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#fem reader

I realized something as I was writing the second part of Sam Winchester: Baby Fever. That it was probably be a fun new experience for you and I if I wrote this as a new series. Something where you could get attached to the characters and really feel the story. 

So what I’m saying that umm I’m making a series for y’all! 

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Originally posted by sasquatchandleatherjacket

*Not my gif*

Pairing: Sam Winchester X Reader/ Y/n, Mention of Dean 

Pov: Reader 

Warnings: Talk of babies, Talk of baby fever, Motherly instincts, and language

Summary: “Sam what would you say about having kids?” “Sam it’s called baby fever Duh” “Aww, look over there at that cute little baby girl!” “Y/n are you are you wanna have a baby? If yes then let’s go practice!”  

Word Count: 694

Now years later and much more acquainted with the brothers, with one being more favorited by you of course. After the introduction with the boys they asked you a few questions, while it was more like Dean asked you. He was and still now is a very blunt person, the type to shot first and ask questions second. He had reminded me a lot of my father if I had to be completely honest. 

That probably being the main reason why a didn’t return his firltious notion or his googling eyes. His brother on the other hand was tender, sharp-witted, so alluring, and so many more things. Sam had invited me to stay at the bunker for just a few months, um Dean wasn’t exactly cheerful with Sam offer. But I was otherwise stuck without a comfortable home, a boyfriend, or a safety net from the monsters. 

So I accepted his offer, I told the two brothers that they would have to drive me to my house seeing as I was taking from there, so I could get my valuables and of course my hunting gear. As we pilled into the car it was a beautiful black leather back seat, it was a older car but in the dark of the night I couldn’t see the details of the car, or even the form of the car. 

I directed Dean to my house, it was odd to see it now, the one from my dream state was so much more homer. The engine cut and Dean from the front seat turned around “Yo, kid don’t take to long…. Sam is come with you.” I just looked at him and rose my thump up before I staggered out of the back seat. Thank god I always kept a spare key under the plants. Sam was a few steps behind me, that was until I opened my front door his gun was held out the veins in his hand popping out. I bite my lip to restrain of being inappropriate in the moment. I grabbed his shoulder and walked closely behind him until he determined it was “safe” for me to go get my go bag and other things. 

I went into my room grabbing the backpack, and my two roller suitcases that I had once taken to Rome with my boyfriend. I went through my room grabbing all of clothing, my hiking boots, a pair of slip on shoes and fancy shoes, a few pictures of my father and I. Grabbing my backpack I went into my bathroom throwing my essentials into the bag, and a few things that made me feels special, and of course my candles. 

I looked up and saw Sam staring at me while I was packing my things. “Sam do you mind helping me. Seeing has I’m damaged goods.” I said a loud chuckle erupted from Sams chest. “You aren’t damaged good! And of course I can help you.” He helped me with both suitcases and I grabbed my pillow, blanket, and backpack. When we finally made it downstairs after Sam being an ass and talking shit about how much my two suitcases weighed. I walked into my not living room and grabbed as many books as I could carry, I think Sam caught my drift when he put the lighter suitcase down and opened it for me. 

We eventually made it outside I left my house key and car key on the doorstep, no one would know I would be gone for a long time. Sam put my stuff in the back of the car that  I could now see much more clearly, a 67 chevy impala, no wonder the back was so fucking comfortable. We both got into the car the same and slammed the door. Dean turned to the both of us and said “What took you two so long? You guys making out or something?” He said wiggling his eyebrows. “Dean just drive would you!” Sam said in return, he looked up into the rearview mirror and shrugged his shoulder, and worded a “Sorry”. 

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requested by @tonyartez: Jack teaches her how to sword fight but accidentally hurts her and immediately feels bad

Fandom: The Pirates of the Caribbean

Pairing: Captain Jack Sparrow x fem! reader

  • Jack being really protective of you and not letting you out of his sight
  • you wanting him to teach you how to fight with a sword so that you would be able to protect yourself
  • him agreeing reluctantly 
  • one day when Jack dismissed the crew (they were in harbor and they wanted to go drink themselves silly) he gives you a sword saying that he will teach you ‘now’
  • many times you drop your sword cos it’s very heavy or you fall down cos you lost your footing
  • but you getting back up immediately insisting that you’re fine to continue
  • Jack being hesitant cos he doesn’t want to hurt you
  • 'Jack I’m never gonna learn if you keep treating me like a child’
  • you are so exasperated and annoyed with Jack so you jab at him with your sword
  • he jabs back at you, but the sword catches your arm, cutting your skin
  • him seeing the blood run down your arm and he immediately drops his sword running to your side
  • you keep telling him that you’re fine but he doesn’t listen and keeps apologizing 
  • eventually he calms down and patches your arm up
  • basically, he still doesn’t let you out of his sight and definitely does not let you handle a sword ever again
  • he much prefers the idea of you having a gun, so that you don’t have to be near the enemy when you fight them

My first request, YAY!! 

I hope y’all liked this. Requests are open as always; shoot me an ask or message me. I have a list of who I write for (look at pinned post), but if you don’t see who you are looking for go check on my main, multi-fandom blog and the fandom/person might be there. Just a reminder that you can suggest a character or fandom that is not on the list and I may decide to do it and add it onto my list for future. You can also request on any of my platforms, Wattpad and Instagram.

Tumblr = regalbanshee (main, multi-fandom)

Wattpad = regalbanshee

Instagram = badassbanshee1819

Remember to always be yourself over anything else and always have fun. My inbox is always open.

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Originally posted by maccasmccartney

Paul McCartney x Fem!Reader

Category: Fluff

Warnings: None, I think!

Word Count: 3K

A/N: So…I was listening to She’s Leaving Home and then I kind of remembered the whole train bit of “A Hard Day’s Night” and I came up with this! Hope you like it! xoxo 


The streets were nearly empty, covered in a thick fog that would remain there for the two hours left until sunrise. The air was mildly cold, and humid. The only moving thing was apparently the lone figure of a girl that hastily made her way down the street, attempting to reach the train station in a great hurry, constantly looking behind as if she expected someone to appear at any moment.

She walked in and walked over towards the counter, where the barely awake seller rested his head against the palm of his hand. 

“Good morning,” Y/n said politely, trying to rein herself and keep her voice from trembling. “One ticket, please,”

“Of course, darling,” the man replied with a kind smile. “where to?” 

“Where to?” she repeated the question, gazing upon the board that contained the arrivals and departures. The only fault in an otherwise flawless plan. The last thing in her mind was where she’d go if she succeeded. 

She needed it to be far away. However, the amount of money she had brought with her wasn’t quite enough for something as remote as she would’ve liked. Still, the feeling of proximity to the school made her stomach feel queasy. 

Y/n furrowed her eyebrows as another crazy scheme lit up in her brain. No crazier than the one she was partaking in at the moment, though. 

“Actually, I’ll think about it for a bit,” she replied, smiling at the man before her and walking away from the booth. The man’s sleepiness hadn’t gone unnoticed by her, and so she pretended to leave the station, just to hide around the corner and wait patiently for about ten minutes. 

Y/n covertly peeked around the corner and caught a glimpse of the ticket seller already asleep, his face seeming to melt over his hand as he rested his arm upon the counter. With a mischievous smile, the girl tiptoed her way past the ticket booth and onto the boarding platform. However small the station was, several trains stopped there either to refuel or as a quick connection on their way to their final destination, which was exactly what she needed. 

“Am I really going to do this?” she whispered to herself, a faint vapor coming out of her mouth as she exhaled deeply to give herself some courage. 

The sound of a train entering the station made her knees wobbly. 

“Alright, this is it. Now or never. Come on, Y/n, you’ve come too far to back out now.” 

As a matter of fact, she hadn’t objectively gone that far. It took her only twenty minutes to reach the station on foot, but as the doors opened before her and she took her first steps inside, mixing with the commuters that exited the train, in her mind, she’d well be boarding a ship to America. 

Quickly, Y/n slid inside one of the empty compartments and sat, smoothing her navy skirt in a nervous reflex. Oh, how she wished to sit by the window and gaze at the speeding landscape, but she had to be on the look for any approaching inspectors that could endanger her whole plan. 

As time passed, more people began filling the compartment. Fortunately, most of them were serious looking business people who were too busy reading the newspaper to mind her presence. Normally, she’d attempt to start a conversation, even if it was merely out of restlessness.  But she was too lost in her own thoughts for that. 

Even then, none of what was happening around her felt real. Two months back, Y/n was sitting in her dorm, perhaps reading one of the many photography magazines she secretly owned, and what she was doing now was nothing but a hopeful thought. 

She didn’t know what had finally pushed her to see it as a real possibility rather than the fantasy of a frustrated young girl, but one day she decided enough was enough, and if her parents refused to accept that being a housewife was not her ultimate goal in life, then she was left with no choice but to force them to acknowledge it by living her life on her own terms. 

A relieved smile bloomed on her lips, but it was short-lived as she heard a voice asking each passenger to hand in their ticket a couple of compartments ahead of hers. 

She immediately stood up and, attempting to look calm and collected, Y/n made her escape through the door and rushed down the hall, in the opposite direction of the voice and still unsure on where to go. 

Perhaps she could leave the train when it arrived at the next station?

No. That sounded too much like giving up, and she was fairly sure she hadn’t traveled far enough yet. She didn’t want to get cocky or underestimate the school’s authorities, nor her parents. She was, after all, an underage runaway.

As she turned around once more to make sure she wasn’t being followed, Y/n’s race was cut short when she collided with someone else. 

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This is something that I wrote for me and my friend, who in this is in a relationship with Hyunjin.

Blurb: You and Chris prepare to spend Christmas Eve with your best friend and her boyfriend, Hyunjin.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Language (I use one curse word lmao)

Members: Bang Chan, Hyunjin



It was a bitterly cold winter, snowing almost everyday that week. Y/N had just finished moving into her shared apartment with Chris and invited Y/F/N and Hyunjin over to spend Christmas Eve together. The apartment was lavish and warm, the main wall being floor to ceiling windows with a breathtaking view of Hongdae, the busy streets and nip of the cold locked out. The walls were cream with crown molding and a hardwood floor throughout the home. 

It had 3 bedrooms; one they shared, and a studio for both Y/N and Chris respectively, a relatively large kitchen with plenty of counter space, 2 bathrooms and a large living room. The walls were decorated in golden tinsel, the doors had holly wreaths, and fairy lights hung from the ceiling giving the room a warm glow. 

Nestled in the corner of the living room was a beautiful douglas fir that had white lights and pink and silver ornaments scattered on it. The tree was home to several presents, Y/N and Chris both agreed only to get the other a few gifts but as soon as they went shopping they threw that agreement out the window. There was a large L-sofa with a coffee table in the middle facing a flat screen.

Y/N had been cooking all day, both American, Australian, and Korean dishes so everyone would feel like they were at home while they celebrated. She made about 7 different main dishes, 5 side dishes, and plenty of homemade candy for everyone to snack on. She really had been standing all day, feeling the effects of being in the same place for over 5 hours but she didn’t mind, it was the first time that she would be spending Christmas in her new home and wanted it to be perfect for everyone. Especially Y/F/N and Hyunjin since it was their first Christmas together. She was so excited to see her longtime friend with someone, even more so that they were in the same group that Chris was in. 

Needless to say Y/N wasn’t surprised when Y/F/N admitted that she liked Hyunjin in a romantic way, and was thrilled knowing he felt the same way. It took some careful planning with Chris to get them to accidentally run into each other but clearly it worked since they’ve been together for 8 months now.

Y/N moved to Seoul 2 years ago to pursue a career in music while studying at Yonsei University. She had been doing YouTube primarily, producing her own music and filming mini music videos and choreography videos. That’s how she met Chris, JYP Ent. had reached out to her regarding a potential collaboration between her and one of their artists and she jumped at the chance. When she went to the business meeting she was still in her school etire, backpack in hand and barely made it.

When she found out who she was going to make a song with she died right then and there. Chris had been watching her on YouTube, stays recommended her music to him during his live, and when he realized she was based in Seoul he took the chance to make something with her. They signed a contract and began a 2 month process of writing, composing, recording, and choreographing a single they were going to release together. 

Naturally they grew closer together and once Chris checked with JYP that it was alright for him to date he asked her on a date immediately. Of course she said yes and it grew from there. That was a year and a half ago, they were very serious at this point and decided to buy an apartment together and move in. Which is where they are now.

Y/F/N, on the other hand, moved to Seoul a year after Y/N did. She saved up for years and was able to afford a small place nestled in the heart of Gangnam. She got a job as an assistant producer for Starship and began to flourish, often finding Y/N staying on her couch because her roommate was fucking in the middle of their shared room. 

Y/F/N viewed Y/N as a little sister and had no problem taking care of her. When Y/F/N finally met Chris, Y/N swore she was going to pass out. Y/F/N did her best not to come off as a clingy fan in respect of him but Chris understood and brushed it off. He even offered to show her around the city and help her meet more people since it’s hard to meet new people with the culture. 

That included meeting the other members of Stray Kids, which also almost killed her. They were all so friendly to her, helping her learn Korean and being very patient with her mistakes and stumbles when it came to the language. The person who helped her the most was Hyunjin, who was proficient enough in English to not need Chris or Felix to help translate, and they began to spend more time together whenever the group would get together and hangout. 

Once Y/F/N confessed to Y/N her feelings, she switched into matchmaking mode, setting up times to meet up but oh no something came up i’ll call you later. This went on for a few months until Y/F/N built up the courage to ask Hyunjin out. He was very flustered but said yes, being more shy when it comes to his feelings then Y/F/N was. 

There was about 15 minutes before the couple was set to arrive and Y/N was almost finished with the gingerbread when a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and a chin rested on her shoulder. 

“They’ll be here soon, don’t you want to change before they get here?” Chris’ voice soothed next to her ear. She leaned into him while cutting shapes into the dough. She let out a sigh, “Yes but I need to finish this and get it in the oven before they get here, I want to surprise them with cookies.”

He chuckled and slowly spun her around so she was facing him and kissed her nose. “You’ve been cooking for hours, let me finish up so you can get changed. You haven’t let me help all day baby, you look so tired.” She scrunched her nose up at the feeling and smiled at him. “Alright fine, but I want those cookies looking like Gordan Ramsey made them.” 

They both laughed and shared a soft kiss before she rushed off to change into something more comfortable. She trusted Chris in the kitchen but didn’t want him doing much because he’s been training almost everyday for a month and just wanted him to relax on his vacation. 

She put on one of his baggy hoodies and a pair of leggings and some fluffy slippers. She always felt so warm and safe in his shirts and knew he loved seeing her wear them no matter how much he complained about her stealing his wardrobe. He was wearing a loose pair of pants and a Christmas sweater Y/N picked out. It had a little pug with reindeer antlers and the antlers lit up. It was adorable and Y/N loved that he actually wore it. 

By the time she was done the cookies were in the oven and Chris was putting on Polar Express for background noise, making sure to turn on Korean subtitles for Hyunjin. He didn’t necessarily need them but sometimes they talked so fast it was hard for his brain to keep up. He looked over at his girlfriend and couldn’t hold back the smile as she stood there with her hair pulled back and sweater paws. He loved her wearing his clothes because the arms were always too long so only her fingertips would be visible. 

The doorbell pulled them out of their staring contest and Y/N rushed to the little screen that illuminated the hallway outside their home. The fuzzy screen showed a short figure whose arms were full of presents and a taller figure with a few dishes in their arms. Y/N squealed and rushed to the door and threw it open, not even putting on the right shoes.

There stood Y/F/N and Hyunjin, lightly dusted with snow, and Y/N immediately took some of the presents from her friend. “I thought I told you no gifts yet!” 

“I couldn’t help it, you know how I get.” Y/F/N responded with a huff now that her arms were less full. Y/N invited them inside and told Hyunjin where to put the food and Y/F/N the presents. Once hands were empty hugs were exchanged and they began talking about how life had been since the last time they’d seen each other, literally a week ago, but they loved it non the less.

“Y/N why did you make so much food?” Hyunjin asked while looking at the numerous dishes. Y/N blushed and scratched the back of her head. “I wanted everyone to have food from their childhood so it would feel like home.” 

Chris wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her head. “And you did just that, I wish you would’ve taken it easy though. She was cooking for at least 5 hours, I could barely get her to go change.” Y/N slapped his chest and blushed even harder. “I’m making hot chocolate.” She mumbled and hurried over to the kitchen where she had mugs prepared.

Y/F/N sat on the couch and looked at the tv. “Polar Express?! I haven’t watched this in years!” She exclaimed and grabbed Hyunjin’s hand, pulling him onto the couch with little resistance. He knew that his girlfriend loved movies and couldn’t help but get excited when she did. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her into him and kissed her head gently before resting his head on hers. 

Chris went to help Y/N with the hot coco and tried to get her to stop ignoring him. It didn’t take much and he knew she wasn’t really upset with him, so when she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and rushed off he couldn’t stop smiling. They carried the drinks over to the other couple and quickly took the same positions on the opposite side of the couch where they all watched the movie full of content. They exchanged pleasantries and both of the girls couldn’t help but sing the hot chocolate song when it came around.

They stayed like this for hours, wrapped in the serenity of each other’s comforting touch. They ate food, played card games, laughed and sang for hours til it got late in the evening. Chris and Hyunjin cleaned the dishes while their significant others went into Y/N’s studio to listen to her new work in progress. 

The boys joked around and began talking about what their schedule was going to be once the New Year hit and how hectic it was going to become. They were both dreading having to leave the healing atmosphere of staying at home with the love of their lives but they knew what they signed up for being idols.

After a short while Y/F/N and Hyunjin were bidding the other couple goodbye and returned to Y/F/N home. Hyunjin was staying with her as long as he could, he still lived in the dorms with some of the others. Y/F/N took a shower first followed by her boyfriend. When he had come out and changed Y/F/N put something on the tv and held her arms open for him to join her. He complied with no resistance and held her in his arms.

“Tonight was amazing love.” He whispered while staring at her. She was everything he could ever want in a person. Caring and kind, giving so much of herself while not dealing with anyone’s bullshit. He loved her for that. He was so happy to spend the first of many Christmases with her. He looked forward to the Christmas they would spend together married, the ones they would spend together with little ones running around. She was everything to him and he wasn’t going to let that go. Ever.

She smiled and agreed with him. “It was perfect. I’m so glad we get to spend this together. I love you.” He beamed at her. “I love you too.” He leaned in slowly and pressed his lips softly to hers. They were content with what they had and not pushing the other, just simply taking in the other. Never asking for more. They were perfect together and everyone could see that. When they pulled away for air they just smiled at the other, feathering kisses here and there and whispering sweet words that were meant for only them to hear.

Y/N and Chris ended the night in a similar fashion, with kisses and cuddles. Y/N was exhausted both physically and mentally and he knew that. He was content holding her as she fought off sleep to spend more time with him, singing her songs in hopes of helping her drift off to sleep. It took very little time for her breathing to even out and he only allowed himself to drift when he was sure she was asleep.

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How Zoro strikes back from jealousy:

Zoro x Reader


Originally posted by mojojohnjohn182

Summary: Zoro has had enough of you enjoying the Ero-cook’s food. Perhaps a little too much.

One bright afternoon on Sunny:

“Ummmm… Yummy”

You cried in ecstasy, as you savoured the perfect blend of the ingredients in your favourite dessert.

“y/n-chwaaaan. I’m so happy you like it.”

Sanji jumps in joy, as he always did.

“Sanji-Kun, If you keep spoiling me with your food like this…”

"y/n will become Big Mom,”

Chopper completed the sentence innocently, with a mouth full of food.

You were terrified at the thought for a second, but as Luffy and others burst out laughing you couldn’t help but join them. Sanji remained shattered.

“Sanji-Kun, You have Magic in your hands.”

You compliment him as you licked the last parts of the dessert off your spoon and you were so grateful for how your love for food and Sanji’s passion for cooking went hand in hand. Amidst all this, what eluded you and others was your partner getting greener with envy.

Later that night…

“Oi…Baka marimo! What are you doing here?”

Sanji flung his leg towards Zoro, who was trying to light up the stove. Zoro’s habit of carrying swords around all the time never proved useless. He blocks Sanji in reflex and replies in frustration.

“Teme!..None of your business.”

“Are you trying to burn down my kitchen? Just to get some sake?”

Sanji asked dubiously. Still unsure of why Zoro would light up the stove.

“I could slice you up along with your kitchen in one go,”

Zoro argues back, still avoiding the obvious question.

“Teme!! Why don’t you try?”

Sanji thrusts his leg further and challenges Zoro.


Originally posted by daenablackfyre

You get out of the bed and walk straight to the kitchen, following the noise, only to find your boyfriend and Sanji head to head. You click your tongue in disbelief. You can’t think of what could possibly be keeping them up and fighting at this time of the night.

“What are you guys up to? Stop!”

You try to break them apart in you sleepy voice.

They don’t budge.

“Will you two stop?” You almost scream.

“Before you wake someone else up?”

You continue in a controlled voice. To your surprise, they obey and step apart.

“Thanks!” You say, bluntly.

“What’s happening here?” You question.

“y/n-chwaaaan, how lovely you look even though…..”

You narrow your eyes as if saying, cut the crap and get to the point.

“This idiot was lighing the stove to look for Sake.”

Sanji answers and shrugged indicating there was nothing more to it. You look at Zoro to seek his confirmation.

“Tch” was his reply.

“I already stocked up Sake in the room. ”

you recall.

”Then why..”

“I was making something”

Zoro cuts you halfway and states the truth. He looks away to hide his embarrassment. Sanji’s presence made it even more difficult for him. It suddenly hits you and you couldn’t stop smiling at how cute Zoro was being. You hold his and whisper,

“Come to bed, baby.”

and leave the kitchen after waving good night to Sanji.

Sanji leans against the wall and lights a cigarette as Zoro grabs a bottle of Sake(out of habit) to go.

“You can’t be the source of all the happiness that y/n-chan experiences.”

Sanji says in a low voice.

“Don’t be that selfish when..” He continues.

“In the end, only you keep her the happiest.”

Zoro leaves the kitchen without a word. Sanji, content with his reaction, looks up and takes another puff.

Next morning.

You are resting on Zoro’s bare chest with his arm’s around you. Although the sun is out, you are not ready for the day yet. Nor is he. You want to stay like that, a little longer.

“Good morning, honey” You greet him in a sleepy voice.

He kisses your forehead.

“Was last night too much? You aren’t hurt, are you?” Zoro, who rarely spoke that softly, questions you in concern.

You nod in denial.

“It was perfect,”

You reply and as you dig your face further into his chest. Zoro hugs you tighter.

After the moment pass, you speak up again.

“This does not mean I will stop enjoying my food.”

Zoro pinned you down to the bed in response and glared at your naked body in admiration.

“I have realised I need not cook.”

He states. You were impressed at how quickly he got over the insecurities. You wore a proud girlfriend face. He bends down and whispers,

“I have my own ways of spoiling you.”

He grazes your ears and gets back up.


he says in a devilish voice as he grips your hips firmly and goes down on you.

You chuckle and let him eat you up, hoping he enjoys his dessert as you did yours.

A/n: Hope you enjoyed it. Do let me know if you want to read a smut detailing what happens once y/n and Zoro leave the kitchen*wink wink*

Also, anything else you wish to read. Hit me up :P. Though I am new here. I will try my best to put your(all of our) fantasies in to words.

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Headcanon: Omegaverse

Warning: little language and sexual moments

Problem: I don’t push others away and label genders, I hate it. This is for any and all to read not just fem readers.


Rin x Reader 🔖

🔖Rin as a omega just think about it, soooo kawaii 😍

🔖But seriously he’ll try and keep his second gender a secret, he doesn’t want to be looked down on by anyone.

🔖You can’t tell me otherwise!

🔖But when he met you his omega senses clicked right in. Your strong, brave, a little mean but also bit of a temper bitch.

🔖But perfect

🔖Taking suppressments, acting all high and mighty not letting anyone press him down

🔖Being a fake alpha

🔖Your alpha like status made your profile shine, not just that your one hell of a knight and tamer. Best in the class

🔖He wanted you to take him as your mate then and there. But he had to ignore his instincts and use his head.

🔖What made things difficult was his doubts and uncertaint thoughts. That wasn’t all that held him back you both had things to do, important things to focus on and dreams to achieve.

🔖Fuck no! That’s not what holds him back!

🔖Your freaking last name is holding him back!!!

🔖Pheles, bloody hell you had to be the clown’s kid.

🔖He wanted nothing to do with Mephisto anymore the clown was enough, but you were nothing like that guy completely different that what he fell for

🔖Your personality, the way you are, he didn’t just desire your body for sexual use or his heat. He wanted you as a person to love and care for, making you happy is all he wants.

🔖But it’ll never happen. His a demon and his afraid to tell you that.

🔖Later on something kept running on his mind, if your Mephisto’s kid and his a demon are you one two

🔖Have he not seen it or something?

🔖So he went straight to the source and ask Mephisto himself it was irritating talking to the clown but what piss him off more was that Mephisto answered him with a question

🔖"Why is it that you wanna know?. Mr okumura.“

🔖"Come on man just tell me, stop beating around the bushes and tell me!”

🔖"So rude. Yes (Y/n) is indeed blood related to me, so what do you think?“

🔖He was lost for words he was happy and worried at the same time.

🔖Could you be together if you know about him

🔖Your already great friends have a lot of fun together enjoying time doing stupid shit when you two are chilling together both your IQ’s drops to one, but being near one and other just felt right to him.

🔖Finally working up the courage to ask you out.

🔖This guy went all out! brought roses dressed in the nicest hoodie he owns did his hair even wrote a speech that took a week to finish

🔖It all flopped, he got nervous suttering not making sense at all, the words that left his mouth came out as wrong as if his chatterbox broke. His palms all sweaty smudging the ink on them making it hard to tell what he wrote.

🔖You just stood there with a smirk trying not to burst into laughter, the second he came to you with roses dress like a slop you already know that he wants to ask you out.

🔖You just sat back enjoying the show.

🔖It was cute, but started getting annoying.

🔖You had to sush him placing your hands on his cheeks, "it’s okay chill, Rin. Yes I will go out with you.” Those few words made him the happiest omega alive, he couldn’t ask for more. Maybe ask your dad to fuck off cause Mephisto was peaking his out from a corner behind you.

🔖But his happy.

🔖When you two started dating it was a little confusing all the couple stuff not knowing what to do or what’s right or wrong, what your partner wants or likes.

🔖You where all cool and relax about it figuring things out along the way… on the other hand Rin was dumb as fuck, he didn’t know shit he even took exstra time Googling what couples does?

🔖When he finally found the perfect blog that shoot his taste, he started experimenting. With hugs

🔖He loves hugging you from behind pressing his chest against your back and hocking his arms around your waist, rubbing his cheek against yours.

🔖But you prefer, embarrassing him making him blush. You hug him normally wrapping your arms around his waist pressing your bodies against each other his face in your neck and your in his, but your hands though goes straight down to his buttcheeks giving them a squeeze

🔖He blushes fifty shades of red!!! No end becoming all defensive and making no sense, but secretly he likes it.

🔖With hugs comes cuddling, but your form of cuddling is a bit different whenever he is busy or chilling you just lazily get on him.

🔖In cram school you sometime lean on his side wrapping your arms around him protective, when his studies you sit on his lap facing him as your bodies press together he rests his chin on you shoulder looking at his work, when he lays on the bed you just flop on him no matter what position just fall on him

🔖Holding hands, no big deal you two use to do it a lot before dating, just taking each other’s hand in the mall or in public making sure not to lose each other in big open places

🔖It came naturally to you two not one of you are embarrassed or nervous. It was okay

🔖Next’s was kissing, he expected a normal peck on the lips, but from you he got the best make out session of his life, but what he hates the most is when your angry that you found a new way to cool yourself down.

🔖Yes you kiss him just a normal average kiss, but to get to the kiss you suddenly without any warning whatsoever grab a hand full of his hair forcefully pull his face near yours.

🔖At least his happy you don’t curse or kick random things around you or break whatever is in your hand if your holding something that is, as much as you used to before.

🔖When eating together you and Rin started sharing food without knowing, at times making each other taste your food or genuinely splitting a milkshake.

🔖Rin is actually very simple, pretty much gullible and naive at times, so taking him on a date is pretty easy you once took him too the aquarium and he had a blast like a 5 year old kid, so next time just take him to the zoo, he’d run around pointing silly things out and do all the things mention for kids.

🔖You guys take naps together all the time, just shows how much you enjoy each other company but it’s best to find a different napping place other than during class.

🔖Rin is good at cooking we all know that, he loves to bake but you not so much. Your father is freaking Mephisto Pheles ofcourse your going to love junk food just as much as the clown does. You rather have instant ramen than eat a full course meal Rin took hours to make just cause you hate homemade meals.

🔖One thing that Rin will never stop is wearing your oversized hoodies it has you scent all over it making it feel like home to him, not just that he likes getting you two matching outfits or secretly pick out your outfit for the day. He even brought matching bracelets which you love thinking it’s cute your omega wants to show his love

🔖You love reading and it makes you relax jumping into a new world, while Rin lays on your chest between your thighs sometime taking short naps or not, while you run your fingers through his hair letting him enjoy the little massage

🔖But.. You suddenly get pissed and either through the book or literally take a lighter wanting to burn the book which he has to stop you.

🔖 When the others found out about your relationship they where actually suprised it took them this long, especially Yukio.

🔖in all honesty Yukio tried giving Rin the talk, which ended awkward.

🔖Mephisto knew from the beginning, he really didn’t care as long as your okay that’s that.

🔖Suguro was beyond furious, jealous by how Rin got a lover before him which turned into a big mess of teasing and yelling between the two

🔖The others congrat you guys happy for the newly formed couple.

🔖You love Rin but sometimes you can’t tolerate the people he hangs out with, you hate Shiemi and Yukio.

🔖Shiemi once tried to take your omega. Which result in you giving her a rude attitude and telling her to shove off. But Rin was quick to defend her… it turned into a full blown argument.

🔖And Yukio, tried separateding you two by secretly getting you mad at each other, you where able to catch on fast and exspose Yukio, Rin turned to your side on this getting angry at his brother.

🔖Sometimes he gets jealous that you hang out with Suguro and Shima the most. He get all whiny about it which you reinsurer him your only his alpha.

🔖When you get jealous you immediately turn violent, you once tried to kill Shiemi for wrapping her arms around Rin’s arm, or when Shura hugged him to her chest, even when Izumo wore Rin’s jacket.

🔖Ready to tear off their heads. But you have to contain yourself.

🔖At some point you did stumble upon Rin’s nest, it wasn’t in his room but in one of the many rooms in the dormitory he and Yukio lives in alone, it was like any other nest filled with blankets pillows you could find one or two suff animals in there and clothes… your missing clothes.

🔖But you just left it not wanting to do anything to it, it is his save place after all you have to wait till he willingly allows you in on his own terms it is privacy after all.

🔖Scenting is something you guys do regularly, Rin just wants your scent to feel comfortable he got so use to it, makes him feel uneasy if he doesn’t get to rub on you. You enjoy it equally if he doesn’t scent a stuff animal or two that is yours you might get angry and punch a hole through the wall

🔖Rin loves you dearly but he didn’t bonded with you in the way he thought he would.

🔖Somehow you came down in a rut affecting him aswell, falling into an early heat.

🔖Your will power was long gone force yourself on him giving him the most lovable night he’d never forget you where so gentle and caring taking care of him before yourself. It took everything in you not to fuck his brains out.

🔖But with that it came with you slipping for a second, biting on nape so hard making him bleed, made him scream in pain mixed pleasure.

🔖it took you awhile to have Rin bite you in return cause he didn’t what to hurt you and was nervous about it.

🔖But afterwards you showed off the mark wearing it with pride, pinning your hair up (if you don’t have long hair just ignore it.) And wearing shirts that exspose more of you neck and shoulders.

🔖After bonding you two stayed near each other having issues with separating for more than half an hour, this result in you leaving your dad’s home moving into the dormitory Rin lives in both of you claimed a different room.

🔖Rin rebuilt his nest in both of yours room giving you full access.

🔖Others seem to keep asking you what it like in a alpha x alpha relationship, which confused you.

🔖But you simply answer with either ignoring them or “Just like any other relationship?”

🔖After becoming intimate, you love walking around him shirtless and pantsless. You can either get a blush or a horny moan out of him.

🔖Something more intimate is taking a bath with each other you can’t keep your hands to yourself at times like these.

🔖giving each other pet names are normal and cute.

🔖Rin mostly prefers calling you- Babe, sweetheart or handsome/beautiful.

🔖You on the other hand call him- Baby cakes, love, Darling or idiot

🔖But in bed he once accidentally let a Daddy/mommy kink slip his mouth, it turned you on more than ever.

🔖But in bed you call his name mixed with a lot of dirty talk. Which gets him all rile up.

🔖Studying together is not a good option anymore you both can’t concentrate, can’t keep your hands off your lover, randomly start goofing off or get horny.

🔖You regularly get more piss off at Yukio more than Rin does, When mission come around your either stuck on a lame team or with Rin not allowed in the action.

🔖During the camping trip or exercise, instead of bringing back a lantern you kinda got lost in the forest.

🔖And only reunited with the others when Rin went viral, blue flames every where the trees burning and mist of the students were injured.

🔖Yes Amiomon did think about using you before Shiemi but it wasn’t a good idea since Mephisto refused for obvious reasons.

🔖Number one the would have not been able to control you much less get underneath your skin though to your superior abilities.

🔖Number two you would’ve beating the shit out of Aniomon even if he wasn’t your uncle.

🔖And lastly number 3 Your a demon with a class near Mephisto, he could’ve exspose it if you fought Amiomon but keeping you a secret from the order is more important than Rin.

🔖After all that crazy shit, Rin couldn’t look you in the eye now you know he’s a demon there could’ve been hope if he was just any other demon but his the span of satan himself.

🔖He doubt you would want to have him as your omega anymore.

🔖It sadden him and made him depress losing the cheerful happy attitude. Not just his behavior that changed as well as his scent it started becoming displeasing and disgusting.

🔖You treated him the same as you always do, you already knew everything since Mephisto opened his big mouth and blab to you long before you and Rin got together

🔖your also the first to feel the change in your omega, but thought it was cause of the way the others treat him.

🔖But it wasn’t the same when he avoided you and didn’t let you in him nest.

🔖At some point you had enough, doing something that an alpha shouldn’t, you drag Rin straight out his nest to confront him

🔖It started in a argument leading of to crying and yelling, it ended with you mostly trashed the room, and the words never spoken once from you

🔖"I love you!“ It made Rin extremely happy knowing you love him dearly.

🔖"I love you too”

🔖You two were finally on the same page again, continuing your relationship. Loving and cuddling.

🔖When the others treated Rin bad you where the one to comfort him and give him a not of ice cream.

🔖That’s till Izumo birthday came aroun, You don’t celebrate birthdays since your a demon and all much older than you look.

🔖You even helped Rin decorate the cake that was clearly Christmas themed, which confused you but you just brushed it off.

🔖Until Suguro yelled at you two claiming it was clearly not a birthday cake.

🔖They could understand Rin’s explanation being that his birthday is really close to Christmas it is natural to celebrate the two on the same day not using up much money.

🔖You on the other hand were a different case, they where honestly worried, who would tell someone

🔖"I don’t celebrate my birthday, I really don’t care and truthfully I don’t know the date to my birth?“


🔖Yes, you read it Mephisto never told you, and you really don’t care about minor stuff like that.

🔖You suggest to them to just give the cake to Mephisto, your old man isn’t much of a Christmas fan after all

🔖It was fun. And so where the rest of your days with Rin.

🔖Really happy.


Thanks sis for the request… I’m blocking you🤗❤

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Hello there! 🥰🙈 it sounds like a nice idea! I don’t know what’s the matter with those snowball fights but it all put you in a naughty mood! 😈😈

I’m on it! 😋


Winter Event #3

Words: 1740

Warning: NSFW content - foreplays - edging

Informations: fem! reader


Originally posted by frolusion

Warm Up

It’s freezing but you won’t certainly let you guard down! You feel the coldness bites the tip of your fingers, as you begin to gather more snow, cupping and pressing your hands together to create the perfect round shape, soft but strong enough to gently harm your victim. You let loose a profound sigh, focused, as you stand back up and target your enemy. You don’t even have time to properly throw it that you receive a large snowball right on your nose in a loud splash, earning another gasp from you, as you both laugh and growl because you don’t know how to react anymore.

“Hey that’s bullshit!” You hiss as you wipe the melting snow from your features. “You can’t use your power to pulse yourself in the air, Ace! You’re cheating!”

You hear his bright and happy laugh echoing in the valley, as he’s floating a few meters above the ground, watching you with his playful dark eyes, and raising an eyebrow.

“I messaged the Corporation of Snowball Fights, and they haven’t updated the rules regarding the use of devil fruit powers!” He raises his index, giving you a lecture, as you definitely feel the everlasting teasing tone.

You cross your arms impatiently around your chest, steam coming out of your lips.

“Well did you ask the Corporation of Bullshit about your attitude?!”

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Idol: Hwasa (Mamamoo) 

Type: Fluff (+ fem reader) 

Prompt: Everyone knows that you are hers, except for the new guy (requested by anon)

Length: 942 words


Ten minutes.

She was only gone for ten minutes, and someone already took her spot next to you. Not that she could blame him; you looked gorgeous. Hyejin always thought you were the prettiest girl in the room, but today, it seemed as though everyone shared the same view.

For the majority of your dates, you stuck to t-shirts and jeans, but when she had picked you up earlier in the day, Hyejin was absolutely floored by your beauty. You were clad in a floor-length black colored gown that hugged your curves, with a slit going up your right leg. The small pendant that she gave you for your birthday dangled around your neck, and the room’s lighting gave you an iridescent glow.

All eyes were on you.

Hyejin was filled with a mix of emotions; she had this sense of pride knowing that you were the center of attention, yet she wanted to rip everyone’s heads off for looking at you like that. As if sensing your girlfriend’s thoughts, you glanced over your shoulder, noticing Hyejin staring over at you from the side of the room. You lit up at the sight of her, and you smiled brightly. But you spotted her clenched jaw and furrowed brows. Gulping slightly, you watched as Hyejin glared over at the man in her seat.

“So yeah, I loved living in Europe, I think I really grew as a person.”

Your attention snapped back to the man by your side. He had slipped into the seat mere seconds after your girlfriend and her members were pulled away for a quick photoshoot.


“I’m sorry,” you had apologized, giving a sheepish smile. “Have we met before?”

In response, he shook his head, flashing a confident grin. He introduced himself as Jihoon, a new intern at RBW. “Oh, I see. How are you liking your time here so far?” Big mistake. That was the question that opened the flood banks. He launched into a full explanation of how he was enjoying the company and how he spent his life trying to get to where he is now. Mindlessly, you nodded along, mentally cursing yourself for not being bold enough to ask him to stop.

When you spotted your girlfriend, you couldn’t help but get excited. But that feeling didn’t last long. With her members by her side, it looked like a scene out of Mean Girls; they were walking in step, eyes firm, nothing but confidence radiating off of them. You considered them some of the closest people in your life, but you couldn’t help but feel intimidated by them.

“How was the shoot?” You asked, turning your body away from the intern.

“I see you’ve made a friend.”

Your girlfriend’s curt statement made you gulp once more, but the man next to you grinned. “Hyejin-ssi, you never mentioned that your friend was from abroad. I thought you guys were hometown friends.” He glanced over at you, and you had to resist the urge to roll your eyes at his statement.

I literally haven’t said a single thing.

“Never seemed important to tell you.”

Hyejin’s eyes grew cold as she crossed her arms over her chest. At this, the intern awkwardly laughed and turned to avoid your girlfriend’s gaze. He glanced down at his watch and mumbled something about having to meet the other interns before scampering away from the table. Flipping her long locks over her shoulder, she slipped into the seat next to you.

Following her lead, the other Mamamoo members sat down as well, finally having a chance to eat their dinner. With her mouth full, Byulie pointed over at your girlfriend. “Hyejin-ah, wasn’t that a little much?” You all winced at the sight of noodles in her mouth, and Wheein shoved the older girl for her lack of manners.

“Yeah, what if he goes and tells CEO-nim that you were rude to him,” Yongsun pointed out.

“Ah, Unnie,” their maknae protested, a baby whine slipping from her lips. “He shouldn’t be flirting with someone who is taken.”

“He seemed a little weird. Something was off about him,” Wheein added.

“Exactly!” Hyejin agreed. “I was just protecting my girlfriend.”

You couldn’t help letting out a small chuckle before shaking your head at your girlfriend’s words. “Yah, I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself.” Your words seemed to fall on deaf ears because the Mamamoo members had already launched into a full conversation about Jihoon and the rumors that they had heard about him.

“Hyejin,” you tapped your girlfriend’s shoulder, and you were greeted with a warm gaze and a soft smile. “Don’t you think you were a little harsh towards Jihoon?”

Her eyes narrowed slightly, and her lips pressed into a firm line. “You are not available and he needs to know that.” A chill went down your spine at her nonnegotiable statement.

“He’s new. Maybe he didn’t know.” Hyejin shook her head in response, eyes still dark. You reached over and placed your hand atop hers. “Babe, I’m all yours. I’m not going anywhere.”

Hyejin intertwined her fingers with yours, lips pressed into a small frown. “I just don’t want him flirting with you.” Without caring about the dozens of cameras, your girlfriend leaned forward and pressed her lips against your temple.

“Hyejin-ah,” Yongsun warned, attention snapping over to her maknae. “Not here.”

With a pout on her lips, your girlfriend nodded at her leader before turning back to you. She smiled brightly before leaning closer to your ear. Her breath tickled your neck, and you felt your heart pound at the close proximity.

“You are mine, and only mine.”

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Shanks/Usopp/Ace x abusive reader.s/o

Warning: Kissing, abuse, Nyctophobia, claustrophobia, sexual abuse, little nsfw!

Thanks for the request Omega-ish

Hope you enjoy❤


Portgas D. Shanks 🍺

🍺The Four Emperors are the four most dangerous and powerful pirate captains in the world. 

🍺And yes Shanks is one of them, and on top of that his a alpha.

🍺His a strong, passionate and brave man.

🍺Just by looks others might get the wrong idea thinking his cocky high ego and rude

🍺And you’d think a man like that only bat an eye for the most high class omegas, only to get in their pants.

🍺Buttttt!!!! NO

🍺Shanks is none of that, his a free spirit loving childlike man, Shanks is an extremely laid-back, preferring to take his time he doesn’t rush things

🍺The first time he met his s/o…

🍺You sorta snuck on board his ship, it didn’t take long for one of the crew to surprisingly find you.

🍺At first you didn’t talk to him nor look him in his eyes, for your own sake you were too scared.

🍺So he let you be

🍺But couldn’t ignored the way you looked, torn clothes, dirty skin, bruised and heavily scarred skin, messy hair and life drained eyes.

🍺It made him sick to the core. Just by looking at you he knew you went through horrible things

🍺He doesn’t dare speak up, he doesn’t want to remind you of those horrible things.

🍺As time went on

🍺Multiple times a day he goes below deck giving you something to eat and drink, than chat your ears off.

🍺He’d tell you about his many adventures, all the islands he been too how he met each of his crew, he even dig out the most personal things like how he lost his arm and how he got the three scars over his eye. With many more stories.

🍺It made you happy hearing them all feeling free with this red hair man, he made you smile laugh talk and sead tears of happiness, since you met him

🍺He even gave you a name. A place to belong and protected you, he thought you how to defend yourself and be badass. You learned how to read, write, cooking much much more

🍺He became your Alpha and claimed you as his omega, forming a strong bond connecting your hearts and souls forever.

🍺It made you glad that you snuck aboard his ship.

🍺Dispense having a new life living it to the fullest. Your heart is still scarred.

🍺Your fear came to life again when The Red Force docked at the same island you escaped from the first time you snuck on Shanks ship.

🍺Your alpha is the first to know your distress.

🍺But you chose to lie and tell him your okay, even though he didn’t believe you he still You made sure to stuck to his side 24/7.

🍺It made him happy that you seek comfort from him but also placed him on high alert.

🍺Yes Shanks knows why you don’t wanna be here and he makes sure this is only a quick restock in and out.

🍺Not staying for a drink or party.

🍺It was hard for you too open up to him but he was sure to listen to every word that left your mouth.

🍺(Any person of your choice) they where horrible people, using omegas for slavery abusing them to the breaking point, once brought the omega can be used for anything of the owners choice.

🍺All the torture and pain you felt locked up in a cage days ends night ends.

🍺It made Shanks furious and angry, but he knows that he couldn’t do anything what has been done can’t be un done

🍺All he could do is comfort you, purr in your ear brushing away your tears.

🍺From then you knew he’d always be yours heart body and soul

🍺Give you anything.

🍺And everything.

🍺But the tables turned quickly when you and him ran into (Any person of your choice) the person who abused Shanks omega for years.

🍺In anger (Any person of your choice) tried to lure you back to them, while you quiver behind Shanks hiding in his cape, he could feel your smaller from trembling pressing your face in his thoracic spine and hands gripping his shirt.

🍺He could smell the change in your scent it wasn’t sweet or loving anymore it was replaced with (Displeased smell of your choice), it made his inner alpha very protective of you.

🍺Now Shanks isn’t the kind of man that would turn to violence and rudeness in this kind of situations.

🍺At was at this point the guy came near you two wanting to rip you off your alpha, but didn’t go to well for him when Shanks Haoshoku Haki hit him, (Any person of your choice) drop to the ground knocked out.

🍺it was no surprise that Shanks s/o wasn’t affected, they’re strong but there are some fears that can leave a person trembling and hopeless

🍺But none less Shanks will protect his omega. Even if you cower in fear.


Usopp (Sniper King)🏹


🏹Personally you hate alphas, and because of that Luffy had a hard time getting you to join his crew, 90% of the crew is alpha’s

🏹But you joined anyway

🏹When Usopp first met his s/o he like any other saw you pretty strong confidence and level headed, but being a great liar like himself he could see the fake smile

🏹He decided to just stay out of it. But he couldn’t help but wanting to get closer to you, get to know you and enjoy time with you

🏹First of all you really like Usopp ever since you step foot on Marry, he was funny goofy and outspoken brave

🏹And you like him so much that you’d even back him up in a fight, he’s a real cute beta

🏹Yes, you read that right… Usopp s/o thought that he was a beta, he doesn’t necessarily act like an alpha he has no confidence high pride or cocky ego.

🏹Blindly with the idea of him being a beta, made you grew closer to him, forming a great friendship making everlasting memories and moments

🏹At a point you confessed your feelings and he accepted them making you the happiest omega alive.

🏹It made him happy too

🏹But you two haven’t mated/marked each other yet. It doesn’t mean you haven’t created a unbreakable bond

🏹But you also haven’t told him about your childhood and what happened, not ready to dig out all the pain and suffering

🏹That was until you two got separated from the others trying to get back to the Thousand Sunny and crew

🏹Somehow you guys docked at the wrong island, with a flesh eating gigantic snake living on it.

🏹And Yes… it was currently chasing Usopp and his s/o though the forest.

🏹"Run run run! Its going to eat us!“ Usopp cried dragging his s/o along with him running for thier lives

🏹Well you see the both of you would’ve easily beaten the crab out of the thing.. if ya didn’t leave your weapons on the Sunny.

🏹Luckily for you, Usopp spotted a old mine tunnel in your path of crisis without thinking he rushed you two in.

🏹Now here’s the thing-

🏹When Usopp’s s/o where a child they where sold off to a group of mountain bandits and they didn’t treat their "item” with care, they locked you up in a cage and tortured you for days whipping you breaking you down mentally and physically and on special days they shut you in a box and shove you into darkness

🏹You develop claustrophobia and Nyctophobia, which wasn’t good you have been able to avoid them for long

🏹But in this situation it brought up both.

🏹The tunnel was blocked with a death end and you two took too many turns you couldn’t see the daylights anymore along with the place being small for two people.

🏹The little light Usopp managed to make wasn’t working well for you.

🏹Your breath became heavier the walls felt like their closing in, your heart beat filled your ears beating faster and faster, your body paralyzed your vision somehow became blurry.

🏹You were having a panic attack before you knew it.

🏹"(Y/n) babe. What’s wrong?“ Usopp caught on real quick smelling the change in your scent and hearing soft whimpers leave your lips as tears stream down your face.

🏹It made the alpha in him click taking control, crouching down in front of you taking your hands into his

🏹His scent reaching you for the first time it was so strong and powerful the purr from him calmed your body and mind.

🏹His alpha reaching out for your omega the first time ever, you saw the thing you hate with passion and Usopp was one of them

🏹But different you knew him for a long time and shared so much with him, his nothing like them he genuinely loved care protect you without expecting anything in return.

🏹Calming you and scenting you the best of his ability.

🏹Not thinking at all you told him in a broken voice with tears about your phobias and the abuse you suffered as a child.

🏹Opening up your most venerable side.

🏹He truly felt connected to you finally broke your walls, without trying.

🏹He continue to comfort you telling you silly stories and making you giggle here and there.

🏹While you both waited for the others to find you, it didn’t take long

🏹That night he made sure to claim you as his, marking you and all promise to protect you and help you overcome your fears

🏹He even accepted you as you are.


Portgas D. Ace🔥


🔥Ace met you when he joined Whitebeard, that’s when he became attached to you.

🔥Wherever you go he goes, his always by your side, if he or you don’t have a mission that is.

🔥Truthfully Ace doesn’t know much about your pass and that doesn’t bother him, but your still not a very open person.

🔥At least he knows little things about he was able to pick up on the way like how your strong and brave, but also quite and patient how you are less social and older than him but looks hella young.

🔥But what catch his attention is all your scars they must have been from great battles but the most painful one is the one on your nape it looked as if skin was torn off leaving a nasty mark.

🔥But it was mostly covered by a shirt (or your hair if you have long hair).

🔥For you Ace is the sweetest and most honorable person you’ve met his cute and badass.

🔥But you love how he pouts when you treat him like a child, or baby him. It made you happy to care for him, feed him clean after him giving him much attention.

🔥It made your connection with the alpha much stronger without needing to say a word you two feel in love over the years

🔥Creating a very strong relationship and a loving one at that. You did hesitate to become his it gave you doubts and anxiety.

🔥But what you fear the most was mating with him you fear having to explain your scars near your private.

🔥Its all case of "him” that man what he did to you was no forgiving matter.

🔥That’s till one night Ace and his s/o was in the perfect mood, bodies against one and other hands exploring your cloths covered flesh.

🔥He was about to unbuckle your pants which made you shot in defense pushing him away as he came crashing down the bed.

🔥At first he thought he did something wrong, seeing your face upset and pain expression.

🔥both sitting in silence, your scent increasing but with a smell to make sure Ace stayed away but his Alpha fought it wanting to be near you not leaving you in this state.

🔥He didn’t made you say anything didn’t ask anything just hugged you tightly to his chest rubbing your back.

🔥A long quite moment passed still in his arms you open your mouth begging him not to leave you. Tears sobbing hiccups and mumbling words left your lips

🔥"Calm down tell me what’s wrong?“ He kept his voice soft and purred more.

🔥"I-i use to b-be marr-married.” Half a loath off your chest, it seemed Ace didn’t care so what if you where married before your now here with him and your his that’s all that mattered.

🔥But it all changed when you continued

🔥You were married once before. To a man you thought was truly your soul mate, you two where happy but it all shattered when you tried having children.

🔥You tried and tried and tried. But nothing.

🔥Slowly he started becoming less of the man you knew, he became rough and untenable during your “activities”. He made you bleed and didn’t stop when pleading for it he.

🔥He began using his alpha voice on you, scaring you. Breaking you down.

🔥Not long after he became a drunk, hitting cutting and sexually abusing you.

🔥You had enough tearing out his mark/bite, escaping his claws, but he chased after you, till you literally ran into Whitebeard, the pirate captain defended you, beat the living shit out of him, took you in treated you with respect and care.

🔥You became his daughter/son. You became one of the most strongest and feared pirate under Whitebeard. (And the old geezer is damn proud of you!)

🔥After hearing all that Ace accepted you even more, loving you with care as he continue to praise your body analyze ever curve, scar, soft squeezy place (Butt/Boobs😏) .

🔥Till he reached your private parts down below seeing the stretch marks and abusive places.

🔥He must’ve think its disgusting and not worth it anymore, just through you in the back. And be forgotten - That’s what you thought.

🔥But instead he gave you a night you’d never forget, he was so gentle and considerate letting you take the lead. Along with marking you as his mate forever no regrets.

🔥lest just say, the following week you came on to some morning sickness, It was like destiny was telling you Ace is the only one no one else would work.

🔥Fire First Ace is your Alpha. And you his omega.

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He. Can’t. Flirt. For. Shit. Especially when there’s someone so beautiful there 🥺🥺

I offer an alternative outfit for him: black suit, red shirt, black tie. Real angel vs devil pair.

He’d stutter through the whole night, but his ego gets a big boost when he realises he’s the only one you’re dancing with, turning down other partygoers all over the place, saving every dance for him.

What if this is one of those “kinky” things where you’re in a well established relationship but pretend you don’t know each other 🤔🤔

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an ezra x fem!reader one shot

rating; mature

a/n; written so long ago and now finished. it’s rainy in maine and i feel low and writing is helping. i have almost six ezra stories from last winter sitting in my docs…


Originally posted by twillight

Standing in line at the trading post, you lean to your left, peering down towards the end of the queue. Groaning impatiently, you move your briefcase loaded with gems from one had to the other; it didn’t feel this heavy until you were forced to carry it around for such a long period of time, and even with sunlight pouring into the open hangar, reflecting off the metal slats along the walls, it would be naive to leave it at your feet.

Stumbling back a bit, you jump when you feel a body against you, and two arms catching you by the waist.

“Oops!” Fumbling forward and turning, you’re met with a man, grinning wide. “I’m sorry; clearly I’m not paying attention,” you say, rolling your eyes at yourself.

“As luck would have it, miss,” he croons, his voice, his twinkling black eyes a contradiction to his slightly disheveled, unclouth appearance, “I was. Save your blushing for more sordid crimes.”

Narrowing your eyes, you find yourself granting him a rather coquettish smile despite yourself. You give him a look over; handsome, and the erratic streak of blonde above his right temple catches your eye.

“What’s with the hair?”

Feigning a look of insult, he draws back. “I was sanctified with this streak of light among the darkness,” leaning towards you, he whispers conspiratorially. “It chose me; and how do you justify yours?” he gestures with a raise of his eyebrows at your fringe, and your free hand flys to your forehead, feathering your freshly cut bangs. You had cut them far too short, but you weren’t going to admit to that.

“Hey,” you bleat, and you’re certain this is his attempt at flirting, so you allow your lips to curl upwards into a falsely-reluctant smile, “I happen to like my hair.”

“So do I,” he says, beaming. “I’m Ezra, by the way.”

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