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Kakyoin whistles and sings a short song about his relationship to Kaori while holding the cherry and chocolate in his arms. Kaori saw him singing and she found it stupid, like “Wh- what’s going on the world? What is Nori doing here?” XD
((I drew this about 2-3 days ago, but it took me posting here right now .3.))
Kaori Mizune (OC) © Kindness2003 (me)
Noriaki Kakyoin © Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hirohiko Araki
Software: Ibis Paint X

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Jia - January 18th 2021

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Signs that your man isn’t enjoying sex with you

Signs that your man isn’t enjoying sex with you

If you see these signs in your man, chances are that he wants you to do better at meeting his sexual needs.

What everyone agrees to, though, is that sex is very important to the happiness in a relationship. Sex creates stronger bonds, it is the one thing that you can’t [ideally] do with anyone else than your partner.

It is the exclusive thing you share with them and for that reason, it take a…


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Al lavoro un bambino mi ha detto che sono bellissima. La settimana inizia bene.

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