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In which (Y/n) decides to perform at the Mostro Lounge to earn some money for renovating Ramshackle.
The song she has chosen? Dear Future Husband.
And rumours say that tickets are sold out.
Idea by @vallison-rea
Tumblr media
"Is my superstar for the evening ready?"
Azul's excited voice rang through the changing room you currently occupied. The sound of the door being closed gently and his footsteps padding against the floor caused you to turn around and shoot him a small smile as soon as you lay eyes on him. Despite the anxiety that simmered in the depths of your stomach, the excitement that rushed through your veins left you unable to sit still — much to Grim's dismay, who was currently doing your make-up.
A restless huff escaped your lips when Azul appeared behind you, his gloved hands resting on your shoulders. His eyes watched you through the mirror in front of you as he waited for your answer.
Taking in a deep breath, you exclaimed, "Yes, I am—" Yet, the grin on your face disappeared when suddenly, a cloud of dust enveloping your head caused you to break down into coughs. Once the air cleared up, you found your cat companion grinning at you innocently, his paws smeared full with make-up. You shot him a glare. "Grim, that's enough powder!"
The cat monster waved you off and instead began dusting you with perfume. "Yada, yada... one can never wear enough make-up!" he muttered while drawing a lipstick from behind his back, causing you to swipe it out of his hands and firmly plant it on the table before he could cause further trouble.
Behind you, Azul let out a chuckle of amusement. "Are you nervous?" he asked and tilted his head to the side teasingly.
The corners of your lips trembled at his question. "Kind of—"
"You shouldn't be," he cut you off briskly, his eyes full of confidence as his gaze growing more intense. You gulped and sank into your seat, feeling the pressure on you growing, as did his grip on your shoulders. But before he could hurt you, he removed his hands and crossed them behind his back, a charming smile on his face. "Just give it your all. All the seats are sold out, and we wouldn't want to disappoint the customers, no?"
You couldn't help but roll your eyes. "Yes, Azul..." A hum of satisfaction escaped his lips, and he turned around to leave you to your own devices. Yet, another matter that lingered in the back of your mind still wouldn't leave you be. So, before he could walk through the door, you suddenly piped up, "I'll get the money immediately after the show is over, won't I?"
The merman came to a halt, then slowly turned around to nod. "As promised, dear. As promised."
Satisfied with his answer, you averted your gaze to the mirror in front of you again, not noticing as Azul remained in the door frame, his arms crossed and his statue leaning against the frame.
Grim, who had been quietly rolling a lipstick between his paws so far, turned his attention to you and grabbed your hands with his paws. "Now, go out there and get us that money! I'm sick of sleeping on that dusty old mattress..." he exclaimed, his eyes full of high expectations. You were about to wave him off in mild annoyance, but were stunned into silence when his usually so boisterous blue eyes revealed a sheen of worry. "But— But! Beware of those simps, alright? Come back in one piece."
His genuine concern caused a smile to appear on your lips. "Don't worry about it, Grim. They're harmless," you muttered under your breath while patting his head.
Yet, the worry that laced his face still wouldn't disappear. "They better be," he growled, "or else the great Grim is going to tear their heads off!"
Before you could assure him that everything would be alright, Azul interrupted the moment by exclaiming, "Alright, now— showtime!" Without even waiting for a reply from your side, he pulled you out of your chair with the excitement of a child and led you down the hallway that led to the backstage area of the lounge.
You couldn't help but roll your eyes in amusement, practically being able to see Madol signs in his eyes.
Azul came to a halt just behind the curtains, where Jade was already waiting to press a microphone into your trembling hands. Both of them wished you good luck before retreating, leaving you on the dark stage all by yourself. Behind the curtains, you could already hear murmurs and whispers — you gulped at the thought of how many people must be be on the other side.
Suddenly nervous, you gazed down at yourself and smoothed out the non-existent wrinkles on your (F/c) dress. And just as you were sure you had eliminated the last flaw of your gown, the curtains began to move aside; the brightness of the lights turning on at the same time almost blinded you. Simultaneously, someone announced, "We present you now: (Y/n), Prefect of Ramshackle, performing the song 'Dear Future Husband'!" You recognised that voice as Jade's.
Once your eyes got used to the blinding lights, you realised just how many students were seated in front of you — so Azul hadn't exaggerated when he said that tickets for the show were sold out. You were even able to discern some familiar faces at the tables. Your knees suddenly grew weak, but determination flooded your thoughts when the music began to play from the speakers attached all around the lounge.
So, taking on last breath, your eyes then shot open, determined to give them their money's worth.
"Dear future husband, here's a few things you'll need to know if you wanna be~" you began softly while making your way towards the staircase that led down to the tables. If Azul wanted you to put on a show, then you would gladly fulfill his wish. Still clutching the microphone tightly in your hands, you ventured over to the closest table. "My one and only all my life~"
Your eyes fell on a familiar ginger-haired Heartslabyul student, who seemed to be recording a video of you. You sauntered over to him and shot him a wink, smiling right into the camera. "Take me on a date! I deserve a break~" Cater laughed along, as carefree as usually, and zoomed in when you blew him a kiss. "And don't forget the flowers every anniversary," you finished before moving on again.
Cater was grinning to himself as he lowered his phone and began furiously typing in hashtags. "#worthit, #everyonesgonnabejealous, #azulisagenius." Then, in utter satisfaction, he posted the video to his MagiCam account.
Your next victim sat right next to him, a fellow Heartslabyul member — good old Trey. A little chuckle escaped his lips when you grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. "'Cause if you'll treat me right, I'll be the perfect wife," you sang and made him spin you around, as if dancing a waltz. "Buying groceries— Buy-buying what you need." Before you parted again, he was sly enough to press a kiss to your knuckles.
The gesture caught you off-guard at first, but you quickly regained your composure after a few giggles. With a heavy heart, you removed your hand from his and continued along your way.
Ruggie came into view, and he looked excited when he noticed that your attention lay on him. So, once your free hand came down to rest on his shoulder, he began snickering, like he always did. "You got that 9 to 5," you chanted while playfully kneading his tense shoulder with your hand, drawing a relieved sigh from his lips. "But, baby, so do I~" A disappointed frown grew on his face when you removed your hand and sauntered away.
"So don't be thinking I'll be home and baking apple pies." A chuckle escaping your lips, you booped Epel's nose, who let out an annoyed grumble at your gesture. You couldn't help but swoon when an adorable pout appeared on his face, which served to only irritate him even further.
Your eyes roamed the room for your next subject — and they landed on Jamil. The poor Scarabia student sank into his seat and pulled the hood over his face when he noticed you approaching. But his attempt to disappear was fruitless with how you nonetheless wrapped an arm around him and put your chin on his head. "I never learned to cook," you sang, swearing that you could feel him tremble beneath you. "But I can write a hook, so sing along with me." Eventually, you took pity on the poor boy, and since Floyd — who sat next to him — seemed so eager to have you around him next, you let Jamil be.
Just as you got into the near vicinity of Floyd, he grabbed your arm and pulled you into his lap, much to your surprise. Nonetheless, you appreciated that his hold on you was loose enough to allow you to breathe properly and to escape should you want to. So, smiling, you chanted, "Sing-sing along with me, hey!" And indeed, Floyd hummed along, very reminiscent of a young child — but when he flashed his sharp teeth to you, you sank into yourself in fear.
A nervous smile on your face, you unwrapped yourself from his grasp and rose to your feet again. The second-year made a few attempts of grabbing you again, but you managed to evade his swipes and simply continued on your way through the tables.
"You gotta know how to treat me like a lady," you sang while intentionally bumping against Leona. "Even when I'm acting crazy." The beastman shot you an annoyed look, followed by an amused scoff.
Next to the dorm leader sat Jack, whose fluffy white hair you ruffled. "Tell me everything's alright~" you continued and hurried away before he could send you a threatening glare. The poor wolf remained frozen in his seat, his cheeks tinted a dark red.
As you walked past the Diasomnia table, you shot Sebek a wink, knowing his reaction would be hilarious. "Dear future husband, here's a few things you'll need to know if you wanna be~" you sang, accompanied by a few giggles. "My one and only all my life~" And indeed, the poor half-fae turned beet red, a series of stuttered insults escaping his lips.
Malleus' eyes were filled with hidden yearning as you seemed to walk right past him, but the pout on his face actually managed to make you turn around and approach him again. "Dear future husband, if you wanna have a special night walk," you cooed and patted his hand that openly lay on the table, fearing that a more daring gesture would get you killed by a certain retainer of his. "Tell me I'm beautiful each and every night." The dragon fae nodded eagerly and watched you intensely as you disappeared into the crowd again.
When you reappeared behind Epel and put a hand on his shoulder, a startled yelp escaped his lips. He sat there, frozen — unwilling to move his upper body left and right along with you to tye rhythm. "After every fight, just apologise. And maybe then I'll let you try and rock my body right," you sang jokingly, unable to take yourself seriously, resulting in a series of chuckles escaping your lips.
When you distanced yourself from Epel's table again, his eyes were filled with utter confusion. He even turned to Rook for help, but the hunter was busy laughing his soul out, especially when he gazed into the first-year's lost eyes.
"Even if I was wrong. You know I'm never wrong," you cooed and wrapped an arm around Deuce and Ace each. "Why disagree? Why, why disagree?" They nodded along to your singing, laughing and smiling as they always did. Deuce looked mildly nervous with how close you stood to him, and a relieved sigh escaped his lips when you removed your arms again and skipped off into the centre of the lounge.
"You gotta know how to treat me like a lady, even when I'm acting crazy~" you sang and twirled around in circles. The adrenaline pumped through your veins, and you were having the time of your life despite the doubts you had been plagued with earlier. "Tell me everything's alright~" Completely caught in the moment, you would have bumped against a table, if it weren't for an occupant of that particular table jumping up and catching you beforehand.
A gasp escaped your lips at how close of a call it had been. You soon where propped to your feet again by your saviour, who was none other than Lilia. You shot him a grateful smile. "Dear future husband, here's a few things you'll need to know if you wanna be~" you continued smoothly, all the while looking him deep in the eyes. For a moment, only the ancient fae and you seemed to exist. "My one and only all my life~" A charming grin flashed across his face when you bid him a goodbye with a curtsy.
Your eyes were fixated on Vil, your mind rumbling about what to do with him. Touching him in any way was a no-go — he would snap at you for bringing his hair, clothes, or make-up out of order. So, you simply shot him a wave, at which he quirked an eyebrow. "Dear future husband, make time for me," you sang, the lyrics causing his lips to quirk up in amusement. "Don't leave me lonely~" He waved you off, chuckling.
With Rook on the other hand, you decided to go all out. "And no, we'll never see your family more than mine!" you continued while grabbing his signature hat and lowering it onto your own head. Laughing, you struck a few poses with it.
A playful gasp escaped the hunter's lips, his face contorted into an expression that spoke of adoration. The way his amused green eyes seemed to hold you in place made it difficult for you to turn around and walk away, but you eventually managed to tear your gaze away from him, much to his disappointment. Unable to refrain from giggling, you returned the hat to its rightful owner.
Your feet somehow carried you back to the Diasomnia table, where you approached the only sleeping occupant, who managed to not be disturbed by all the noise around him somehow — Silver. You nudged his shoulder, causing him to fall into Lilia, who seemed amused by the whole situation. "I'll be sleeping on the left side of the bed," you cooed and shot Silver a wink when he awoke from his slumber. Due to how disoriented he seemed, it looked like he didn't have the faintest clue of what was happening.
"Open doors for me and you might get some kisses~" you sang as you walked past Jade, making sure to wiggle your eyebrows at him jokingly. The gesture caused a little chuckle to escape his lips.
"Don't have a dirty mind," you cooed and booped Kalim's nose. "Just be a classy guy." With how innocent the Scarabia dorm leader was, he began laughing and cheering for you as you continued to the next table.
There, you found your next victim — Azul. A grin occupied your face when you looked him dead in the eyes and sang, "Buy me a ring. Buy-buy me a ring, babe." You held your free hand out to him, causing him to chuckle in amusement. His eyes watched you intensely while you skipped to the adjacent table.
Riddle sat there, and his face already had turned red without you even doing anything — just looking at him and winking was enough to make his cheeks become as red as his hair. "You gotta know how to treat me like a lady, even when I'm acting crazy." Giggling, you bowed deeply — just like you had seen Deuce often do, but this time, the gesture held a teasing connotation to it. "Tell me everything's alright~" When you straightened your back again, you found steam of embarrassment coming out of the dorm leader's ears.
Proud of yourself, you carried on — your sights set on the floating tablet in a shadowy corner. "Dear future husband, here's a few things you'll need to know if you wanna be~" you chanted while drawing a heart onto the screen of the tablet with your index finger. "My one and only all my life!" No sound came out of the tablet's speakers, but you swore you could hear a sound akin to some wires short-circuiting.
The end of the song was nearing, and for that, you hurried back to the stage. Once having arrived there, you finished, "Future husband, better love me right~" Your voice rang through the large lounge, and you put every ounce of your remaining energy into the grand finale.
Eventually, the music came to a halt and faded out into silence. Your chest heaving up and down, you opened your eyes to find everyone frozen in their seats. Yet, that quickly changed, and the quietness that used to envelop the lounge quickly turned into defeaning applause. Students rose from their seats and clapped and cheered their souls out.
"Thank you, thank you!" you cried out happily and bowed.
Students threw roses onto the stage, causing a large smile to appear on your lips. Careful not to pick up a rose with a thorny stem, you grabbed the one that lay by your feet and twirled it between your fingers. By then, the applause had faded out, and everyone was watching you again, as if they had been enchanted.
"That was (Y/n) with 'Dear Future Husband'," the announcer piped up. "But one question remains: who will be her dear future husband?"
"Me!" almost everyone yelled out at once.
Your heart sank in dread when the guests all began glaring at one another, some expressing their hostility more openly than others. That was the moment you realised: you had messed up.
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Hello! I'm lowkey in love with your headcanons- they're all great!! You've probably already been asked this before, but since you did Sun and Extrovert/Introvert Child!Reader headcanons, do you think you could do the same for Moon?
To my own surprise, no, you are actually the first one to request this... Oh boy. And Extrovert Child and Moon? Get the pepper spray-
This is a follow-up to this!
TW: Extrovert Child gets restrained...and falls down, they aren´t hurt though!
Moon and Extrovert Child!Reader
- Oh my god, you were loud and annoying. Like, I am sorry but he would have troubles with you at first- sadfoibdiofd
- He knew about you before you both first met. Of course he did, he and Sun do share a memory. Yet he wasn´t excited meeting you, like at ALL.
- I think he could guess that you would refuse nap time, you were just too full of energy and god, how he hated noisy children.
- You constantly jumping around him and being so loud was really starting to get on his nerves. As you kept wiggling out of his grip when he tried to put you to put he kind of lost his nerves.
- Next thing you knew where that you were tied up to a chair with Moon kneeing in front of you, his faceplate spinning.
,,Are you finally calm now, little weasle?"
- His nickname for you only made you smile like mad. God you liked this odd fellow already. With all your strength you kicked your legs into the air, wanting to move and before you knew it you hit the ground.
- A heavy sigh escapes Moon and he presses his hand against his face before he can hear you sniffle. His behavoir changes almost immediately as he understood you actually cried.
- He unties you and picks you up, pressing you against his chest while inspecting the back of your head to make sure you aren´t hurt. As you snuggle sobbing into his chest he firsts tenses up before relaxing. Sun does like you a lot after all...
- With a slight hum Moon sits down on the ground, all the other children are sleeping already. He hushes you while you sit on his lap and can actually find sleep in the safety of his embrace. Seems like he will just have to keep you close to make you sleep...what a hazzle.
- Don´t let him fool you though, he totally likes you and his grumpy behavoir is meant only half serious towards you.... buuut he WILL hold you upside down into the air when he has enough of you, trying to get you to calm down but you will only squeal in pleasure and laugh as it´s more exciting for you than anything else.
,,You are lucky you are a minor."
- Would totally let you get away with more bullshit than he lets all the other children but don´t ever bring it up or he will make sure to restrain you again- sfiubsdobfd
Moon and Introvert Child!Reader
- You were crying the first time you met him. You wanted Sunny back. Moon freaked you out and no one can blame you. You were already afraid back then meeting Sun for the first time, his other half was much more scary than that.
- You actually hid during nap-time, something Moon usually would punish but he was feeling sorry for you. He knew about you, Sun told him a lot and he was honestly a bit excited to meet you but now you were scared of him and he kind of felt bad.
- So he kneed in front of your hiding spot and looked at you before raising his voice, so much softer and calmer than usual. In one of his hands he holds one of the plushies he knows you love.
,,I know you are tired. Why don´t you come out and you can cuddle with your little friend here, mh?"
- You simply stared at him through your teary eyes and with a heavy sniff you slowly nod... and say something which surprises him.
,,O-Only if...i-if you hold me...l-like Mr. Sun do-does."
- He stares blankly at you as you slowly cralwed out of your hiding spot before stretching your little arms towards you. It took him a second but then he let´s out a soft chuckle before kneeing down to pick you up.
- He pulls you a little bit roughly against his chest but you don´t mind as you already curled up around your favourite plushie. Slowly your sniffles stopped and before you both know it you fell asleep against his chest.
- Moon stands a bit akward there before his other hand finally finds little of your back. He strokes a little over it and as you stirred in your sleep he started to sing you a soft lullaby.
- He grew very protective of you. The moment the lights turned off and he took Sunnys place he would pick you up, even if you did not asked for it. He could easily handle all the other children with one arm, you could rest on the other one.
- Unlike Sun, who tried to hide it, he would be open with his favouritism towards you. You will always get the best, the best cover, the best snacks...you name it.
,,If you wouldn´t be such a whiny, annoying little thing all of the time you would also get an extra snack."
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cherry on top (loki x f. reader)
Loki's messed up. you're mad, and he knows it. so what does a demigod who is learning to be in a functioning relationship decide to do? make you cupcakes. and then fuck the shit out of you.
who doesn't love romantic possessive groveling Loki? come on now.
Word Count: 3300 Warnings: 18+ heavy smut.
Relationships with a god are a weird thing. Particularly one that was still trying to unlearn his sociopathic tendencies.
You thought about this as you angrily washed the dishes, suds flying onto your sweatshirt as you slammed pots into the soapy water. The dirty dishes were just another thing rubbing you the wrong way. It was totally his turn.
First, Loki was gone for two weeks. Something urgent on Asgard. As if you could verify that. He hadn’t given you any details, just suddenly appeared in the doorway one morning with his gold breastplate on, telling you he’d be back as soon as he could.
When was he going to start inviting me? you thought, angrily scrubbing some two-day old pasta sauce from a bowl. You’d think six months would be enough.
Six months of waking him up from his night terrors, the kind that left him drenched in sweat and disoriented. Holding him until he believed that Thor was still alive, or he wasn’t under the Tesseract’s control, or Odin wasn’t here to lock him up. Six months of discovering the Loki he showed to no one else.
Anxiety took over in his absence, convincing you that Loki had returned to his realm permanently, without you. Your heart had leapt when you heard the familiar roar on your balcony, but he hadn’t seemed excited to see you at all when the Bifrost spit him out. He just swept in, looking distracted and worried, a quick peck on your cheek instead of his warm embrace. So you’d decided to withdraw.
And now, despite your anger, you missed him. Even though he was in the same house as you, he felt unreachable.
“Loki, I’m going for a walk,” you called through the closed door of his office. No answer. You scoffed in frustration as you laced up your tennis shoes, the hurt landing like a dull thump in your chest.
As soon as Loki heard the door click shut, he emerged from his office, getting to work right away. He didn’t know how long you’d walk, but it was usually an hour. Considering how cold you’d been toward him, he felt like you might be gone at least two.
Loki knew it was his fault. He saw the way you shut down after he’d returned from Asgard, and it broke his heart. But he couldn’t tell you why he’d gone. He had no reason for this mental block that was keeping him from you, besides fear. Tonight, he hoped, would be different.
He grimaced as he saw the heaping pile of freshly washed plates and bowls that you’d just finished. He didn’t have an excuse for those.
The dark-haired man sent a green flash over the dishes, drying them instantly. He whisked them away with a flick of his wrist and took a deep breath.
Loki set to work, filling your tiny apartment countertop with flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, mixing bowls and spoons. He raced back to his office where he’d so carefully printed out a recipe and taped it to the cabinet above the stove.
All right Laufeyson, absolutely no magic for this, he told himself, tying an apron around his waist.
For the next hour, Loki succeeded in covering himself in flour, cracking an egg on the ground, and spilling the vanilla. To his own delight, the twelve lopsided cupcakes that emerged from the oven looked perfectly edible. He pried each one out of their tin with the dexterity of a surgeon, wanting every detail to be perfect for you.
He whipped the frosting until he was sweating, then carefully spread it with a knife on top of each cupcake. Finally, breathless but utterly proud of his hard labor, he placed the twelve cupcakes on a plate and stepped back, anxiously waiting for your return.
You returned to your front door, flushed but refreshed from your long walk. You sniffed the air in the hallway, confused. It smelled…good for a change.
You turned the key in the lock and jumped. There was Loki, sitting expectantly on one of the kitchen stools. Your eyes landed on the piles of dirty dishes in the sink, the eggshells lying on the counter.
“Did you…fucking…bake?” you asked incredulously to the grinning man in front of you.
Loki’s cheeks were flushed. Flour coated his apron and had landed in his black curls, tinting the ends of them gray. He looked so proud of himself, you couldn’t help but smile a little bit.
“All by myself,” Loki said. “No seidr.”
“Wow…” you said, closing the door behind you and moving closer to inspect his work. They were…charming. The frosting sagged a little, and the tops of them were a little singed.
“They’re for you,” Loki said, his voice timid.
“For me?” you said, taking one. His eyes widened as you took a thoughtful bite.
“Oh, fuck, are they disgusting?” he said after you didn’t answer.
You chewed a little longer, relishing the suspense you were giving him.
“I’m very impressed,” you responded, finally, unable to suppress your smile even with your mouth full. His eyes lit up, his cheeks creasing with that smile you loved so much. He looked almost bashful, something you didn’t know he was capable of until very recently.
After a few moments, he spoke again.
“I’m sorry,” he said. “I’ve been awful lately.”
You licked the frosting off your fingers as you considered him.
“Continue…” you said slowly.
“I’ve neglected you, darling, for no good reason except my own anxieties.”
“…so this was a peace offering?” you asked reproachfully, motioning to the cupcakes.
“Yes…,” he drawled. “I know it doesn’t make up for anything, but, I-” his voice trailed off and he looked at his hands.
“It certainly didn’t hurt,” you smiled. His face brightened a little.
“I thought you weren’t coming back this time,” you said after a long pause. “From Asgard.”
He looked at you, his concerned eyes searching your face.
“I thought you were done with me. And then you got back and it’s like you can’t stand to be in the same room as me,” you finished. Your voice was quiet, hints of anger still audible. “What’s with that?” you asked, meeting his blue eyes. “I thought we were a team.”
Loki reached for you and stroked a tentative thumb over your chin.
“I’m so sorry, darling,” he said, raising your face to look at him. “I hate that I made you feel like I’d abandoned you. I would have come back sooner I just-”
“Just what?” you prompted, feeling your frustration at him returning.
Loki sighed, grabbing one of your hands and holding it between his.
“I was putting things in order so you could come to Asgard.”
Your mouth fell open.
“And I didn’t know if it was going to be possible at all, and so I didn’t tell you. I’m sorry for that, I just didn’t want to get false hopes. And….” Loki trailed off, looking ashamed. “Then once I got back I somehow convinced myself that you wouldn’t want to come at all. And so I…shut down. And that made you hate me. And now here we are. Cupcakes.” Loki chuckled ruefully, gazing up at you again.
“Oh, Loki,” you sighed, your anger dissolving instantly. “You want me to…”
“You don’t have to come, if you don’t want to.” Loki said, quickly. “I don’t want to put pressure on you. I think I was…afraid. To ask you.”
You were so proud of him. The Loki you knew six months ago was unrecognizable to the man before you. Feeling real emotions, talking about them, not shoving them down.
“Did…did you talk to Odin?” you said incredulously, sinking to rest on his lap.
“Unfortunately,” Loki grimaced. “There was no getting around it.”
You held his face in your hands, your love for him spilling over unbearably.
“I’m so proud of you,” you said, planting a kiss on his cheek. “That must have been so hard.”
“It was,” he replied, tucking a lock of hair behind your ear. “But you made me feel like I could.”
Your chest felt like it was on fire. It was such a good feeling after so many days of longing hurt, feeling like the end was in sight. Now, it seemed like this was just the beginning.
You held his face tighter, looking him dead in the eye. His unwavering gaze stared back at you, his eyes full of relief.
“Look at you,” you grinned, playing with a flour-dusted curl. “Prince Loki, absolutely whipped for a Midgardian girl.”
His gaze grazed over your lips, then flicked back up to your face. You saw desire pooling in his eyes, and knew you were done for.
“Guilty as charged,” he whispered, drawing you closer to him.
“Uh uh,” you put a finger up to his tempting lips, a barrier preventing him from enveloping you in a kiss. “Despite your bribe, Laufeyson, I’m not doing the fucking dishes again,” you whispered into his ear, tickling the sensitive skin on his neck with your breath. You took his chin in your hand, turning his entire head so he stared at the pile of sticky dishes in the sink instead of your lips.
His greedy hands grabbed the curve of your ass harder, undeterred. He grinned, a hint of the wickedness that once consumed him making itself visible again. It didn’t scare you anymore. It just meant you might not be able to walk tomorrow.
His eyes snapped back to yours, so cocky in his magic that he didn’t even have to look at what he was doing. One careless flick of his two fingers dissolved the residue on the dishes and the crumbs on the counter. They stacked themselves in the drain, shining and dry.
He raised one eyebrow at you as the last dish flew into its place.
“Satisfied, my lady?” Loki teased, letting his hands trail higher up your thighs.
“Not yet,” you told him, biting your lip as you reached down to untie his apron.
“Mmm… good answer…” Loki said, sly seduction in his voice. He gripped you tighter, and in one smooth movement, he rose from the stool, lifting you to straddle him as if you weighed nothing. Your body responded before you could register what happened, your legs wrapping around him and your hands instinctively pulling his lips to yours. He moaned appreciatively into your mouth, your kiss sending shockwaves of heat between his legs. God, he’d missed you so much.
Your tongues collided over and over again, each kiss getting sloppier than the last. Your bodies were on autopilot now, falling into each other as if no time had passed. Loki wasted no time striding into your bedroom, kicking the door shut behind him. He kneeled on the bed, still holding you at his waist as he lay you down, refusing to let an inch of air between the two of you. He rolled his hips on top of you, his hungry mouth devouring your lips with such ferocity you thought he’d never let you up for air. You loved it.
His rock-hard cock made its presence known on your stomach as he pressed his body into you. You felt it twitch with every sweet noise you made into his mouth. He wanted you so badly.
“Mmm…babygirl…” Loki breathed into your neck after your lips broke apart. “Did you think of me?”
Your back arched against him, remembering all the nights he was gone and how your body ached for him, an unbearably deep craving. How despite your best efforts, your own fingers could produce only a fleeting climax that temporarily dulled the ache.
“Tell me…how you touched yourself to the thought of me…” he groaned, licking a hot stripe up your abdomen with his wicked tongue.
“I did, Loki…I did…” you gasped, knowing just how to stroke his ego. “So many times. Every night. I craved you and only you.”
“That’s right, darling,” he crooned, tugging the edge of your panties down your hips a little with his teeth. “Only I can make you scream…”
“I couldn’t bear it…” you gasped, three weeks of aching for him much too long. “You drive me crazy…”
“Let me make it up to you…” Loki replied, making your panties disappear in a glimmer of green light, baring yourself to him. The kisses he lay on your inner thighs burned white-hot, your skin on fire from his touch.
“Please…” you begged him. You spread your legs wider, to his delight, desperation evident in your dripping cunt.
At the first toe-curling contact of his tongue against your clit, your back arched and your mouth fell open, curses of anguished pleasure tumbling off your lips.
His teasing flicks soon became deep strokes as your moans encouraged him, his tongue consuming you with such vigor, it was like he thought you were going to dissolve at any moment.
“Fuck…baby…” Loki moaned against your skin, attacking your clit with more of those addicting swirls of the tip of his tongue. “You unravel me…” he said in a lusty voice, sucking the juices that flowed onto his fingers when they teased your entrance. He looked at you when he did this, sending a shiver down your spine. His eyes blazed, showing you how much he loved to destroy you.
His head dipped again, this time his tongue darting in and out of you with incomprehensible speed. You were going to come, so much faster than you wanted to.
“Loki…oh” your voice hitching on another wave of pleasure that ricocheted from his tongue.
“Loki…” you called again, fumbling for his curls. Reluctantly, he emerged from between your legs.
“Mhmm?” he groaned, lapping your juices with a long, slow lick up the length of your slit. God, it was so hard to make him stop. “Darling, what is it?”
“Please…” you felt your pleasure start to deflate with the denial you put yourself through. But you needed something else from him.
“I want…” you whimpered, writhing your hips under him, urging him forward. “I want to come on your cock…” He understood instantly, his hands flying to his belt to rip it off. Your greedy hands reached for him, tearing his shirt over his head and tossing it aside. His cock strained in his boxers, the sight of it sending fresh floods to your cunt. You were desperate to be filled by every inch of him, and you told him so.
In an instant, he was on top of you, pressing his delicious weight into you as he kissed you fervently. The taste of your cunt still lingered on his tongue, a reminder of how he possessed you.
“Augh…” Loki moaned your name as you swiped the head of his cock with your thumb, taking a drop of his precome with it. You raised it to your lips and sucked it off, your eyes locked on his as you did so.
“You taste so fucking good, my prince…” you said with a breathy moan, his salt dancing on your tongue.
Loki looked at you with a primal intensity, his chest heaving as he watched you. More slick leaked out of his tip onto your chest. It slid down your breasts, an image that made his cock impossibly harder, twitching with want as he panted into your mouth, both your juices mingling between your tongues.
“Gods…you’re exquisite…” panted Loki, swiping his dripping tip up and down your entrance. “You know that?” His velvet voice and your aching core were too much.
“Show me, then.” Your voice wasn’t harsh, but commanding nonetheless. Loki understood, his urgent movements slowing to look you in the eye. He’d let you down when he left, and he knew that he couldn’t in good conscience let you sleep tonight until you collapsed on top of him, utterly spent.
“For you, my darling, anything,” he groaned, gathering some of your juices in his palm to stroke himself with. He positioned himself between your hips, rubbing your clit with a lazy thumb as he began to press into you. You opened nearly instantly, your body so desperate to feel him inside you that he slid in nearly to the hilt.
“Ohh…Loki…oh my god…” you gasped at his fullness, your fingers digging into his back as you beckoned him closer, deeper, further inside of you.
“Mmfffuck…” Loki groaned as he sank himself into you, lips locked on yours. His tongue in your mouth and his cock splitting you open made you feel utterly full, complete in his arms. Your body quivered with pleasure as his hips rolled gracefully, beginning to fuck you in the most sensual way a man could.
“Oh.hh..hh,” you cried as you felt the ridges of his head beginning to ram that sweet spot inside of you.
“That’s it, my sweet girl,” Loki growled. “Look at you, taking my cock so well…Fuck.”
He captured your lips in another deep kiss, but this time, his strong arms wrapped around your waist and rolled you on top of him, his cock still deep inside you. You yelped in surprise, but cried out as soon as you felt his hands on your waist again, pushing you deeper into his length. You moved your hips side to side, enjoying how Loki’s face contorted in pleasure as your walls clenched around him.
“Fuck me, sweet girl, that’s it,” he moaned, his fingers bruising on the small of your waist. “Use my cock…ohhhhmmmfuck…that’s a good girl.”
Your entire body began to feel tense, the denied pleasure from before returning with double its previous strength. Wetness flowed down your thighs as he stretched you open, fueled by the mewling noises he was making as you rode him. Your legs shook as you raised yourself up and down his shaft, rolling your hips onto him faster and faster, your pulses becoming more urgent as you approached your peak.
You grabbed his hands desperately as you fucked onto his cock, guiding them in a slow, sensual trail down your body. First your breasts, then the soft skin of your abdomen, the fullness of your thighs. You loved feeling his hands on you, and you knew it was guaranteed to drive him over the edge. Loki quivered, his breath coming in desperate gasps, his release growing dangerously close as he was enraptured by your body.
“Darling…augh..fuck..” he panted, his cock tightening within you. “I’m gonna come, darling, please, come with me, come on my cock…” he rambled, his voice hoarse with lust.
You took this as an opportunity to fuck him harder. You raised yourself nearly to his tip, slamming down into him until you swore his head hit your cervix. His head fell back with a strained moan of your name, his eyes forced shut as he tried to restrain his release. Your tight cunt squeezed his cock in rythmmic pulses as you fucked down on him again and again, the both of you hurtling towards ecstasy.
You knew you were coming undone when your vision began to blur, the muscles in your core pulsing around Loki’s cock tighter than they ever had before.
“Please…come with me, darling,” Loki’s strangled voice begged you one more time, and you could hold back no longer. You sank down onto him one final time, your head falling back in pure pleasure as you came, throbbing around Loki.
“Holy…fuck…” Your climax sent your prince over the edge. When your walls clenched around him, Loki saw stars as he exploded inside of you. You felt his warm liquid flowing down your walls as you rode out your pleasure together, sweaty and panting as you came back to Earth.
You melted into his chest, your head coming to rest in the crook of his neck. He was still wedged inside you, his release beginning to drip out of you onto the bed sheets. You kissed his damp collarbones, feeling him twitch and shudder inside you with the overstimulation.
“Gods, woman,” he hissed as he reluctantly slipped himself out of you. He held you tighter to his chest, his breath still unsteady thanks to you. “Remind me to bake more often.”
thanks for reading :) reblogs and comments (!!) are always appreciated smooches
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imagininghim · 21 hours ago
Change my mind - Part one
Tumblr media
A/N: I have had this storyline in my head since I first fell for Fez when watching Euphoria and I knew I had to come out of break to write it. I am extremely rusty so please forgive me and be nice, I haven't wrote anything in almost two years. If you have any suggestions or want to hear more, please let me know!
I do intend this to be multiple parts if it has enough interest.
I hope you all enjoy and let me know if you want to see more Nate and Fez stories.
As well, I am trying to write dialogue for Fez as best as I can, so please bear with me.
Pairing: Fez x reader. Nate x Reader.
Trigger warnings: drug use, drug abuse (I guess in a way), and swearing. All the warnings same warnings as Euphoria. MINORS DNI.
I do not own any characters in this story.
You and Fez have been best friends since you were young and you had come to live with him and his grandmother.
It all started out when you lived with your dad, he used to be a heavy addict and of course his dealer was the most known one in town.
Fezco's grandmother.
One day, while you were sitting in your childhood home. Your dad was pacing around your living room jonesing out because he owed his dealer quite a bit of money and didn't know how to pay it.
You watched quietly from the couch as he made different phone calls, getting more annoyed and panicky as he paced. Leaning down to the table, he began to snort some of the white powder that was laying there. You scrunched your nose at the display in front of you until you heard a pounding on the door.
"(Y/F/N) open this fucking door now!" A women shouted as she continued to bang on the door. Your father shot up from the table as panicked consumed his features. Immediately he began looking for a way out until you heard the sound of the door being kicked in.
The woman whom you had heard yelling, made her way into the living room with a gun in her hand. You cowered in fear as she spoke.
"(Y/F/N), you pathetic piece of shit! Where's my money?" She questioned waving the gun around. Your father backed in fear with his hands up.
"I-I don't have it." He stammered.
"You don't have it, what the fuck you mean you don't have it?" She questioned again.
"I-I just don't. I-I can get it though, just give me some time." He begged. The woman chuckled to herself before looking over at you.
"I've given you time." She said before turning back to you. "Come here sweetheart, you shouldn't have to witness this. Go sit in the car outside with my grandsons Fez and Ash." You stalled for a second before nodding your head and making your way to the door. The woman continued to yell as you walked out the door and to the car parked in the driveway.
In the car, were two young boys. The oldest who was in the front seat looked at you smiled.
"The lady told me to come out here and sit with you guys." You spoke as the older boy nodded before opening the car door and sliding over. You climbed in and closed the door behind you just as a few gunshots were fired. You cowered into the older boy as the woman walked out.
"You're gonna come live with me sweetheart, okay?" You just nodded your head in fear. The woman walked around the car and climbed in.
"What about my dad?" You questioned as she sighed.
"You don't need to worry, he won't be coming around anymore." You didn't know what she meant by that but you didn't question further. You looked up at the older boy as he smiled down at you.
You were now on your way to your new home.
~ Present ~
You were led on the couch with your head in Fez's lap scrolling through instagram. Fez was above you smoking a blunt, while Ashtray was on the opposite couch on his phone. Everyone was off in their own world while Fez was stuck in his own head.
Fez could not understand what you saw in Nate, he was nothing more than a manipulative sociopath with no remorse for others. You two had been best friends since you were young and ever since your father abandoned you, Fez had begun developing feelings he couldn't quite understand.
"You goin' wit Nate tonight?" Fez questioned.
"Yeah, I think I am. You don't need to wait up, I will probably be home late!" You answered as Ash let out a scoff.
"You still with that little bitch?" You rolled your eyes at his comment. You knew that Fez and Ash did not like the fact that you were dating Nate. After the whole incident with Maddy and Jules went down, Fez didn't trust him with you one bit.
"Yes I am and he is not a little bitch. Be nice when he comes over tonight, please." Fez and Ashtray exchanged looks before both nodding their head at your simple request. You stood up from the couch before looking back at Fez.
"I am going to hop into the shower and get ready for tonight, yell out if you need me!" You spoke as you walked down the hall to the bathroom before closing the door behind you.
Fez's POV:
I watched her walk away with a longing feeling lingering in the pit of my stomach. Ever since the day she had come to live with Ash and I, I began falling for her. (Y/N) had the sweetest smile that could light up a room, she was always there for us no matter what. When I had my accident with my grandmother, she took care of Ashtray. Making sure he was fed, clothed and bathed; she had even gone as far as to try to get him to attend school.
When my grandmother became ill, she was right by my side taking care of her and helping with the family business. (Y/N) had taken over running the legal side of it being that of the store while Ash and I dealt with the other side. (Y/N) always made sure there was a home cooked meal on the table and Ash was well looked after. There would be times when she would be cooking or working at the shop where I would just sit and stare at her, picturing this perfect little life with her and even going as far as to imagine having a family with her.
That was until the she brought home Nate Jacobs.
~ Flashback ~
It was late one night and Ash and I were working at the store. I noticed this silver pickup truck pull-up outside the shop and (Y/N) slide of the passenger side. My gut tightened at the sight when I seen Nate Jacobs walk around and slide his arm around her as they walked towards the shop.
I knew all about Nate Jacobs and what he did to Jules and Maddy, I didn't trust him one bit, especially near her. Ash watched through the coolers as they walked up to me.
"Nate, this is my best friend Fez. Fez this is -" I cut her off before she could continue with the introductions.
"I know who he is." I stated firmly. (Y/N) looked between Nate and I before nodding. "We're quite acquainted, aren't we Nate?" I questioned as he chuckled to himself.
"That we are." Nate responded. (Y/N) didn't question further as she continued.
"Well, I just wanted to bring Nate over to tell you that we're dating!" She exclaimed so happily as my heart sank. Leaning up she pressed a kiss to his cheek while his eyes and smirk never left me.
~ Flashback ends ~
Ever since that day, they have been seeing each other on again off again. Nate was toxic but she didn't see that, after everything he had done she still chose to stay by his side. My feelings for her never changed they had always stayed the same, I always hoped one day she would leave him for good but by the looks of it, I don't think that day was coming anytime soon.
~ Later that evening ~
It was around 8pm when you got the text from Nate stating that he was here. Finishing up with your makeup, you yelled out too Ash to let Nate in.
Ash walked up to the door and opened it without saying a word. Fez was sitting on the couch smoking a blunt as Nate walked in.
"Is she ready?" Nate questioned taking a look around the place before his eyes landed back on Fez. Taking another hit, he spoke up.
"Almost. Why don't you come have a seat?" Fez motioned to the couch adjacent from him. Nate nodded and began to walk over to it, Ash leaned against the wall watching his every move in a way to intimidate Nate.
Smirking to himself, he took the seat across from Fez.
“What is this some type of interrogation?” Nate questioned, motioning to Ash.
“No, it ain’t.” Fez began. “But just know if you hurt her, I will personally find you, and kill you.” He stated in his monotone voice. Nate scoffed at him before leaning back onto the couch.
“Listen, what is it? Fezco?” Nate questioned smugly. “I know you think your some kind of gangster shit because you sell drugs and you’re a high school dropout but I am not afraid of you. You see, I know you’re in love with (Y/N).” Fez kept staring at Nate with a straight face. “I’m not blind nor am I stupid. I watch the way you stare at her, how protective of her you are. How you would take your own life if it meant saving hers.”
“You don’t know shit, man. You think you own everything and everyone in sight because your daddy is a big shot but I see right through that and she will too when she decides to leave your pathetic ass.” Fez said taking a hit from his blunt.
Nate clenched his jaw as he began to speak again. “I know more than you think I do but it doesn’t matter when at the end of the night it’s my cock she’s taking. My name she’s screaming out. Not yours, it’ll never be yours. She sees you the same way the world does, a low life drug dealer who’s going know where in life. While her life moves forward, you’ll be stuck in the same place and eventually she will leave you behind. Just like your mommy did.” Just as Fez was about to jump off of the couch and lunge himself at Nate, (Y/N) walked out.
“Hey Nate, sorry for keeping you waiting. I hope the boys were nice!” She said glancing between Fez and Ash. Fez stood in the middle room with his fist clenched, staring daggers into Nate.
“Oh, they were great. Fezco and I were just having a wonderful conversation.” Nate said looking towards Fez with a smirk and a hint of sarcasm lacing his voice.
“That’s great! Well boys, I will be home late so don’t wait up!” (Y/N) said leaning down to give Ash a hug and walking towards Nate as he wrapped his arm around her waist.
“Okay, call me if you need anything.” Fez said through gritted teeth as he watched (Y/N) and Nate head for the door, his hand slowly sliding down to her ass before giving it a squeeze.
“I will!” She yelled out closing the door behind them.
“Fucking asshole.” Ash muttered before taking a seat on the couch Nate previously was.
(Y/N) POV:
Nate walked us out to his truck and opened the door for me before walking over to the driver's side and sliding in.
"I don't get why you hang out with them." Nate stated starting up the truck.
"Their grandmother practically raised me when my father abandoned me. They're family." Nate rolled his eyes as he took ahold of my hand.
"Well, I don't like the way Fez is with you, he's clearly in love with you." The thought of Fez being in love with you made your heat skip a beat.
"You're delusional, Fez is not in love with me."
"Whatever you say."
"Where are you taking me anyway?" You questioned trying to direct the conversation topic off of Fez.
With a smirk, Nate glanced in your direction. "That's for me to know and you to find out. This time it was your turn to roll your eyes with a smile.
After awhile of driving, Nate drove into a subdivision that looked like it was still being built.
"What are we doing here?" You glance at him.
"Well, my dad owns this subdivision and it is still being built which means there is no one around, which also means we have the whole place to ourselves." He said with a smirk, turning off the truck and unbuckling his seat belt. You followed suit as he began to climb out of the truck.
Nate began to walk towards one of the finished houses, opening the door with a key he had in his pocket. Just as you were about to walk in, your phone buzzed.
Fezzy ❤️ - 8:46
Yo, when you coming home?
Me - 8:47
I dunno, why is something wrong?
Fezzy ❤️ - 8:48
No, I was just hoping we could hang and smoke
You smiled at the text, unknowing that Nate was watching you.
Me - 8:50
Yes of course.
I'll be home soon:)
Putting your phone away, you looked back at Nate who was looking at you with narrowed eyes.
"Who was that?" He questioned.
"It was just Fez, he was wondering what time I was coming home." Nate nodded slightly before speaking up.
"Ah huh, and that made you smile?"
"Oh, well he asked if we could hang when I got home, nothing major." You said, sliding your phone into your back pocket. You glanced around the house, looking at the picture perfect setting in front of you. The inside of the house looked like it was taken from a magazine. "Wow, does anyone live here?" You questioned.
"No, my dad does up one of these houses for photos and then removes all the furniture afterwards." You nodded as Nate motioned for you to follow him before turning and beginning to walk up the stairs. Once you reached the top, he turned and took you by the hand and led you to one of the finished bedrooms.
Nate began to lead you to the bed before turning around and pulling you into him. With that, he leaned down and pressed a kiss to your lips, you smiled before pressing your lips to hs. Nate began to deepen the kiss, sliding his tongue in as you fought for dominance with him eventually winning. Leaning down, he grabbed onto your thighs before breaking this kiss to murmur "jump" onto them. You followed suit as he picked you up and began to walk you to the bed before laying you down.
Nate's hands began to slide up your thighs and onto your bum which resulted in you letting out a small moan, little did you know that when he did so, he slid your phone out of your back pocket and into his.
Smirking to himself at his accomplishment.
Nate had big plans when it came to you and Fez.
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chickenparm · 2 days ago
Third Choice (Viktor/f!Reader)
another gift fic for the beautiful, wonderful, sweet lil @arcanescribbles. if you aren't following them you're dead wrong - the artwork is TO DIE FOR (especially Viktor sdjfkaljhdf).
Viktor/f!Reader 2,353 Words - NSFW Breeding Kink, Possessiveness, Semi-Public Sex
It’s not something that comes up in conversation. Not even when you’re laying in his bed and wrapped in his sheets, when you’re quietly discussing the things that you’re carnally interested in, does it come from either of your mouths.
You think it’s because you mention something vaguely similar in passing shortly after you first put your heart on the table and begged for him to pick it up. When Viktor is explaining to you his plans for the future, the dreams he wants to pursue and the mark he wants to leave on the world in hopes that someone will remember him as more than a passing memory.
“I do not want children,” You say it plainly, with no fanfare - Viktor knows of your life, knows your plans, but this is one that hasn’t come up before. It’s important to be on the same page about these things, and it brings you immense relief when Viktor lets out a long breath and a little smile.
“Neither do I.”
And it’s settled, it never comes up again. It’s implied that since neither of you were interested in bringing extra lives into this world, that neither of you would fantasize about it during the act that would make it possible if you were careless. But you were not that, and Viktor was even more meticulous than you were.
So with that in mind, that solid line drawn in the sand, it comes as a startling shock when you’re mingling with investors and simpering toward their wallets in a valiant effort to secure more money for the development of hextech, that Viktor’s eyes are on you with a heat you typically only see in one particular situation… and that is not this gala.
There’s never any outside notions that Viktor gets jealous - once in a while, when you’re smiling with a bit too much teeth or when you’re leaning a bit too close to Jayce as he shows you some tentative blueprints, you’ll feel eyes on the back of your neck that soften as soon as you acknowledge them. It’s a push and pull, and he only speaks of it when it’s in the heat of the moment - as he stakes his claim on you in a million little ways while coaxing you to speak your affections with his fingers, tongue, and cock.
But this doesn’t go away when you bat your lashes and wave with your fingers in his direction. If anything, it only does something else, and he’s jerking his chin toward one of the doors to direct you to follow. As if you would need to - the moment he’d start walking toward those doors, you’d have been on his heels in seconds.
Viktor doesn’t speak until you’ve caught up with him down the dark hallway. With a firm hand on your back, he’s guiding you into an alcove and crowding you against the wall with his body, your back warming with the way he leans on you. It’s less about support and more about the closeness, the way he’s blocking you from moving away, as if you ever would.
“Their wandering eyes weren’t sitting well with me.”
“Are yours the only ones that can wander?”
“They do not wander - not from you,” Viktor’s answer is simple and honest, and it makes your breath catch in your throat when he emphasizes it with a hand at your waist, wrinkling the fabric of your dress with clutching fingers, “I would simply prefer that mine be the only eyes that look at you with yearning.”
And who are you to deny him that, when it’s all you’ve ever wanted? Instead of answering verbally, you tilt your head enough to offer your neck - and Viktor is more than willing to take what belongs to him as he presses the lightest kiss against the pulse point on your skin. It’s like a calm before the storm, the small bits of affection he offers before it grows in intensity.
“I want there to be no doubt,” Viktor says with a tinge of warning, a promise of what’s to come, and you swallow harshly before nodding in approval. His crutch is leaned against the wall, and he’s leaning further into you to support himself as he tucks your hair out of the way with his suddenly-free hand. The next words are spoken directly into your ear, soft and low, “No mistake that you are mine, in every aspect.”
Fingers trail down your spine, pushing into each groove in turn before he’s at the lower curve with fingers slowly pulling at your skirts to raise them inch by inch, “What would you prefer? I’ll allow you to choose - should I mark you physically? Perhaps leave my imprints on your skin as you stumble through those doors with trembling legs?”
The skirt is high enough that you can feel the brush of cold air against your wetness - you’re already aroused simply by his suggestions, you wonder what his actions will do to you. His hand still curls on your hip, kneading into your flesh even as he tucks your skirt into the band of your underwear and leaves you nearly-bare before him.
“Or,” Viktor is still at your ear, still breathing steadily against your skin and giving you goosebumps, “Should I take these and let my release drip down your thighs. To show that you have someone you’re so willing to give yourself to that you’d shamelessly show the results of your misdeeds?”
You think that’s the end of it - that there are simply two choices, and you’re going to be returning to the party with obvious signs of having been ruined by this man whose callused fingers are gliding down your ass cheek to the space between your legs. When his fingertips graze your wetness, you feel the brush of his teeth as he smiles and pushes against your arousal.
“Perhaps I should let you keep it inside, fill you up more than once, until it takes and there will be no doubt in a single mind that you are mine.”
That gives you pause, your fingers that had been flexing against the wall freezing. To his credit, Viktor is perceptive, and he is patient, watching the way your breath hitches and your mind stalls in the wake of his suggestion. You want to question it, to simply choose one of the other options he’s provided and drop the subject entirely.
Viktor would leave the subject behind if you asked, he’s already eyeing you and waiting for a sign of your approval or denial. But there’s something inside you, something wicked and understanding of why he’s suggested it, and it’s the sole driving reason for you to slowly nod your head.
“Use your words, I want to hear you say it.”
A harsh swallow punctuates your agreement, your plea.
“P-Please fill me up, Viktor.”
“I do that already,” Viktor almost sounds bored as he rubs you through the soaked fabric of your underwear - it’s wonderful, but not enough friction to make you do more than feel good. His fingertips move to your clothed clit, brushing it maddeningly light as his thumb keeps pressing against your hole. Obviously, he wants you to continue, to complete the thought and acquiesce to what he’s proposing.
To consent, you realize. To step over the clear line that had been drawn months and months ago.
“Fuck me until I’m full,” You gasp, just as he rewards you by pressing a bit harder as he circles your clit, “U-Until I’m pregnant, until I’ve got your child inside me.”
“Good girl,” Is all he says, kissing the top of your shoulder and hooking his fingers around your underwear to pull them to the side and finally touch you how you needed, “You’re dripping. I bet you’re already prepared for me, aren’t you?”
“Always,” You plead, your cheek pressing against the cool wall to calm yourself in the wake of Viktor’s fingers parting you open and finding your clit with the precision of a man who knows your body intimately. One of his hands removes from you just long enough to hear the sound of a single button and a zipper, and relief floods through you as you feel the nudge of his cock against your folds.
Viktor pauses, poised and ready to slide into you smoothly. You think he’s waiting for approval, but instead he’s kneading his thumbs into the divots in your lower back and urging you, “Do it yourself. I want to see how badly you want this, how badly you want me to fuck you until you’re full of me.”
Maybe it’s too over-eager, but Viktor has never faulted you for it, and you have a feeling he’s not about to start now. Immediately, you’re rocking back against him, pressing your forehead into the wall to ground yourself against the overwhelming feeling of Viktor’s cock stretching you to the limit. It’s familiar, but you marvel at the initial stretch every single time. Viktor’s voice is tight behind you, strangled in his throat as he groans under his breath when you squeeze around him.
Taking Viktor all the way inside isn’t easy, and it always feels endless, up until the moment his hip bones are pressing into the backs of your thighs, his brace cold against your skin as he supports himself a bit too heavily against you with the loss of his crutch. You relish in it, appreciating the myriad of sensations happening.
Always patient, but never infinitely, Viktor presses his fingers against you to hurry you along. You think about taking it slower, about dragging this out until he’s just as ragged as he’s making you feel, but it strikes you that you’re in a public place and someone could come walking down this deserted hallway at any moment.
You pull off him, pushing closer to the wall and whining below your breath at the feeling of being empty once more - and then you’re filled with a sharp lean backwards, his cock stretching you sharply with a grunt of his own. The pace you set is harsh, using the wall as leverage as you rock back into him with quiet moans of his name - they’re more of a plea, urging him to do anything, really.
Viktor obliges, finally gripping your hips and guiding you with pushing and pulling motions to the pace he wants you to go at. All the while he’s muttering to you, low enough that it feels like the only person in the world that matters is you.
“I cannot wait to see you - round with my child,” Viktor’s hand slides around your hip to your lower stomach, fingertips pressing greedily against you there as he seemingly pictures it, “Then no one will doubt it, no one will look at you and think they have a ghost of a chance when you belong to be so entirely.”
You can’t speak beyond simple pleading, one-word mutterings before you’re back to sighing his name into the wall. Viktor’s fingers are tight against you, pushing harder into your lower stomach - can he feel himself there, fucking into you more deeply than anyone ever had before?
“I wish you could see yourself - you’re taking me so well, so beautifully.”
There’s a cadence to his voice that has you spiraling higher, pushing back against him quicker with little moans and pleas of his name that he encourages with a quick demand for you to tell him what you want.
“V-Viktor, please-” Your words are cut off by a sharp breath, triggered by a particularly deep thrust that borders on painful for a sharp second, “I want you to cum inside, fill me up and claim me, p-put a child inside of me so everyone knows-”
You can’t keep speaking, not while Viktor is pushing you into the wall with thrusts so vicious that you know he’ll be sore from it. You’re so close, clenching around him desperately tight, and Viktor at least has the presence of mind still to lower the hand on your stomach to run two fingers along your clit in time with his pace.
“Do not worry, I’ll give you exactly what you want. We’re not going back to the party, not until I’m satisfied you’ve had enough.”
There’s a thickness in Viktor’s voice when he’s close to finishing, his desperation and arousal clogging his throat and making his words strained and breathy as he leans closer, pushing himself further inside as you scrape your nails against the wall. You don’t last a second longer, your orgasm overtaking you like a riptide yanking you beneath the surface. It’s like you can’t quite breathe, can’t do more than roll your eyes back and scramble for purchase against anything that would keep you from getting swept away.
Viktor’s still talking, still murmuring in your ear up until his own release, and he’s pressed uncomfortably deep inside you with bruising fingers holding you still. You can’t linger long here, especially when Viktor is already twitching inside you at the sensation of his cum leaking out.
It’s cooling already, but as Viktor pulls out and pulls your underwear back into place, it’s already forgotten in favor of righting yourselves. You share a look with Viktor as you turn around and lean against the wall - he’s already got his crutch to lean on, holding it with both hands, and his legs are a bit wobbly.
“That wasn’t too much, was it? We didn’t talk about it beforehand, so I thought you might not have wanted to-… Well, I suppose you would have chosen differently if that were the case.”
You reach a hand out to steady his quick, sharply released words. His chin rests in the palm you’d presented in front of his face, and his eyelids flutter at the sensation of your thumb moving across his jaw.
“No, it wasn’t too much. But I haven’t had enough, have you?”
Viktor’s eyes - once tired and pleased - are alight once more as he stands a bit straighter. No, he hasn’t had enough - not until you’re entirely his own.
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avengerswriter4eva · 2 days ago
Plaything, Part 1
Tumblr media
Warnings: dark!fic; dark!wanda; mind control; non!con/dub!con/cnc; mommy kink; using; d/s dynamics; choking; degradation; exhibitionism; voyeurism; masturbation; sharing; slapping; fingering;
You woke up in a cold sweat for the second night in a row, imagining the feeling of Wanda’s hands around your throat as she used her magic to… You blinked and shook your head, panting slightly. Why did you always have these dreams when Wanda was away on missions? Not that her presence made a lot of difference – the two of you barely spoke. Whenever the witch was in the same room with you, you turned into a stuttering mess. Her smirk in your direction when you tripped over your tongue repeatedly was engrained in your brain – you could barely think about anything else. Except the way she took control of you every night in your sleep. You took a deep breath, reaching for the water on your nightstand, knocking the glass over and cursing. You were surprised to not hear the glass break on the tile, and you glanced down to the see the glass – and all of the water – balanced on a thin whisp of red magic. Wanda. Your eyes jerked towards the door to see her standing in the frame, leaning casually against the doorjamb, watching you. How long had she been watching you? You blinked up at her stupidly as that all-too-familiar smirk appeared on her lips.
“Good dreams, baby?” Her accent was on full display, giving you goosebumps everywhere and a numb throbbing in your core. She eyed you like you were prey and she was a predator – in a way she was. She had gotten you trapped in your own room, the place where you felt the most comfortable, and she’d sucked the comfort out of the air in a single moment.
“I..you’re back.” You settled for the more diplomatic route, and it seemed to amuse her. You sat straighter as she walked into your room, glancing around at the posters on your wall, the few pictures that you had of you with Kate and Yelena – you couldn’t be sure, but you swore that you saw Wanda’s eyes turn a dangerous shade of red as she glanced at the pictures of ‘the trio’ as the rest of the team called you. The three of you were inseparable in every way that mattered.
“Not every way, baby.” You blinked, staring at Wanda whose back was still towards you as she glared at the pictures.
“I..what?” You blinked again, still not accustomed to the idea that the woman who had invaded your dreams and your room was now actively reading your mind at the speed that you could think. This train of thought derailed suddenly when Wanda chuckled, turning back towards you with a smug look on her face.
“It’s cute how hard you’re trying,” she murmured, her index finger catching under your chin, tilting your face up to look at her. You were suddenly very aware of exactly how close she was. You pulled your face back away from her fingertip, frowning.
“I don’t know what you mean.” You glared up at her, her taunt getting on your nerves. You were Russian and you had a short fuse. You couldn’t help it. Wanda laughed again, the sound filling the room but leaving you slightly chilled.
“Baby, you’re going to learn not to talk back to mommy.” You scowled, opening your mouth to speak again, but a light slap across the face ignited a different fire in you. You got to your feet, eying the taller woman in front of you. She had powers, but who cared? She did, apparently. Before you could move any further, you were caught in red whisps, immobilized effectively. Your breath caught in your throat as the whisps constricted, squeezing the oxygen from your lungs. You wheezed unintentionally as they constricted even further, Wanda moving forward and grabbing your face roughly in her hands.
“All you have to do is say yes, детка.” You frowned gasping for air, completely at her mercy. Her smile this time was sadistic, designed to torment you. “That turns you on, doesn’t it, bably?” You clenched your jaw at the realization that she was right. To be completely powerless for her to do anything she wanted to you.
“Yes.” The word was barely out of your mouth before you were suddenly let go, Wanda’s grip on your face ensuring that you stayed upright.
“Good girl,” she murmured, ghosting her lips over yours. You immediately began wondering exactly what you had agreed to, and you felt your heart drop in your stomach as Wanda laughed again, her warm breath against your face. She smelled like cinnamon and spice. Something dangerous. “You agreed to everything, baby. Now you’re mine.” Wanda wrapped a loop of magic around your throat, forcing you down onto your knees in front of her. She shivered, inches from you, and a low growl rocked through her.
“It’s so tempting to see what you can do, детка, but we have to wait,” she murmured. “A few rules. You belong to me. Only me. You cannot be trusted to make your own decisions, especially given the predicament that you now find yourself in.” You caught yourself staring at her lips as she stared down at you, feeling the heat radiating off of her body as she held you in place, inches away from her but so close it drove you mad. “Do you understand?”
“Yes…mommy.” The title felt strange on your tongue, but fitting – and it certainly got a reaction out of the woman in front of you. You saw the muscles of her stomach clench beneath the thin fabric of her shirt and her grip your neck tightened.
“Good girl,” she smiled down at you, her hand moving slowly through your hair. “You don’t talk about our arrangement. They’ll figure it out, but let them.” She smirked as your brain scrambled trying to think about what you were going to tell Kate and Yelena – and how they would react when they figured it out, which – Wanda was right – they inevitably would.
“Next, and this is important – nobody touches you but me. And that includes you, детка, do you understand?” You blinked up at her, the ache in your core betraying how much the thought of her controlling you aroused you. “Exceptions are Kate and Yelena – unless they do it in a way that I don’t like.” You inhaled sharply, relieved at least for not having to explain that sudden change. Yelena had a penchant for tackling either of you without any warning just to prove she could. And Kate was just Kate.
“Yes mommy,” you murmured as she tugged at the hold around your neck.
“You can call me Wanda out there. Never in private, understood?” You nodded. “Behave for me, детка, and I’ll give you every little dirty fantasy you’ve had. Misbehave, and you’ll wish you hadn’t. Do you understand me?” You flinched as her hand came down on your face suddenly without warning.
“Yes mommy,” you whimpered, staring up at her, not wanting to earn her displeasure.
“That’s my good little girl. Now clean yourself up and get down to training. Natasha is waiting for you.” Her hold around your neck was suddenly released, and Wanda retreated to the door like nothing had happened, leaving you gasping on your knees on the ground. “I mean it. No touching.” You nodded up at her and she grinned wickedly as she left the room.
You showered in record time, throwing on training clothes and making your way downstairs. Wanda was terrifying, but Natasha Romanofff was intimidating in a completely different, yet still deadly, way. Yes, she was Yelena’s sister, but she always seemed closed off to most people. She got along well enough with Wanda – the two seemed to have their fair share of inside jokes and whispers around the compound, but she was one of the ‘cool kids’ while you and Kate were…not. Yelena automatically got a pass because she was Natasha’s little sister, but that advantage did not translate to Natasha going easy on you. You had to admit that it made you a better fighter. Not that you’d ever tell her that.
She grumbled about tardiness when you entered the ring, her fingers still wrapped around a coffee mug. That didn’t stop her from knocking you on your ass. All while taking a swig of the piping hot liquid without a single hair moving out of place. You felt the air leave your lungs, but you swung your leg around anyway, attempting to catch her off-guard. You didn’t. She sidestepped out of the way easily, catching your foot and twisting it in a position it was not meant to go. You snarled, kicking out with your other foot and Natasha finally placed the coffee cup down to give you her full attention. This was never a good sign.
An hour later, you regrated showering prior to training because you were going to need another one. Or five. You clung to the ropes when the door to the gym flew open, your eyes immediately darting to Wanda as she entered the room, smirking at the redheaded Russian.
“Did you leave any of her left for me, Natasha?” Wanda smirked, eyeing you, covered in sweat, desperate to catch your breath. Natasha glanced over her shoulder at you and smiled.
“I was just getting her warmed up, принцесса. I know how you like them all sweaty.” Your eyes went wide as you glanced between the two women, suddenly feeling like a piece of meat caught between two carnivores. Wanda chuckled as she walked towards the ring, ducking between the ropes easily and facing you herself. Shit. This was not going to end well.
“Come at me,” Wanda ordered, her eyes flashing red. You took a deep breath, judging your chance of success to be approximately zero as you bounced between the balls of your feet before darting forward. You made it less than a single step before you were caught in her magic again, her hand pivoting lazily as she lifted you effortlessly off of your feet. You felt your hands clasp behind your back in an invisible hold as she walked towards you, shivering as her cool fingers caressed the sides of your stomach. “You can do better than that,” she murmured in your ear, digging her nails into your abdomen. You managed to push yourself forward just another inch, and Wanda’s eyes widened, seemingly surprised by your success.
“Such a pretty little thing, aren’t you baby?” She moved your head to one side, her tongue moving across your neck, finding a tender spot before attaching and sucking harshly. You stiffened in her grasp, but could make no move to escape. Her fingers moved around your sides up your back, nails leaving indentations behind on your skin. “Did you make mommy proud?” You glanced between Wanda and Natasha, who was observing this exchange with a little too much enjoyment.
“Yes…mommy,” you murmured, earning a smile as Wanda pulled back from you, her lip caught in her teeth as her smile widened.
“Such a little slut, aren’t you baby? Knowing Natasha is watching us?” You gasped as her hand grabbed your clothed core suddenly, squeezing. She turned towards Natasha, a knowing grin on her face. “She’s so wet already, Nat.” Natasha smirked, leaning against the railing watching you.
“You gonna let me play with her?” Your eyes went wide and you turned your full attention towards Wanda, whose green eyes were locked on you. She smirked, her hands moving over your breasts as her lips once more ghosted over yours.
“Not yet, maybe later,” She murmured. You shivered as she palmed both of your breasts easily, squeezing them hard. “But you can watch while I give this little slut the reward she deserves.” You gasped and stared at Wanda whose fingers slipped beneath the elastic of your shorts, rubbing down both sides of your clit without actually making contact before sliding easily inside. She chuckled into your neck, her teeth biting into you relentlessly as her fingers began a relentless pace inside of you, and you were helpless to move to either stop her or encourage her. A loud moan brought you back to reality. It wasn’t you. You looked over Wanda’s shoulder at the same time she curled her fingers, and your eyes widened at the sight of Natasha, leaning against the railing still with her hand down her pants.
“Watch her, you little slut,” Wanda murmured into your ear, biting down on the lobe and tugging harshly. You moaned into her neck as she used her magic to spread your legs further apart, giving her easier access. She added a third finger at the same time her thumb brushed over your aching clit, making your legs quiver uncontrollably beneath her. “She’s going to cum for you, Natasha,” Wanda groaned, staring down at her fingers moving in and out of you relentlessly. Natasha’s hand increased its movements and her body began to shake along with yours as she got off watching you. Wanda shoved her fingers in deeper than you thought possible right as you reached your climax, burying your face in her neck as she whispered into your ear.
“Such a good job, baby,” she murmured, her hand cupping your cheek as her fingers, covered in you, found their way into your mouth. Wanda eyed you hungrily as you tasted yourself before yanking her fingers away, replacing their invasion with her tongue instead. She swallowed every sound you made, her hands clinging to you tightly, her magic still securing you in place. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” Wanda’s magic released you suddenly, and you toppled into her, her arms wrapping around you tightly. Natasha smirked at you as Wanda guided you out of the ring.
“Thanks for the help,” she rasped at you. Wanda smirked.
“Come by my room tomorrow. We’ll see how much she’s learned.” Wanda supported you in the elevator, guiding you back to your room and starting a hot shower. “Clean yourself up, baby. I’ll come find you later.” Your eyes locked with hers as she graced you with a rare but pleased smile.
“I’m so proud of you, my little plaything.” She murmured. You flushed but smiled. Your head felt foggier when she wasn’t around, and you washed yourself in the scalding hot water without having to think about it, on complete auto-pilot. You couldn’t stop thinking of her.
Outside the bathroom door, Wanda leaned against the wall, smirking at the images she was putting into your head, hearing you whine as you remembered her rules. Nobody said she had to play fair.
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geltears · a day ago
color coded
Rindou Haitani x Reader
Rindou totally doesn't have a crush on his assistant
It's almost an hour into the meeting when once again, Rindou's eyes stray and his ears subconsciously shut out Mikey's words to focus on you. You are doing absolutely nothing. Just sitting in your office with your eyes focused on nothing in particular as you wait for someone to ask you to do something for them so that you can finally be of use again. Yet...yet Rindou keeps staring at you because your office is across the hall from the conference room and you refuse to close the blinds so he might as well make use of the convenience.
He thinks there is something graceful in everything you do, even when you laze around, and he says that this is just simply a fact but, indeed, it is his pure bias towards you that he refuses to admit because Haitani Rindou is just too cold to like someone-- and even if he did, how would that make him look? But then again, only a fool would talk down on his name. And while Rindou knows this he simply cares too much what people think to ignore their opinions.
He blames his childhood spent in his older brother's shadow for that.
You are wearing blue today, Rindou notices. He expected it, really. He has realized that you wear pink on Monday's, green on Tuesday's, blue on Wednesday's and purple on Thursday's. On Friday...you wear no color in particular because you tend to dress less fancy on those days, discarding your pencil skirts and frilly dresses to instead settle for jeans and a pretty top. But again, this is just his pure observation, he certainly did not pay attention to those habits.
Rindou coincidentally happens to be wearing blue today too. He has worn the same color as you every day for the week so far and while the others have noticed, he said he just found the suits in his closet but Ran knows that Rindou went out last Sunday and bought the suits from his favorite store-- he had them custom made. Don't mind him, he hears Ran say and now, his head turns to properly look at the other executives. Though, it is only for a brief moment that his attention is spared to the meeting.
When he looks over at you, again, you are now looking down and Rindou lets his gaze fall to trail your line of sight. You are mindlessly twirling a bracelet that you wear on your wrist, a silly thing that he has realized you do when you are either bored or stressed. Only when you lift your hand up and shake your wrist so the band falls lower, does he realize that you are wearing the bracelet he gave you. He had said it was a gift they were giving to all employees for their loyalty but in fact, he bought it personally for you and gave no one else a thing.
He got it from that jewelry store that you often go to and he has noted that most of your jewelry is from there so he figures, you must favor the store. Finally, the meeting is over and while Rindou has no idea what was discussed, he does not seem to care. Ran will fill him in later, or not. You immediately stand up when he enters your office and he doesn't miss the way you almost trip over your heels and quickly try to play it off. "What can I do for you...sir?" you ask.
Your eyes never meet his and this time, Rindou is glad because he's sure he looks utterly foolish as he realizes his undiable liking to you calling him sir. He bites his tongue as he thinks because there is actually no reason for him to grace you with his presence at the moment and he wonders what he can possibly ask you to do that won't seem too random or far fetched. He really just wanted an excuse to talk to you. But he cannot say that, it would be too straight forward and it would be a confession and Haitani Rindou does not ever confess.
Not first, at least.
"Ah, I was going to ask if you could get me a coffee," he says, "You always make it how I like." He thinks he added the last part on impulse but really, he'll never know. You blink for a moment, undoubtedly shocked but you agree either way. You return rather quickly with a large cup of coffee in your hand. Rindou would have asked you if you didn't want any, had he not seen the several empty cups on your desk that made him wonder if he was really that stressful. So much that you'd need all that coffee.
He smiles as you hand him the cup and he continues smiling as he takes a sip, even though he's sure by now that you no longer expect any sort of praise or recognition from him. Rindou does not like coffee, he thinks its bitter and he cannot stand the taste, but he's going to drink it anyway.
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anastasiabvrnes · 13 hours ago
Roadside Assistance
Tumblr media
Pairing: AU!Mechanic!Bucky x Reader
Summary: After your car gives out on the highway, you call your mechanic, Bucky, to come help you out, but he helps you out in more ways than one if you're picking up what I'm puttin' down(;
A/N: I’m just in the mood for writing Bucky in oil-stained jeans and a too-small t-shirt tbh
Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, car sex, pet name (doll), use of a vibrator
"Fuck!" you shout as you hit the edge of the steering wheel with the palm of your hand.
Your car had been acting up for a few days beforehand but today it finally crapped out. In the middle of the highway. An hour and a half from your apartment. On the shoulder of the lane, you sit in the dead car with your phone in your hand. You scroll down your contacts list until you reach 'Bucky- Mechanic' and dial the number. The dial tone plays for a few seconds before it cuts off, being replaced with a voice.
"Hey, doll. What's goin' on?" the man on the other end of the line asks.
"Hi, Bucky. My car just crapped out-- I'm on the side of the highway," you say, letting shaky, aggravated breaths out between your words.
"Ah," he clicks his tongue. "I'll be down in a bit. Sit tight, doll," he says, giving you time to say a short 'bye' before hanging up. Usually, something such as your current situation wouldn't get at you much but today was different. You had plans... with yourself. Truth is, it was getting hard to get off alone with your hands and even the showerhead. You'd tried everything, and, finally giving up, you'd gone out and bought yourself a little something-- a vibrator.
You had plans to get home and try it out, needing a well-deserved session with yourself, a successful one, that is. Bored of scrolling through social media, you remember to switch on your four-ways and lock the doors before climbing into the back and laying across the seats, planning on just chilling and listening to music rather than being cooped up in the front. Plus there was a nice blanket in the back, so that's a bonus. Resting your head on the seat, you scroll through your phone some more and edit your playlists.
You must’ve fallen asleep because you were woken by a thudding on the window above your head. You sit up and look around for a split-second to gather your surroundings before looking up at the sound to see Bucky standing outside your car. His hands darkened in spots with oil and his hair a mess. You rub your eyes and open the door, swinging your feet out onto the asphalt but staying in the seat. He steps to the open side of the door and drops to a knee.
“I checked everything while you were asleep; we’re not gonna be able to get this fixed before tonight,” he says up to you.
Well there goes your evening. You grab your phone to call an Uber but, judging by the very obvious battery flashing across the screen, it’s dead. You huff as you organize the frizz out of your hair.
“Can I borrow your phone to call a ride? Mine’s dead,” you ask.
Something flashes through his eyes as he stands back up from the ground, his height towering over you.
“I could give you a ride back if you’d like,” he suggests.
Your face heats up at the thoughts that run through your head on the topic of being alone in a car at night with your hot mechanic but you manage to fluster together a semi-smooth response.
“Wha… What’s it cost?” you inquire flirtatiously, stammering.
“Cup of coffee?” Bucky flirts back.
Okay, he was a lot smoother than you, but he’s a lot more than you in every other way, too. He’s taller, cooler, richer, bigger.
“I’ll take that ride, then,” you smile at him and he returns it.
1 hour later:
You wake up from your nap in Bucky’s pick-up truck and examine the passing road around you through heavy eyes. Looking over at Bucky, he looks a bit shaken. You might’ve slept through something but unsure, you decide to make sure everything’s all good and you’re not… well, dead. And, seeing as being in a quiet car alone with Bucky at night listening to Lana Del Rey would be heaven to you, it didn’t seem impossible.
“You alright?” you ask, concerned.
Bucky’s eyebrows jump and his face expresses 110 different emotions in two seconds.
“Yeah- yeah, why?” he asks, very clearly not alright.
He clears his throat and is eyes flick down at your bare thigh, exposed like much of the rest of your legs by the short black jean shorts you were wearing. You follow his freaked gaze and notice 2 small indentations in your skin that definitely weren’t there before. You could’ve scratched yourself in your sleep but surely it wouldn’t leave that kind of mark.
“Hm, alright,” you say. You know somethings up and you’re going to figure out what.
You watch him cautiously as he runs a hand through his hair, the metal rings wrapping his fingers reflecting the light from the early setting of the sun. He drops his hand back onto his thigh, steering with his left, and you look back and forth between his jittery hand and the marks on your leg.
Oh, damn.
You sit in silence for a moment, looking for other possible reasons for the marks on your leg but find none.
“Bucky,” you start.
“Mhm?” he replies instantly.
“We’re you… holding my thigh?” you finish.
He exhales deeply and slowly drifts onto the side of the road, thudding his forehead onto the top of the wheel, ashamed.
“I’ll call you an Uber,” he says into the wheel before reaching for his phone in the cup holder. You grab his wrist and his eyes meet yours in a flash— he looks disgusted, but not at you.
“Don’t,” you demand.
He holds the eye contact then breaks it, looking back at you quickly before peeling back onto the road. He switches his distracted gaze between your hand and the road as he watches as you keep the hold on his wrist and lead it back toward your leg. He stops his arm just before touching your skin before releasing and letting you place his hand on your inner thigh. His breathing quickens as he squeezes the soft flesh. This was the most wanted reason there could’ve been for the marks on your leg.
He moves his hand from your inner thigh toward your knee once you release his wrist. Guilt surges through you, yet there’s still a sexual tension building within the car.
“Bucky, I’m so sorry! I thought that was what you wanted, god, I feel like such a perv…” you sputter, holding your hands over your face.
Bucky smirks and glances over at you before re-fixing his eyes on the road.
“No, Doll, it’s not that. I just know that if we start now I’ll get carried away,” he says, consoling you, “Your place or mine?”.
“Yours,” you respond after a brief pause.
Your heart drops and you cross your legs to soothe the tingling between them— his hand follows and lands back on top of your thigh. The pressure on your heat allows you to feel the pulse around your clit and you huff out a quiet breath. Bucky notices your aroused state and removes his hand entirely, motioning to the backseat as he speaks:
“There’s something back there I think you might find useful,” he says.
You look in the back and see the hot-pink sex shop logo plastered on the black bag containing your vibrator. What. The. Actual. Fuck. This was literally your every wet-dream of him and more. The burning in your abdomen and pulsing in your clit is quickly forgotten as nervousness and embarrassment wash over you after processing the ordeal.
“I swear I can explain-“ you start out of genuine reflex.
“I wasn’t asking,” he demands, turning down the radio by a few notches.
The dominance in his tone makes you wanna cum on the spot and you reach into the backseat and grab the bag, removing the boxed vibrator and dropping the bag onto the floor. You turn back around in the seat and a black-smudged and calloused hand grabs the box from you, flipping it around and examining the features. Your toes curl in anticipation as you watch him tear the box open with ease, dropping the vibrator onto his lap. He tests the different speeds on the palm of his hand, switching his gaze between the toy and the road before setting it to 2/5 and handing it over to you. You place it on the seat beside you and you don’t hesitate to pull your shorts down your legs, dropping them onto the floor in front of the seat and pulling your underwear to your ankles. The vibrator rattles against the leather of the seat and you pull your knees up, resting your feet on the dash before spreading your knees.
“Don’t change the speed, I’ll be controlling that since I’m driving,” he remarks.
You adjust your position, feeling the cool air of the gentle AC hit your cunt, giving you chills. You place the vibrator on the outside of your lips first to ease into the feeling before moving it between your folds, moving it up and down against your clit. You moan out shamelessly and Bucky groans in response. Pressing it into your clit, you slide a finger into yourself and push up against your front wall. You curve your finger in yourself and pump it in and out, wiggling the vibrator around. Squelching wet clicks fill the car besides the quiet music and you moan again, louder than before.
Bucky reaches between your legs and grabs the glistening vibrator, increasing the speed by one click before placing it back between your legs. He holds it on your clit, moving it in a circular motion as he focuses on the road and palms himself through his jeans. You insert another finger into yourself and grab his bicep with your free hand, needing desperately something to hold. You feel your climax coming up and arch your back off the back of the seat. Bucky swivels the vibrator around faster and pushes it into your clit with more pressure. You moan out a string of sounds as you curl your fingers and bury them within your clenching hole, flexing them inside yourself as your high flows by. With one final, very lewd moan, you finish completely and push the vibrator off of yourself. Bucky clicks it off and drops it back into the mangled box, releasing a guttural groan as his hard dick tests the confines of his jeans. You drive for a few more minutes before he flips on the turn signal onto a side-road that leads to a hiking trail.
“Fuck it,” he says as he parks in one of the further spots at the edge of the woods.
Immediately upon parking, he smashes your faces together in an intense kiss. You separate your faces and climb into the back, knowing Bucky has to leave the car to get into the backseat. He chuckles and exits the car before re-entering into the backseat next to you as planned. You swing your legs up onto the seat and lay back, pulling your underwear back down— your shorts long gone in the front seat. He climbs between your spread legs with the door still open and reconnects the kiss.
“Mmph-” you try to speak as you push Bucky’s chest.
He lifts himself off of you in a push-up-like position and stares into your eyes, fear riddling his very existence.
“The door!” you laugh out, motioning to the open door, exposing your entire baby-factory to the wild and maybe a few sunset hikers. His expression relaxes and he shuts the door behind himself, now on his knees on the seat, situated between your legs.
Thoughts came and went in your head as you watched him carry out the mundane action— when you first met him, when he gave you his personal number, and the looks you shared with each other that one time your ex’s car broke down. You’d both wanted this for a long time and, thinking about it, you don’t really know why you restrained yourselves for the amount of time you did.
He leans toward your face and sinks into a kiss. You close your eyes and move your lips toward another, only to realize that he was gone from your face and making his way down your body. You open your eyes to catch a glimpse of his smirk just before the rest of his face below his eyes disappears between your thighs.
You gasp and lean back against the window of the car door, grasping at his hair with one hand and the head rest of the seat with the other. His tongue passes through your lips repetitively, forcing a warm fluttering into your abdomen. Your moaning encourages him to press his tongue into your clit, flicking it back and forth and your moans get louder in response. You tug on his hair harshly as he inserts a finger into you and pumps it in and out. He groans into you, sending vibrations up your spine.
‘Burning Desire’ by Lana Del Rey starts on the playlist, thickening the sexual energy in the car. Your head thuds against the window as you arch your back off of the door, feeding him. He turns his head on an angle and curls his finger, pressing his face even further into you, if that’s even possible at this point. You let out one final guttural moan as you clench around his fingers and forge your fist shut on his hair, your body convulsing against the seat as you cum. He rides you through your high, staring up into your eyes as he laps up the fluids dripping from you— your juices and his saliva mixing together. The wet sounds slowing as he lays a few more small kitten-licks between your lips before removing his finger and moving back up to kiss you. You breath heavily against each other’s faces as you swallow your tongues, pawing at every piece of clothing covering you’s.
He pulls his shirt over his head before sitting back against the seat and removing his jeans, leaving him in his underwear. You sit up completely and pull your top off, your bra coming off soon after. You both soak in the atmosphere: the music, the heavy breathing, the late stages of the sunset. You ogle his body, practically drooling— his toned chest and the point where his stomach rolls from sitting, the muscles detailing his large arms, the spread of his thighs along the seat— everything.
“You gonna lose those?” you ask, gesturing to his boxers with the very prominent boner pressing through them.
He looks up from your breasts to your face and his eyebrows jump when he realizes that he’s still covered. He pulls the boxers down his legs, dropping them from his ankles onto the floor. His dick sticks up and precum rolls down the side of the contrasting pink tip. He begins to move back between your legs, but you stop him by climbing onto his lap. Looking up at you with curious eyes, he places his hands on your waist gently. You move your hand down to your heat slowly, taking some of your arousal on your fingertips before spreading it over his tip along with his precum. He inhales shakily and straightens his back at the feeling, his eyes taking a weak, submissive look.
“You ready?” you ask with a small, empathetic smile.
He nods his head and you tilt yours to the side.
“I wanna hear it,” you say.
One of his hands roams up your back and rests on the back of your neck.
“I’m ready,” he whispers before pushing your faces together in a soft kiss, swiping his tongue along yours as you slide his throbbing tip between your folds.
You both moan out quietly as you lower yourself onto his cock, your rim stretching and your walls fluttering as he enters your body. The wet sucking of your kissing fills the car as you sit on his cock for a moment, wiggling your hips to adjust to his size. You rest your hands on his shoulders for support as you slide yourself up and down. You have to lean your forehead against his to avoid hitting your head on the ceiling.
You had waited so long for this. Too long.
The slow pace wasn’t cutting it for him anymore as he grabbed onto your hips and flipped you back along the seat. You gasp as he pushes himself back into you and takes what he needs— a lot.
“Oh my god, Buck!” you cry out.
He rests his weight on his forearms as you grab at his body, first his arms, then his ass, then his waist. Wet skin slapping and your combined moans cover the music, and the once-clear glass has been fogged up. You pant like dogs as you whine out every few thrusts, nearing your climaxes.
“Come on, doll. Cum for me,” he coos into your hair, moving a hand to your clit.
He toys with your clit as he continues plowing you, sucking intensely on your neck. You feel yourself clench repeatedly as stars form behind your eyes and you arch your back into Bucky as you cum. You cry out as he brings you down from your high, still chasing his own. The car shakes back and forth more intensely as he gives a few more hard thrusts deep into you before burrying his cock in you and filling you with his cum. He groans out as he pulls out, releasing all of the built up fluids from your hole out onto the seats. You moan as his tip pops out of you and the liquid seeps down your skin.
You sit up on the seat and more juices push though your lips, instigated by the motion. Bucky pulls his boxers back over himself and reaches into the front seat to grab a box of tissues, passing them to you to clean yourself up. The two of you redress and get back into the front— you climbing over the console and him getting out of the car to get back in.
“Let’s get back to my place, now, yeah?” he says, not much of a question, before turning on the car.
The headlights illuminate the woods ahead and in the grass in front of you’s, a squirrel sits— watching you.
“Pervert,” you and Bucky say at the same time.
You burst out laughing at the coincidence before he peels the truck out of the parking lot, still snickering.
You had been driving for just over 5 minutes before either of you said something, tuckered out.
“You think that thing works on men?” he asks, lifting his hand from your thigh to point at the vibrator box in the cup holder.
“We’ll have to find out,” you respond, interlacing your fingers with his.
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burntbuttermm · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Missed You
Characters: Tengen Uzui x afab reader Warnings: NSFW (MDNI, ageless blogs will be blocked!), masturbation, dirty talking, penetration (reader receiving), afab!reader. Synopsis: Tengen comes home from a long mission to find his lovely wife in need of some assistance. P with a little plot. Word count: 817
It's been three whole months. Three whole months since you've heard his loud, infectious laughter ring down the halls. Three whole months since you were held, so gently and so tenderly, in those strong arms. Three whole months since you stared into those magenta, gem-like eyes and ran your fingers through his silvery locks. It's been too long, so it was only normal that your heart ached for him, you ached for him. Right?
At least that's what you told yourself, flimsy justification for what you were doing right now. You laid on your shared bed, your naked form wrapped in the yukata that still smelled faintly like him. One hand massaged your left breast and the other stroking up your thigh.
You closed your eyes and sighed, imagining your fingers were his as you shyly touched yourself. Soft gasps left your mouth as you lightly flicked your sensitive nubs. You slowly dipped two fingers into your throbbing sex, ashamed at how wet you were already and how easily your fingers slipped in.
“Tengen..." You breathed, quickening the pace of your fingers as you pinched your nipples a little more frantically. You moaned quietly as you felt the familiar knot forming in your abdomen. You imagined his firm, muscular body behind you, silky voice cooing in your ear as his skilled digits brought you closer to the edge...
“What a magnificent sight.”
Your eyes snapped open and you froze.
Leaning against the door frame, stood the man you had been thinking about, worrying for, aching for. Tengen was right there in front of you, burgundy eyes glimmering with amusement and something darker. Suddenly, you remembered the situation you were in.
You hastily covered yourself up and looked away, embarrassed. “Ten I-I didn’t hear you come in! I’m sorry I was just…I-It's just that I missed you so much and I-.” You blubbered as your eyes swell up with tears.
“God I can smell your arousal from here,” Tengen paid no heed to your rambling as he swiftly moved to sit behind you. "Is that my yukata?"
"Y-yes but it's all dirty, I-I'm sorry I'll go wash it right no-"
"Don't you dare go." He all but commanded before wrapping his arms around your waist, kissing your neck and leaving plum-coloured blooms across your skin that made you whimper.
Truth be told, Tengen was tired, exhausted even. But seeing your perfect body, naked in his yukata, while you were shamelessly playing with yourself, all tiredness from the mission had evaporated into pure desire.
“It appears I’ve been a terrible husband, neglecting my gorgeous wife,” His voice was dripping with lust as he looked at you through half-lidded eyes. "Tell me Darling, how can I make it up to you?” He practically purred against the shell of your ear.
“Touch me, please.” You whined, your fingers returning to their ministrations in your slick folds . Tengen gently removed your hand and replaced it with his. You moaned so sweetly when his much thicker, longer digits slowly pressed knuckle-deep into you. Your hips bucking into his hand like they had a will of their own.
“Oh sweetheart you are drenched.” Tengen groaned. “God I want to taste you, but I think I've made you wait long enough.”
He pushed you down against the mattress, his large form hovered above yours as his big hands spread you for him. When he slowly pressed his pulsing cock inside you, your mouth opened in a silent scream, eyes rolling back as you drank up the feeling of being so full.
“Mhnf fuck." Tengen grunted, using all his self-control to keep from slamming into you mercilessly. "You’re even tighter than I remember. Let me loosen you up some.”
You begged for more like a desperate bunny in heat. Tengen loved seeing you like this, he stroked your cheek and smiled drunkenly as his hips snapped against yours. “Mhnf missed you so much Y/N, missed your pretty face, missed your pretty little body.”
"I'm, I'm g-gonna-" You could barely form words as your moans crescendoed into a hoarse scream. You clawed at his muscular back as you clenched tightly around him. You vaguely recall him pressing tight circles against your clit as you fell over the edge. Your juices dripped all over your thighs, making Tengen's eyes widen. He had never seen you this wet.
Something in him must have snapped, because you yelped as Tengen quickly flipped you on all fours. Polished fingers gripped your hips roughly, as you felt the smooth head of his cock press into your still-spasming walls once more. You were still trembling from your first orgasm when he started a punishing pace, slamming into your puffy cunt until you reached a second, and then a third peak. Tengen made sure to make up for all those lonely nights, all the time you went without his cock filling you to the brim.
When he finally came, globules of milky thick seed spilled out of you as dark fuchsia eyes watched intently.
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luna-xial · 2 days ago
Good Graces (Thorin x F! Reader)
Request for @eowynsowl​ who requested this prompt  by @imaginexhobbit​
I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for requesting!
Warnings: Mentioning of sex (nothing graphic, just insinuating it happened or could happen).
Tumblr media
“Hey, let us out of here!” 
“Get off me!” 
The voices of the Company overwhelmed your ears as you were all shoved into cells by the Elven guards. With sickly spiders, cursed waters, sore shoulders, and a growing headache, you decided to take this as a moment of peace to sit down undisturbed, leaning against the cool stone.
“Enough!” Balin called out, he too already sitting down in his cell with his arms crossed. “There’s no way out, this is no Orc dungeon. These are the halls of the Woodland Realm.”
“No one leaves here but by the king’s consent,” You called out, silencing the last of the grumbles of the Company, reality setting in for everyone as they sat.  Crossing your arms, you sighed through your nose, deciding now would be best to get some well-earned shut-eye. 
“Some may imagine that a noble quest is at hand,” Thranduil hummed, walking round the throne room with his hands behind his back. “A quest to reclaim a homeland… And the slaying of a dragon.” Thranduil turned to face Thorin who sat before him in chains, hair decorated with spider webs and dirt from the forest floor, a hardened glare over his face. “You seek that which would bestow upon you the right to rule.” Thranduil voiced out loud, leaning down. “The King’s Jewel, the Arkenstone. I understand that it is a precious stone, one that you desire beyond measure,” Thranduil grinned, “I understand that entirely. There is something that I too desire.” 
“I offer you my help,” Thranduil spoke, tilting his head as Thorin’s expression furrowed. 
“I am listening,” Thorin murmured, staring up through his eyelashes as Thranduil’s grin widened. 
“I will let you go, under one circumstance.”
“A favor for a favor?” Thorin spoke quizzically as Thranduil stood straight once more. 
“I will let your entire company go, for one night with the one you all called (Y/n).” 
“Never,” Thorin spat out, shaking his head. He would not trade you or anything you could provide Thranduil for anything, especially not just for a get out of jail free card.
Thranduil’s eyes narrowed, expression sharpening with anger as he took in a shaky breath to calm himself. 
“Don’t take the offer, that’s fine. Stay here if you will and rot. A hundred years is a mere blink  in the life of an elf, but so much longer for a human or dwarf.” Thranduil turned to sit on his throne and once settled he spoke again. “I’m patient, I can wait.”
“Take him away and bring the one they call (Y/n).”
“Do not touch her!” Thorin yelled out to Thranduil as he was being dragged away, seething with rage as Thranduil chuckled, leaning his chin on his fist. 
As Thorin was dragged down to the dungeon, he continued yelling profanities, kicking, and huffing at the guards who shoved him into his cell before turning to walk to yours. 
“Don’t agree to anything that slimy snake says!” Thorin yelled out to you as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes. 
“What’s happening?” You murmured as your cell opened. 
“King Thranduil requests your audience.” The guards spoke making you quirk your eyebrow as you stood up, your muscles straining from just the little movement. 
“Due to the position I’m in,” You gestured to the cell around you, taking a spin around it, you laughed, “I don’t think it’s a request.” You finished, exiting to allow them to escort you up the stairs. 
“What does he want with (Y/n)?” Fili asked, worry dripping in his tone as you walked past his cell. 
“Whatever it is, I’ll be fine,” You reassured, locking eyes with Fili before giving him a gentle smile. He saw you like an aunt, it would be fair to see that as the reason he was so worried. 
As Thorin turned silent, you locked eyes with him before nodding. “I’ll be just fine,” You verbalized again as you rounded the corner with the guards, going out of sight. 
Thorin rested his head in his hands, bowed over on the prison cell bench as he prayed to Mahal nothing would happen to you. 
Looking around the throne room, you were amazed at the carvings in the wooden pillars, the detailing in the ceiling, and above all, the intricacy of Thranduil’s throne. 
“I see you are an appreciator of Elven craft,” Thranduil called from his throne, tone gentle as you approached. As he got to see you up close, it all made sense to him, his infatuation. You looked similar to his beloved who had passed many decades ago. 
Nodding, you let your gaze drop to lock with his own. “It’s magnificent,” You spoke firmly, no waver in your voice despite the bubble of anxiety building in your stomach. “Although, I do have a question, if I may?” 
Your politeness was a stark contrast from Thorin’s cursing, Thranduil noted as he nodded at you. “You may,” He grinned as you let go of a breath you didn’t realize you were holding. 
“I just was curious as to why I was brought up here,” You raised a brow, “The head of the Company is Thorin, his advisor is Balin, and Dwalin is his younger brother who is much more politically tied to Thorin than I.”
“You don’t deem yourself important to this quest?” Thranduil tilted his head, genuine curiosity flowing through him as you continuously held his gaze. 
“Important, yes, but as important as others I am not,” You explained, causing Thranduil to nod, pondering the information you gave him before speaking again. 
“I brought you here to offer you a deal, one that Thorin vehemently denied taking,” Thranduil stood as your anxiety built up again. What could he have possibly offered that Thorin would have so passionately denied and what could it have to do with you?
Gulping, you wet your lips with your tongue before you spoke again, desperately trying to keep your voice steady. “What was the offer?” 
Thranduil’s grin returned as he approached. “I told Thorin that I would let the entire Company go, yourself included, if you spent one night with me, in my company.” Thranduil watched as you contemplated the information, your face puzzled as you took it all in. 
“One night, with you?” You responded, voice eerily steady as you looked up at him. “What does that entail?” Your tone shifted, more calculating as you began to weigh the pros and cons of the deal before you. 
“Dinner, wine, quality time,” Thranduil began to rattle off before you interrupted. “Sexual interaction?” You demanded to know, watching as his eyes widened in surprise before a smirk developed on his face. 
“If the night gets there, who am I to deny you?” He responded, settling your anxiety. 
Catching your relieved expression, Thranduil shook his head. “I may be cruel at times, my dear,” He trailed a finger along the side of your face. “But I am no monster and would never force anyone into doing anything they did not wish to in terms of romantic or sexual pleasures.” 
Taking a deep breath, you nodded, “Deal.” 
“You agree?” 
“Yes, I agree to your deal.” You nodded, “I am a woman of my word, and I will hold you to your own.” 
“I am pleased that you have come to such a conclusion,” Thranduil grinned, looking to the guards over your shoulder. “Take her to a suite where she can bathe and get into some proper garments while hers are washed.” He ordered, and with that, you were swept away. 
Thorin’s leg bounced as the night continued, worry for you settling in his heart as he jumped up to the cell doors every time he heard the guards making their rounds, desperately hoping that you were with them. 
“What did Thranduil want with (Y/n)?” Kili couldn’t help but ask, noticing his uncle’s jumpiness throughout the night. 
“He wanted… Her,” Thorin muttered, looking around the corner to see if any new guards could come down the steps. 
“Her?” Fili asked, standing up and walking to his cell gates. 
“He didn’t specify what, truly, just that he wanted her for the night,” Thorin spoke through clenched teeth as he thought about what Thranduil could be doing to you, his One. 
“It must be nearly dawn,” Bofur called out, realization settling in on them all. If you hadn’t returned the first few hours since you left, you most definitely would not be returning anytime soon. 
“Do you think—” Bilbo began from his own cell, only to be interrupted by Thorin.
“She agreed,” Thorin murmured, head leaning against the iron cell gate, despair creeping into his heart as his mind flashed with images of you and Thranduil in a passionate embrace. 
As the morning crept on, Thorin felt sick as he imagined Thranduil embracing you in silk sheets, bare for the world to see. 
“We’re never going to reach the mountain in time, are we?” Bofur couldn’t help but ask out loud as footsteps were heard coming from the stairs. 
“Well not in here, we won’t,” You voiced, nonchalant as the company shot to the edge of their cells, shouting your name as you shook your head. You were in your travel garments, fresh from being washed and dried and you were freshly bathed. 
“What happened?” Balin questioned as a guard came from behind you to open up each and every gate to allow the Company out. 
“I’ll tell you in a while,” You spoke over your shoulder as you were all led out of the Woodland Realm and back onto the traveling path, weapons, travel supplies, and clean clothes all returned to the Company. 
Thranduil awaited the Company at the edge of the bridge, nodding to you as you passed him. 
“Safe travels, Thorin,” Thranduil bowed his head, a smirk on his face as Thorin silently walked past, fighting the urge to sock Thranduil in the face. 
As you got safely through the Woodland Realm, Thorin finally spoke up. 
“Why did you do it?” He asked, falling into step next to you, voice laced with something you couldn’t quite detect as you looked to him. 
“Go with Thranduil?” You asked, turning your head to look at him as you two walked along the path, the Company members behind you listening in on your conversation. 
Thorin nodded in confirmation, causing you to ‘hm’ before looking back ahead of you. 
“I knew that we were not going to be able to escape those cells, Thorin,” You began, “So when I was offered the opportunity to get us all out for a night of my company, I took it.” You told him, carefully stepping over an uprooted tree root. 
“A night of your company, giving yourself to him, that was worth it?” Thorin questioned you, hurt now clear in his voice as you paused to look at him. 
“Giving myself to him-” You started before Thorin interrupted you. 
“To watch the woman I love and cherish be taken into the bed of a slimy elf-”
“Love?” It was you who interrupted this time, eyes widening as Thorin’s expression shifted into heartbreak. 
“You are my One, (Y/n),” Thorin spoke low, all too aware of the Company’s presence behind him. 
“Why did you never mention this?” You demanded to know, arms crossed as you tilted your head. 
Deciding not to answer you, or more so pretend like he didn’t hear your question, Thorin continued. “To see my One be carted off to be bedded by another man- I would never have allowed that to happen-”
“Well, then it’s a good thing it didn’t.” Your voice was firm as you glared at him. “He wanted my company. That is all. No bedding of the sort.” You moved to continue on the path, the Company resuming their walk behind you. You didn’t tell him of Thranduil’s comments about how the night could have shifted if you so wanted, no, that would have fueled the unnecessary fire. 
“However,” You paused turning to look to Thorin who was a few feet behind you. “It is quite sad that you have so little faith in me, Thorin, assuming I would bed any person that offered me such a thing. Especially if you would consider me your One,” You scoffed. 
“Not even a ‘thank you’ for getting you all out of there, either,” You huffed, facing forward and going down the path once more. 
Thorin breathed deeply through his nose as he watched you continue on, the heartbreak now turned into anxiousness as he kept to the back of the Company, wondering just how he could get into your good graces again. 
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sl-ut · 2 days ago
i wanna be your girlfriend
Tumblr media
pairing: rue bennett x reader, rue bennett x jules vaughn (mentioned), piper (oc) x reader
description: y/n and rue finally hash it out after the carnival, and things become more complicated than either expected.
warnings: swearing, mentions of drugs and OD.
words: 2.2K
date posted: 24/01/22
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I remember the first time I noticed Y/n for the first time. Not the first time I saw her, there’s no way that I could have known how important she would be when I was nine, and not when I realised that I wanted her in my life, either. Sometime in between the two, there was a moment when I noticed something about Y/n that set her apart from everyone else.
It wasn’t anything really out of the ordinary, and I honestly don’t know why it had caught me so off guard. The playground behind Y/n’s house would later become a common meeting place for us, but she later told me that it was where she used to go to be alone.
I’d seen her there one evening while Lexi and I were out riding our bikes. I probably wouldn’t have noticed her there if it hadn’t been for Lexi pointing her out to me.
“Is that Y/n?”
Rue followed the direction of Lexi’s finger as she gestured towards the park. The pair had been riding their bikes around the residential area for nearly an hour, and on their third turn around the loop, a small frame had appeared on top of the monkey bars, laying flat on their back with their legs swinging beneath them.
“Uh, I don’t know. Maybe.”
I knew it was. I’d seen her there before, but as a kid, those kinds of things didn’t really seem weird or concerning to me.
“Do you think she’s okay?” Lexi asked.
“Probably, why?”
“I don’t know, just seems kinda sad to be there by herself.” Lexi glanced down at her watch, “Oh shoot. Sorry Rue, I was supposed to be home ten minutes ago.”
In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t the brightest idea to wander into a nearly abandoned park so late in the evening, but what Lexi said had struck me in some kind of way.
“Hey, are you, uh, are you good?”
Y/n sat up, balancing herself on one of the blue metal bars as she stared down at Rue, eyeing her as she rolled her bike through the grass and stopping just in front of the sand.
“Not really.”
Her voice was barely above a whisper as she spoke. A seemingly permanent frown was etched onto her lips, though her eyes held a bored, emotionless expression. Rue had never seen her in a different manner, except for maybe a few moments in class when she was with Kat.
“Oh. Okay.”
“Are you?” Y/n turned the question onto Rue.
“Do you wanna talk about it?”
“No thanks.”
A small smile flickered onto Y/n’s face, though it would probably be more accurate to describe it as a lesser frown.
“Good. Me neither.”
I met Y/n everyday from then on on those monkey bars. Sometimes we talked, sometimes we didn’t. Either way, it quickly became a place of comfort for the both of us.
But somehow, something about seeing Y/n on top of those monkey bars again made me feel weird, like not a ‘I really fucked up our friendship and now you asked me to talk,’ weird, but a weird that I’d never felt before and couldn’t really explain.
“Yo, Rue Rue.”
Rue stared up at Y/n in awe. She had simply tugged on a large black crewneck over the outfit she’d previously been wearing, and traded her strappy sandals in for a pair of sneakers. The glitter across her face reflected the minimal moonlight, but what truly caught Rue’s eye was the pout she wore on her lips. The one that had once been so familiar but now felt foreign, the one that went away after they’d become friends.
Rue silently clambered up to sit a few rungs away from Y/n, their knees nudging against one another gently as she settled into her place. She struggled to control her breathing and tightened her clammy palms on the rungs anxiously, feet swinging below her mindlessly.
“Is Gia okay?”
Rue’s heart warmed at the idea of Y/n genuinely being concerned about her sister, but in a way, it made sense. Gia had always been Rue’s annoying little sister, and had always wanted to hang out with them when Y/n was over. While she’d always come over to be with Rue, Y/n had developed her own relationship with the younger Bennett girl.
“Yeah, yeah. She, uh, she’s high, so I had to cover for her with mom, but she’s gonna be okay.”
“That’s good.”
Y/n eyed the girl, unsure of how to approach the conversation that they both knew that they needed to have. Both remained quiet for a few moments, and Y/n took the opportunity to admire the way that the moonlight reflected off of Rue’s cheekbones, shadows on her cheeks dipping around her natural bone structure.
“So,” She coughed, “You went to rehab?”
If the situation had been any different, Rue may have laughed at Y/n’s bluntness. Instead, she silently nodded her head.
Rue shrugged, “Few days after you left.”
“And how long has this been going on, Rue? Was it just one time and you took it too far or…”
“I started using when I was thirteen, before my dad died. But afterwards, I don’t know, I guess it just got worse.”
“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Y/n’s voice cracked as she spoke. Rue was certain that she would find tear-filled eyes if she were brave enough to look directly at her.
“I don’t know. After you told me about your mom, I guess that I was just scared that you–” Rue paused as her words became lodged in her throat, “I was scared that you would leave me.”
“Leave you?” Y/n scoffed, “Rue, you’re my best friend. I wouldn’t just leave you over that, I mean I would want to help you, but… So that whole time that I thought you were ignoring me?” She sniffled quietly as she rubbed her eye with the back of her hand, “How’s it going, then? Are you, you know…”
“I’m clean now. Two weeks.”
“Yeah,” Rue hung her head, “I kinda had a slip up a few weeks back.”
I decided that it was probably in the best interest of both of us that I just give her the short and sweet version of the story, the version that didn’t include the use of fentanyl.
“I get it,” Y/n sighed, reaching over to grasp Rue’s hand in her lap, “I mean, I don’t, but I saw my mom go through it, and I know it’s not easy.”
Rue finally met her gaze, frowning at the dark streaks of mascara over her cheeks. Softly, she smiled at the girl as she squeezed her hand gratefully, “I’m really sorry, Y/n. About your mom, about lying, about everything.”
“It’s okay.” Y/n snorted, “Well, not really, but I’ll get over it.”
After an elongated beat of watching each other gently, Y/n finally spoke once more.
“And about the texts…”
Rue’s cheeks flushed, “Can we just forget about them?”
Y/n’s expression dropped, the somewhat hopeful look in her eyes disappearing in favour of one of surprise. Rue suddenly felt unsure of herself, genuinely shocked at Y/n’s reaction, was that not where she’d been headed with that sentence?
“Oh, yeah. Definitely. I don’t even remember what we were talking about to begin with.”
“Me neither.”
I didn’t forget about it, and if anything that I know about Y/n, she hadn’t either. It wasn’t exactly the kind of thing that you just forget about and move on with your life, but I was honestly more than okay with going back to how things were earlier this summer, which they sort of did.
Jules had been acting weird since the carnival. For a while, I’d started to wonder if it was the sudden revival of my friendship with Y/n, especially after the way that Y/n reacted to Jules cornering her in the school bathroom, but then it dawned on me that it may have been something entirely different. She disappeared for a while, sending the occasional text toat least let me know that she was alive.
This time away from Jules could be good for me. In the few weeks since that night at McKay’s house, we’d spent so much time together that it felt as if I’d known her for years. A part of me thought that Jules could have been some sort of replacement for Y/n, but the time apart from Jules made me realise that things weren’t just that simple. As much as I loved Jules, Y/n was irreplaceable.
While I was more than happy to have Y/n back in my life, I hadn’t realised that she would be bringing Piper along with her, who was always glad to join us when we hung out, but I began to get the vibe that she was mostly just tagging along to play chaperone.
“So…” Rue trailed off, “Piper. What’s that all about?”
Rue had watched the two girls have a sickeningly sweet moment from her place in the backseat, praying that Piper would hurry up and get out of the car, eagerly throwing herself up into the passenger seat as the door slammed shut.
“I literally have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“Is she your girlfriend?”
Please say no.
“Oh my God, Rue,” Y/n laughed, “No we’re not. Happy?”
“No, no.” Rue shrugged, “It’s just, she obviously really likes you, and you…”
Y/n glared over at the girl in the passenger seat, scowling at her insistent questions, “Do we really have to talk about this?”
“Hey, you’re the one who said that we weren’t allowed to keep any more secrets.”
Y/n sighed, internally kicking herself for making such a condition of their friendship, “Fine. I don’t know yet, I think I might, but we’re definitely not in the same place right now. Honestly, I think she would propose if she thought I might say yes.”
Rue scoffed out a laugh, “Oh, way to stay modest, Y/n.”
“Please, she’s asked me to be her girlfriend twice already,” Y/n snorted, “I’m starting to feel bad. I mean, I like her, but I don’t know if I’m really ready for that.”
They briefly made eye contact as she spoke, holding it for a beat before Y/n returned her attention back to the road. Rue felt her heart skip once, then again at the unspoken message that her friend had sent.
“Well, since you asked me,” Y/n coughed, “What about Jules?”
“What, uh,” Rue swallowed dryly at the mention of the girl who’d seemed to be avoiding her for the last few days, “What about Jules?”
“Oh come on, Rue. I’m not stupid, and I’m not blind.” Y/n smirked at her, “You guys are really close, and I’ve gotten some vibes from you guys.”
Y/n hadn’t been wrong to think that. In the period of time in which I had been forcing Jules into the Y/n-sized hole in my life, I actually did start liking her. A lot.
I’m not entirely sure if it was that I genuinely was attracted to Jules or if it was a result from my leftover feelings for Y/n, but once again, I caught feelings for my best friend and fucked everything up.
“I don’t… I mean, we kissed.”
“Yeah?” Y/n’s tone held no element of either positive or negative feelings towards Rue’s response, almost sounding bored, “Like, a kiss or a kiss?”
Rue exhaled sharply through her nose, “A kiss. Like just a kiss.”
“Really? So no tongue?”
“No groping? Under-the-clothes touching?”
“I will seriously jump out of this car right now.”
“Go ahead,” Y/n laughed, pulling up to the curb in front of Rue’s house, “We’re here, anyways.”
“Oh. Well, do me a favour and not bring that up again, please. Things are… weird now.”
“Things always get weird when you kiss your best friend, Rue.”
Rue’s mouth spit out her words before she even had a chance to register what she was saying, “It didn’t with you.”
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have–”
Y/n laid her hand flat over Rue’s, “It’s cool, Rue.”
“Good.” She shrugged her backpack over one shoulder and reached for the handle of the door, “I guess I better go.”
“Yeah,” Y/n leaned back in her seat, “I have to get some homework done, anyway. But, hey, do you wanna come over later? We can watch a movie or something?”
Rue nodded, smiling gently over at her, “Yeah, that would be cool.”
“Great, I’ll text you in a bit.”
Rue stepped out onto the curb with one final goodbye, waving over her shoulder as Y/n pulled off, only to pull into the driveway four houses down. A stuttered breath left her lips, heart racing in anticipation, though dread flooded her veins as her mind finally caught up to this familiar emotion.
I still wanted her to be my girlfriend.
thank you all for reading! likes, comments, feedback, and constructive criticism, and reblogs are always welcome and appreciated, however please do NOT repost my work without permission.
tags:@ariianelle ,@charliesdaze
(willing to tag anyone else in this series, but i will not be maintaining any major taglists for the rest of my work)
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miscelunaaa · 2 days ago
spin cycle 6 | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x female reader
genre: drabble series, slow burn, fluff, slice of life, eventual smut
summary: this random guy has started doing laundry at your favorite laundromat each week (at the same time as you, no less!) and to be honest, it’s going to be a problem. you’re just not sure how yet.
rating: 18+ for eventual smut
word count: less than 500
warnings: wide-eyed jungkook. swearing. wardrobe malfunctions. precisely one (1) iced coffee was harmed in the writing of this drabble.
notes: the plot thickens even further and we are off to the races, my friends. stuff’s going to be picking up a little now, so i hope you’re comfortable and have something cozy to drink. enjoy the ride! by the way, are you interested in joining the tag list for this? pop me an ask or a dm or a telegram and let me know! it’s my first time doing a tag list, so it’s a little experimental, but please, reach out and i’ll add you! otherwise, we’re on a weekly schedule, with me posting this on mondays, usually before noon cst or so. happy reading!
series masterlist | read on ao3
previous | next
Tumblr media
You are having a phenomenal day so far. That’s not sarcasm! It’s been so good that you feel no salt, no spice, NOTHING. It’s just you, your bag, your hamper, and your iced coffee and nothing (nothing!!) can bring you down!
Nothing except running face first into the glass door to the laundromat, maybe.
Just maybe.
Maybe it’s not that bad!! It’s fine! You just spilled your coffee on the door right? Ah … it’s all over you too. Fuck.
You’re pissed as you walk into the laundromat, the cold, sticky liquid seeping into the front of your clothes, thoroughly soaking your customary laundry day hoodie and leggings. The only thing that could make this worse is …
Fuck, he’s already seen. Your laundry friend has seen everything, his big brown eyes wide as he looks at you. He looks like a deer in a car’s headlights, or perhaps a bunny about to bolt from danger.
This is imbecilic. You’re soaked in coffee. You’re not that mad about the spill! Shit happens! It’s the fact that it happened in front of him.
With a sigh, you drop your bag at your customary table, and head to the bathroom for a wad of paper towels. Better clean the door first before cleaning yourself. You’ll change into something from your hamper afterwards.
Laundry friend is staring at you as you walk back out to the door. His gaze is intense enough that you hardly feel the cold fall air through your wet clothes.
When you head back inside, he’s walking towards you. You make to move out of his way but he holds up a hand as if to stop you, his eyes still wide and flitting between your face and your soiled clothes.
He suddenly pulls off his enormous black sweatshirt. The white tee underneath rises up with it, revealing that he is indeed as hard as you expected underneath. You get a little flash of his tiny brown nipples, an eyeful of his flat, toned stomach (you’re sure it would be a perfect six pack if he were to flex) and a subtle trail of hairs leading down from his belly button into his—
“Here, wear this,” he says, handing you the hoodie. His face is flushed while he pulls down his tee. On his right arm, you see that he’s got a full sleeve of tattoos, carefully inked in black, from wrist into the arm of his shirt. “To, um, change into.” His voice is soft, a low tenor. It suits him.
As you take the garment from him, you train your gaze on his own, and note that his skin is perfect but for a few empty piercings. They’re only noticeable now because this is the closest you’ve ever been to each other. You’ve never noticed the little hoops in both of this ears, nor have you noticed the little mole underneath his lower lip
Fuuuuuck you just want to lick it.
Now you’re really done for.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading! drop me an ask and tell me what you think. find me in various places at my carrd :)
©miscelunaaa 2021-2022. my work is only found on this blog and under my ao3 pseud. do not, under any circumstances, copy or repost my work. thank you.
posted: 1.24.2022
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aroseinasnowstorm · 2 days ago
Hii! Hope you havin a great day!
I wanna say i rly like ur writings✨✨✨
Brightens me dey💮
I have this idea i've been thinking about if thats ok-
A one shot fluff, with a teen!Reader who feels upset cause something dramatic/embarrasing happebed at a party and they run away-
Maybe hide in the Monty gold area and somehow found a way to get on the catwalks to silently sob the event that just hapen, but Monty finds her and try to comfort her, and calm them down.
Its been my head for a while, take ur time and all if its ok 🐊💮
TW: Reader is upset, crying
Monty and Teen!Reader
You slumped down in the catwalk your hands turned into fists. Tears spilled from your eyes and your lips were trembling as you thought about what just happened. This whole day was ruined. You couldn´t go back to the birthday party of your friend, it was just not possible.
Sobs escape your lips as you covered up your mouth the try to silence yourself a little. No one was in the Monty golf area currently but you feared that any time someone could walk inside. A part of you wanted to be found, to be comforted... but another part of you just wanted to be alone and never see anyone ever again.
,,Bad day, huh?"
The voice coming right behind you startled you and you almost hit the ground in the try to raise upward. ,,Hey...I mean no harm, yeah?" You with reddened eyes up at Monty himself who scratches his cheek soon enough awkwardly. He was never good with emotions, not his own and not anyone else's... but he also just couldn´t leave you alone here.
As you said nothing he slowly knees down in front of you, possibly in the try to make himself appear less tall and so less frightening. ,,Uh... do you... wanna talk about it or something...?" He seemed unsure himself what he is actually doing here but exactly this made you feel more comfortable somehow. Most adults always seem too confident and it made you feel even more insecure but he? He seemed just as lost as you are.
,,...I...I embarrassed myself at my friend's party." You stated and he let out a soft hum, one of his hands resting now onto his knee. ,,You wanna tell me what exactly happened or not, champ?" The nickname caused your lips to twitch upward just a little bit. With a soft sniff, you wipe your eyes clean from your tears.
,,I...dropped my cake slice onto their lap... and as I tried to clean them up I...I knocked over a bunch of drinks... Everyone was staring at me... and...s-some even laughed... I feel so bad."
,,...Would...you like a hug...?"
He didn´t know what else to offer but your enthusiastic nod made him feel a bit more confident in his offer. You stepped closer to him and he wrapped his arms around you. A tiny split too tight but you didn´t mind. You wrapped your own arms around him, hugging him tightly back while crying gently against his form.
Monty simply holds you, his big hands resting on your little back and head.
,,How about... you forget your shit- ... your friends and we both play a round of amazing Monty Golf?"
You couldn´t help but giggle at how he was cut off before he could speak out the insult against your friends. Slowly you leaned back and nodded at him. Spending the rest of your time here with the Great Monty did sounded like an amazing idea.
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miss-occult · a day ago
How do you think caitlyn, vi, and jinx would react if their s/o dyed her hair the same color as them?
Oohh interesting!
Female!reader dye her hairs the same color as her lover (includes Jinx, Vi and Caitlyn)
Tumblr media
She was working when you came back home
When she heard you, she run to say you hi but she immediatly stop when she saw you with blue hairs
The same blue than her hairs...
She blushed hard and ask why you do that
You explain that you always love her hair and you wanted to dye your hair like this
Jinx will be very touched and she overmelt
She will hug you and pick you up, she is too much happy to heard that
Jinx will touch your hair non-stop, because they are so beautiful like this and it fits you so well
Tumblr media
You called her in the middle of the evening and ask her to come at your house, she thought you had a problem so she rushed
When she enters and see you with a big smile and pink hairs, her cheeks became red and her mouth dropped open
it was the same pink than her own hairs
You move your head to show her how cool was your hairs, you were very proud + seeing Vi completly flustered make you giggle
"Oh my... there is a mini me in front of me" she say, laughing
She approaches you and kiss you and caress your hair
She couldn't stop saying that you are really cool and sexy like this
Tumblr media
You come to Caitlyn's house to make her a surprise, when you go to her house and see her, she didn't recognize you first
Caitlyn look at your hairs... it was you, but with dark blue hairs, like her own
She jump by surprise when she see you and apologizes
She couldn't stop to touch your hairs, telling how amazing is it, and she ask you If you were sure to do it before
She didn't want you to regret your choice you know
You tell her that It's fine and kiss her, and she smile and hug you
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nahoyassss · a day ago
Give Me A Chance ?
Tumblr media
Eren Yeager x Chubby Black Reader
Summary: Eren Yeager is stubborn
Warnings: CW: body image mention , CW: suggestive themes (it’s one sentence) , CW: Eren Yeager
A/N: The is a little drabble based of this headcanon that I wrote. It’s not as light and the headcanon was, but there’s some fluff at the end to make up for it lol. I hope that y’all enjoy
Tumblr media
“Just one date”
“Eren, no.”
“Come on, you know I could treat your right.”
You roll your eyes. This has been an everyday occurrence since Eren Yeager walked into your life. He would ask you out, you’d roll your eyes and reject him, then he would tell you that he could give you everything you asked for if you’d just say ‘yes,” but you knew better. Guys that looked like Eren Yeager, who were the star players of their teams, would never give you a second glance unless it benefitted them in some way and you refused to be the butt of someone’s joke or something for them to “try at least once”. You loved yourself too much to have your confidence ruined by a man who didn’t truly want you — all of you.
“Would it hurt to give me a chance at least”? He groans sounded like the longer he spends chasing after you the more his pride is damaged.
“Eren, I’m not going out with you. I refuse to be some sort of experiment for you because you want to ‘do it with a fat girl at least once’ so if you could do me a favor and stop wasting my time I’d appreciate it” The silence is is deafening, but it proves your point. Eren Yeager was like every other man on this campus — willing to love you in private, but not willing to claim you in public.
It feels like hours go by before he speaks again.
“I-is that what you think?” Eren whines. The sound that comes from his throat reminds you of a pained groan from an animal that was injured. He looks at you with a heartbroken, sympathetic look and it makes you seethe. You didn’t need his sympathy or his pity or whatever emotion was attached to the look that he was giving you.
You sigh.
“Look Eren, just forget I said anything. I need to get to class an you need to realize that I’m not going to date you,” but before you can turn around to walk away he’s on you, arms wrapped around your shoulders and his face buried in you neck.
“I didn’t ask you out because I ‘wanted to try you out once.’ My jaw dropped the moment I laid eyes on you and I knew right then that I wanted you — all of you. You’re different from any other girl that I’ve met or been with and when I asked you out it’s because I wanted to know you. I literally asked everyone you talked to to tell me what they could about you. Did you really think that I would chase you around this campus for weeks if my intentions weren’t genuine”?
The way he voices his question almost makes you falter. . . almost.
You push his arms off of you and back up. “Eren, I’m just — I’m just not willing to put my heart on the line for someone who’s only willing to love me in private while not claiming me in public. I’ve seen the girls you hang around, the girls you take home with you, and that’s not me. I refuse to let myself get hurt because I put my trust in someone who didn’t actually care for me. ”
Another bout of silence falls over the two of you until he speaks again.
“What can I do to make you believe me”?
“I-I don’t know. Just give me some time okay?
“What do you mean ‘No.’ ?” You say with an incredulous look
“If I give you time to think about whether or not you want to be with me you’re just going to get stuck in that pretty little head of yours and reject me again so like I’ve asked you a thousand times and will ask you a thousand times again — go out with me. Let me treat you right. Let me love you right and then — let me fuck you right.” He says with lidded eyes
“Eren,” you say in a breathless tone. “Fine. Just, just don’t make me regret it.”
And with that cocksure smirk of his he looks you straight in the eyes and says “wouldn’t dream of it.”
Tumblr media
Tagging: @souyawn @crewella @gabzlovesu
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chickenparm · a day ago
i've got vander brain rot thinking about him being able to just pick you up and bend you over the bar after hours 😳
alright bitch you got me but i'm not happy about it and i'm writing this with angry hands
also this goes without saying but thank you @sweatandwoe for betaing this and making sure i didn't call vander the wrong name lmao
Vander/f!Reader 2,683 Words -NSFW P in V, Oral Sex (F Receiving), the smallest bit of Rimming, Mirror Sex, fuckin' on the bar from behind, Size Kink, Praise
When the door is shut and the lights are turned low, that's when Vander comes around. Like clockwork, as you're cleaning up the bar and putting away glasses, the door to the back room opens and Vander comes in. You can tell just by the way he isn't looking you in the eye that he's been alone with his thoughts most of the night.
Instead of speaking, or asking what was on his mind, you poured him a drink with a freshly-cleaned glass and set it on a coaster in front of him. Blue eyes watch intently as you push it closer and turn back to your nightly duties, giving him time to either finish and leave or to speak to you as he normally did.
You're nearly done and are wiping off the bar top by the time he speaks, voice lower in volume as if he's afraid being louder will break the silence too harshly.
"The kids come back?"
"Not yet. Vi said they'll be out late."
"They all went?" Vander punctuates his question with a sip of his drink, and you watch from the corner of your eye as his tongue darts out to catch the remnants on his lips. You pointedly look back to the counter top, working on some of the built up stickiness from the busy night you'd had.
"Yep, Ekko, too. Looks like it's just you tonight after I leave here."
And then he's silent once more, so contemplative that it's actually kind of bringing your mood down. If it's obvious you hurry through the rest of your work, Vander barely even notices. It's strange - he's normally talkative, asking about you or your life, how your day was, mundane little things that must have added up to a solid picture of who you were in his mind.
And vice versa, to the point that you'd almost say the two of you were friends with how long you'd been helping run his bar on the busier nights.
It's for the best that he's a bit quieter tonight, if you're being honest. While you respect and genuinely enjoy Vander as a person... you're still a hot-blooded young woman and Vander's shirt is a bit tight around the biceps today. If you focused, you could probably trace the muscles of his back with your eyes.
Vander was a friend, but you'd be a fool if you didn't take notice of everything he had to offer.
As you're walking from the storage room you kept your jacket in while slipping your arm inside, Vander's looking at you once more with an odd intensity. It's got your heart rate up in the span of a second, and you wonder - if it was any quieter, would he be able to hear it?
"Got a question to ask you. Y'don't have to answer."
"I'm an open book, Vander," You answer without hesitation - it's not a bluff, you're not sure you've denied or lied to Vander once in the handful of years you'd known him. When your answer processes, there's a strange twist to his lips that looks almost cynical - wry, even.
"You're not as easy to read as you think, love."
There's a lot to unpack in that string of words - that he can't get a read on you for some odd reason, that he feels the burning need to ask his question outright instead of letting it go, and the little pet name he'd never used with you before. It was always "lass", if anything at all.
Vander downs his drink, carefully setting it on the coaster - another little thing you enjoyed, that he didn't mess up your work when you'd just finished it. A small appreciation.
"Have you got someone waitin' on you at home?"
No, he knows this - maybe in passing, but Vander is well aware that you're painfully single. You shake your head, and wait for him to process that answer. He's stalling, you realize as he spins the glass absently.
"Vander, what's this about?"
If he's going to keep stalling, you're going to go home. It's been a long night, it's nearing sunrise, and you need your sleep for tomorrow evening's shift. Vander doesn't pay pennies, but you're on salaried time at the moment.
Your assertiveness seems to knock some sense into him, because now he's looking at you with something far more than the contemplative looks. Now it's heated, giving you his full attention as his eyes obviously pay more attention to certain parts of your body - your hips, your chest, the bare skin of your shoulder as your too-large shirt slides down.
"You've got two choices," Vander speaks suddenly, his voice louder now, like he's finally coming around to this strange situation after dragging it out with his hesitation, "You can go home as usual and I'll see you tomorrow."
The other choice isn't as clear cut as the first - it's your typical routine and nothing would change. You're tempted to take that immediately, but the obvious hunger in Vander's eyes as he leans an elbow on the bar is what causes you to wait.
"Or, you can stay here."
"And what would happen here?"
"That's up to you. Whatever you want."
And suddenly it clicks in your brain what he's suggesting. Whether it's his own desire or he's caught on to your frequent, lingering stares is still up for debate. You're not about to look a gift horse in the mouth, not while Vander is looking at you in likely the same way you'd been eyeing him for far too long.
Shame or embarrassment should be filling you, but there's nothing but a yearning now that he's opened the floodgates and all but taunted you into rushing through. There is one fantasy that strikes you every time the night is slow and you're leaning just a bit too far over the bar to wipe up a condensation ring or pick up an empty glass.
Your eyes dart to the bar top, and Vander's on his feet immediately to crowd you against it, "You tell me to stop if you don't want this, understand?" Your nod isn't enough, and the sensation of his hands curling around your upper arms makes your skin prickle with anticipation - he's so much larger.
"Tell me, love. Say you understand."
"I-I understand, Vander."
"Good," He starts, running his palms up your arms to your shoulders, and then he turns you to the bar top that's gleaming in the low lights, "Up we go."
And then he's picking you up, one arm around your chest and the other at your waist, hoisting your torso up on the bar as your legs dangle well above the floor - there's a mirror lining the wall behind the bar, and you watch as Vander sidles up behind you with his hands on the surface, caging you in.
Immediately, you can feel the pressure against your backside, the grind of his already-hard cock against your ass. Sharply, you inhale a gasp and your eyes catch the pinch of Vander's eyebrows as he digs his fingers into your hips.
Vander is a big man, and you expected him to be just as large in other areas - but you can feel the length pressing insistently against you and it's enough to have you jittery with a strange mix of anticipation and worry.
The fingers at your hips curl around the band of your pants, and he hesitates for only a moment. The look he's giving you in the reflection of the mirror makes it clear that he's giving you a moment to back out, to decide you no longer want to do this.
Instead, you nod, and then your pants are being slid down your thighs. Vander's been working you up both knowingly and unknowingly, and if you could see your arousal you knew you'd be soaked, practically dripping as you feel his breath against you.
"Y'look so good, sweetheart. Can't tell you how long I've been thinking about having you like this for me."
With no small amount of embarrassment now, you whine his name below your breath as an encouragement - he was blind if he didn't see how badly you needed him already, and simply staring at your cunt wasn't going to cut it.
"Patience," Vander chides, large hands coming to cup your ass and massage it in circles before he pulls you apart. Your face heats instantly when you hear the wet sound of your folds parting beneath his thumbs, "Let me admire you for a moment. I don't want to forget this."
"Vander," Your voice is sharp as you push through the cloudiness in your mind to let yourself think freely for a single moment, "If you think I'm letting you walk away from this without a promise of it happening again, you're an idiot."
Vander's frozen, his face hidden from your view in the reflection of the mirror. That's when you wonder if you've overstepped a line, laid your cards out too soon and now Vander is second-guessing this.
"Y'want that, lass?"
"I want you, Vander. Please, give me something here before I go crazy-"
You're cut off by your own yelp when you feel the wet texture of his tongue slide up your entire cunt from clit to hole, and then up even further to circle around your asshole. You feel strangled by your own arousal as he glides back down and pushes his tongue into your pussy with a pleased groan, as if he was eating something delicious.
You wished you could see him, but the only sight that greets you in the mirror is your own face, your lip pulled between your teeth as Vander has his way with you. Despite being hidden from your gaze, Vander is far from quiet as you push back against him. His beard scratches at your thighs almost uncomfortably, but it's easily drowned out when his fingers find your clit.
"If you keep doing that I'm gonna cum," You warn, knowing it's not much of a threat with the way he works at you faster. A groan rumbling from his throat that synchronizes with your moan of his name as you clench around him, bucking back harshly.
Vander speaks against you, lapping up every bit of your arousal between words, "That was beautiful, love. Can't wait to feel that again."
Again? You're not sure you can give him another, but he's already rising to his feet and you can see the sheen on his lips and the dampness in his beard from where he'd been recklessly pushed into your pussy.
The buttons of his pants are loud as he unsnaps them and pushes the fabric down enough to free himself. You can't look away when he steps enough to the side to let you see him, to see what he's about to push inside of you right here on this bar.
"You still want this, sweetheart? Want me to give it to you?"
"Please," You raise your hips a bit, beckoning him back even as he strokes himself leisurely while he looks you in the eye. He's long and thick, and you have a shamefully deep need to wrap your lips around it until he's coming unraveled on your tongue.
There's still next time, you promise yourself as he settles back behind you. His cock is heavy against your ass as he grabs both cheeks and presses them around himself. The sensation of his cock rubbing against your asshole is definitely foreign, but it's the good sort that has you dripping onto the bar all over again.
Even as you press back against him and encourage a low growl from the bottom of his chest, he's pulling away enough to slide his cock down and to your pussy.
"I'm gonna fill your pussy right up, make sure you wanna keep coming back again and again."
You can't answer, not when he's so completely taken your breath away, and all you can do is leverage your hands against the bar and push back on his cock until he's stretching you. Vander is big, more than anyone you've taken before, and you're grateful that he took the time to prepare you at least slightly for this.
The groan that he lets out is mixed with a disbelieving laugh as he helps you along, rocking his dick deeper and deeper inside of you, "You're tight. You're so good while stretched around my cock, love. Tell me how it feels inside you."
"I-It's too much," You gasp, just as Vander pushes the rest inside and leaves you reeling. In the mirror, you lock eyes with him, your gaze wild and frantic at the over stimulation. His hand slides up from your ass, pushing your shirt up and rubbing along your spine soothingly with a too-warm palm.
"You've already taken it, you just tell me when you're ready and I'll make sure you can't even walk home."
That in itself is enough to have you clenching around him, his words settling in your head thickly alongside all the other praise he's given you. You want more, and you take deep breaths to calm your racing pulse to prepare yourself to be ruined by this man.
Vander still looks hungry, but there's a tenderness as he carefully watches your face that has your heart warming considerably - he's being so patient, so gentle when he could have been rough with you and made you take it all in one swift thrust. Instead, his thumb is rubbing little circles against the muscles of your lower back, and you find yourself beginning to rock your hips for the friction you need.
The man can take a hint, and he slowly starts to work his cock in and out of you while alternating with little circles of his hips when he's fully seated inside. It's getting easier, a little less overwhelming, but his cock inside you is a tight fit that you're not sure you'll ever get used to.
"Go faster, please-"
"Been waitin' for you to say that," Vander cuts you off and pushes in sharply - and you scream. There's nothing else you can do as he chooses a pace that has you filled to capacity before he's pulling out almost completely. The sensation of being refilled by his cock is too much, and you're already aroused by everything he's done up to this point.
You don't last long, not with the way he's looking at you in the mirror with a grimace of please, the glint of his teeth reflecting the light as he hisses your name between them. It's painful, the way your cunt clenches around him with your orgasm.
Skin squeals against the lacquered top of the bar as you scramble for purchase, and you realize you're crying with an odd mix of whines and sobs. Vander fucks you through it all, a quiet curse under his breath as you tremble beneath him. He's pushing further into you and it's painful, mixing with your still-simmering orgasm and making you feel delirious.
There's no room for his cum inside of you, and it's already leaking out and onto the bar as he gives one more thrust for good measure before pulling all the way out. You feel desolately empty, and you sigh at the loss as your cheek is pressed against the bar top.
Vander recovers much quicker than you, his hands smoothing up your back to slide around your front - he gives your breasts a quick squeeze before he's lifting you up and into his arms. You feel silly with your shirt rucked up around your breasts and your pants caught around your knees as he carries you to the back rooms of the bar.
"Y'alright, love?"
"Sore - a little," You answer, letting your head loll against his chest as he nudges the door open and sets you on what appears to be his own bed.
"I've got a remedy for that," Vander's voice is low with a promise as he crawls onto the bed and settles between your legs.
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disneymaguire · 2 days ago
Dating Peter Parker (TM) Includes
Tumblr media
•Him being protective over you.
•Him being jealous
•Him wanting to cuddle/snuggle you to death. (Not literally)
• Flexes you off in front of his best friend Harry’s face. Not in competitive way,just to tease him a bit.
• Aunt May is very supportive of the both of you. (You already met Uncle Ben, years before his death)
•Often surprises you with romantic and fun dates, even though Peter can’t afford to take you on more expensive ones. Ex: stargazing, him swinging you over to see the city,etc.
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avengerswriter4eva · a day ago
Plaything, Part 2
Tumblr media
Warnings: cnc/dub!con; dark!fic; dark!Wanda; mind control; use of magic during sex; heavy bdsm dynamics; fingering, oral, overstimulation, orgasm denial, edging, strap-on use; using; voyeurism; masturbation; slapping; spanking; mommy kink;
After your second shower of the day in which you tried to scorch of the residual embarrassment and arousal of Wanda having her way with you in front of Natasha, of Natasha touching herself at the sight of you, of both of you climaxing so close together in so many ways. You kept replaying it over and over again in your mind, unaware that the witch outside the door was providing the thoughts, the constant replays and the soundtrack playing on loop in your mind as you did your very best to follow her rules. You felt your legs shake as you washed yourself, your nipples immediately hardening, desperate for more attention. You were soaked and it had nothing to do with the shower or the sweat. You clenched your jaw as you washed your sensitive core, the hot water rinsing over you and leaving you trembling.
“Don’t be naughty, детка.” Wanda’s voice snapped you back to reality and you stepped out of the shower, wrapping yourself securely in your towel. Wanda was waiting. She eyed you hungrily when you opened the door, a cloud of steam following your exit. You watched as she looked through your closet, picking the least offensive outfit she could find until she could take you shopping. She sat on your desk, legs swinging as she watched you discard the towel, dressing in what she had selected for you. Once dressed, she beckoned you towards her and she dried your hair, dabbing it gently with the towel before sliding her fingers through it, styling it how she liked it – kind of messy but in an organized way. She finally nodded and followed you out of the room, sidestepping gracefully as a blonde blur rushed towards you, her shoulder lowering into your stomach and propelling you off your feet. You landed with a loud thud.
“Where have you been, we missed you?” Yelena’s booming voice filled the hallway. You heard Wanda clearing her throat, and you realized the blonde was still on top of you and you sat up, finally encouraging her to disentangle herself. A hand appeared in front of you, and you followed it up the arm to see Kate smirking down at you. She helped you up and you glanced to Wanda once more who was watching you with a smirk on her face. You couldn’t tell if that was a good sign for you or not. She winked at you and gestured down the hall. She was telling you to run off with your friends. You smiled back and nodded. Kate caught you and immediately launched into a barrage of questions which you ignored by asking Yelena about Fanny, launching into a very detailed description of the blonde’s Akita.
The three of you were slightly late for dinner – a fact that did not go unnoticed. Wanda’s eyes were locked on yours from the moment you entered the room, and she cleared her throat again, catching your attention. She snapped her fingers and pointed to the chair beside hers. You nodded, sliding into the seat, which moved much closer to Wanda than seemed comfortable. You flinched when her fingernails dug into your thigh under the table. She was displeased. You turned towards her to speak, but she hissed at you, silencing you before you could get the chance. Kate was staring at you from across the table, her eyes flickering between you and Wanda. Natasha smirked at you every time she caught your eye, and every time it brought a flush to your cheek – a fact that Kate also seemed to notice. Yelena, as usual, was oblivious, talking Natasha’s other side to death about something. The guys were mostly quiet – strangely – probably because Sam was on a mission.
Wanda was the first to finish her meal, and she stood behind your chair waiting. Kate looked at you curiously, but you stood anyway, wiping your mouth and taking a final sip of your water. You both said your goodbyes and you followed Wanda out of the kitchen, down the hall and to the elevator. She pushed the button for your floor and you both waited in silence. When the doors slid open, she gestured you to walk ahead of her to your room. She sighed in exasperation when you fumbled with your keys, waving her hand and pushing the door open. It closed with a bang behind her, and you heard the lock click.
“No one’s going to interrupt us tonight, детка. You made mommy angry.” You blinked as she cornered you against the wall beside the door, her hand putting pressure against your throat. She squeezed harder as she leaned forward, her cheek brushing against yours as she inhaled deeply. “You smell like them,” she murmured, her accent once again prominent. “And you made me wait for you. Made me worry for you.” You squirmed beneath her grasp, watching as her eyes went from green to red with little to no hesitation. She pulled back, eyeing you and her head tilted to the side. It was terrifying.
“I’m sorry mommy,” you gasped with the air she allowed you. She loosened her grip slightly, your feet once again making contact with the ground.
“Sorry isn’t going to be good enough, детка,” Wanda growled, flicking her wrist and removing your shirt and bra without a single word. She moaned at the sight of you, a sound that immediately ignited a fire deep inside your abdomen. She pressed her body against yours, holding you between the wall and her, her cool fingers sliding over the exposed skin of your stomach, her teeth tugging on your earlobe as she practically grunted against you, her hands cupping and squeezing your breasts hard. You took advantage of your open mouth as you moaned, invading it with her tongue and claiming you immediately. “Now all you have to do is help mommy feel good, let her vent some frustration. Can you do that for me, baby?” Her mouth was smashed against yours before you could answer but she didn’t need any further encouragement. Wanda’s hands were under your thighs lifting them up, helping you wrap them around her waist, pushing up against you eagerly.
“Mommy, please,” you groaned as the hem of your jeans rubbed against you. You were uncomfortably wet, and you had no reason to believe she didn’t know it. Wanda’s chuckle was evil and gave you goose bumps.
“This isn’t about you, детка.” She murmured, raking her nails across your lower back as she pressed against you, her hands moving up your arms, pinning your hands beside your head as she nipped and sucked across your neck. “You caused this. And I’m going to use you to fix it.” She suddenly let go of your hands and you clung to her as she shifted positions, walking you back towards the bed still wrapped around her waist. She tossed you onto the bed, following immediately afterwards, her mouth once more attaching to yours as she straddled your waist. She broke apart and you got goose bumps from the sudden chill as she sat up, yanking her shirt over her head. You stared up at the lace of her bra as she stared down at you, grinding her hips against your waist. Your hands moved automatically to grab her hips and she chuckled; your hands immediately immobile above your head. She unclipped her bra as you watched, lowering it over her shoulders, her lower lip catching between your teeth as you did everything in your power not to drool.
She reached down, unfastening your jeans, slapping your hip to encourage you to lift up enough for her to take them off of you. You squirmed when her fingernails dug into the sensitive skin on your thighs, spreading your legs apart. She kicked your jeans the rest of the way off. Wanda flicked her wrist and the rest of her clothes were gone as well and your back arched off of the bed when you felt her core against yours as she rode you. Her hands roughly cupped your breasts again, kneading them, her fingernails leaving indentations in the skin as her head fell back. You realized in sudden horror that you were plummeting towards the edge faster than you had intended.
“Mommy please,” you groaned, your muscles clenching beneath her. All of a sudden Wanda was gone, and the feeling immediately subsided. Wanda’s magic stretched your hands further above your head and suddenly she was hovering over you, forcing your mouth open with her hand before lowering her dripping center over your mouth.
“Make mommy feel good, детка.” She groaned as your tongue went to work, tasting the mixture of both of you all over her, driving you insane. You moved your hips but Wanda caught you, her magic pinning you to the bed as she rode your mouth. One of her hands gripped both of yours tight against the headboard. The other was tangled in your hair as she moved her hips rhythmically against your mouth, grunting against you as you brought her closer to the edge. “Just like that, baby,” she panted, glancing down at you briefly before her head fell back again as you found a new, sensitive place to suck. She flooded your mouth a moment later, her hips still rocking against you as she rode out her high, her legs clenching against your cheeks as she trembled above you.
“Such a good girl,” she praised you as she lowered her body back down against yours, her tongue cleaning your mouth of her own orgasm. You jerked when her fingers found their way down, tracing circles around your clit. You couldn’t tell but it felt like she was using her magic on you as well. Her fingers felt unnaturally warm and were pulsing in a way that didn’t seem normal. Her fingers sped up and you felt your muscles clenching all through your lower body as she brought you close to the edge again, only to pull away. “Turn over, детка.” Suddenly you were released from the red tendrils holding you still and you glanced back in time to see Wanda fastening a seemingly large strap-on around her hips. You tensed as you felt her nudge the tip against your entrance, then squealed unintentionally when her hand came down on your ass hard. “Count for me, baby,” she ordered. You stifled the moan as you felt tears spring to your eyes.
“One, mommy.” You murmured, lowering your head into the pillow as Wanda pushed all the way into you at once, not giving you any time to adjust before grinding her hips into your ass, her other hand coming down with an equally loud slap on the other cheek. “Two, mommy,” You groaned. Wanda’s hand came down hard on the side of your hip this time, catching you off guard and forcing you to jump back against her, pushing her even deeper.
“Such a needy little whore, aren’t you?” Wanda purred, her hand coming down on your ass again before you heard her chuckling. She grabbed your hips, pulling you further back against her as she moved her hips in slow circles. “You didn’t count, детка. We start over now.” Wanda’s hand came down against your ass again hard, hitting the same place for the second or third time. “Count,” she ordered, her voice little more than a growl.
“One, mommy.” You murmured as she moved inside you, pushing your limits with each thrust. She reached around you this time, rubbing around your clit, her other hand scratching down your back as she moved relentlessly. You jerked in response to her touch, forcing the toy in even deeper. Wanda’s other hand tangled in your hair, jerking your head back as you gasped for her desperately. Right before crashing over the edge, she removed her fingers again, her hand coming down hard on your ass again.
“Two, mommy,” you whimpered, clenching around the toy as she buried it inside of you deeply again and again. You felt your abdomen clenching again in response to the consistent movement of her hips and right on cue, Wanda pulled the toy out of you, leaving you feeling empty. She slapped your thighs and you spread your legs even wider as she slid beneath you, pulling you down onto her mouth. When she spoke, it vibrated against your clit, making you twitch against her helplessly. “Do you want to cum, baby?” She murmured, her tongue exerting the exact right amount of pressure on your clit to drive you crazy but not to grant you release. You whined loudly when she moved away from you. “Answer me, or you won’t cum for a week, детка.” She warned. You ached at the thought of going so long without her touch.
“Mommy please,” you whined, arching into her mouth as much as you were able. To your surprise she let you.
“Cum for me, baby,” the witch purred, pulling you over the edge, her tongue prolonging the desperate ache expertly as she coaxed every last drop out of you that she could. “That’s not enough,” Wanda murmured, her finger trailing through your damp folds. She grabbed you by the hips, pulling you back down onto her strap in a single motion, slapping your face harshly when you nearly choked at the sensation. “Stay with me, baby,” Wanda ordered. Your eyes widened when her fist closed around your throat as she began thrusting her hips into you, digging in deeper with every movement. It took mere minutes before you were falling apart again, slumping against her chest as she rocked you, her toy still buried inside of you. She let you rest for a moment before pulling back, cupping your face in her hands. “You need to clean mommy up, you made a mess baby.” You nodded as Wanda laid back on the bed, gesturing for you to follow. She pushed your head down between her legs, immediately moving her hips when your tongue made contact, grinding against you.
You moaned into her at the sight of her so close to falling apart beneath you – because of you. The vibrations of your sounds moved through her and Wanda gasped, gripping your hair tighter. “You’re going to make more of a mess, детка,” she groaned, her hips moving in tandem with your mouth, getting her always closer to the edge. Her release flooded you unexpectedly, and she held you tight against her, sucking gently as her clit throbbed and spasmed in your mouth. After a few moments she pushed you away before tugging you forward, wrapping her arm around you and pulling you close. “You did so good, baby,” she murmured against your hairline as she kissed your head, resting her cheek against the top of your head. Her next sentence, however, took you by surprise.
“I think it’s time to see what Natasha can make you do.”
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anastasiabvrnes · a day ago
Intervals (3/4)
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x (pregnant??)reader
Summary: After a loving night with Bucky, you move in with him and have to tell him that what you thought was impossible was, in fact, very possible.
A/N: I’m a whore for Dad!Bucky so feast on this setup for the next chapter
Warnings: Smut, conclusive unprotected sex, mentions of infertility, pregnancy reveal
The past few days have been literal hell. As much as you've grown to love Bucky, he's a pain in the ass and he knows it. It's like he made a pact with himself to drive you mad as fast as possible. When he gets out of the shower and walks into the guest bedroom to change, he drapes his towel so low around his waist it makes you wonder how the hell it's even still up. And with his constant irritating, you've decided to return the bittersweet favours. Wearing your most revealing clothes, bending over to grab things in slower, more promiscuous ways, flicking your gaze between his lips and his eyes when he speaks-- you wanted to make him feel the same way he made you. You both wanted each other so bad but you turned it into an unspoken game to see who would break first.
This morning you were in the kitchen getting a glass of water and you spilled some of it on the ground in front of the sink. Bucky was leaning over the island working a cloth between the ridges of his Vibranium arm when you bent over to clean it, arching your back a bit more than was necessary. He inhaled sharply from behind you as you wiped up the water, making you giggle. He smiled warmly at your laugh, knowing you couldn't see him. Despite being separated from each other for so long, it felt like you had been together forever, even at HYDRA. You had technically been together for a little short of 8 decades.
When you stood from the ground, you were surprised by him standing directly behind you. You drop the soaked cloth into the sink before being grabbed by the waist and spun around to face him.
"Good morning," you kidd. You're quickly silenced by his lips being pressed to yours in a hurry. You welcome the contact and sling your arms around his neck, your lips syncing with his. Your faces part and you rest your foreheads against each other’s.
“You lose,” you taunt.
Bucky smiles and chuckles, keeping his eyes closed as he hums in response. You stand in the kitchen for a short while, basking in each others’ presences. Being in his presence that close to him feels like home— his warm body, the quiet whirring of his metal arm when he moves, his deep breathing. You open your eyes and look up at his to see them already open and looking down at you.
“This is nice,” he whispers.
“M-hm,” you agree.
A few more seconds pass before he moves his flesh hand up to your chin and tilts your head upward to face him, kissing you passionately. The kiss intensifies as time passes and he moves his hands down to squeeze your ass before moving them lower and swiping you off the ground. He looks behind you as he trudged you’s into the guest bedroom and you attach your lips to the base of his neck. He groans and kisses down your neck as he places you down onto the bed. You whimper when he stands up straight, breaking the kiss. He pulls his shirt over his head and throws it to a corner of the room and you analyze his skin— the scars completely absent. He fails to notice your state of embarrassment as he kisses you again, pulling at your shirt. When you stutter to remove it, he grows concerned, thinking he may have overstepped. He scans your face in silence, looking for the source of discomfort before you peel off your top and reveal your scar-littered skin.
His eyes drop from your face to your bra-less chest, then quickly down to your abdomen. His expression softens with guilt, anger, sadness, and something else you can’t quite identify as he reads your body. You feel waves of nostalgia and anger pass as he runs a hand down your skin, tracing the countless scars. His eyes jump back to your emotional expression and you want to break something before being surprised by Bucky engulfing your whole body in a hug. He readjusts his hands repeatedly, trying to hold you as close as possible as he whispers apologies and ‘I love you so much’s into your hair. Your anger subsides, being replaced with a small bit of sadness. You grasp onto Bucky, holding him close as a stray tear rolls down your cheek. You stay there for a moment, both breath right shakily.
“Are you still okay for this?” you ask into his shoulder, referring to your half dressed bodies and the very compromising position you’re situated in.
He lifts his head and hoists himself up on his hands, looking you in the eyes with his puffy ones.
“Yeah,” he says with a small consoling smile.
You smile back sweetly and pull his head down to yours, taking his lips. The kisses stay soft as you discard the rest of your clothing and you glide your hands over each other’s skin. You pull away and hike up the bed, laying your head on the pillows. Bucky climbs up to you and wipes loose hairs from your face.
“I love you, doll,” he states, holding your face.
“I love you, too,” you say back.
He moves his face down to yours and your lips resume their sequence as you both grind your clothes hips together. Your breathing hitches when two fingers pad at your heat through the fabric, rubbing your clit through your lips. Bucky removes his fingers after the brief contact and pulls down his boxers. You follow and reach to pull your underwear down before his hand blocks you.
“May I?” he asks.
You nod your head in affirmative response and he gingerly wiggles them down your hips and off of your ankles, throwing them to the corner with the rest of your clothing. Once he turns himself back around, he inches himself downward between your thighs and spreads your lips, admiring what you have to offer. He glanced up at you for consent and you nod, readjusting your position. He slowly kitten licks up through your folds, planting a kiss onto your clit when he reaches it, making your stomach tense. He gradually picks up his pace, shoving his tensed tongue into you and then dragging it back out over your clit and harassing it. The non-stop flicking of his tongue forces you to arch your back, pressing yourself into his mouth. He sucks your clit into a kiss and releases it with a small pop just before pushing as much of you as he can take into his mouth, dragging his flat tongue along your folds.
He pushes his thumb into you while he presses hard licks to your clit and sucks your lips in a pattern. He wiggles his thumb up and down inside you as he makes eye contact with you, his pupils dilated to he point that there’s no blue left. Fluids drip down onto the white comforter, making it appear grey as you clench around his finger. Squelching sounds fill the room alongside your hushed moans as you rock your body into his face. He hums as he sucks up your juices and the sound goes straight to your clit. As you start to come up onto your high, you thrash around and grab a fistful of his hair. Your more intense moans intensify Bucky’s need and he drives his hips into the bed, needing some kind of friction of his own.
As desperate and close as you were, you felt selfish taking without giving, so you pushed Bucky’s face away and he pulled out his thumb, sitting up on his knees with a slightly anxious look on his face. You smirk at him before flipping yourself around to be just in front of his hips and he smirks back down at you before leaning over back into the place you need him most. He pushes his hips down, settling his cock in your mouth. He steadies himself on his elbows and holds the backs of your thighs as he resumes his work between your legs. You use both hands to stroke his cock, working your mouth on just his tip as he hooks an arm around your ass and slides two fingers into you. You moan out around his tip and he moans into your clit, pressing his hips down into your mouth a bit. The cycle continues as you suck and slurp on each other until you come up onto your high almost immediately, closing around his fingers and crying out onto his tip as his tongue presses into your clit, flicking it. He groans out loudly into you as he presses his hips down into your mouth much farther than before. You gag on his dick forcing itself into your throat and your eyes sting at the pressure as you come down from your high. His body tenses and he groans deeply as he pulls his hips up from your face and strings of his warm cum coat the inside of your mouth, some missing and landing on your lips. You continue stroking him as you swallow as much of it as you can, licking your lips clean.
He rolls to the side onto his back and licks his fingers clean of you as you sit up, coughing. He places a hand on your thigh with raised eyebrows.
“You okay?” he asks, chuckling a bit.
Your coughing subsides and you nod at him with a small smile and blushed cheeks. His eyes leave yours and focus on your lips.
“C’mere,” he says and you obey, leaning over to him.
He pulls you into his side, making you fall into the matress, and holds your head up by your jaw. He uses his thumb to wipe some of his cum left on your face onto his finger before placing it at your lips.
“Open,” he demands.
You part your lips and he presses his finger into your mouth. You close your lips around his finger and suck on his thumb. He pulls it out from your lips and caresses your cheek before pulling you down onto his chest. You listen to his heartbeat and plant a small kiss to his chest. He hums in response and you feel the vibration of his voice ripple over the side your face.
“When does this Sam guy get home?” you ask quietly.
“Tomorrow,” he responds with closed eyes.
You sit up on your elbow.
“We have to wash these sheets and I have to get home before tonight,” you state.
He doesn’t respond and just smirks, lolling his head over to look at you.
“They’re not that dirty yet. If we’re gonna wash them we may as well get them dirty dirty,” he says.
You smile at him and roll onto him, he wraps his arms around you tightly, pressing you into his chest.
“Alright,” you respond.
You press your lips together deeply and grind on his lower abs, shuttering at the feeling. He drifts a hand down and grabs your ass, not freeing his grip. You reach a hand back and stroke his dick, straining your neck to keep the kiss going. He groans into your mouth and your heat burns, needing more. You arch your back upwards to loosen his grip and he retracts his arm, resting his hand on your waist. You let go of his hard dick and sit up straight. He watches you with parted lips, his chin rolling from under his jaw as you drag yourself down his body and along his shaft. You rub yourself along him and push the tip between your lips, circling your clit with it. Restraint paints his face as his grip on your waist drops to your hips, squeezing the folded flesh where they lead to your thighs.
You furrow your brows and drop your jaw as you press his cock into you slowly— his jaw tensing as his eyebrows quiver at the feeling. The stretch is much farther than with his fingers and your entrance burns as he fills you. Once you bottom out, sitting on his pelvis, you rock your hips back and forth to adjust. You drop your head back and moan out at the feeling of him pressing around inside you. He guides your hips as you begin to move slowly up and down him. He grunts and you clench around him in involuntary response. He chuckles at how little it takes as he rolls his hips around beneath you. You pick up the pace and he moves a hand to one of your breasts, squeezing it. He toys with your peaked nipple with his thumb as you moan out a long sound— it going directly to his dick as you feel him thrust up into you.
“Fuck, hon,” he growls as he squeezes your ass.
Your legs start to tire and he can tell by your slowing movements and the thin sheen of sweat painting your skin so he pulls out and holds you by the waist, rolling you’s over. With him now on top, he re-inserts himself and sends his hips back and forth. He was good at it, really good. He was being gentle but effective and he was going fast but not too hard. Propped up on one elbow, he snakes a hand down the side of your body and grasps at your ass before sliding his hand across your pelvis, moving his thumb to your slit. He slides his thumb between the top of your lips and rubs your clit up and down, sending shockwaves through your spine. You let out a loud moan and thrash beneath him as his cock pumps fluids out of you down onto the comforter.
He moves his head down and takes your left boob in his mouth, sucking, and releases it with a faint pop. He repeats the motion a few times, flicking your nipple with his tongue. He licks upward from your breast to your jawline, sucking a dark hickey into your cheek. Your moans grow more frequent and longer as you curl your toes at the warm itch growing in your cunt. You and Bucky lock eyes, your gaped mouths’ lips brushing each other’s as you breathe heavily, getting close. He moans out when you clench around him, 90% of the way there. He presses his thumb harder into your clit and moves it faster and faster as his thrusts become harder and faster.
Wet squelching sounds echo off the walls and your combined moans borderline on pornographic. No, they were pornographic. You press your elbows into the mattress behind you as you arch your back off of the bed, pushing into Bucky’s chest. He sits up and grabs you by the hips, pulling you closer to him. He holds your hips up and the pause has the same affect as edging as, once he slides back into you, the building feeling is almost gone besides a sweet residue. Your high is quickly built back up as he pounds you from the new angle, giving him more control over your piece. He knows that you’re about to cum based on your frequent moans and clenching around him and, unable to hold his own for much longer, he wants you to finish before him. So, based on that, he attacks your clit and pounds into you at inhuman speeds and you cry out as your whole body tenses, your back arching up from the bed as you cum— static filling your head and clouding your vision. Your body rocks as you begin to come down and once you do, Bucky is still going at it, chasing his high through your oversensitive hole. His face scrunches and he begins to pull out before you stop him and, knowing he has no restraint left in him, his face drapes with panic.
“I’m infertile!” you tell him.
His face relaxes before he kills his head back as burries himself deep inside of you and shoots his load into your abdomen. You moan at the feeling just before he pulls out, a floaty expression on his face. He collapses beside you again and you sit in silence besides the sounds of you’s trying to catch your breath. After you can breathe normally again, staring at the wobbling ceiling-fan, Bucky speaks out.
“How can you be sure that you’re infertile?” he asks quietly.
You take a breath before responding— you’d always wanted kids but it wasn’t something that you planned your life around just in case you changed your mind.
“When Steve found me he took me in for a health check and test results said that I’m infertile. I know it was HYDRA and all their bullshit,” you respond.
“Hm… fuck them,” he says, interlacing your fingers.
“Fuck them,” you say back.
Two Weeks Later:
At Bucky’s apartment, you were hunched over the cold ceramic rim of the toilet, puking up everything your gut had to offer. It was common for you to get stomach aches and nausea just before your period, but you had never actually thrown up because of it before. At your side, sitting cross-legged on the floor next to you and rubbing your back, Bucky was sat. Since your period hadn’t come yet, you pulled your phone from the floor and held it to the side of the toilet bowl. You checked your tracking app to see that you were supposed to get your period two weeks prior. Strange.
“What is that?” Bucky asks softly.
You cough and lean back on your knees, wiping your mouth.
“My period tracker,” you respond.
Bucky’s face turns pale as he looks over your face.
“(Y/N)… you said you were infertile,” he says.
“I am,” you say.
He stares at you, dumbfounded. You sit in silence for a moment as gears turn in his head.
“If you’ve been getting your period then you’re still fertile,” he says.
You look down at the floor and think. That can’t be right. Although they didn’t teach you about these things when you were growing up, you figured you could still get your period and be infertile without thinking of the science behind it.
“How would you know that?” you ask, growing worried.
He huffs.
“I’d spent enough time around Natasha to learn all about it,” he kidds.
“Fuck,” you mutter as you drape your arms over the toilet and smack your forehead into the edge.
1 Week Later:
You had gone behind Bucky’s back and scheduled an appointment to see if you were actually pregnant and, much to your surprise, you were. You didn’t tell him about the appointment or the conclusion of it because you wanted it to be a surprise— you’d told him that your appointment was in three weeks.
It was 7-something in the evening and the sun was already beginning to set. It was your birthday and you had a meeting with Steve to ‘work on your memory’, when in reality, you were telling him the same day you were going to tell Bucky. The second you got in the door, you tossed your jacket onto the back of the couch and tossed your shoes to the side of the hall, excited. You walk toward the back of the apartment to find Bucky in a towel standing just outside the bathroom with a small smile on his face.
“Hey… hon,” you greet, your words drifting as you eye his body wrapped from the hips down in a pristine white towel.
“Come here, there’s something I wanna show you,” he says giddily as he approaches you and holds his hands over your eyes, guiding you into the bathroom.
His hands lift from your face and your face lights up at the bathroom. Lit candles sat around the bathtub which was filled with flower petals and bath-bomb infused water. The window above the bathtub opened, letting a warm breeze and the hushed sounds of the city below flow through the small room. The sunset leaked onto the water, oranges and pinks casting the walls and your skin.
You gasp and smile at it and Bucky cranes his torso around you to kiss you softly.
“Happy birthday, Doll,” he says quietly into your ear.
You chuckle as he pulls your shirt over your head, kissing you on the forehead as you remove your pants and garments. He drops his towel and you follow him into the tub, sat between his legs and leaning against his chest under the water. You toy with his fingers as he kisses the back of your head.
“I have something for you, too,” you say with a small smile.
“But it’s your birthday,” he retorts, kissing the crook of your neck.
You giggle and lead the hand you’re fiddling with and the one on your thigh up to your belly. His thumb strokes your skin as he drops his head over your shoulder.
“Really?” he asks, his voice an octave higher than usual.
“Yeah,” you respond, turning your head to the side to kiss him.
You both smile into the kiss and giggle as you part your faces. You lean your head back on his chest and his stomach tenses repeatedly, like he’s crying without crying.
“I’m gonna be a dad…” he whispers excitedly before kissing you on the cheek.
You hum in response as he strokes your skin, his hands wrapped protectively around you.
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xxsquideyesxx · 2 days ago
✨beside us✨Stepson! Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
characters: Stepson !Bucky Barnes x Stepmom! Reader
Word Count: 1.4k
Warnings: +18, SMUT, pnv, little foreplay, mommy kink, spitting, mild somnophilia, having sex next to a person, cheating, Bucky is a bad son, reader a bad wife, husband is a cheater, sick husband, mention of Levinson.
Ask if you want to know more about this dirty couple!
English isn't my first language.
ask, comment, reblog, share. You would help me a lot.
This was a very particular day, it was raining and it looked like it was going to be like that all day. Your husband had taken ill so he had to be housebound with you and was whining like a child. On the other hand, Bucky had also taken up residence in his old room because his large attic overlooking the city had become home to some hungry termites.
The day passed uneventfully, Bucky's father had been in the room all day because of his back problems, and your cute blue-eyed boy had fucked you smoothly on that couch you used so many times.
Night had fallen and you were taking a bath getting off the creamy dirt that bucky put on your pussy. Every curve of your body was cleaned and you looked in the full length mirror to see if your stepson had left evidence in the form of a hickey.
You put on a pair of white panties with your thin light blue nightgown and brushed your hair gently.
You came out of the bathroom to find your husband with his glasses on and a book in his hand, his nose was red from congestion and beside him a cardboard box of tissues.
You approached him, knelt on your side of the bed and put your hand to his forehead to take his temperature.
"Low but not too low, why don't you take your pill get some sleep huh?" you smiled at him and he nodded.
"Maybe a kiss will solve the whole problem" He took your hand and brought it to his lips.
"Yeah but I don't want to get sick, I have enough sleeping next to you" You quickly pulled your hand away, got off the bed and went back to the bathroom for a glass of water "I'm lucky the bed is big honey, don't you think?" You got out and went to get him the glass.
"I spend a lot of time honey, maybe eating your pussy as a foreplay will wear off" I wanted to roll your eyes but you held back.
You guys didn't fuck each other since you started sleeping with Bucky, even before. Your dear husband wasn't doing anything either because his needs were being met in another pussy.
"Remember dear we don't have to get sick. We have that gala party tomorrow night and you need to talk to Levinson to close that deal" I lay down next to him patting him on the shoulder.
I moved as far away as I could leaving a gap between us, turned off the light and turned my back to him. I heard a frustrated sigh and the lamp next to him go out. Hopefully he would sleep with the pill he took.
Bucky sighed in frustration.
2.30 A.M.
He couldn't sleep, it was strange being in his old bed and house. Knowing that only two rooms away is his cute stepmother sleeping with his disgusting father.
His cock throbbed inside his sweatpants at the thought of how he had fucked you on that couch in the afternoon.
He got up quickly and walked out down the hallway silently to your room.
He stopped at the carved white door and brought his hand to the golden knob, turning it gently without making any noise he walked, he looked first at his father who was sleeping soundly, he could see by the reflection that water was coming out of his nose from the sniffle. He grimaced.
Then he saw you, asleep in a short nightgown that had ridden up revealing your pretty white panties. Your hair spread like blankets on the pillow and your mouth slightly open, breathing quietly.
There was a big space on the bed, you didn't want to be near her father for anything.
He came to your side and leaned over, caressing your face, running his fingers over your pretty cheeks and your plump lips that had so often wrapped around his cock. Down your neck, fingers traveling until they stopped at the curve of your breasts covered by that light blue fabric. The raised nub brushing against the fabric was gently caressed for a while, decidedly low to reveal your tit and begin sucking and biting gently.
The rapture had suddenly awakened you, on the verge of screaming a hand covered your mouth; rising Bucky's face appreciated before you with a playful smile as he brought a finger to his lips as a sign of silence. You nodded and he removed his hand slowly.
"What are you doing Buck?" you whispered harshly.
"I wanted to see my pretty mommy" Bucky pushed you so that you were in the middle of the bed but far enough away not to touch your husband-thank the gods he was a sound sleeper.
"Not here Buck, if your father wakes up..." he interrupted you with a hugging kiss, his hands wrapped around your jaw and his lips took yours with fervor his tongue caressing yours, he pulled away looking at you; breathing was ragged and your half open mouth searched for air.
"He won't wake up, he's like a log. Now keep that little mouth open" Bucky collects saliva in his mouth and spits, his hot saliva crawls down your throat, he spits once more and pulls away.
He kneels, his legs one on each side of your body and strokes his slender fingers down your pajama revealed belly until he finds the edge of your panties and yanks them down tearing them on the spot.
"I'm not going to be gentle" says the bluish-eyed man, he brings two of his fingers to your mouth "Suck..."
As if she is sucking his cock, she takes his hand and grabs his fingers, sucking them and coating them with her saliva. The unpleasant noise tries to be low so as not to wake your husband. Bucky looks at you and pulls down his sweatpants just enough to reveal his cock.
The phallus, long and thick, drips cum from his mushroom-shaped head which he strokes with stimulation, soiling his cock with your semen just enough. He withdraws his hand from your mouth to take it directly to your dripping, weeping pussy, fingers stroking the walls of your cunt and tightening around it.
Wasting no time, Bucky directs his stimulated cock to your dripping pussy and enters hard. His hands take your legs wrapping one around his waist and the other goes over his shoulder, his hips begin to bump against your pussy sucking it in a lurid rumble of your juices.
"Can you hear us mommy, my balls bumping against your pussy huh?" the brunette's whisper is almost inaudible for her pleasure, bringing a fist your mouth to hold back the moans that want to escape "What, you're covering yourself so my stupid daddy won't hear you right? So he doesn't hear how I fuck his wife who is a whore" Bucky's thrusts achieve nothing but make you gasp and stifle your moans, his words making you get closer and closer to your orgasm.
"Tell me you're my dirty whore mommy, a mommy crying for her stepson's fucking cock" the force of the thrusts gets the bed to move a little. Your husband still wrapped in the sheet asleep unaware that your son is on his side fucking his wife.
Your leg over his shoulder tenses and lowers to squeeze Bucky's waist, your orgasm sweeps hard filling your lover's cock with your cream and overflowing down your thighs, your pussy desperately sucks Bucky's cock.
Bucky can't hold back at the sight of your cream and his balls tighten, his cock shoots ropes of cum inside your pussy filling it. A few more thrusts he pulls his cock out and with one finger pushes his seed inside so it doesn't leak out, thrusting, creating a jumble of your mixed juices, he pulls his finger out and brings it into your mouth which is open from exhaustion.
You suck savoring the mixture of his juices, at the same time you stretch your arm out to pull Bucky to you, pulling his finger out you kiss the brunet's lips with fervor and draw him in with your legs still wrapped around him.
"Go now sweetheart" you whisper against his lips.
Bucky breaks away with one last kiss, settles his sweatpants and leaves with a "see you tomorrow mommy".
You lie back and sigh, thinking that you'll have to shower again before your husband wakes up.
And the party, there's no forgetting the party. Shit.
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