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#female poets
touchmymindfirst · 2 hours ago
Here I am standing, in front of you
More than naked —
you flayed my skin
Nothing to hide,
nowhere to hide
My halo is faded —
Exposed muscles, oozing flesh
You're drilling, digging
You want to know what
You want to reach my heart —
Hands deep in red
Just a little bit more
You will find out what I'm hiding
From the rest of the world
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sophiathesailor · 5 hours ago
Future past and present
You’re not my future
Yet you tell me how you love me always
You’re not my past
Yet you haunt my footsteps with your memories
You’re not my present
Yet I cannot disentangle my heart
My life is weaved around yours
However far I am from you
I’m with you yet never there
Our fantasies fuel our blood with fire
I cannot take a breathe without feeling you
Erasing you is impossible
Living without you hell
What is this life if not with you
Every night my spirit roams freely
Finding you in my dreams
Passion ours in the twilight of delusion
My body mind and spirit yours
My future past and present only mine
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soulwr1ter · 7 hours ago
The Finding
Let it blow over
Let it not matter
After all
You have been
Through worse
Much worse
And you survive
It all
Because you
Are strong
don’t need
To grow
Stronger in your
Sense of self
You don’t need
You know
Your own
And that
Is enough
That is why
Despite all
Your struggle
You keep
Back up
All writing belongs to me.
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everytimeyousaygoodbye · 9 hours ago
Our love, was a collage of stolen moments
A sudden kiss on the forehead
Brushing your fingers against mine
As we walked the busy streets
Mid day coffee, letting our eyes meet
Whilst, the world around stops
A morning text, a late night call
Hushed voices, mumbling laughs
In the world of white and black
Our little abode painted in colours.........
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tabby2013 · 15 hours ago
Quote of the Day - April 19, 2021
Quote of the Day – April 19, 2021
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ignorancest · 16 hours ago
I waited so long for someone like you
like I wait for the sunset to fill the blue sky with warm colors.
But my feelings are not yours
the sky won’t wait for me
and you too, won’t.
Tumblr media
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hellorheels · a day ago
Do You Know
Do you know how many years it's taken
To see my bare skin
And love it?
Do you how many times I tried
To forgive the face in the mirror
Before it took?
Do you know how many nights
I only ever seemed to be sliding backbackback
Before I could tell
I was moving forward?
We are all first drafts of our favorite stories
Before we can be glossy hardcovers
And we are all the hero
Hidden in the pages.
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mandiepoesie · a day ago
She pierces my heart With its warm thorns A cloud of petals On which my ear Rests passionately
— Mandie Poésie
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I tried to build our life,
but I wasn't part of your next chapter.
Now I'm left burning pages
of our 'what could have been',
because you thought
you could be happier with her.
You cast me out
in a split second,
but I'm still
failing to erase you.
Maybe you never forget
a heartbreak,
the one you thought would mend you
burning your life to ash.
Maybe you're stuck on my mind
for ever and ever,
because you had the courage
to run from whatever hope
I was clinging to.
I stay away
from your side of town,
from your mother's smile
as she waves from her car.
I collapse on my bedroom floor
because the waves hit hard
when I don't have the high
to spiral them away.
Maybe leaving me was effortless,
and you've forgotten my name,
but I still taste
cologne and cigarettes
when I head down
that lonely boulevard.
-Remnants of breaking.
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tabby2013 · a day ago
Quote of the Day - April 18, 2021
Quote of the Day – April 18, 2021
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artisticmind · a day ago
He makes me cry every sunday
tears run down my face
why I wonder why I am not enough
I can’t not keep you in my life anymore
if that means I’ll get hurt by you
but just the thought of you leaving
hurts and scares me more
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janeladrua · a day ago
I am still waiting for you,
Cause I know that
I can be more than just a memory.
I'm still looking at you,
Cause I know that
I can see more than just your energy.
So take my rose,
Just like you took my soul,
Cause I know that
We can be more than just friends.
So accept my rose,
Cause you already took my soul away.
Maybe I will not stay,
But I’ll still be waiting for you,
I’ll still be looking at you.
-Janela da Rua
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nikkitajiri · a day ago
Tumblr media
This Wed April 21 to Sun April 25 I am giving away this Kindle eBook for free. (Murmur Rumble Roar: Poems About Climate Change)
Please download it and then review it. Did you love it? Did you hate it? Let me know in the review.
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rosallorona1 · a day ago
Some people know just how to break me.
And never let me rebuild myself.
I feel like a broken toy, dancing even though I'm burning from the pain.
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