#female tc
bauhausluvr · 2 months ago
the mix of anxiety and excitement on the walk to ur tc's class is sumn else
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heismymathtutor · 2 months ago
pov: you crave validation and love from a teacher because you never received any as a child.
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countingdots-tc · 17 days ago
i just want him to think of me as much as i think of him. i want him to wonder about me
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wannabesk8r · 6 months ago
my favorite hobbies:
- dressing up to school and hoping to run into my tc
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tc-blossom · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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tcsimp · 7 months ago
The audacity my friend said "ew why do you have crushes on old people".
Ma'am cuz they're more mature and hotter than your kind
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shes-not-mine · 11 months ago
you were never mine in the first place but the serpent of your name carved in someone else's heart has the same poison in its fangs as the serpent that would be if you belonged to me
its bite intoxicated me with jealousy, infecting my bloodstream, and every inch of my being but i have no right to be this way, for i am not yours, and you are not mine
yet, why do i present the same symptoms as someone who watched their lover fall for someone else doctor, oh doctor, can you cure me of this ailment may i mistake these feelings for something they are not
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sheismyteacherr · 2 months ago
My favourite hobby is fantasising about him calling me nicknames. Let me be your sweetheart, sir <3
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ilovetilfs · a month ago
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cottagetc · 4 months ago
weekends are the worst when all i want to do is spend time with you
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tryoutstc · 7 months ago
30 random tc questions for when you miss them ♡
i'm yearning and i love these sets of questions that people make, so this is the result :> feel free to use these, and you can ask me some as well!
if your tc were the same age as you and studied in your class instead of teaching it, would you still have a crush on them?
what overused romance trope would you use to describe you and your tc?
pov: it's your tc's birthday. what are you giving them as a gift?
did you become a teacher's pet to get close to them?
what's the most embarrassing thing you've done in front of your tc?
have you ever been on a school field trip with them?
what are they like as a teacher? are they strict, laid-back, passionate, etc.?
do you find it difficult to hide your crush on your tc? have you ever done anything around them that made it obvious?
what do you think is the first thing that goes through their head when hearing your name?
if your tc saw you crying, how do you think they would react?
do you prefer their looks or personality? which made you fall for them first?
have you ever been jealous because your tc spent time with another student?
can you picture yourself staying in contact with them after graduation? if you are graduated, is this the case?
do you have a favorite outfit that your tc wears?
has having a crush on them had an impact on your grades?
what do you have in common with your tc? are your personalities similar, or are you polar opposites?
do you think you're their favorite student?
has your tc ever done something that made you upset or angry?
if your tc wasn't a teacher, what occupation do you think they would have?
has your tc ever given you a gift?
is there a color that you associate with them?
do you know if any of your classmates like your tc as well? can you see this being the case?
if you could call your tc a pet name, what would it be?
what's a song that you would use to describe them?
have you ever done something dumb to get their attention?
what are your interactions with your tc like? are you teasing with each other or strictly professional?
if you saw your tc outside of school, would you go up to them? how do you think they would react?
has your tc ever done anything that made you wonder if they knew about your feelings for them?
what do you think is their biggest fear?
if you found out that your tc was leaving your school, how would you feel? would it be easy for you to get over them?
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bauhausluvr · 2 months ago
me when i have to rely on being obsessed with someone/thing to give me true happiness
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she-is-my-teacher · 6 months ago
my biggest flaw is not being able to show you how much i appreciate you. 
i hate suppressing all of my feelings.
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filiasapphonis · 7 months ago
the feminine urge to only study to make her proud
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wannabesk8r · 9 months ago
at the beginning i didn’t even want to think about kissing my tc because it felt weird and just looking at her and listening to her talk was enough
but now all i want is her to pin me against the wall and kiss my lips like it’s the only thing she ever wanted to do
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tc-blossom · 7 months ago
TCC blogs that YOU should follow that are also my swag mutuals PT. ONE :D
Plus even some non TCC blogs too!
Myself (duh)
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tcsimp · 2 months ago
My superpower is falling in love with every woman who’s friendly towards me
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bruhmomentslay · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
me pretending that i am at ease and absolutely unbothered and too good for my tc even though she makes me sweat mf gallons and breathe erratically and heart stop make it drop dj blow my speakers up-
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sheismyteacherr · 2 months ago
I am such a whore for him
I'd do anything for him to compliment, acknowledge and talk to me
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ilovetilfs · 28 days ago
does anyone else get that fear that someone else has a blog dedicated to your tc or is that just me....
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