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I’m struggling to find the words to start this post… which is very fitting for me. For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of the day where I could use my voice to say SOMETHING, but I’ve always been too scared, too self-conscious, and too buried in my own mental illness to even decipher what it is I had to say and why people should care about it. Over the last few months I’ve come to realize that I have unintentionally silenced myself by avoiding even thinking about any topic that made me uncomfortable. When I realized this, I wasn’t sure where to start… I hadn’t formed deep opinions on a lot of important subjects, and I had silenced myself for so long I wasn’t even sure if I was capable of having a real conversation with someone.

As my university experience came to a close, I was confronted not only with my lack of voice, but also with a global pandemic, and the terrifying reality of police brutality and racism in our world. For someone who hid herself in a make-believe world of sunshine and rainbows to keep my mental illness at bay, I think we can all imagine how quickly I fell apart when reality came crashing in. But I picked myself up and promised myself I would continue educating myself and finally use my voice. I want to use my voice to create a platform for women and young girls to embrace their voices. For too long I have felt inferior to men in the room, when I know I am not, always feeling as if my job was to take up as less space and sound in the room as possible.

Simply put, this Is what Hey Mads is about:

It is a place to connect, converse, and get advice

It is a place to share resources

It is a place where we will vow to continue learning

It is a place where women are empowered to have their own opinion

My ultimate goal is to show myself and every other woman reading my content to never be afraid to speak up.  

I hope that this interests all my current followers from when this blog was a studyblr, and I hope that we can continue growing this platform as helping even one woman find her voice would be an astronomical achievement for me!

Follow me on Instagram @heymad.s 

<3 Mads (short for Maddie in case you’re new here)

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