many glasses of red wine as he pleased (at least, before Norman would chastise him.) Unfortunately,  your brother also had a sense of when you developed feelings for someone. He just had no idea who.
    “It’s no one.”
    “Are you sure?” He leaned in. “Here it says you’re texting someone called “baby,” followed by several heart emojis. Awe, he misses you! A new friend?”
    “I am going to kill you, Harry,” you gritted in irritation.
    “What? I’m just curious. Your love life is incredibly entertaining. So who is it, that guy in your quantum theory course? Or is it that cute TA from your last school? Don’t tell me it’s Derek, he’s been trying to get me to give him your number for weeks now. Or is it-”
    “Y/N.” Your father always knew how to take the reigns of a conversation. It was inevitable at this point. “Are you dating someone?”
    You gulped. “Yeah.”
    “It looks like you’re taking after your brother, neglecting to tell me about your romantic endeavors. Tell me, who is he? I think we should meet him soon.”
    “Uh… he works for you, actually.”
Tumblr media
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terrence-silver · 2 days ago
“  i’ve been planning this for so long.  ” & “  it was always going to end like this.  just accept your fate.  ” for older Terry, pretty please o’ wonderful mun 💜
Terry hasn't tied the knot with anyone.
But, he was tying it now.
Entering his seventh decade of being alive.
There was of course, a great many prospects, opportunities, chances to do just that, more then he could possibly recount, but he simply never did because he simply never wanted to. Not truly. Until the thunderbolt of it all struck him and his mind was enveloped in a whirlwind of storms and you crawled inside of his brain like a virus, eating away at him and he found he wanted to devour you for it. Except, in this case, tying the knot was quite literal, much to his chagrin amusement, as the bride to be was kept tied to an immaculate salon chair by him, the wedding attire already pre-measured, pre-ordered, and prepared in advance, the trinkets, the accessorises, the menu, the veil, the jewelry, the rings, the music, the seating arrangement, the venue --- everything was in perfect order and control, just the way Terry liked it. Subdued and sustained, much like his own partner. From the biggest serving entree to the smallest silverware fork. He's calculated and calculated and calculated and he came up with the stellar equation for every outcome, every detail, every spur of the moment change. No minute put to waste. No minute left unscheduled. Even the rope he tied you with was especially shipped over at his specifications; a white, silky thread, soft and firm to the touch, like the hair of a virgin nymph. Perfectly in line with the matrimonial atmosphere of the setting as he leans over your chair, his hands on either side of your shoulders, observing you intently. Yes. You would do perfectly. His little hole. His little love. His little hissing garden snake.
-“I’ve been planning this for so long. ”-
He remarks with intentional sweetness befitting, he figures, your soon-to-be cherished husband and master, setting his finger under your chin when you refuse to look at him, as he's practically purring his words directed at you, laced with a healthy dosage of bragging, setting his champagne glass aside lest he makes himself tipsy before the actual reception. A reception hosting only you, him, an obligatory pair of witnesses and the wedding officiant. He needed need anyone else needlessly gawking at and schmoozing around what was his. Speaking of planning, he really has, you see. He really has planned this for quite a long time, actually. Was the fact that your room of captivity was filled with hundreds and hundreds of matching White Orchid bouquets and fragrant Lilly ikebenas not a proof of that? Was there ever a lovelier, more perfumed, pale satin embedded, pearly prison? Terry didn't figure there was --- and the very fact you considered it a prison in the first place was nothing short of offensive. He could've made this place far less pleasant. Far less visually stunning. Far less amenable. But, he didn't want to upset or tremendously distress his pair. His pair who seemed to have envisioned this as a kind of jail. What would you consider your marital bed with him then? A torture box? That could be arranged. He'd love to arrange that just by default. What about your marital duties? Of which you'll have many. He'll make sure of it. You deserved that much as punishment. He deserved as much because he simply deserved that much. You writhe against his ropework helplessly and he has to chuckle. How cute.
-“It was always going to end like this. Just accept your fate. ”-
Terry has to shrug his shoulders, feeling a wide smile creep on his lips.
One of his countless assistants rushes in, eyes discreetly pinned to the floor.
Handing him a red velvet cufflink box he attaches to the sleeves of his tuxedo.
Then rushing out just as promptly --- they were paid to mind their own business.
Your eyes grow desperate, mouth mumbling something underneath your silk gag.
It seemed to have sinked in, just about then, that there was nobody to help you.
Not even the people who would very soon serve and refer to you as Mrs. Silver.
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reveluving · 4 hours ago
meeting you ; andy barber x reader
Tumblr media
summary: the last thing he'd expect Jacob to join is the basketball club, but soon he learns why and frankly, he’s not opposed to it.
warnings: meet-cute fluff + ‘kink’ mentioned once(!)
a/n: wow! a formal format! inspired by a vid of jaeden playing basketball and the 'handsome tigers' show (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ let me know what y’all think & don’t forget to leave some sugar <3
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Tumblr media
'She's the 'only teacher most of them can tolerate at the crack of dawn',' ;
It's been over a week since the wondrous progress in the Barber's relationship that night and, Andy has yet to know more about Ms (L/N). He continued to wonder what was so special about the literature teacher.
Seems like the universe’s been listening to him too.
It's been an hour since they had their dinner and Andy's finishing up some work in the living room for a change. He had the television's volume on low to fill the silence. One email, in particular, had him scowling, mostly because of its sheer informality; he didn't even notice his son walking down the stairs.
Jacob waited and waited, contemplating whether or not it was a good idea to speak when something was clearly bothering his dad.
Sensing a pair of eyes in his direction, he thanked the heavens for giving him some sort of break.
"Hey Jake, just give me a sec," He closed the tab before leaning his side against the edge of the couch, "Alright what's up?"
"So um," Jacob cleared his throat, "Can I stay back in school a little longer tomorrow?" Andy's face remained neutral, but deep down, he's in suspense.
"Got a project you gotta work on?" Interested, he leaves his laptop on 'sleep mode' before beckoning the teen to sit next to him.
"No... I uh," He paused before passing his dad the flyer he had behind his back. Andy, with great suspicion, took it out of his hands before examining the paper. He blinks owlishly.
"You're joining the basketball team?" Just when he thought he couldn't be any more surprised. He hasn't shown interest in basketball in forever!
Jacob quickly shook his head.
"No no! Well, kinda? Here," He stood next to his father and pointed at a text, specifically, below the 'players' part.
Other Position(s): Manager
"I don't see why not," Andy didn't see the surprise in his son's face, too busy noticing the familiar name at the very bottom.
For more enquires, contact:
Mr Fury (Coach): xxx
Ms (L/N) (Club Advisor): xxx
Ohh. So, she's in charge of the basketball club, too.
"But," Jacob stiffened, "Make sure to text me whenever you're done and on your way home," Simultaneously, he relaxes, and just like that, the grateful smile on his face was enough to make Andy forget about the stupid email from earlier.
Okay, well, he may or may not have a motive for his decision.
Surely, that teacher of his isn't that big of a deal, right?
Alas, he spoke way too soon, as he was about to find out the next day.
It was one of his first slow days, and thank goodness, too. Andy hasn't been able to get ahold of Jacob since he last texted him an hour ago. Sure, he's probably busy focusing on that club of his, but how could he not worry?
"Hey man, you good?" He looked up from his phone to find Sam, one of his colleagues that he doesn't mind hanging out with even after work.
"Not really. Jacob hasn't answered my text for a while," Sam hummed, packing up his necessities.
"Is he a part of a school club?"
"No, not yet, at least. He said he wanted to check out the basketball club practice today,"
"Oh, hey, my nephews are part of the club too! AJ and Cass," Ah, now it's all coming together. AJ is Jacob's first friend before eventually meeting his younger brother on their way home, "You ain't gotta worry, man. Their coach's hawk-eyed so the last thing those boys would want is to give him a reason to get mad,"
Andy pursed his lips.
"But, with (Y/N) around, he'll probably soften up before he can even do that," Andy straightened in his seat at the mention of her name.
"Ms (L/N)?"
"Yeah, (H/C) hair, (E/C) eyes, not so tall,"  Andy probably seemed lost since Sam stopped arranging his bag when he didn’t receive an answer, "Y-you don't know her?"
"Jacob's mentioned her a couple of times, but other than that, no," He crossed his arms, disliking the way that he's totally in the dark about this — about her.
"Sounds about right. Anyone studying English literature in Reve High would mention her name at least once," Sam shrugged as if it's a normal occurrence.
"Any particular reason why?" Andy pressed on, unaware of the text that came in minutes ago. Sam snorted.
"Why wouldn't anyone bring her up? If you're a student of hers, they'd say she's awesome or laidback or," He chuckled, remembering AJ's comment from word to word, "She's the 'only teacher most of them can tolerate at the crack of dawn',"
Andy couldn't help with the amusement on his face.
"But, if you're asking as a stranger who's interested," He raised his brows at his suggestive remark, "Then I'd say she's the whole package,"
Oh, so she's not a carbon copy of Jacob's fifty-something-year-old classroom teacher?
Sam didn't bother continuing, finding the curious yet frustrated look in the attorney's face hilarious.
"Look, I'm not spoiling anything. She's just a really good friend of Sarah and I,"
"She sounds like the school's favourite,"
"Oh, I'd say she's the town's favourite. Well, most of the town's favourite," He looked around before leaning in close, "Some moms find her iffy but it's just 'cause their man talks a lot about her, too,"
Ooh. Those kinds of people.
"I'm surprised you haven't even seen her, though, considering that she lives closer to you than us," He zipped up his bag, "But, you could in a bit. You can check up on your kid and meet her at the same time,"
Huh. Not a bad idea, Wilson.
"But," ?
"Fury's a bit of a grouch so yeah,"
Eh, well, that's not an issue.
"We’ll see,"
What he really meant was 'absolutely'.
He wouldn’t mind waiting in the car but what bothered him was the lack of replies from his boy. Just once after Sam left but that was it.
Again, he knows he shouldn’t assume the worse but Jacob had to understand where this was coming from. So, even after checking a couple of emails and no indication of Jacob anywhere, he gave in to his guts and entered the school compounds.
"Excuse me," The lady behind the desk was clearly annoyed by the interruption. That is until she laid her eyes on him and just like that, she leaned forward and... batted her eyelashes.
He nearly cringed out of instinct.
"Yes, sir?" She purred and almost immediately, he wanted to turn around and leave.
For Jacob.
"I'm here to see my son, he's at the gym," He explained in his no-nonsense tone.
"Of course, may I have your I.D?" He passed her his card and looked anywhere but her as she keyed in the necessary on the computer, "Alright, sir, I can walk you to the gym if you'd li-"
"No, thank you," He answered sharply before making his move to his location as soon as she gave him his I.D back. He did, however, enjoy the dejection in her face.
Thank goodness for that tour during Jacob's registration day.
He didn't have to walk very long before the gym came into sight. The sounds of shoes squeaking and basketballs slamming gave it away, too.
Though, he's not entirely sure what he's nervous about.
Or, he just doesn't want to acknowledge what he's nervous about.
Nonetheless, he pushed the door open, only to spot three people observing from one side. They had their backs turned to him, but Andy could immediately recognize the one of the right — Jacob.
"Alright, move it. Hit the showers, then come back for each of your statuses," The first guy has to be Coach Fury, judging by the way he barked out his orders.
He didn't even have the time to time speculate the person — the lady that stood in between them before Jacob turned around, noticing his dad at the door.
"Dad?" Simultaneously, you and Coach Fury followed his gaze and holy shit.
You were not ready to see such a hunk of a man. In business attire.
Unbeknownst to you, Andy was checking you out just as much. Whatever mental image he had based on Sam's descriptions were nothing compared to the real you. Hell, he finally understood why you were the talk of the school, nay, town!
You’re probably in your mid-to-late twenties. Your captivating (E/C) eyes — full of wonder, kindness and dare he say, enthrallment as they complemented your (S/C) skin. Suited up in your white tracksuit that nearly yet perfectly accentuated your curves. 
You’re not what he expected, and in the best way possible, mind you.
Now's not the good time to be ogling at his son's teacher, though, but damn, what he wouldn’t give to-
"Can I help you?" Andy's eyes narrowed at the authoritative tone he's received from the man Sam warned about. No matter, he's not intimidated by the older man. Not even with the scar on his left eye.
"I'm here to see my son, Jacob," He replied, biting back a snarky remark that would've thrown you or Jacob off. The two stared down at each other for who knows how long but was de-escalated just as quick when a member, possibly the captain, cautiously approached Fury.
"Coach, the status report...?" He showed him the clipboard, albeit, shaking at the sudden attention for interrupting, or to you and Jacob, saving the situation. Fury clicked his tongue before turning to Jacob.
"Appreciate your time, Barber," He patted the teen's shoulder and followed the captain elsewhere, but not before giving Andy the stink-eye. Andy seemed much more indifferent, but Jacob knew his father all too well. He could only hope that wasn't a sign of disapproval of joining the club.
"I'm so sorry about that," You sighed at his behaviour before smiling up at the man before you, "Nick’s always been wary of new faces, especially when he’s in coach mode,” 
“No harm done,” He waved the apology off. It’s not like you’re the one who offended him, so why were you saying sorry on his behalf? Still, he couldn’t help but take a liking to your euphonious voice, “I had to stop by ‘cause Jake didn’t answer my texts for a while when I clearly told him to yesterday,”
Despite the hint of annoyance in his tone, he was clearly anxious about his whereabouts. As he repeated time and time again, he’s just very worried about his boy. 
“Sorry, dad,” Jacob scratched the back of his hand, embarrassed that it’s not just him he's scolding, but you as well, “I got a little too into the practice session,” It’s times like these that Andy couldn’t help but feel bad but his constant worries were inevitable. 
“He’s quite the team player, even if he’s not playing,” You chimed in, hoping his dad would let him off the hook. You felt partially responsible since you were the one showing him the ropes, “I’ve never seen anyone so enthusiastic to learn about the manager position until he came in. I’d say he'll be an excellent addition to the team. Of course, that’s up to him if he’s truly interested in joining the club,”
Andy clearly saw how grateful Jacob was for your appreciation and thought to himself for a moment. 
“Can I speak to you for a moment, Ms (L/N)?” Shit. Maybe you shouldn’t have opened your mouth, “It’s nothing serious, don’t worry,”
Nope, that didn’t help at all.
“Ah, s-sure,” You cursed at yourself for stuttering. Even Jacob’s scared for you.
“Jake, you go ahead and hang out with your friends. I won’t be long,” He knew better than to argue so he glanced at you for a second with an expression that seemed to say ‘sorry’ before leaving the two of you to your discussion. You clasped your hands, hoping to control your rapidly beating heart.
“Sorry,” You didn’t expect him to apologize so he took your silence as an opportunity to continue, “Parental anxiety and whatnot,” You knew there was more to the story but you’re in no position to ask.
“Understandable, Mr Barber,” You nodded, “I hope you’re not angry at him, though,”
You and Andy watched as Jacob listened to Cass, AJ and a few other members attentively, stifling their laughs when one of his friends were called out by Coach Fury for disrupting.
“I didn’t think he’d be interested in a sports club, let alone basketball,” You admitted, “He’s always been the shy type in literature class but he asks questions after, so I’m not too worried about his performance,”
“Speaking of literature class,” He turned his full body to you, prompting you to do the same, although you had to look up a little and truthfully, something about the situation stirred inside him. Not a bad feeling, just very... different? 
It’s amazing how Andy felt the need to tell you the story from A to Z, despite only knowing you for less than five minutes.
No, don't be making rash decisions, Andrew.
It's his newfound kink but shh he doesn’t know that yet-
“A certain someone has been speaking highly of your class,” If you weren’t bashful enough for being in his presence, you are now.
“Which Wilson decided to open their mouth?” You groaned through your hands.
“Hey, I could be talking about Jacob, for all you know. But, I will say that he's quite the blabbermouth,” He hinted, hoping you’d catch it right away.
“Of course it’s Sam who told you,” You rolled your eyes. His sister was a total opposite so there’s no denying that he’s the culprit, and Jacob plus ‘blabbermouth’ didn’t seem right either, “It’s my responsibility, isn’t it? I want them to enjoy the subject as much as I do, the same goes for this club. Jacob may not know a lot about the knowledge behind it but so did I. So... as a faculty advisor, as long as he’s willing to learn, I shouldn’t give up on him,” 
Who knew you were able to coax a smile out of him without even trying? Damn, and that passion of yours, too? 
“He knows, he just doesn’t remember,” He looked straight ahead — at you, though he wasn’t focusing and instead, reminisced little Jacob and his sudden infatuation for basketball at one point. A point where the family felt peace. 
Boy, you didn’t like how he grew quiet but you understood that he’s not used to this... vulnerable moment. So, you were able to think fast.
“Well, then I’ll gladly help him the best I can. Who knows, I might even learn a thing or two, too,” You knew he acknowledge the ambiguity in your sentence and yet, he didn’t seem to mind. 
“Andrew, but call me Andy,”
Now, of course, you calling him Mr Barber is quite the treat but he's able to keep it together.
For now.
He offered you his hand, “Again, I’m really sorry for earlier,” It was hard for him to not notice the way your small hand fit into his massive one, though.
“(Y/N), and no apologies needed,” Coincidentally, the team dispersed, officially ending the day. Although, you’d be lying if you said you weren’t a tad disappointed. You were starting to enjoy Andy’s company but also ashamed for thinking you had a chance with him. 
Okay, you might've peeped the lack of a wedding band on his finger but that's besides the point.
Still, you wanted this relationship to flourish. If not for you, then for their new and hopefully improved lives.
“(L/N),” Fury called you over, waving the thick folder that you'd need to sort out soon.
“Well, that’s my cue,” You gave him an apologetic smile for having to cut the conversation short before grinning at Jacob, approaching the two of you with less apprehension, “Hope today’s session was beneficial to you, Jacob. Let me or Mrs May know if you’re up for the club or not, okay?”
“I will, thanks, Ms (L/N),” Andy hasn’t felt this sense of calm but he could only hope to feel more of it in the near future. As much as he’d like to see you and Jacob interact so naturally the same way you did with him, he didn’t want you feel to Fury’s wrath for stalling. 
“Next time, then?” He tested the waters, and thank goodness he did.
“Next time,” You gave him a thumbs-up before waving at the two, “Get home safely, you two!” They watched her interact with the hard-headed teacher in charge. There’s honestly something so comical about the dynamics between the two.
Andy and (Y/N)’s will be a lot more sweet & spicy later on but let’s not talk about that yet-
“C’mon, let’s just order dinner tonight. Your pick,” The two head out together as Andy listened to what tasks his son has done so far. Judging by the way his eyes lit up and how he even bid goodbye to his friends, including his newest ones, on their way to the car, Andy knew he was far from done.
With (Y/N) around, too?
Shit, he’s not opposed to it, to be honest.
˚ · . f i n . · ˚
Tumblr media
taglist: @wanniiieeee​ @whiskeytangofoxtrot555 @0mrs-evans0 @sophiaedits @innerblizzardbird
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simplyparker · a day ago
'Best Friend' by Cavetown Chapter One
Tumblr media
Word Count: 1.5k
Chapter Warnings: Cursing, suggestiveness, self-doubt?
A/n: Starts with a flashback to when they were 15 and she finds out he's Spiderman. Also, this is what i'm picturing her bedroom as.
Tumblr media
You had a habit of walking into Peter's room without knocking. It was a really bad habit. You've walked in on Peter changing, doing activities, and such.
Today was no different. Peter and you always did movie nights on Fridays, and he stood you up last week, when it was at your house, so you told him you would be at his house at 8pm sharp.
May had let you in and had told you had peter was in his room. You went straight to his door, opening it and walking in without a second thought. You threw your bag of clothes down under his desk along with setting your laptop bag by it and turned to shut the door. When you turn around you see Peter by his bunk bed in a weird red and blue costume. It looks oddly familiar. Then it hits you.
The guy from youtube.
The guy who stopped that car from hitting a bus.
He's just standing there staring at you. He has a surprised look on his face, and you both speak.
"What are you doing here?"
"Are you SpiderMan?"
Peter taps the spider sitting on the middle of his chest and the suit falls to the ground. He steps closer and harshly whispers at you.
"You can't tell anyone. Especially Aunt May." He runs his hands through his hair and you look down at his abdomen.
"Holy shit," you say under your breath. Of course, even though he wouldn't have heard it before, he heard it. Before he could say anything you spoke. "Uhm, who all knows?" you ask.
"Just me and Mr. Stark. And, well you know now." He rubs the back of his neck. "Wha-" he clears his throat now realizing he's just in a pair of boxers. "What are you doing here?"
"Movie night." his eyes go wide as he remembers that it was indeed Friday. "Well, I guess I know why you were blowing me off now. Kinda makes me feel a little less shitty knowing that you're not hanging out with me because you have people to save." You look down at the floor. Maybe it was selfish to get annoyed about him hanging out with you less. But at least now you know you weren't the problem.
"I didn't mean to make you feel shitty. M'sorry." He opens his arms for a hug, which you take.
"Not your fault. Well, it kinda is. I was just worried that we were growing apart, and you are the only consistent thing in my life and it scared me." you confessed. It only leads him to hug you tighter.
"You're never getting rid of me" he whispers in your ear making you shudder. You push away and look at him.
"Now, get dressed before May comes in here and thinks we're having sex. That's the last thing we need. We're already fighting for our lives saying we don't like each other like that." You both laugh.
"Yeah, you're right." He grabs a t-shirt and black sweatpants from his closet and puts them on. You take your laptop out of its bag and you guys get on his bed and open Netflix.
"So," you tease, "You have abs now." he just rolls his eyes a picks a movie.
Two months later Ned found out.
Tumblr media
*two years leater*
"Fuck math" you let out an exaggerated sigh. You and Peter were sitting on your bed doing the math homework that was assigned. "Let's just watch a movie," you say.
"Y/n you only have 5 problems left." He points at your paper. He was right, you did only have five problems left. Five problems you weren't gonna do right now.
"I'll worry about those later, let's just watch a movie." You say as you grab your laptop and sign in. Peter sighs as you open up Disney+.
"Fine. But when you fail to complain to me." He puts his homework back in his bag and sets it by your bed.
"Wanna watch Toy Story 4?" You ask hovering over it.
"They made a 4th one?" He asks and you shrug.
"Guess so," you read the description, "They find a long-lost friend."
"Who's the long-lost friend?" he asks.
"I guess we're gonna have to find out," you laugh as you click it.
About halfway through the movie, a knock sounds on the door causing you to jump, making Peter laugh. You hit his chest roll your eyes.
“Y/n hey are you decent?” It was Zach, you pause the movie and respond.
“Yeah obviously. Come in,” you say, and he walks in.
“Do you ever go home, Parker?” He asks Peter.
“Yes. I do. That’s how I get clean clothes to come over in.” He says and smiles at his witty response.
“I was going to ask if you guys wanted pizza because I’m going to order some.” He says to you and Peter
“Oh yeah, that’s fine. I didn't know you were back home,” you say to Zach.
“Yeah, we don't have classes on Monday either so Marcus and I decided to stay the weekend here,” he explains.
"Okay, well Pete and I like supreme," you say.
"Alright sounds good I’ll let you guys know when it’s here. Don’t do anything stupid" Zach says closing the door when he leaves.
“Why does everyone assume we’re fucking?” you ask Peter and he grins.
“We can make their assumptions true.” He smirks, and you shove him.
“In your goddamn dreams Parker.” You unpause the movie and continue watching.
About half an hour later you guys finished the movie and you closed your laptop.
"I didn't even know she was missing." Peter shrugs
"Yeah, and why does she look so new?" you ask him.
"I have no clue," he replies. You sigh and get off the bed.
"Let's go hang out in the living room," you say as you get up from your bed.
"You want to go to the living room to do what we were just doing?" he asks,
"Well, the living room has a tv." You say like it's obvious.
"So do you," he laughs as he points to your TV.
"Yeah, but the one in the living room is bigger." you shrug, grab his hand and drag him out of your room to the living room.
You sat with your legs over Peter's lap and your arm on the back of the couch. Peter was absent-mindedly drawing patterns on your legs. The apartment's door opens, and you guys perk your heads up assuming it's Zach with the pizza. It was actually your sister Bailey and her girlfriend Marie.
"Oh hey sis, you remember Marie right?" Bailey says sitting down on the other side of the couch.
"Oh yeah, it's nice to see you again," I say to Marie.
"Oh yeah you too, it's been a while. Is this your boyfriend?" She motions to Peter.
"He wishes he was. Anyways this is Peter, we've been friends since we were babies," you say to Marie.
"Y/n when are you going to admit you are in love with me? It's getting kind of tiring." Peter says to me. You push his shoulder.
"Fuck off. You're my best friend," you say to Peter.
"It's okay my love, I'll wait." he has a smug look on his face, so you roll your eyes.
Suddenly the door opens again and you both perk up once again.
"Pizza's here!" You both exclaim.
"PIZZA'S HERE COME EAT!" Zach says walking into the house.
You all go to the kitchen and eat when you get a text from MJ.
(M)icheal (J)ackson: i'm back from my mom's wanna hang?
You look up at Peter, "Hey MJ's back wanna go to her house with me?" you ask.
"Yeah" he says with a mouth full of pizza.
Me: yeah, Pete's with me rn. want me to bring you pizza?
(M)icheal (J)ackson: did you really need to ask if i wanted pizza?
Me: lmao right, be there in 15
"Okay, let's go." you say to Peter as you put 2 slices in a zip lock bag. Peter nods and throws him paper plate away.
"Where are you guys going?" Bailey asks.
"Your favorite persons house." You reply.
"Ooh! Tell MJ I said hi pretty please." She smiles.
"Will do, we'll see you later." You and Peter are about to go and leave when Zach stop you.
"Wait," you both turn around, "Are they both staying the night?" he asks.
"Maybe I don't know yet." you reply.
"Okay well I'm gonna stay with Maddie for the weekend." He tell you guys.
"Oh we aren't good enough so you're gonna stay with your girlfriend?" You tease.
"Yeah that, and we kinda dont have room anymore." He says. He has a point. You finally got your own room after they moved out meaning that you took their old one, and Ellie stayed in the same room you used to be in.
"True, well have fun with Maddie. But not too much fun I don't wanna be an aunt yet. Well, actually I do, so have as much fun as you want." You wiggle your eyebrows at it. He rolls his eyes and laughs.
"Yeah, I love her but we are not ready for that. Give it a few years." Zach replies. "Do you guys want a ride to MJ's?" he asks.
"Nope. We're good, we're gonna walk." you say, and he nods. You and Peter head over to MJ's.
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k-femdom · a day ago
『Welcome to Miami』
Tumblr media
Warnings: Sub!mark, dom!reader, fem!reader, tall!reader, profanity (like once)
Genre; Fluff ig?? Just general story stuff
synopsis: When a pretty Canadian boy becomes your roommate, you just can’t help messing with him. A couple parties later, things get intimate between you two. Mark feels something he’s never felt- and craves more. When he slowly becomes more attached, you know what he wants- and who are you to refuse?
Part 1
It was another hot day in Miami, at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 
You ignored the heat and instead chose to wait to meet your new roommate. You lived with roommates often, but they never lasted long. Either they pissed you off, or you pissed them off. Frat boys, sorority girls, you'd roomed with them all. 
Many of these people were, well, less than pleasant. Of course, you couldn't help but be worried about who'd you meet this time. Despite your lively persona and tendency to party like crazy, you were still lazy. Whenever you had a roommate, a friend arranged it. 
You ran to the door, nearly slipping on the way there. 
So you opened the door, and what you saw couldn't be better.
There stood a pretty boy with prominent cheekbones, seemingly flawless skin, and the brightest eyes you had ever seen. 
His hair is so fluffy looking-
"Holy shit, you're tall."
You gazed down at him, giggling. "Mark Lee, right?" 
He nodded, cocking his head to the side. "And you're Y/n?" "Here I am!" 
It all happened so quickly; You intertwined your hand with his, pulling him into the apartment. In that split second, you missed his flustered expression, blushing as he looked down at your hand. 
After a quick introduction and a small tour, Mark had gone to unpack. 
This one was going to be fun.
Tumblr media
SORRY THIS WAS SHORT- this will be a series though, and i plan on making the other parts longer. Based off my Miami idea!
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lemony-snickers · 2 days ago
🍋hi lemony and congratulations!!! (Is this turning into a festival? First luna fest and then yours❤️??))
Can I request for the event a historical romance au with obito with forgiveness as prompt?
Ps- if you are okay with it could I add a little bit? (Reader is THE fierce princess and obito the rebel head but either of them does not know that. )
(Obito:I will protect you my queen. Reader: I am THE QUEEN. Andd..Screens turn red.)
Please ignore if you don't want to write about it😁 and congratulations once again!!!!
lol, this request was sent for my 500 follower celebration on june 18th of last year, 7+ months ago.  sorry i am so fucking slow.  luna did a much better job at keeping on top of her own celebration at the time, haha.
Title:  The Princess & the Apostate Summary:  Taking a break from your duties as leader, you come across a strange man who piques more than your interest.  (Forgiveness:  the intentional and voluntary process by which one undergoes a change in feelings regarding a given offense and overcomes negative emotions such as resentment and vengeance, however justified it might be.) Word Count:  3,763 Warnings:  18+ only, NSFW, alcohol mention, fem!reader, fellatio, biting/marking, vaginal fingering, vaginal sex, rough sex, doggy style .
“You told me you’d have these rebels under control by now.”
Your General looked at you with barely concealed fear in his eyes, gaze trailing over the maps laid out on the table, stone figures carved to represent the advancing hordes of traitors as they claimed an increasing number of villages and closed in on Konoha.
“They are far less persuadable than we originally expected,” he said.
You hummed, knowing if they breached the walls of the city, there was little even your impressive guard would likely be able to do to save your family.
“And what does my father say?” you asked.
General Sakumo scowled. “Your father seems quite content to remain in his chambers, my Lady.  Err… entertaining guests.”
Of course.  Why you thought King Jiraiya would finally take an interest in his people was beyond you.  He’d never cared for ruling and your mother Tsunade had no interest in it, either, so long as your father contented himself with the women he purchased from the Konoha Brothel and left her to her own devices—mostly gambling and wine.
Their marriage had always been an unhappy one made for political gain and preserving the Senju lineage rather than love, and you continued to suffer the consequences as you waited for your father to finally bequeath the throne to you.
Though, the likelihood of him doing so without a husband was scant at best.  King Jiraiya was a man perpetually entrenched in outdated ideologies.
“He does realize that they’ll kill him given half a chance?”
“I don’t think he realizes much of anything, my Lady.”
(Read More on AO3)
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i-want-her-magic-touch · 22 hours ago
💓 ◂ ❚ ⊱ꕥ⊰ ❚ ▸ 💓
TAG LIST | @mit-suri | @sunflowerfive | @elfwoodfae
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 : After Bruno Madrigal comes out of the walls and decides to reconnect with his family. You and your best friend, Julieta, are off on a walk around the town and she spills something that changes everything.
so sorry for the long wait!! 💞
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Tumblr media
The lilac flower stayed inside of your hairstyle. It held an importance for this fundamental event. The marriage bind between the Guzmán’s and the Madrigal’s. Yes, you were exceptionally excited for Isabela and her “hunk of a man”, Mariano. Though you couldn't help to feel depressed for Isabela— her normal, bubbly personality was now quiet and shy that became even more sorrowful throughout this morning. You had spent some time alone with her, hoping you would attempt to cheer her up alone. She had thrown you out the door after hugging you and putting a singular dark blue flower onto your cheek.
You watched far away through the glass as Mirabel kept aggravating Luisa as she carried the donkey's for one of the villagers. From the side of your eye, you could see how Luisa's eyes began to twitch. She only did that anytime she felt anxiety eating her up from the inside. Poor Luisa, such an overworked young woman. You called out for Mirabel after she ran began away from Luisa. She flipped her direction and ran over to your bakery, she was abnormally out of breath after running down a long hill. “Yes, do you need something?” Mirabel let out, using the last of her shortened breath. You made her sit down and relax her shoulders.
You pulled out her favourite treats. A blue berry muffin and some little candies. Mirabel pulled the paper off the moist muffin and began to chew it down. “Mirabel.” You warned as your eyes stared into her eyes, warning her off quickly chewing down the muffin. “Isabela won't stop getting on my nerves with all her 'You better not ruin my huge day, Mirabel! This day will be perfect for me and the Guzmán’s!’. She always gets on my imperfect nerves!” Mirabel began to rant to you, fixing her glasses as her fists clenched and unclenched. You walked away from behind the counter and stood next to the girl. “Mirabel I need you to relax. Isabela is just as mad and angry as you are now. Now, I want you to go back home and sleep for a couple hours.” You held a stern, motherly look on your face as you stared down at her. She nodded and began to leave. She opened the glass down and waved ‘bye’ and left fully.
You began to clean up the bakery. Many other little children leaving crumbs from their breakfasts. You sanitized the counters and wiped them off again. Taking your break from the closet, you swept off the dirt and other little crumbs from the floor. It was fairly quiet in the bakery. Only sound being heard was a quiet jazz song and the oven clicking. It was peaceful. The oven for on your nerves sometimes, but you have gotten used to the sounds.
You took notice to the clock on the wall. It was a few minutes before you were going to leave to celebrate Isabela’s proposal. Wiping any dust off your dress, you also fixed your hair after it slightly moved during cleaning. You sucked in a rushed breath. Time to celebrate an unrequited love! You pulled yourself together, making sure you looked your absolute best for the event. The sun was setting in the horizon. The town began to crowd in front of the La Casa.
You pushed open the glass doors. It took you a moment to realize the skies dark colour. The clouds rumbling above as it began to pour. Quickly, you walked back inside the bakery. You groaned out as you began to ramble out how you got ready just for this day to be ruined. The rain thundered above, lightning running through the dark clouds. You had the thought to go check up on Pepa, but seemingly finding it hopeless since this was worse than any other time she had gotten angry. Unless if you count the wedding hurricane.
After pulling off the wet, satin dress you had a sweater and sweatpants on. Your hair pulled into a comfier style. You crossed your arms as you stared outside. Looking along the long line of brick, big and small exotic plants surrounding the bricks. You relaxed until a crack, big and deep slammed through the clay. You remembered the emerald tablet. Mirabel and the house cracked and broken. You felt the shiver of fear run down your spine as you pushed yourself backwards in fear. The wind crashed against the trees and houses lining the town. The exotic plants that rimmed the streets flew around.
The storm only continued as it began to escalate to harsher winds. You had made a mental note to yell at Pepa after this incident. You closed your eyes and began to breath in and out. The storm began to relax and the clouds began to loose its darkened gray. You stood up, your back popping as you stretched your body out. You ran to the door, slamming it open and speed-walking to the Madrigal house. The family was very conflicted. Faces stained with tears, or shock, and sadness. You ran up to Julieta, pulling her into a tight hug. She cried in your arms. “Julieta. What happened?” You whispered into her ear, still holding onto her. “Isabela— she was about to get proposed until everything went to hell. Mirabel was a nervous wreck, she was falling everywhere. And then, the paintings fell– the plates, the walls cracked quickly. Gosh, I was so scared.” You let go of her and let her walk back to her husband, Agustín.
The air around them swirled with gloominess. Many cried out for the loss of the magic. People prayed out for this to be changed. Your eyes traveled along the broken clay, glass, and other materials covered in dust. Where was Mirabel? You turned your head over the the grieving family. “Has anyone seen Mirabel?” Julieta’s eyes shot open, her head snapping to Agustín’s. The family immediately began to search around for Mirabel, yelling out her name for everyone to hear. Dolores kept trying to listen for any indication that Mirabel was close. Every time people would look over to Dolores for any clue of Mirabel, she would shake her and and continue again.
Alma had disappeared as well as other members of the family. You were told to stay back just in case she came back. You sat down on some big bricks. Your eyes scattered across the ground. You were scared and confused. How could this have happened? After almost four hours, you saw Mirabel’s bouncy curls in the corner of your eye. She was smiling as she hugged her Abuela and her Mamí. You smiled as she ran into your arms. “I was terrified. Please— don't do that again.” She smiled in your shoulder, “I have someone I would like you to meet.” Mirabel pulled away and let Bruno look up at you. His doe brown eyes found yours. You smiled as his cheeks were covered in a warm blush. “You must be the amazing Bruno Madrigal. It's quite nice to meet you. I'm Y/N. Family friend.” You shook his hand, letting your other one place on top of his own.
He mumbled something incoherent. Julieta stood behind Bruno, her hands on his shoulders. “I’m gonna show Bruno around. Tell Mija to meet me in the house soon.” You nodded and Julieta left with Bruno. Mirabel made you turn on your heels. “Bruno is your age. He's 50. You would look good together.” Camilo laughed along with Mirabel as you hid your smile. Camilo shape shifted into Bruno and wiggled his eyebrows at you. Camilo went back into his original form as Pepa hit the back of his head. “Stop being mean to Y/N Camilo.”
You chuckled before walking away from the shambles. You kept your hands in the pockets. Keeping your head down, you walked into the shop. Some plates had fallen, cups, and utensils placed all over the floor. You began to pick them up before Bruno walked inside the shop and fiddled with his fingers. “Could I help?”
Tumblr media
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selfcarecap · a month ago
Faking It [p.p]
pairing: Peter Parker x reader
summary: Peter’s right arm is bigger than his left arm because he jerks off too much. MJ makes fun of him because of it. You defend Peter and somehow end up in a fake relationship with him to save him some embarrassment.
(can’t believe i’ve never written fake dating (to real dating/lovers obviously) and the first time i’m writing it it’s this version of it adhbfaldjaekj💀)
if the summary didn’t make that clear, this is crack wuskshs (but i had fun writing it). cool mutuals (so.. all mutuals) do not perceive this. strangers, you’re free to read <3 ahskshs
also MJ is very focussed on making fun of Peter but it’s just teasing and she has no ulterior motives whatsoever jadjabdh
warnings: this is the last time I'm warning you, this is not a very serious fic, smut (it turned out so short?😭), lmk if I forgot something
word count: 5k omg no wonder it took so long 😭
thank you @simplyparker for helping me proofread ily🥰🥰🥰 all mistakes are of course my own <3
Tumblr media
You try to shush Ned and MJ as they giggle, giddily pointing at Peter like two little school kids, “Look, you can even see it on his forearm.”
You watch as Peter approaches the table you’re sitting at, getting in a break between college classes. He looks innocent and he’s oblivious to the absolute bashing he’s about to experience; you almost feel bad for him, knowing how easily he feels embarrassed.
He notices MJ and Ned talking about him as he takes the seat next to you, eyebrows raised, “Do I have something on my shirt? Did I spill something?”
“I’m sure spilling has something to do with it,” Ned mumbles, making MJ laugh while Peter looks down at himself, looking for a stain.
“What?” He asks as he doesn’t find anything unusual about himself.
“Leave him alone, guys,” you plead, rolling your eyes at your best friends.
“No but you can see it perfectly. Peter’s the prime example of it,” MJ argues.
“Can someone please tell me what you’re talking about?” Peter asks, looking between all of you.
MJ and Ned giggle one more time and then Ned’s the one to say it, “Your right arm is bigger than your left one. It’s more muscular.”
“It is?” Peter lifts his arms in front of himself, “What does that mean?”
“Don’t say it—” you try one last time before Ned interrupts you.
“That you jerk off a lot.”
You feel Peter freeze next to you, his eyes going wide as he starts stuttering, “Um...uh.”
The other two laugh their heads off while you throw a shy smile in Peter’s direction, not looking him in the eyes because it’s like you can feel his embarrassment floating through the air, over to you.
“Okay, guys. Now we know Peter masturbates, just like every other person on this planet,” you try. You love Peter, and while it’s all just a bit of fun that even he will be able to laugh about in a few weeks, the discomfort he feels right now is nearly painful to witness.
You couldn’t look at him if you tried, you don’t need to watch to know how red he is, most likely sweating too.
“Yeah but he fucks his right hand so much that his whole bicep is noticeably bigger,” Ned laughs, MJ holding on to the table to prevent falling from her chair, her body shaking with laughter. You should check what’s in their drinks, even if you were unbiased you couldn’t see it being that funny.
You wait for Ned to stop crying from laughter and look at him.
“You know, my finger also has more muscles than the others cause I use it to masturbate, it’s thicker than the others.”
“Wait, is that really a thing? Show me,” he demands.
You grin as he falls for your trick, amused as he curiously glances at your hand as you lift it, only for you to show him his middle finger.
His look of anticipation immediately changes into one of annoyance but he starts smiling shortly after, “Aw, that was so simple but I still fell for it. But now tell me - is it a thing?”
You hold your hand out in front of you, glancing at your fingers, “I don’t think so but it’s quite surprising that I haven’t developed more muscles on my middle finger considering how much I use it. And I don’t mean being rude to people,” you’re not necessarily enjoying talking about this in such a public place, but you don’t mind it either and if it helps Peter feel less mortified you’re willing to expose some of your secrets.
It’s not like MJ, your flatmate, hasn’t ever heard you using your vibrator and neither is Ned oblivious to the fact that women masturbate too.
“If it was a thing then MJ’s fingers would break a record,” you add, “I had to leave my own room last night cause she was fucking Carla so loudly even my headphones weren’t enough.”
“No! I thought you broke up,” Ned almost shouts, shaking MJ by her shoulders. She scowls at you but you know it’s all playful. MJ doesn’t care enough to feel embarrassed and you’re only trying to distract them to alleviate at least some of Peter’s humiliation. Plus, she’s the one who started talking about Peter’s arm in the first place.
He nudges your shoulder with his, giving you a small but grateful smile while MJ briefs Ned on the situation with her “ex”girlfriend.
You smile when you notice them completely engrossed in their own conversation, satisfied that you could give Peter a break.
They’re wrapping up their conversation and MJ looks at you, taking a sip of her drink, “At least I’m fucking someone else and making them feel good. I bet when you went to Peter’s to get away last night he had to stop jerking off to let you in.”
You roll your eyes now that she’s brought the topic up again, out of ideas what to say next.
“Stop acting like Peter gets any pussy,” MJ says and although they’re friends too and she only means it in a teasing way, you don’t like her attitude towards Peter right now.
“He does!” You say, feeling protective all of a sudden.
“Yeah? When was the last time Peter had sex with someone?” MJ challenges, smirking at you and you feel Peter shift in his chair now that the attention is back on him, and he’s not even the one talking.
“Last night,” you blurt out, knowing damn well that’s far from the truth. While you’ve always been a little attracted to Peter, nothing has ever happened between the two of you. You wish it had, but all you did last night was talk and play video games.
Peter looks at you now, intrigued to see what lie you’ll come up with. He knows you’re only trying to defend him but he doesn’t expect you to lie to your friends for him.
“With who?” Ned scoffs, knowing his best friend would have told him.
“Me,” you say with full confidence, your brain running on autopilot now.
You’re glad that MJ and Ned’s gasps are louder than Peter’s, so your lie isn’t obvious.
You glare at Peter for a split second and he clears his throat, “But I.. we weren’t— I,” you pinch his thigh under the table and it twitches for a second, but he recomposes himself, “..I thought we weren't going to tell them?” He adds, and you’re happy he’s bright enough to understand the plan you made to be nice to him.
“So you two are fucking?” MJ asks, hands on the table and leaning forward, not believing you’d keep that secret from her.
“Actually,” Peter intertwines your fingers with his and lifts your hands with a cocky smirk, “We’re together.”
You bite the inside of your cheek as your heart flutters, but you squeeze his fingers tightly—not that he takes any notice of it—at him taking your lie even further unnecessarily.
MJ kicks her feet against the floor in excitement and you feel a little bad about how happy she is from something that’s a sheer lie, “I knew there was something up with you, I swear. You’ve been acting so different. And now it makes sense that you keep talking about Peter’s arms!”
You sputter, “I-I don’t. You were the one who noticed that Peter’s right arm is bigger. Which is very straight of you by the way,” you regret the words as soon as they leave your lips.
“Don’t you dare call me straight,” he smile fades as she crosses her arms but you quickly hold your pinky finger up to her like you always do.
“You’re right, that was too much. Forgive me?” MJ rolls her eyes, smiles again, and wraps her pinky around yours.
“But you need to stop making fun of my boyfriend now. I bet he can make me moan louder than how loudly you make Carla moan,” if Peter wants to take it further, so can you. Only you don’t know why you’re that intent on defending your boyfriend who isn’t even your boyfriend.
“I doubt that. Since we’re talking about your boyfriend’s masturbation arm being bigger, I feel sorry for you because he obviously uses his arm more for himself than he does for you,” MJ says, thanking the waiter as he brings your food.
You try to think of something to say until the waiter is gone but come up with nothing, “I don’t care if you say that because I know it’s not true,” you counter lamely, out of ways to save the situation.
Peter surprises you when he speaks up.
“I make her ride my fingers at least three times every night. With consent I mean—…” his words die in his throat when you look at him with wide eyes and an open mouth; you’ve never heard words as explicit as that come from Peter.
“Um… so that’s enough of our sex life,” you swallow, feeling hot, “I bet Ned has some secrets— hey where’s Ned?”
You all look around to find Ned talking to a girl from college a few tables further down.
“You think they have something going on?” MJ inquires.
“Not yet but he told me that he likes her. You see the looks they’re giving each other though? We should get out of here before they fuck here right in front of our eyes,” Peter says and you laugh, looking at him instead of the bedroom eyes Ned and the woman are giving each other.
As your eyes meet Peter’s you feel your face heating up and at the same time you both turn away from each other. You’ve never been shy around Peter.
But during the time you’ve had a little crush on him, you’ve never considered what it would really feel like to be his girlfriend.
“Thanks for... earlier. Defending me and everything,” Peter tells you later in his dorm room while he browses through his DVD and video game collection, looking for something to keep you two entertained.
“No problem. Well, there is a problem which is that they think we’re together now.”
He turns around and throws you a look, glancing away again quickly, “Oh no. How bad.”
“No, that’s not what I meant,” you wait until he looks at you again to give him a reassuring smile, “I just mean it’s not true and they’ll be expecting us to act like a couple now.”
“We’ll just tell them we’re not into pda and whenever you get a real boyfriend we’ll say we broke up but still want to be friends,” Peter shrugs.
“What if you get a girlfriend first?” You wonder, ignoring the spark of pain in your chest.
“Nah. Not interested. Don’t need a girlfriend when I have you,” he smiles at you and you return a shy grin, resting your face against your hand to hide how flustered you are.
Peter walks from his shelves to his mirror. He takes off the hoodie he put on earlier, and you try not to stare at his back muscles when his shirt underneath lifts too.
He pulls his shirt down again, throwing the hoodie to the floor.
“Is my right arm really bigger? I swear I don’t do it that much,” he lowers his face in shame.
You frown; you don’t want him to take any of that conversation to heart.
“Come here, show me,” you tell him.
As Peter sits down on his bed next to you, you realise you’re asking him to put his stupid, big muscles right into your face and you have to force yourself to even out your breath.
He’s been working out a lot more lately, you can tell. That’s why you mentioned it to MJ and she pointed out the slight difference between his arms in the first place.
Or maybe you’ve just been painfully single and horny lately, but whenever you go on dates, you can’t help but compare the guys to Peter.
“So… uh… yeah,” he mumbles, not knowing what to do with himself as he shows you his arms.
“Um I... I think anyone looking at your arms would be too distracted to compare them and see if one is bigger so uh.. they’re great— I mean fine. They’re the same size, yeah,” you can’t think straight when he’s so close.
“What if everyone sees and thinks I’m a pervert?” He drops his arms back to his sides, shoulders slumped.
“Jacking off does not make you a pervert. Plus, you use your right arm for so many things, it’s your dominant side generally so it makes sense that your arm is bigger on that side.”
“Okay... to reduce my own embarrassment, I’m choosing to believe you.”
“And anyway, you’ve got a girlfriend now so you don’t have to masturbate as much anymore.”
“What- wait, I thought we were faking it? Are we really going to–”
“I was joking,” you say, grinning, feeling more and more hope blooming in your chest at how excited Peter just sounded.
“O...of course, yeah. Um, MJ was talking about you acting different though. Do you really have a secret boyfriend or something?”
Your cheeks feel hot as you remember MJ saying that. You don’t know why you thought you could hide your growing crush on Peter from her. It’s a miracle she hasn’t yet figured out that you’re acting differently because of him.
“No, she was… I don’t know what she was talking about. Have you picked out a film we can watch yet?”
It’s been a few weeks since you entered your fake relationship with Peter.
To convince Ned and MJ that you really are together, you’ve been hanging out a lot more as a pair. You could easily make up a lie, it’s not like they check to make sure if you’re really spending time together.
But you enjoy his company. It’s not the first time that it’s just the two of you, but knowing that Ned and MJ are probably thinking you and Peter are doing who knows what type of things together has changed the situation slightly.
You’re aware of the sexual tension every second you’re with Peter, but it’s a pleasant tension.
You don’t know if it will be today or in a few months, maybe even years, but you do know that one of you has to give in at some point.
It’s crazy to think that you’ve become so close all because the circumference of Peter’s right arm is ever so slightly bigger than that of his left one. It’s not like you ever measured, so maybe you’re all just imagining it anyway.
Either way, you’re not complaining that you get to spend so much time with Peter.
Sometimes you wish Ned and MJ were more sceptical of you and Peter suddenly being together, not believing you until you kiss Peter in front of them.
Sometimes you just want to kiss him.
Sometimes you nearly do.
Sometimes you wish you didn’t listen to your head so much and you’d just do it.
You spray on your perfume and decide which lipgloss to apply to your lips while you wait for Peter.
You’re nervous about seeing him today.
When MJ and her girlfriend had sex so loudly you could barely concentrate on anything else and it continued for so long that you barely got any sleep last night, you decided you wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine.
Besides, she’s been making comments about how Peter “couldn’t even make you sigh let alone moan” and you’d like to believe that that’s not true. After all, you started a whole fake relationship with him to protect him from MJ’s negative assumptions about him, so you can’t just stop now.
You hope your plan will work and won’t make things between you and Peter awkward.
You go to the living room where MJ’s doing something on her phone.
“You look pretty,” she tells you, “But won’t the lipgloss get in the way when you’re kissing Peter?” She raises her eyebrow.
Shit, you didn’t think of that.
“I would have thought you’re the last person who wants me to go out of my way for a man. Besides, he doesn’t mind.”
“Okay, just saying,” MJ shrugs and you wonder if she’s suspicious after all.
You hear a knock at the door of your shared apartment and feel your heart skip a beat. MJ stays seated but you glance at her when you open the door for Peter, checking to see if she’s even watching you.
While your head is still turned towards MJ, you go in for a kiss on Peter’s cheek, only he has the same plan and somehow your lips meet in the middle and you plant a kiss on each other’s lips.
You look at each other for a few seconds, getting lost in the other’s eyes, looking for and finding the confirmation that yes, that just happened, and yes, it felt incredible.
You snap yourself out of it and take his hand, pulling him to your bedroom with you.
“Don’t forget to use protection,” MJ shouts, her voice flat and uninterested but you’re intent on doing this.
You push Peter to your bed and straddle him, “Okay, so MJ and Carla were so loud last night that I could barely concentrate on anything else, so I thought we’d show her what it’s like so she might be a bit more considerate in the future.”
“We-we, you want us to have sex?”
You pull your eyebrows together, realising how this must sound to him. “No,” you get off him, not knowing why you even sat on him in the first place, “We’ll jump on the bed or something and put on porn so it sounds like we’re fucking.”
“Oh-okay,” Peter says. While you stand up on your bed you see him adjust his pants and smile to yourself.
“So uh…” you start shifting your weight. You haven’t had sex since you’ve had this bed, so you don’t know how much you even have to move for it to make a sound.
When Peter stands up too, the mattress dips and you nearly go tumbling into him, but he catches you with ease.
“Here,” he says, holding on to your hands while you rock your feet back and forth, shifting your weight and the bed starts squeaking.
Peter’s expression is serious, wanting to help you with your plan and making sure you don’t fall again, but you can’t help but giggle at the whole situation.
He grins when he hears your laugh, the crinkles by his eyes becoming more pronounced. You don’t even care about what MJ thinks anymore, Peter never cared about what she said in the first place, or at least not for the same reasons as you. He was simply embarrassed for a few days while you didn’t like anyone making fun of Peter.
You’d feel stupid just stopping now though. Plus, it’s already fun and you haven’t even really started yet. Anything you do with Peter is fun.
“Is that loud enough?” You wonder.
Peter starts moving too, the headboard now drumming against the wall and MJ has to hear that.
“Okay, don’t stop, I’ll put on some porn.”
“What was that for again?”
“The moans.”
“That’ll sound unrealistic,” he says.
“Well I’m not about to start moaning in front of you and MJ— ah,” you slap a hand over your mouth after Peter tickles you by your neck and you moan, dropping your phone.
“What the fuck?” You whisper-shout at him.
“I mean, it worked.”
You squint and pull at Peter’s hair, and a moan comes bubbling from his throat. He immediately blushes and looks surprised, “How did you know that would make me moan?” He questions.
“Lucky guess,” you shrug, happy that all the times you imagined pulling Peter’s hair hadn’t been some unrealistic fantasy, he really does like that.
“How did you know I moan when someone tickles me?” You ask now, not remembering that Peter knew that embarrassing fact about you.
“A few months ago we were studying together and then at some point we ended up tickling each other and you moaned and I got so hard and— um,” his eyes go wide when he realises he should have stopped talking before that last revelation.
He’s stopped bouncing on the bed and you just stare at each other.
You don’t know what’s stopping you from kissing him right now. He’s made it clear how attracted to you he is, you have zero doubt that he likes you back.
But he’s become such a good friend, and you’re scared of ruining this beautiful friendship.
“We need to continue or MJ will think you’re bad in bed,” is the only thing you can say and the moment of intimacy is over.
“I don’t care what MJ think— uh,” his face reddens more when the moan escapes his mouth, “I thought you were supposed to moan, not me.”
“It’ll sound better if we both do. Now try tickling me again, but I don’t know if it’ll work when I’m expecting you to— oh fuck,” you slap your hand over your mouth again. You can’t help it.
Peter’s smile becomes cocky even though he’s still embarrassed.
You roll your eyes in playful annoyance, giving Peter the heads up to tickle you more; it does the job, after all.
Peter can’t stop fucking grinning while he tickles your neck, your belly, under your arms and you have to moan every single time his fingers touch you there.
A few giggles come out too between the moans, but you’ve long forgotten to care about making MJ think you’re having sex when Peter is touching you.
He won’t stop tickling you as you giggle and moan, and you end up falling on the bed, limbs tangled and his hand still under your shirt from tickling your tummy.
He retrieves his hand from under your shirt and that motion alone makes you moan—right in his face.
There’s not even an inch between your faces, and when Peter finally kisses you, you feel like you’re going to explode from happiness.
His lips push against yours—his whole body pushes against yours and you bury your hands in his hair, making him moan.
You smile into the kiss, your heart beating against your ribcage the whole time.
You’re both panting, and apart from your breathing, your tongues meeting is the only thing you can hear. It’s just a kiss but it’s so dirty, you quickly feel a puddle forming in your underwear.
Even Peter is out of breath and has to force himself to pull his lips away from yours, but you bite his lower lip and pull him back in.
“Fuck,” he mumbles, and this time you really need to pause to catch your breath or you might pass out.
You notice how Peter never fully pulled his hand away, and it’s slipped down to your front, between your hips, “I mean, that is another way to make me moan,” you tease.
He lifts his hand quickly, “S-sorry, I didn’t realise.”
You smile, “That’s okay.”
Seeing his Adam’s apple bob up and down once, his eyes—full of hope— searching yours for a similar feeling, you ask, “Pete, do you like me?”
He blows air out of his nose and nods, smiling, “I do. I like you a whole lot.”
“Good,” you beam, your hands moving to the back of his neck to pull his face closer to yours again, so your lips can meet.
The atmosphere has changed, and while you’re grinning from joy, you feel nothing but the need to feel Peter inside of you.
You wrap your legs around his waist and roll on top of him, “You wanna do this?”
“Been waiting so fucking long for this to happen,” he says, ripping off his shirt.
Your hands glide over his chest as he lifts and repositions you on top of him, and you end up with his cock right against your pussy and you both gasp.
“Get this off,” you pull at his belt and get up to take off everything that you have on as quickly as possible.
When Peter’s trousers are off and he’s fully naked, you stop to stare at him and take a deep breath. He looks so good. You can’t wait to see how much better he looks when he cums.
He whines when he sees that you’re not fully naked yet and pulls you onto your bed to help take off the rest of your clothes.
He has no time to appreciate your naked body because you immediately straddle him, hovering over his lap as you take his cock and line it up with your pussy, rubbing it through your folds while you barely manage to stay quiet.
Peter sits up to be closer to you, hands running up and your back, your chest against his.
You sink down on his cock fully, your pussy swallowing him whole and Peter rests his head against your chest, “I’m not gonna last long. You feel like heaven,” he whispers.
Your fingers find his chin and lift his face. You arch your back and feel him go even deeper inside you as your lips meet in a bruising kiss.
With your hands on his shoulders, you slowly push Peter’s upper body back on the mattress.
You take his hands and place them on your tits as you start riding him.
You’re bouncing up and down, his cock hitting your sweet spot over and over as your wetness pools between you two, your clit throbbing.
“Fuck, I’m close,” you moan, taking one of Peter’s hands off your breasts and pushing his hand between your legs. You keep it there as you continue rocking your body back and forth, your high approaching quickly.
You’re gasping with pleasure as you listen to the sound of your wet pussy around Peter’s dick, and your skin slapping against his again and again.
You accidentally lift your hips too high and Peter slips out of you just as your orgasm drowns you in waves of pleasure, but you shamelessly keep grinding against him, rubbing your pussy on his cock.
Just as you start to slow down, thoroughly fucked out from that one orgasm full of months of bottled up tension and anticipation, Peter grips your hips—hard—and rocks you against his lap a few more seconds until he cums, streaks of his pleasure shooting across his abs while his mouth hangs open in bliss.
His hips buck up against you one last time as you both come down from your highs, out of breath and skin glowing.
“Fuck, Pete, that was so hot,” you mumble as you collapse against his side and he catches you with ease, wrapping his arms around you, “You look so pretty when you cum,” you kiss his nose and he blushes.
“You look prettier…” he trails off and you both look up as you hear footsteps in front of your door, paired with MJ’s voice.
You both notice too late to stop her.
“Okay, I know you two are faking it,” she opens the door, “there’s no way Peter can last that long— ahh!” She screams and bangs the door shut.
You sag back against Peter, quietly giggling into his neck.
“Shit, sorry— I should have heard her,” Peter frowns.
“Don’t worry, it’s not the first time she’s seen me naked. I think she screamed because she saw you naked,” you say.
Peter lowers his chin to his chest, raising his eyebrows and looks at you, questioningly.
“We live together. It’s happened once or twice,” you explain.
“So if I stay here will I get to see you naked too?”
“Peter I’m literally naked next to you right now,” you laugh.
“Oh yeah,” he giggles, hands gliding up the side of your thighs, your hips and your waist and eventually his thumb finds your nipple as he starts playing with it, marvelling at your goddess-like form.
“You’re adorable,” you peck his lips, “You wanna take a shower together?”
An hour or so later you two find yourselves in front of MJ’s room, ready to apologise that she had to see that but instead she gives Peter a speech about how she expects him to treat you—her best friend— right.
You look at Peter and see the guilt on his face, “Should we tell her that we’re not—”
“Just friends? Yeah, I think she’s seen enough to convince her that you are my boyfriend.”
You can tell Peter wants more, but you figured since you haven’t explicitly told him that you like him back, he thought it was just sex and wouldn’t ask for more if that’s all you wanted.
Peter beams at you, grin brighter than you’ve ever seen. He lifts your intertwined fingers to softly kiss the back of your hand.
You giggle and— “I’ve seen enough today, you’re banned from my room,” MJ gets up and closes her door as you and Peter take a step back.
You look at him and smile; you don’t let go of each other’s hands as you go back to your room to cuddle up and finally get to be with each other how you’ve wanted to for so long.
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portral · 21 days ago
Jelous Moondrop x fem!reader My Ao3 account was suspended for 30 days so Tumblr here I am!!
(Inspo: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8TnFVAB/ )
You were one of the very few secruityguards that were employed in the Mega Pizzaplex. Your area to secure was the daycare center.
While you tried to avoid any confrontations with the customers, it was you that the parents would complain to if something went slightly wrong. Their kid had scraped their knee? Complain. Their kid was hungry? Even then they’d sometimes complain. But the more it happened the more it became funny to joke about with the other securityguards that sometimes came by in their brakes.
Some parents would even drop their children off just before sitting down on the couches that were placed right infront of the daycares playground.
None of that mattered to you though. You enjoyed your jobs, even with some hiccups here or there. But… one thing was off. It’s your ‘coworker’. The animatronic that looked like a sun and had the energy of one as well. You kind of envied his ability to take care of the children as well as he does. When you two were alone he acted… strange.
The day always started slow. You would arrive at the Mega Pizzaplex and walk to the door with the text “SUPERSTAR DAYCARE PICK-UP” hanging over it, greeting some of the earlier arrived night time employees during your way there.
After unlocking the door you’d look around for any signs of a break-ins or damages. As always, there were none. Everything looks just like it did when you left the day before. “Hooo-hoo hoo!”, a voice called out. Your head turned towards the small platform build up high in the air.
The animatronic lifted it’s arms and was about to do his main entrance of jumping down into the ballpit, but he didn’t jump. There weren’t any kids here yet, was your daily explanation. He looked around the room until he spotted you leaning against the red gate next to the slide. His face seemed to brighten with joy, you don’t know how to describe it. How can a robot like bim look more happy? There was no explanation to it. It was just something you began to understand after the last few days of his attention.
The robot waved to you. You smiled and waved back. The hand you used to wave was held to your mouth, acting like a megaphone as you told him. “The daycare will open in 20 minutes! You can go back to your room if you’d like!”
The animatronic didn’t respond. He only sunk his one hand and continued to starre at you. You turned around to face the statue. The golden face of Sun and his counterpart Moon was beautiful in the light of the room. It stood high above you.
Talking about standing, your feet were getting tiered from standing, so you grabbed a chair and placed it infront of the slide. You reached for your backpocket, taking out your phone. You entered your password and played some games to pass the time.
But only after a few minutes of playing you noticed something from the corner of your eye. You screamed in shock. “Gosh! Don’t scare me like that!” “I APOLOGIZE!!! I just thought I’d greet you!”, Sun said with his head poking out of the slide’s entrance.
You appreciated the thought, yet it could have been done with less of a scare.
“Well hello Sunny.”, you greeted him with a smile. ‘He did that thing again!’, you thought ‘his face is full of happiness again?!’ “Do you have any ideas on what to do in the remaining 15 minutes?”, you asked calmly. He seemed to think for a moment before speaking. “We have glitter glue! And crayons! Maybe we can paint something?” Before you could even think a single thought his rambling continued. “Oh but- if you don’t like that then we can play a game! Like Tag or Hide and Seek!”
You looked the animatronic in the eyes while you chose what to do. Even though he’s now sitting on the ground with his legs crossed, he was tall enough for his eyes to directly starre into yours, with little difference in hight.
“Let’s play Hide and Seek!”, you proclaimed.
It’s definitely not the best hiding place. Not at all. But it might be enough to entertain both of you.
You were hiding in the right block of slides and stairs. as well as 2000 different deceases children might have spread here- (It’s where the generators are but I don’t know the word dor it-) You were hiding in a slide that connected the top and middle floors.
“4… 3… 2… 1! Ready or not here I come!”
You felt giggely as you heard him walk around the daycare. His bells making a sound every time he took a step or moved his hands. Usually it would be almost unbearable due to the sounds of different children chattering. But now? Now it’s just you and that animatronic. And 10 minutes of time left-
“Where are youuu?~”
You held a hand infront of your mouth and nose every time Sun would come near you, hoping to avoid any hints to your position. But even with the adrenaline this game brought, you were having fun!
“GOTCHA!”, Sunny shouted as he gently tackled you. You laughed as he laid ontop of you. “And now you will be the Seeker!”
After both of you want back to the spot infront of the ballpit Sunny added a new rule. “Hey! You know I have these bells right? Welll~ it would be unfair if you could just listen to where I go right?” You took the hint and cupped your ears with your hands. The animatronic nodded and went to go hide in his “Super Secret and Amazing Hiding-Spot!!” after you had closed your eyes as well.
“89… 87… 86…”
Sun knew the perfect spot.
“75… 74…”
He sometimes plays this game with the children so he’s learned a lot from them!
He almost reached his spot. It’s somewhat difficult to get to but it’s alright seeing that you’re an adult.
“43… 42… 4-“
You stopped counting. ‘What happened? Why are the lights off??’ You weren’t cheating, but even with your eyes closed you saw the difference between the normal Daycare lights and pitch black darkness.
Your hands dropped to your sides. You could hear Sunny’s awful cry. But you knew it’s dangerous to even get near him right now. You were not dumb. Well- not that dumb.
You made a burst to the tall wooden door. Quickly unlocking and opening it. And as fast as it was opened, it was closed once more.
‘But- The lights only turn off during the night- wha-‘, you thought before you spotted a clock. ‘4:35 AM?!?’ There was no way- Did you travel back in time? You pulled your phone out to check that this wasn’t some power outage or worse, some silly prank.
And on your phone it stood. ‘6:05 AM’
‘Ugh I knew I needed a new one- Did I break some part that controls the clock?’, you questioned yourself.
After a few more moments you began to move to the Lobby. Maybe you can still get out and go home? Sleep for a bit more? But no. Of course not. Life had to give you an extra kick. And a hard one at that.
“Give up!”, he yelled from behind.
You ran. Fast. You were never good at any sports. Getting exhausted easily was something your teachers would nagg you for. Well now you wish you had the stamina of Hercules.
You did some random turns, trying to shake the aggressive animatronic off, but all attempts failed. Being blown in the waters of Montys fast steps.
Why was he attacking you? A malfunction? Does he think you’re an intruder? Who knows. But you know that you’ll make a good meal for him.
That is until you turn around another corner.
Dead end.
You turned to face your soon-to-be demise. Your eyes getting watery. Your knees feel weak. You’re exhausted. Yet- Monty stops. He stood at the entrance of your dead-end hallway of death. Was he taunting you?
Looking through his star-shaped glasses you could see him looking… shocked? He wasn’t even looking at you. He didn’t approach you. The opposite actually, he took a step back. And then another. He even turned and ran away after mumbling a “s-sorry.”
You were glad that you haven’t died. But you were also confused.
All until someone touched both of your shoulders. Your shoulders tensed up again. Was there something worse than Monty behind you?! You looked at your right shoulder. The hallway was dark, yet you could see the color of the fingertips that held you down. They were… blue?
‘What animatronic here has blu-‘
“It’s past your bedtime~”, Moon giggled into your ear as he wraps one arm around your waist and moves the other around your chest, lifting you in the air before carrying you on his shoulder. But he didn’t return to the daycare. Instead he went into a different direction. Or at least you presume that, it isn’t easy to know where you’re going when all you are able to look at is the floor. But it seams like he went somewhere backstage?
You were not familiar with any other location beside the main daycare.
You heard Moon move something and then he climbed inside of the walls? After going down a slim hallway you both entered a room. Moon dropped you down onto the floor. All you could take in was that the room was strangely messy. There was a table with a random box on top of it. And under the table was a torn apart security bot?? Next to that was a broken shelf and a toy house. Behind you was a small staircase that led to… Sunny’s stage? Was this their room? How is it this messy? You know that both sides have a strict code for cleanness.
Behind Moon was a red colored wall with the company’s logo painted on it. “FREDDY FAZBEAR’S PIZZAPLEX”. But most of it was blocked by Moon who was directly starring at your face.
Both of you didn’t say anything for a few minutes. The air laying full of awkwardness. Who will talk first? Turns out it was you. “Soo… is this like your guys room?” It was a good conversation starter. Or so you thought. Because Moon continued to starre at you in silence.
Eventually you saw his arm lift. He looked like he was about to touch your arm but he stops himself, still holding eye contact. He looked… confused? Like he was trying to figure out who you are. “Bad children must be punished.”, he said, maybe to himself, and grabbed your arm. He pulls you down so you lay beneath him. Your face flushed as your mind began to wonder about all of the dirty things this robot could do to you.
Moondrop hummed and placed his knee inbetween your thighs. ‘Why is this hot?’, you asked yourself. His fingers danced to your uniform. Undoing the buttons on the top part, revealing your bear chest. “Naughty Naughty…”, Moon whispered as he unclasped all of the buttons of your top, revealing your (color) bra. Next he lowered his fingers to your crotch. Your breath hitched as his hand dived straight into your panties. Your arousel dripping onto his fingertips as the teased your clit.
His fingers rolled against the bundle of muscles. The core of pleasure continuously grew inside of you. You were enjoying this and he knew. His fingers worked like magic on your sensitive parts.
You whined as he removed his hand. But Moon worked on getting your trousers off first. Now you laid there only on your underwear.
All needy.
All seeking pleasure.
All for him to see.
You extended your hands and grabbed his faceplate, smashing your lips onto… his teeth? It was weird yes, but in the moment it felt right. Not long after the kiss ended, Moon pushed your panties aside and slid two fingers back into your wet pussy. You let out a deep breath from the continuance of pleasure. Moondrop’s other hand wandered around your sides. Going from your hips, up to your shoulders and back down once more.
But once your breathing got heavier and your pants became more audible, Moon drifted his fingers to your throat and gently pressed down on your blood vessel, making you feel slightly lightheaded. “Tsk tsk tsk… such a naughty thing… Creaming all over my fingers like that~ What are you going to cum just from my fingers doll~?”, his words went straight to your crotch area, making you quick to release your cum onto his palm. Moon snickers and you hear him move some fabric. You tilt your head to look at him and get flustered as you see his cock.
Why would they give an animatronic a dick?? What horny maniac would do such a thing?
Yet you had no real time to think about it seeing that Moon immediately started to fuck your pussy while it’s still warm and wet. You threw your head back as he rutted inside of you. While you were panting and letting some whined escape your mouth, Moon was actually growling and grunting. “C-can you feel this?”, you looked him in his red eyes and asked. Moon’s voicebox spoke “Yes. I can feel your little wet cunt fluttering around my cock doll~”, he said.
You almost envied his capability to speak flawlessly while simultaneously railing you harder then any human might ever be able to. Yet you just laid there in what you think is his room and took everything he gave you with thankfulness.
His body moved yours every time his hips would make contact with your rear. Your thighs shock. Your voice slowly started to get raspy. At the same time Moon was starting at you. He adored the look on your beautiful face. The way your hair fell onto your face. The way your face was contracted in pleasure. It was getting him closer to his realease. “Fuc- please! Moon please!” You didn’t know what you were asking of him. But Moon knew. His hips made a loud clapping sound, which after your plea lost its rhythm. But where rhythm was lost, speed was gained. Moon removed one of his hands from your hips and placed it back onto your clit, moving his fingertips in a circular motion. Your voice gained volume as you reached you peak. Your walls fluttered around the animatronics cock. You were filled with your own wetness being fucked back into you, but now something was added. ‘Did Moon just cum!?’, you thought.
As you looked down onto the messy scene, you saw a glimpse of what you assumed was the robots cum. It was a dark blue color. But your view was cut short as Moondrop smashed his face against yours again. You messily made out with his faceplate again. The ‘kiss’ didn’t last for long.
After the affectionate kiss you took a deep breath in. Was that… the smell of Blueberries? You didn’t think about it too much. ‘Whoever gave an animatronic a dick must have made the cum edible and safe… hopefully-‘
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onaluvstowrite · a month ago
jealousy jealousy
summary: Antonio has a little crush on you and is getting in the way of you and camilo’s plans
Camilo x fem!reader
Antonio x fem!reader ( !!platonic!!)
he/they pronous used for Camilo
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ° ° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ° ° 𐐪𐑂 ♡
“ Camilo, your novia is heree!” Isabela yells from in front of the door of the casita. Sounds of multiple footsteps were heard and arguing.
“ Ugh Antonio , Isabela said my name, not yours,” the said boy says as he runs down the stairs to greet you. “ Well I wanna say hi to ( y/n ) too!” Antonio argues back.
Usually, the two would never argue. That was Camilo and Delores's thing. The two were very close. They would play with Antonio's animals, play pranks on people together, and even annoy Delores together. The two were dynamic duo.
That was until Camilo got a girlfriend. don't get me wrong the too was still a great duo, always playing with each other and annoying people ( mostly Camilo doing that ). But mostly getting into more more arguments, about ( y/n ).
In other words Antonio had a small crush on his sibling’s girlfriend.
The whole Madrigal family thought it was adorable even ( y/n), it was a sweet and innocent crush, all he wanted to do was hang out with you because he thought you were so cool, you played with his toys with him, you also liked animals so of course, he wanted to hang out with you.
But Camilo also wanted to hang out with you you’re his girlfriend. Everytime they would invite you over to the casita his little brother would join in on whatever you two were doing. If you and Camilo were on a date, then Antonio will be sitting right in the middle of you. If you and Camilo went on a walk then Antonio would join in on that walk while of course holding your hand. And if you and Camilo took a nap on the couch then Antonio will take a nap on the couch right in the middle of you two. ( which made Pepa and Felix very happy, do you know how hard it is to get an energetic five-year-old to take a nap?)
it's not that Camilo was jealous…but he was jealous. that was supposed to be your guys' time to hang out! not you and Antonios.
Trust me they loved that you were getting along with his family. They were a big part of his life, it made him happy to see you playing with his brother in the front yard, and gossiping with his sister and mother. but you and Antonio could hang out later! it was his turn to hang out without.
“ Hello mi amor!“ “Hi ( y/n)!” they both said in sync. “ hi mi Vida, hi ‘Tonio, “ you said happily and walked into the house. “come , let's go to my room and play! “ the youngest madrigal says as he pulls your arm so can follow him to his room.
“ Wow, you're really gonna let him take your girl like that primo?” Isabela laughed and said and she closes the door.
“Isabelaaa stop its not funny” Camilo groans and stomps away upstairs to his litter brother's room to catch up with you. “ don't be jealous primo!!” he hears her yell out before while he walks up the stairs of the casita.
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ° ° 𐐪𐑂
It was later on in the day and the couple was walking the streets of Encanto. surprisingly without a little 5-year-old with them.
“ Why did you tell him to stop? you know we're supposed to have our date today” Camilo says and he waves to a few people, then looking at you with a pout. “ because Camilo, it's not a big deal it was only 30 minutes and you know I can't say no to Antonio!” you say back to him as you hold theyre hand. And no one can indeed say no to him, especially if he gives you the puppy dog eyes.
“it is a big deal! your spending more time with my hermanito than me!” he whines out, holding your hand tighter. “ mi Amor, are you jealous of your 5-year-old brother?” you say and look at them with a smirk.
“huh? n-no, I'm just saying-“ “ no no no you definitely are!” you interrupt him “okay fine! maybe I am, but you always hang out with him instead of me now mi amor, I just miss spending time with you. don't be wrong I love that you two are close! it makes me so happy to see you getting along with mi familia” he said but not done
“but I miss our time, do you know how much cuddling time we miss? too much to count!” they whisper-shouts.
you couldn't help but laugh. “stop laughing at me (y/n), it's embarrassing to admit this!” he whines out and stops walking to sit on a bench. “ I'm not making fun of you querido, I think it's sweet to never see you get jealous before,” you say and sit next to him.
“ look I'm sorry I haven't been hangout with you as much mi qundo. and especially missing out on our cuddling time” you both giggle at the last part. “I promise ill hang out with you too equally” you mouth and hug him “Te Quiero Camilo”
“te amo más princesa” he smiles and says.
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subbypeterparker · a month ago
Santa Tell Me
Tumblr media
peter parker x fem!reader
Summary: Following a TikTok trend, you dress up for Peter in Christmas wrapping paper...only in wrapping paper ;)
Word count: 1.8k
A/N: Enjoy the horniness that came out of my brain after being sick for a week
Oh, I wanna let him unwrap me, like oh-woo-oh Get on top of him, by that fireplace, oh-woo-oh
The music plays in the background from the video that’s been playing for the past hour as you tape up the bit of the wrapping paper that ripped on your thigh. 
For the millionth time in the past hour, the boyfriend of the girl in the video rips off the girl’s wrapping paper skirt, and you chuckle thinking of how Peter would react when he sees you being his early Christmas gift.
The “skirt” sits in the dip of your hip, highlighting your ass, and falls to the middle of your thighs. The top is so tiny it’s barely keeping your tits inside it. 
You look hot.
Okay, maybe the Frosty the Snowman wrapping paper put a damper on how hot this all was, but as if Peter could resist his naked girlfriend, covered in only wrapping paper. 
Your phone dings, and you smile at Peter’s text.
im at the grocery store across the street. do u need anything, love?
                                                       no, im good babe
ok, im still getting the chocolate you like though. love you!
                                                           love you too <3
You shut your phone, and get ready for the night ahead. Maybe you should have set up all this before dressing up in clothes that rip at the slightest movement. 
You dim all the lights in the apartment, light candles, select the playlist for the night, and by the time you’ve done that, Peter’s lock is turning in the door, and it’s showtime. 
“Love, where are you?” he calls out. Excitement courses through his veins when he notices the lights are dimmed. This only happens when there’s going to be sex...
“Hey,” your voice calls out from way behind him. He whips around and his jaw drops. 
You’re leaning against the doorway to the kitchen, hand on your waist, dressed in wrapping paper that Peter can clearly see is close to exposing your body. He’s already hard.
All Peter can do is notice the lack of a bra, and hopefully panties too?
You chuckle, “Yes Peter, I’m not wearing panties.”
Oh fuck, he said that out loud. 
“Come here, baby boy,” Peter would be a fucking liar if he said he didn’t let out the loudest moan purely from your words. 
“Is this that one trend?” he asks, gripping your hips while trying not to rip the paper. 
“Mhmm, figured I’d surprise you as an early Christmas present,” you lightly kiss his cheek.
“I-I-I am definitely surprised,” his hands run up and down your hips while he tries not to look at your boobs. He fails. 
“Well, how about we take this party to the bedroom, and you unwrap me?” 
You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling his face closer to connect your lips. He gasps into the kiss when your hands play with the hairs at the top of the neck.
“I-yes, yes I would love that,” he breathes out against your lips.
“Perfect,” you grin almost synically. You pull the dazed boy by the hand towards your room, and shut the door with your foot.
He pulls you towards to bed, and sits down, looking up at you almost nervously.
He toys with the hem of your skirt, careful not to rip it. Your hands go up to his hair, playing with the strands.
“Can I-can I unwra-can I,” he let’s out a nervous breath, “Can I-unwrap y-...”
“Yes Peter, you can unwrap me, love.” you tilt up his head, so he can see your eyes, “You can do anything you want to me.”
He whimpers at your dirty words, and you lean down to kiss his forehead.
Peter begins slowly creating a rip going up your outer thigh, savouring in the skin that’s becoming visible. He tilts his head to the side like a puppy when he sees the skin of your ass from the side, and his cock hardens some more.
With a flourish of his wrists, he rips off the wrapping paper, and drops it unceremoniously onto the floor. You bare cunt is on display for him, and he wastes zero time in ripping the top off as fast as he can.
You let out a small moan at his actions, and Peter feels his pants tighten some more. He pulls you onto his lap, and you let out a loud laugh as he desperately grinds up into your cunt.
“It was fun to unwrap you,” he pushes the hair out of your face, laughing a little.
“Mmm, why don’t we fast-track this, and start unwrapping a condom?”
In response to his excitement at what you’ll be doing, he grinds up into you again, making you both let out quiet moans.
“Patience, baby boy. I’m not done having fun with you.”
He collapses backwards onto the bed, too horny to keep himself upright. Well, something else is upright.
You grab the condom and return to your boy on the bed. Peter looks up at you with desperation practically brimming in his eyes.
Even though you’re naked, and he’s fully clothed, the power you have is obvious. And you have never been more turned on.
“God, you’ve never looked sexier,” you straddle his hips, rocking your wet cunt against his bulge.
He groans out in frustration. He knows how wet you are, and he wants nothing more than to feel you, to pleasure you, but his stupid jeans stop him from doing so.
“Please take my pants off, please,” he paws at your hips, whining when you grind down on him harder.
“Please!” he pouts, and gives you those eyes he knows you can’t resist. Sighing, you lean forwards to connect your lips, grinding down on him particularly hard.
You undo his belt and button, and push down his jeans, throwing them away. He jumps into action and rips off his shirt.
His hands reconnect back onto your waist, quickly putting you back onto his lap. Instead of sitting on his cock, you flick the wrapped condom between your fingers.
He shoots you puppy dog eyes again, but you just look at him.
“You told me to take off your pants. I did what you asked,” you lean down to press kisses behind his ear, “Is that not what you wanted?”
He thrusts his hips into the air, trying to feel you against his cock, but you lift your hips up even farther, ending up on all fours.
Your tower over him as he whines at the sight of you above him.
“Please fuck me! Y/n, I’m so desperate. Please, I’m so desperate for you!”
“You could have just asked,” he whines out in discontent, collapsing back onto the bed. That’s all it took? Why didn’t he just say that before?!?!
“After all, this is your present.” You smirk as you connect your lips to Peters’ soft ones, and wrapping your hand around his cock.
You lazily stroke him while he moans into your mouth, bucking up into your hand. When he’s as hard as he can get, you lean back to sit against his upper thighs.
Your cunt is dripping onto his thighs, and against his better judgement, Peter reaches down to collect some of the slick, and brings his fingers up to his lips.
Looking you in the eye, he circles his fingers with his tongue, whimpering at the taste. You sit there mouth agape, before you get too worked up watching him.
You unwrap the condom, and he giggles, taking his fingers out of his mouth.
“You unwrapped the condom! Like a gift! Like what you did! Hehehe!”
“Sorry, please continue.” He lies back on the bed, and puts his hands on his stomach.
“...Ok.” You push the condom onto his cock and he moans and juts his legs upwards, hitting your clit that’s still on his thigh.
Not wasting anytime, you sink yourself on his dick, moaning in unison.
“Fuck, you feel so good!” He moans out as you begin to roughly ride him.
He lets out more strangled moans when you clench around his cock, and bucks his hips up in time with your bounces.
“I think...that this is...the best present...I’ve ever gotten!” Peter is too out of breath already that he can’t string a scentence together.
“This better be,” you glare down at him.
He goofily smiles, stroking your thigh. His eyes keep glancing down to your tits, and you sigh.
“You can touch me, baby. Once again, I’m all yours tonight.”
He flips the two of you over, and kisses from your lips down your jaw and neck, all the way down to your tits, where he slides his tongue over your nipple, before taking it into his mouth.
Peter continues thrusting into you, mumbling out “please” every now and then.
Your hands reach up to grab your headboard as he continues to fuck you. He whines against your nipple when you clench around him.
“Peter, you’re fucking me so well baby. Always make me feel so damn good!”
Your clit throbs when he whines at your words, and Peter reaches down to rub circles into the nub, gasping when your legs wrap tightly around his waist, pulling him deeper into you.
“Geez, you’re so fucking hot. I don’t think I’m gonna last, I’m sorry.”
You bring a hand down from the headboard, and push his head to connect your lips to his. Your other hand reaches down to wrap around his throat.
“This is your present baby. You can cum.”
Even though he’s so close, Peter pushes through it and kisses you hard, thumbing at your clit with more aggression.
“Please cum, Y/n, please!” he begs, sucking marks into your neck.
You clench around his cock, his words being the thing that tipped you over the edge. You cum with a shout of his name, and a particularly harsh squeeze of his throat.
He whines against your hand, and spills his cum into the condom, milking both of your orgasms for their worth’s.
He collapses on top of you, still inside you. You push his sweaty sex hair out of his face, and he gazes up at you, satisfied beyond anything.
“Let’s get cleaned up.” He groans in annoyance, perfectly find with staying inside you.
A few minutes later you’re cleaned up, and are lying in bed with his head on your naked chest.
He looks up at you again, lazily sucking a mark on the side of your left tit.
“Hi,” you giggle.
“Hi,” he leans up to press a kiss to your lips.
“Man I love your sex hair.”
“Oh well in that case, why don’t we continue?” he already beggining to climb up your body;, before you press his back down by his shoulders.
“Easy there soldier, you heart is still beating a mile a minute.”
“Yes, well it will keep doing that as long as I can see your tits, so hmph” he collapses back down, and kitten licks the skin on your breast.
You stroke his hair for a few minutes, and notice his eyes beggining to droop.
He lets out an adorable yawn, and nestles his face against your skin.
“Best present ever.”
“Mmm, you should wait for your Christmas one.”
“Aw, hell yeah!”
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babyboibucky · 2 months ago
Pairing: NewRockstar!Bucky x Fem!Reader
Summary: Bucky convinces you that you’ve been serving the wrong king the entire time.
Word Count: 2.7k
Warnings: rough fingering, slight degradation, praise kink skskskks
A/N: Say hello to a new Rockstar!Bucky LMFAO consider this as my way of making it up for the ending I gave to Devil’s Mark. Dedicating this to my Rockstar!Bucky hoes @lokithealligator​ @soldatspet​ @bibbidibobbidibucky​ @bemine-bucky @sgt-seabass​ skskksksks Thanks Amber for helping me out too!!! (also, I am not simping over Tommy Lee. I’m simping over how hot Sebastian Stan looks like with a rockstar aesthetic. Just felt the need to clarify that lmao)
Tumblr media
You treated Billy Russo like a king.
To any fan of his band, Jigsaw, you were living out their dreams of being up close and personal with them— a groupie. You started off as a humble follower of the band and what started off as simple admiration for their lead singer slowly turned into something more when you got to know him.
You had Amber to thank for that, one of their loyal fans turned groupie whom you met during one of their shows. They weren’t as popular back then but you loved them and you made sure to be present in all of their tours. Amber thought you’d fit right in and since then, your life changed its course.
Your life revolved around Billy; you made sure he was comfortable and you did your damn best to feed his ego. And he loved it, the attention and care you provided him. You focused on him and you had expected for him to return the favor.
He never did. Maybe not yet.
Billy has his favorite girls, those who get to do more than just talk with him. Savannah was his absolute favorite, she’s like the queen bee— she’s gorgeous and obviously good inside the bedroom, judging by how Billy almost always spends his night in her hotel room.
Of course there was Amber, she was sort of the pioneer muse of Jigsaw after all. Pretty face, pretty hair and a lovely personality. You’d think she was innocent but was far from it, it’s probably why it wasn’t just Billy that was drawn to her but almost every member of the band.
You loved those two girls because they welcomed you and treated you like family. But sometimes you couldn’t help but hate and envy them for the attention and treatment they get from Billy.
You wanted to be like them, wanted him to praise you and tell you how much of a good girl you were for being loyal.
With how dedicated you were in taking care of Billy, you thought you’d be able to steal his heart. As you watched Billy wrap an arm around Savannah’s shoulders, leading her back into the dressing room right after a performance, you realized that you had a long way to go.
Unknowingly, it was someone else’s attention that you managed to snatch.
“Hurts like a motherfucker, doesn’t it? Seeing someone you’re so desperate for, ignore you like that.”
Turning to your side, you were met with a familiar face— jet black hair, dark eyes, tattooed skin and piercings— it was easy to remember one Bucky Barnes.
You glared at him, “You’re an asshole.” you said.
Bucky stopped chewing his gum as he grinned mischievously, “So telling the truth makes someone an asshole now?” he asked before chuckling.
“Baby girl, you’re chasing a dead end and you know it. Why chase after Billy when you have someone who’s willing to make you his queen?” he asked.
Staring at Bucky with confusion, you tilted your head to the side. Bucky laughed with amusement, cradling your cheek with his gloved hand for a brief moment before running his fingers through his hair.
“If you weren’t so desperate for him, you would’ve noticed how much I’ve been wanting to make you my muse.” he said with a roll of his eyes, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Bucky Barnes wanted you to join them? The Bucky Barnes, drummer of Daybreak who also happened to be a band that Billy hated.
It was like the universe was onto something, having Billy’s sworn enemy offer you the attention you’ve been working hard to get from him. Yes, Bucky Barnes was at the top of Billy’s list of people he actually, truly despised.
Jigsaw and Daybreak were always pitted against each other from the very beginning of time. Both bands debuted at the same time, had similar styles and almost the same amount of fans. The competition was not a secret and the media loved using it to their advantage by constantly comparing the two.
Billy Russo was the pretty boy of the rock and roll scene, it was why he quickly rose to the top. He looked different and that made him stand out, he was like an angel who loved living in hell. And then there was Bucky, ruggedly handsome and wild— the embodiment of a true rockstar. He was unabashedly filthy and blunt but with a charm that sent both men and women on their knees.
Billy didn’t like being called a pretty boy, and he most definitely did not appreciate Bucky snatching the top spot in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of up and coming rockstars you needed to watch out for.
“You convinced her yet?”
You jumped at the voice that chimed in the conversation. It was Steve Rogers, lead guitarist of Daybreak and a good friend of Bucky. Unlike Bucky, Steve’s body wasn’t littered with tattoos. He had a few scattered in some places, mostly hidden beneath his clothes. He ran a hand over his beard as he winked at you before focusing back on Bucky.
“I was about to get to that part but you barged in on us.” Bucky said.
“Yeah, well get to it quickly.” Steve responded.
“I can hear you both. I’m actually right here.” you stated, crossing your arms over your chest.
Steve laughed, “Then you should know by now how much Bucky wants to steal you away from pretty boy.”
“I’m loyal to Billy.” you simply said and attempted to walk away.
“But is he loyal to you though?” Bucky asked with a playful shrug before approaching you.
He towered over you as he stepped closer, scanning your figure with dark eyes that made your stomach bubble. You could see Steve watching Bucky with amusement before shaking his head and walking away, whispering good luck before disappearing.
“At least hang out with us, Billy wouldn’t know. He’s probably fucking one of his ladies. Let me show you how I’d treat my queen.”
“With the sounds you’re making, you seem like you haven’t been fucked for ages.” Bucky breathed out as he nosed your jaw, the cold sensation of his nose ring a stark contrast to how hot your entire body felt like.
As soon as you stepped foot inside Daybreak’s dressing room, Bucky pulled you into the nearest bathroom and wasted no time to kiss you. You shouldn’t be enjoying this as much, especially with thoughts of Billy lurking in the back of your mind. But with how Bucky’s skilled fingers were pumping in and out of your needy cunt while his body caged yours against the wall, you couldn’t help but focus on the pleasure alone.
It felt so fucking good it had your knees trembling.
You planted a foot on top of the counter, opening yourself up to Bucky to give him more access to your pussy. His fingers were long and slender, reaching your sweet spot easily making you keen. Bucky’s breath tickled your ear as he fingered you faster, the vulgar squelching noises ringing in your ear as you felt a familiar coil form inside your stomach.
Your fingers gripped Bucky’s arms tightly, needing to stabilize yourself for balance because of how the pleasure was literally turning your entire body feel like it was made out of jelly. He laughed into your ear when you whimpered as a response to how he suddenly slowed down his pace.
“Billy ever fucked you like this?” he asked. “No?” he cooed as he gripped your face, lifting it up to meet his gaze.
Unable to respond, you only shook your head as you wiggled your hips in an attempt to feel more of his fingers. He looked down at you patronizingly, like he was pitying you for acting so needy after putting up such a strong facade. But at the same time, his eyes fully focused on your entire face, like he was memorizing every feature, every mark and well, everything.
The way he was staring at you like you were his queen made your pussy clench around his fingers, something that put a smirk on his face.
“Billy’s one lucky motherfucker to have someone like you beg for him.” he said.
“I’m gonna make you mine.” he added before removing his thick chain necklace and placing it around your neck, only to use it to tug your face closer to his for a sloppy kiss.
The kiss left your brain fuzzy and you didn’t know how it was possible, but it also heightened your senses. Bucky kissed you desperately, it was all tongue, teeth and spit. At the same time, he sped up his fingers inside of your cunt, edging you closer and closer to your sweet release.
“See now, this is how your pussy should be treated. Got you all soaked up and clenching for me, I bet you taste so fucking good. You’re already such a fucking mess with just my fingers, imagine how it’d feel like to have my cock stretch out your cunt. God, just thinking about this pussy around my cock is driving me insane. Baby girl, you drive me insane.” he grunted against your lips, tightening his hold on his necklace to keep your face close to his.
Fireworks were beginning to explode inside of you and it’s been such a long time since you experienced such pleasure, the kind that had your toes curling inside your shoes. It made your eyelids flutter and your eyes roll to the back of your head. Your moans grew louder and louder, with Bucky muffling them each time he kissed you.
“Open your eyes, baby girl. Look at me,” Bucky commanded. “Yeah, that’s right. Keep looking at me, see how much I fucking want you. Wanna see you be a good girl for me.” he said.
You swallowed hard and nodded, your vision turning into a hazy blur from the tears that slowly burned at the corner of your eyes.
“Fuck, doing so good for me. Kiss me, baby.” he asked in a soft voice, letting go of his necklace on your neck to grip your waist.
You didn’t even think twice and leaned forward for a kiss, whimpering against Bucky’s lips when he curled his fingers inside.
Your vision turned black and your sense of hearing was temporarily replaced by a high-pitched ringing noise. All you could do was feel— feel the way your cunt fluttered around Bucky’s fingers, feel your wetness drip down your thighs, feel Bucky’s lips against your cheek as he showered your face with kisses.
You also felt your world slowly begin to change.
“That’s my girl.” Bucky praised, moving your hair away from your face before kissing you.
While you were trying to recover, Bucky kept on whispering praises against your ear and skin. His lips traveled from your jaw, down to your exposed collarbones, nipping at the skin.
“Wanna put my mark on you.” he said, groping your shirt-clad breast as he sucked on the skin in between your breasts.
You gasped at his statement and pushed him back, placing both your palms flat against his chest keeping him an arm’s length. Bucky looked at you with a smirk, “What? I just wanted to suck a hickey onto your skin, get a rise out of Billy when he sees it.” he admitted.
“What did you think I was gonna do? Carve my initials on your skin or some shit like that? I’m not that crazy.” he said with a laugh.
When you didn’t respond, Bucky heaved out a deep sigh, “Alright, I won’t.” he said, fixing your hair.
“You look so debauched and it’s a fuckin’ compliment.” he said with a smile, “Anyway, if you ever decide to join us, feel free to head over to our hotel. We’re having a party tonight, should be fun. I’d love for you to be there, our girls would love you.” he said.
Bucky helped fix you up afterwards, even letting you use their shower to get all cleaned up before heading back to Jigsaw’s dressing room. You wondered whether Billy even noticed that you were gone.
You also wondered why he never crossed your mind until now.
Before you could reach the dressing room, the door slammed open and a shirtless Billy stepped out. His hair was messed up and his neck was littered with a couple of marks. He looked at you with a slight frown, “Where the fuck you’ve been?” he asked.
So, he actually noticed.
“Just went out to get some fresh air.” you said.
Billy stared at you for a brief moment before nodding. His gaze moved past your figure and as soon as his expression changed, you knew for sure who he was looking at.
“Billy boy! Been a while, huh?” Bucky greeted as he approached Billy with a jump in his strides.
Billy snickered, “What’re you doing here, Barnes?” he asked.
Bucky shrugged, “Can’t an old pal check in on his mate?” he asked.
Billy rolled his eyes, “We’re not friends, Barnes. Fuck off.” he said.
“She’s a pretty one.” Bucky said, tilting his head towards you, “Hope you’re treating her like a queen or else someone might swoop in and steal her away from you.” he threatened with a laugh.
Billy clenched his jaw as he stared at Bucky who was grinning at him. Sure, you may not be Billy’s favorite and maybe he doesn’t really care that much about you. But he was possessive as fuck.
What’s his is his and he’ll make sure that it’ll remain his no matter what.
“I’ll see you soon.” Bucky said, slowly backing away.
Billy snorted, “See you never.” he said.
It was Bucky’s turn to snicker, “I wasn’t talking to you, Billy boy.” he smirked before winking at you.
“What the fuck does he mean by that?” Billy asked you.
You cleared your throat and feigned innocence, shrugging and even telling him not to bother with someone like Bucky.
“You know how he is, don’t let him get to you.” you told Billy.
Billy didn’t seem to buy it and blocked your way back inside the dressing room. His stern expression softened up a bit as he gazed down at you. You gulped and tried to keep your calm, hoping that he wouldn’t notice how utterly well-fucked you looked.
He brushed his knuckles against your cheekbone, tilting his head as he stared down at you, “You are a pretty one, aren’t you?” it was more of a statement rather than a question.
“You still one of ours?” he asked and gripped your face with force before dragging his thumb along your bottom lip.
You nodded eagerly, “Yes, of course, Billy.” you nervously chuckled.
He nodded, “Good.” he said, before walking back inside the dressing room.
You followed Billy inside and saw that Savannah and Amber were on the couch. You watched as Billy sat in between them, giving them the attention you used to crave from him. He tugged at Amber’s collar and pulled her in for a kiss while Savannah watched.
Watching them made you feel like you never belonged there at all. They didn’t even acknowledge your presence; not even the rest of Jigsaw’s members paid any attention to you. You used to hate being the audience because of how much envy coursed through your veins.
With how you dedicated most of your time to Billy, he should have treated you like his queen. Not even Savannah nor Amber worked their asses off to make sure that he was taken care of, it was always you who stood by him.
Now, you still hated being the audience but instead of envy, it was regret that overtook your entire being.
Regret for spending the last few years pining over the wrong man who never spared you a glance and regret for tolerating his awful treatment of you that you don’t deserve. However, along with the regret came the enlightenment that made you easily decide that maybe, it was time for you to set yourself free from delusion.
Billy Russo was no king for treating you like trash, but he was a fool for thinking that you were too blinded by your admiration for him to stay loyal.
“Let me show you how I’d treat my queen.”
Bucky’s words rang in your ear as you stood there, feeling like a fly on the wall. Your hands clenched into fists as you watched Billy, your admiration for him slowly turning into abhorrence.
If you were truly a queen, you sure as hell was going to claim your throne even if it meant sitting next to a different king.
No, this is not a series but yes, there will be a filthier part 2
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mitsuxii · 24 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♥︎.PAIRING … izana kurokawa x fem!reader
♥︎.SUMMARY … izana loathes your boyfriend </3
♥︎. CONTAINS … afab reader. unprotected sex. forced creampie (you don’t let izana pull out but he doesn’t really mind). implied scratching. cheating/infidelity. cheating revenge.
♥︎. NOTE … this very well may be the beginning of my selfship with izana 👁 idk he just. he. h hhh. hE.
Tumblr media
IZANA, who’s despised your boyfriend since the moment you first showed up clinging to his arm like some glorified arm candy, glossy lips pressing sticky kisses to his cheek and beaming up at him as if he’d carved out a slice of the moon just for you. Still, Izana remained civil, eyes shaded with something vacant and unreadable as he inclined his head to your boyfriend at your behest. He couldn’t be angry with you, no. You always were too trusting for your own good—too kind and amicable. You chose to view the world through rose-tinted lenses, and it wasn’t long before all of the glaring red flags that billowed brazenly in your face were disregarded as pink–as “accidents” and “lapses of judgment” that “wouldn’t happen again because you swear he’s a good guy.”
Izana was always the one who kept you out of trouble—scrolling through your private messages with an indifferent expression, save for the slight, amused tilt of his lips and the lidding of his eyes whenever he stumbled upon well-known philanderers with penchants for shattering hearts and more notches in their belts than gun magazines in Izana’s trying to strike up a conversation with you. All the while, you sat perched on the edge of your bed, not even sparing him a glance as you clicked and tapped away at your laptop.
You trusted him to screen your suitors for any potential issues you may have missed, certain that he would be able to weed out all of the men searching for a hookup or to waste your time. You always did, and he always delivered. So, when you selected this sleazy, greasy bastard as your boyfriend and refused to heed any of Izana’s warnings, he was intrigued. What exactly was it about this man that had you so utterly bewitched that you wouldn’t even listen to your friend of five years?
Tumblr media
IZANA, who noticed all of your boyfriend’s shortcomings and infidelity far sooner than you did, but remained silent out of interest. After all, if you were so adamant about inviting him into your heart, then surely you were knowledgeable of his shitty behavior. He figured that, at the very least, you must be capable of identifying the root of the problem—or at least that there was a problem to begin with. The first couple weeks of your relationship were smooth sailing, Izana noted. But, the more time passed, the more distant your boyfriend became, and the more his eyes wandered when your back was turned.
He became antsy in your presence—anxious, as if he suspected you’d become skeptical of the “late night office hours” and phone numbers that he’s “never seen before” and the distinctively feminine fragrance lingering on his clothes that had allegedly rubbed off on him when he embraced a coworker who “recently suffered a loss.” But, Izana knew, plain as day. He knew that your relationship had withered and that your boyfriend’s heart and body no longer belonged to you—if they ever did in the first place, he mused, violet eyes slit in acute analysis of your boyfriend’s side profile with an elbow propped on the table and his chin resting in his palm. Maybe you were aware and were merely clinging to a fantasy you knew was far too shriveled to be replenished; or, maybe you really didn’t catch on. Whatever the case may have been, you never once accused your boyfriend. The glow of adoration in your eyes never once dimmed—never once even flickered.
Tumblr media
IZANA, who found himself answering calls and texts from you more often—so often, in fact, that he would automatically take you off speaker regardless of who was around, already expecting the series of dulcet whines and complaints that would undoubtedly pour through the receiver the second he connected the call. More times than not, you were calling to bitch about how your boyfriend canceled a date at the last second or how he didn’t seem interested in anything you had to say. It became common practice for Izana to be on the receiving end of your mindless chattering, instead. It didn’t matter if his time was occupied—whether he was slowly thumbing through the book resting on his lap while you told him about the puppy you paused to pet on your way home from work or toying idly with his earrings while you griped about how much of an asshole your boss is—you talked his ear off.
At first, it didn’t seem like Izana was much better than your boyfriend, since he primarily answered with hums or mere silence; but, when he offhandedly inquired about a topic you discussed with him a few days prior, it became clear that he was paying far more attention than he let on. But, sometimes, Izana simply doesn’t answer the phone–particularly after instances where you claim he doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he warns you of a night of disappointment, only to then find yourself deserted at a restaurant with a crumpled wad of money to pay for your taxi fare because your boyfriend suddenly had “an emergency at work.”
Izana doesn’t even flinch when his phone starts to vibrate. He just listens to it buzz and buzz and buzz on the countertop, chuckling to himself when his screen lights up with a voice mail notification. Would he listen to the voicemails you send him? Yes. Would he call you back? No. After all, why should he? You want to be a big girl who talks back and doesn’t need her hand held? That’s fine. But, don’t come crying to him two hours later when things turned out to be exactly as he told you they would.
Tumblr media
IZANA, who’s hardly surprised when you appear unannounced on his doorstep in the darkest, coldest hours of the night, the flimsy, lace camisole adorning your figure doing little to smooth the goosebumps freckling your skin. You’re visibly distraught when you launch yourself into his arms, sniffling and sobbing into his chest about how you saw your boyfriend in bed with someone else. But, even as he brushes his hand over the top of your head to pacify your cries, he can’t help but feel relief and a sick sense of glee wash over him. It’s about time you recognized your boyfriend’s—well, technically ex-boyfriend’s—revolting behavior. He was beginning to wonder if he would have to take matters into his own hands.
It’s clear that you came to him immediately after witnessing your ex’s infidelity, because you don’t even have a jacket to cover yourself with—let alone a pair of matching shoes. But, that’s okay. Because now, he has you. He’s bided his time for this long—all of the heavy stares, “platonic” intrusions on your personal life, fantasies about discreetly fingering you open on his lap during business meetings—so, he’ll be damned if he squanders the opportunity your ex so generously offered him. And, when you fall asleep later that night on his couch, the collar of one of his sweatshirts tugged up over your nose and your arms drawn into the sleeves, he wonders if he should call your ex-boyfriend to thank him.
Tumblr media
IZANA, whose eyes widen slightly and whose lips slowly curve into a grin of intrigue when he answers your front door roughly a month later and is greeted by your ex standing in the threshold with his hands braced on the doorframe as if staving off exhaustion. The dark circles rimming his eyes and the faint stench of alcohol wafting from his breath prove that he hasn’t been handling your break-up very well, but the way rage flares in his gaze when he demands to know why someone like Izana is in your apartment might as well be the icing on the cake.
When Izana’s only response to his hostility is the slight tipping of his head and the faux-pensive furrowing of his brow as he reminds him of your break-up, your ex begrudgingly explains that he’s here to talk to you about that—to apologize. A beat of silence stretches between them before Izana’s smile is widening with a quiet, deadpan hum. The air about him is whimsical, easy, and relaxed—too relaxed—for someone caught in the middle of your messy break-up. But, he simply turns on his heel and tells your ex with a lazy, dismissive wave of his hand that he’ll let you know.
Tumblr media
IZANA, who doesn’t regard your ex with a shred of respect, so he doesn’t think twice about letting him know that you’re no longer up for grabs. He doesn’t care that your ex is currently standing in your apartment–he even leaves the door to your bedroom cracked. Manicured nails sunken into the lean muscle of his back, legs coiled around his waist and ankles locked together, neck craned to bury your face in the crook of his neck—you cling to him for dear life, swollen, saliva-slicked nipples dragging so tantalizingly over his chest with every deep plunge of his cock into your cunt. You sound so adorable, alternating wails and soft whimpers of ‘zana! ‘zana! more! yes, yes, yes, yes! so muffled by his shoulder that they’re nearly drowned out by the wet slap of his balls against the curve of your ass and the rhythmic creaking of the headboard.
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s happening beyond the sliver of space provided by your ajar bedroom door, nor does it take your ex particularly long to make his way up to your bedroom and swing the door open in a fit of disbelief. Izana doesn’t bother to stop. He knows what your ex sees—you, spreading your legs so invitingly for a man who isn’t him; you, squealing and sniffling through tears of overstimulation as you cream yourself stupid around the new cock splitting your pretty pussy open just the way you like; you, babbling about how you want ‘zana to fill you up and clasping him against you so tightly that he has no choice but to slot his hips between your thighs and shoot his release into your sticky cunt; you, laughing as you caress Izana’s face and coax him down for a chaste kiss; and, Izana’s cold eyes piercing right through his skull when he asks in feigned surprise, “You’re still here?”
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pocarinapyon · 10 days ago
[Chili] Naughty Journal
Imagine having a journal dedicated for jotting down all [lewd] fantasies about that certain hot guy. But then one thing led to another and now mister certain hot guy learns of your indecent thoughts towards him. What happens next?
The delicious fantasies, of course!
Starring : Albedo, Childe / Tartaglia, Diluc, Kaeya (separate)
Warning : 🌶🌶 [Chilis] Seggs
Intro version is here : [Mild Chili 🌶]
Target audience is female reader.
To whoever is reading, please enjoy. Forgive my thirst from thirsty Thursday. 😜
> You lay nervously on the sleeping bag near the camp fire while Albedo crawls on top of you.
> If you thought Albedo is dashing, then his perfect naked body illuminated by the hues of flame looks divine.
> Albedo hovers over you and uses one arm to support his weight. He cups your face with one hand and gives you an assuring smile.
> “U – uhm… Have you done this before, teacher…?”
> “I haven’t. And that is precisely why I wanted to conduct this experiment with you. Because I believe we are both comfortable doing it with each other.”
> You blush at the thought that Albedo wanted to have intercourse with you.
> Albedo gives your lips a peck to ask for entrance. You permit him and you both kiss passionately.
> After a long breathtaking smooch, he slowly goes down to your jaw, to your neck, to your collarbones, then to your breasts.
> He moulds one of your breasts while sucking the other, alternating so the other lump would not feel lonely.
> He goes lower until he reaches your sopping warmth. The place where Albedo is made you feel conscious.
> “There’s no need to be embarrassed. We are alchemists, after all. I will have to ask you to do the same later.”
> It means you will have to suck him later.
> Gently, Albedo parts your legs wider and examines your delicate flower.
> He dips his tongue, tasting the sweet honey you produced for him.
> He experiments on your entrance, testing whether it is best to use his fingers or his tongue or both.
> Either way, it had you arching your back and moaning his name.
> His thumb makes small circles on your clit, sending jolts of pleasure into your body.
> Something inside you will erupt soon. You feel it.
> With a few strokes on your clit and plunges inside your hole, Albedo makes you cum on his face.
> He peeks at you and you swear, behind that wet stained face, you can see his lips curved into a smirk.
> His tongue licks you clean, making sure slurp all your sweet juices.
> He says he has not done this before but why is he so skilled at it??
> “Stop! Stop! Childe, no more – aah!”
> Your eyes roll back and mouth gawk open as another orgasm hits you hard.
> Even if you cry, Childe keeps abusing your overflowing little hole.
> “Haha ~ do you really want me to stop? Why don’t you let go of me then?”
> True. Your legs are wrapped around his waist which prevents him from pulling away…not that he would anyway.
> You already lost count how many times Childe made you cum. All you know is after the pain of overstimulation comes the pleasure of another orgasm.
> “Your hole is just too perfect for me, [your name]. This little cunt is mine. Ah ~ I swear if someone else touches you I will kill them. You’re mine, you got that?”
> His eyes, full of lust, watches your contorting face carefully and observes which spots make you weak.
> Childe just can’t get enough of you! With a greedy sloppy kiss, he muffles your cries mixed with pain and pleasure.
> He bites your lips with the purpose of making it bleed. He succeeds and licks your blood.
> The taste of your blood gets him even more riled up. His already fast and hard thrusts became rougher.
> It is literally damn hot where you two are but the way he dominates you during sex is way hotter.
> Your walls clench him tighter and he moans your name erotically.
> Your mush brain unconsciously call Childe master as you writhe in pleasure.
> He ejaculates inside of you at the sweet sound of being called master.
> You respond by cumming, filling yourself to the brim.
> He doesn’t unplug himself. Instead, he makes sure to keep your cums inside of you.
> Your legs are sore as fuck and Childe just chuckles at you.
> As Childe said, you will be limping for a week.
> With eyes like a hungry wolf’s – that is what Diluc looks like right now.
> But he doesn’t act like one. No. He is a gentleman, after all, and he does not have the heart to hurt you.
> Diluc hovers on top of you, slowly pushing his hard erection in your entrance.
> You can’t help but bite your lips at the delicious yet stinging stretch.
> You already feel full but he has not even fully sheathed himself.
> Once you’ve adjusted, Diluc begins to roll his hips. His thrusts are slow yet forceful; sweet yet steamy.
> He doesn’t have to try to find your pleasure spot. His size alone is enough to effortlessly hit that spongy area.
> You gasp and moan, mouth gawking at the sensual feeling.
> As he continues pleasuring you down there, he grabs the opportunity to steal your breath away. He leans in and kisses you as you continue to mewl his name.
> He gains speed in his thrusts and you began to chant his name.
> Your orgasm is building fast but Diluc’s is way behind.
> Almost there. You grab his shoulders and pull himself close to you. And then it hits you. You writhe and cry while feeling the pleasure surge in your body.
> Diluc is glad he could make you cum. He slows down to a stop so you could recover from your high, not wanting to overstimulate you.
> You pant and smile. Orgasm from Diluc feels so good compared to doing it to yourself.
> He pecks your lips to signal your round two.
> He starts at a faster pace – continuing where he left.
> Meanwhile, you begin to purr in his ear.
> Diluc’s warm fat cock inside of you is just too much. Your walls tighten around him once again.
> Diluc is having a hard time catching up with your fast approaching orgasm. He knows you’re getting closer. Closer…
> A cry escape your lips. Your nails dig Diluc’s back as another orgasm crashes down on you.
> You both need to find your rhythm if you want to cum together.
> “Mmph…! K – Kaeya…!”
> You try your best to not make a sound but Kaeya pounding you from behind makes it hard.
> You and Kaeya, still clothed, are doing the deed behind lush bushes and trees. On the other side is a Treasure Hoarder camp. Its clueless members are going on with their busy lives – they are literally just there!
> One of your legs are propped up. Kaeya supports you for balance with one hand while the other plays with your breast.
> “Shh… You don’t want them to see you being fucked like this, do you?”
> Kaeya whispers with his sexy voice.
> “Or were you hoping for these group of men to toy with you?”
> His hand that played with your breasts travel to your warmth and roughly rubs your clit.
> You tighten around him and could not help but let out a louder moans. Luckily, the hoarders are occupied.
> Kaeya delights you clenching him. He grunts directly in your ears which turns you on greatly.
> It’s unfair how Kaeya has so much power over you.
> His thrusts become aggressive. Your hand covers your mouth as you wanted to scream.
> “Mmph…! Mmhh! K – aeya….!”
> “Do you want to cum?”
> You nod desperately. Because the moment sound comes out of your mouth, you know you’d be loud and dirty.
> “Answer me, [your name]. Do you want to cum or not? I don’t know what to do if you don’t tell me what you want.”
> Kaeya is a devil. You know he is.
> Without your response, his pace slows down. You grab his hand on your crotch to call his attention.
> “Kaeya, please make me cum…! Please use my dirty little pussy and abuse it hard…! Fuck me…! Oh, please just fuck me!”
> Amusing. Kaeya doesn’t need to tell you to beg.
> “You little slut. You really want me to fuck you hard out in the open, huh?”
> As requested, Kaeya bangs you hard. And without a care in the world, you vocally chant yeses along with his name.
> Kaeya chuckles at your loose self.
> He muffles your cries by pressing his digits on your neck and stealing the air from your lungs. He doesn’t want anything to interrupt his orgasm.
> You and Kaeya are so close. Even he himself is moaning sinfully.
> With a few more thrusts, both you and Kaeya cum together, letting out harmonious moans.
> You both stay still. After coming down from your highs have you both remembered other people are out there.
> The treasure hoarders are still clueless of you two, though.
Sorry for the non-edit.
To whoever read this, thank you for your time. Here, have some cucumber. 🥒
Stay hydrated, people!
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simplyparker · 2 days ago
☆ 'Best Friend' by Cavetown ☆ Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Pairings: Peter Parker x Fem!reader
Peter and Y/n have been best friends since before they could walk. Both of their families swear they're together, but they don't feel that way about each other. Right?
A/n: Peter's room looks like it fucking changes every movie, so this is what i'm talking about when i write.
The apartment's rooms
Chapters Teaser Prologue Chapter 1
Ongoing! last updated: 1/22/22
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scandalous-chaos · 2 months ago
The Door Regulus Black x fem!reader
Summary: Being alone in a train compartment with only Regulus Black for company should have been daunting, but all you felt was excitement.
a/n: I know I usually do fluff, but I tried my hand in ✨sexual tension✨
[tw: suggestive language (?)] | masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“For fuck’s sake,” you hissed as the suitcase fell on top of your feet. The boy inside the compartment tried not to smile, but he didn’t offer you any real help.
You dragged your bags inside, hoisting them up to the upper bunk and then sat down opposite him. 
Embarrassing yourself in front of Regulus Black wasn't in your plans, but here you are.
You kept your eyes outside the window, which wasn't hard to do as the lushy green landscapes and mountains flew past your line of sight. The journey to Hogwarts was a mystery between magic and beauty. No one knew which paths the train was taking, but the sights outside never failed to amaze you.
Even then, once or twice, you glanced at Regulus, unable to figure out exactly why he wasn't acknowledging your existence. It wasn't uncommon for someone to not talk to strangers in a train, but you weren't exactly strangers, were you? You had a couple of classes together, and though you have never talked, he knew you were his brother’s friend, and you knew he was Regulus.
He wasn’t yet wearing his school robes, but rather had a buttoned up vest on, finished with a long dark coat over his shoulders, even though it wasn't that cold. He was even wearing gloves and your eyes lingered a little too much on the book he was reading, unable to see its title.
His eyes snapped up to yours, and you almost jumped up from the seat because of the sudden transition of his features — calm and collected to angry and frustrated.
“I’m Y/N,” you said, simply because he was still glaring at you. Staring back without having a conversation was a move pulled only in bad, cheesy movies.
“I know,” he replied, then looked back at his book. 
You took that as a hint that he didn't want to talk, or maybe you took the hint and threw it right out the window.
“You’re Regulus,” you said pleasantly, and he only responded with a nod.
You scoffed, then looked outside the window again. So much for being nice. 
It was a five-hour ride, so you rested your head against the window bars, deciding to take a nap. You generally didn’t sleep during daytime but spending hours without doing anything was just plain boring. You closed your eyes reluctantly.
The rumbles of the train did not help, nor did your worries that you may accidentally fall off the seat if you did indeed sleep.
“Did you miss your alarm?” 
The voice made you sit up straighter.
“So you can talk?” You asked, mostly out of amusement.
“Did you?” He repeated curiously.
“Miss my alarm? Yeah, I did. How did you know?”
“You were obviously running late if you’re sitting with me,” he gestured to the compartment. 
“No, I meant — how did you know what an alarm was?” You asked. “No offense, but isn't your house like, the last place to have muggle things?”
“I read a lot of muggle books,” he raised the book he was reading and you finally saw its cover. 
The title read The Picture of Dorian Gray. How fitting, you thought.
“Don’t tell my mum.” He added, almost smiling.
“Wouldn’t dream of it.” 
The silence that fell after it felt more comfortable that the one before. There wasn't any hostility in the air any longer, nor did you find the need to sleep. 
“It’s alarm by the way,” you couldn’t resist adding. “It’s pronounced alam, not alaram, the ‘r’ is silent.”
“Oh,” he seemed disappointed, but quickly shrugged it off. “Guess I still have lots to learn.”
“I can see that,” you muttered under your breath.
“Am I annoying you?”
“No. Am I?”
“Well, yes. I prefer locked doors,” he responded lazily.
“I’m sorry, what?”
You quickly looked at the compartment door being wide open, exactly as you left it. 
“Do people usually lock compartment doors?” You asked, amazed. 
“I believe so,” Regulus finally smiled. “You know, for privacy.”
“But it’s a train,” you objected. “Won’t it be fun to see people walking past us? If you see someone you know, you can start waving madly and say hi!”
“If you look at it that way, then yes.” He agreed, putting away his book, as if the conversation suddenly got more interesting than the plot. “But what if, let’s say, instead of me, you were here with your boyfriend?”
“Is that your indirect way of asking whether I have a boyfriend?” You laughed, though you were only joking. 
He didn’t show any signs of embarrassment. “It was a question, that’s all I’ll say.”
“Well, I don’t have one.”
“Lucky for me.” He shrugged, and your mouth fell open.
“Did you just hit on me?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.
“We’re straying off the topic,” he knotted his fingers in front of him, hardly blinking. “If you were here with your hypothetical boyfriend, wouldn’t you lock the door?”
“I’m not sure,” you answered, thinking it over. “If what we’re talking about is some kind of secret plan, then obviously yes. But for most part, the door remains an open door.”
“What if you’re not just talking?” 
Despite your determination to sound casual at the sudden turn of the conversation, you couldn't help but feel the blush covering your cheeks. This only made his eyes sparkle more.
“I’ll leave it unlocked,” you said boldly.
“Did you not understand the question, Y/N?” 
You could feel a clutter of butterfly wings flapping against your stomach at hearing your name, but you ignored every one of it.
“I did, and I’m saying — yes, I’ll close the door, but I’ll leave it unlocked.”
“Whatever for?” He asked, letting out a small laugh.
“The prospect of someone walking in — it makes it more thrilling, right?” You were grasping at straws here, trying to sound confident. In reality, you just wanted to catch him off guard, to find a crack in his perfect façade.
“I wouldn’t know,” he answered, and you were pleased to see the first appearance of pink tint on his high cheeks. Getting him flustered took a bit of time but it was worth it.
You forgot to keep talking so he took it as a cue to add one more phrase — one that brought your confidence right down to the ground and left it to burn.
“—but maybe I’ll find out.”
The air suddenly went cold. Or was it warm? All you knew was the air of tension appeared out of nowhere and though you thought he was joking, he didn’t look like he was. Since when did Regulus Black joke anyway?
To make you even more alarmed, he stood up. “No smart comeback now?”
“I don’t even know what you’re saying,” you took a deep breath in, ignoring your pounding chest.
“We have a long ride to Hogwarts,” he kneeled down, and after staring at you for a few seconds (enough to make you melt inside) he leaned to the side of your head and whispered into your ears —
“So what I’m saying is, close the door, but don’t lock it.”
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2401vv · 3 months ago
high sex drive
— childe thirst¡!
childe has a high sex drive and we all know that. he loves having sex with you, or rather he needs it. rushing straight home after getting his work done, desperately wanting to let off some steam; getting excited from imagining himself doing all sorts of sexual bits with you. pinning you on top of the bed as he hovers over your helpless body. planting hickeys from your jaw down to your collarbone, afraid that someone else might steal you away. then again, who would dare to hit on you when all of teyvat knows that you belong to him. he loves it when you moan his name out loud whilst he thrust his dick into your tight cunt over and over. you’d claw your nails across his back ‘cause of all the pleasure you were receiving, he’d smirk and take a nipple into his mouth, sucking it, nibbling it. your whimpers were music to his ears and he fucking loves it when you moan into his kisses while begging him to let you cum on his huge cock. faint creaking of the bed could be heard outside but childe couldn’t care less. offering you pleasure was his number one priority. the sex could go on for hours, until childe runs out of strength. the best part was him releasing his cum inside of you as u felt full and warm inside. as for childe, watching his cum leaking out of your overstimulated pussy was more than enough.
“ngh, childe- ah! i can’t take it, i can’t take it anymore! it feels too good- hngh, please!”
“baby, you’re taking my cock so well, feels so tight- so good, fuck- let’s cum together ‘kay princess?”
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birds-have-teeth · 3 months ago
day 4 corruption kink | angel!izuku midoriya
a/n: this gave me a bit of trouble but I think I’m satisfied with it, this is also a bit more… vulgar than my usual writing 😳
warnings: nsfw!! meadow sex, angel izuku, demon reader, corruption kink, scent kink, dacryphilia, dirty talk, implied “different” demon anatomy, bottom izuku.
words: 1.5k+
↳ 𝐤𝖎𝖓𝐤𝖙𝖔𝖇𝖊𝖗 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏 𝖒.𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖙
Tumblr media
Izuku smells of wildflowers and warm summer evenings, pliant and nervous underneath your wandering gaze.
“Does it um- am I supposed to feel this… naked?” he flounders, cheeks the same candy-floss pink as his feathered wings that lay splayed out underneath him.
“You are naked, hummingbird.”
“I-I know that! I just- it feels different when you’re looking at me l-like… like…” he shrinks, wings curling up to cover his burning cheeks. When he doesn’t continue, you raise a brow, curious.
“Like what?” You purr questioningly, fingers tracing the hollows of his collarbones with interest. It’s hardly distracting him from your weight on his hips, legs caging his narrow hips, sitting right on top of his— you clear your throat and he straightens.
“Like you want to eat me.” Izuku shudders, teeth digging into his bottom lip at the thinly veiled hunger in your sparkling eyes, sizing him up like he was your next meal. When you’d first met, he might’ve actually believed you’d gobble him up. The intimidating curve of your horns reflecting off the soft moonlight the night you found him, crumpled in the woods against a tree, one wing snapped and hardly breathing.
“Would you like me to look away?” You jest, lips stretching into a sharp-toothed grin, as he babbles shyly.
“No! don’t I… I want you to look at me.” Izuku admits, clenched thighs finally parting to let you see how hard he’d gotten from just feeling you on top of him.
Your split tongue swipes over your red lips, round dilated pupils shrinking to slits as you size up his thick cock, kisses with freckles and throbbing against his stomach. A hand drags your prickly nails down from his clavicle to his toned stomach, just skipping over where he had been anticipating your touch. It’s cute the way his hot breath puffs out in a whine and his hips cant upwards just slightly.
“Surely you want more than me to look at you, hummingbird.” You tease. He nods eagerly, but your hands only caress his powerful thighs, thumbs creeping up to his hip bones but no further before skittering away to fleshier parts of him. His green brows furrow and his teeth clench, Adam’s apple bobbing when he realizes you want him to say it.
“Please…” he whispers, his jade gaze hidden behind his lids as he squeezes his eyes shut.
“Please what?” you pressed, enjoying the flush that blooms from his cheeks up to his cute ears, you swear you see them wiggle. “Speak up, little angel.”
Izuku opens his mouth several times as if to say something, but every time he snaps it back shut, looking more like a fish out of water. And in more ways than one.
“I-I’m sorry I don’t know what to ask for.” the green-haired beauty shamefully admits, and you take notice of the way his body trembles. You knew he was innocent, but you had underestimated just how little he knew about intimacy. Sensing his anxious pheromones you decide to relent, or at the very least offer him something to grab onto, to pull his head above the water.
You offer a metaphorical oar for him to grasp.
“You can ask for anything, izuku.” You rasp, leaning down to one of his red ears to nip at the shell, just barely grazing your fangs over it. His body erupts with shivers, wings twitching and stretching out underneath your bodies. “My fingers around your cock… my tongue against your skin…”
Izuku’s mouth falls open in a silent moan, emerald green eyes half-lidded and glazed over, staring just past your face. As if he were imagining such pleasures as you say them.
“A pinch here…” he squeals when you roll one of his pink nipples between your thumb and forefinger, body arching when your canines gently bare down on one side of his throat. “A bite there…”
You don’t even realize the way his length is swelling, hot and thick against your inner thigh before he’s rutting it up against you, tongue falling from his mouth and wings twitching up to form a slow curl around your body. Your sleek tail sways back and forth behind you, almost eagerly as he seems to lose himself in the sensations, your voice, and the way you start to mercifully grind down on his lap.
Impatient and dripping, you don’t wait for him to ask, overwhelmed by his delectable scent. Goddamn wildflowers, why does he smell so good? Your fingers reach for his cock and drag the round head over your slick sex, allowing your juices to cover him before you like him up and sink down on him without mercy. Izuku keens and his back arches right off the cool grass of the field, overcome by the hot tightness of your velvet walls, squeezing him so tightly he can no longer think. Suddenly his whole world is you you you. Your glowing eyes, your beautifully parted lips, your intoxicating scent, your tail coiling tightly around his muscled thigh, your hair, your cunt.
Izuku lasts two greedy smacks of your hips over his before he explodes with a strangled moan of ecstasy, spilling inside you as he thrashes and his wings flap helplessly against the flattened meadow flowers. When you realize with a wide-eyed glance down to where you’re connected that he’s already blown his load you almost chuckle, but refrain when you see the starstruck expression painted on your darling angel's face. He’s gazing up at you like you just sent him to heaven and beyond even that, to oblivion.
You slow your hips to a grind as an offer of rest, and the amazed look on his red face quickly morphs into humiliation. You can see his eyes water and lip tremble, and your heart lurches for him, realizing he must think he’s disappointed you.
“Hey now, lose the face. It’s okay baby.“ you attempt to soothe, but he only sobs, inconsolable. Before you can comfort him further you’re shocked by a weak thrust upwards that strikes a delicious spot inside you that throws you back into your baser instincts. To devour, and take. You shove it down, for him, as you always do. “Izuku be still— “
“P-please don’t stop! more… I can take more. Use me.” He begs, and sure enough you can feel him half-hard still within your fluttering walls, and you curse yourself for your weakness. He’s too tempting, it isn’t your fault.
Your hips start bouncing again and your body sings his praises, his length filling and stretching you in all the right places. Your mouth drops open, long tongue slithering out to slather over the side of his face as you take him inside over and over.
“Oh Izuku, you’ve been keeping this pretty cock from me much too long. Forgive me for my weakness, you are… “ your eyes meet his, and your pupils narrow even further at the glimmering tears wetting those owlish green gems. You almost moan out your next word. “Delicious.”
His eyes roll back into his head as you ride him in earnest, so fast and enthusiastic he can’t keep up with you. All he can do is lay there and take your onslaught, let you use him like a toy. And fuck it turns him on so much. He’s babbling deliriously to you at this point, hardly any of it intelligible, but what your sharp hearing picks up on, makes you even slicker.
“Are you all mine, sweet angel?”
“Ple… se… god, please use me! I’m yours, so use me as y-you wish, h-however you wish!” He’s sobbing, and a guttural sound wrenches itself from deep within your chest agent against his lips as you kiss and lick at his face.
“You want me to use you, huh? Like my pretty toy?” You pant heavily, most certainly liking this new side of him.
“Yes yes!”
“Shit- mmh! You should s-see yourself izuku, you look so good like this, feel so good inside me. I can taste you.”
Izuku hasn’t the mind nor care to know what that means, the only thing that registers in his mind is that it’s praise, and it makes his toes curl.
“It’s so good! Don’t stop, never stop, pleaseee~” he pleads, whatever modicum of shame or embarrassment long gone, replaced entirely by the pleasure.
“I won’t.” You snarl, ducking your head down to his neck and pinning his wrists to the meadow grass. “I’ll make you cum over and over, spilling until you can give me anymore.”
That seems to do something for him because not even a moment after, Izuku seizes with another intense orgasm. You growl and keen as he fills you once again, the warmth of his cum inside you sending you headfirst into your own spasming release. The way your hungry pussy clamps down on him sends another gush of cum out of him, and Izuku only moans louder, shaking and sniffling as you milk him dry.
True to your word, you don’t cease your desperate fucking until he’s truly got nothing left, and he comes dry three times before you’re absolutely sure. As you lay in the flattened scrap of land you’d rolled around in for hours, drenched in sweat with him tucked against your side, you realize you’ve met your true match. No one’s been able to keep up with you like this insatiable little sex demon you’ve made of this angel.
Tumblr media
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selfcarecap · a month ago
No Nut November [p.p]
summary: No Nut November is already hard enough but it only gets worse when your hot friends keeps talking about how they’re struggling with it.
warnings: embarrassing dialogue, smut, terrible puns with the word come (but what’s new?), maybe over-dramatising No Nut November but also I wouldn’t know what it’s like sooo, reader has a short insecure moment
word count: 3.1k
-this is a repost of an old fic for the people who asked for it (no one else read this pls fdskjldj) <3-
Tumblr media
Peter’s been behaving weirdly all week. He constantly seems on edge, but he still tries his best to be nice to you, so you know it’s nothing you could have done to make him behave like this.
Today, just like the past few days, he’s irritable, constantly scooting around on his chair where you’re trying to study in the library.
Peter’s often giddy and can never stay still, but this is different and you can’t stand seeing your friend so wound up.
“Peter, you okay? You not feeling well or something?” You ask. Peter sighs and already knows you won’t back down, a simple ‘I’m fine, it’s nothing’ won’t do the job.
Again, he sighs and buries his face in his hands before looking up again and scratching his neck awkwardly.
“Have you, uh, heard of No Nut November?”
“Yeah of course,” Suddenly, you understand why Peter’s struggling, “Oh my god - you too?”
You know Peter can be awkward talking about this type of topic - or at least that’s what you assume, because in the year you’ve been friends with him, it has never come up - so you take the opportunity to talk about it.
“I know it’s mostly for guys but I thought why not do it? Because sometimes, you know, I feel like I do it a bit too often, so a detox didn’t sound too bad. Well, I was wrong, it’s not easy.”
“Yeah I know, right? It’s really fucking hard - well not hard, not right now at least, but it’s not easy and it’s only the first week.”
Suddenly Peter seems nearly eager to finally be able to tell you what’s been bothering him. Not that you mind, not at all, it’s a normal topic for you and your other friends, girlfriends. So why should it be different for you and Peter, your friend?
Well, maybe the fact that you have a crush on him, but you don’t want to think about that now.
“Wait,” he continues, “You’re telling me it isn’t easy for you, but you’ve been behaving normal while I’m very evidently struggling.”
“Yeah, I know it’s not exactly the same for girls and guys because of ejaculation or-”
Ejaculation is not a sexy word, still, you saying it right now turns Peter on, he’s really that desperate.
“I’m sorry, could you uh, maybe stop talking about that? You’re making it harder for me, this time literally.”
“Oh sorry! You want me to talk about, I don’t know…, my period instead to calm you down I know most guys think it’s gross, so yeah I’m on my period right now anyway so it’s not like I would be doing anything… Well I could but I-”
“I don’t think it’s gross at all actually, well I’m sure it’s not pleasant, but right now anything to do with your p- private parts is... you know.” He doesn’t want to tell you that you, as his (very attractive) friend, are turning him on to no end right now.
“Okay sure, then let’s talk about... college. Did you do the homework?”
Much better.
It’s week two and Peter is over the first withdrawal symptoms.
He can stay relatively calm even when you’re talking about your own journey of not masturbating, which - so you told him - did at least once every day before this month. Okay, his dick can stay calm, most of the time, but his mind still runs wild every time you’re talking about how turned on you’ve been and can’t do anything about it.
You’ve kind of become - what one could call - allies, in the No Nut November thing. Usually Peter’d talk to Ned about the boners that still plague him every other day. But Ned isn’t participating in not nutting, so he doesn’t understand the struggle.
With you, although it really takes a lot of willpower to not jerk off every night after talking to you about your self-pleasuring habits and how wet you constantly are, he doesn’t feel judged for struggling because he’s not masturbating - it truly is a luxury problem though. But you’re together in this and it’s just two more weeks.
The next two weeks go by in a blur. You and Peter still talk about the restrictions you gave yourselves almost daily but mostly just as smalltalk, neither of you are really struggling that much anymore.
Of course that doesn’t mean that you’re not extremely excited for December 1st. You won’t deny that orgasms are fucking amazing and you can’t wait to experience one again.
You spend loads of time together for the rest of November, you become a lot closer and bond over more stuff, not just to do with the challenge.
Peter wouldn’t dream of telling you, but he’s had a crush on you for quite a few months. It used to be harmless, puppy love. But now with everything that happened, he found out more about that sacred area between your legs and your libido than he ever dreamt of and it’s become harder to ignore the desire he feels for you…
It’s the second day of the new month. December, no more November.
It was nearly comical how giddy you and Peter had been in the last few days, knowing what was to come (and cum).
You’re on your way home, next to Peter on the subway. You had no classes together today and he had felt awkward texting you about masturbating.
“I nearly didn’t go to college today, I was so freaking exhausted, last night was amazing.” You gush and he can see how satisfied and relaxed you are with what he can only imagine that you experienced yesterday and last night.
He only answers with a somewhat awkward smile but doesn’t say anything himself but you’re curious to know what his day was like.
“No one cares and no one’s listening Peter.” As long as you don’t explicitly use the word ‘masturbate’ or anything of the kind, no New Yorker on this train will care about what you’re talking about.
“It didn’t work.” He says into your ear quietly, looking at the floor.
“What didn’t work?”
He nods towards his trousers discreetly.
“Can too much … deprivation like… break it?” You wonder, and in that moment the subway comes to a halt and you can't stop yourself from crashing into Peter, your hand landing on his chest to steady yourself.
“See, just last week that would’ve given me a boner and now I can’t do anything.” He sighs frustratedly and you kind of feel bad for him, poor Peter…
“I’m sure you’ve got other plans but if you want to you can come hang out at mine.”
Yes, you did have other plans, but Peter and you are in this together so if he doesn’t get to - or rather can’t - masturbate then neither will you, and that’s what you tell him.
“Well I did have other plans but we’re in this together, Peter. So if you don’t get to come, neither do I, I’ll come-hang out with you.” You intertwine your pinky fingers and you think about what a weird thing to bond over this is, as friends.
Peter’s squirming and scooting around on his bed even more than he was that first week of November, and it was already bad back then. This time he’s the one to speak up about his uncomfortable feeling first.
“It’s like he want to do something but is just waiting for… I don’t know what for.” Peter’s looking down at his jeans as if they’re a person he could be mad at and falls back with an exasperated sigh.
“Do you.. want me to help?” You can’t help but bite your lip at the thought and you sit up from where you were lying next to him. He follows you up, looking at you with wide eyes. “Only if you think it’ll help,” you add.
He still hasn’t said anything and you’re afraid you’ve gone too far so you try and save what you just suggested to your friend.
“Look, the last month was sexual torture for me and honestly those orgasms yesterday after not having any for one month were mind-blowing. Well actually I straight up fell asleep after the first one because it was so amazing. And I just wanna help you achieve the same. It was really bad for me and I know it’s a whole nother thing for guys, I mean you had at least ten boners in the last few weeks and I’m sure you didn’t tell me about all of them.”
He feels kind of embarrassed now that he remembers how often he talked to you about his penis. Of course you talked about your own private parts as well, but for him it was in all ways positive to hear about that.
“Yeah sorry I really rubbed that in your face- I mean, I didn’t literally- I, nevermind…” His cheeks are even redder now but he hasn’t denied your offer so you continue talking about it.
“I don’t know if I’ll be able to do anything if you can’t even control your own dick but I could try? If you want.” You shrug and you think you might see the tiniest of nods from Peter and he’s biting his lip.
“I know I’m not..” Peter knows your insecurity is shining through if your sentence starts like that.
“You’re not what?” He asks.
“Just that I probably don’t look like your dream girl but I could try-”
“Excuse me, you’re the most beautiful girl I know,” He’s nearly defensive about the fact that you don’t see your own beauty. You’re a bit sheepish because that immediately makes you feel better.
You’ve become more confident and trying to get over your insecurities lately but when there is the possibility you’ll be jerking an extremely attractive friend off, and you’ll be the reason for his orgasm - if his dick decides it’s the right time - that’s a whole new source of insecurities but Peter makes you feel confident.
“I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that a lot of the boners in the last month… they were because of you and even without this No Nut November restriction I’ve thought about you like that.”
“So should I help you or not?” You conceal your flustered state with flirting. You’re very bad at containing your excitement because you just found out the guy you have a crush on likes you back.
“Only if you’re comfortable.”
You nod and sit between his thighs as they automatically spread when you scoot closer to him.
He doesn’t know what to do if he doesn’t get hard now but he can already feel the blood rushing downwards.
“I don’t really know what.. to do.” But your hands move automatically to undo his belt and pull his trousers down his legs, and there it is.
Through his boxers you can already see that Peter’s semi-hard and holy fuck he's huge and you have to bite your lip. “Why did I not know your dick is this big.”
But Peter can’t answer and only suppresses a moan when your hand wraps around him and he bucks his hips up involuntarily. You can already feel your own underwear being flooded with a wave of desire.
Your fingers hook into the sides of his waistband before he stops you “Are you sure?”
“Yes, are you?”
“Yes of course… And I think it’s working already.” What you think when Peter’s now completely naked in front of you is just wow. He’s still in his shirt but it’s pulled up and his hand fists the fabric harshly, his abs flexing with every short breath.
“Should I take my shirt off?” You thought Peter wouldn’t be able to deny seeing you in just your bra but he tells you no because he knows he won’t last more than ten seconds like that.
“Peter, I don’t know what…” You repeat- you’ve never done this before.
“Just...” he starts as you purse your lips and he nods, a slick string of your spit rolling off your tongue and wrapping around the tip of his cock. You fold your hand around him, start stroking, and in no time he’s completely hard.
He takes a deep breath and it’s evident he’s enjoying this, so you dare to glance up at him and he’s looking right into your eyes, lust blown. He gets rid of his shirt, too, chest heaving.
You thumb over the tip, already leaking precum and his chest moves more with every time you twist your wrist up and down his length all while looking into each others eyes and it’s so intimate you nearly forget how dirty what you’re doing right now is.
His eyes don’t leave yours until he warns you that he’s close. He tries not to make too much noise as he spurts white strings of cum onto your fingers, his hands gripping the sheets beneath him tightly.
After he’s finally finished he falls onto the mattress with a heavy thump and a more than content sigh, watching you with red cheeks as you suck your fingers into your mouth, cleaning them up from when Peter just came on them.
“Fuuuck” He draws the word out slowly and rests his hands behind his head, “I don’t think saying thanks would really do that any justice but, thanks.”
He sits up again when an idea seems to strike him.
“Do you want me to..?”
“To what?” You ask.
“If you want I could-could at least attempt to... to make you cum.”
“Really, Peter, you don’t have to…”
“No, I owe you.” But it seems like you don’t want that to be the only reason, just to pay you back, which to him it isn’t.
“I’ve thought about it a lot and.. I want to make you feel good. You’re important to me.”
You answer by pulling your shirt over your head and throw him a sultry smile.
He smiles back, first looking at your eyes and then his gaze wanders further down to your chest and eventually even further down and he places a kiss right below your belly button. He makes quick work of unbuttoning your jeans and pulling them down your legs, where he leaves a trail of kisses on your skin.
“Can I?” He asks after his hands have returned between your legs, his finger already brushing the soft, wet fabric of your panties.
“Yes, please,” you’re already whimpering and you’re not even naked yet.
Within a second he pulls your legs up in the air and your panties off of your legs and places them back on his shoulders so he’s now face to face with your wet core.
First he looks at the place between your legs in awe for ages. What brings him back to any type of action is the noise of when you pull the cups of your bra down so your fingers can play with your nipples, breathing softly.
He looks up at you and although he looks like an angel with his eyes staring into your own, filled with longing, you really want him to finally touch you. So you take his hand and place his thumb directly on your clit so he won’t have trouble finding it and take even longer.
“Do I just?” And although he’s doing this for the first time his thumb starts circling and stroking against your clit as if it’s his hundredth time doing so. He’s rewarded with your quiet moans and wants to hear more.
While the rhythm of his thumb on your clit doesn’t falter, his other hand comes up to trail a finger down to your entrance.
His finger strokes your walls softly and he can’t think of any reason why he shouldn’t taste you right now and promptly his tongue starts swirling along your silky folds and oh- he’s hard again.
You’re too hard to resist and soon he has his finger on and in you, his tongue making quick patterns, the actions are sloppy and uncoordinated but all that acting together is what brings you close after not more than a few minutes. You’re moaning and writhing beneath him when he takes his tongue off of you and asks you a question.
“Can I ask you something?”
“Not.. now” You manage to speak but a second later you’re overcome with pleasure as you grind your pussy against Peter's face, legs tightening around his head and his tongue is back on you.
He’s not sure when to stop because you’re still trembling and moaning so it seems like you’re having a good time until you’re pushing his head away and he obliges with a smile up at you.
One of your hands goes through his slightly sticky hair, the other wiping off a sheen layer of sweat from your still heaving chest.
Peter presses a last kiss directly to your clit and is too tempted to not taste you one last time, his tongue flat against you before you have to shove his face to the side because you’re too sensitive.
“Sorry, you taste too good.” This time he gently kisses your inner thigh before resting his head on your leg, staring up at you lovingly.
“You were going to ask me something?” You raise a brow.
“Well, I don’t want this to come off across the wrong way because we’re both naked but… Will you go out with me?”
You sit up and stare at him in disbelief before he sits up too, and you take his face in your hands and press a long kiss to his lips.
“I was going to wait for a date to do that but this works too,” he tells you sheepishly, his cheeks red and round from smiling.
“You really thought I might say no.. after what we just did?”
“So just to make that clear - the answer is yes you will go out with me?” You nod once and kiss him again, moving up to him before something hard brushes your leg.
“I also want to point out, I’m happy for you that your dick works again.”
“Me too because that means I can do this..” He flips you on your back with surprising strength and soon he’s holding his cock in his hand, rubbing it up and down your clit until you’re soaking again.
And so Destroy Dick December begins…
a/n: no one ask me for a destroy dick december fic like last time pls, that line is a joke
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