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Ali Miller  —  Greener Grass  (oil on panel, 2018)

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Just a fun little idea I got from drawfee. You take a red/blue pokemon back sprite and draw what the monster would look like from the front! So here’s a turtle/cow/goat thing. Based off of ditto’s back sprite!

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My first art of 2021! This started out as an idea to draw a Ginkgo leaf themed piece. Instead I settled on a winter theme, which I’m going to make this the first drawing in a set of four illustrations based on the seasons (which means I get to revisit the Gingko theme at a later date).

I’m really pleased with how this one turned out plus it was a lot of fun to work on. The flowing hair was particularly satisfying to draw, especially adding the stray strands of hair at the end. I also enjoyed trying to make the piece feel cold. I experimented a lot with getting the snowflakes to look like ice too.

I’ve already started work on Spring and begun thinking up idea’s for the other two seasons.

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[ID: Digital art of a dark skinned black woman over a blue background. She wears a blue dress with a white fringe, blue lipstick, and a white flower in her hair. She’s leaning over to look at something offscreen. :END ID]

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Sketching at work


Working on my realism during down time at work. Cat skull and girl in shadow.

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i’ve done a sketch of the scarecrow, for reasons known only to me 😂 tbh I could’ve spent 3 hours on this, but I forced myself to quit after an hour. one day I might do a full piece of him. i love the Wizard of Oz

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The New Years Sale is Ending February 1st 2021- last chance to grab any of my one of a kind handmade creations for a discount + an additional 10% off your entire cart for subtotals of $50.00 USD+ upon check out! Free shipping available as well!

Greetings everyone- I hope that this new year has started off better than the last for everyone. It has been nearly a month since my last shop update- I’ve been pleasantly busy keeping up with my orders- and getting them shipped to their new homes ASAP.

I just wanted to take a moment to reflect as I sit here on my lousy 30 minute break at my retail day job. The lottery (Mega Million) here in Florida has finally hit the mythical 1 billion dollar mark for the second time in the last 5 years I’ve worked the customer service desk at this store. You can imagine that it’s an insane asylum in here without me delving into detail.

When I first decided to sell my creations, I knew that it would be slow going and that I most likely wouldn’t make enough to quit this lame ass job and live off of my art, especially with COVID19 changing our economy, I was grateful at the beginning to just have work, but it’s getting old. I have been loyal and reliable to this company for over 5 years and have barely been able to pull more than $2 more than what I was making when I was first hired, even with being cross trained to operate like a floor manager. I knew that I couldn’t open a store front here as the last “witch shop” we had here (totally shocking we had one at all- this town is mostly 65+ Christian Conservatives) only lasted about a year before having to close its doors and the owner being forced to sell her remaining inventory online.

Long story short, I never in a billion years anticipated the amount of popularity my shop has gained over the last few months, where I officially opened back in January of last year, my most profitable months were October through now into 2021. I stuck to it, kept paying the fees out of pocket, stuck with selling on Mercari as well, and now- well, my best selling item originally was made as a pentagram pendant until I realized it might look just as awesome as a rune set.

Earth element / Gaia rune set, made by my hands just for you. each is one of a kind, created using dried & paper flowers, reindeer moss, and other foliage in clear resin
Earth element / Gaia rune set, made by my hands just for you. each is one of a kind, created using dried & paper flowers, reindeer moss, and other foliage in clear resin
Earth element / Gaia rune set, made by my hands just for you. each is one of a kind, created using dried & paper flowers, reindeer moss, and other foliage in clear resin

I have sold a total of 20 one of a kind Elemental Earth rune sets to date! With each created individually so that they are as unique as their future owners. :)

This is not the only rune set for sale in the shop and t encourage everyone to request a custom set if you do not see a design that calls to you! Each one includes a personalized scroll like the one shown about your rune set, storage bag, and free resources to learn to use your runes for divination and more!

I only need to make approximately 6-7 sales a day to make MORE than what I am making at my day job. To everyone that takes a bit of time to view my shop and even make a purchase, no matter how big or small it may be, YOU help me get one step closer to my dream of taking my passion for creation and spirituality full time. You get the benefit of helping not only a small business, but a solo female spiritualist and artist.

I am always open to suggestions and accepting custom orders as well! Even taking the time to reblog / share this post on other social media is a HUGE help and any others like myself who are struggling to live their dream, please feel free to comment with your own shop/platform!

Here’s to supporting all women (really anyone who isn’t a white middle aged man) in business and art!

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