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#female poets
crazy-hira · 2 days ago
“I Could Not Escape From You." 💔
"My Soul Favors You Endlessly.” 💔
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The lily of the valley,
Whom you had a rendezvous
With, has bloomed atlast
No longer she blushes at your glance
Fragrance of her souls
Fills the valleys, she has untied
The beauty, she was caged in once
The soul you met,
Has personified the sun............
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the-stars-collided · 7 hours ago
All the witches the world scare you over, were just normal women in dark times who wanted to eradicate social inequalities and strived to be as powerful as the men of their age
But they will never tell you that
They will tell you that they were miserable, horrifying, beasty women who wished to suck people's blood out of their systems. The truth is, they were the women who were sucked on by the society's menace instead
All those bitches, witches and snitches were nothing evil. But patriarchy enforces that free women are ugly women, kind women are lonely women, and independent women are creatures you must never think of becoming like
Patriarchy wants you to remember that having your own beliefs, ideologies and lives is a sin for women. However, it's a sin that goes one way only. That it's okay as long as it's a man who's doing evil. Because they are better, wiser, more rational and less emotional than us.
You must not listen to them, you must never. Ignore what they want you to hear because whatever they're saying is nothing but a pretentiously self-effacing way to self sabotage you.
They want you to drown because they think the ocean is all theirs
You must make your own way no matter how many paths you cross over and no matter how burnt your feet get, you must never give up and trust someone else to bring cold water for your wounds
We've been giving up all over history and I'm going to put an end to this. I'm going to make up for those innocent women they killed and raped for something they did right
I'm going to tell them that being a woman is the least shameful and most dangerous thing about me
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a-moonlit-poet · 2 months ago
I looked into the mirror
I didn't see myself.
I saw the person
who has seen a lot more
than I ever did.
I saw the scars;
which others found fake.
I saw all the pain
which others call mistakes.
I traced my fingers over the wounds
that no longer hurt.
The dried up blood
from the deep cuts of bloody words.
I devoured the eyes
which are tired yet beautiful.
I tasted the lips,
which are hiding some unspoken truth.
I love her.
I love the person she has become.
I fell in love
With the flaws that make her.
All her imperfections
That slowly builds her up.
She is everything
I ever hoped to be.
And also someone
I could never ever be.
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noamago6 · 4 months ago
eu não sou mais a pessoa que corre atrás. eu não sou mais a pessoa que manda mensagem procurando ou buscando por sinal de vida. eu não sou mais a pessoa que implora por atenção ou consideração. eu não sou mais a pessoa que liga mesmo sentindo uma saudade absurda corroer o peito. eu não sou mais a pessoa que sustenta a desculpa de que "talvez esse seja o jeito dele" quando claramente é a falta de interesse que reina no ambiente. eu não sou mais a pessoa que demora em lugares onde não cabe, onde não tem espaço, onde não se encaixa. eu não sou mais a pessoa que dá o braço a torcer por medo de acabar sozinha. eu não sou mais a pessoa que prioriza relacionamentos ao invés da própria saúde mental. eu não sou mais a pessoa que estaria disposta a se perder só para encontrar qualquer outro. eu não quero ser assim. eu não preciso ser assim. e zé, é melhor você estar ciente disso.
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wildflowersinme · 2 months ago
I don't think there's a name for what we were. We weren't friends. We weren't lovers. But we made each other smile in a way that didn't make sense to our rational brains. I guess we made each other happy, until one day, we didn't.
- augusta, until one day [part i]
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shethepoetessblog · a month ago
I found the most beautiful version of love with you.
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Thing that once shattered my heart into thousand pieces Today gives me million reasons to live, thing that I was once afraid of ,Gave me the safest place.
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everytimeyousaygoodbye · 2 months ago
I'm a prisoner to my dreams,
Beyond the muffled screams,
Breathing in lucid reality
Exhaling the very existence of me
As the sky gets lighter,
My soul tends to escape
As, night befalls, I'm
Locked in cages,
I'm a prisoner to my dreams..........
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maybelovesamystery · 8 months ago
grief is not linear but rather appears in waves
some days you drown in its thrashing waters
suffocating tears drown over you
and some days you will be granted stillness and tranquillity
even on the grey mornings
just before a downpour
but the clouds will clear eventually
and the sun will shine through once more
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a-musingmichelle · 3 days ago
I will wait I will wait for you here In the stillness of my heart That occurred as soon as you left me I had hoped you would stay Until the end of our days But I understand your spirit had to go When you are ready or When you need A place of solace or refuge I will open my door to you And my hearth shall be your home Forever, if you want it to —Michelle Dana Sabado
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