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Truffés Supplémentaires:

£ Tendo originally gave y/n his phone number in case anything happened or any changes were made for the order.

£ Little does y/n know he also just wanted to talk to her a lot more cause our boi is in love y’all!!!

£ Y/n tends to be quite introverted with people she is meeting for the first time. But people who have known her for a long time know that she’s the devil.

£ Idk if I’ve said before but y/n here, is 100% French. Yachi is half Japanese-half French.

tag list: @ems1des @paradisevie

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Pairing: Buffy Summers x fem!reader

Request: Hi I love your writing , may I request a Female reader x Buffy where they go on a small date and the reader is clueless it’s a date cause they’re awkward and Buffy thinks it’s cute 🥺💕

Requested by: Anon

A/N: I’m back writing (slowly, very slowly) and here with Buffy and a female reader no less – hope this is what you wanted anon !! 💜🖤


Originally posted by buffy-slays19

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Rating: Explicit (18+)
Pairing: Boba Fett x F!Reader (established relationship), Din Djarin x F!Reader
Word Count: 1.4k
Warnings: voyeurism, unspecified age gap with both men, sexual exploration, sharing, unprotected sex, pullout, Boba’s throne, Din being a simp 4 u.

Summary: Boba let’s you take a ride on with Mando.

A/N: @escapedthesarlacc​ has a rly big brain and I consider her the patron saint of Boba thots. Her headcanons live in my head rent-free, and I definitely had them in mind here 💖


Originally posted by fettboba

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This One-shot is for @mostly-marvel-musings’s “600 follower challenge.” Thank you for doing this! 

Pairing: Tony Stark x Fem!Reader

Summary: After Tony’s death he decides to create a “plan” to say goodbye to you.

Warnings: Fluff and Extremely Sad.

Word count: 2593

A/N: I cried a little bit writing it. Sorry for my spelling and grammatical mistakes, English is not my native language, I am learning.


This is perhaps the saddest, as well as the most romantic, story you will ever read. Yours. The fantastic, like the quotidian, was in your day to day life. You made the most important decision of your life, to give your heart to the one you loved, even though you knew there would come a day when he would break it. Tony Stark was not an ordinary man, in any sense, but he was the man you wanted to share your life with, the man who drove you crazy in every way, but also the man who made you smile every morning when you woke up next to him.

Like other married couples you had your ups and downs, his work at Stark Industries took up a lot of his time, but what really bothered you was his second job as Iron Man. Every time he put on that suit, your heart would crack, and it wasn’t until he returned to your side that it would be forged again. Fear took over as the years went by, but all you could do was support him 100%, because it was his choice.

After the snap, you realised the opportunity that had presented in front of you, an opportunity among millions that the vast majority did not have, you were together, to move on and to have a new beginning. But still a wide guilt rolled around you, “why us?” The years passed and though you chose to drastically change your life, to move away from the big city and find a nest of love and peace, you knew that Tony’s mind was still working, searching for an answer and a solution, realising it when the group of avengers came to ask for his help.

A considerable period of time has passed since all these events, but you know that it was this that triggered you to find yourself standing in front of the lake with one of Tony’s closest friends right now.

“Before he left for his mission,” Happy began, “he asked me to give this to you if anything happened to him.

You wiped away a tear that slid down your left cheek before you looked at him. Tony had made his choice and you supported him all the way, but you never believed that the pain could consume you like that. You focused your gaze on a small device Happy held in his hands, it was tiny, metal and had a small button. 

"What is it?” you asked, taking it between your fingers.

“I’m sorry, I have no idea Y/N.”

You took a deep breath and pressed the button lightly. Instantly a hologram of Tony appeared before the two of you. You almost lost your balance in surprise, you didn’t expect to find him in front of your eyes, sitting in a chair, in his Tom Ford suit.

“Hi honey!” said little hologram Tony waving his hand. “I hope you’re not watching this, but in case you are, that means Happy has delivered it to you and I’m not with you right now.”

You put a hand to your face trying to hide the pain you were feeling as you listened to him speak again. Little Tony was also silent for a moment.

“Anyway,” he got up from the armchair he was sitting in. “I have a plan! I couldn’t leave for the mission without saying goodbye to you, well in fact I just did and quite well, right now you’re in the bedroom trying to pull yourself together ” Tony flashed a half smile and shook his head.

You couldn’t help but smile at those words.

“Well, on to what we’re going.Honey, I hope this doesn’t get into your hands, but if it does, I have a thousand things to tell you and it’s impossible for me to do it right now. I was hoping to have enough time to tell you for the rest of our lives, but it’s not going to be possible,” he sat back down and clasped his hands together. "Listen, ever since the guys came to pay me that visit and we realised we could turn things around, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that something might go wrong with the mission, and you know how I am when I get an idea in my head.“  Tony laughed and it brought a smile to your face.  Tony laughed and it brought a smile to your face. "I’ve been planning this ever since, I’ve thought about all the things I’d want to tell you that I haven’t told you and all those special dates I’d love to spend with you that I won’t be able to. So I have a plan! And I need you, honey, to help me,” the little hologram got up from the couch again and put his hands in his pocket and approached the camera. "First of all I need you to wipe the tears off your face and show that beautiful smile to the world, and Happy too, but except for the smile thing,“ you both let out a small laugh between tears. "Secondly, I hope you’re wearing that black dress I like so much, the one with the back slit, you know,” you rolled your eyes and nodded, you were wearing it.“And thirdly, I wish I didn’t have to ask you this, but I need you to go to the lab, in the safe you’ll find a letter, it’s the first of several that will be coming to you.”  Tony lowered his gaze. “I can’t tell you when you’ll get more, but I promise they’ll arrive when you least expect them.By the way, the password you already know what it is, on our wedding day " 

In the background, your voice could be heard, urging Tony to return to the room.  

"I’m coming honey!” after he responds he turned his attention back to the camera. “Sorry, my beautiful wife claims me,” you smiled and sighed approaching the camera, meeting Tony’s face in its fullness. “Honey, you know you’re my only weakness. I love you.”

Just as he had appeared the hologram disappeared and a void formed again in your heart. You took a deep breath trying to undo the lump in your throat and taking in every word he had said. You looked at Happy who looked as puzzled as you were.

“Did you know about this?” you asked with mixed feelings.

“I promise I didn’t,” Happy held up his hands in innocence. 

You quickly walked away from the lake and headed towards your cabin, people had left a couple of hours ago, but Happy had chosen to stay with you. You opened the door quickly, followed by your friend and you both walked down to Tony’s lab. His things were just as he had left them a couple of weeks ago, as no one had gone in there. You made your way to the safe, hidden behind one of the works of art, and entered the password.

Just as Tony had said, there it was, a white envelope with your name on it, next to a set of clothes, waiting for you to take it in your hands and open it.  Before you did so, you looked at Happy who seemed to be anxious to discover the contents as well. You didn’t know what Tony’s “Plan” was, nor if it would be beneficial or painful for you, but that mattered little at that moment, because all you needed was to see him, to hear him, or in this case to read what he had written.

You opened the envelope and read it:

“Hello honey, 

I guess if you are reading this envelope you will have seen the holography and I guess it is the "day”, so I have a surprise prepared for you, read carefully. What I need you to do is to get everyone out of the house, Happy can stay, take off that dress, Happy won’t be there when you do that, and put on the clothes I’ve left with the letter. 

When you’re ready, just tell F.R.I.D.A.Y. to brief you on the use of your armour. I know, I know you’ve never been in favour of it, but you need it. F.R.I.D.A.Y will explain everything you need to know, you just let go, trust me. Go out and free yourself, eat the world.


That was one of the first letters Tony had planned for you. As time went on, they came to you once a month, as well as on special days, such as your birthday, his birthday, your anniversary, etc. He had planned every minute of those days. Tony knew you so well that he knew what you might be thinking, or how you were feeling. On the one hand, he covered the loneliness you felt without him, but on the other hand he made you feel even emptier and reminded you that he would never be with you again and you could never spend those moments together.

At first it was rewarding, but as time went on you realised that it was impossible to evolve, you had entered a loop from which it was impossible to get out. You spent your days waiting for a letter that might not arrive, and wondering when his “plan” would come to an end and if you were ready for it. Happy was supportive in that sense and tried to keep you grounded, as you both knew Tony best.

One evening you were doing what Tony had instructed you to do in the last letter you had received, the one for your fifth wedding anniversary. Along with it Tony had sent you a black dress along with a pair of high heels, informing you that you were not to leave the house before 8.00 p.m. and to head for the lakeshore when you were ready.

Happy was sitting on the couch trying to hide his concern about the situation that had dragged on for two years. After finishing your touch-ups you said goodbye to him and complied with Tony’s details. You had no idea what you were going to find, but as you left, you could see a small square table in the distance, decorated with candles, waiting for you. As you arrived you noticed that a faint song began to play through a small speaker hidden behind some flowers, your song.

“I guess thanks for that, F.R.I.D.A.Y,” you said looking at the diamond bracelet Tony had given you when you got engaged that was connected to his AI.

“It was me,” you turned around to find Happy’s voice behind you.

You frowned and looked at him, realising that he was holding a pair of white envelopes in his hands. A state of nervousness and confusion took over your body, and without being able to say a word you pointed to his hands.

“These are the last of them,” he whispered, stepping in front of you and handing them to you.

You smiled, finding tears gathering in your eyes, and nodded, taking them in your hands.

“I’m sorry Y/N,” Happy said with a shake of his face. “He made me promise not to tell you anything, and I couldn’t refuse to help him either. Even if I wasn’t totally on board with this crazy plan. You know how he is.”

“I know,” you bit your lower lip smiling and wiping the tears from your eyes.

“They’re the last ones,” he repeated again. “After today, you’ll have to move on without them.”

After those words Happy went back the way he had come, and instead of taking a seat at the table you approached the edge of the lake. You had before you the last words Tony had written to you. One of the letters read “To the love of my life”, while the other read “To that person”. Puzzled, you opened the one that said “To the love of my life” first.

“Hello again honey.

How is everything going, is Happy still keeping his nerves under control in this situation? I hope he is and that he has delivered this letter to you.By the way I don’t know how the situation has developed, but don’t be angry with him, I made him promise not to tell you anything until it’s all over, and as you can see that’s the point.

The thing is, I’m not going to be able to write any more, today is the last day before I leave for the mission, and if you’ve finally been getting all the letters, this has to be the last one. I just made you the recording that Happy will give you if things don’t go as planned, and you are begging me to come back to our bedroom with you. 

I guess everything I needed to tell you I haven’t been able to do, you know there are a lot of things I’m good at, but in expressing my feelings in words I’ve never really excelled.

I’d love to know what you’re thinking right now, or how you feel about the "plan” I’ve created. Although I also don’t know if you’ve been able to make it this far, or if you’ve decided not to go through with it anymore. Happy has orders that the moment you say “enough” it’s all over, I don’t want you to suffer. 

I just want you to be happy, I want you to be as happy as I have been by your side, I want you to show your beautiful smile to the world, I want you to get everything you want.

My honey, I’m going to dedicate these last words to tell you how you changed my life, how you offered me everything I was missing, without even knowing it. You agreed to marry me, you made us a family. And that’s what I want for you.

Even though you may feel sad and insecure right now, I need you to show that you are the strongest woman I know and move forward. May you live that wonderful life you wished you had, may you do crazy things, may you meet people and fall in love. May you feel love again, may you rediscover it with someone who makes you happy and may you start a family again. 

Please don’t be afraid, I am well and I will be well. Don’t think of me, think of yourself, and if you think of me, know that I will be watching you and taking care of you every day. I want you to know that I couldn’t leave our house without thinking that you will never feel that way about anyone again, in case I don’t come back.

Having said that, honey, it only remains for me to leave you a new letter, a letter for that person who restores your faith in love, who I know you will find one day. I just want you to give it to him or her when you are sure.

So sweetheart,



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600 Milestone Challenge Masterlist

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“Hey is there somewhere you can meet me?”

She kept staring at the text he had send almost an hour ago, laying on the bed in the motel room that had become more of an accomplice in this sordid situation she found herself in…

Maybe found wasn’t the exact word, she was an active participate - every time he came to her she would gladly make herself available, from canceling plans she had with others to straight up abandoning every sense of logic just to be with him for a couple of hours before they both returned to their lives.

Staring out at the city lights through the window as she waited for him her mind kept wondering… If around the vast and somewhat cruel world was there someone that found themselves in the same situation as her; did they do the same as her? did they put a stop to everything? how did they felt about it? did they felt guilt or choose to ignore it?

Did they tell themselves that the one they were with loved them and only them?… That there wasn’t somebody else?

Because that was all she was in reality… Just someone to warm the bed while the one that actually deserved his love and attention was left with a cold and empty side beside her…

Did she lie to herself? Her heart telling her she was the only one for him while her mind screamed that there was someone else that had captured his time and attention?

She stopped herself before her thoughts got the better of her.

It wasn’t healthy to think about the other girl while her boyfriend waited for a text from someone that, by all means, was better not existing in their perfect bubble of a relationship…

But she knew what she was doing, as she wrote a response to him, she allowed herself to be put in such a place because all she wanted was the love and care that he had no problem showing when they were together, hiding inside a motel room as if their love was as forbidden as that of Romeo and Juliet.

He must love her, right?

Why else would he choose to keep seeing her? Why choose her to begin with? It’s because it was love right? He loved her, even he would never admit it and would keep his girlfriend by his side…

…but he loves her… just as much as she loves him…

“same place as usual”

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Rodney Skinner (The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen) x Reader (Female)

Warnings: Swearing

Genre: Romance

Summary: Y/N is a simple girl with big dreams. She works hard towards her goal of travelling the world, seeing all it has to offer. She’s also a devoted student, one with the hopes of one day fulfilling yet another dream of becoming a fashion designer and leaving the town her and her sister have been stuck working in. Her stars align and fate smiles down upon her one day when a rather mysterious man makes his way in the café she works at.

Requested by Anon. Hello there! I’m so terribly sorry to be posting your request so late, dear. I hope the fic makes the wait worth it. This is the first time I’ve been introduced to this character and this movie in its entirety and I absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for the request and for your patience. Please enjoy! Love, Vy ❤

“Close that book, Y/N! Your shift’s starting!“ My manager scares me half to death when his voice suddenly booms throughout the empty diner. 

It’s close to one in the morning and I’m stuck with the shitty overnight shift tonight because my older sister wasn’t feeling well. I arrived early while my friend still hadn’t finished his shift and decided to kill time productively by studying behind the cash register. Even though my shift has started, there is no real reason for me to abandon my book considering how dead the place is. Dead, eerie and unsettling. It’s 24/7 diner in the middle of seemingly nowhere. Well, our town in general is a big ‘nowhere’. If you came here on vacation - no you didn’t. You probably got lost along the way to a different destination. If you live here - good luck, hope you get out soon.

A young, 5′2 girl with only a can of pepper spray to defend herself with left in a café working the shift from one to eight AM. That’s simply ludicrous! I can hardly believe my manager has the audacity to leave like this. Not even a ‘call if you need anything’ out of politeness. Nothing! He doesn’t like any of the workers here so I don’t take it personal but he’s EXTRA mean to me because my sister turned his offer of a date down. It’s a surprise he hasn’t fired the both of us yet. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if he’d be doing damage or doing us a favor by firing us.

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Part 2; things are brewing. VIBE

“Do you know the spiritual meaning of 11? What about in numerology? You’ll find it quite intriguing, funny even… until it starts making sense.” You’ve witnessed and harnessed the way and days he had grown to be; this fic enumerates the trials of the 11th before he became a Harbinger under your care. From strangers to mentor to friends to love- Childe made a grave mistake, now you’re once again strangers.

Pairing -> Childe x Harbinger!Fem!Reader

Word Count -> 5217

Themes -> Friends to admirers, mentor, fluffy, suddenly ANGST

Series -> #Sojourner Specials (600 Followers Event) Part 1

Warning -> Blood and injury


Maybe it was stubbornness, his unhinged desire for the thrill of a fight, or you mistaken misguidance. Many possibilities, really, but Childe knows it had nothing to do with all of those. You’re not to blame for his mistakes, but he sure as hell would have to pay for the mess he just created.

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Day 3


You woke up the next day slowly. You blinked you eyes a couple times trying to get the blurriness to disappear. You felt something warm against your back and turned around to see Toni holding you close. You woke Toni up and you both walked over to the Fire Dot had started. Weirdly, Shelby wouldn’t make eye contact with either of you. “We need to make a shelter.” Dot said as you and Toni shared a bag of airplane nuts. “Well I’m out.” Fatin responded almost immediately. “That sounds like hard work and with rescue coming I don’t see a point.” Dot let’s put a frustrated groan as no one else seems to jump at the chance of making a shelter.

You watch quietly as Rachel and Leah walk by and head towards the ocean. “Where are you guys going?” Shelby asked them. “We’re going to go swim out to the plane wreck, see if we can find anything useful.” “Are you should that’s a good idea?” You ask and Rachel gives you an annoyed look. “Well it’s not like you and Leah are always on the best term.” You say holding your hands up. “Oh yeah, well if it’s such a big deal than why don’t you join us? Oh wait I forgot you only have one—” “I’ll go.” You say, interrupting Rachel. Rachel pauses for a second and nods her head, a little respect showing through her eyes. “Alright cool, you just better be able to keep up once we’re in the water.”

You nod your head and Leah let’s go of the homemade raft to help you stand. “Umm what the fuck? No your not going with them.” Toni interrupts. “You can’t even walk by yourself.” She says matter of factly. You roll your eyes at her. “I’m more useful in water than I am on land. Just because I got one leg doesn’t mean I can’t fucking swim Toni.” That seems to make Toni mad. “Can you really because I remember having to fucking haul your ass last night to get out the storm. Didn’t make it seem like you were useful in water.” Toni says standing up in getting in your face. Leah felt very awkward having to stand there as the two of you stared at each other. “Don’t be an ass Toni and I didn’t fucking ask you to drag me out the storm last night. I also didn’t ask you to help me get over here this morning. I have been perfectly fine for 6 months without my leg and without you! So whatever knight in shining armor shit your trying to do now needs to be put to rest. You couldn’t protect me before and I don’t know what makes you think you can protect me now.” You turn away and get Leah to start walking before Toni could even respond.

The swim out to the wreck was quiet and you couldn’t tell if it was awkward quiet or normal quiet, so you just didn’t say anything. “You know you and Toni are pretty hot and cold with each other.” Rachel says as you get closer to the wreck. Leah nods in agreement, “Yeah on the plane you two looked like you hated each other and then the last few days, you two have been like holding each other non stop. Then this morning it’s all happy and stuff and then y'all got back into another yelling match.” You let out a sigh as you kick your leg. “What can I say, we have some interesting history…” You want to stop there but you can feel Leah and Rachel burning a hole into the side of your head. “We grew up together… Best friends before Marty ever joined the picture. Some… stuff went down and we stopped talking. Last time I talked to her was the day I found out my brother died.” The two girls nodded and thankfully didn’t ask anymore questions.

“Alright, we’re here. I’ll go down first to get a quick look at everything down there.” Rachel said before taking a deep breath and diving down. You floated at the top with Leah silently. You didn’t really like Leah, you don’t know what it was but she just gave you this weird vibes.“Okay so I saw a suit case and a black box which we could use and a guitar case but I don’t think that’ll be useful.” Rachel reports as she surfaces. “Wait what color is the guitar case?” “Black and gold.” “We need that too.” Rachel rolls her eyes, “Look the guitar might be yours but it’s not really useful to anyone.” “It has my back up leg in it.” “Oh.”

“Come on Leah we need to get that black box!” Rachel yells as she and Leah come up for air the 5th time. “I can’t, I can’t…” You put a hand on Rachel’s shoulder. “I’ll go.” “You sure?” “Yeah.”

Holy shit! I almost died! You think as you guys make your way back to shore. The plane was a lot deeper than you thought but you managed to stay down long enough to get the black box out of the plane. You watch as Leah and Rachel pull everything up to the camp as you use your guitar place as a second leg. You stood in the circle with the group as they discussed what to do with the box. “I agree with opening it. We don’t know if it could have gotten messed up from the crash.” Rachel goes to argue again but someone else cuts in. “Why don’t we just vote?” Everyone thinks for a second before nodding in agreement. “Alright then, raise your hand if you want to open the box” Shelby says and almost everyone raises their hand. “Welp I guess that settles it.”

After Dot and company worked on opening the black box and fixing it, you finally take the time to sit down and put your leg together. You open the guitar case and let out a sigh as you rub a hand over your brother’s guitar. You were glad you had made improvements to the case and that making it air tight was one of them. “Wow that’s a pretty guitar.” Shelby says as she walks up behind you. “Thanks, it was my brothers.” You say as you pull out pieces of your leg. Shelby sits down next to you and watches you work for a few seconds before speaking again. “Anything I can do to help?” “I would normally say no but I don’t have a screw driver and it’s making it take forever to screw stuff in… so sure.” You hand Shelby the calf and foot part of the leg while you work on the knee cap area. “Here.” Shelby says as she hands you a Bobby pin that she shaped into a mini wrench. “Thanks.” You say as you look away from your leg to her. “You know, your hair looks very pretty down.” You say and reach out to play with the ends of her hair. “Thanks.” Shelby mumbles, trying to hide the blush that crossed her face. Maybe there was more to her than what met the eye.


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Rescue Mission

Pairing/Characters: {platonic} Jammer x reader, Plo Koon, Wolffe

Word count: 1,677

A/N: I wanted to write something kind of sad apparently, so this is the story of Jammer getting his scar

Jammer couldn’t tell how long he’d been a captive of the Separatists. He didn’t know when exactly things had all gone wrong on a simple relief mission. Didn’t know how he could have failed so completely to not only get himself and his Jedi captured, but to get all fifteen of his accompanying brothers killed. Didn’t know why he was still alive, or if you were too.

The only idea he had of how much time had passed was the regular visits from the droids to interrogate him. The electricity they hit him with each time set his nerves of fire and tested his threshold for pain to the very limit. Each time the droids asked a question, they were met with biting remarks in Basic or Mando’a, which only resulted in more pain for the captive commander. His only relief came when the pain forced him into unconsciousness and he was left in a fitful sleep plagued by the screams of his men. So, not really a relief. But the closest he could get.

The next time Jammer woke up, he was sure his mind had finally broken. He could have sworn he could see the bright blue glow of a lightsaber and the gray clone trooper armor illuminated by it.


Wolffe turned back to his Jedi.

“General, he’s awake. But he’s in bad shape.”

“Unfortunately, we don’t have time to fix him up here. Can he stand?”

The cuffs holding Jammer in place dropped away and he tipped forward, nearly face planting on the ground. His brother caught him in time and settled him on his feet.

“Come on, Commander. Stay with me.”

“Vaii cuyir ner jetiise?”

“We’re getting her now, Jammer.”

Plo Koon led the way out of the cell and down the hall. The trio passed over a dozen other troopers in the hallways, defending their general on the escape route. Jammer did his best to keep up the pace, shrugging off Wolffe’s arm to run beside Plo.

“General, you do know where she is, right?”

“We’re almost there, Commander Jammer. We’re almost finished here.”

Once they rounded another corner, another cell came into view. One of the 104th troopers had already opened the door, but no one had ventured inside. Plo led the way in with both commanders close behind.

The sight that greeted Jammer nearly killed him on the spot. Nearly twenty destroyed droids lay in a pile of scrap around you. You were curled up in a tight ball on the floor, your hands and feet bound by magna cuffs. With your knees drawn up to your chest and your head resting on top, you almost resembled a child. And then you woke up.

Jammer had kneeled down to remove your cuffs when you jolted awake like you’d been shocked. Your eyes snapped open, but they weren’t the eyes Jammer knew. You looked wild and lost, as if your time in the dark cell had destroyed your life before it. When Jammer tried to grab your hand to get a better look at how to remove the cuffs, you swiped at him, raking your sharp nails across his face and sending him sprawling back against the cold stone floor.

By the time Jammer could remove his hands from his now aching face, Plo Koon had a strong grip on you with the Force, keeping you still as Wolffe finished what Jammer started. When you were free, your friend still held you for a minute, talking you down in that calm, paternal tone he so often used with you.

“Y/N. You need to see where you are. Understand that we have come to help. To return you to your battalion and the Jedi temple. You’re safe now, with us. Commander Jammer is as well.”

Your eyes cleared for just a second, then went blank. When Plo Koon released you, you dropped to the floor in front of Jammer. Your hands were shaking and none of them missed the blood staining your clothes and arms, though none of them could stomach the thought of asking you about it while you were in this state.

Wolffe finally took the lead, helping Jammer stand and gesturing for Plo to get you. As gently as he could, your friend scooped you up in his arms and turned to leave the room. On the way out, your hand shot out to grab Jammer’s shoulder.

“You’re safe, Jam?”

Your voice was broken and small. Jammer had never heard you sound so desperate and unsure.

“I will be, Y/N. We’re almost out.”

With that one shaky assurance, you’re on the move. The other troopers of the 104th had been protecting you as best they could, but they couldn’t afford to stall any longer. So you’re carried out of the Separatist base nearly unconscious while Jammer followed close behind. On the way out, he caught sight of an open control room.

He allowed just a moment for the curiosity he felt to pull him in and quickly caught sight of your lightsaber. Wolffe shouted for him to catch up, so he snatched the weapon off the table and ran as he attached it to his belt. You would need it later, he was sure. So he’d make certain you had it.

The escape actually went rather smoothly, all things considered. No lives were lost on the mission. You and Jammer were loaded onto a waiting ship and returned to Plo Koon’s star destroyer. While the ship made the jump to hyperspace, you were brought to the medical bay on board.

“Commander, hold still!”

“It stings. I don’t like it.”

“Well, I can’t help you without it stinging. How did you get these scratches anyway?”

The medic sighed in frustration as Jammer jerked back again to avoid the bacta soaked cloth he was trying to clean the commander’s scratches with. At the question, Jammer stiffened. The medic took the momentary distraction to do his job and swiped the cloth down Jammer’s face as gently as possible.

“We ran into a stray gundark on our way out. Nothing to worry about.”

Plo Koon hadn’t left either of you since freeing you from your cells and he didn’t plan to. Jammer was grateful for the Jedi’s presence and for his quick lie. He couldn’t help how his gaze flickered over to you.

It was the most peaceful Jammer had ever seen you and the most tormented at the same time. In your sedative induced sleep, you seemed to be at ease. Every muscle in your body had relaxed and your breathing was slow and even. But Jammer knew better. He could see the way your eyes shifted beneath your closed lids. How your nose scrunched up every so often. Strange as it was, he swore he could even feel the unrest rolling off of you in waves.

It was beyond him how you could endure such pain, enough to make you so delirious you hadn’t recognized him. He only hoped you would never have to test your limits like that again.

Once the medic finished cleaning him up, he insisted that Jammer stay there for the remainder of their return to Coruscant. Being as exhausted as he was, the commander obliged with no arguments. He just leaned back in the fresh set of grays Wolffe had brought him and closed his eyes.

“Thank you, General.”

Plo moved from your bedside to his and pulled the blankets over him.

“There’s nothing to thank me for Jammer. My men and I were doing our job and Y/N is a good friend. If there’s anything you need, you only have to ask.”

“I meant thank you for not telling the medic what happened. I know lying to him doesn’t make his job any easier, but-”

“I understand Jammer.”

Plo took one last look at your slumbering form.

“If she doesn’t remember what happened when she wakes up, I recommend that she doesn’t know the truth. It would only allow her to be consumed with guilt.”

“Yes, sir. The last thing I want is for her to feel guilty. As far as anyone needs to know, I fought off a gundark in our escape.”

Plo gave Jammer a reaffirming nod and patted the trooper’s shoulder softly. As he walked away, the lights above the only two occupied beds in the medbay dimmed to a comforting glow. When you awoke just before the ship left hyperspace, you had no clear memory of what had happened after the Separatist forces landed on the small forested planet and attacked your small relief mission. Jammer offered no further clarity, taking comfort in Plo Koon’s assurance that it was better for you this way. One less weight to rest on your shoulders. A weight that Jammer alone would bear.


Your eyes were still closed when your commander shuffled off his bed and over to yours. He kept the blanket wrapped around his shoulders, finding the light weight comforting.

“I’m right here, jetii.”

You barely opened one eye as your hand reached out to him again. Jammer moved to sit in the chair beside your bed, but your hand on his elbow pulled him onto the bed itself. Though Jammer knew you were aware of how against regulations it would be, you clearly didn’t care. Jammer found he wasn’t too concerned either as you gently moved aside to make room for him, then wrapped your arms around him and let him tuck his head beneath your chin.

Plo waited as long as possible to collect you from the medbay. He and Wolffe gently woke you from your light slumber and helped you both to the temple. In so many ways, the mission had changed you, and the one thing that stuck out to Jammer most was the way your eyes locked on your lightsaber on his belt. You hesitated for a moment when you saw it, but made no effort to ask for it back. Jammer supposed that would just have to be a conversation for later.

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REQUEST: hello! i love your writing so much, it’s so refreshing and nice to read ❤️❤️ could i request bruno with a s/o that’s recovering from drug abuse but he’s not aware of her past, one night she’s about to relapse again but bruno is there to comfort her. little angst with a happy ending i guess? thank you so much, have a lovely day! ❤️

Hi!! thank you so much for your kind words, sorry for the long wait ❤️ hope you enjoy!!

Also please know that drugs are never good, I do NOT encourage the use of drugs and please stay healthy and clean‼️

Warnings: drugs, mentions of drug abuse

Pairing: Bruno Bucciarati x Fem! reader


It was so hard to let go and move on but she tried her best every day on her own, constantly fighting to get through and without anyone to hold on to she was afraid of falling into the abyss she crawled out of. Drugs ruined her life in the past, took everything from her and left her stranded with nothing and no one. Feeling hopeless and alone she sunk in dispair, giving up little by little as she said goodbye to what her life used to be, happy and healthy. But on the brink of giving up entirely someone lend a hand, someone cared and someone helped.

That someone was Bruno Bucciarati, a Passione capo that turned his caring gaze to her and offered to help. Without knowing her background and her struggles he offered a new life, a new start.

It had been months since joining Bucciarati and life was finally smiling back at her, giving her hope and a family to call her own. Always surrounded by noise to keep her grounded she felt like new opportunities opened up to her, she could finally let go of her past and start again here but not everything was perfect.

Challanges kept appearing, her old self screaming at her to do it again but she kept fighting, holding on to what Bruno gave her but her hand was slipping slowly. All it took was one particular mission to go wrong, a mission so perfectly planned that a single mistake was enough for it all to crumble down and that responsability was too much for hear to bear.

Her door locked, silence in the room. Sitting in the corner of her bathroom she sobbed as quietly as she could. She didn’t want to do it but maybe it could offer a quick and effective solution to rip her appart from this feeling of failure. She eyed with disgust what caused her so much pain before but her head was screaming at her to do it.

Downstairs Bruno sighed in frustration, this was not the way things were supposed to go but it wasn’t the first time things changed last minute because of a detail they failed to miss. As Abbacchio and Mista took off to take care of the business they left pending he thought back to the look on (Y/N)’s face. The face of regret and guilt, the act if personally taking the responsibility of their actions even when things were bad from the start, Bruno knew that look too well.

He stood up and walked up the stairs to her room, he knew she carried more weight than what she could handle and he needed to make sure she knew she wasn’t at fault and it was okay to fall down and try again. Knocking on her door he heard nothing, knocking again and no answer concerned him. Getting his ear close to the door he could hear crying, soft sobs muffled by the walls. Opening up the door he was quick to ender and inspect the room before talking and soon realized the noise came from the bathroom.

“(Y/N)?” he knocked on the bathroom door.

Sudden silence, a hand over her mouth to keep it shut and her eyes wide. She thought she was quiet enough and now she was discovered.

The door opens and she’s on the floor, hands on what Bruno hated the most. (Y/N) knew well his backstory and knew his history with drugs. It was never her intention for him to see her in this state, so hesitant and seconds away to falling apart. Everything was quickly slapped away from her hand as she yelped in surprise, a second later she was wrapped in Bruno’s arms and he held her head to his chest.

“Don’t do it (Y/N), not again.”

Not again? he knew? he knew! She sobbed into his chest as embarrassment took over herself, the shame of being caught by her capo himself. She cried until her lungs started to hurt, but her heart was aching more than anything. All the trust he put into her now ruined and thrown by her hesitation.

“Look at me” he demanded

(Y/N)’s blurred vision didn’t help much but his shining blue eyes weren’t hart to find, at this point she was ready to get kicked out.

“You’re better than this (Y/N), don’t let something like this take over your life and destroy what you worked so hard to build up”

“Y-you’re not…” she stumbled with her words “mad?”

“You’re doing your best everyday (Y/N) and I promise to be here for you from now on” he continued “I know how hard it can be and I don’t blame you, but you’re not alone.”

“Thank you Bruno”

“No need to thank me, I love you.”

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                       Alpha Andy Barber/Omega Female Reader

“I really don’t want any trouble.” You mumble.

You really need to work on standing up for yourself better, but well, you were used to being behind a desk all day, it was a way to keep you hidden in a way or at least a barrier between…well what’s happening now.

“But baby cakes,  I know you need a big strong alpha, omega’s shouldn’t be single ya know?”

You glare up at Neil, he was starting to make you mad, it was either get mad or cry, and you try to be tough, you lift your chin even and look him in the eyes, hard things for you, “Leave me alone, I do not like you this close to me, back up and away, you’re making me uncomfortable.” You state firmly and loudly.

Your hands tremble around the folders you hold to your chest.

Neil looks around, a few people have looked over to see what’s going on, most of them left in the office are beta’s but they don’t know you all that well, Neil sneers down at you, “You don’t know what you need, but I do.”

“Back up or…i’ll…make you.”

Neil laughs in your face, “Awww that’s cute.”

You gasp as his fingers trail along your wrist over your scent glands, he scent glands in his fingers….he’s trying to mark you, “No stop.”

You go to push him away, folders forgotten in your arms and all it does is make him angry, truly now, he grips your wrist enough to hurt and leans down, “You don’t tell me no, barber doesn’t know what he has right in front of him like the fool he is.”

Your brain is scrambling, he’s hurting you, none of your coworkers are doing a thing to stop this, most likely because omegas are seen as something this can be done too, unlike beta’s or alphas. Neils scent is making you want to be sick and you do the only thing you can think of, it’s going to make you seem weak, but you know of only one alpha you can trust.

Your boss.


“Mr barber!” You yell.

And it’s not a normal yell, it’s a distressed omega one, one, no alpha can ignore, unless they are scum like this one. Neil goes to grab at you more when growling, deep growling is behind Neil and suddenly he’s letting go of you and facing a very pissed off Andy and if looks could kill, Neil would be dead ten times over.

It’s suddenly two alpha’s squaring off, “One of my interns came to get me about you when I heard my assistant yell, care to tell me what’s going on Neil?”

You cradle your wrist to your chest looking down, in doing so, you miss the way Andy’s eyes roam over you to see if your hurt and once he zeros in on your wrist, well, he can’t afford to go feral, but what he can do is his job, “Cindy will you call the police for me?”

The beta who had come to him about what was happening runs off to do as he asks as Neil growls and you whimper, Andy needs to move closer to you, then he’ll feel better, Neil makes it easy for him, when he goes to run towards the exit, Andy tackles him and knocks him out, harder than he needs to, but whatever, he doesn’t care.

And to think he used to train this guy, help him out, how did it all go so wrong?

When he finally looks back to you, well the spot you had been in is gone, empty and he looks around in worry, your purse is gone and so are you, “Did any of you see where she went?”


You leave, you run away, there’s no way you won’t be fired for this. Andy was a kind man, but once you saw Neil try to run away and Andy go after him, you just….bolted, scared to be around all the fighting that would surely come.

Your wrist smarts like a bitch, but it isn’t broken, sprained maybe, you know it’s bruised by how it’s starting to discolor, but you can move it a tiny bit, you just needed to rest it, you can’t think of anything else right now.


You swallow back tears trying to get your blouse off, but you can’t, moving your wrist now hurts more and so removing your top was not happening, but you needed to shower so bad.

The knock at your door has you startling and you look out your bedroom and down the hall, you chew your bottom lip before creeping down the hall and to your front door, you don’t even need to peek through to know.

It’s Andy.

His scent gives him away, soothing, calm, pure gentle alpha. Trying not to cry because for how sweet he is to you, surely he’s here to fire you right?


He takes one look at you once you open the door and you just know, that’s not what’s happening, he looks so concerned and worried about you, “Honey.” He whispers and your bottom lip trembles because it’s just been a day and you just want the day to be over so you can start new tomorrow.

“Hey baby love come here, let me see, you left so fast, I couldn’t get a good look at how bad this is.”

He shuts the door behind him and then gently takes your wrist when you offer it to him wordlessly, “Poor baby, this looks bad, you need to see a doctor.” His voice is so soft, caring, he really wasn’t upset it seemed, “You’re….not firing me?”

You look up at him, while he doesn’t tower over you per say, he was tall enough to make you feel small and you had always liked that, his brow furrows as he looks down at you, “Sweetheart, why would I fire you? You didn’t do anything wrong, Neil attacked you, i’ll make sure he gets disbarred for this, what he did is a crime, you did everything right honey, I promise.”

“But…I…” You start crying because that’s….ok that’s so much stress you don’t have to worry about, looking for a new job when you love the one you have so much and Neil never being able to hurt you again is a very welcome added bonus.

Andy’s thumbs on your cheeks wiping at your tears, makes you blink up at him and you have no idea what this look does to Andy, what it’s been doing to him for weeks now, you brighten his days and if he can have it his way, you would brighten his nights too, he’s just…been to chicken shit to ask you out, “Let me take you to the hospital, i’ll be right there with you, when they release you, we can….go to that dinner down the road? Get some food in you?”

As he cradles your hurt wrist in his hands gently, you stare up at him in shock, you thought it was one sided, the feeling of…wanting. It’s nice to be proven wrong sometimes, you offer a shy smile, it’s a bit pain filled cause of your wrist, but this….this was something you had wanted with your whole heart, “I would love that Andy.”

His smile is shy and pleased, even as he leans forward and kisses your forehead and holds you close, his soft rumble of happy alpha makes you purr contently.

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This is a silly idea that I had when writing Bella’s bio. I want Victor to win against Lucien for once, even if it’s for a trivial matter.

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                                James Mace/Female Reader

Ever sense he came back to you, James was different, you have a sense something happened while he was gone. Something that haunts him, something dark and scary, when he first got back and everyone was on the landing pad waiting, they barely made it back to earth, it was only James and two others, everyone else…..well.

James said something killed them all, something hellish, he had held you for a very long time and tightly too, once the debrief was over with, some two days later. He was shaken and badly, he just needed to hold you he said.

You held him tightly, having missed him so much, you would do anything for him. He was your husband and you would look after him.

Shedding your winter wear, when you finally get home, you can already tell it’s warming outside, slowly and surely coming back to normal. James did that, he helped saved the world, whatever he needed from you, you would do.

“Come take a bath with me.” His softly spoken words, hours later after a nap.

The bath you draw you both is hot, hotter then normal, he says he can’t bear to ever be cold again, there’s a story there he doesn’t tell you, but you don’t push. You make the water so hot your skin is pink, but it feels good and when you sit behind him, so he can lean back against you and you wrap your arms around him tightly, his hands go towards yours with a grateful sigh.

He is no longer the big spoon, you spoon him and he curls into you, there is no ice kept in the freezer, cold water can not come near him, he’s afraid of the dark and even though he helped fix it, he refuses to ever look at the sun.

He tells you one night, as he lays curled up in your arms, your hands running up and down his back, how they found the other crew, the captain…having changed some how, into something not right, tell you what happened, how he nearly died in those freezing tanks of water.

You just hold him tighter when he starts crying.

You will protect him with your life.

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.〜˚* Zip & Vivian Betournay comfort(?) headcanons

zip & vivian betournay (with some mentions of grayson as well) from “the resident” headcanons on how they’d take care of/baby you for @temporaryselfshippingblogname !!

* doctor!female reader / s/i

  • starting off with vivian : i feel like she’d be ALL FOR girl’s nights
  • yes it’s good to spend time with grayson and any of your guy friends (and zip) but she seems like the type to insist on a regular girl’s night
  • she’d take you on a spa day (or to do literally whatever you’d want to do if you don’t feel like being pampered) !!
  • movie marathons with rom-coms and those girl power movies like legally blonde and miss congeniality bc “sometimes you just have to watch something silly to get your mood up!
  • ALWAYS happy to listen whenever you need to vent
  • also always happy to distract you whenever you need a distraction
  • can and will drop whatever she was doing to go to you if needed
  • tries to get you to gush about grayson whenever possible or brings up things about him just to get you to blush because she finds it so cute how much you love her son
  • the type to bring up silly or cute things grayson did as a kid just to make you smile
  • pretty much thinks of you as her daughter already
  • now for zip : he seems like he’s not as good with comforting in the same way as vivian
  • but he sure tries his best
  • if he ever hears someone say or do something rude to or about you he is There and is not afraid to throw down
  • takes you on day trips sometimes just to help you get some variation from your day-to-day life
  • happy to indulge you in whatever you want to do
  • so if you want to go do something that he’s not actually all that interested in himself he is going to go with you and will give as much attention to you as possible bc dammit if you want to go get matching plushies for you and grayson but want it to be a surprise for him then zip is going with you to help out
  • buys you silly little gifts that he finds when he’s out and about that remind him of you
  • one time he found a cute little doctor-themed snowglobe with a little “dogtor” (”like doctor but a dog get it?”) and got it for you
  • rly treats you as his daughter and hints from time to time that he would 100% be for it and would help pay for it if you and grayson were to get married
  • they both spoil you so much
  • if you even hint that you want something then one of them is going to get it for you that’s just how it works
  • they’re also both super !!!!! super supportive of whatever you do !!
  • if you want to start therapy then they’re there for you and happy to go along and sit in the car / waiting area while you have an appointment
  • nd if you ever feel like not going then they’re both supportive of that too
  • would never ever ever push you into doing something you’re uncomfortable with or not ready to do
  • no one is allowed to force you into doing things you’re not comfortable with if they and grayson are around
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Pairing: Fem!Fat!Reader/Fem!Vampire

Genre: Fantasy (Vaguely Historical/Renaissance)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 3469 words

Summary: You forcibly attend the ball of the rich family that has just moved to town, unexpectedly finding comfort with one of their daughters.

Request: Hey!! I love your writing a lot! Would you consider an elf or a vampire whatever suits your fancy with a fat fem!reader. I try hard not to hate my body but it can be really hard sometimes and I know a lot of people go through it not just plus size folks but… idk it’s my weakness and a huge comfort. Anyway I hope you have a awesome day!!!

A/N: I really loved writing this request, and after I finish Thicker than Water, I might make a part two.

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Originally posted by omyguard

Here’s a little taste of Part 3 of the Did We F**k last Night? Series with Santiago ‘Pope’ Garcia. I will hopefully have it out later tonight but may be tomorrow…You can read the first two parts below… 

Last Night at the Party (Part 1) 

The Morning After (Part 2) 

After everything, you had been through in your life. You never thought you would die in a fiery car crash on the way to your…boyfriend…fuck buddy…boy toy’s best friend’s wedding. 

Your hand aches from how hard you are holding the handle on the truck as Santiago blares through red lights and stop signs on the way to the venue. When the blare of a horn sounds through the air, you reach a hand out and scream at him to slow down. He slams on the break at the next light, and you put a hand to your chest and try to catch your breath. 

“Fuck, Santiago, we are never going to make it to the wedding if we die on the way there! Or if you get pulled over, you really will miss it!” He looks over at you with wild eyes before frantically rechecking his watch. 

Damn, he looks good. The dark blue jeans, crisp white shirt, light blue tie, and grey vest fit him perfectly. Almost making you both even later when you saw how good his ass looked in them. He runs a hand through his curls, and you bite your lip wishing it was you, running your fingers through his hair. The strands feel like silk, and you are quickly becoming addicted. 

He reaches across the console and strokes his thumb over your hand. “I’m sorry, Querida, I just can’t miss this. He’s my best friend and always been there for me; I would hate myself if I let him down.” You look at him and then at the light red before you.

“Switch seats with me,” you let go of his hand and quickly unbuckle your belt. He doesn’t have time to argue before you are running around the front of the truck and sliding into the driver’s seat. He scoots over and looks surprised but buckles his seatbelt. You rev the engine and put the car into drive, counting down the seconds in your head. The light hits green, and you swerve around the vehicle in front before gassing it. Turning down a side street and onto an abandoned block. You are breaking so many laws in the book, but you couldn’t live with being the reason Santi let Frankie down. 

When you pull up in front of the venue ten minutes later and park, you let out a huff and turn to Santi. Now he’s the one white-knuckling the handle, wide-eyed. You smile and let out a laugh, “Are you coming?” He frantically unbuckles the belt and runs out of the truck to your side, nearly tearing the door off.He cups your cheeks and grins down at you, “Where the hell did you learn to drive like that?” 

“It’s nothing, just a hobby,” you wave your hand around casually, and he laughs before kissing you hard and quick. 

“I think I may marry you,” he mumbles before he grabs your hand and starts pulling you toward the venue. 

You let out a laugh, “Yeah. Let’s get through this wedding first, baby.” 


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Thinking about Kaya cheating on her s/o, who runs into Vrisk and Vrisk ends up comforting them, only for kaya to get angry because their s/o is still technically hers.

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Originally posted by ithinkwehitametaphor

Main Masterlist Link :) 

Next One’s on You Series (COMPLETE)

A series of moments between Maxwell Lord and his Barista love. Each chapter/blurb is themed after a drink. Follows their life from first meeting, to parenthood and beyond. 

Chapter One: Triple Espresso

Chapter Two: Vodka Martinis

Chapter Three: Orange Juice

Chapter Four: Champagne

Chapter Five: Decaf Coffee


Coconut Water - Pregnancy doctor appt.

Whiskey on the Rocks - First time having sex *Takes place between chapters two and three* NSFW

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I always wanted to write some fanfics on where Pedro either is a father or becoming an father figure and I have some good ideas to share!

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