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arcane-apathy · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 14
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AN: Despite how long it took, I loved writing this chapter. This chapter is a bit of a wild ride, but it’s all on purpose. Thank you all for your patience recently, my writing mojo has been running low lately. But I shall persevere. Anyways, thank y’all for your support, and I hope y’all will enjoy this chapter! 
Taglist: @undying-vagabond, @libbymouse, @dovahdokren 
Warning(s): N/A
  Waking up to sunlight flooding into your room was something you haven’t felt in years. Windows weren’t safe in space, even on Mars. Warmth flooded into your room. The intricate camework on the glass casting delicate shadows across the floor. And the rays of sunlight hit the small crystals hanging above your bed, small rainbows reflecting on the walls around you. It was peaceful, and arguably the most beautiful room you’ve ever slept in. But, it was so weird as well. 
  The only thing that was weirder than waking up in a palace was attendants helping you dress. You were given a hot bath with scented oils, the attendants dressed you, and did your hair. Despite how relaxing it was, it almost felt wrong to be pampered. The attendants have now left, leaving you standing in front of a full-length mirror. Staring at yourself for a second time within the past few months, unable to recognize yourself. You’ve put on a little weight, your resting face was the sternest it’s ever been, the dark circles underneath your eyes only more prominent from stress, and in clothes you would’ve never been able to comprehend before. 
  The dresses you wore at the base were dull and pastel, purely functional. While your current dress was the exact opposite. The dress was garnet red in color, with long and straight sleeves, and a high neckline secured with a singular gold button. The sleeves had a wide white trim, decorated with marigold and robin’s egg blue embroidery. Like your outfits back at the base it was complete with thick tights, a semi-structured tank top, and a pair of cuffed capris underneath the dress. 
  A knock at your door shakes you from your reverie, coaxing you towards the sound. You were hesitant to open the door. You knew that there were guards outside your door as you were considered an esteemed guest. But considering nearly everyone in this building was a stranger to you, their presence didn’t help. With a small sigh, you open the door, mentally prepared to introduce yourself to someone new. But when you opened the door you were greeted with a familiar face, “Colonel Ayak, to what do I owe the pleasure?” 
  To see Laras nervous was rare, to see him rendered speechless was unheard of. He gawks just like you did when you first saw yourself in the mirror. Struggling to regain his composure, “may I come in?” 
  It was weird to see him again, especially since you tried so hard to ignore his absence, “of course.” You step away from the door and watch as he enters, closing the door behind him. Like you, he was dressed in traditional clothing, his shirt white with bright red embroidery and dark pants underneath. Even his hair was braided differently, a few beads adorning the ends of the braids. The last time you’d seen him so casual was the day the two of you had met. 
  “You look different in traditional clothes,” his hand was quick to lightly grasp your wrist.
   You couldn’t help but blush the second you feel his skin against your own, “I was thinking the same thing.” 
 “I missed you.” 
  It was your turn to gawk, looking into his black eyes and desperately trying to decipher his emotions, “you did?” 
  “Every day.” 
  “You didn’t say goodbye.” 
  “I know… I didn’t want to wake you.” 
  “You’re one of the few people who I want to wake me up before leaving.” The two of you just stare at each other, holding onto each other’s hands loosely. The warmth of his hand was the most comforting thing in the room. 
  “I thought about what you said,” he lets go of your hand to reach into the pocket of his tunic. “This isn’t exactly how it goes, but I’ll make it work.” You raise your brows curiously at the black box in his hand, watching closely as he opens it. “Normally I would have to meet your parents first and ask for their blessing… But that’s currently impossible. So hopefully your parents won’t smite me.” 
  You watch nervously as he opens the box, “smiting isn’t their style.” Once he takes the mystery object out of the box you quickly recognize it as a belt. The thick fabric decorated with white and gold beads arranged like an art deco wallpaper. “A belt?”
  “Monor’i tradition states that I must give you a gift that displays my skills or talent. Sadly I can’t go hunting in the middle of a city, but I had something to fall back on.” 
  He lets you take the belt, watching as you run your finger along the beads and the ornamental buckle, “you made this?” 
  “Everything but the beads and the buckle.” 
  “It’s beautiful…”
  Laras lets out a sigh of relief and smiles more, “I’m glad you like it.” He reaches for your hand again, your name coming from his mouth like a prayer, “I want to formally ask for your hand in courtship. Would you accept?” 
  This was actually happening. And you couldn’t help but smile like a kid on Christmas, “of course.” 
  Laras smiles and pulls you closer towards him. Kissing the top of your head like you were a fragile sculpture, “un bishyin un’ya.” While you didn’t exactly know what he was saying, the emotion behind it was there. A declaration of love. Laras takes your silence as confusion, and clarifies his intentions, “I love you.” 
  “I… I love you too,” you smile wider and pull him in for a hug. He freezes momentarily before wrapping his arms around you, keeping his nose pressed to the top of your head. “I don’t know how fashionable you are, but I’ll need some help with this belt.” 
  “Don’t worry shuro, I can help,” he smiles and wraps the belt around you. He secures the clip so it sits on your left hip, then takes a step back to admire his handy work. “Make sure you keep the clasp on the left side or do it in the back.” 
  “When the buckle is worn on the left side it means you’re in a committed relationship. If you wear it so the buckle is on your back, then it means that your relationship status is nobody’s business. I can move it if you’d like.” 
  “No,” you look down at the golden buckle, “it can stay.” 
  Laras's smile grows wider, “perfect. Come on, I’m supposed to take you down to breakfast, per Afanas’s orders.”
  “Afanas’s orders,” you scoff.
  “He said that I had to see you as soon as possible. Apparently, you were miserable without me.” 
  A tiny blush creeps to your cheek as you pick up your light brown shawl from the day before, “I suppose I missed you too.” 
  Laras’s hand gently cups your cheek, his navy pigmentation complementary with your own, “I’m here now, and I don’t plan on leaving you alone for a long time.”  
  “I’d like that,” you lean into his touch, relishing in the warmth of his hand. Monor’i had a higher body temperature than humans, an evolution to counteract the harsh winter temperatures. In combination with the layered clothing and necessity to cover nearly every inch of skin, it was effective. "I suppose we should go before anyone gets suspicious. And I'm starving." He laughs and pulls away for a second, only to return to your side. Moving your hand so it's nestled in the crook of his elbow like he was properly escorting you. 
  You chuckle at the thought as the two of you leave your room. The guards follow a short distance behind the two of you, instead of walking with you in between them like last night. Laras notices you glancing at the guards, "do you want them to be further back? I may not be a guard anymore, but they'll still listen." 
  "It's fine, I’m just not used to it... I don't mind it, I'd be lost without them," you smirk a little while Laras leads you down a stone staircase. 
  Laras chuckles, “I suppose you are directionally challenged.” 
  You use your position to your advantage, smacking him playfully in the side of the ribs, “oh shush. I’m a surgeon not a cartographer.” 
  “Let’s keep it that way.” You roll your eyes while Laras laughs at his own joke. Before you knew it you were entering an atrium with large windows, the morning sunlight pouring in. The atrium was rather plain, obviously designed to be a multipurpose room. The furniture in the middle of the room looked borrowed from another room. The rectangular  chrome table didn’t fit the hexagonal room very well. Unsurprisingly, your crewmates and Afanas already made it before you. All eyes land on you and Laras as soon as you enter the room.
  Senator Charik stands from her seat at the table, “good morning Representative, did you sleep well?” 
  “I slept fine, thank you Senator,” the two of you quickly kiss each other on the cheek. “Sorry for being a little late.” 
  “Oh, you’re not late, we’re still waiting on the food,” she looks you up and down quickly. Her eyes stopping at your waist, and her brows quickly raised. She looks into your eyes and then glances at Laras, and then things start to piece together for her. “You two are courting?” 
  “As of this morning, yes,” you could see from the corner of your eye that  Afanas nearly spit out his tea. 
  Senator Charik to the news with more grace, smiling wider as she watches you, “oh that’s wonderful. Congratulations.” 
  “Thank you Senator…” 
  “The King will be pleased to hear about this, and the Queen moreso.” 
  You frown a little, “Senator with all due respect, I try to keep my relationships private.” 
  “Representative, your relationship is the first of its kind. A relationship like courtship is already a rarity, but an interspecies relationship is unheard of on Monor’i. If the people know that Humans are interested in relationships, then they might be more willing to provide refuge.” The Senator watches you cautiously, “I promised to keep your people safe, but to do that I have to play politics.” 
  While you hated politics, you had to concede to her logic, “very well. I’ll do it your way.” The doors behind you opened and attendants in pale blue uniforms rolled in carts of food. You took this as a cue to take an empty seat besides Afanas, who still looked shocked. A small smirk tugs at your lips, “good morning Sergeant Ayak.” 
  “Don’t act like nothing has happened,” he rolls his eyes. The attendants begin to set plates of food on the impromptu dining table. 
  Ricarda hums in agreement, “it’s nice to see you took my advice.” 
  Now it was your turn to roll your eyes, “be quiet you two. I just want to enjoy a peaceful breakfast before I have to meet a royal family.” 
  Commander Wallace scoffs into his glass of fruit juice, “yay us.” Senator Charik sighs, knowing well enough that nobody within your merry band of Humans was excited for this. Especially since your ever-so-informative conversation last night. But, you all promised to look at least mildly interested in today's activities. Personally, you were nervous. You hated meeting with academy administrators in the past, you hated meeting colony administrators too. So, you could easily conclude that you would hate today just as much. 
  The Monor’i on the other hand were excited for you to meet their royalty, the women who helped you get ready earlier that morning wouldn’t stop talking about it. And while she didn’t show it, you could feel the excitement buzzing throughout the Senator. She smiles at the attendants once all the food is set, watching them leave out of the corner of her eye. “Well, today you don’t have to worry about the press. It’ll just be you and the royal family. Then tomorrow we’ll reveal you to the press.” 
  Hadiah uses her fork to gently poke at her food, “so, what is the etiquette when meeting the royal family ?” 
  Ricarda nods, the most excited out of your group, “will I need to curtsey?” 
  Senator Charik brows furrowed in confusion as she slowly repeated the word, “curtsey?”
  “A form of bowing used by women when meeting royalty,” Commander Wallace mumbles into his cup of tea. He frowns at the sight of your teasing smirk, “can’t help that I’m British, and we somehow haven’t abolished our monarchy like everyone else.” 
  Senator Charik nods a little in understanding, “if you’d like to, I’m sure the royal family wouldn’t be against it. Generally we bow with our left hand on our hearts.” You smiled a little at the simplicity, glad there was no ornate ceremony to it. Unlike Humans, the majority of Monor’i were left-handed. Even their deities and mythological figures were left-handed. Luckily for your people, they haven’t taken any offense to the right-handed nature of Humans. Especially in formal situations. “Afterwards they will greet you with the typical kiss of the hand or handshake.”
  “And if I wish not to be touched,” Hadiah questions. 
  “Then state it, they’ll respect it,” the senator smiles at her. Hadiah nods and accepts the answer before eating her food. While everyone eats Senator Charik and her assistant run over the day’s schedule and answer questions when necessary. The meal itself was wonderful. While the food was similar to the meals you’ve had at the base, the difference in quality and flavor was apparent. By the end of the meal you were full and some of your anxieties were eased.
  After breakfast your group was led into a room that Senator Charik called the Receiving Room. A room specifically designed for the royal family to receive foreign guests. The room itself was a little over the top, but that seemed to be the point. The royal crest hanging from a banner overhead. The tiles of the floors were ornate and full of colors, the furniture made of wood, and the upholstery was also colorful. Everything was truly the opposite of the base that you were so used to. And despite the warmth and comfort, your nerves were high-strung. 
  You remained standing under the direction of Senator Charik, waiting patiently for the royal family to arrive. By the chattering amongst the guards you could tell they were close. Surprisingly there was no flurry of fanfare as they entered the room. Simply just a pair of guards opening the double doors. While you didn't try to imagine what the royal family looked like, they weren't anywhere close to what your imagination could have taken you. 
  First of all they were young, the majority of them were children. Even the king himself looked younger than you. The young king smiled as he approached you, his skin amethyst in color and the white tattoos on his face matching the royal crest. He approached you with a look of pure childish excitement and with such a speed you nearly forgot to bow. “Please there is no need to bow Representative, technically you are not my subject and this isn’t a formal occasion by any means.” 
  “I strive to be respectful in all manners, Your Majesty,” you try not to fluster as he kisses your hand per tradition. “We Humans like etiquette.” 
  “I see,” he looks at you with such wonder, just like everyone at the base did when you first woke up. He then proceeded to introduce the rest of the royal family, which seemed to only be his siblings. Despite their young age they were graceful and very mature. Their clothes were also in the traditional style and despite their status were surprisingly simple. The only noticeable difference was the halo-like crowns they wore. Which weren’t too big or too ornate, the metal cut with sharp angles to match the art-deco style that you’ve seen everywhere. 
  Quickly you found out that the king and queen were twins, and they were only twenty years old. And they came to power after the tragic death of their parents. Something you had to remember to ask Laras or Afanas about at a later date. The rest of the royal family were their younger siblings, all of them looking similar in age. And while they all remained poised and respectful, you could easily tell they were still young at heart. Just the shimmer of pure excitement in their shadowy eyes was enough proof. 
  “While the circumstance of your arrival is a tragedy, we truly are honored to host you.” 
  “Thank you, Your Majesty. My people are forever in your gratitude, and whenever we are able to make contact with our own people again. I am positive that they will be as grateful as we are.” 
  The young king smiles as he finally sits down, motioning for everyone to sit as well, “we only did what was right, even if not all of my council agrees.” 
  “I suppose that is why we are here. To prove to your council and your people that sheltering us wasn’t a mistake or a waste of government funding.” The king looked shocked as you continued, “I’m well aware of the general public's opinion about us. What kind of representative would I be if I wasn’t? I’m also well aware that our visit is more about politics than hospitality.” 
  The queen just smiles, “Senator Charik was right about you. Quick witted and to the point. Now I understand how the conflict with Director Lashan was solved so quickly, you are a force to be reckoned with.” 
  “I wouldn’t say that Your Majesty, I simply want the best for my people. Conflict is not what I strive for.” 
  “That is comforting to hear,” she looks you up and down. Just as Senator Charik predicted, her eyes landed on your waist, “did you intend on wearing the belt like that?” 
  “Yes Your Majesty,” you chuckle a little as she tilts her head in confusion. “I am courting.” 
  “A Monor’i,” one of the younger royals gasps.
  “Yes,” you glance behind you to look at Laras, silently answering the question of who. 
  The king truly looked shocked, his eyes landing on Laras quickly, “Representative, you and your people continue to surprise me.” 
  “Hopefully not in a bad way.” 
  “No, of course not,” his expression of shock morphs into a look of admiration. “I foresee a promising future for our people Representative. But now we just need to convince everyone else.”
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sokos · 6 minutes ago
I've gotten into multiple discourses about female separatism and so far I've always seen the same harmful takes from most "radfems", especially lesbians towards opposite sex attracted women.
To be clear I'm talking about female separatism as a life style, in the sense that women should stop supporting our opressors and learn to be self reliant. To always choose female professionals when we can like choosing female doctors, supporting female singers, female authors, etc. And not the already existing female separatist communities.
I think we can all agree that having sex or relationships with men has a lot of danger and negative effects for women. And i don't think i even need to explain why that is. I do believe staying away from relationships with men is always the best and safest option for women.
The problem starts when we demand every woman to either only have sex with other women or stay celibate for the rest of her life. Making it seem like this is the easiest thing in the world to do. The problem starts when OSA women are insulted, degraded or ridiculized when they recognize the difficulties of this plan and how it's not something that every woman can or wants to do. The amount of times I've seen OSA women being called "d*ck worshipper, troon, or handmaiden" for defending this point of view is concerning and not at all what feminism stands for.
The truth is that any person with a healthy sex drive would want to explore their sexual desires in a free way. Heterosexual women feel attracted to men and they can't change that, no matter how much feminist theory they read, no matter how much negative experiences they have with men. Sexuality isn't a political stance, i thought we all had understood that already. Shaming them for feeling attracted to our opressors is not really going to get us anywhere.
Celibacy is not impossible, multiple women around the world currently practice it and they live happy, healthy and normal lives. But it's not as easy as people here make it seem either. Refraining completely from your sexual desires takes a lot of willpower, incredibly rooted values, and even discipline. It's also not something that happens overnight. To demand that from every OSA woman is not only unfair but it also won't be recieved lightly from most women around the world. More than half of the female population is heterosexual and i don't really think they will accept to be told that they're awful people for living their sexuality freely, or they're not real feminists or they're not helping in the liberation of women from opression, especially if these ideas are expressed by an already unpopular group like radfems.
This is something that lesbians don't understand. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that lesbians have any privilege over OSA women, that would be tone deaf and ignorant to say knowing the heteropatriarchy we live in. But it's obvious that lesbians will never have the problem of feeling attraction to their opressor, and the cognitive dissonance most OSA women experience when they learn all the evil men are capable of but still feel sexually attracted to them. That's why it's so easy for most lesbians to say that completely kicking men out of your dating pools and lives in general is not a difficult task. I don't think this is the right idea to push onto OSA women, separatism isn't an easy choice.
The right way to teach women about separatism is through compassion and patience. For example I'm a febfem, i kicked men out of my life for the most part, I'll never date any man for the rest of my life despite feeling attracted to them. But i understand this isn't possible for every bisexual woman. I understand that most bisexual women have a preference for men and even though they do like women, they have trouble approaching relationships with them. This is normal. And i have patience towards them when i explain the dangers of dating men. I don't insult them, instead i inform them of all the ways they can be self reliant, all the other ways they can stop supporting men and focus on women instead. I teach them to form strong boundaries and have high standards so they don't give a chance to any man. I teach them that if they still want to date a man despite learning about all the dangers, they should be careful and leave that man as soon as they encounter the first redflag. Something along the lines of what @radicallyaligned does when giving advice to OSA women on dating men. This is the right way to introduce women to female separatism, not through degradation, guilt or shame.
We must have compassion and patience for all women, especially the ones who are still unlearning the male socialization they grew up in.
To defeat opression, the opressed have to be united. I know that social media activism isn't even half of what the radical feminism movement is, but it sure is an important part especially in this era. Having constant in-fights between radfem circles is not going to help get our ideas across. Of course we can disagree, the point is not that we become an echochamber where everyone thinks the same things. But defending our opposing ideas in a healthy and mature way, without insulting and degrading each other, shouldn't be that hard to do.
Sorority is the key of everything.
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sebastiianstxn · 8 minutes ago
𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓲𝓮 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓲 ❁ 𝓫𝓾𝓬𝓴𝔂 𝓫𝓪𝓻𝓷𝓮𝓼
Tumblr media
chapter seven • a/n: guess I can't work without a shit amount of fluff • wordcount: 1.9k+ • warnings: someone drops the d word. Bucky in full stepdad mode & the perfect bf. Readers still bit sad. Just a lot of fluff with a dash of angst.
going through rough years after losing your husband, you try to raise your daughter the best you can. With the help from the wilson's you make the best of it but the road is bumpy when sam introduces you to his friend.
tag yourself here
masterlist - chapter six - chapter eight
Tumblr media
'Hey honey, how are you holding on without Riley?' 
'Riley would've loved that.' 
'Riley this, Riley that.' 
It's as clear as day to bucky, getting over Riley isn't easy while living in a town like this. Though the people had good intentions, they brought your mood down without noticing. Clearing your throat and swift in your seat uncomfortably but the fake smile perfected throughout the years and a voice confident, answering those damned questions with answers rehearsed a billion times. They'd never know. 
Bucky noticed the quick shift on your face when the elderly woman retreated back to her seat a couple of tables back and he noticed the mask you put back on, be the bigger person, be the mother of your mini version sitting beside you. – everytime Bucky thought you were going the right way, the good days outweigh the bad; a simple question like that throws it all off. The struggle of getting you out and about, days out like the ones the three of you used to have; it all felt useless, getting an sadder, angrier and more tired version of you back.
He stayed, he promised. He refused to leave, he cares. you, Rosie and even if it takes years, he's willing to stay right here by your side, he loves.
and as your brow pinch together in concentration as you and Rosie struggle to figure out the toy that came with her lunch– it hits him, he hasn't seen a genuine, bright and happy smile on your face since the one-week-only back in Brooklyn and he wonders if this place, this town really was meant to be your home; why'd you stay?
Everything in this town reminded you of him. The park and the nightly strolls, near the pond where he dropped on one knee and popped the question. The church brings back memories of vows and promises forever. The people that loved him, the town's hero- you, the grieving widow and worst of all, the two bedroom apartment filled with the good and the bad memories. 
The only reason you stayed being the wilson's but with the fight, that friendship came to an end. 
And it's overwhelming, bucky had given you space, gave you a breather, a break from that busy life, gave you time to take care of yourself, time for yourself and though you'd told yourself things with bucky were good, something Riley would accept, the time for yourself gave you the opportunity to really grieve. For the first time in four years, the pieces finally came together. Riley wasn't coming back. 
Showing it is a hard task but you're grateful for the man who decided to stay with you even after all the times you'd tried to kick him out, called him names, got angry at him. All the times you were nothing but a zombie getting through the day. You love the man like you loved Riley, if not a bit more, the way he's around rosie and with rosie adding that little bit more.
But you're afraid to love, the last time didn't work out that great. 
Bucky watches the two of you, munching away on his own food. Sees how frustrated you get with each passing minute, the toy in your hands not being the reason. Bucky offers his help, knowing you're going to snap any minute. 
There you go again, getting in your own head. isolating yourself in your own bubble. Masking the trembling lip and needing to yell, sob, letting go of the anger by chewing away on your lunch. 
"Here." Bucky hands Rosie back her toy, a toothy grin shot his way "you finish your food, so we can go home, okay?" 
and as he reaches his hand over the table to lay it on top of yours, he curses the people and his heart aches when you move your hand away before he can even reach it– god, when's the last time you let him touch him and why won't you let him.
Tumblr media
It takes a lot of convincing he's got everything covered– thank god your boss is the most chill person he's ever met. It takes a lot of pleading, the best for you and rosie, a few days away from the toxicity of this town, clear your mind, maybe even get a glimpse of the real you back. I takes him days before you agreed 'for rosie' 
Traveling back to his home, Brooklyn seemed the best decision bucky had taken in a long while. With each passing day, you let him be there for you, let him back in. 
Sleeping pills still deep in your bag and trading the couch for the actual bed to sleep in- still seas apart from bucky but still, he takes it. The peaceful and calm written on your face while asleep was something he'd missed for weeks. Talked with more than four words, less cold shoulders and agitated moods- joke around with rosie again, letting her use you as a makeup doll or mess up your hair in an attempt to braid whenever she pleased without getting on your nerves. Healing, Brooklyn is healing you with baby steps. 
Bucky never pushed, never asked or pleaded; just let you come back to your senses and led you take the lead. After all, that's all he wanted when he came back after his last mission. Peace, calm, serenity, time. But if he could, bucky would move you and rosie to Brooklyn, into his brownstone home forever. 
And for Rosie, it wouldn't take much convincing. The flight to Brooklyn blowing her mind and the busy streets downright unbelievable. The size of Bucky's house and the huge bed she got to sleep in picked right out of her dreams. You however would need some convincing, though the only thing stopping you being your job.
Bucky is okay with it. 
"You okay?" His words are whispered as he catches you walk into the living room, barely audible above the loud laughter of another cartoon on the tv.
You hum in response and still in front of the couch, watch the tv quickly and to your daughter curled up on Bucky's side, enchanted by the figures. Wordlessly you sit yourself down on the couch next to Bucky and you hesitate for a second or two before gently grabbing his hand and place it around your own shoulder and lay down, your head in his lap, a 'hey mommy' from the girl next to him.
So simple and an action done dozens of times before, the way you spend most nights before things went south and yet, bucky is taken by surprise. For the first time in months you let him hold you, touch you– his hand finding its way to your hair. Soft fingertips ghosting along your hairline or massaging your scalp and with each little twist of his fingers, he can feel you relax and it warms his heart to be here again after so long. Right in-between two of the most important girls in his life.
Tumblr media
"Daddy, stop!" 
Bucky isn't sure if he heard it right or if the loud giggles and mumbled word from Rosie screwed with his mind, fooled himself but then he stills the tickle monster and draws his hand back, smile dropping and heart beating fast. 
The laughs and giggles from Rosie never dying as she clumsily stands up on the soft mattress, wobbles on her feet and let's herself drop on Bucky's stomach, temporarily knocking the air out of his lungs. 
It's a play fight the two of them had so many times before, becoming a routine every morning after crawling in between both of you– did she just call him daddy? 
Turning his head aside, he searches for your face, ready for the disappointment on your face but instead is met with a pair of sleepy eyes and a smile– genuine and warm. So goddamn pretty 
"Did you hear that?" Bucky all but whispers. 
Not expecting an answer back, communicating still not great, Bucky is once again taken aback by the sarcasm and playfulness in your voice when you speak up.
"What are you deaf now?" 
"Wow, I did not miss that." Bucky jokes back shocked
Subtly and out of sight from Rosie, you flip him off under the covers‐ at least you had hoped but the horrified 'ooh' that leaves your daughter's lips tells you otherwise.
"You did not see that." you mumble sleepily. 
"I did." Rosie says back cheekily 
"You weren't really subtle." Bucky states with a grin on his face and looks back to the little toddler moving around on his stomach "mom's not being very nice." 
You roll your eyes, pull the sheets further up your body and watch the duo carefully "what did you just say to bucky?" 
You know what she said, she's said it before so casually but bucky never heard and funnily enough, you had peace with it. 
'Daddy is the brightest star and bucky is my new daddy'
Rosie shrugs "I don't know." 
"What did you just call him?" 
"Daddy." Rosie states, casually as if it's the most normal thing to do. 
Bucky's heart swells, growing ten times its size. A tight lipped smile on his face and swallows the lump in his throat. He did hear it right there the first time and as the girl looks down at him with her big puppy dog eyes, he swears he can cry right there and then. 
"That's mommy," Rosie says, pointing a finger at you before pointing back at bucky "and you're my daddy." 
Another toothy smile and a giggle makes bucky turn his head aside again, met with another set of puppy dog eyes filled with adoration and love – the two of you are going to be the death of him.
Years of living the wild lifestyle, going from party to party, have a fling here and there and no real vision of a possible future with settling down, he found all just that with one silly agreement. 
"Mommy says you're old." Rosie says, changing the subject like always. 
"No," you argue back "I did not say it like that." 
"What did you mean then?" Bucky asks curiously, feigning offense
You shrug "said you were hard of hearing because you're old." 
"I'm sorry?" 
"You don't listen to mommy." Rosie giggles back. 
"Alright," bucky nods "okay, that's it." 
Without a warning, bucky wraps his hands around rosie her waist and carefully throws her aside of him on the soft mattress and smoothly roll onto his side, large hands on your sides and fingers digging into your flesh and the laughter that echoes through the room sounds like a beautiful melody to his ears, something he's missed so much. 
"Stop it!" It's all but a gasp for air through giggles
"Sorry, I don't listen." 
The rubbing of his stubble against your cheek, the cheeky bite on your earlobe and the fingers digging into your sides arouse another fit of loud laughter that's mixed with the soft chuckles of bucky and the giggles from rosie– desperately climbing over bucky to save you, more laughter filling the room as bucky keeps pushing her away. 
"What's wrong with you?" You laugh and squirm to get out of his grip– it stops. 
His fingers still digging into your sides but softer, he looks up to scan your face with a wicked smile on his own "a lot if you don't let me kiss you." 
And all that he wished for, after months of little to no intimacy; you place both your hand on the sides of his face and connect your lips in a long awaited and perfect kiss‐ the smile on Bucky's lips against yours. The both of you chuckle as Rosie still tries to climb over bucky.
His heart flutters again, skips beats so fast he might go in cardiac arrest and his stomach twisting and turning. 
He's found home.
Tumblr media
Taglist; @farfromshawn @nicollettemarie @wooya1224 @felicityofbakerstreet @agentmstark @sierrax023 @lilyevanswhore @qhbr2013 @buckybarnesobsessed @themaddies-obx @aloserwithoutacause @aanngie @sebby-staan @sweetth1ng @starrystarkey93 @libidinexx @dontputyourfckingdrinkonmytable @gasly-kvyat @brown-bi-beautiful @peter-laufeyson @im-squished @meshlababy @lindseyrae20 @cb97skies @qwccrr @ssprayberrythings @yougottalovefandoms @jbcalway @realgaytrash @natyvwe
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denwamacska · 11 minutes ago
Just the idea of her freshly sharpened claws trying to penetrate his Bungee Gum makes him hum with pleasure. The desire to break her on the spot, to destroy her talent and see her on her knees in front of him pulls his head back a little. The fabric of his trousers tightens. The familiar friction between his legs, in seconds like these, licks treacherously at his mind, which appeals to his desire in a low voice. Doll isn't ripe yet. He must be patient. Still, Hisoka supports himself with his arms reaching back, taking a breath, groaning as the small stimulus between them awakens a different impulse in him than expected.
Doll [A Hunter x Hunter Fanfiction]
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bakugousdumbass · 16 minutes ago
Bakugou X F!Reader As GIFS
Bakugou HC
Genre: fluff
Warnings: the last gif is a little spicy 🌶
A/N: My requests are open, have a good day!🤙🏻
How He kisses You
Tumblr media
This dude LOOOVES holding you by the neck, he thinks it gives him more access. It really depends how he kisses you, he’s mostly an aggressive kisser. But when he’s feeling soft, he loves being gentle with you.
How He Hugs You
Tumblr media
Bakugou isn’t really a fan of hugs, but the bby tries his best. When your sad he gives you THE BEST BEAR HUGS 🥺 if your out in public, he’ll have an protective arm wrapped around your waist.
How He Cuddles You
Tumblr media
Plz he secretly LOVES cuddling, he loves playing with your hair as you doze off. When your passed out, he loves whispering “I love you” “I’m always here” “Your my baby” he also loves giving you back rubs.
How He Comforts You
Tumblr media
Plz I know for a fact he’s amazing at comfort, once he sees your tears he goes full on protective boyfriend mode. He’ll hold you tight in his arms as he kisses your head, he whispers sweet nothings in your ear. He’ll tell you to let it out and everything will be okay, he’ll call you “Baby” “Angel” “Babycakes” knowing how much you love when you call him that.
When He’s In The Mood
Tumblr media
Ohohohoo when he’s in the mood ✋🏻🥴 this MF goes full on savage mode‼️ loves smacking and squeezing your ass, it turns him on more.🤭👀 Loves telling you how beautiful you look all bare in front of him, FULL ON MAKE OUT SESSION‼️ his tongue exploring your mouth, teeth clashing, everything you can think of. Good luck trying to walk the next day 🤭
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crw21964 · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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figofswords · 17 minutes ago
ohhhh nooooo I’m adding a complicated and morally grey but ultimately tragic female character to the lighthouse comic aha I don’t have a problem I’m not predictable
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becca-e-barnes · 18 minutes ago
I loveeee your writing omg. Would you write something fluffy where Bucky is just a cute doting father to be even though it’s not the reader’s first pregnancy? Thank you lovely 🥰🥰🥰
Thank you so so much for your request!! You absolutely made my day, you have no idea! 💕 I hope this is what you wanted, soft Bucky deserves the world!
Tumblr media
Word count: 1,730
Warnings: Fluff, teeny bit of angst but I think it makes the fluff sweeter?
Summary: You and Bucky are expecting your second baby so Sarah throws you a little baby shower. Just Bucky being super cute and really excited about the new baby while absolutely doting on your son.
Your son’s excited squeals tore through the calm of the late afternoon. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself, setting down the tea towel you had been using to dry the dishes and turning to look out the window, into Sarah’s back garden. Your little boy toddled around on the grass, being chased by AJ and Cass, shrieks of excitement escaping his tiny mouth as the two older boys jumped in front of him and made funny faces, sending him into absolute hysterics. He was still laughing happily as he did his best to run away from the silly older boys, who seemed to be having just as much fun as your Ollie was.
“I wish my boys were still that small, they grow up so fast,” Sarah smiled lovingly, watching her own sons dashing around, entertaining your little one.
“They don’t stay tiny for very long, do they?” You replied softly, rubbing your growing belly. Sarah had been kind enough to organise a baby shower for you to celebrate the fact there was another baby Barnes on the way. You hadn’t really wanted a baby shower in truth but Sarah had insisted she would keep it small and she had kept her word, only inviting Sam who wouldn’t have missed his best friends’ baby shower for the world. It was just a small get together at her house and it had been a lovely day but she had cooked an insane amount of food and of course you couldn’t leave her with all the dishes.
A pair of strong hands landed on your waist, snaking around to clasp together on top of your belly. Your husband hummed contentedly in your ear, his lips leaving tiny featherlight kisses on your neck as you watched your son playing happily.
“Have I ever told you how gorgeous you are?” Bucky asked softly, his lips curving into a little smile against your skin.
“Only about eight times a day Buck.” You laughed in response, resting one hand on top of his.
“Hmm… Remind me to do that more often then, eight times a day isn’t enough for the mother of my children.” Came his whispered reply, making you roll your eyes. His thumb stroked lazily over your swollen tummy and you heard him draw in a deep breath, taking in the smell of your perfume.
This felt like home to him. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t physically standing in the little house you two owned together, his family was here. He had spent so many years, not even able to dream of this moment. He hadn’t even let himself imagine it, not feeling like he could ever do enough good to deserve the kind of joy you brought him. While you brought him more happiness than he could ever have dreamed of on your own, his son was a whole other source of joy in his life. He was truly obsessed with that little boy, reading to him constantly and telling him how proud he was to be his father. From the moment you found out you were pregnant with Ollie, Bucky had went into overprotective dad mode. He went to every single doctors appointment, read every book and blog he could find and spent hours decorating the most insane nursery. He wanted everything in his baby’s life to be bright and happy so the nursery had been a light yellow colour with big bright planets painted on the walls. He had even stuck glow in the dark stars to the ceiling and spent hours building up the crib (because no, he didn’t need the instructions, thank you very much). You had kept the Ollie’s gender a surprise, neither of you wanting to find out until he was born. You were doing the same with this baby but you knew Bucky was hoping for a little girl this time. He absolutely doted on your son, there was no doubt about that, but he longed for a little princess he could completely spoil. Not only that, but he wanted a little girl that looked just like you. Ollie was Bucky’s double, he had his big bright blue eyes and his dark hair, it was hard to pick out anything about your son that you could say he had got from you and you knew Bucky was desperate to see if a little girl would have more of your features. Of course, so long as you had a healthy little baby, he didn’t care if it was a boy or a girl really. He would love this new child as unconditionally as he loved you and Ollie.
A shriek from Ollie brought you back to reality and you turned to give Bucky a quick peck on the lips. But with Bucky Barnes, there was never such a thing as a “quick peck”, his handsome smile had you hooked, and the smile only grew with each chaste kiss you planted on him, making him more and more irresistible.
“Gotta finish these dishes Buck.” You chuckled, hoping he would stop looking so damn adorable so you would be able to resist him. He plucked the dish cloth from the counter and hid it behind his back.
“Go sit down Mrs Barnes, let me finish them.” He smiled, kissing your forehead tenderly. You didn’t need him to tell you twice. You pulled up a chair and sat down, letting your hand rest on your bump as you read through Sam’s handwritten card again.
Bucky finished up the cleaning and started putting everything away. When he had finished, he glanced over and saw you had fallen asleep, the card still sitting in your limp hand. A little smile played on his lips at the sight of his tired out wife, he lifted one of the baby blankets that Sarah had gifted your new little one and hunkered down bedside your tummy. “Go easy on your mom, kid.” Bucky whispered before pressing a little kiss to your belly and then laying the blanket on top of you.
You woke to the sound of screams coming from the garden, wondering what mischief your boys could be getting up to without you. Looking out the window you saw Bucky, carrying Ollie under his metal arm like a football while the little boy screamed with delight. You weren’t sure which of your boys was enjoying themselves more honestly. Bucky tossed Ollie into the air, not too high, but high enough to make your stomach lurch, giggles erupting from your son as his daddy caught him again. Bucky ruffled Ollie’s dark hair lovingly, making a rocket ship noise before throwing him again and catching him with ease.
“Mission control, this is Oliver Grant Barnes, ready for lift off.” You heard Bucky say in a silly voice before he tossed your son into the air
“He’s a damn good dad, I gotta give him that.” Sam chuckled from behind you. You hadn’t even known he was there.
“Isn’t he? You’d think he was made to be a dad.” You smiled, glancing back out the window and seeing Ollie under your husband’s flesh arm, with AJ and Cass hanging off the metal one.
“After all he’s been through, that dude deserves a loving family. Happiness looks good on him. And that kid of yours is the most adorable little man on the planet.” Sam mused fondly. “And I’m not just saying that cause he has the coolest godfather ever.”
The evening light faded fast and Sarah insisted the three of you stay the night, not wanting you to start the long journey home in the dark. Ollie had passed out on the little pull out bed in AJ’s room so you decided not to disturb him, you and Bucky both tiptoeing in to give him a goodnight kiss.
“Night buddy, sleep well.” Buck whispered, giving him a little kiss on the cheek after you had done so before tiptoeing back out and closing the door quietly behind you both. You flopped onto the couch in a heap, your body sore and ankles swollen from such a busy day on your feet. Bucky plonked down beside you, lifting your legs over his lap so you could lie back and relax while he give your feet a little rub to help ease the pain and swelling.
“Can’t wait for this little one to make an appearance.” You sighed quietly, looking down at your belly.
“God, neither can I.” Your husband agreed, placing his hand on your tummy. “Bet they’re gonna be a genius like you.”
“Or they might have your sparkling sense of humour,” you teased. He leaned over and kissed you gently, smiling as he did so. Either way, you both knew this baby was going to be one of the most loved in the entire planet.
“What did I do to deserve you?” He whispered, a slight glimmer of tears starting to form in his eyes as he stroked your belly lovingly. You knew he struggled with this, feeling like he didn’t deserve the overwhelming happiness you brought him. After Ollie was born, he refused to hold his son with his metal arm. He knew the pain and suffering it was capable of inflicting and he would be damned if he let his son get caught up in that. It took you, sitting in his lap on the wooden rocking chair, holding your newborn and wrapping both of his arms around you for him to finally warm to the idea.
“That arm reminds you of your past Buck, but this is your future.” You had soothed, careful not to wake the sleeping baby in your arms. His heart had almost melted as he tenderly stroked his metal thumb against your son’s cheek.
“You do deserve this Bucky. I swear you do. You’re an amazing father.” You soothed, pulling him out of his thoughts and back to where he sat on the sofa. You sat upright and ran a hand through his short dark hair.
“You hear that, kid?” Bucky asked your tummy. “Your mom must think I’m pretty cool” he laughed quietly. He had come so far since then and it made your heart swell with pride. “You are one special woman, Mrs Barnes.” He smiled, eyes bright with love and excitement and hope for the future as he pulled you into a tender kiss.
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starrybrock · 19 minutes ago
elysian fields ✧ lance tucker & ransom drysdale
taglist | masterlist
inspired by: these asks (one, two, and three) from @rebelemilu
pairing: mob boss!lance tucker x fem!reader x mob boss!ransom drysdale
summary: when two of the most powerful men in the city decide they want you, they’ll stop at nothing to make you theirs, even if it means having to share. 
word count: 1,447
warnings?: 18+ MINORS DNI, all porn no plot, sort of enemies to lovers?, fingering, choking, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it y’all), daddy kink, spit-roasting, oral (m receiving) double penetration, anal, biting, degradation, 
Tumblr media
Neither Lance Tucker nor Ransom Drysdale were the kind of man to take “no” for an answer. And why should they? They each had more power in their pinky finger than most men could even dream of having. If they wanted something, it was theirs. No questions asked. That had never been an issue before. Both men were able to get whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. But the thing about men like them, it was only a matter of time before they wanted the same thing at the same time. 
You opened a charming little bookshop in the middle of the city. You were a sweet little thing that was oh, so blissfully unaware of the raging wars between the competing mobs. No, you were all sunshine and soft sweaters and pretty sundress. You kept your nose pressed to your books, barely paying any mind when you had one or both of those mob bosses coming into your store nearly every day, dropping off little presents they were convinced you’d love and each offering to take you out for the time of your life. But every day, you’d turn both of them away, something about you not being interested in dating at the moment. 
Stupid little thing. You didn’t even realize the two men both wanted to take care of you, tuck you away in their respective bedrooms and never let you see the light of day again. To the both of them, you were theirs and they were both determined to make sure that you knew it. The issue was, when Lance and Ransom realized that they were both pursuing the same little bitch, both were ready to stake their claim then and there. But when they realized you lived right smack in the middle of their territories, right in the heavily contested grey areas, it was only made more complicated. 
For a long time, they were hellbent on trying to eliminate the competition. But when that proved to be fruitless, they realized their time could be better spent working together. If they both had their eyes on the same prize, after all, it only made sense that use everything they had to get what they wanted. For several months now, they’d been working on combining their forces, ironing out details, finding the perfect house to make your new home. And now? Now everything was fucking perfect. All they needed was their little doll in their arms.
When you were invited to some gala at the biggest manor in the city, you were confused. You’d never connected the dots between your invitation and the two men who never seemed to leave you alone. Even when a beautiful royal blue dress showed up on your doorstep with a note that read “we can’t wait to see you again, doll x”, it still never clicked.
But, when you arrived at that manor and found that you were the only one there, you knew you were in big trouble. The two men, Ransom and Lance, as you’d learned during their constant appearance at your door, stood waiting for you at the bottom of a grand staircase. One of them, Ransom, held out a hand to you, tugging you close when you placed your hand in his.
“Been waitin’ a long time for this, petal,” he said, a smirk curling across his face as he began to walk up the stairs, pulling you with him. Your head spun around to look at Lance, confused, but he offered no answers for you. No, he only followed closely behind, his eyes training your ass as Ransom brought you into the master bedroom.
Lance, as the last one in the room, shut the door to the bedroom behind the three of you. And then they descended on you like wolves, pulling you into whatever direction they so chose as Ransom shoved his tongue down your throat and Lance sucked hickeys down your neck. You groaned, one of your hands flying up to grip the back of Ransom’s head, pulling him closer.
But, just quickly as it began, it just as quickly ended, both men pulling away, leaving you completely breathless as you waited for them to make their next move. 
“Want us to fuck you?” Ransom asked, his hands slipping up your dress as he tugged down your panties. He pushed his knees between your legs, forcing them apart as his fingers disappeared in your cunt. “God, she’s already so fuckin’ wet for us.”
Lance pressed up against you from behind, his hand sneaking around your throat. The cool metal of rings felt nice against your flushed skin, you whimpering as his grip tightened. “Oh, you like that, little slut?” he taunted. “Want Daddy to fuckin’ choke you like the fuckin’ whore you are?”
“Please,” you cried.
“Please what?” He pressed his fingers against your throat even harder, and you were sure you’d be nice and bruised come morning. “Tell Daddy what you want, you fuckin’ baby.”
“Want you,” you sobbed. “Want you both inside me, please.”
“Your wish is our command,” Ransom said while Lance released his grip. Lance moved away from you, Ransom tugging the zipper on your dress down and pushing it down your hips. He palmed your bare breasts for a moment, licking his lips, before he spun you around and forced you onto your knees on the bed. “All you gotta do is ask, petal.”
“How’s she feel?” Lance asked, as Ransom pushed you face-down into the mattress, the head of his cock brushing past your slick folds. 
“Feels like I’m in the fuckin’ Elysian Fields,” Ransom groaned as he pushed his cock as far as it would go, gripping your hips even harder. “Takes my cock so fuckin’ well.” 
“That good, huh?” Lance said, grabbing a fistful of your hair and pulling your head up so you’d look at him. “Hear that, little slut? Thinks your pussy’s like heaven. Wonder if your mouth’s just as good.”
He brought his cock to your mouth, hitting your cheek with it before forcing it past your lips. You choked against him, unprepared for the intrusion, but was quick to hollow out your cheeks and bob your head back and forth, your mind becoming clouded with pleasure. He grunted as his grip on your hair tightened, his hips snapping forward as he forced you to take him even further. “Mm, I was right, princess, feels s’good,” he moaned as his warmth filled your mouth and you struggled to swallow it all. “Take everything I got princess, be a good little bitch and you’ll be well rewarded.”
Behind you, you could feel Ransom’s hips sputtering as he painted the inside of your walls. But he didn’t spot rutting against you, not until you were screaming as you came. “Move,” Lance was saying as he pulled his cock from your mouth, “wanna take her ass.”
Ransom disappeared from behind you, Lance taking his place. His touch was surprisingly gentle as he gathered your slick and dragged it up to your hole, prodding you until he determined you were ready enough to take him. Ransom was settling underneath you, pressing your face against his chest while Lance forced the head of his cock past your hole. Though weak, you tried to crawl and squirm away, but Ransom held you so tightly that you had no chance to get away. You lunged forward, your teeth clamping down on his shoulder as he pressed his cock back into your slick folds again.
“Mm, she likes this,” Lance grunted as his hand wrapped around you, his finger circling over your clit. “She was fuckin’ made for this.”
“Course she was, fits us both like a fuckin’ glove.” 
You didn’t know how long you stayed sandwiched between them, your body used for their pleasure as they chased orgasm after orgasm. You’d long since lost any awareness of what was happening, the high they were giving you the only thing on your mind. By the time they pulled out for the last time, you were thoroughly fucked up and just ready for the sweet bliss of sleep.
“Aw, look, little baby’s all sleepy now,” Lance cooed, his voice almost soft as he picked you up and pulling the comforter back before tucking you in. He and Ransom slid into bed, too, lying on either side of you, Ransom pressed against your front with Lance at your back. “Took us so well, just like we knew you would. ”
“You’re all ours now, petal,” Ransom said, pressing a chaste kiss to the side of your head as you nestled in his arms. “We ain’t ever gonna let you go.”
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ot3 · 24 minutes ago
Here's the <fucking Ace Attorney Assistants Essay> anon! I ab-so-lu-te-ly agree with you, really! All of them have depth (that's why I emphasised so many times that I love them), only the archetypes are similar! But compared to male characters, I just think there's less diversity, that's all. We've got plenty amazing male characters, a little less plenty but still amazing female characters... and some similar by archetype (but not by the character) second-plan assistants. Still love them all. Still care about them.
Thank you for your essay, you continue to amaze this community for your dedication!
YOURE DEFINITELY RIGHT THERE DEFINITELY IS LESS DIVERSITY.... it's sad... but im glad to know you still love them ! sorry for the essay you didnt even need in that case then LMFAO.
happy to be here! i love ace attorney!
maybe aa 7 will surprise us with some out of the box female characters! (<---delusional)
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leeg · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
This was supposed to be a sketch for funsies but I got carried away lol. It is on Redbubble:
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