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#female character

Something from my main art account.

Done in Medibang paint.

Insta : nyctophilely

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large adopted family wanted on a jcink premium, real-life beach town rp located in the florida keys. open genders, open faces, open personalities. lots of love!


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❂ Adoptive father (fc age 50’s, Javier Bardem shown) for a young woman (Summer Bishil), husband to her mother (Jennifer Lopez).  Basically some sort of warrior who rescued her scientist mother, they fell in love, and he raised the child she was already carrying.  Lives in a high tech area on a Viking-inspired snow planet, and there is an option to throw him into a dream-spy plot a la Inception!  Would have a wife and daughter on site as well as plots with wife’s ex-husband/daughter’s bio-dad, wife’s first daughter, and more!  Very open want ad, very open face, very open direction!

Full ad can be found HERE.

(following ad contains trigger warnings for loss of a child and addiction)

❂ Open parents for a polyamorous family (¼ parents taken! 7/8 kids taken!).  Family owns a prominent weapons manufacturing company, could lean into Succession vibes.  Pictured are Carla Gugino and Cress Williams, but faces for a white mother, Jewish mother, and black father are open (fc age 50’s).  Lots of plots available as the family still reels from the loss of middle daughter over a year ago and the various winding paths the children take.

Full ad can be found HERE.

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I just started InuYasha and I just want to say I FREAKING LOVE Kagome y’all. She’s smart, brave, strong, and kind. She just deserves the world🥰


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Beatrix is one of the best characters and u can’t change my mind

Fate: the winx saga

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The Myth, The Legend, The Baddest Bitch of all ~ Katherine Pierce

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Adora x Blind!Reader

Summary: You have a nightmare about Shadow Weaver but Adora is there to calm you down.

Warnings: N/A


You sit up fast taking in a deep breaths. You frantically search around for something to hold to bring you back to reality. It would be easier if you could see but your world has been pitch black since the day you were born. You feel the bed shift and someone wraps their arms around you. Your immediate reaction is to hit them and get out of their hold. “Y/n calm down it’s just me.” Adora says with a rasp in her voice from just waking up. You almost instantly relax in her hold.

“Spirits, y/n you’re sweating!” Adora says as she feels you against her. She gets up and opens the window to let the night air in before returning to bed. “You wanna tell me what it was about this time?” You let out a sigh and lean your head back against Adora’s chest. “You know the usual.” You say as you snuggle closer to Adora, hoping to just fall back asleep. “No, no, no. Nice try but you gotta talk about it.” You roll your eyes before turning on your side and put your arm across Adora’s torso.


You shake your head as you wake up, feeling groggy with pain in your back. “Y/n!” Glimmer says with a sob of relief. “Glimmer? What’s going on?” You say going to reach forwards and try to feel anything. But when you move too much you get a shot of electricity through your body. “Ahhh!” “Y/n! Don’t move we’re trapped in like dark magic electric handcuffs or something.” You let your head hang in defeat, at least when you can touch the floor you know your in a room and not super high in the air or something.

“What even happened?” You ask Glimmer, who you want to guess is to the right of you. “Catra, Scorpia, and some others hijacked the Princess Prom and got you, me, and Bow. We’re in the fright zone now.” You nod your head in understanding, “Well shit.”

You don’t know how long your in the Horde until you hear Adora’s voice. “Let my friends go Shadow Weaver!” You hear as you hear something fall. “Now, now.” You hear Shadow Weaver say as she walks around. “Adora… Welcome back to the Fright Zone… I see you’ve grown some attachments since you left.” You feel a cold hand caress your cheek. “And one so weak at that.” She says as she she squeezes both of your cheeks, letting her nails dig into them causing you to cry out in pain. “Stop! Look you can do whatever you want with me but please let my friends go.”

“Adora no!” Glimmer says as you feel Shadow Weavers hand leave your face. “Let her go! Adora!” You could hear Glimmer struggling against her restraints and realized something was definitely going down. You start struggling too, even though you still probably wouldn’t be much help until you got your bearings. “Grrr ahh!” You hear some noise  come from Glimmer and hear a body fall. “Adora! Please tell me you haven’t lost your memory!” “Are you guys okay?” You ask worriedly as you stop moving, letting your body take a break from being shocked. “We’re… we’re good.”  You hear Adora state and you hear footsteps walk up to you. “We’re gonna get you out of here okay?” Adora asks as she tries to keep you calm, she knew not touching the ground or anything was killing you. “Here pass me that.” You hear Adora say before loud banging noises start and you fall to the ground in a heap. “Owww…” “Sorry, let’s get going.” Adora and Glimmer help you stand and start leading you out of the room.

You had been following Adora and Glimmer for a while, having no clue where you were going when you were suddenly shocked in the back. “Ah!” You let out a scream as you curl into a ball and fall to the ground. “Catra!” You hear Adora yell as you feel Glimmer helps you stand, letting you lean onto her body for support. You had been shocked way too many times today for a normal person, you were surprised you hadn’t passed out yet. But now you were definitely going in and out of consciousness. You don’t even remember leaving the Fright Zone. The last thing you remember from that day was Bow saying that Entrapta was gone and feeling Adora hug you even tighter than she was before.

*Flashback End*

“I just can’t stop remembering Shadow Weaver’s hands on me and the fact that I can’t watch my own back… I just feel like a liability to you guys sometimes.” Adora grabs one of your hands puts her hands on your face like Shadow Weaver did. You melt into her hands because of how warm they are. “You feel that?” You nod your head. “I will do whatever I can, touch you however I can until you forget Shadow Weaver’s touch and only remember mine. (That sounds a lot more sexual than it’s meant to be.) As for being a liability, you never are and never will be. You to me, are a breath of fresh air. I love you, I love your imperfections, I love the way you try and help everyone. You may think your a liability but trust me when I say that you are an asset to the best friend squad and Princess Alliance. ”

You start crying at Adora’s proclamation and it scares Adora. “Oh no! Did I say something wrong? I can take–” You cut off Adora’s ramblings with a kiss on the lips and pull her into a hug. “Thank you.” You say as you snuggle into Adora. Adora uses it as a chance to lay back down with you on top of her. You lay with your eyes closed, completely relaxed and feel as Adora traces out letters on your back spelling out, I love you. You fall asleep that night with a smile on your face and mind clear of nightmares.

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Fellow Ministry wives, a friend group of women married to powerful Ministry officials. Inspired by the portrayal of Henry VIII’s wives in Six the Musical.

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wanted on after midnight ✨

zayn malik/open with a flexible background wanted as the third adopted child out of five into a loving and supportive family.

sabrina carpenter/open wanted as the youngest of three sisters who were basically raised by the eldest after the death of their mother.

maia mitchell/open wanted as a half-sister in a complicated, forging a connection style plot with older brother who was absent most of her life.

jordan fisher wanted as the george weasley twin in a messy, vaguely shameless inspired crossover family of seven tight knit half-siblings.

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I want to forget. I do not want to be a person. I want to unbecome. My head is filled with dark thoughts, most of them are just stored in just in case I need them, to kill myself.

Now you see, I am not big on the idea of suicide anymore like I was, but these days are getting more empty and more unbearable. I use whatever I can to make the time pass. I sit all day and watch and watch and pretend that I don’t count the seconds as they pass by. A recipe for a miserable life. give man all the time in the world and they will spend it wondering why they haven’t killed themselves already.

Whoever created us wanted us to suffer. They give us a consciousness and put us on an abounded rock? I’m sorry but whoever’s sins we are paying for I think it’s about time we are done with this payment. I hate everything about being a human. it is silly, once you realize what it is all about, it is never easy to go back to the state of unknowing. Ignorance truly is a bless. Those who don’t give two fucks about the meaning of life and blindly trust in an outer force that controls them are far more at peace. But I guess it is just a matter of choice; to live and not give it a thought, or to spend your entire life wasted, wondering about the “meaning” of all of this. Maybe i’ll just grow out of it someday. Meaning bullshit, meaning that is transparent; you think you almost had it, but it easily slips through your fingers as if it hadn’t even been there. And it never will. Stop this. You need to stop this stupid wondering. But man I don’t have anything to do. In the emptiness of these days one eventually runs out of distractions. Eventually I am left with my thoughts.

The headaches are constant. At times they are bearable and I don’t give them much thought just as I wouldn’t with the act of breathing, but there are times when I can’t even lift my head because of the pain.

I don’t know why that is, but I do not feel like communicating with any of my friends, or anyone else really. I do miss being social, but these days I just want to keep to myself. I don’t mind that really. Or not as much as I did five months ago, to be more honest. I haven’t been drowning in self-pity like I usually would, but it still happens from time to time, though I try to catch myself and stop. It isn’t really anyone’s fault that we have the lives we have, it is merely luck and nothing but luck, and I have made my peace with it. But still I sometimes wonder what could it have been, had my luck been any better, but then again there are all kinds of luck, and I think I am biased to one kind that I think with turning around might change my entire being.

I do not think I am going to kill myself anymore, nor that I want to. You see, I’m really curious to see what will become of me. I like to think of myself as a character in a story, and this character has faced so many ordeals already, so what if I have suicidal thoughts now and then? At least I am aware of my cowardice, aware of my fear of death. To thine own self be true. And to myself I am. I know I will not kill myself because I am a coward. Because my curiosity towards my own future derives me to stay sane enough. I know I will be something, I know it. And I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Let this character grow. I am not going to kill myself because I want to witness the universe burn with everyone else. If I go down, at least I’d like to not be the only one. I do not wish to die alone.

The little details, it is the little details that keep me sane. The quiet that lingers in the early morning. The bitter taste of coffee… Funny. I can’t think of anything else.

This scene has already happened way too many times. Me sitting on the single couch of the guest room, two empty cups on the small table beside me, one with the trace of coffee, the other with the last drops of water spared. Members of my family start waking one by one, they wash their faces and notice I am in the other room, wave good morning and vanish into the other part of the house.

This house man. It is big and still I sometimes feel claustrophobic, like I’m trapped inside it. As if this house is the only space left for me on this earth. One step outside and I feel as if I have broken a secret pact with the stones that make it stand.

I just want to disappear.

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Character design for portfolio)

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Lost Boys: Female Michael Emerson 

“It is too late, my blood is in your veins.“

The story started and ended differently when Michelle Emerson entered the vampire world. Her world changed when she came to the murder capitol of the world and found a family of her own. A forever lover(s). Being immortal suited her and soon the town was drowning in their own blood as she embraced the lifestyle. 

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