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#fem damian wayne
just-a-bunch-of-rambles · 4 months ago
So, I’m doing the request and all I can imagine is this senario in my head. Not proofread
Damian groaned and grabbed the phone as the moron teacher looked at her, almost as if he was glaring at her for wasting his time. Well, it wasn’t her fault that her first period decided to come during this assholes class. This is why she really wanted to be homeschooled like she used to be. But no, she has to learn how to so socialise with people that wasn’t her family.
Now she had to deal with morons who didn’t know about how periods worked.
Duke would have been a big help for this situation. He is starting to get taller than her and is a couple of sizes bigger than her. But, he’s recovering from his latest kidnapping. Cass was probably skipping again with her new friend. This led Tim to being the only person left.
She really didn’t want to ask her little brother to lend her his jacket, it would only get bloody. Although, she really no have any other choice. Her thighs, skirt and the bottom of her blazer was soaked in blood. If she didn’t know any better, she would have thought that she was dying.
She bit the bullet grabbed her phone and called her younger brother.
“Can you come to room 43?”
“Yeah, why?”
“I have an insulate moron as my teacher.”
“What did he do?”
“He let me bleed out, he thought that I could hold my blood in. However now I have my whole seat soaked with blood,” she then shot the teacher a bat glare. “That I hope that he would clean up.”
“Alright alright, coming”
Damian hung up the phone and dropped it in her school’s messenger bag as everything in her pocket had blood on it. She then laid back into the chair and tapped her fingers on the table.
Five minutes later and Tim came bursting through the door. He looked around the room frantically as he assessed the situation. He smiled in relief and took blazer off before handing it to her.
Damian nodded at him and tied the arms around her waist. She then grabbed her back before shivering at the blood that was on the seat. There was a lot of blood but it was less then what they usually dealt with every night.
Damian then walked out of the classroom with Drake following behind her, nervousness bubbbling within her chest. She could feel the stares of other people as she went to the bathroom making her unconsciously tug down her blazer sleeves.
“There’s blood dripping down your legs.” Tim piped up from behind. He was nervous, that much she could tell. Who wouldn’t be in a situation like this. Walking down a corridor with a older year level having blood dripping down her legs.
Damian sighed as they approached the bathroom, relief flooded through her system as she didn’t have to deal with the unwanted stars of her peers. Tim handed her a plastic bag which contained her spare uniform and and she got herself cleaned up.
When Damian finished getting changed and came back out. She smiled at Drake before ruffling his head. He smiled at the affection that his sister gave her and let out a smal giggle in return. Adoring the rare moments of physical affection that his sister gave him.
“Thank you Timothy.”
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htfanimevocagirl02 · 11 months ago
Fem!damian relationships (Jon, Beast Boy, Colin Wilkes)
◇I headcanon her to take more of her mother's side (she's level headed, mature, elegant but manipulative) so fem!damian is very popular for her charming, pretty face so she gets hundreds of valentine presents, love letters and secret admirers. She often goes and dates every super cute and popular guys, all dressed up pretty with perfume and lip glosses.
◇Even all the handsome guys think she's too grand to be spoken to and the girls around her want to be just like her, to be died for just to be as cool and attracting like her.
◇So because of that, fem!damian has that effect that makes you think unless if you were incredibly good looking you'd be able to go with her—if not, you can as might as well just step back before you embarrass yourself. Like, you know it's bad to judge by the looks, but when it comes to her, you can't help but be all 'seriously, is that boy trying to take his shot? Does he even know that she's waaaaay out his league?'
◇Fem!damian herself doesn't care about looks, actually, but being the ice princess she is, she doesnt actually care about love or romance, she just likes to wrap people around her finger and play around with them while smirking and being amused for her entertainment. Plus, she gets present anyway.
◇So this means if Jonathan has a crush on her, he is going to have to try reaaaaaaaalllllyyyy hard to just win her over. And by that, I mean it's the same as trying to grab air or touch the moon while still on earth.
◇Jonathon learns this the very hard way.
◇He's one of the victims Fem!damian likes to tease for fun, only a (tiny bit) doing it as a friendly way like a snake that's not hungry would do to a mouse. He's younger that her so she treats him as little brother, and he gets frustrated that he can only get flustered by her teases because of her pretty face winning his heart over and her laughing at him. That's the only time she ever talks or interacts with him, other than that, she is rarely around or ever hangs out with him because she is literally a shadow who can be anywhere.
◇But Jonathon likes her, so he tries to get closer to her but it's impossible because she's always talking with someone else or busy fighting or busy studying that blocks him from doing it—and not only that, he also gets really nervous because (as said earlier) she's way too pretty to be with a boy like him.
◇Clark feels bad because he thinks of this as well to his own son, like 'why of all girls, did he like her? Surely there are other girls that are still pretty even if they aren't as pretty as fem!damian....'
◇She's a very tough girl so there's no way that little baby like him would ever impress her or be even more cooler, that he gets a little self conscious of his status and tries to be a 'big boy'. It doesn't help if he finds out that she has lots of dates and love letters if he ever does on her, and ends up studying like crazy, dressing up more maturely and trying to be 'perfect' in her standard.
◇If he does manages to win her heart, its half good and half bad, but they are still a good duo.
◇fem!damian is affectionate and sweet like honey, so he gets lots of kisses and his cheeks getting pinched than hugs. Jon gets jealous because he doesn't like any other guys talking to her (because of her popularity and being known around lots of guys) but he can't do anything about it because he doesn't want to lose her respect for not respecting her past relationship.
◇Poor Jon gets all the negative side of the relationship but at least he gets to be fed really yummy sweets and cakes that she makes whenever he visits over where she makes tea and treats to hang out. Food is what he always looks forward to.
◇their dates consists of; picnics, date at cafes, cuddling while in patrol, tea at her house with biscuits, pastry, sandwiches and cake. Riding the ferris wheel in the late evening, going to parties that fem!damian gets invited to who likes to bring him with her, shopping (again, poor jon the assistant), going to the beach, Jon sneaking over to her room to hangout and sleepover.
Beast Boy
◇I heard Beastboy x damian was a thing so imma do this as well, but it's the same as with Jon above—IF fem!damian somehow likes him back which any love would hardly would happen as Beastboy would be too naive to see that she's playing with him.
◇Fem!damian wouldn't actually interact with him as much as Jon as she thinks he's pretty dumb and he's a waste of time to talk to. Pretty mean of her, but she's kind of picky with people who she likes after all. As long as they're mature and not so loud, she wouldn't mind them, but BeastBoy is exactly the opposite of that.
◇BB would probably like to ask her out to go out to eat tacos and pizza, but she would be far to busy.
Colin Wilkes
◇there is a higher chance that Colin would be able to catch her heart as she has a soft spot for him and looks after him, which is kind of part of the time she spends so busily working. She has sympathy to him as he's a misunderstood orphan.
◇their dates consists of; picnics, shopping clothes for Colin and sipping on drinks at cafes, cuddling everywhere, tea at her house with biscuits, pastry, sandwiches and cake—or a whole meal at fem!damian's place that she makes for him, riding the ferris wheel and playing in the park, eating lunch together at school that she makes too and Colin sneaking over to her room to hangout and sleepover.
◇Skinny boi to chubby boi
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idyllicmei · a month ago
Bruce: You're grounded! No TV
Damian: I don't watch TV
Bruce: Then no animals
Damian: They'll die
Bruce: Then....
Bruce: Then no Y/n!
Damian: What!? No Y/n!?
Bruce: No Y/n!
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lazydoodlesandfanfic · 3 months ago
A Part Of The Family (Batfam X Fem!Reader)
Characters: Batfam X Fem!Reader (Bruce Wayne X Fem!Reader)
Universe: DC, Batman
Warnings: None
Request: If you're cool with it, I'd really appreciate a batfam x reader where she's bruce's new girlfriend or fiancee/kids' soon-to-be stepmother and due to their *ahem* work (which reader knows about) they haven't really had any opportunities to meet any of them properly, and/or they always get interrupted, and when they finally get a moment to met properly at the manor, they're all just completely shocked when she straight vibes with damian and the two of them are just chatting away somewhere, having
Tumblr media
The family had been aware of you for over a year at this point. Now that they thought about it, it had actually been close to 5 years. You had been dating Bruce for all that time, and sure in the beginning they had kept their distance since usually their father’s relationships turned sour… this one didn’t. In fact the family could never recall a time of you two ever arguing, you demanding respect or being cruel and spoilt. In fact, every interaction they had with you, you’d been rather sweet and polite to them. However, these interactions were few and far between- you were independent, having a life outside of the Wayne household, though you did go to events and did stay over every so often, particularly when Bruce was beat up pretty badly, but it seemed whenever they did try and talk to you, it would be cut short by interruptions and distractions. 
So when Bruce sat his family down and told them that he’d proposed to you, it became a rush to get to know you and also to make sure this wasn’t a trap. Their way to do this was to invite you over for two weeks and refuse to let you go home until they knew you. However, while they were all panicking, the youngest Wayne was calm. Which made them panic more.
“Why are you so calm? What if she’s actually horrible? What if she’s undercover? She’s seen Bruce when he’s hurt after patrol, she could-”
“Will you stop it!” Damian snapped at them. “While you idiots were too busy on patrol even when nothing was happening, I actually spent time with her. She saw me after I got called off patrol for being hurt and she patched me up without being asked to and looked after me until Alfred was available. She bought me art supplies for my birthday and we have hours together where we paint together.” Damian listed. 
“So she knows about us being…” Tim hesitantly asked.
“She’s known from the very beginning. If she wanted to expose us, she could have done it years ago.”
That actually calmed down the rest of the family. Instead that asked Damian for more interactions that he’s had with you. He told them how you’d actually started picking him up from school and taking him home when Gotham was going through a bad patch, and how you’d even attended a parent-teacher conference and how you teamed up with Bruce to scorn a teacher for letting Damian be bullied in his class, and how you were actually the scarier of the two. He also explained that you’d actually been giving them gifts on their birthday and Christmases, the presents they always liked the most even if they didn’t say it, but put it under Bruce’s name worried you were overstepping boundaries and that maybe they’d see it as you trying to force your way into the family. Damian only knew this because one night a few Christmas Eve’s ago, he heard Bruce talking to you about it.
The entire family suddenly felt like they knew you a lot better than they first thought, or at least you knew them a lot better, and with that they decided that on the first night of your weeklong, they’d give you the biggest, warmest welcome. 
“Are you sure it’s alright?” You asked your new Fiance on the drive to the manor. Bruce put a hand on yours. 
“If it makes you feel any better, it wasn’t my idea, it was theirs. They want to get to properly know you.” Bruce assured you. That let you sigh with some relief. You had been trying to get to know Bruce’s children, though they were always swept off their feet and barely had time. The only one you had actually bonded with being the youngest, and you absolutely adored Damian. You at least knew for sure that Damian would welcome you without hesitation. 
You arrived at the manor, walking with Bruce inside, finding everything… quiet. You looked at Bruce cautiously, seeing he was suspicious as well, taking your hand and walking with you deeper in the house. “Damian? Dick? Tim? Jason? Stephanie? Cassandra?” He called them. That was when he heard it. Rushing footsteps from upstairs, heading in your direction. It wasn’t long till you spotted them. All of them. 
“DIBS!” Jason had yelled in the lead after shoving Tim into Damian, charging at you, until Cassandra literally jumped off the upstairs bannister, landing on him and knocking him down, tackling you herself into a hug, knocking you over as well. Jason scrambled up,  jumping on top, followed by every other kid, creating a dog pile, everyone laughing, yourself included. 
“What are you doing?” Bruce asked as he just watched as they slowly got off you, Dick helping you up. 
“Well we wanted to greet her with hugs, but then as we were waiting we came up with the idea of making it a competition of who could hug her first.” Stephanie explained. Bruce pinched the bridge of his nose, but you saw the smile on his face. “Are you ready for a long game of this or that?” She asked. 
“Sure am.” You agreed. Any anxiety you had left had evaporated as soon as they all piled on top of you. You were a welcomed new member of this family.
Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in! 
*Not my gif
TAGS:  @courtneychicken​  @graysonmalfoy​ @bellero​ @originalpottervengerlock​ @supernatural-pan​ @esoltis280​ @lena-stan-xavier​ @lady-of-lies​ @sebstanismylife​ @macbetheliza @mandywholock1980​ @cdwmtjb8​ @caswinchester2000​ @determinedpines​ @huntheimpossible 
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writing-blog-iguess · a month ago
Harley Quinn
Summery: The batfamily hears three stories about batmom and Harley. How they met, how they started dating, and how they ended.
Warning: fluff, angst.
A/N: This bish is 4847 words. I did not mean to write that much.
Man, the amount of love I got from Stories...I'm so happy people enjoyed it. So, I hope you enjoy this one just as much.
Feedback is welcome! And feel free to let me know who or what kind of story of Batmom you want to see next.
There were only two weeks left of summer, and she wanted to move onto campus as soon as possible. But her friend, Selina, had made it a little difficult for her. On the first day the campus was allowing their students to come, Selina had come over and stopped her from packing. And they spent the day together shopping, seeing a movie and eating. Selina ended up crashing at her place after they had binged a show.
When she started packing the next day, Selina did the same. But after a promise of hanging out when she was settled in her dorms, Selina conceded and helped with the packing. And after some whining and pizza, Selina came with her to campus to help as well.
Struggling to keep the heavy box in her hands, she made her way towards her dorm. “You can help me, you know,” she grunted, shifting the box as it was slipping out of her arms.
“I am,” Selina said, holding up a couple of garbage bags full of clothes. “My hands are just full to help you carry your box.”
“You’re funny,” she deadpanned. Selina flashed her a smile, to which she returned one of her own.
“And that’s why you love me.”
“No, no I don’t think that’s it,” she mused, looking at each dorm number. “I think I love your cat more. And that’s why we’re friends.”
Selina gasped mockingly, and bumped her shoulder. “I knew it!” She laughed just as she found her dorm room.
Fishing out her key from her pocket, she handed it to Selina and waited until Selina opened the door. The minute she walked through the door, she was eloped in a hug. It caught her by surprise that she dropped the box she was holding.
“Hiya! I’m your new roommate!”
“And they were roommates,” Dick gasped out, interrupting the story.
“Oh my god, they were roommates,” Tim finished, and three out of the four boys burst out laughing.
“You two are hilarious,” she said, slumping into her chair. They had just finished dinner when the boys started bombarding her with questions about her and Harley. And after teasing them a little about which story. She started with how she met her ex-fiancé.
“Are you two done?” Bruce asked, and the laughter slowly downed a little. Until they caught each other’s eyes, and it started again.
Damian rolled his eyes, and turned to his mother. “I didn’t know you and Selina were in a relationship,” he said, and that had caused Dick, Jason and Tim to stop and look at her.
“No, no we weren’t dating,” she answered, shaking her head. “I didn’t know my sexuatilty until I started dating Harley.”
“And how long did that take?” Jason asked, rolling his cup on the table.
She blew out a puff of air and sighed. “When we were twenty-one. Even then I needed help.”
“I don’t think I’ve heard this one,” Bruce said with a smile. She flushed in embarrassment and looked away before recalling the story.
“Pumpkin,” her roommate sang from the other side of the room. She hummed, blinking at her homework trying to keep awake. She was currently laying on her stomach with her chin sitting on her hand. “Maybe you should take a break. You’ve been at it for hours.”
“Pft, I’m fine,” she answered, though the words were starting to blur together. “Hey!” she said, as Harley yanked the book from her. “I need that.”
“And you need a break,” she pressed, closing the book with a snap. “Come on Pumpkin, let’s get something to eat.”
She pouted trying to grab her textbook. Harley giggled and held it out of her reach. “Harley,” she whined, “the test I'm studying for is supposed to cost half of my grade.”
“You should know that taking care of your body is more important than school, doctor,” Harley teased. She stuck her tongue out, causing Harley to poke it. “Come on, we’ll go to your favourite café.”
She lit up and quickly got out of bed, almost tripping on her feet doing so. Harley laughed and tossed the book onto the bed. “You gotta be more careful, pumpkin.” She made a face, and grabbed her stuff before the two of them left their apartment.
She looped her arm through Harley’s as they walked. Talking about everything and nothing that came to mind. On occasion, she would check her phone, hoping for any messages from Bruce. But there were none.
She hasn’t spoken to Bruce since the last time they hung out, and she wondered if it was something that she did. Though the thought was ridiculous. They’ve only met up a handful of times since he’d been back. And even then, she couldn’t think of a reason why he was avoiding her.
The only thing she could think of was their first conversation they had together. But that was back when he first arrived in Gotham.
Bruce had found the apartment she was sharing with Harley, and decided to pay her a visit before the tabloids caught wind of him being back.
It had caught her by surprise when Harley called, saying there was a billionaire holding pizza. Confused on what she meant, she rounded the corner to find Bruce Wayne standing in her hallway.
After giving him a hug, and a little catch up, the three of you spent the night hanging out. And it felt like nothing had changed between the two of you.
It wasn’t until Harley had gone to bed, that Bruce told you everything that happened since leaving Gotham when he was fourteen. He told you how his training had gone, and all the people he’s met.
It was one thing reading about them through Bruce’s letters. But it was a different experience hearing them from Bruce. When he had finished, he told her it was time to start fixing Gotham his way.
With a sigh, she had hoped that he had changed his mind. Instead of talking him out of it, she suggested waiting a little bit before doing so. Make Bruce Wayne into a public figure, or more then he already is. And then have his second persona make an appearance. Only so people didn’t connect that the two were related.
That had been two months ago. And sure, she’s been busy with school and midterms were just around the corner, and Bruce was busy running a company and….well, being a playboy from what she’s read in magazines. She didn’t read the articles, it hurt a little reading them.
And he was also busy with being Batman. She laughed at the name the media had dubbed him, it almost made her call him up just to tease him about it. But she refrained from doing so. She was unsure where she fit in his new life, and at this point she was too afraid of the answer to ask.
When they arrived at the café, she found a table for them while Harley ordered.
Harley looked over the rim of the coffee cup in her hand when her friend sighed again. “You’re in love with Bruce!” Harley accused.
She dropped her bagel on her plate and stared at Harley in shock. “I am not!”
“You totally are! You keep checking your phone like your love sick, waiting for someone to call you.”
“I am not in love with Bruce,” she stuttered out, “why would I be? He left to go to school abroad, and shows up eight years later! And so what if I thought about him during those years, and was worried about him. That’s what friends do, they worry about them. It’s not like I noticed how much he’s changed or dream about holding his hand or...or kissing him or…or...” she trailed off as she thought back to all the times her heart hammered in her chest when he smiled at her.
Or all the times Bruce made her blush. She thought back to how she smiled when she saw Bruce’s letter in the mail, or how happy she felt as she read them. Or how relieved she felt when she saw Bruce in her apartment or how hurt she was when she saw him with different girls every night.
Then she thought about all that when she was with Harley. Could she be in love with Harley too? But she quickly dismissed it, thinking it wasn’t possible.
She slumped into her chair as Harley set her mug down, and smirked at her in satisfaction. “Holy hell, I’m in love with Bruce Wayne.”
“There it is,” Harley said, giggling as she received a glare. “You’ve known Bruce since you guys were little, how is it only now that you're realizing this?”
“I don’t…” she trailed off, hands picking up her cup. She twirled it around the table as she tried to come up with the right words, “I’m not...when I can’t pick up the cues when it comes to stuff like that.”
“So someone has to tell you that they love you. Like your parents loving you,” Harley mused, she shrugged.
“I know they do and I can see that they love me. But for whatever reason, when it comes to romantic feelings, I have a blind eye,” she explained, letting the cup go in favour of pulling apart her muffin. She huffed out a laugh. “It’s funny. Back in high school there was this guy who asked me out on a date. But he didn’t use those words, he used ‘wanna hang out?’
“I said yes. It wasn’t until he kissed me that it was starting to click. Even then I didn’t fully understand. Selina told me what it was that I knew. I was so embarrassed I couldn‘t face him. I feel like there’s something wrong with me.”
Harley leaned over and took her hands, she stilled her hands and her eyes flitted up to Harley. And her heart stuttered as Harley looked at her. “Nothing’s wrong with you pumpkin. People process things differently, you just happen to need someone to tell you.”
Relief washed over her and she smiled. “Thanks, Hars.” Harley hummed and leaned back, letting go of her hand. She missed the warmth of Haley’s hands, but didn’t think anything of it, especially when she noticed a twinkle in Harley's eyes.
“So, are you going to tell Brucie?” Harley teased, she made a face and shook her head.
“No, I will not,” she said.
“But he might love you back!” Harley exclaimed, “pumpkin, I’ve seen the way he looks at you. He looks at you like you hung the moon every night.”
“Even if that’s true, I don’t think it’ll work. At least not right now,” she mumbled, and quickly added when Haley gave her a confused look, “he’s not interested in anything serious right now.”
Harley nodded in understanding, and she looked away when she saw pity in Harley's eyes.
That weekend, she found herself in the school library with Harley and Jonathan doing homework. Harley had just left for drinks, leaving the two of them alone.
Jonathan looked up from his homework and studied his friend. She hunched over her books and tapped her pencil on her head as she was going over a question.
“Are you and Harley dating?” Jonathan blurted out. She froze and lifted her head to look at him in surprise.
“Excuse me?” she asked.
Jonathan raised an eyebrow at her reaction, and stifled a laugh. “I think you heard me.”
“Oh I heard. But what made you come to that conclusion?” she clarified, squinting her eyes at him.
“The way you two act around each other,” he explained, “you're all in love and shit. It’s a wonder you haven’t kissed yet.”
“I don’t….but I can’t….” she trailed off. The words weren’t coming and she wasn’t quite sure if she did or not. “Friends can act like that platonically!”
“That’s true. But with you two, it’s hard to tell. You both have heart eyes every time you either talk about each other, or just being in the same room.”
She stayed quiet, she didn’t have anything to say.
“You know, when Harley told me you process feelings differently than most people, I thought she was joking,” he mused, this time chuckling.
“It’s great to know you talk about me,” she deadpanned, setting down her pencil.
“But I’m serious, do you like her or not?” he asked, and she let her head drop on her textbook and groaned.
“I don’t know. The other day, Harley helped me discover I’m in love with my childhood best friend. And now you're making me question my feelings for Harley.”
Jonathan held up his hands in surrender, though she wasn’t paying attention. “Wasn’t my intent, I just figured you needed to know.”
“Thanks,” she said dryly, and lifted her hand and flipped him off. He laughed and gently patted her head.
“I’ll ask a question or two, maybe it’ll help.”
She nodded but kept her head on the table. Jonathan's smile grew wider, enjoying this a little bit too much.
“When you see her, what do you do?”
She took a moment to ponder the question. “My heart starts to beat faster and I can’t help but think how pretty she is. And I get all flustered when she gets really close or she gives me a compliment. And when she’s happy and smiling and laughing, and my butterflies explode in my stomach when that happens because I did that. And sometimes, when she’s pouting or just sad, I just want to pull her into a kiss.”
Jonathan raised an eye at her statement, and had no doubt that she was blushing. “What about Bruce?”
“The same thing! He winks my way and the next thing I know I’m a blushing mess. And when he gives me a certain look, it’s like I gave him everything and I melt and just want to kiss his stupid face! And I hate him for that, but not really and….hhhhh!”
“Damn,” Jonathan huffed out, staring at her. “You have it bad for both of them.”
“But I can’t love two people at once!” she exclaimed, getting shushed by other students. She paid them no mind, head racing on what she should do.
“Who says?” Jonathan asked, and she paused to think about it. “There's no rule saying you have to like one person at the time,” he continued when she didn’t answer. “Now the question is who are you going to pick? Bruce or Harley?”
“What if they both don’t love me?” she whispered, lifting her head up slightly. “What if it’s all in my head and they laugh if I tell them?”
“I don’t know about Bruce, but Harley won’t,” he answered, going back to his homework, “trust me.”
She spent the next week pondering over her conversations with Harley and Jonathan. And there were a few things she’s discovered.
She’s bisexual.
She’s really bad at feelings and seeing them for what they are. Though this wasn’t anything new, still she hated that she needed help when it comes to emotions.
If she did choose Bruce over Harley, it wouldn’t have worked out. Not only because of him being Batman, but because she didn’t see it as a long term relationship. And she didn’t want that.
And if she chose Harley over Bruce, she didn’t want to make Harley feel like she was second pick. She didn’t want that either.
By the weekend, she still doesn’t know what to do.
Sighing, she fell on her bed. She stared at the ceilings and groaned, pressing her palms to her eyes. “Why is this hard?”
“I don’t know pumpkin, maybe I can help?” Harley suggested, startling her. She sat up quickly and turned to see Harley leaning against the doorframe.
“Help me with what?” she asked, nervously laughing. Harley smiled and walked further in the room.
“Whatever you’re having trouble with,” Harley answered.
She sighed and fell onto the bed again, she took a pillow and hugged it to her chest. “I don’t think this is something you can help with,” she mumbled, closing her eyes.
She felt the bed dip, and felt Harley shift around until she stopped. “I could listen to you rant about it?”
She hummed, but shook her head. “It’s something I need to figure out.”
Silence fell around them as she thought. Harley brought her hand over her face and tucked a stray hair behind her ear. She tensed at the sudden touch, but soon relaxed into it.
“Does it have something to do with what you and Jonathan were talking about last week?” Harley asked after a moment.
Her eyes flew open and she stared at Harley, panicking a little. If Harley knew, there’s nothing she could say that wouldn’t be a lie.
“But I…did he tell you?” she asked, Harley nodded. She groaned and stuffed her face into the mattress. “Damnit.”
Harley giggled and slowly moved her face so they could look at each other. “If it helps any, I love you too.”
She flushed, and looked anywhere but Harley. “But I don’t want to make you feel like a second choice. I don’t want you to resent me because you know I love Bruce too.”
“Hey I won’t,” Harley reassured. Biting her lip, she shook her head. Harley sighed, and moved to press her forehead against hers. “Can I tell you a secret? I loved you before I knew you loved Bruce, and I still love you knowing that. I just hope you can give me a chance.”
She studied Harley for a moment before closing the distance and kissed her.
“Ew! Mom! Gross! We don’t need to hear about that!” Dick interrupted. She looked up to see her boys looking at her in disgust. Jason and Tim gagged mockingly as Dick shuddered.
“What? It was just a kiss,” she answered, amused.
“Yeah but you kissed Harley. And that means you’ve done more than kissing,” Jason said.
“You knew this when your father told you I was engaged to her.”
“It’s one thing thinking about it, it’s a whole different thing to hear it from you, Mom,” Tim said, leaning back into his chair.
She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Shrugging, she picked up her glass and took a sip.
“So Harley figured out you loved me before you did? And this after meeting me once,” Bruce asked, amused. She felt her cheeks burn and looked away.
“Wasn’t my proudest moment, but yes she did,” she said with a shrug.
“And she was okay with it?”
She nodded, smiling a little at the memory. “Yeah. She didn’t seem to mind too much about it. But I didn’t spend too much time being hung up on Bruce. I was too busy with Har-”
“Ma!” Jason exclaimed, stopping her from finishing the sentence.
“I wasn’t even going to say anything bad!” she defended.
“You went to school with Crane?” Damian asked. She turned her attention to the youngest and nodded.
“We had a few classes together, and Harley just sort of adopted him into the friend group,” she mused.
“What I can’t get over, is the fact that Crane had to tell you about your feelings for Harley,” Dick put out.
“Like I said, I have a hard time deciphering emotions. Especially when it comes to romantic feelings. But once I know, then I’m okay.”
“How long were you together before getting engaged?” Damian asked, though it was still hard to believe his mother had someone before Bruce.
“And who popped the question?”
She looked at the clock and back to the boys. “Doesn't the patrol start soon?” she asked. The boys looked at Bruce with their best puppy eyes. Well, Dick, Jason and Tim did, Damian seemed indifferent but Bruce could tell he wanted to hear the story as well.
“If it’s okay with your mother, we can listen to one more story,” he said, and she raised an eyebrow at her husband. “What?”
“And I thought I couldn’t say no,” she said with a mumble.
“Shut up,” he said, but smiled slightly.
“So Ma, what’s the story?”
Her hand went up to her necklace and started playing with it as she thought back. “We’ve been together for almost eight years before I asked her.”
She fell on the couch once she got home from the hospital. It had been a taxing day, and all she wanted to do was curl up with Harley and sleep until the morning. But they had dinner plans they needed to get to, and if everything turned out as planned, she and Harley would be engaged.
Over the years of dating, conversation of marriage would come up. Whether it be just then asking about it, or their friends. They both wanted it, but they silently agreed that they wouldn’t take it seriously until they both finished school.
Harley had already finished her last year of residency, and she was one you last year. Granted, she still had a month left, but she figured it would still count.
“Pumpkin, I’m home,” Harley called as she walked in.
“Living room,” she answered back. A moment later, Harley walked in the room and plopped beside her. Harley laid her head on her lap and sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair. “Tiring day?”
Harley nodded and closed her eyes. “I know we had plans to go out, but can we stay in? Arkham really took me out.”
She scrunched her nose, her hands stopped moving. “I thought you didn’t start there until next week?”
“I did, but something happened with the inmates,” Harley answered.
“And they needed a psychiatrist?”
“Apparently some of the inmates needed help and they couldn’t wait until next week,” Harley said, and sighed happily when she resumed playing with Harley’s hair. “So can we stay in?”
“Yeah, we can. We can order take out and watch a movie or something,” she mused, trying to think of a new plan. “What do you want?”
She smiled and reached over, grabbing her phone and ordering food. Once finished, she set the phone before turning back to Harley. She stared at her loving, watching as Harley was slowly falling asleep.
“You’re staring,” Harley mumbled with a smile.
“I can’t help, you’re just too gorgeous to look at anything else,” she teased. Harley blushed and snuggled into her legs.
“Shut up.”
Thinking it’s the perfect time, she went for it. “Marry me?” Harley’s eyes flew open, and she quickly sat down and looked at her.
“Marry me,” she repeated, smiling at the bewildered look Harley was giving her. “I know we talked about it a few times. And since I have a month left of residency, I figured why not. So, marry me?”
Harley looked at her for a minute before smiling widely, and threw her arms around her, laughing. “Of course I will, pumpkin!” Harley said, kissing her all over her face.
And just like that they were engaged.
As the months went by, they planned a wedding. They had decided who was going to be in the wedding party, where the venue would be, and who was going to cater for them. They just needed to book everything, but they weren’t going to do so until they picked out the wedding day.
And for a while everything was perfect. Up until Harley started seeing Joker as a patient. She didn’t see it, not a first. She took it as Harley having bad days or long tiring days at Arkham. And with doctor patient confidentiality, Harley couldn’t talk about their problems.
But Harley could tell her how the day went. If it was bad, she’d drop it and offer to make Harley's favourite foods.
Then Harley started to become distant. She would come home later than normal, and would snap for no reason. She had tried to get Harley to talk to her, but she wouldn’t. She kept saying she was fine and it had been a long day. It was worrying.
All at once, it stopped. Harley stopped talking to her, and stopped coming home.
She was out of her mind, worrying for Harley. She hoped her fiancée would come home. It was to the point that she went out and looked for Harley.
But Bruce had stopped her before she could leave the apartment.
She had found him waiting in her living room after a long shift at the hospital. It had startled her seeing Bruce dressed as Batman standing there, he cowl down.
She was about to greet him, but the sad, pitied expression Bruce had stopped her. “No, don’t…don’t say it. I don’t want to hear it.”
“I’m sorry,” he said, taking a step forward, she stepped back. “But something happened to Harley.”
She shook her head frantically, covering her mouth with her hands. “Nononono, she can’t have…please,” she begged, as Bruce wrapped her into a hug when he was close enough.
“I’m sorry, but Joker got into her head,” he started, tightening his grip as she choked back a sob. “Convinced her that they were meant for each other. Made her fall in the chemicals he fell into. She’s alive, but she isn’t Harley anymore. Not the one you knew anyways.”
She broke down crying before Bruce finished his sentence. She clung to him like a lifeline as the words sunk in.
She expected to hear that Harley died, that someone had killed her. Not this. But this? This was so much worse.
A heavy silence fell once she finished. She was clutching the ring that was threaded on a chain. It helped keep the tears at bay. She didn’t want to cry, not now, not after so many years.
“The next day, Bruce told me the full story,” she whispered, and grimaced as the fight flashed before her. “We fought. Okay, I yelled and he just took him. I said some things I shouldn’t have and I avoided him for a while.”
“I remember that,” Dick said, leaning onto the table. “Bruce looked heartbroken during that time. And every time I tried to ask what happened, he shut me down. Even at gala’s when you were there, he looked like he wanted to go and talk to you.”
Bruce looked at him in surprise. Dick was only eight when that happened, he didn’t think he was paying attention.
On the other hand, she felt guilt crawling in her stomach, and slouched into her chair. She hid her face in her hands when Dick continued.
“That falling out thing happened for a few years, didn’t it?” he asked. She opted to stay quiet, letting Bruce answer the question.
“Three or four years, yeah.”
Tim was about to ask what had happened, but Jason nudged him and shook his head. Tim gave him a look, and Jason gestured to their mom, practically saying I don’t think she wants to talk about it.
“Sorry for bringing up the past Ummi,” Damian said softly. “We didn’t know.”
Rubbing her face to get rid of stray tears, she dropped her hands onto the table. “That’s okay sweetie. I wouldn’t have told you anything if it still hurts.”
“So, how’d you fix your friendship with Bruce?” Jason asked. She shook her head and stood.
“Bruce can tell you,” she said, stretching, “I have the night shift tonight. And I need to get ready.”
With that she left her boys staring at Bruce, waiting.
“It’s time for patrol,” he gruffed out and followed his wife. The boys groaned, saying that wasn’t fair.
“Are you okay?” he asked when he reached their bedroom. He leaned against the doorframe, watching her quickly change and grabbed her stuff before pausing. She clutched her keys and sighed.
“Honestly? I don’t know,” she sighed, dropping her shoulders. “After ten years, it still hurts. Not as much as it did, but still.”
Bruce nodded, and pushed off the frame and wrapped his arms around her. Holding her close. “I’m sorry again for everything.”
“You know I don’t blame you anymore, you don’t need to apologize for it.”
“Feels like I have too. You don’t deserve to have gone through that.”
“No one does but life sucks that way,” she said, giving him a smile. “I have to go.”
Bruce frowned, tightening his hold a little. “I wish you didn’t.”
“I’m a doctor Bruce, but I’ll be careful,” she said, reaching up to kiss him. “You be careful too tonight.” He nodded and dropped his arms and watched as she left the room.
“I love you,” he called. She popped her head back in and smiled.
“I love you too.”
Running out of the manor and to her car, she didn’t notice a figure standing in the distance. Harley signed as she watched, glad that her ex-lover found happiness again. And promised she’d do whatever it took to keep it that way.
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redhoodssweetheart · 3 months ago
All Night
Relationship: Older!Damian Wayne x Fem!Reader
Requested: Yes @mkknrd22robinlover​ (Requests are open, see post {not the pinned one} for more details)
Word Count: 1K
Warnings: Fluff
Description:  Damian has kept his relationship with Y/N a secret from his brothers.  But what happens when Dick and Jason see Y/N one night in nothing but one of Damian’s t-shirts?
Tumblr media
Damian’s brothers knew that Y/N was his friend.  They knew that the two of them were close, but what they didn’t know was that Damian and Y/N were more than friends and had been for over a year.  It wasn’t that he was ashamed of telling the world that she was his girlfriend because he wasn’t.  What he didn’t want was his brothers making a big deal out of it.  He knew the moment they knew things would change and they would tease him and he didn’t want to go through that.
So when Y/N came over to hang out the rest of the Wayne family - excluding Alfred and his father - believed that she was merely a close friend.
“What movie did you bring over for tonight, beloved?”  Damian was situated on his bed, already dressed and waiting for whatever Y/N was going to make him watch.  When he had been with the League there hadn’t been time for movies.  His grandfather had seen them as a waste of time that could have been used to train.  It wasn’t until Y/N waltzed into his life that he had actually taken the time to enjoy all things pop culture outside of books.
Damian watched as Y/N came out of the bathroom in nothing but his t-shirt and said, “I brought over a classic Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl.”  She tossed the movie case at him and he caught it with ease.  He read over the back in nodded in approval.  “It’s got action, comedy, romance, and you probably won’t think they’re scary but the pirates are a little intimidating when they’re… uh dead looking?”
He chuckled, “I’ve probably faced down worse than some CGI zombie pirates.”
She knew that he was probably right, nothing could be the real thing.  Popping in the movie she settled on the bed beside Damian and he instantly pulled her close to cuddle.  That was something that had surprised him when he had first gotten together with Y/N.  He never saw himself as someone who would want that close contact intimacy, but whenever he was with her he never wanted to let her go.  
Both of them were silent as they watched the movie play out before them, and it wasn’t long before Damian noticed Y/N’s breathing change.  Glancing down his suspicions were confirmed when he saw she had fallen asleep.  He didn’t mind, this had happened on a few occasions, but he still watched the movie until he too drifted to sleep.
Dick and Jason were coming up from the Batcave after a patrolling mission.  Both of them were starving, but they paused when they heard someone coming down the stairs from one of the upper levels of the manor.  They watched as Y/N entered the hallway, completely missing them and heading for the kitchen.  Both of them blinked as they realized she was wearing one of Damian’s t-shirts.
“Dude,” Jason whispered.  “Did… was she… I didn’t know Damian had a girlfriend!”
Dick was just as flabbergasted as Jason was.  He had always assumed that Y/N and Damian were just friends.  Nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened between the two of them.  “Maybe it’s new?”
“Do you think B and Alfred know?”  Jason whispered back, neither of them wanted her to know that they had spotted her.  If Damian knew he may try to skin them alive.
They heard you coming back and they ducked deeper into the shadows of the hallway.  In your hand was a glass of water and you were still half-asleep.  When you disappeared up the stairs Dick said, “I don’t know but I’m going to ask Damian about this tomorrow.”
In the morning Y/N had left before Damian had woken up.  She left a note saying that she had a few things that she needed to do and that she would see him later.  Damian wasn’t surprised to wake up alone or the note that she had left for him.  He merely prepared for the day and headed downstairs.  There he was greeted by his brothers.
“Good morning, Damian,” Dick said with a cheery tune and a wide smile.
Damian instantly went on high alert, something was off.  “Grayson, Todd,” he said gruffly as he made his way toward the coffee pot.
“Sleep well?”  Jason asked.
Yeah, Damian knew something was definitely going on if his brothers were trying to make small talk with him.  He turned and said, “What is going on?”
“Anything you want to tell us about you and Y/N?”  Jason asked with a cocky smirk.
Then it all clicked that they knew.  How he wasn’t sure, but he was going to find out.  “How did you figure it out?”  He leaned against the counter, keeping his composure, not wanting them to see how riled up they were making him.
Dick seemed to be the more tactful of the two, “We saw her come downstairs last night to get some water.  She was only in your t-shirt, and it wasn’t hard to put two and two together after that.”
Damian took another sip of his coffee and said, “Well congratulations you two, you’re not as oblivious as I thought you were.  I will not be taking any questions on my relationship with Y/N.  Have a good morning,” and he walked out of the room with Dick and Jason fussing after him.
Later that evening when you returned Damian told you the news.  “It was bound to happen eventually,” you shrugged, completely unbothered by the fact that his brothers knew the truth.  “At least we don’t have to sneak around them anymore.”
He leaned in and captured your lips with his before pulling away and saying, “Sneaking was half the fun, beloved.”
You playfully smacked him on the arm and twisted out of his grip.  “Go get the popcorn ready, we need to finish the movie since we both fell asleep.”
“Your wish is my command,” he said before heading to the kitchen to get the popcorn and other snacks ready for movie night.
Thankfully for Damian, Bruce had told both Dick and Jason not to tease Damian too horribly about this, and they had decided to leave their brother alone… for now. 
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cyberesc · 3 months ago
Lipstick | Damian Wayne
Tumblr media
paring: older!Damian Wayne x fem!reader
prompt: putting lipstick on in front of a mirror and catching your significant other watching you and locking eyes with them in the mirror.
rating: fluff
warnings: probably ooc damian and bad writing :’)
word count: 419
note: this is my first fic I ever posted and i’m nervous lol,,,I have a few fics in my drafts so if you liked this lemme know if I should post more <3
another important note* although this fic doesn’t use any gender terms, I wrote this with a female reader in mind so I think it’s fair to tag it as fem!reader
Tumblr media
You quickly walked from the bathroom towards your and Damian’s shared bedroom, looking at your appearance through the mirror. You ruffled your hair, giving it more volume before leaning closer to the mirror; checking your makeup. Grabbing your lipstick from the vanity and unscrewing the cap, you carefully smeared the color on your lips; a nice rosy shade tinting them.
Before you can finish applying the lipstick to your lips, you saw movement in the corner of your eye. Taking a glance at the mirror, you spotted Damian leaning back with his arms crossed against the door. You locked eyes for a moment, flashing him a small smile. He gave one back, walking closer towards you to snake his arms around your waist. His chin propped up on your shoulder, looking at your reflection through the mirror. “You look beautiful, beloved.” He complimented, eyes trailing down your figure. You turned your head, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek, “You don’t look too bad yourself.” You replied, rubbing off the lipstick stain with your thumb.
You turned around, about to finish applying your lipstick before Damian’s hand circled around your wrist. You looked at him through the mirror, shooting him a furrowed brow. “May I?” He gestured towards the lipstick. You glanced at it for a second before giving him a nod. He pulled away from you, turning you around before grabbing you by the back of your thighs; placing you on the vanity. You let out a yelp, from the sudden lift; hands placed on his shoulders to steady yourself.
His thumb and forefinger lifted your chin, tilting your head up to admire your face. He placed a light kiss on the corner of your lips before unscrewing the cap. He brought it up to your lips, focusing on not going over your lip-line. After a few moments, he pulled back, reviewing his work of your now rosy-colored lips. He hummed in approval, grabbing you by the hips to help you down from the vanity. You turned around, glancing at yourself in the mirror to check his work. You smiled to yourself, “Maybe you can help with my makeup more often.”
He smirked, pulling you towards him by the waist and placing a kiss on your lips. You pulled away, about to comment on your ruined lipstick before you took a glance at his own tinted lips. With a giggle you pulled him in for another kiss, making sure to pepper rosy kisses all over his face.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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epiemy · 4 days ago
Warnings: Mentions of spiders (reader with arachnophobia), other than that only threats and curses (normal for this family) Pairing: FemSister! Reader x Batboys // Twin Grayson! Reader x Batboys. Word Count: 497.
Good reading!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The voice of Richard John Grayson's twin sister is heard echoing throughout Wayne Manor, leaving her brothers aware of what seemed to be a tantrum coming from it, after all she didn't curse Damian very often, the same as in Tim's words was " her favorite demon".
Bruce Wayne was busy with the Justice League in Washington and Jason was currently on a new assignment with Roy and Kory, but it could be said as the worst moment, as he would love to see the scene that would follow along with Tim and Dick that they were in the living room, working and watching movies respectively.
The boys turned their heads quickly towards the door where a small 14 year old boy was running with all his speed to get away from silver cutlery which was thrown with impressive force towards him. Damian Wayne was also not known for being afraid of anyone, he was just a smug bastard who thought he ruled the world, but with his older sister it was always different, she managed to impose respect on the little beast of the family. Seconds later a hair (H/C) was seen along with a red face filled with a murderous expression, which was able to leave the girl's twin brother completely impressed, after all Y/N Grayson was considered the calmest of the family and with less problems related to bloodthirsty instincts.
"N/N aren't you overreacting with Dami? I don't know what he did, but it can't have been because you-"
Dick, who was slowly approaching his sister, stopped just as she pointed a fork in her direction with half-closed eyes.
"Richard if you take one more step this fork will end up in a bad place for men to have on their bodies, little brother." The girl's manic smile made him gulp, nod, and go back to watching his movie. Damian, let him deal with his problem, he thinks.
Tim, who had been quiet until then, decided to raise his sleep-deprived eyes towards the girl. "After all, what did the Devil do that was so bad?" The same asks with boredom.
Damian and Y/N responded respectively. Realizing that his brother had stirred up a phobia of hers, Timothy simply shrugged as Dick widened his eyes with the younger fur and Grayson turned her gaze to the stairs, where she saw the emerald green eyes of the boy she wanted to kill.
The voices diminished as the two walked away from the room, leaving the room with only the noise of the television again, until Dick finally decided to break the ice, smiling mischievously at his brother.
"I bet $50 on N/N making Damian finally apologize for something"
Tim just shrugs, "I wouldn't bet against her anyway, if anyone can make the devil's offspring do something, it's our sister."
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ldrfanatic · 2 months ago
I’m Yours
Tumblr media
Damian Wayne x Fem!Reader
prompt / a wayne family ball forces the youngest robin to confess his feelings for his best friend before it’s too late
warnings / little angsty tbh
wc 1501
You were in love. Simple as that. Others had called it a crush, but you knew what you felt. And what you feel comes nothing close to crush.  You were helplessly and painstakingly in love with Damian Wayne. The two of you met through Bruce. You were the daughter of some of his WE colleagues and when your parents were murdered by the Joker, Bruce took you under his wing as Batman. You thought it might be good for your crush on Damian. That maybe you might get closer. Instead, he unknowingly friend-zoned you. 
Dick walking up to you snapped you out of your daydreams. You eyes were watering and you hadn't even noticed. Dick gave you a very concerned look before following your gaze to where Damian was dancing very romantically with Raven. A fellow member of the Teen Titans. It seemed everyone except Damian knew of your crush. Dick smiled sympathetically at you. "Do you want to dance? Or get a drink?" You shook your head sadly, trying your hardest to avoid using your voice.
You started to quickly make a move for the exit. Jason appeared next to Dick, looking very nice in his tailored suit. His hand gripped tightly around your wrist to prevent your escape. "Thanks for trying to make me feel better, but let me go, Jason. I- I don't want to be here anymore. I'm going home." Your voice broke mid-sentence and you desperately struggled to get a hold of yourself. "Y/n-" You shook your head and harshly ripped your hand from his. "No! Because for five years I have been pining after him. And he doesn't even know. He's happy with her and that's all that I want for him but I won't listen to my heart break over and over again watching him belong to someone else when I know damn sure, that I'm his." Neglecting the pain in your feet, you ran quickly through the ballroom until you made it outside where Alfred pulled up five minutes later to take you back to the Manor.
Jason stood in between Dick and Tim watching Alfred peel off from the front of the magnificent building with you in the back. The trio turned around and warily watched Damian and Raven from a distance. "Look don't get me wrong, I like Raven and she's great..." Jason glanced towards Tim as he finished Dick's sentence. "but she's not Y/n. And whether Damian knows it or not, that's who he's in love with." Jason downed the shot in his hand and placed it on the tray of a waiter who shot him a dirty look. 
“We need a plan.”
Damian Wayne. There wasn't much opportunity to be normal in the poor kids life. Even his family dressed up as vigilantes to take on the dark creatures of the night and by day were the center of every Gotham tabloid. Two things in his life were guaranteed and normal. The girl in front of him, whom he was in love with, or rather thought he was in love with, and his absolute best friend in the world, Y/n. Damian had to admit that something stirred in the pit of his stomach every time he saw Y/n but he sort of pushed it off to being protective best friend feelings. Besides, everyone in the Manor felt that way about Y/n... right?
Attempting to push his troubling thoughts away and focus on the girl in front of him, Damian was surprised when Tim cut in on their dance and whisked her away. Fuming, Damian readied himself to kill Tim in every brutal way he knew. Just as he was about to charge, he was yanked up and carried into an unoccupied room. Dick was standing in front of him and Jason was blocking the door. "Todd! Move at once!" Jason shook his head and motioned to Dick. Damian found himself at least a tad curious to what his eldest brother had to say. After all, if they had all collaborated this could be quite important or at the very least, amusing. 
"Alfred, leave the car running please." 
"Leaving again, Miss Y/n?"
"Yes. To the airport."
Alfred, now intrigued followed you into the Manor and up to your room where you began packing your bags. "I’m afraid I don't understand, Miss Y/l/n."
"You know how I feel about Damian?"
"I do, Miss."
"Well, he'll be back soon. More than likely with Raven in tow. I won't waste away watching him gaze at her, and be with her in every way that I want to be with him. I mean he couldn't even be bothered that I ran out crying tonight. I'm tired of it all Alfred and I need a fresh start. So for now I'm leaving. And Damian can be free to be with her without my jealousy or longing looks."
"A word of advice, Miss?"
"Go ahead."
"If you leave, you'll break the boy's heart." 
You paused on your packing. Alfred's words struck every chord in your very being and settled an uneasy feeling in your stomach. "Well he'll have Raven." Your words finalized the conversation and Alfred took off to the nearest airport, but not before you said a quick goodbye to Titus. When you arrived you gave Alfred a long hug before turning towards the ticket purchasing desk. No turning back.
"I don't understand..”
Dick through his hands up in exasperation at his idiotic little brother. "What the hell do you mean you don't understand??? I just explained it." 
"No, I understand that. I just- How could I be so blind? Not only to Y/n's sentiments but to my own as well?" Dick watched his little brother pace frantically before deciding he would find Y/n and tell her how he felt. Just as he was about to walk out of the door, Tim came busting into the room. "Guys Y/n's at the airport! She's gonna leave Gotham!" Damian wildly made a dash for the door, and Dick was happy to see that Tim had already dialed Alfred.
Damian silently willed the car to go faster, aware that Alfred was already speeding way above limits. Damian thanked every god in heaven and hell when he arrived. Luckily, he was quick enough and you were sat in one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs of the airport, slightly dozing off with a book in your lap. Apparently your flight had been delayed. Damian didn't even bother to call your name, he merely began sprinting to your sleeping form at full speed.
His feet skidded at last moment, and skillfully yet ungraciously avoiding injury, Damian came to a rough stop onto his knees in front of you. The commotion caused your eyes to snap open and you glanced around wildly before you noticed Damian at your feet. You eyes were swirling with bewilderment and... hurt? "Damian. What are you doing here? Don't you have to get back to Raven, your precious little-" Damian cut you off with a hot and heavy kiss. 
When his lips separated from yours, he rested his forehead against your own. 
"You can't leave me, Y/n. God, please don't leave me. You're my addiction. You outshine every other person in every aspect of my life. There is not a doubt in my mind, I love you. No matter how much I tried to suppress these feelings or ignore them, something about you kept racing around my head. There are somethings about you that captivate me and others I could maybe live without, but the people that annoy you the most are the ones you love more deeply than anything. And everything about you, I love. Everything about you lights every cell in my body on fire. Even when you're angry or I'm angry, I'm ready to drop onto my knees for you, beloved. Just like I'm doing right now. I surrender to you and only you. I am sorry that it took me this long to realize how much I adore you, but I promise from now on, I won't leave your side. I was confused before but now I'm certain that I'm yours.”
By the time Damian finished talking, he was out of breath and panting. Tears were streaming down your faced and your already messed up make up from the Gala was running in rivers. But you looked much too beautiful for Damian to care. You launched yourself from the comfortless plastic chairs and straight into Damian's arms, clutching onto him tightly like he would disappear if you held too loosely. Damian repeated his words to you and the world over and over again, while holding his entire universe in his grasp.
"I'm yours. I'm yours... I'm yours."
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catxsnow · 9 months ago
Request: Hey honeypot! how are you darling? are you comfortable with writing older damian kinda smut? because i just had this idea where he has this super sweet girlfriend and one day batfam sees her with bruises on her neck and they think mayb damian hits her or something? and Tim mentions that he has seen bruises on her hips as well and they confront him and her and they tell the fam that's from sexy times and they are like "two days ago you were a baby. how are you an adult now?"
Warning: mentions of sex, bruising from s e x, Older!Damian
A/N: since someone wanted a requested post, here ya go :)
Word Count: 2.1k
Tumblr media
Damian's brothers always saw him as the child of the family, even when he had grown up to be a fully functioning twenty-two year old. He was still treated like a kid when he saw his family and it drove him crazy. His whole life he had been just as old as them mentally and now that he was, they still treated him like a twelve year old.
When you came into his life, it was refreshing to have someone treat him as the adult he was. You respected him and he always showed the same to you. Your friendship was grand and always full of surprises. The biggest was the night that you no longer realized you wanted to be just friends, you wanted to be lovers.
Damian met you at the library on a cold night in Gotham. You were studying for an exam and he was looking for literature that his father didn't already own. He bumped into your table by pure accident and was thankful for his single moment of being a klutz.
You were a kind, quiet girl. Most people over looked you while those who got to know you knew that you were nothing like your facade. Damian of all people learned that the most. The more he got to know you, the more he saw that you were hiding a whole other side of you. You could be wild but only around those you trusted.
When you began dating, he saw yet another side of you. Damian thought you were wild when he got a few drinks in you - but in bed? He was amazed.
When you learned about Damian's secret life as a vigilante, he made sure to start training you. There was no way that he was going to leave you defenseless in case he wasn't there to protect you. So, at least once a week he would bringing you back to his father's home and teach you everything that he knew.
Most times the two of you worked in the background while Bruce did his own thing on the computers. Sometimes his brothers and sisters would show up and tease him. You never understood the nick names - demon spawn, baby bird, even little D. They must have been from when he was younger.
His family liked you. Dick was always excited to see you and had some sort of conversation to spark. He came to visit you and Damian quite often. Jason found you to be kind, reserved - not the kind of person he expected Damian to be with. Tim, Duke, Cass, and Steph thought you to be the sweetest person they had known.
You held a shy smile around them, hesitance in yours eyes. They were all so tough, it was hard not to be intimidated by them. Even Damian at first was difficult to look past his height and muscles. They never saw the other side of you that Damian got to see all the time. He always teased you for it.
For the first time in a long time, both Dick and Tim were at the Manor. They were supposed to be helping Damian and Bruce with a case but kept reaching dead ends. To pass the time, Damian got you back on the sparring mat to continue your skills. You came a long way since you first started, but no where near ready to take any of them down.
This was the third day in a row that you were down there, sweating your ass off and learning what it meant to truly have sore muscles. Damian had been staying at the manor all week and by the second night there he asked you to join him. He missed you in his bed. Of course, you couldn't deny his request.
You had already shed your shirt, the material was drowned with sweat. Damian was much the same with only his shorts and his ankle being tightly wrapped in a tension bandage. He always feared bruising you when you dueled like this, but with the litter of blue and purple already on your skin he couldn't do much about it.
Damian had suddenly kicked your ankle out from under you and you landed against the mat with a thud. He stuck his hand out to help you up, but you only tugged him down. Damian acted fast and instead of letting you get the upper hand, trapped you below him. A smirk was on your face.
Damian gazed down from your sweat beaded face, to the small bruises he had given you the night before. Five faint little circles were on your neck, all lining up perfectly with the pads of his fingers. He matched your smirk, thinking about your incredibly hot sex from last night. He was sure that there were still residual scratch marks down his back.
"Another round?" You toyed, knowing exactly what was running through his mind. He knew that you meant another spar, but his mind was stuck on the idea of dragging you up to his room and giving you more marks for him to admire. "Or did I tire you out this time?"
"Try to keep up, beloved," Damian narrowed his eyes. Teasing him like that wasn't fair - especially when his brothers were right across the room. He peeled himself off of you and bounced back up for another fight. You followed his lead, arms up and light on your feet.
Dick and Tim were watching from afar. The computer was running in the background and there wasn't anything that they could do until them. Bruce was at work and Alfred was somewhere in the Manor doing things. Titus napped by the mat where you and Damian were, his snores could be heard from where the two men stood.
Tim narrowed his eyes at the couple. You had been around for years, keeping to yourself and never really speaking up until necessary. It made him wonder about you; not in the fact of your loyalty, but if you were maybe too loyal. Every time you were over, some sort of bruise was visible on your skin.
At first, he chalked it up to you bruising easily - or that you were just a klutz. Then, they got more common. They were darker, bigger, often times in the same places that should have been hidden by your clothes. You never talked about them, and if someone brought it up, you changed the subject.
Tim was worried about you. Damian had always been a violent person, he was raised that way since birth. Sure, Bruce had changed him, Dick too, but old habits ran strong. It made Tim wonder if it was Damian purposefully leaving the bruises on you. Was he taking all of his hate and anger out on you?
"If you squint any harder you might get stuck like that," Dick joked. Tim turned away from you and Damian and up towards his older brother. "Damian's a good teacher, maybe she'll be as good as us one day."
"That's not what I'm worried about," Tim confessed. Dick raised his eyebrow, waiting for an explanation. "You ever notice how (Y/N) is always covered in bruises? Her legs, her wrists - she has bruises nearly every time we see her. I just... I wonder what Damian does behind closed doors. I'm not saying Damian would do anything terrible, but he was raised by Talia. Restraint hasn't been his strong suit."
"You think he hits her?" Dick suddenly became worried. Tim hesitatingly nodded. It wasn't something that he ever wanted to accuse Damian of, but the thought had crossed his mind more than once. "Damian would never do that... would he?"
"I would rather be safe than sorry," Tim decided. Their attention went back to the two of you. You had Damian's wrists pinned and the both of you were laughing so hard about something that tears streamed down your face. Looking at them, it never seemed like Damian would do such a thing. Tim also knew that you were too quiet to ever speak out about it if he did.
Damian pecked your lips and the two of you called it enough for the time being. You wiped a towel down your face before slinging it over your shoulders. Hand in hand, you walked over to Dick and Tim who were looking nervously between each other. There was no good time to ask such an intrusive question.
You wished to jump straight into the shower, but Damian insisted to check in to see if there was any process. "Is the computer done downloading th-"
"Are you hitting (Y/N)?" Tim blurted out. Your eyes widened at his sudden question and you felt Damian tense beside you. How dare he accuse him of ever laying a hand on you? Even when sparring he made sure never to hurt you. There were accidents, sure, but never intentional. To have Tim assume something like that? It was unfathomable.
To try and explain himself, Tim pointed towards the bruises on your neck that he had just noticed upon your approach, as well as the ones visible right above your shorts. Damian grunted beside you, understanding why Tim thought the way he did. You on the other hand, felt your face flare up with embarrassment.
Dick and Tim looked between themselves at your unexpected reaction. Damian gave them a look, hoping that they would understand without having to say it out loud. Unfortunately, they didn't pick up on it. Damian wiped a hand down his face, not believing that he actually had to explain this to his older brothers.
"I got them during sex," you muttered out. Their eyes widened at your answer and a flush filled their cheeks. However, Tim still wasn't satisfied with the answer of the bruises on your neck. There was no way that they were hickies - they weren't the right color or shape. Damian sighed, cringing as he perfectly placed his fingers were the bruises were.
"Oh I think I'm gonna throw up," Tim made a disgusted face. Damian had a smug look on his own. Not only did he prove him wrong, but he also made him extremely uncomfortable. Two birds, one stone.
"You're like twelve," Dick exasperated. Damian was still the same little boy in his mind. In no way should he be old enough to be having sex, especially by the looks of it, frequent sex. Seeing the two of you dating, it always seemed like a cute middle school couple - in no way did he think about you as adults.
"I'm twenty-two, Richard. You're a decade off."
"Decade or not, I still know too much now," Tim shuddered. You were thankful that Damian tugged you away from his brothers. You were still flaming with embarrassment from the encounter. Now, every time you would see them that would be all they could see: the bruises that Damian left around your neck.
Even if you were adults, like Damian said, you still didn't like the idea of his brother's knowing what happened between the two of you behind locked doors. Damian didn't seem to mind. Maybe because it showed how old he really was or that he got to prove that he was getting laid consistently.
All you knew, was that you were grateful that they didn't bring Bruce into this little theory and him finding out what you did to his son - or what his son did to you. Though, as the world's greatest detective, you feared he already knew the truth.
"Join me in the shower?"
"You're seriously thinking about sex right now? After that?" You raised your eyebrows. Damian's sex drive was impeccable - sometimes a little too impeccable. Dragging you from Gala's, pit stop on patrol, he even caught you between classes one time. Now, after his brother's teased him, he was still ready to go.
Damian shrugged. "You're saying you aren't? After all that teasing while we trained? I felt your heart rate when I showed them what the bruises were for, beloved. You got excited." You glared at him, knowing damn well that it was true. He squeezed just enough to get you thinking about your previous night.
"You're game better be good if you want to distract me from that shit show that just happened."
"When is my game ever not?"
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htfanimevocagirl02 · 2 years ago
Fem!Damian headcanons
-she is actually more level headed, very intelligent, considerate, sophisticated and mysterious than constantly angry, however she is manipulative, sadistic and mentally unstable. Instead of fighting out of nowhere, she would make the most scariest and intimidating air around her and she has the THE most piercing cold eyes earning her nickname 'ice princess' and 'snow white'
-She takes after her mother’s demeanor+personality and her father’s good side so she’s pretty much looks all lovely and sweet but also gloomy and dangerous. She has a good relationship with her mother and all because of her grandfather giving her hell for turning out to be a daughter. So she did her best to fall to his expections like her mother did—It’s one thing they both understand.
-She may not be harsh, blunt or angry when talking to people normal, because she puts that all into her battles and any enemies. There's gore everywhere. Bruce was even afraid to say anything about it to her at first incase she'd do the same to him.
-she's very talented, intelligent, athletic, knowing how to paint, play the piano and violin, do ballet, figure skating, engineering, graphic designing, sewing, likes reading, writing literature/poems and has won many math leagues and science trophies. Talia forced her to, but she still liked to do it and appreciate the art of it.
-Literally a ninja girl and is most likely going to take after Cassandra’s alter-ego Black Bat when older so she’s very fast and pretty strong for a girl, but usually hardly ever moves around in battles. Because her words hurt and scare enough. Seriously. She’d leave anyone thinking about themselves alone for weeks, questioning their existance into a fearing, spiraling void of syndromes and complex which she doesn't care whether they do or not.
-Due to Bruce’s strictness, fem!Dami couldn't join the batfam for patrol because she ‘was too little’ and the fact she's a girl. Surprisingly she doesn’t care as she knows that she is just free from Talia now so she spends her days relaxing, going out to luxurious places, sunbathing, going on a shopping spree and getting beauty treatments. So when anyone comes back completely exhausted from patrolling or a mission, she’d be sitting by the bat computer looking fresh and comfortable like; oh hello, how was your mission/patrol? Oh me? Well, it is quite boring just resting, getting drinks from the cafe, going shopping, watching movies and doing some facial......oh dear, are you alright?’ and they be like '.....dont ask'
-So she doesn't become Robin because of this. (Hooray for Tim) She only joined in patrols in her former assassin costume that she used to wear if they needed extra help. It was only when Tim became Red Robin because of his fear to Jason, she became Robin which Tim actually encouraged her to when the idea was brought up. But fem!damian doesn't want to, compared to the rest of batfamily who were willing to become a vigilante before, until the batfamily said they really needed a new helper, so she took on the robin mantle.
-she keeps the top half of her hair tied with braids from the side, held with ribbons or flowers barettes in a princess style or low pigtails. She wears cute princessy luxurious clothes (blouses, dresses, pastel skirts with a frilly white tops......etc. with purses from Chanel.
-Is popular at school for her talent, grades and looks, and is often seen around in the city or town on a date with different boys. She's an expert at dating and winning boy's hearts.
-I got this from someone but I can’t find it anymore, but she knows a lot of beauty secrets taught by Talia like how to make poisonous lipstick, drugged nail tints...etc. which Selena excitingly asks for her to tell her, sharing each other's beauty secrets.
-as said earlier, she is very manipulative, but on the good side, she likes to make her father, her brothers and everyone get wrapped around her finger by acting so cute and pouty because of her famous super duper God level king cuteness out of just pure entertainment and fun.
-Jason hates it so much that he keeps falling for it. Dick doesn't even know but he would still pamper her all day as Bruce and Tim sigh tiredly.
-Her voice sounds like Me mow from Adventure Times??
-Dick cannot stop loving her. Unconditionally. Brushing her hair, cooing over her, being there for her when she wants him to, buying new clothes and art sets for her, playing tea parties with her, taking her to special places, reading books for her, cuddling her--everything and ends up growing a fatherly personality.
-It annoys Barbara that Dick keeps switching his attention to her over work and her when they’re together, but none the less finds it so funny and cute to see him doting over her and fem!Damian making him wear dresses and watch Princess Diaries.
-fem!Damian looks at Barbara like an older sister as Barbara looks at her like a little sister, they get along really well and like to poke fun at Dick together with their level of intelligence and smugness. Barbara likes to ask fem!Dami about cosmetics and boys because fem!Dami is pro at fashion and dating, and fem!Dami likes to ask Barbara for advice on mental health when she feels empty or stressed.
-Really great friends with Stephanie and Cassandra too--she could gossip, shop-til-they-drop and prank Tim with Steph all day long like actual sisters. With Cass, fem!Damian is very patient and teaches her, have tea, bake something together or do anything relaxing while cuddling shoulder to shoulder with her if Cass wants to. When the girls get together they have super fun chatting, go patrolling and make trouble sneakily. RIP Bruce's patience
-And oh no Timothy. The poor boy. 
-Tim and fem!Damien get along very well, because fem!Dami likes him. They are often partners with Tim as her mentor, which Tim was so excited at first to realize he is going to be her mentor her like how Dick mentored him and thinks that fem!Dami doesn’t know much and does his best to teach her everything even though fem!Dami already knows more than him but she doesn’t say it and pretends to not know because she gets to have him all to herself and his attention on her all day because of how cute he is being so excited to teach her.
-fem!Dami is very affection to him; like hugging him whenever she meets him, asking him to pick her up, cuddling his arm while they observe something, welcomely chats with him if he needs someone to talk to and wipe the dirt off his cheek during missions. She goes around telling everyone how much of a cool brother he is and that she looks up to him--which tugs all the strings in Tim's heart with all the appreciation and recognition he is finally given, and swears to protect her from dying like the rest of his friends.
-unknown to Tim, fem!Damien is more protective of him and scares off anyone who wants to pick on him. That goes mainly for Jason. While Tim’s back is turned, if Jason even ever gives him a look or thinks of anything, he'll feel his back burning like fire and if he looks anywhere around him, he’ll find her there crouching, standing or sitting in random spots as she watches all his movements in the dark with studying eyes that makes him sweat immediately and his blood run cold. She doesn’t say why she’s there, but he clearly knows what she wants and doesn't dare to argue, willingly standing back 10 meters away from Tim. So like Tim and Jason run into each other one night and Jason is about to say something really cocky, until he lowers his eyes to see a grudge-like figure, staring at him behind Tim like she's daring him wonderingly on what he’s going to do next, and Jason immediately freezes and trails off in his sentence while Tim just stand there like ‘what? why did you suddenly go silent? what were you going to say?’ And Tim turns to look where he’s looking and sees no one.
-As for Jason, there are two ways they will interact; the good way is that they will get along very well for their cruel ways, mocking people and their similar past OR Jason will be mentally tortured by her (and I mean gaslighting him and getting injured by her every time she sees him) and be kicked around due to her dislike on his rebellious personality against rules that annoys her.
-In the good one; At first he was like ‘whatssup, princess? isn’t time for your bedtime?’ and ‘what is this little girl doing out in the daytime??’ but he learnt quickly that he should watch his words around her and he may have been a goat walking around a shark, when he first saw her out on patrol and shrank back at the sight of a eery looking tiny figure fully drenched in blood with empty unfocused eyes that merely stared back at him. He knows she knows he's nervous, but what made his stomach churn about is the fact that yet she doesn't react to it. 
-But other than being careful around her, he likes her and has mad respect to her because of her quick clever insults, their shared humour, her strong spirit and finding her ability to make Bruce, Dick and Tim be wrapped around her finger so entertaining to watch. He gained a habit of touching her soft cheeks and baby skin out of boredom because they are s o f t and so s m o o t h—and he still calls her nicknames like ‘princess’ ‘little girl’ ‘shortie’ ‘kiddo’ etc.
-And fem!Dami goes back at him by calling him her ‘knight’ and ‘servant’ and jokingly tells him to go rescue her and do stuff for her, completely tiring him out and making him pissed, but at the same time fem!Dami respects Jason like everyone else and often bakes cakes and cookies with Alfred and likes to give some to Jason, sneaking small gift into his apartment on his coffee when he’s not there for him to find.  
-If bad one; Jason will be very afraid of her and flinch everytime she is near. But if he isn't affected as much, he will still stay away from her anyway and change and follow rules to her like just to get away from her torture.
-Roy is afraid of her. When Jason introduced her to him it was like introducing him to a dog that ‘doesn’t bite’. He cannot get how Starfire and his daughter Lian gets along with her. It’s hilarious because whenever fem!Dami does something scary, Roy looks at Jason like ‘bro, d-di you j-just see that??’ ‘huh? see what?’ ‘s-s-she’s playing the robber’s body like a pinata or something!!!!’ ‘oh, that? eh, don’t mind it. at least it’s not like the time she made a bunch of thugs play her ‘teacup roulette’ game with her where they have to drink one cup out of 10 of them which they think one of them is poisoned when actually they all were’ '................’
-Same with Wally. Just no, he runs like he has never before when she shows up. He doesn't want to take any chances and lose his arm. He also doesn't understand how his daughter and nephew gets along with her, and is horrified when the two learn how to mind control people into their own ways and do these complicated moves.
-Clark is very disturbed and scared by her bad side only, other than that, he thinks she’s a good person that has more morals than her father. fem!Damian is more nicer to him but often likes to scare him to get a reaction out of him like Tim, and Clark can’t get mad at her either because of her cute face and because of Bruce always at the shadows watching.
-Poor Jonathan is also in her ‘to-scare-out-of-fun’ list. They are good friends, respect each other, which is fine. The only thing Jonathan doesn’t like about her is that not only does the scare him effortlessly often, but because she makes him blush and play with his feelings. “D-DAMIAN WE’RE IN A MISSION!!” “What is wrong? Today is a lovely night and there’s no need to rush. How about we dance too like those people down there?” “ASFBEFHERIESPW4NZXN--” It doesn’t help when he’s got a crush on her and he knows she doesn't actually like him.
-But Bruce hates Jonathan 10x more than he already originally does and keeps them both separated, so they don’t actually interact often. Dick and Tim also does not accept him or any guys around her either, always standing between them like a brick wall and interrogating the poor boy. Jason only laughs at this but he'd shoot the kid if he ever tried to do anything funny.
-She and Alfred are very good friends, she loves to bake, sew and help do the choirs and do stuff with him like a grandfather-granddaughter relationship which is often what you'd see her do in the Wayne mansion.
-She’s not as animal-crazy but she still has Alfred the cat as her friend and Goliath by her side.
-Is BBFs with Maya Ducard, although Maya was wary by her scary side at first, they would openly share feelings, comfort and smiles when they managed to get close and know each other. The world can go away when they were together as they talk personally.
-She is Bruce’s little princess. He’ll do everything and anything for her and fem!Damian constantly has to reassure him that she’s completely fine whenever she gets something as little as a paper cut which is exhausting but funny. They both take care of each other, look at each other’s backs and make each other tired but end up laughing at the end. Bruce manages to open a little more to his superhero friends, with fem!Damian’s encouragement, and his playboy appearance drops because he doesn't want to embarrass her.
-Talia kills fem!Dami out of jealousy because Bruce giving more attention at fem!damian and for being born prettier by poisoning her at the mansion knowing she would stay at home because of Bruce's first act of orders of protecting her. So when she dies, Bruce is a total mess, drunk and going mentally unstable. Tim is devastated out of all the brothers that another person in his life is gone and avoids looking at ribbons and looking at pink flowers that reminded him of her. Dick and Jason are incredibly furious at Talia and vows to Bruce to get rid of her for the stupid petty crime of her own daughter.
-When fem!damian is brought to life, she is dressed into a flowery gown that she wore in the glass coffin and is a little puzzled at her new abilities. Afterwards she acts worryingly normal much to everyones concern as she had just been revived, because she is used to acknowledging death. Jason gets emotional and angry about it arguing that she isn't supposed to feel that way and she needs to let out all her feelings and cry for once, so she pretends to act more emotional just to put him to rest which makes her feel guilty that she really can't feel herself feeling emotions and she has to deceive him like this—And the fact she always deceived and tricked everyone, made it worse as to why she was feeling like she had the right to feel guilty about 'deceiving' him.
-With Selina, fem!Damian takes her father’s new engagement well and accepts her in because she dropped Talia knowing her mother was no good in her life and she's happy to see her Father finally have someone in his life to look after him and give him love like he deserved (and that she didn't need to babysit him anymore and have free time to herself without a broody dad needing company)
-Selina and fem!Dami are perfect mother and daughter duos together; they baby over each other's cats, kick butts at patrols, sneak through malls and smell perfumes together and chat which scent they like the most, go shopping together and have girl quality time (with Babs, Steph and Cass), talk about boys and romance....etc. fem!Dami is her maid in honour and she has so much fun at their wedding and bachelor party because she never been in one, dancing with her bros all day.
-Poor Bruce suffers from the combined force of two troublesome girls alike (Jessie; prepare for trouble..... James; and make that double!)
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lazydoodlesandfanfic · 4 months ago
Meeting the Family (Jason Todd X Fem!Reader)
Characters: Jason Todd X Fem!Reader
Universe: DC, Batman
Warnings: Mention of catcalling, guys being creepy, mention of violence, bit of swearing
Request: hi can you wright something were jason todd's girlfriend is meeting the batfam for the first time. she is known for being very soft and shy. but ends up going full on vigilante on someone who messed with her? 
Tumblr media
“How do I look?” You asked your boyfriend, doing a little spin for him to show off your outfit. After you stopped, you looked down, triple checking that there were no stains, creases or faults in your outfit. You looked back up at Jason, seeing him just smiling, staring at you as he got up from his spot on the couch, coming over to you, putting his hands on your cheeks, and kissed you.
“You look beautiful as always, and you don’t need to worry yourself about making a bad impression on my family.” He assured you. “I’ve already softened them up with all my wonderful stories about my beautiful girlfriend who’s my sunshine and who is the only good thing in Gotham. All you have to do is be yourself.” He assured, making you roll your eyes before you pecked him on the lips in return. 
You had been dating Jason Todd for a few months at this point, and it had been a chaotic few months. You two had met because a creep was following and catcalling you on your walk home from work, and Jason had gotten involved, threatening the man to leave you alone, before coming up to you, offering his arm and saying he’d walk you a few blocks to make sure he didn’t continue. As a thank you for being the first man to do that for you, you offered to buy him coffee, which he agreed to. You guess that was your first date, and after that you were inseparable. You two had ended up living together to make rent cheaper rather quickly, which actually worked well for you both. However, this was the first time you were meeting his family- the Wayne family, and admittedly, you were shitting bricks. 
Jason has given you a good idea of what to expect from them- Dick would welcome you with little hesitation, Tim would probably be quiet and distracted but that didn’t mean he didn’t like you, and Damian was a little shit and would try and unnerve you, and to ignore any of his prods and pokes at your insecurities, Cass was mute, and while it may take her a while to warm up, you’d know when you had her approval, Steph would be as warm and bubbly as Dick, maybe even quicker, Alfred was far from a concern, and Bruce would be kind and respectful, and worst you could expect was for him to ask you about your life and maybe a background check. He made it sound so casual. He had also been telling them about you over the last few months, giving little details- first he told them he actually had a girlfriend, then he gave a first name and some traits about you- how you worry a lot about him and that makes him worry you’ll get sick from worrying all the time, and how Alfred would adore you if you two ever met. He also made it clear with them that he was protective of you, and if they ever tried to scare you off he’d disown them all again, knowing they’d do anything to avoid what happened last time.
You tried to keep your nerves at bay as Jason drove you both to the manor, coming up to the doors, and Jason knocked on the door. Jason kept his hand in yours, giving you a reassuring squeeze as you waited for someone to answer the door. When it swung open, you were met by a kind smile of the butler, Alfred. “Hello Master Jason, you must be Y/N, we’ve heard an awful lot about you. Please come in.” Alfred welcomed you in, before giving you a brief rundown on where everything was with simple directions to follow as he led you to the living room, where most of the family were already, seemingly waiting for you. 
Dick was the first to rise from his seat, smiling at you. “Hi, you must be Y/N, Jay told us a lot about you.” He said, offering a hand to shake, which you took. 
“Nice to meet you, he told me a lot about you too.” You told him, before he was shoved out of the way by Steph. 
“That’s no way to greet Jason’s girlfriend!” She said, pulling you into a hug, which was a comfort, knowing you had two of their approvals off the bat, and you hugged her back. After she pulled away, you were introduced to the sight of the youngest member of the family- Damian. Jason had warned you quite a lot about him, and so you came up with an on the spot plan- respect him like an adult. 
“You must be Damian, it’s nice to meet you.” You told him, offering a hand for him to shake, without getting down to his height or kneeling down. Damian looked you up to down for a moment, before smirking and shaking your hand. 
“Pleasure to meet you as well… I think you’re going to fit in just fine.” He told you. Next was Tim, who awkwardly shook your hand as well, before it was Cassandra. She came up to you, giving off similar vibes to Damian, but then she smiled, and offered a first bump, and you smiled and returned it, thinking it nice that she greeted you in a unique way. 
“Where’s the old man?” Jason asked. 
“He’ll be home soon. Do you want to go sit down and wait? We can talk as we wait, get to know our future sister in law.” Dick joked.
You sat down at the rather large table, sat beside Jason as his siblings asked about you- about how you met and how things progressed. When you told them about how Jason had saved you from a creep, Dick put Jason in a headlock, messing his hair and expressing how proud of his little bro he was. You smiled, watching them interact, it sort of calming you down. You had dreaded that when Jason said he was the black sheep of the family that meant they were all up tight and snobby. You were so glad that it wasn’t the case.
“Sorry I’m late.” Bruce announced as he entered the room. You got up, Jason getting up with you. “Hi, you must be Y/N, has everyone been nice?” He asked as he came over, pulling you into a brief hug. “Has Damian been nice?” He asked specifically in a whisper to your ear. You chuckled at his comment. 
“More than welcoming.” You assured him, before you sat back down with Jason, Bruce also taking a seat. 
“Y/N, do you have any training in combat?” Damian asked. 
“I’m asking on behalf of Cassandra.” He quickly stated, which confused everyone, including yourself. “She noticed your knuckles are nearly done healing from what looks like throwing a few punches.” He explained, Cassandra demonstrated, running her finger across her own fist. You must have physically paled, for a slight moment there was tenseness in the air, until Jason burst out laughing.
“Oh my god how did I forget about that! Let me tell you what happened- we were walking home after a date and a group of drunk idiots started on us- they were being gross to her and I nearly fought them until she did it for me!” 
“...What?” Bruce asked.
“I promise, I don’t make it a regular thing for me… but they were being horrible and I’ve learnt that if you don’t prove that if they try anything they’ll regret it, then they’ll try something… so I may have punched one that shoved Jason…” 
“Punch him? Babe you knocked him out cold, then turned to the rest of them and asked who wanted to go next.” Jason was still laughing as he spoke. 
There was a silence as everyone looked at you in awe… until all of them started to slowly nod their head, seemingly agreeing with your actions. “What happened after?” Tim inquired. 
“They ran away.” 
“...Smart move.” Tim complimented. 
“I’m impressed, Y/N. Saying you have no fighting experience, for you to knock a man out in one hit and not break your hand is remarkable. You should be proud of yourself.” Bruce complimented.
“...Thanks.” You awkwardly accepted. 
“Jason, I like her better than you.” Damian announced, Cassandra and Stephanie raising their hands in agreement. 
“When are you getting married?” Dick teased. 
“You can fuck off, it’s too early for that. We’re getting a dog before we even think about marriage.” Jason told him off.
“Aw, you’ve planned it out?” Steph cooed, which started the teasing frienzie, though admittedly it was comforting. They accepted you… maybe a bit too much.
Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in! 
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writing-blog-iguess · a month ago
Summery: Everyone has a life a past before they become someone else. Some people flaunt it and others keep their past to themselves. The boys discover something about their mom, and now all they want is to hear about what she was like before she married Bruce Wayne.
Warning: mistakes probably. Like one swear word.
A/N: This is more of an introduction more then anything. I want each story of Batmom with different people as there own chapter and not cramped into one big fic. This is also my first Batman fic so feedback with welcome! And let me know who you'd want to see!
The second she walked into the manor, she took off her shoes with a sigh of relief. With the intent of a shower and some sleep, she eagerly made her way up the stairs. But luck wasn’t on her side when she heard Alfred call her name.
Sighing, she turned around and looked down as the butler walked into the hallway. “Yes Alfred?”
“I’m afraid the boys are in need of your assistance tonight,” he said, giving her a worried look. There were days where she wished she wasn’t a doctor. And long nights like tonight was one of them. But she wouldn’t change it even if she wanted to.
“Which one was hurt tonight?” she asked, as she walked down the stairs.
“Jason,” he answered, taking her coat. She gave him a smile as thanks. “But the others might need looking at as well.”
Heaving a sigh, she walked around Alfred and made her way to the Batcave. As she walked down the stairs, she heard her kids bickering over something. She didn’t have enough energy to care at the moment, so she tuned them out.
“Alright, who’s first?” she asked as she came closer to the med-bay area.
“Jason,” Bruce answered without looking up from the bat-computer. But he did take her hand and kissed the back of it when she walked past him.
“Thanks for putting me first Bruce,” Jason snarked.
“You’re the one that got shot.”
“In the shoulder!” he exclaimed. She gave a pointed look at Jason; he’s shoulders sagged and went to sit down. Nodding, she got to work as the boys continued to talk about their night of patrol.
“So, who’s the unfortunate soul tonight?” she asked, as she set up her supplies she needed.
“Joker and Harley,” Tim answered, sitting down in one of the other cots. His brothers soon followed, sighing in relief of finally sitting down.
Her hands stilled on Jason’s arm at the answer. No one seemed to notice though, all too preoccupied with their conversation. Taking a deep breath, she began to work on cleaning Jason’s wound.
“I can’t believe she got a shot in,” Jason grumbled, hissing at the sting on his arm. “I didn’t see her coming until it was too late. I should have seen it, but I don’t know what happened.”
“You underestimated her is what happened,” Bruce pointed out.
“I did not! I don’t know how I could have!” he exclaimed, pulling a face as she began stitching up the bullet wound. “She’s Joker's girl, it should have been easy.”
“But you’ve fought her before, Todd. You know what she’s capable of,” Damian mused.
“But still…”
“She’s more than just Joker’s girl,” she broke in, “and if that’s all you think about her, then you don’t know her.”
“And you do, Ma?” Jason asked, not seeing the warning look Bruce was giving him. He took his mother’s silence as an answer and continued, “that’s what she is to everyone in Gotham.”
“Well, then Gotham doesn’t know shit,” she huffed out, ignoring everyone's surprised looks. “And Gotham and everyone else seem to forget that Harley and the ‘villains of Gotham,’” she said that in a mocking tone. Jason winced as she tugged on the thread a little too harshly, but she didn’t pay much attention to it. “That they were people before becoming who they are.”
“Mom?” Tim called, realizing how sore the subject was for her. But she paid him no mind as she continued to stitch up Jason’s wound, and continued talking.
“And that some of them were victims. Sure, there are some who went down the bad path, I’ll give you that. But if it wasn’t for Joker,” she spat the name like it was a poison for her. And in some ways, it was. “Gotham wouldn’t be what it is today.”
“You can’t blame Joker for that, Mom. Gotham’s been always like this,” Dick pointed out.
“No, but I can.”
“But blaming the Joker for bringing out the villains is like blaming Batman.” Tim’s statement made her freeze as she just realized what she was talking about. She narrowed her eyes and finished off tying the stitches and stood.
“Ask Alfred if you need stitches or whatever, I’m going to bed.” With that, she ignored everyone’s, especially Bruce’s, worried gaze and left the cave.
“I’ve never seen Ummi so upset before,” Damian voiced.
“What’s wrong with her?” Jason asked, turning back to Bruce who was rubbing his face. “Bruce?”
“She knew Quinn before she became Harley,” Bruce answered, standing and making his way to the dressing rooms.
“Has to be more than that,” Dick mused, “she became heated about it.”
“That’s because she almost married Harley.”
“What?” came from all four boys, but Bruce was already gone.
A little while later, Bruce found her in an old room that used to be hers. Walking into the room, he sighed as he looked at the mess around the room. It must have been bad judging by the mess.
“Was I not worth it?” she asked, bringing Bruce’s attention to her. He found her curled up on the bed, and he could imagine she started crying after she destroyed her room. “Did I do something wrong for someone to leave me like that?”
“No, honey,” Bruce answered as he walked over to her. He bent down, maneuvered his hands underneath her knees and neck, and lifted her up. “You did nothing wrong.”
“Then why does it feel like it?” she sniffed, nestling her head in his neck as he walked out of the room and towards theirs.
“I wish I could tell you,” Bruce whispered. They’ve had this conversation occasionally. And he never knew what to say to make her feel better. But the day after, she was herself again and everything was okay.
Bruce understood the heartbreak of leaving someone behind, he understood how she felt loving someone only for them to leave. And if Bruce was honest, he was a little jealous that she still loved Harley after everything.
But he always squashed it, knowing she loved him just as much, if not more.
“I miss her,” she whispered, into his neck.
“I know.”
When he walked into their room, he set her down on the bed and moved towards the bathroom, getting the bath ready. As the tub was filling with water, Bruce moved back to the bedroom and rummaged around until he found your favourite pajama's.
After her bath, she curled into Bruce, lightly tracing shapes on his chest. Bruce ran his fingers through her hair and she leaned into his touch.
“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, “I wasn’t blaming you for what happened with Harley.”
“I know. But if I recall correctly, there was a time you did,” he said, and she winced burying her face into his shirt.
“I was angry and I took it out on the wrong person. I’m sorry,” she said as her mind went back to that day they had the fight.
“I know, and I’ve forgiven you for it.” Silence fell between the two of them, but it didn’t last long when the door was thrown open. She lifted your head to see Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian standing there.
“You were going to marry Harley Quinn?” Dick all but shouted in disbelief. She hummed, dropping her head back down. The boys rushed into the room and jumped on the bed, crowded the two of them. “But you loved Bruce!”
“That is a story for a different day,” she mumbled out.
“How’d you meet?” Tim asked instead of pushing for the story. “Are there anyone else you knew before they became villains?”
“Med school and yes.”
“Who?” Damien asked.
She squinted her eyes as she thought. “…most of them maybe?”
They gawked at her, waiting for her to elaborate. When it became apparent that she wasn’t, the four of them bombarded her with questions, all talking over her.
“Okay that’s enough,” Bruce voiced out, and they became quiet. She patted his chest, and moved around so she was looking at her sons.
“I used to work for Penguin in his club back in school, I needed help with an assignment, so I found Nygma. Ivy was a patient of mine when I started residency. Dent was a friend and so was Selina. I also went to school with Crane. I was friends with Nora Fries, that’s how I knew Mr. Freeze.”
“What about the Joker?” Jason asked.
“No,” she stated, voice firm. Everyone shared a look, confirming that their mother was not the biggest fan of the Joker. She softened a little and offered her a smile before saying, “it’s been a long night. How about, when I feel up for it, I’ll tell you all about my friendships?”
They lit up, each giving her a kiss and rushed out the door. Talking to one another as they tried to figure out which story they wanted to hear first.
“Are you sure you’re up for that?” Bruce asked, as she snuggled into him again. She let out a yawn and nodded.
“Yeah, I’m sure,” she answered. “I just wonder who they’re going to ask for first.”
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redhoodssweetheart · 2 months ago
In the Darkness
Genre: Alpha/Beta/Omega AU
Pairing: League of Assassins!Alpha!Damian Wayne x Fem!Omega!Reader
Requested: Yes Anon and @comic-cat83​ (This is apart of my 1.5K follower celebration, please see post for details.)
Word Count: 2K
Warnings: Fluff, light angst, talks of needing an heir
Description:  Damian has you hidden away where others won’t find you.  He has no shortage of enemies and wants to keep you safe.  He never intended to fall in love, but here he is and now his mother knows.  Can he keep you safe from his mother if she thinks you are a threat to his position as future leader of the League of Assassins?
Tumblr media
The garden was beautiful and fragrant.  It was something you had been working on for ages, trying to restore it to its former glory.  When you had moved into the little cottage it had needed a lot of work, but you were determined.  It was secluded and perfect for you.  To be honest you liked being away from the city where you could just be alone.
“You guys are looking great!”  You told your plants as you ripped up a few weeds.  “So much better than last year.”
“Beloved,” you jumped at the sound of his voice.  You hated it when he did that, but he couldn’t help it.  “Are you talking to your plants?”
You stood, dusting your hands off on the overalls you used when working in the garden.  “Yes, it’s good for them.”
He sauntered over, still in his uniform, and pulled you against his body, “And do you have proof to back this claim?”
You were overwhelmed with his scent and sighed as you melted against him.  He had been gone for several weeks and you were starting to miss the smell of him.  It was fading from the sheets and the one hoodie you had stolen from him ages ago.  “I do!”  You grinned at him, “There was a study done and it was proven, so ha.”
He narrowed his eyes, “Someone’s feeling sassy today.”
“Well it’s shaping up to be a good day,” you said.  “My plants are healthy and you’re back!”  Your restlessness at him being gone was beginning to settle and you just wanted to hold him like this for as long as you could.
He kissed your forehead and said, “I can stay for two weeks this time.”  Oh yeah, it was definitely shaping up to be a good day.  “Do you want any help?”
You nodded and began giving him orders.  He watched you take control of the situation like a good leader.  Telling him where to take the weeds you had already pulled and then planting new buds.  He watched you, the way you were lost in concentration and how at ease you seemed here.  This was why he had bought this place for you.  He wanted you to have a safe haven.
“Mrs. O’Connell down the way brought muffins over this morning,” you were telling him about your older neighbor who liked to check up on you from time to time.  “It took everything in me not to eat them all at once.”
“Are there any left?”  He arched a brow at you and you lightly smacked his arm.
“Of course there are!”  You huffed.  “But they’re delicious and it took all my willpower.”
After a few more hours outside Damian told you to go take a shower while he made the two of you dinner.  You kissed his cheek and head inside, humming under your breath.
As he cooked dinner he wondered what life would be like if he could stay with you full time.  If this could really be your lives.  But he knew that that wasn’t possible.  Not when he was in line to take over the League.  No one there even knew about you.  He hadn’t mated with you either, he couldn’t, not when the marks would show.
You had said you were okay with that, but there were times when he sensed your sadness.  Sometimes he had regretted ever meeting you and taking away your chance at a normal life.  At finding a mate that could give you everything and more.  Someone that wouldn’t have to hide you away in some remote portion of the world so their enemies wouldn’t find you.
But he couldn’t give you up, no matter how many times he had tried he couldn’t leave.  He couldn’t do that to himself or you.
You came back in and wrapped your arms around him and rested your head on his back, “I missed you, alpha.”
“I missed you too, omega,” he responded as he turned around to hug you back.
The rest of the evening passed much as they normally did when the two of you were together.  You cuddled on the couch and watched TV for a while before you started to doze off and Damian made you go to bed.  You pulled him in with you and he held you close, stroking your back as you nodded off beside him.
He wasn’t far behind you, but he didn’t get much rest.  A few hours after you had gone to bed he woke with a start, sensing someone else in the room.  He went for his katana, but a knife was at his throat before he could act.  He began cursing in his head and then the familiar scent hit him and he looked up to see his mother standing above him a frown on her face.  “Sloppy,” she hissed.
Removing the knife from his throat she exited the room and followed after her.  He gently shut the bedroom door so they wouldn’t disturb you.  “Mother, what are you doing here?”
“You think I don’t notice the periods of time when you disappear?”  She asked, her arms crossed over her chest.  “I had to know just what you were getting up to.  I had never imagined you would be playing house with an omega.”
“Don’t,” he snarled.
She raised an eyebrow as she realized something about her son and you, “You love her.”  She chuckled, “Oh my sweet boy, I thought I taught you better than this.”
Like Damian his mother was an alpha, so was his father.  It was rare that two alphas co-mingled and produced offspring, but his mother had never been one for omegas.  “I didn’t realize having an omega was off the table?  The others in the League do it.”
She  moved closer to him and cupped his face with her hands, “Yes, but they’re not in love with the omegas they’re with.”  Her eyes darkened, “End it, she’s a distraction.  One you don’t need.”
“What will you do if I don’t?”  He asked.
She didn’t dignify him with a response, she merely disappeared into the darkness of the night.  Damian took a seat at the counter and stared toward the room where you were sleeping unaware of what had happened and began formulating a plan.
You woke to find that Damian was gone, but you could smell coffee and knew that he was still here.  When you exited the room you found your bags packed and sitting in the living room.  Confused your sought out Damian and found him scrolling through his phone.  “Alpha?”
“I need to move you,” he said as he sat down his phone and looked toward you.  “For now at least.  My mother paid me a visit last night and threatened you.  Until I figure out a plan I need you somewhere safe, somewhere she won’t dare touch you.”
You slid into the chair beside his, “Where will I go?”  You hated the thought of leaving this place, you loved it in the years that you had been here.  There was always a possibility that you would need to leave, but you had prayed that maybe that day would never come.
“Gotham, to my father.  He and the others can look over you,” he choked out the words.  You knew that he and his father didn’t see eye to eye and that they barely had interactions with one another.  “I’m sorry you’re stuck with me, stuck with someone that can’t give you the things that you deserve.  Stability, safety, a life,” he looked away from you and you felt as though your heart was being ripped from your chest.  There was so much pain in his voice.  “Maybe I should have left the League when my father offered to take me in.  Maybe things would have been different.”
“Dami,” you said gently, placing a hand over his.  “You wouldn’t have met me if you had gone with your father.  This would be a moot point.”
He stood, “Come, we have a plane to catch.  I’ve already contacted Mrs. O’Connell and told her that you would be gone for the foreseeable future.  She promised to take care of the house for you while you were gone.”
You quickly gathered everything else that you needed and followed Damian out to your car.  The two of you rode to the airport in silence.  You watched your sleepy, little town go by and thought about how this could be the last time you were seeing it.  You didn’t want to think like that.  You didn’t want to think that you would never see your garden or that cottage again.  It was the first place you and Damian had called home.
When you landed in Gotham you didn’t delay and went straight to Wayne Manor.  He greeted Alfred and led you to the study where his father was.  “Damian,” his father looked like an older version of him, just with blue eyes instead of green.  “Y/N.”  You were shocked that he knew your name.
“Mother’s threatened her life,” he merely said.  No greetings or exchange of pleasantries.  Straight to the point.  “She’s just a civilian, no training, no experience as a fighter, and I know you won’t standby and let a civil get caught in the crosshairs of our world.”
You squeezed Damian’s hand when you noticed just how stiff he was.  Bruce considered the two of you, “Of course I’ll watch over her.  We’ll treat her as one of our own.”
Damian nodded, “Thank you.”  Then he turned to you, “I’ll return as soon as I can.  I’m going to sort out things with my mother.”  He kissed your forehead, “I’m sorry, beloved.”
“It’s all right, Dami,” you comforted, not wanting him to worry over you anymore than necessary.  “I’ll be here when you get back.”
He kissed you one last time and nodded to his father before striding out the door and disappearing from sight.  You looked back to Bruce who was watching you with curiosity, “You’re good for him.”  He stood and shoved his hands in his pockets, “I wished I could have given him a normal life, but his mother and grandfather had their claws sunk too far into him.”  He headed for the door, “Come, I’ll show you where you’ll be staying.”
Damian returned to the League’s headquarters and went straight to his grandfather.  Thankfully his mother seemed to be absent.  “Grandfather, we need to speak,” he locked the door so that they wouldn’t be disturbed.
“Your mother told me of your little omega,” Ra’s said, his fingers steepled together.  “Sit.”  Damian obeyed.  “She feels that the omega is a distraction from your duties.”
“And do you feel that way?”  Damian threw at him.  “Has my activity decreased in any shape or form?  Have I become sloppy?”  His grandfather’s face did not change.  Ra’s was always good at hiding his thoughts and feelings, something Damian had learned from him.  “At some point, Grandfather, I’m going to need to think about continuing the legacy.  I’ll need an heir, what harm is it if I have an omega?  Especially if she’s not a distraction to me.”
Ra’s considered his grandson’s words, “You make a valid point, and I agree that she has not affected your performance in any way.”  He stood, “I will make you a deal, if she does not become a hindrance to you I will keep your mother on a leash.  But if I notice a change I will not stop Talia from doing what she feels is necessary.”
“Understood,” Damian said, not allowing the relief to show on his face.  “Thank you, Grandfather.”
Ra’s waved him away.  “Go, I will call you back when you’re needed.”
Damian left, going to fetch you from his father’s.  He had no idea how the future would go, if his mother would still try to undermine him in some way, but he wasn’t going to let that happen.  He would keep you safe, even if that meant damning his family.
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lilxberry · 5 months ago
Nightmares - Damian Wayne (PLATONIC)
Tumblr media
Warnings: None really, just some fluff and cuddly lil’ Dami
Words: 668
Pairings: Damian Wayne x Batmom!reader (platonic, obviously), slight mentions of Bruce Wayne x Reader
(A/N: Everything in bold italics are in Arabic and everything in bold, italics and encased in brackets is the translations.)
“Pst...Umi…” (“mother”)
You stirred in your sleep, the gentle shaking of your shoulder and the quiet whisper that accompanied it forced you to open your eyes, barely. You squinted in the dark, vision already clouded with sleep. You spotted the small figure that stood beside the bed. Only when your eyes adjusted to the darkness that shrouded your room did you realise that it was your youngest boy, Damian.
“Dami…” You mumbled sleepily. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?” You sat up within bed, mindful of your sleeping husband beside you, and began to rub your tired eyes. You spare a quick glance toward the alarm clock that rests atop of the bedside table.
2:34 a.m.
“I couldn’t sleep…” His voice was timid and shy, almost as if he were ashamed that he had entered his parents’ room.
Wordlessly, with a kind smile, you scooted over the smallest amount and raised the covers, inviting him to lay beside you. He carefully climbs in and is quick to cling to you. You look down towards the boy who has so desperately attached himself to you as you cover the two of you up and wrap your arms around the boy, bringing him into you further into your embrace, resting his head upon your chest.
Times like these, he truly does appear and act like what he is, a child. A young boy who can be vulnerable, a son who simply needs him mother.
You place a gentle and loving kiss to his forehead as you bring one hard up to delicately card through your sons’ dark locks, tenderly scratching at his scalp. You feel him melt into your touch, snuggling further into you, your heart swells at the action.
“Would you like to talk about why you couldn’t sleep, alhabiba?” Your voice was soft and sweet, tenderly whispered down to your son that you cradle against you. You learnt a bit of Arabic once Damian had arrived in the hopes of making him feel somewhat more welcomed and comfortable around you, and luckily, it had worked. (“sweetie”)
He twisted and buried his face into your collarbone, resulting in his answer being muffled. Your chest vibrated as you silently chuckled before placing another kiss to his head. “I didn’t quite catch that, mister.”
“I had a nightmare…” You gave him a squeeze and stayed silent, wordlessly telling him to continue. He sighed softly before speaking once more, although, his voice now sounded more childlike, fragile, scared. The vulnerability your son showed broke your heart. “It was about mothe-Talia…”
You frowned, but nevertheless, stayed quiet. “I-she came and hurt you…She came and hurt my family. I co-couldn’t s-stop her…” His tiny frame began to shake as he hiccupped and sobbed quietly into your chest, his small arms tightening their hold on you.
You cooed and shushed him, rocking him slightly in your hold, your own tears burning with tears that have now built up from seeing him so upset and genuinely terrified. “Hey, none of us are leaving you, okay? Not me, not your father, not your brothers, not Alfred. None of us are leaving any time soon, you hear me?”
He meekly nodded, still sniffling as tears lightly trail down his ever so slightly flushed cheeks. You brought your hand up to wipe away his tears with such cared and tenderness, a motherly loved conveyed through each gentle swipe across his cheeks.
“I love you, umi.” (”mother”)
You smiled then kissed the tip of his nose, cheek, his forehead and finally the crown of his head before replying with a soft “I love you, too, Dami.
You soon both fell into a peaceful sleep, your son in your warm, tight, protective embrace. You slept throughout the rest of the night and well into the morning. Your husband, sons and Alfred had all simply agreed to allow you both to sleep and awake in your own time when they had all witnessed the beautiful mother-son moment, and that’s exactly what you did.
I’ve relapsed into my obsession with DC so why not write something for it
Plus, cute mother-son fics between the batboys and batmom are what I live for
anywho, I hope you enjoy
As always, constructive criticism and requests are welcomed and are greatly appreciated :D
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