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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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frisk , in honor of my past (and current) undertale fanfiction

(yes, I do still write them. I agree that I have a problem)

repost w/ credit

♡Instagram is natissocial + ratnattttt , new wattpad is nat_______

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Luz Noceda || Twenty-One || Student || Magical

“This is clearly not the PG fantasy world I always dreamed about.”


Luz has never fit in. She’s never really wanted to fit in either. She’s always been content with reading her fantasy books and playing with snakes she found on the ground and telling scary stories to her peers. Luz was just loving life being herself. But nobody else ever seemed to appreciate her and her unique view on the world. When she was fourteen, and she had gotten in trouble for using sparklers and fake blood in her book report presentation, the principal suggested to her mother that Luz be sent to a summer camp meant for kids like Luz. And when she first heard that, she was thrilled, but on closer inspection of the brochure, Luz learned that it was essentially some kind of boot camp to get kids to be more well behaved. So on the day she was supposed to go, she didn’t. Instead, Luz ran away. She found herself in a place called Walt Grove. It was a seemingly quiet place but it didn’t take her long to discover the magic that flowed through the streets.

She met a woman named Eda, who was chaotic and fun and magical. She hated that magic was seen as taboo and she often got in trouble for casting little spells around town. She and her roommate, a funny guy named Damien King who always tried to act tougher and more powerful than he actually was, took a liking to Luz, who thought their funny little house in the woods was the coolest thing. And Luz loved them. She especially got close to Eda. She wanted her to teach her magic, and while Eda didn’t know if that was possible since Luz clearly didn’t have any magic in her, she agreed. She stayed with Eda and King that summer, sending letters home to her mother saying she was at camp, and there were times she felt bad about lying. But come on, this was practically a magical summer camp. How could she pass that up? She met some other kids around her age who were also magical, but they were odd about it. Willow and Gus knew about Eda, and they thought she was cool, but they didn’t think their parents would. They always spoke about their parents being in Covens. Covens were something that Eda scoffed at, but she didn’t tell Luz why. Luz was confused since another friend, Amity, seemed convinced that Covens were important and wanted to be a part of one more than anything.

Luz learned magic in her own way, in her own time, by drawing old symbols, spell runes. She just had to draw them and then touch to activate. Light spells were the easiest, but also they didn’t do much. Still, she spent that summer learning. But eventually, she had to go back home. She never told her mother about what she did that summer, and she felt bad about it. But she kept going back each year, learning more from Eda, hanging out with her friends, and just enjoying a fantasy life she had always dreamed about. When she got older, and it was time to apply to college, Luz made sure she got into Walt University. She was so happy to live full time in Walt Grove. She lived with Eda and King, and still hung out with Willow and Gus— and sometimes Amity when she wasn’t being weird about hanging out with them. She’s learned more spell runes and how to control them and use them, but she knows there’s still a lot more she needs to understand. She still doesn’t understand her friends’ obsession or disdain over the Covens in Walt Grove, but she’s sure that’s just another secret that will one day reveal itself. Luz hopes to one day learn all about magic and the secrets that Walt Grove holds, but regardless of what she has learned or will one day learn, Luz is still just the same goofy girl who doesn’t really care if she stands out in a crowd.

🌹Opinions on Magic: 

She loves it! She thinks its so interesting and she loves learning more. She doesn’t really understand the taboo of it all, and she’s usually pretty open about her thoughts and feelings on it all.


The Pines Twins: Luz met them that summer she first arrived. They were a fun little duo, Dipper always looking for mysteries and Mabel always looking for cute boys. Luz loved hanging out with them when they were kids, and she loves hanging out with them now.

Lilith Clawthorne: Eda’s sister who kind of scares Luz. Eda tries to keep Luz away from her, but Luz knows that Amity looks up to her, so she doesn’t really know where to stand. But for now, she’s trying to keep her distance.

Dani Dennison: Dani seems really interested in the magic around Walt Grove, and she seems to know more about it than Luz, so she’s always interested in talking to her and swapping stories about what they know and sharing theories.

Based on: Luz Noceda from The Owl House
Faceclaim: Jamila Velazquez
Faceclaim Change: Not Allowed
Availability: Open

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This is #Peaches and I am a 3 year old #female small #mixedbreed cross #jackrussell: #jackrussellterrier: #dog: who was surrendered to the #BrooklynACC as a stray on 10/21/2020! My number is #ID105569 as I was found on Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11208! Beautiful White & Brown fur coat color! Peaches 🍑 may be #euthanized at anytime at the discretion of the #NYCACC @nycacc shelter in #NYC! #AllAboutSavingAnimals: #dogsofinstagram: #petsofinstagram: #Video: #Animation: #GIF: #Image: #DeathRow: #CodeRed: #SaveMe: #ICare: #IWantToLive: #Adopt: #Foster: #Pledges: #Donations: #Rescue: #NewHopePartner: #Sponsor: All About Saving Animals is not affiliated with the NYCACC shelter! Check us out on Facebook and Tumblr as All About Saving Animals and on Twitter it is SavingAnimals for more info on Peaches 🍑! @dogsofinstagram @cwhocker

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I relate to this very much. The older I get the more self hate I have. As more time passes I can’t stand to be in my own skin, more and more every day.

Granted I have lost a lot of weight recently… I have always been on the bigger side. I am 19 pounds away from my LONG term goal and I couldn’t be happier and more proud of myself for actually sticking with something for month’s and month’s to better myself…. but I am still not okay with myself. I fear I never will be, no matter what I do or how much weight I lose. I wish I could think differently about myself.

Here’s to hoping! 🤷‍♀️✌

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Mary Sanderson || Thirty-Four || Witch || Magical

“It’s the chocolate covered finger of a man named Clark!”


Being one of the special three in the Sanderson coven meant there were certain expectations to be met, and Mary did her best to meet them, but always seemed to fall short. She knew she wasn’t meant to be the leader like her eldest sister Winnie, but she still tried to shine just as bright as her. Her spell-casting was right under Winnie’s which was good, but her edge was her keen sense of smell. She was able to sniff out the freshest ingredients and the best victims for some of their potions, which was the only thing she was able to do that Winnie could not. It was why Winnie needed her and she accepted that fact at a young age. As much as her eldest sister terrified her, she also looked up to Winnie more than anyone else in the coven. So she started mimicking her a little bit. She carried herself like her, dressed a little more like her, tried to act as cold as her but was always too warm for her own good. It drove people mad on most days but Mary didn’t care; she wanted to prove she could be just as useful all while making sure she watched out for both of her sisters. Sarah was easily getting herself into trouble and Winnie was always blowing her fuse; Mary was the mediator and the mother hen of the three. 

And when their coven mother turned to dust, things changed. The sisters went into hiding for a few years and during that time Mary just took on the role as mom. She fed and made sure her sisters didn’t kill each other and did her best to keep the cottage from falling apart. Since she had the best nose in the group, she was the best cook by far. And when Winnie decided she wanted them all to branch out and get to know the people of Walt Grove better, Mary took that as an opportunity to go to culinary school. She was constantly mocked by her sisters for it, but she didn’t care; she was happiest when she was behind a nice stove, cooking exotic foods. And once she graduated top of her class she got herself a job at Le Poissons. Mary Moone as she was known to the public was one of the best seafood chefs they had ever had and she was happy to put so many smiles on peoples faces. It was a shame that she was also plotting a lot of their downfalls at the same time. The Sanderson Sisters met every month to perform their ritual of sucking the lives out of children to stay young and powerful, and every now and then when Sarah failed to bring a crowd in, she would fetch them herself. 

Then things changed again the night that Max, Dani, and Allison stumbled upon their cottage. They were in the middle of their ritual and had already drained the youth out of their latest victim when Mary had sniffed the three kids out. She was ready to grab them to harvest for extra energy when Winnie had a different idea in mind. She wanted to wait it out, play the long game, and see if she could extract as much energy from them as young adults rather than kids. So together the sisters cursed the three of them to nightmarish dreams and unrest until they were ready to steal their energy from them. Mary often sees young Dani out and about and feels…not sorry, but sad. She knows that Dani’s life is just beginning and that it won’t even matter what she does because if there was anything Mary knew about Winnie it was that she would stop at nothing to get her way. Mary keeps trying to convince her sisters to try their potion on other people, but it is always to no avail. Well, no one can say she didn’t try.

🌹Opinions on Magic:

It is the reason she gets out of bed each day.


Ella Tremaine: Mary isn’t sure why, but she feels like she senses something magical out of that girl. On the surface she just seems so ordinary but Mary has always been good at sniffing out potential. She just needs to know the truth.

Ozzy Boegeman: Mary fools around with him every now and then but she suspects that he is also messing around with Winnie. She wishes that would stop her from seeing him, but it doesn’t. She just tries to be extra careful.

Tiana Chase: Mary believes she is the best chef in Walt Grove. She constantly wants to ask her what her secrets were or to taste test some of her new dishes, but she always loses the nerve.

Based On: Mary from Hocus Pocus
Faceclaim: Emilia Clarke
Faceclaim Change: Negotiable
Availability: Open

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