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#fem jack

Geoff being a young cop in Los Santos trying to make difference in the city - He fails and loses hope. His friend has become corrupt, no one believes in him - he’s alone. He’s about to call it quits when he meets Jack. She’s a petty criminal with heart of gold. She steals to give to others in need.

She tells Geoff that he dosen’t need to be a cop to make change. That he can help people if he’s willing to get his hands dirty.

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Hi my name is Bec “Im not going to cosplay anymore” McLiar face apparently.

Im fixing up my FAHC Christpuncher Jack cosplay for RTX !!! WHO’S HYPE?!

Going to dye some jeans next week and order some goggles and accessories. Going to toss up on the boots depending on how dark the pants turn out but Im pretty excited! I took some artistic liberties btw so no one judge me for the accuracy. If y’all have any ideas on how to spruce my Jack cosplay up, hit me up!! ;)

The back of the vest is painted by mwah, based off artwork by @samijen


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Pairing: Ryan/Jack, background Ryan/Jack/Geoff

Summary:  The crew are taking a break for a week after a successful heist. Jack decides to take this time to indulge in her favorite pastime; making money at illegal fighting rings. While she’s having fun betting and winning, a familiar face changes how her night will go.

Rating: E

Warnings: Violence, little bit of smut (handjob and fingering), Fem! Jack

Note: For Istahp1 who prompted Jack/Ryan with Ryan fighting in a ring

The air was hot and stuffy, filling the small room with the scent of sweaty human and blood. The crowd gathered was unruly, pushing against each other to get a better view of the ring. Their cheers and shouts echoed off the concrete walls and vibrated along Jack’s skin, shooting adrenaline through her veins. She had gotten there early so as to get the best viewing position to the two men beating the shit out of each other.

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Aaron hotchner x fem!reader


Originally posted by hotforhotchner

A/N: not me having a shitty day because of my period and deciding to write this. Also- i have not re read this at all- so please excuse any mistakes 

Warnings: period- related talk- that’s pretty much the whole fic lmao so proceed with caution- however, it is VERY fluffy if i do say so myself.



“Hi baby” a gentle voice came from above you. 

Slowly coming back to consciousness, you realized it was Aaron. “Hi babe”, you mumbled, snuggling closer into the couch cushions. You felt his hand coming on your face, brushing away the hair that had fallen out of your ponytail. “How are you feeling now, sweetheart”, with a quick peck on your forehead. Only hearing a whimper in response, “that bad huh?” 

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Baby Come Back to Me

@jura-moon Inspired me to write in a gentle way, so I sat down and this song came on and here it is. 

Jack Daniels x Fem!Reader

Summary: Jack worries he’s not enough for you. Angst with a happy and hopeful ending.

Tags: @tiffdawg @cinewhore @jura-moon my sweet darlings I am spamming you with ♥️

Word Count: 1050, just a sweet little thing

Inspired by “It Was You (Baby Come Back)” by Wild Belle. You should listen during or after, it’s a beautiful song & sets the mood. :)


It was a long day. Too fucking long. The weight of the freshly completed mission settled itself deep into his bones. It permeates into his muscles, drips into his blood, weighing every crevice of him down. He can’t shake this one from his soul. It’s been too long since he’s had a chance to rest, a chance to reset himself back to the Jack Daniels everyone knew and begrudgingly loved. The cocky swagger, the charming grin permanently affixed to his face, the trademark Stetson perched on his head. Now, he felt like a shadow of that man. One mission after another after another, building a pile of darkness around him until he looked up and realized he couldn’t see the stars. His North Star; you. You’ve been away on business the last few months, off galavanting across the world with your team. The time difference changed almost every day, making it easier to rely on brief texts here and there. But you were gone for so long and the world was getting darker every day. He hated it. It was reverting back to what it looked like before he met you, when he was a different man. A man who didn’t believe that another person could come into his life and shatter what he thought he knew. A man who didn’t understand that the ability to love is inherent in us all, no matter how much trauma and pain has tried to convince us otherwise. A man who resigned himself to a time when he’d be alone after all the steady stream of women dried up. A man lost, a man bereft, a man alone. 

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Okay, so I’m not saying that a Fem!Jack Kline should be played by Saoirse Ronan but a Fem!Jack Kline should be played by Saoirse Ronan

Not because she looks like Jack (she doesn’t) but because she kind of looks like Kelly Kline!

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The Jealous Type


Originally posted by lesbianelliebishop

… .

“Hey Jackie Jack.” You walked into her office with a big grin across your face and it only got wider with her frown partnered with a pout.

She ran her hand through her hair before taking off her glasses. “That’s the last time I invite you over when Izzy is in town.”

You shrugged, walking to her arm chair and resting against it with your arms crossed. “That’s fine, I felt like a third wheel anyways.”

“Is that jealousy I hear?” She quirked her eyebrow to make her look even more adorable.

“Nooooo. You’re over analysing again.” You roll your eyes trying to hide whatever else she was reading into what you were saying. She was too good at her jobs most days. You just got a suspicious hum in reply before pushing off the chair and placed the files on her desk. “Please and thank you.”

“Still getting through the last lot. Are your suspects the entire population of DC?” She flicked her fingers through the new pile of files.

“Yeah I left the other million on my desk. Wait here and I’ll bring the rest up.” You turned like you were about the walk out but you didn’t, turning back to face her instead.

She raised an eyebrow and let out a quiet chuckle at your sarcasm. “I think I’m good. I want to be out of here at a reasonable hour today.”

“Why? you got a hot date tonight?” You instantly regretted opening your mouth and slowly backed towards the door.

“Ok, you don’t have to be a trained Psychologist to work that out.” She pointed at you, smirking and hopping out of her chair.

“No idea what you’re talking about?”

“So your flushed cheeks, backing up towards the door and avoiding eye contact has nothing to do with if I do have a hot date tonight?” She was devious, walking out from behind her desk, closing the distance between you.

You reached her door but she closed it before you could turn and run. “I have work to do, Jacki-” Her hand leaving the door handle behind you and clasping your mouth shut. She was so close, you were backed up against the door, hardly space between you.

“Don’t you dare use that nickname on me again!” She dropped her hand but didn’t move.

“Or what?” You quirked an eyebrow, looking down at her lips and back into her eyes. She wanted to play this game? You could play, something about having her in your personal space had your confidence rising or was it the way she was devouring you with her eyes?

She hummed, looking around like she was thinking of an answer. One hand bracing herself on the door over your shoulder, the other playing with the hem of your top.

Well played.

“Or I’ll take Izzy up on that dinner she offered tonight.”

You leaned forward, pushing her hair away from her ear with your nose before, “She’s only in DC for another night, so might want to get in while you can?” You breathed and heard her breath catch in her throat followed by a swallow. You let your fingers trace her jaw and linger a while longer before running them down her arm and resting at her waist. Her fingers that were teasing you by fiddling with the hem of your shirt stilled, fisting the material in her now clenched hands.

“You think?” Was all she managed to spit out and you could see the frustration clear in her face. It was quickly followed by sadness.

You leant back against the door, watching her for a bit, her cheeks were flushed now and it made your knees weak. She was this affected by you. She could easily flip the switch. “What do you want Jacqueline?” You dropped your tone to see her response and the use of her full name did the trick.

Her eyes darted to your lips and flick up to your eyes and she knew. She pressed her body more into you, making you swallow, her leg slipping between yours. You tried your best to hold in a moan but it slipped out. “I think you know.” Her confidence back, her cocky quirk of the eyebrow when you moistened your lips.

“I need to hear it.” You closed your eyes, feeling every single place her body was pressed into yours.

“I want yo-” You couldn’t wait for her to finish, you’d been dancing around each other for months, the best part of a year and it had finally come to a head. She is a flirtatious little shit and Izzy was way too touchy with Jack last night while you three were drinking wine and watching movies. It sent you into a jealous rage and you clearly didn’t hide it well. Now Jack was kissing you back, taking control of the kiss and you melted under her. Your hands gripping at her waist, holding her close while hers were in your hair, controlling the kiss.

She pulled back when there was no air left between you because she had you pinned against her door, you couldn’t move even if you wanted to. She smiled, brushing her nose against yours but didn’t move any further. You watched the realisation hit her. “You kissed me.”

A smirk curving your lips. “You kissed me back.”

“I’m not here to apologize.” She pecked you on th lips before pushing off the door and you. “I’ve got work to do.”

“Na ah.” You grabbed her by her waist, pulling her back into you, dropping a slow, tantalising kiss to her lips which she happily returned.

You both smiled and broke apart. “Dinner tonight?”

“Not with Izzy.” You growled, kissing her again.

“You are jealous.” She found too much pleasure in that, dropping a quick peck to the tip of your nose.

“I can have dinner with E- ” You laughed into her possessive kiss, a kiss that made it clear you were Jack’s and only Jack Sloane’s now. You weren’t complaining and you usually weren’t the jealous type but you had a feeling Jack was.

… .

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A late night emergency

Another request that came to me pretty quickly, I actually somewhat like how this turned out.

When your home life is turned upsidedown and you don’t know where to go, there’s really only one person you want to go to. But why?


Originally posted by jack--sloane

… .

It was late, later than you’d ever think appropriate to call her but you were desperate. The next stop was Gibbs place if she didn’t answer the phone, that’s how desperate you were.

You didn’t have to worry that long before the ringing stopped. There was a shuffle on the other end and a tired cough before, “Y/n? What’s wrong?”

Where do you start and if you started you’d probably start crying and you really didn’t want to cry right now.

You’d ran out of tissues.

“Fine, don’t say anything and make me worry..” She sighed and you almost thought she was going to hang up but she didn’t. There was more shuffling, like she was sitting up in bed.

You sucked in a shaky breath and said, “I need a place to stay…” before you almost hung up yourself. She’d only bug you at work about why you called her so late and woke her up only to hang up before you said anything.

Your voice was so small and defeated that she didn’t hesitate, “My doors open. How far away are you?”

Her question was answered in the next few seconds by a knock at her front door because you knew once she answered she wouldn’t say no. You heard her soft chuckle on the other end before you hung up. She took a few minutes to put on a robe and make her way to the front door. There was worry clear on her face but she didn’t say anything as she opened the door with a yawn, her arm wrapped tightly around her middle keeping the robe in place, and let you come inside.

“Sorry, I didn’t know where else to go and I-” Your voice started to tremble, your bottom lip quivering and you felt her wrap an arm around you. “Jack I-” You looked up at her through tears and she pulled you into her, her hand holding your head as you sobbed into her shoulder.

Hopefully she had tissues.

“You don’t have to tell me now if you can’t… It’s late, you’re a ball of emotions and need your sleep.” She stepped back, cupping your cheeks and wiping your tears away. “I was worried why you weren’t at work today but now I can see why. Come to bed..” Sheet offered and you nodded.

She started walking towards her room and you followed, the sudden realisation that she meant sharing her bed hit you like a tone of bricks. “Jack I can sleep on the -”

“It’s a two seater, neither one of us would have a restful sleep on that thing. Don’t be silly. I’ll keep my hands to myself, don’t worry.” She winked that made you huff out half a laugh which was her intent. “Here.” She handed you one of her night shirts, shorts and a clean towel. You were still in your day clothes from packing up your things and driving, just driving to get away from what happened.

“Thank you.” You took the offered items and walked to her ensuite. It took you only five minutes to wash off the past day and join Jack in bed the covers folded open for you.

She flicked off her bedside lamp once you were settled and wriggled into a comfortable position.

“Jack… Thank you.” Your body sinking into the bed, a bed you’d slept on before but this time the other side was occupied.

She was out of town that night, said you could sleep at her place, she gave you the key at work, back then it was because of a heated fight but now, now it was permanent. Did she know what happened?

You didn’t want to ask.

She reached out under the covers and squeezed your hand. “Sleep, sweetheart.”

The pet name often crossed her lips in the quieter moments, the ones where it was just the two of you. Did she know how confused it made you feel? How she made you feel. On one side you enjoyed it, relished in her pet names for you but on the other it was like you were drowning in feelings you weren’t familiar with. Ones you’d never felt for anyone before let alone anyone of the same sex.

But instead of questioning her or yourself, you closed your eyes and let the exhaustion turn into slumber. It was surprisingly a somewhat restful sleep and you only woke up the following morning with the chatter of Jack on the phone moving around her house, you could tell where she was the the squeak of her floor boards, she was currently in the kitchen. You could tell she was trying her best to be quiet but clearly the subject had her riled up.

“Jesus Gibbs, why didn’t you say anything? I wouldve gone and- okay fine. Yes, I’ll be working from home today. I already told Leon and he was fine so just tell McGee to email the files over and I’ll get through them… She’s still sleeping, I’m going to make breakfast and we’ll chat… I know, talk later.”

You sunk further into the pillow, engulfed with Jack’s scent and you groaned. The day before coming back with every word you heard Jack say. Gibbs knew, he knew you’d been having trouble in your relationship for a while, he noticed your red knuckles more often than before because you’d been hitting the gym almost every morning as apposed to every other morning. It was hard to hide somedays when you were coming into work before 0700 and he was the only one there that early before going for his breakfast run. He’d even had a coffee waiting at your desk a few days which made you smile at first but soon frown at what it had come to mean.

Now the smell of coffee and bacon drew you out of your head and the bed. You must’ve made a sound while stretching because Jack was at the door with a coffee extended out to you when you opened your eyes after giving your back a good crack.

“Did I wake you?” She asked after you accepted the coffee and hummed in delight.

You smiled, “Perfect,” and looked up at her. “No, I was waking up anyways.”

She nodded accepting the round about yes you did wake me up but not really. “I have bacon frying, how do you like your eggs?”

After swallowing a long sip you answered, “Scrambled. Please.” You smirked at her scrunched nose, she didn’t like scrambled but there was no other way to have eggs.

She leant back on her heels ready to leave. “Only for you. Feel free to grab whatever clothes you want and take a shower if you feel like it. Breakfast won’t be too long.” With that she turned and made her way back into the kitchen to save the bacon and cook the eggs.

Your gut twisted again at her use of only for you as you looked at her chest of drawers hoping clothes would just fall out and you wouldn’t have to search through her things to find all the clothes you loved seeing her in.

Soon the coffee was devoured by the time you got ready and she had more brewing when you made your way into the kitchen. The day was spent mostly without any questions on why you were here and not at your own place but she the subject came eventually and you were prepared to tell her after running it through your head all day. She was accepting and offered for you to stay as long as you needed. She was a good friend like that. You didn’t want to lose your good friend by figuring out whatever else you were feeling, you needed to deal with one situation at a time for now.

… .

Thank you for the request! Hope you like it!

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Really cute! I loved this one and enjoyed every one bit of this and I thank you for requesting!!

Please Enjoy~


S/o who fights back


Leona was used to the banter and the whispers back home, how he was the scary second prince of his kingdom, how lazy he was, and that he was good for nothing. He’s grown to ignore them at this point, having better things to dwell on like his lovely s/o. They wanted to spend the day with them and he didn’t have anything planned other than taking his fifth nap today, so he decided to entertain them and follow them around for a bit.

His s/o was so soft-spoken and kind, he jokes that she was very much a house cat with how groomed she was. She’d punch his shoulder about it but he never minded, he loved watching how red she turned. ‘She wouldn’t survive this school without me, with how gullible she is.’ He could only scoff as she talked about how she was raised better than that.

That was until some snarky 3rd year started barking about how he was fit to be the SavannaClaw dorm leader. Leona tried to steer you away but got blocked by said kid. “Aww man, well isn’t this new! The dorm leader wandering around the school grounds! Looking for another spot to take a little cat nap~”

Leona growled, about to beat the living out this student until his s/o stepped in to defused the situation. “Let’s not fight, alright!? Look, we can talk about this in a more civil manner, right Leona?” She was trying to not get her boyfriend in trouble here, but Leona was annoyed that she would get in the middle of a potentially dangerous situation.

“Runoff, house cat! This isn’t about you!” Leona was now livid, no one insults his girlfriend. With the claws out, he’s about to claw this asshole’s eye out but you beat him to the punch, quite literally. You punch the shit out of his face, brows furrowed as he tumbles to the floor and landing on his tail bone. “You little bitch!”


She stomps over, a horrid glare on her scrunched up face. She’s down for a fight, which she succeeds in once the boys get back up. She may not be like Leona or the other SavannaClaw students, but she can hold her own which surprises Leona. He had to break the two up before she broke someone’s nose. 

“ENOUGH!” Leona ordered a couple of guys to take the challenger to the nurses’ office to get checked on before turning to you, hosting you over his shoulder, and taking you somewhere secluded. You became oddly quiet when he did this, not fussing about like you usually so when he does so. “I… fuck.”

“What was that all about?” He asked, not letting his grip slip. “I did it again… I promised myself I wouldn’t get into fights again…” 

“…am I in trouble?”

“Oh hell no, I’ll call it self defense. Just don’t fight my battles for me, house cat. I can hold my own.” Leona smacks her butt, getting a yelp, as he takes her back to his dorm. First, he’s got to take care of those fist of hers. Then, he can give her all the praise and attention she deserves. What a good kitten~

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Jack’s Elaborate Plan to Seduce You…

67 - “You’re bleeding all over my carpet.”

So I’m guessing you wanted a little something along the lines of this…


Originally posted by tallskinnyvanillalatte

… .

When you offered for Jack and Ellie to get ready at your place tonight instead of their places you really didn’t think it through. It wasn’t the fact that you had only one shower in your small one bedroom apartment and you all had to rush your turns getting ready, it was the fact that you just saw Jack wrapped in only a towel walk from your bathroom across into your bedroom with a definite devilish smirk paint on her lips.

"Breathe, Y/n.” Ellie snickered from the couch behind you. She was the smart one who brought a standalone mirror and was currently putting mascara on while you picked your jaw off the floor.

You turned and glared at her, “Shut up and sip your wine.” You turned and poked your tongue to further your childish moment.

Next second there was a loud thud and a soft yelp before, “Y/n!” Jack yelled from your bedroom.

You leapt forward almost tripping over your foot in the process, you reached the bedroom doorway and Jack was lipping toward you, blood dripping from the cut below her knee. Your eyes zeroing in on the would and drops of blood on your carpet rather than the almost naked Jack in front of you.

“You’re bleeding all over my carpet!” Probably not the first thing you should’ve said but you just had the carpets cleaned last week and there were blood droplets from the end of your bed to your door. “Sit on the bed and put your towel on the cut to stop the bleeding before I charge you for getting my carpets cleaned, again.”

“Hey, you dropped as much red wine as I did that weekend! And we’ll split the cost of carpet cleaning.” She pouted, shuffling back and plopping onto your bed, picking up her glass of wine from the side table.

Now any other time you would’ve passed out seeing Jack Sloane in only a towel resting on your bed but right now you had to concentrate hard on fixing her cut. It wasn’t a secret to anyone in the office that you had a major crush on Jacqueline Sloane, well maybe it was a secret from one person, Jacqueline. Either she was completely oblivious which seemed unlikely as she knew everything about everyone or she was ignoring it. And that made your insides rise in your throat.

You left the room to get your first aid kit while Jack, to help stop the bleeding, crossed her legs and held the towel to her knee. This meant when you got back with the first aid kit you had to hold yourself up with the help of your doorframe at the site of Jack’s bare legs crossed in front of you.

“Want me to patch it up?” Her eyes were teasing, sparkling at you when you cleared your throat and moved into the room. You could hear Ellie’s giggles from the lounge room, she was too tipsy to do anything else.

“I got you. Just sit still.” You knelt down in front of her, keeping your eyes on the items in hand and knee, not once did your eyes wander, well maybe once.

Jack’s eyes never left you, even peering over her wine glass as she took a long sip. She watched you carefully as you slowly cleaned her cut, place a gauze over and put a large band aid to hold it in place.

“Done.” You smiled at her as you stood up but she didn’t move, her eyes dancing over you which made you shift awkwardly, “Want me to kiss it better?” You teased, looking down at her knee, up her bare thigh then quickly darting up to her eyes as you realised what you were doing.

“Shame I didn’t cut my lips then.”

You were half way to the door when you stumbled at her words, reaching to hold onto your chest of draws, you weren’t expecting that response at all.

You heard her laugh before you heard her stand up and getting closer. “You good?” Her hand came up to your waist, making you turn on the spot. Her other hand came up, tucking your hair behind your ear; her fingers lingering against your skin a moment longer.

Your eyes focusing on her lips before you spoke, “Bit too lunch wine I think. Your knee good?” You cleared your throat awkwardly.

“Yes, thank you.” She took a tiny step back, turning in the direction of your bed, “Took the corner of your bed too quickly and think wine made me misjudge the distance.”

“Wine can do that.”

It was also helping the awkward air between you right now as you both ignored the moment before. Her words still ringing in your ears. “Jack-” You both turned at the same time and bumped right into each other, her hands coming up to cup your cheeks. Time stood still for that split second she hesitated before bringing her lips to yours. She was gentle at first, testing the waters, you guessed, then when you began to respond and moan into her, grabbing at her hips, she deepened the kiss. Her tongue swiping across your bottom lip, asking for entrance and you whimpered giving her entrance. The taste of her, wine and sugar made your head spin, the world could be upside-down right now and you wouldn’t know.

You pulled apart slowly, unwillingly, Jack’s reflexes still on point as she caught her towel before it fell as you moved apart. You closed your eyes, the world spinning and you needed to feel grounded. She tucked her towel in again so it wouldn’t fall down before you felt her hands running down your arms, coming to a stop at your waist. “Hey..” It was barely above a whisper, she was still close enough that you felt her breath against your skin. “Hey, what’s wrong?” One of her hands traveling back up to cup your cheek.

You leant into her touch, your eyes still closed for a moment before you composed yourself enough to look at the stunning woman in front of you. “I’ll be able to respond better when you put some clothes on, Sloane.”

She actually looked down and laughed in surprise, like she’d forgotten she was naked in your bedroom. “Right.”

“Oh please.” You rolled your eyes and she placed a quick peck to your lips. “Like you didn’t know what you were doing to me.”

“All part of my elaborate plan, injure myself stupidly on your furniture, ruin your freshly cleaned carpet and seduce you into kissing me by fixing my cut.”

“Almost…you kissed me.”

There was a soft cough from the hallway to break the moment. “Can we hold off on anymore kissing and get ready for Ducky’s surprise birthday party which we are meant to be leaving for in ten minutes.” Ellie was grinning from ear to ear so her whining tone was dimmed, she wouldn’t be able to shit up about this for the next year.

… .

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